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  • SEGA reveals Aliens vs. Predator game

  • stallion185 12/02/2009

    "Id love if they thought about an Alien vs Predator RTSl, could be an idea that will never work but id just like to see it.

    3 Factions: Men, Aliens, Predators... "

    Sounds a bit like Starcraft to me.
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  • Coming Attractions: Action & Adventure

  • stallion185 18/01/2009


    That interview was so damn true. Thanks for the link.
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  • Virtual Console: The Most Wanted

  • stallion185 05/11/2008

    "But, for the love of God, can we please now take off our rose-tinted spectacles and admit that it is actually pretty awful to play in 2008? The frame rate is extremely sluggish throughout, but frequently dips to levels that render the game almost unplayable."

    Goldeneye is still awesome to play today. I plugged in my N64 not that long ago just to have a bit of a belt at some of the classics, i.e. Lylat Wars, Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark etc. As one might expect, I was absolutely livid to discover that my Goldeneye save file had been completely wiped somehow.

    Anyway, after winning a hard battle against the strong urge to break absolutely everything I could find, I decided to sit down and play the game from the start and try to see how many of the cheats I could unlock again. Needless to say, I got hooked all over again and my nightmares of 00 Agent Facility have started to reoccur once more :/

    Not once have I felt that the game was a let down in any area. It is still just as perfect as it was 11 years ago.
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  • The DS' Great Adventure

  • stallion185 30/10/2008

    Hotel Dusk is awesome. It reminds me so much of the old Tex Murphy games. Under a Killing Moon is one of my favourite games ever! Reply 0
  • WiiWare and Virtual Console Roundup

  • stallion185 22/10/2008


    Sold my Wii, got a 360. Xbox Arcade beats Wiiware and VC hands down, sorry big N."

    Now there is an example of an absolutely useless post.

    Earthworm Jim stole many hours of my life away and looks set to take even more now.
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  • Greenberg: Xbox 360 will win Christmas

  • stallion185 21/10/2008

    Sadly... I think Sony might have to actually start bundling a Wii with the PS3 in order to have good sales this Christmas :P Reply 0
  • EA "will kill a game a year", says bossman

  • stallion185 17/10/2008


    "Seriously... If I want funny, there are other and better sites."

    Oh you miserable person. You are reading the news on a gaming website ffs. If you really wanted to take yourself that seriously then gaming probably wasn't the interest that you should have chosen.

    All the information you needed was in the article anyway.
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  • Diablo III

  • stallion185 17/10/2008

    I can't wait to smash something with a barb and then smash it harder! Reply 0
  • StarCraft II split into a trilogy

  • stallion185 14/10/2008

    Haha. Complaining already and nothing that is actually being complained about has been confirmed to an extent worthy of complaints.

    The games haven't been priced yet, let alone released, and people are whining about how much the games cost and about each installment being a repetitive bunch of crap. I mean, seriously... just fucking wait and see. If you don't like things when it all comes out then you actually have a right to complain about something.
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  • Nintendo's Wii showreel deciphered

  • stallion185 03/10/2008

    This is probably the least negative Wii related comments thread that I have read in a long time.

    Now that is refreshing.
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  • Clancy games coming to Wii, says Ubi boss

  • stallion185 19/09/2008

    "Quick, Waggle the stick to avoid getting shot by the terrorist.. shoot him using the A button!" (once you've slowly gotten your cursor over his head using shitty dual analogue controls)"

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  • Soulcalibur Legends

  • stallion185 11/09/2008


    Dude, you have some serious Wii hate issues. Get help.

    Also, saying that Wario is just Mario painted yellow with the first letter of his name turned upside down is like saying every FPS is the same excepth that the faces on the main character and everything you shoot are different. Just stupid.
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  • TF2 Heavy update next Tuesday

  • stallion185 14/08/2008

    This update will be so fruitful for me. A whole bunch of heavies running around asking me to headshot them one by one :P Reply 0
  • Wolfenstein

  • stallion185 12/08/2008

    I wish they would revamp Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory aswell... Reply 0
  • Arts and Warcraft

  • stallion185 12/08/2008

    I love how the lore will be deeply connected with these books. I'm hoping that this will all be as good as the novels that have been released over the years. I have them all and love them, so if they are any indication as to what these new graphical novels will be like then these should be awesome! Reply 0
  • Halo has "a lot to learn" from COD4

  • stallion185 07/08/2008

    I have one question which is loosley related to this thread but I think I might get a good response judging from the comments all of you have already made.

    My situation is this... I absolutely loved the single player campaign for COD4, and I have never played any of the Halo games... reasons being that I have never been interested, never owned an xbox of any kind and I can't stand playing FPS's wish a console controller (I have COD4 on PC). I'll admit that there may be a few instances in COD4 that are a bit too scripted, but I think that the scripting is part of the style of the game which makes it so immersive. Anyways, that is off topic. I have been becoming more and more curious about Halo and this thread in particular has really got me interested in the style of the game.

    For a while now I have been contemplating getting Halo 1 and 2 on PC (getting an xbox is out of the question for me since I prefer PC and simply cant afford a new console) so that I can catch up on the story and then hope that they port Halo 3 to PC aswell. I just want to know if the PC versions are actually any good at all and if all of you guys think this would be a good way for me to get into Halo. Any advice is welome. Cheers
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  • Blizzard to start "gamerscore" system

  • stallion185 05/08/2008

    What's wrong with having acheivements? Its not like we are forced to go for them. As far as I'm concerned they just add an extra edge to a game. I know that the acheivement system in TF2 has made the game ,ore interesting for me. So I'm guessing the WOW acheivements will have a similar effect. Reply 0
  • Nintendo profits up by a third

  • stallion185 31/07/2008

    @Sid Nice

    I don't even own an xbox and i think you're an absolute tool. Pull you're head in, moron.
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  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • stallion185 28/07/2008

    "Beyond the fact that admitting ever having played it in the first place is embarrassing"

    Why would it be embarrassing?
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  • Xbox 360 will outperform PS3 in software for years - Mattrick

  • stallion185 25/07/2008

    All the exec's can say whatever they like as far as I am concerned as it doesn't really affect me as a gamer in the slightest. Sure it might be annoying to read but hey, my job is annoying and I still live with that.

    But when one of them actually insults the staff of the competition, that is just ridiculous. Its petty and insanely immature. I still can't beleive he actually said it.
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  • Microsoft's Don Mattrick vs. Sony's Kaz Hirai

  • stallion185 21/07/2008

    "There was so much good stuff I saw the last 3 days but who's talking about it.

    GOW2, Madworld, LBP, Fallout 3, FFXIII on 360, Killzone 2, Endwar, Banjo, Infamous, new xbl dashboard, movies on PSN & XBL, Animal Crossing and so much more excited my gaming's a shame we gamers are constantly at odds with each other."

    Never has a truer statement been spoken.
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  • stallion185 18/07/2008

    Do all of you really actually care about all this winning and losing bullshit? Reply 0
  • "We're making Pikmin" - Miyamoto

  • stallion185 18/07/2008

    Oh my God... all the whining Reply 0
  • Miyamoto finds Xbox avatars "flattering"

  • stallion185 17/07/2008

    Haha. Some people are so insecure :P Reply 0
  • Activision unveils new range of Wii games

  • stallion185 11/07/2008

    "Makes me wish I'd never bought a wii."

    Are you an idiot?
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  • Golf: Tee It Up!

  • stallion185 11/07/2008

    So last-gen :P Reply 0
  • The Wii is a novelty console, says MS man

  • stallion185 09/07/2008


    WTF are you goin on about???
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  • stallion185 08/07/2008

    If the Wii was not doing so well, would MS still consider it not a direct competitor? Reply 0
  • Console Diablo "theoretically possible"

  • stallion185 07/07/2008

    I think it simply comes down to the fact that there are some games that just must be played on the PC in order to work.

    I honestly couldn't imagine trying to play Diablo 3 on a console... FPS's frustrate me enough already. Still, im happy as long as I get to play it on my PC, I couldn't care less if they ported it to every console in existence after that.
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  • TF2's Heavy class to get new upgrade

  • stallion185 04/07/2008

    As Mudo said, the changes have to centre around the weapons and only take effect if a particular weapon is equipped.

    I guess an idea could be a new minigun that when equipped, the heavy can maintain his normal running speed whilst firing the weapon but at a reduced damage and/or crit rate.

    Or for the heavy's melee option (fists), maybe some brass knuckles could be added, which when used they could dish out increased damage compared to bare fists but perhaps hit at a lower or even non existant crit rate.

    Just ideas...
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  • Fallout man asks Blizzard for forgiveness

  • stallion185 03/07/2008

    Far out... Diablo 3 hasn't even been announced for a week yet and people are already convinced that they know exactly how the game is gonna play.

    Seriously... Some people just need to STFU and wait. Do people really think that Blizzard will let SC2 and D3 be shit? How about we just show a little faith in the world's greatest developer, they know what they are doing.

    Some people need to read news posts a bit more carefully too, this guy was obviously being a bit sarcastic in his apology.
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  • Treyarch sorry for slating BIA

  • stallion185 02/07/2008

    The amount of tools who post when they haven't even read the article is amazing Reply 0
  • Rumours swirl around Blizzard teaser

  • stallion185 26/06/2008

    "Its a block of ice




    lich king, frozen throne...

    can anyone please tell me what the supposed link to diablo 3 is"

    Um... the company's name is Blizzard. Maybe the ice has nothin to do with the actual game.
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  • Thousands claim Hot Coffee compensation

  • stallion185 26/06/2008

    Yeah that is pretty retarded Reply 0
  • COD5 video premiere approaching

  • stallion185 23/06/2008

    "And I'll go right on thinking you're a bunch of muppets"

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  • Metal Gear Online

  • stallion185 18/06/2008

    Honestly... why do people care so much about EG scores? If you like the game then you like it. It's that simple. If you give it a 10 then that is your right and good luck to you. Who cares that much about what someone else thinks about a game?

    "Their 15/20 is obviously just MGS hatred"??? So fucking what?!
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  • PS3 outsells Xbox 360 in the US

  • stallion185 16/06/2008

    "5) Buying a Nintendo product makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside."

    QFT :P
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  • BG&E sequel to be "more accessible"

  • stallion185 03/06/2008

    The first game got almost zero marketing and the genius developers think that it sold poorly because it was too hard? What an absolute joke! How were people forming these "too hard" opinions if they never bought or even knew about the game??? Reply 0
  • Beyond Good and Evil sequel coming

  • stallion185 29/05/2008

    That still wont take away from the fact that you are a tool Reply 0
  • stallion185 29/05/2008

    Haha. You are a moron mate Reply 0
  • stallion185 29/05/2008

    Freakin awesome news! Reply 0
  • Wii Fit in stock "as soon as possible"

  • stallion185 29/05/2008

    Far out. A lot of whining up in here Reply 0
  • Nintendo Wii wins April in the US

  • stallion185 19/05/2008

    farticus - You are right in saying that PS3 and 360 offer different types of games to the Wii. No argument there. I guess I'm not really arguing with anything you're saying really. I just don't like the "hardcore" gamer concept, or atleast today's version of the concept.

    To me it seems that being hardcore is becoming more and more associated with the look and content of games rather than being about the player themselves.
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  • stallion185 18/05/2008

    I can only imagine how many insecure teenage fanboys bought either a PS3 or a 360 and passed on the Wii because they wanted to look "hardcore" and "manly". What a joke.

    The concept of hardcore gaming and gamers is stupid.

    How can anyone discount a Nintendo console from a console war? Nintendo created console wars. Nintendo basically inveted modern console gaming and are now reinventing console gaming. Its pretty simple.
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  • MS explains "theGAYERgamer" name ban

  • stallion185 16/05/2008

    Dan Whitehead is a champion! Reply 0
  • Boom Blox

  • stallion185 13/05/2008

    Aussie games prices have always been pretty steep at release. It usually doesn't take long for prices to fall though. Reply 0
  • stallion185 13/05/2008

    This game sounds great. One of the reasons I bought the Wii was to get games like this. There is only so much FPS "UBER GRAFIX!!!" and seriousness that I can take.

    Better graphics has never automatically meant 'better game'. Besides, I can actually play this and many other Wii games with my girlfriend, so its a buy for me.
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • stallion185 13/05/2008

    So it is OK to expose kids to murder, crime, horror and sex.... so long as it isn't homosexual??? Reply 0
  • Wii Fit

  • stallion185 17/04/2008

    Yeah good point Rodney,

    Wii Fit might help a bit but obviously wont deliver those miracle results which all of those gimmicks you mentioned promise.

    Atleast Nintendo haven't advertised the game in the same ridiculous manner as all of those machines. (as far as I know)
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  • stallion185 17/04/2008

    It is amazing to see how many people are cynically critical of this game and anything on the Wii just for the fact that it is new and different.

    I have been a gamer for most of my life and I am as much a fan of the classic games and consoles as anybody else. I think what Nintendo has done with the Wii is fantastic. Why can't people accept new age games and their respective players into their communites? Are people scared of something? I dont know. All I know is that Nintendo are now giving even more people that same happy and comfortable feeling that we have all experienced for years. Even my girlfriend has started enjoying gaming!

    Anyway, Wii Fit looks pretty cool and it seems to me that it could very well be helpful for many people. If not, it should at least be a bit of fun.
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