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  • Okami

  • steven 12/02/2007

    Too high.

    There's just way too much padding/filler content, and the story gets tedious after the 25 hs mark. It's basically a case of style over substance for me. Granted the style is drop dead grogeous, but the gameplay leaves a LOT to be desired. The last sections are painfully tedious.
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  • The History of Zelda - Part 1

  • steven 28/11/2006

    Majora's Mask is still my favourite. :)

    Would be nice to see if TP can top it... I'm fairly confident it will.
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  • Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

  • steven 01/03/2006

    A 4 is wayyy to harsh, but then again, I'm one of the few who LOVED RE0.

    I think for those who have no idea of what RE is about, a 4 would indicate a much worse game than it really is, especially for a portable package.
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  • Kirby: Canvas Curse

  • steven 25/10/2005

    Imported this ages ago, agree with this review. Kirby was uniquely fresh and strangely absorbing. I would like more stuff like this on the DS.

    with Castlevania, Meteos and Advance Wars, this is one of the DS' finest.
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  • UK Charts: FIFA 06 on top

  • steven 04/10/2005

    Dawn of Sorrow shipped in limited copies. Reply 0
  • Zelda producer slags own game

  • steven 25/07/2005

    I don't agree with the sub-heading 'Wind Waker "dull" says Aonuma.' as it implies that he said his entire game was dull, which he didn't.

    Exactly, how professional EuroGamer :|

    Anyway, yeah they admitted the treasure hunt was dull and I agree, far from exciting like the overall game, this only makes me more excited about Twilight Princess, oh and for those complaining about TP taking a dark approach, Majora's Mask already did that and it was excellent all round. Nintendo's ideas are usually inspired and come from a Director/Producer's creative vision, not just make a game dark because they have to or want to appeal to a wide audience.
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  • Another Code: Two Memories

  • steven 27/06/2005

    still no reason to own a ds then.....

    You could import Kirby ^_^

    I got this game too, it's great, my biggest gripe was the length, far too short and little replay value. I only ever seriously got stuck once, so no real biggie there, but I can understand this irritating a lot of people.
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  • WarioWare Twisted!

  • steven 08/06/2005

    Hmmm now if only it were out here.

    I really liked Touched, so hearing that this is much better just makes me shiver with excitement.
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  • PS3 is 'entertainment centre'

  • steven 25/05/2005

    I think the PS3 is primarily a games machine, sony just doesn't want to be tied by the boudaries of the industry and want to reach out to as many people as possible (mainstream), hence this marketing scheme.

    We all know the PS brands are first and foremost a games console.
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  • Factor 5 shifts to PS3 dev

  • steven 24/05/2005

    How much money must they have lost out on
    by siding with the gc last time round?

    Hmmm lets see... Rogue Leader alone approached 900,000 copies in US alone, the sequel hit almost 500,000.

    How about nothing?
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  • steven 24/05/2005

    Factor 5 isn't that important, still good-luck to them, I enjoyed their games on GC. When I get a PS3, i'll have a look into what new stuff they come up with. Reply 0
  • No Alien Hominid for Euro Cube

  • steven 24/05/2005

    Hmmm i'm a multi-platform owner so these things never bother me. Reply 0
  • Lumines is Euro PSP launch title

  • steven 24/05/2005

    Hardly surprising. Reply 0
  • SEGA's line-up

  • steven 16/05/2005

    Virtua Tennis PSP is the one i want the most. Reply 0
  • Ninty headlining with new GBA, DS online

  • steven 11/05/2005

    Especially since they're dedicating E3 to their old GBA with a new feature.

    Who said so? Is that an assumption?

    You really need to look at the DS games confirmed for the show, then there are the ones that would surprise us.
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  • Virtua Tennis PSP planned as Euro launch title

  • steven 11/05/2005

    Very good.

    I love tennis games ^_^
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  • Jade Empire

  • steven 28/04/2005

    Combat in this game trulyis overrated. It's a solid game though, spot on review :-) Reply 0
  • £179 PSP on September 1st

  • steven 26/04/2005


    Looks like i'm going to have to import one afterall, oh and when they release games i want to play too.
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  • US Nintendo DS sales near 2m

  • steven 21/04/2005

    "why would I ever need another handheld?"

    Because this one is different, and there are MANY promising games coming out THIS summer. Also some decent games are already out: Zoo Keeper, Polarium, Yoshi, Wario and Mario 64.

    Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Sims 2 and many more are planned for this year. June is a ripe monthe for cool DS games too like Kirby and Meteos.

    Also a Smash Bros game is scheduled for Q1 2006, and is online too ^_^

    So there :p

    "Is there a Euro release date for Meteos yet? Or am I going to have to import it? :) "

    I haven't heard of a Euro release. I'm importing that. Out this June.
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  • steven 21/04/2005

    Although I've still no bloody idea why people are buying them.

    Because its fun ^_^

    I can't wait to try out Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Mario Kart all online :p

    Good Job Nintendo. 6 million shipped worldwide too ^_^
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  • PSP no sell-out, says Sony

  • steven 08/04/2005

    Whilst it has great games like Meteos, Wario Touched and even Zoo Keeper, they pale in comparison to some of the launch titles on the PSP like Ridge Racers and Lumines.

    Your opinion.
    Mine differs, only Lumines interests me on PSP, while several games on DS i'd rather have.

    BTW i think selling 600,000 units is VERY impressive, i really wonder why Sony thought they'd sell out, heck this isn't november. I'm guessing it's them being too optimistic about breaking even, they need plenty PSPs sold, so that software sales would be large enough for them to make decent profit.
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  • Meteos

  • steven 29/03/2005

    Yes, i've been waiting so impatiently for Meteos, i don't think i can wait for a UK release, i'd import this as soon as it's out in US. Reply 0
  • Nintendo to publish Meteos

  • steven 29/03/2005

    Good news concerning Meteos, can't wait to try out that game :D Reply 0
  • UK Charts: GT4 holds off major releases

  • steven 22/03/2005

    I also do hope sales pick up.

    I want a PAL copy as well, the Freeloader is giving me so much pain right now, but i got to play the game months before it came here so that's a plus :D
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  • DS smashes console sales record

  • steven 15/03/2005

    Other people reactions to my DS have been amazing, I never expected it to be so popular, even my Girlfriend, who hates my gaming addiction cant put it down.

    Exactly! My sister who doesn't care for games, and her mate just wouldn't let me have my DS to myself lol.

    The DS just needs a stable supply of software to be truly successful.

    Oh and the PSP WILL be successful, its got hype, its multimedia, its sony and it has the PS name, that IMO is enough to make it very successful in terms of hardware sales.
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  • steven 15/03/2005

    Have this horibble nagging feeling that, despite the strong release line up, this is all we'll see for games for a few months...

    Me too. In US, no real game came out for month's they only just got Yoshi's Touch and go now.

    I got three launch titles with my DS, but i feel that's all i'll be buying this and next month, unless i import Meteos and Yoshi.

    Still, very impressive sales, Nintendo never fail to impress at launch, but they need a decent supply of software to keep the momentum up!
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  • Nintendo DS launches in Europe

  • steven 11/03/2005

    Also got mine today :D

    Three launch titles with it. It's great!
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  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

  • steven 15/02/2005

    Great game... a bit short and basic... but an example of a perfectly executed idea IMO. Reply 0
  • Isometric GBA Rayman due in March

  • steven 09/02/2005

    The graphics certainly looks lush.
    I am, worried that it won't play as a great "platform" game.
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  • Mario Power Tennis

  • steven 07/02/2005

    I heard that you have to win the cups first to turn them off. Personally, i think the power shots are a bad idea and affect the flow of the game. It shouldn't be added in future Mario Tennis games. Reply 0
  • steven 04/02/2005

    This is on my list.
    The N64 one is my fave tennis game ever!
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  • Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly

  • steven 04/02/2005

    I'm still thinking about this.
    The first one didn't really scare me (ghosts don't creep me out in games)
    And it was dragging a bit too much... however i need to give it another chance... if i end up liking the first then i'd get this :-)
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  • Konami unveils MGS3 Euro additions

  • steven 02/02/2005

    Nah, i am able to wait, RE4 has been keeping me busy :D
    I'm picking this one up on day 1!
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  • Resident Evil 4 will not be censored in Europe

  • steven 31/01/2005

    Cleared the game about a week ago if not more, replaying it now... there is also a cool mini game which has a great story reference and the game is awesome.

    I am actually planning on buying a PAL copy too lol, the fact that REmake wasn't censored shows that this shouldn't have been too.
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  • Project: Snowblind

  • steven 31/01/2005

    coz it is similar to Deus Ex yet different at the same time :-) Reply 0
  • steven 31/01/2005

    This is interesting for PS2, i have been watching this game for ages, and it seems they have a nice game running. I played Deus Ex and Half-life on my PS2 and they were fine....
    However, i'll stick with an Xbox version thank you :-)
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  • Virtua Tennis heading to PSP - reports

  • steven 31/01/2005

    Top spin is slightly more realistic than VT 1 and 2, however, they are both fun, can't choose which one is better... however Mario Tennis is the best Tennis game in my opinion. It was the perfect balance between simulation and arcade. Reply 0
  • Nintendo DS pak available through Stars Catalogue

  • steven 28/01/2005

    I might start scratching off theose papers now :) Reply 0
  • Mario Kart DS demoed in Paris

  • steven 28/01/2005

    How can anyone not think MK is not at the top of people's wish list?

    The series has constantly been selling well and this will be NO different as Krudster said, only Pokemon does better...
    MK SNES did well over 8 million worldwide
    MK64 did over 10 million
    Super Circuit easily swept past 5 million and
    MK DD! Has done almost 4 million and STILL selling...

    The mario Kart franchise is immensely popular and this is definitely at the top of many's wishlist ;)

    BTW the video looks pretty sweet, crisp.clear and vibrant but nowhere near PSP standards.
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  • £99 Nintendo DS on 11th March

  • steven 27/01/2005

    Exactly, this doesn't call for dissing PSP... you know you can have both and be happy :p Reply 0
  • steven 27/01/2005

    I think its still the plastic one.

    IronGiant, you can import your games since its region free.
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  • steven 27/01/2005


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  • Resident Evil 4

  • steven 26/01/2005

    Blerk, the improved controls make a whole lot of a difference. You'll see when you play :-)

    BTW This game has an action bias now. Its no longer your slow pace, key/item fetching, limited ammo quest anymore and i'd say i liked the change.
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  • steven 26/01/2005

    ^^^Same here :-) Reply 0
  • steven 26/01/2005

    There is no z-button lock.

    BTW Blerk, the only real problem now with RE4's control systems is that there is still no true analogue movement. However throughout my 20 hours of play, I didn't encounter ANY problem whatsoever with the controls. But then the older ones barely gave me problems too ;)

    The controls work fine this time, it makes more sense.

    Oh an Krudster, nice review, i agree with most of what you said ;)
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  • steven 25/01/2005

    Cleared the game yesterday :p

    Awesome game, just awesome, it would even have been a 10 out of 10 if i were the one rating.
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  • Xbox Project Zero 2, DOA Ultimate dated

  • steven 21/01/2005

    I'm not interested in DOA:Ultimate. Project Zero 2 on the other hand looks tasty. I skipped the ps2 release coz i was playing the original so maybe i'll get this one when its out. Reply 0
  • More Sonic on Cube, DS

  • steven 21/01/2005

    BTW is the sonic game exclusive to the cube. I believe Sonic Heroes sold well on all platforms? Reply 0
  • steven 21/01/2005

    Please sega give us a decent sonic game this time okay? Reply 0
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

  • steven 15/01/2005

    Nice review, I really didn't need to read reviews befor deciding to buy the game that is a sequel to my fave xbox game... but what worries me are the graphics, why Obisidian.. single digit frame-rates? Oh well i'm still buying it! Reply 0