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  • Nintendo announces sign-up for first mobile app Miitomo

  • spekkeh 03/02/2016

    I wonder who this is for. Given the amount of people I know in my neighborhood that also bought a Wii U, I'd just be chatting to myself. Reply +8
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with HTC Vive Pre

  • spekkeh 29/01/2016

    Can't wait to get this.... for science!

    Probably so eye watering expensive that my only option is to buy it via my research institute
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  • New Titanfall game and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming in the next 14 months

  • spekkeh 29/01/2016

    Shit was hoping for Mass Effect this year. Well here's to another year where all the big games get postponed to next year. Reply +2
  • Pokémon has a Super Bowl trailer

  • spekkeh 25/01/2016

    Isn't Pokémon Go going to be the major new Pokémon? Like, potentially, really, really major?
    That's what the shareholders seem to be thinking at least.
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  • Aviary Attorney review

  • spekkeh 21/01/2016

    Sounds quite raptorous. Reply +1
  • What's the deal with The Division's microtransactions?

  • spekkeh 15/01/2016

    Like why are you asking us if it has microtransactions? Is the article supposed to be a debate on what microtransactions are?

    What would be the point of that on this site?
    Somebody seems to be working on game monetization. What would be the point of trying to uncover customer fleecing practices by a website whose journalistic purpose it is to inform the customer of such practices. What indeed.
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  • That Dragon, Cancer review

  • spekkeh 12/01/2016

    As a father of one, soon to be two, I was glad I could just about beat this review. Not sure I want to play the game. Reply +3
  • Ellie Gibson on: Manual Stimulation

  • spekkeh 09/01/2016

    @gizmo2501 Lewd Reply -2
  • 2016 IGF Award finalists revealed

  • spekkeh 07/01/2016

    That's a great list. Had a really fun time with Her Story, Undertale and Keep Talking.. Reply 0
  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • spekkeh 06/01/2016

    What a year what a lovely year!

    And this even leaves out Rift/Vive/PSVR and NX, where the latter no doubt has a number of their top teams working out killer exclusives.
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  • Best-selling Steam games of 2015 list has a few surprises

  • spekkeh 05/01/2016

    Am I reading correctly that Life is Strange was on average bought for $3? Welp. I hope that's just ep1?

    I do always buy my games from the Humble Store and then redeem them on Steam, so that would mean Steam makes a bit less, but I don't think I'm very typical.
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  • Readers' top 50 games of 2015

  • spekkeh 02/01/2016

    Did any of you actually play Her Story? Be honest here. Full disclosure it wasn't even in my top ten, but calling people who liked the game and did pretentious hipsters, is you really looking to position yourself below troglodyte level. Like if you said Everybody's Gone to the Rapture then maybe, but Her Story is simply a well made FMV game of old. Reply +3
  • spekkeh 02/01/2016


    Re: Her Story,

    EG staff: 6th
    EG membership: 38th

    A supreme example of the disconnect that increasingly exists between gamers and the gaming media of today.

    Well thank Kanye for that, if that game wasn't put on GOTY lists by other outlets I respect (Simon Parkin in this case), I would have never experienced that little gem of a game. What's the point of these lists if they only echo the big marketing machines? And Her Story has little to do with a disconnect, but more with little games being overlooked.
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  • spekkeh 02/01/2016

    The greater the vote count, the more accurate any poll becomes.
    Accurate of what? Not of quality per se. I'd say the average Eurogamer staff member played a lot more games than the average reader. The greater the vote count, the greater the number of people who played only a few games (most likely AAA with big marketing budget), and the less well considered the list becomes. Reader comments are most often popularity contests, where a big western developed multiplatform game ends number one (last year notwithstanding). Eurogamer readers on average just have a bit more taste. Then the reader vote only allowed for five nominations, and I'm sure the staff had a bigger ballot. Small ballots also favor big releases as people, conditioned by the marketing, feel the need to name check at least these. A game like the Beginner's Guide could be everyone's number six, and not show up in the top 50.
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  • spekkeh 02/01/2016

    After all these years a quote of mine was finally used *sniffle*. Who'd have known you just need to write back of the box blurbs.

    Also the Beginner's Guide got snubbeddd. But I'm to blame myself as well, having only played it after the deadline.
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  • Games of 2015 no. 4: Rocket League

  • spekkeh 29/12/2015

    This game was great stupid fun for a few hours, but I found it too hard to master. You kind of plateau while everyone and their dog hands it to you. I think it needed some more scaffolding in between beginner and master. But then it's hard to argue with such a success. Reply 0
  • Games of 2015 no 5: The Witcher 3

  • spekkeh 28/12/2015

    Felt bad for rushing? Maybe, but then that was the game's own doing. After it took some fifty odd hours to 'find Ciri', only for you to have to retrace your steps, by the time the game started showing interesting side content in Ard Skellige I was like oh no mister, you've had your chance. The story beats after that luckily were fantastic, but then CD Projekt seem to have rushed their own ending. If any of the work they put into the world was directed to a more even pacing (or simply snappier main quest), this could have been a timeless classic for me, slightly boring gameplay and all. Now I thought it was just a good game in a good year. Fifth place seems about right, though I put it a bit lower. Reply +1
  • Uncovering the heart of Undertale

  • spekkeh 27/12/2015

    Loved this game, ended up number 5 on my yearly list. Was bummed that the game seems to want to punish you for doing a friendly run because you are so underleveled at the final boss, and so at the very end it stumbled and I had to do an annoying grind. I guess I would have to play the game again but ain't nobody got time for that. Reply +8
  • Games of 2015 no. 10: Life is Strange

  • spekkeh 23/12/2015

    @MrTomFTW ack, I'm now officially more obsessed with Destiny than EG. Reply +2
  • spekkeh 23/12/2015

    @tomphillipsEG you and Aoife, you're decent folk in my book. Proper upbringing and all that. Not like them scoundrels they make today. Reply +5
  • spekkeh 23/12/2015

    I think it's pretty cool that Eurogamer is going to play the meta narrative where at the end of the list they go back in time and declare this game the real number one.

    Hey a man can dream.

    Sweet, silly little dreams where Destiny the Taken King doesn't end up the number one.
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  • Apple iPhone 6S review

  • spekkeh 20/12/2015

    In that case it's probably a good idea to check whether you're actually using a fast charger? Normal chargers can't fast charge.
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  • spekkeh 20/12/2015


    Why would Apple never do VR? Rather strange thing to say.
    I mean they might, eventually, if it blows up. They backpedaled on big screens and styluses too, but for now it doesn't seem to fit their philosophy. Not particularly low barrier, easy to use, social, smooth experience. Likewise for Nintendo.
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  • spekkeh 20/12/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing My Samsung supplied usb cable started crapping out, replacing it led to much faster charging again. Does it actually say 'fast charging' when you plug it in? (it's more like 1.3 hours by the way for a full charge). Reply 0
  • spekkeh 20/12/2015

    The 6S is a veritable beast in specs no doubt (yeah it only renders at 750p, but still), an amazing improvement over the 6, but poor battery and charging would be a dealbreaker for me. Wireless charging is cute but I find the ticking coils to be too noticeable to use it anywhere else than a car, but fast charging is a godsend and will be make it or break it for phones to come for me.

    Also I know Apple will never do VR, but still the low res screens are a bummer.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • spekkeh 17/12/2015

    @porkface If the voting is closed, it might be a good idea to remove the textfields, otherwise a lot of people will get disappointed. Reply +1
  • spekkeh 16/12/2015

    Yikes, only just voted. Hopefully they still count (the subtitle said 'this afternoon', I was at work so I couldn't read and vote during the day, kind of bummed if it closed 2pm already)

    Anyway I voted
    1. LiS
    2. Splatoon
    3. Until Dawn
    4. Undertale

    5th would be Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 most likely, but I feel like these safe serialized games will probably get more votes than they really deserve anyway, so I left it blank.
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  • Destiny launches level boost packs priced Ł25

  • spekkeh 15/12/2015

    Oh wait Kotick can. A game where the developers themselves ask you to pay money not to play their game, obviously it's shitty ransomware to such a level that this is warranted, is the most popular game in the eurogamer offices.

    Makes you think.
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  • Nuclear Throne review

  • spekkeh 09/12/2015

    Mmmm screenshake. Right in the gamefeels. Reply +1
  • Fast Racing Neo review

  • spekkeh 08/12/2015

    Another Wii U review thread, another series of posts by SuperShinobi where he really desperately tries to justify for himself why he didn't buy a Wii U. Reply +14
  • The games of 2015 we (shamefully) missed

  • spekkeh 06/12/2015

    MGSV and XenobladeX, for obvious reasons (take way too long, especially after Witcher 3 and Fallout 4), are the two games on my shame list that I feel I should still play to come to an accurate 'GOTY list'. Though at the same time I doubt either would crack the top five, cause I'm very sensitive to artificial padding, hence FO4 and TW3, as great as they are, also not in there.

    (current top 3 seems to remain pretty strong at 1. Life is Strange, 2. Splatoon, 3. Until Dawn; after that it gets a bit more iffy... Undertale, Witcher, Rocket League, Mario Maker, all great.)

    I'm sure Ori and Tomb Raider would've been high too, but I decided not to go with an xbox this time round, I'm already starved for time as is.

    I still have to get Her Story too, but finishing that in time shouldn't be too hard.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles X review

  • spekkeh 30/11/2015

    I've played some of the other games at a friend's. For example, we played 3D World in co-op about halfway through the game and all the tracks in MK8 multiple times.
    Fair enough. Though if you did play MK8 extensively, I think you should understand pretty well why it got both the EG critics and readers' game of the year awards last year.
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  • spekkeh 30/11/2015

    @SuperShinobi C'mon son, you can't accurately assess games standing in a shop at a demo unit (I seriously doubt you can even play Splatoon that way, given how it relies on motion aiming). Especially these games, which are gameplay focused games. You need to sample their intricacies. You can't go 'high production values, 10/10' with these games. Reply +10
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 community responds to nuclear disarmament call

  • spekkeh 30/11/2015

    Haven't bought the game (yet), partially because of [meme]Konami, but I have to admit this is pretty cool. Reply 0
  • Better than Halo?

  • spekkeh 30/11/2015

    To think how many actually interesting games you could have played in the meantime. Reply +44
  • I am the only person in this office who doesn't play Destiny

  • spekkeh 27/11/2015

    Overt Destiny article. Reply +1
  • Watch: Overwatch is different - and really, really good

  • spekkeh 20/11/2015

    @Mistress I fully agree. It looks like one of those 'Zelda made in UnrealEngine' mods. I find it incredibly bland. Generic cartoony with realistic lighting. I feel like it should embrace one or the other, but this mish mash doesn't gel with me. The heroes are also kind of cliche. Just my opinion of course.
    The gameplay does look great though. But they oughta look more to Splatoon on how to make it stand out visually.
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  • Looks like Halo 5 microtransactions are doing the business for Microsoft

  • spekkeh 19/11/2015

    It's quite simple really. I see no problem with idiots buying REQ packs
    I don't really have an opinion on Microtransactions in Halo. It's a series where the appeal has strangely always eluded me, so I don't know how they are implemented precisely. Maybe they are somehow completely benign. But in itself I find this a rather callous thing to say. It's abundantly clear that the vast majority of F2P and microtransactions schemes sell exactly to the 'idiots'. Whales are not wealthy playboys who want to match their real life exuberance in game with hats, but more often than not are people with debts, compulsive spending and gambling problems, that the 'randomized card packs' specifically target in order to prey on their addictive tendencies. Much more than 'we're just offering more choices for some extra money, ain't we swell', it's quite often more devious and predatory in nature.
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  • Crytek's Back to Dinosaur Island VR game is on Steam

  • spekkeh 18/11/2015

    Wow that looks pretty co...

    Processor: Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @3.40GHz
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980
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  • Microsoft is chucking snow at people strung up on a billboard to promote Tomb Raider

  • spekkeh 12/11/2015

    Also true. I'm a cynical git so I thought it was funny (still do), but in the end not funny enough to offend people over.
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  • spekkeh 12/11/2015

    Yeah kind of bad taste I guess, removed it.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider review

  • spekkeh 09/11/2015


    Especially when you really don't have to pay out money, which is the case here. You get more than enough stuff just from playing the game. Microtransactions are entirely optional.

    I'm a hypocrite and part of the problem I'm afraid though, I loved Tomb Raider reboot, that was a hearty recommended/essential for me, so I will most likely get this too.

    once it hits PS4
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  • spekkeh 09/11/2015

    The kicker? Expedition cards. These come in blind packs, bought either with credits earned in-game or with real money. They modify the gameplay or Lara's loadout for each run, with appropriate penalties or bonuses to your credit rewards from the mission.
    Gross. When is the European Commission finally bringing these publishers under online gambling laws.
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  • spekkeh 09/11/2015

    Wow not even a recommended? So it's a 6/10 or 7/10, every other review out right now is glowing.
    No not getting a recommended does not mean it gets a 6 or 7. Learn the difference.
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  • There's a new Mass Effect Andromeda teaser trailer and it's voiced by Shepard

  • spekkeh 07/11/2015

    Oh notto disu shitto agen.

    Pray from which incredibly deep RPG mechanics did ME3 step away? Because by now I think it's been well established that this a load of grognard crock and ME3 actually added more RPG mechanics. The RPG stuff is the least of its worries.
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  • spekkeh 07/11/2015

    Just an Interstellar ripoff teaser? One year out and this game is still [conceptual prototype].

    /fanboy rage
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  • This ambitious live action Metroid fan film is worth watching

  • spekkeh 02/11/2015

    I like Chobot, but I have to agree with the others that she's not really how I pictured Samus to be (though obviously there's no standard, so her rendition is just as valid as the one I have in my head). But her vocal fry makes her like sooo college age American like. And I always pictured Samus to be more... German? Reply +1
  • Here's the official, Halo lore explanation for why Cortana is naked

  • spekkeh 30/10/2015

    So one guy is defined as being a pilot, one guy is defined as being a wizard and the girl is defined as being naked.

    Makes sense.
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  • Now Fallout gets officially licensed Nuka-Cola Quantum

  • spekkeh 30/10/2015

    Does it come with complementary RadAway? Reply +5
  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • spekkeh 28/10/2015


    Funfact: A while ago, the digital distribution shop Gamersgate had to issue a press release where they made clear that they had nothing to do with Gamergate, due to large amounts of threats and abuse they were getting.

    The press generally didn't report on that, of course, because who would threaten and abuse employees of a site called Gamersgate? Certainly not the pro-gamergate crowd. If it's not the "bad guys", then it must be ... better not talk about it.
    And yet you picked up on this press release, how curious. Could it be that the press released it?

    Incidentally, the same happened to organizations called ISIS and Bin Laden, take that as you will.
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