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  • Down the replay rabbit hole

  • steninja 23/02/2014

    I'd recommend looking at a game like Dead Rising. This game was fairly short and it would take everyone pretty much the same amount of time to complete, excluding deaths/retries, due to the day/night cycle nature of the campaign progression. That game time was fairly short, but along the way it was pretty much impossible to rescue every survivor, even if you used a walk through because your character required XP to level up and improve health/strength. With low HP and little experience of the game ensured this. This basically guaranteed the player would miss out on a large portion of the cutscenes and unique events in the game, which in-turn encouraged replayability.

    I think having such important and interesting events in your game, cut off from the player during their first play through was a bold move. But I never felt punished because of this, it was a sacrifice you had to take during the games learning curve and it dangled that carrot for intrigued players to start again once they has finished the game.

    Vanquish is another example of a short game with replayability. Keep the campaign short but encourage more play throughs with a points/grading system.

    Ultimately, I think games are way too long these days. There is a place for epic RPG titles with long ass storylines, but every game taking 12+ hours to finish is just fatiguing.

    I'd much prefer to see more 3-4 hour games that have lots of Easter eggs, alternate cutscenes and points/grading systems.

    I'm extremely bored of playing overly lengthy SP campaigns with immature storylines. Comparing movies, the likes of apocalypse now or the godfather are epically long movies that having gripping storylines and acting, but but I wouldn't want to sit through 12 hours of it.

    Let's take it back to the games, which is what we're trying to play, games with fun mechanics and interesting ideas, not 12 hour interactive dude bro shoot fests.
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  • Man completes Super Mario Bros. with the lowest possible score

  • steninja 21/02/2014

    You can wall jump in SMB?!?! Reply +1
  • "It's less to do with specs and more to do with what you do with those specs"

  • steninja 06/11/2013

    it ain't about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can GET hit and keep moving forward!

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  • Ex-Human Head developer attacks "lie" that Prey 2 was only ever "just a demo"

  • steninja 03/06/2013

    "We are determined only to release the AAA game that fans rightfully expect, and are unwilling to compromise our quality standards to meet a release schedule."

    Really? I consider the original Prey to be an extremely mediocre affair with a completely forgettable once only play through.

    Not to say it was a bad game, it was just dated.

    Bethesda should've released what they had with Human Head and cut their losses because I honestly don't think many people are expecting a AAA title nor are many people waiting with bated breath for a sequel.

    Does sound political. Men in suits with bright ideas.
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  • The Club retrospective

  • steninja 14/04/2013

    @wez_316 @Dark2099 Be aware, the ps3 leader board servers went down a while back. I loved this game first time round on Xbox and spent hours reaching top 3 on some of the leader boards. Decided to pick it up cheap on Ps3 again a few years later only to find out the servers were gone.

    It truly is one of my top games this generation, the competitive element and perfecting runs is so addictive. It's a true gamers game, not a generic, interactive action movie.
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  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mercury Steam's mission to be the next Naughty Dog

  • steninja 20/02/2013

    That is one angry looking producer. Ray Winstonecore.

    Additionally, Lords of Shadow was pyar boss. More beast mounting plz. e.g. Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes etc... & co
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  • 18-year-old dies after playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight

  • steninja 18/07/2012

    This is a shame, but I despair every time an article like this is posted. It just serves to make gaming a scape goat. You don't often read about a person dying on their couch or arm chair after watching 40 hours of TV, but that stuff happens all the time. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: The Majesty of Menus

  • steninja 23/06/2012

    Micro machines V3. It was so aesthetically pleasing setting the cute, isometric automobiles zip along the road grid/menu tree, I almost wished it was a playable game in itself. Reply +2
  • SimCity footage gets constructive

  • steninja 09/06/2012

    Always on, never had problems with it. Must be a twat when people do though. Although people gush over world of warcraft and that's always online. As for the pricing discussions, holding off for a physical release seems the best option. Although 45 really isn't bad. PS1 titles retailed 40+ and that was 17 years ago. Or going back to Snes, some of those titles were 70+ and that was 20 years ago. Inflation has favoured game prices when you put it into perspective. Reply +1
  • Sony pulls back the curtain on LittleBigPlanet Vita

  • steninja 25/05/2012

    I wouldnt say the controls for LBP1&2 weren't precise. They were floaty and unexpected of a side scrolling platformer but just took some getting used to. Some of the best platformers since the 16bit era imo. Loads of replayability with all the collectables and community levels too. Reply +8
  • Release date for Union Jack-painted Xbox 360 4GB Celebration Pack

  • steninja 26/04/2012

    @kirankara yea maybe it's not too related to the article. I'm just interested in understanding people's reactions to the symbolism. Stuff like chavvy. NF and BNP association. Maybe you're right, it has been hijacked. And yea, there are reasons to feel apologetic for. Personally I feel completely detached from Britain as a nation.

    I like the who angle some people take from it
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  • steninja 26/04/2012

    British people are embarrassed of our nation and patriotism. Why is that? Is it because of the atrocities the empire committed, do we feel responsible for them ? Reply -26
  • Skype app launches on PlayStation Vita tomorrow

  • steninja 24/04/2012

    his new apartment makes him feel sick? Reply +2
  • Super Monkey Ball Vita includes limited edition "adult map"

  • steninja 19/04/2012

    this is completely lame. it looks like an unfinished level design with placeholder textures. Reply +3
  • What Went Wrong with Silent Hill HD?

  • steninja 18/04/2012

    Fundamentally, this article is fundamentally scathing... fundamentally. Reply -2
  • Notch's Minecraft follow-up is called 0x10c

  • steninja 04/04/2012

    Hard sci fi! Reply 0
  • Sony takes Pain developer off Warrior's Lair

  • steninja 03/04/2012

    Still looking forward to this one. Aww love Travis' cute, nervous laugh in the video. Transfer your save via the cloud to pc.. Oops! I mean PS3. Aww Reply 0
  • Sony makes LittleBigPlanet Karting official with debut trailer

  • steninja 22/03/2012

    @phoenixology excellent usage of the word playstationy. Can't believe you got negged for that comment.

    Game looks a beast. The kickstart/trials HD stuff looks sound. Seems like there's a lot of variety in there before you start counting user generated content
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  • Video and game renter Choices UK enters Administration

  • steninja 13/03/2012


    Choices UK? Since the 80s? I've never heard of them either.
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  • Skyrim: The Creation Kit Experience

  • steninja 13/03/2012

    I hope someone makes a Skyreem mod, based on The Only Way is Essex Reply +1
  • "Real risk" bosses may pull the plug on GAME, insiders claim

  • steninja 05/03/2012

    seems a result of supermarket's cornering the bricks & mortar game retail market.

    in the future, i'd expect price hikes in supermarkets, then eventual dissolution of bricks & mortar game sales entirely.

    ultimately leaving only digital or online retailers/mail order. should still leave room for competitive pricing.
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  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City footage

  • steninja 24/02/2012

    00:25 looks like the balcony level from Racoon City PD in RE2. Probably is considering there's a swarm of zombie bizzies kicking off.

    Doesn't look too impressive but let's hope it's fun.
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  • Reality Fighters Review

  • steninja 21/02/2012

    @super_monty with a lambanana, that would be boss! Reply 0
  • steninja 21/02/2012

    Lol Sweet. Those pics are taken in Liverpool's Albert Dock, one near the Pump House and another near the heritage market. Reply +6
  • Dreamcast game Seaman being revived on 3DS

  • steninja 21/02/2012

    Puerile. 10/10! Reply +3
  • Retrospective: Stardust

  • steninja 19/02/2012

    @Alestes pang! I've never thought of that, but how cool would a HD remix of pang be, a la Pacman championship editionDX!?

    As for stardus (ps3), id totally neglected shoot em ups until that game came out on the grounds that they're simply too hardcore and punishing. glad it changed my perspective.
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  • Countdown to Eurogamer Expo 2012 begins!

  • steninja 16/02/2012

    @rauper k, nice 1 for responses. Just looking for ways to justify the travelling/costs. Reply 0
  • steninja 16/02/2012

    @rauper are there any kind of stage shows/events on the cards such a music performances or seminars? Reply 0
  • steninja 16/02/2012

    What other stuff can you expect to see at the expo, if playing the games is not top of your priority list? Reply 0
  • Infinity Blade's Chair: "we're in the golden age of gaming"

  • steninja 14/02/2012

    @J0rdan_KZ it kind of compares to the music industry. Its bigger than ever but its over saturated with throw away pop. Itscomforting to know more integral artists still shine through the shallow stuff and hopefully the games industry will follow suit. Reply +6
  • Sony's $50m Vita marketing campaign targets PS3 owners

  • steninja 13/02/2012

    I ordered mine to play all the PS one and PS minis I've accrued with my PS+ account. Wouldn't mind catching up on some PSP classics too. Ideal for when the bird is watching TOWIE etc... or lazy days in bed Reply +1
  • App of the Day: Android Humble Bundle

  • steninja 07/02/2012

    fit Reply 0
  • 10,000 Valve fans stage Half-Life 3 protest

  • steninja 06/02/2012

    Which ever way you look at it, it should be bringing certain things to the attention of Valve.

    If you're coming at it from a negative perspective on the participation figures i.e. There were ONLY 10k people who took part AND if Valve also view that as a meagre figure then Valve will possibly conclude "Our franchise which was genre defining now has waning popularity. Let's fix this or let's submit to the fact that we're no longer going to make sufficient profit with this franchise."

    Alternatively, you can view it as a positive message. Ten thousand people is a lot and Valve will view it as a positive message from the fans. People are still interested and there is still the opertunity to make money with the franchise.

    Either way, I think Valve will already have a business plan and this awareness campaign will simply crack a smile from everybody involved in the franchise.
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  • Naughty Dog "disheartened" when games' stories are easily branded "amazing"

  • steninja 24/01/2012

    Watching some of the making of featurettes from Uncharted 3, it is explained how the gameplay and environments come first in the writing process. This limits the creativity of the writing somewhat, but I wouldn't say the Uncharted story is bad.

    It's one of the better stories in gaming. I read a comment where somebody likens the Uncharted story lines to National Treasure, at best. I would say the Uncharted 3 story line (in-fact all 3 Uncharted games) have a better story than the likes of Indiana Jones 4.

    Additionally, the witty dialogue in Uncharted supersedes many movie scripts. The protagonists, I genuinely care for and are likeable. Maybe the antagonists, not so much. They can be quite forgetable.

    But it all needs to be brought into perspective. There are restrictions. Gameplay has to be taken into account, there is no free reign to go writing war & peace or some such flip. First and foremost, there is a game to play in there.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 10 PC Games

  • steninja 14/11/2011

    i'm confused. shouldn't this list consist of PC exclusives? Or at least titles that have a significantly superior end product on PC like battlefield 3, which isn't on there? Reply +2
  • Battlefield 3 PC system requirements

  • steninja 20/09/2011

    fs. does this mean i need to upgrade my 286? Reply +9
  • Castlevania: LOS Reverie DLC date

  • steninja 08/03/2011

    a bit nerdcore pedantism but wasn't castlevania 64 the first foray into a 3D world for the series?

    as for the game itself, massive surprise. amazingcore
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  • First Battlefield 3 gameplay footage

  • steninja 23/02/2011

    @TormDK - The battlefield theme is in there, it becomes more prominent at the end. It's basically a noise gate, tapping out the melody of the theme which is played using the heavy distortion as an instrument. Reply +2
  • UK games may get pricier next year

  • steninja 16/12/2010

    those sneaky supermarket tactics may seem beneficial in the short term for both consumer and supplier; savvy shoppers will buy a cheap game and the supermarkets will attract consumers into the store, essentially willing to spend more money while they're in there.

    but, ultimately they could muscle independent and other game specialist chains out of the market with these intial low priced bargains. if all other game retailers were to fold as a result of this, supermarkets are left as the primary source for purchasing software and then they can start charging whatever they like.

    and VAT increase can FO regardless.
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  • Ueda presenting Last Guardian at TGS

  • steninja 09/09/2010

    the closer we get to release, the more interested i become with this title.

    we really need more original gamer's games.
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  • Capcom aims high with Dead Rising 2

  • steninja 02/09/2010

    I think creatively, Dead Rising already succeeded Resident Evil and took the survival horror mantle.

    The fundamental gameplay mechanic of Dead Rising succinctly embodies exactly the very definition of surviving in horrifying situations. Resident Evil 5... not so much.

    RE these days is basically a blockbuster action movie in which you go along for the ride. If anyone is trying to survive, it's the infected abominations.

    Admittedly, DR is a bit of a marmite game like people have stated. There's just a lot more gameplay in DR compared to the mindless blasting of RE.
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  • Expect more Frank West, says Capcom

  • steninja 28/04/2010

    Dead Rising. THe best, most important game of that past decade.

    A true gamers game that had time management mixed with open world gameplay. Bosses. Zombies. Weapon and item management. Zombies. Multiple endings. Fun.

    Frank was sarcastic and funny. Loveable. Imperfect.

    Although, I've noticed some knee jerk reactions of people slating Frank because "Japan" have generalised the west and stated we all love him.

    I love him. We love him.
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  • Braben: pre-owned is "damaging" market

  • steninja 11/09/2008

    i don't see the problem. sales figures have never rung true. how many hundreds of thousands of gamers borrow games off their friends etc...? sounds like the industry is just bitter others have cornered a market for themselves. genuine sales exceed far and above figures of titles 10 or 15 years ago. the market is so much bigger than just hardcore gamers now and more than enough consumers will buy titles new. you give an inch, they take a mile. blatant greed. Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • steninja 26/04/2008

    last ninja MAXED ME THE HELL OUT! although the controls were awful, playing on a bbc micro keyboard was even more impossible

    but who ever said it was easy being a ninja?
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  • More Resident Evil 5 racism claims

  • steninja 11/04/2008

    I can see what N'Gai is saying, it will always definitely be percieved the wrong way. Maybe they should have thought about the trailer before releasing it. But personally, i don't percieve it as racist or racism.

    Maybeeee, ohhhh..... Capcom knew exactly what the public would think and it would generate publicity. Publicity is publicity, gamers were always gonna buy Resi5 but now it's reaching a wider audience. CONSPIRACY!!?? ooohhhhhh
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  • Bizarre says The Club is misunderstood

  • steninja 10/02/2008

    it's a true gamers game. scores. simple. go back and do it better. get a higher score. compete with your mates or the rest of the world. not just chore your way to the end of a level in any 3rd person shooter just to watch a cut scene which is probably irrelevant (not a bad thing if it's done well). one of the most entertaining games of the last decade i'd say. "the club", "dead rising" and "stuntman". simple concepts but highly addictive and entertaining games. Reply 0