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  • Fans divided over site that lets you "cheat" Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 22/07/2016

    @7M7 ^fair enough. Reply 0
  • spekkeh 22/07/2016

    I could tell this app wasn't for me when my non-gaming wife started sending me photos of the Pokemon she discovered while on her lunch break. Not. Arsed. At all.
    You hardcore gamer you. The love of your life wants to join in on your hobby and this is proof that it can't be any good. Doesn't make you come off like a prick at all.
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  • spekkeh 22/07/2016

    I do think it detracts greatly from the game. Not so much on a single player mechanistic focus of 'gotta catch em all', but a large part of what makes Pokemon fun to play is the emergent story you get from it. And Pokemon go is so great because it imbues these little stories into the real world. Sometimes you click on a Pokegym and you're all like wow ah Gyarados, where ever did (s)he catch that one. Or one of your friends has one you don't have and you share experiences. After a while, whispers, rumors, someone got that and that one over there, you might need to look near open waters, etc. In essence, a mythology around the Pokemon starts forming, and all in the real world!

    By laying the mechanics bare, like these scripts do, all of the magic is gone. Asking your friend how he got Dragonite and he says oh mate I refreshed this website ten times and then I walked two streets further and picked it up, becomes incredibly uninteresting and the catch unspecial. And if they didn't do it, the elusiveness is ruined by association.

    First Niantic needs to fix the tracking bug and then they need to kill this thing as fast as possible IMO.
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  • Nintendo announces palm-sized mini NES console

  • spekkeh 14/07/2016

    Man that's a great list of NES games too. Might miss something like Rescue Rangers to literally make it an all time greats for me.

    Here's hoping we get Probotector instead of Contra. Got to do the nostalgia right.
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  • Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game in US history

  • spekkeh 14/07/2016

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  • Watch: 6 unexpected side effects of Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 11/07/2016

    I just want to know if it's genuinely a solidly good game or not. Sounds intriguing for sure. Some flaws but it seems the social innovation pros outweigh the cons.
    Well that's exactly it. It's sort of shallow and grindy as you would expect a F2P game to be (though certainly not as egregious, I hate hate regular F2P games but I'm quite hooked on this, apparently it doesn't target whales in any way), but it's also something wonderful. Yesterday I saw something weird happening close by and right during the European Cup final, I felt compelled to walk outside to check it out.
    And before I knew it there were three groups of people looking at their phone and giving awkward glances and exchanging a few words to each other like we're all hunting pokemans late in the evening even though maybe we're too old for this and there's footy on. It's a wonderful phenomenon. And to think the game isn't actually out yet.
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  • The brilliant Kerbal Space Program console release date

  • spekkeh 11/07/2016

    Going to wait and see how it runs on Wii U. The gamepad and off TV seem bigger plusses for this game than resolution on my PS4. Reply +10
  • Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that's pushing people together

  • spekkeh 10/07/2016


    The guy trying to stealth-catch a Pidgey while his wife was giving birth was really, really sad.

    Just let it sink in: his wife was about to give birth and this wanker was playing a children's game on his phone.
    Ever went through a birth? For my first son we were in the hospital for eleven hours before full dilation. I was lucky to bring chargers. Not much you can do for large amounts of time.

    (second time I hardly had time to get my phone out of my pocket, so ymmv, but I think we can give him the benefit of the doubt)
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  • Why did ancient Egypt spend 3000 years playing a game nobody else liked?

  • spekkeh 06/07/2016

    Hah, after all the work, all the study from historians throughout the years, why do I still get the feeling that if we were somehow able to bring an ancient Egyptian forward through time and show him people playing Senet he'd go "You're playing it all wrong"? :)
    By Tut, git gud!

    Great Sunday morning read.. during the work day. Very well written. I mean, half way in it was clear that obviously it was like a game of goose that got religious meaning and therefore endured but also stayed insular from other cultures. That didn't matter though, as I was hanging on your every word.
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  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review

  • spekkeh 22/06/2016

    Wait, what, this game is actually good?

    Did not see that coming.
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  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • spekkeh 16/06/2016

    @frazzl cheers for digging up my previous quote, in case anyone thought I was biased against MS.
    Yes I think we really need, well at least six year, cycles. There have hardly been any essential games for crying out loud. My favorite games of the past few years have been on Nintendo's four GameCubes ducttaped together device. Have you played Uncharted 4? There's enough stretch in these things for a couple more years to go. I fear that if MS and Sony continue on this 4kp60 rat race they're going to alienate casual gamers further and further to the point the market becomes truly unsustainably tiny. Already people are wondering why they should buy a console next to their tablets and phones. With this quick of an obsolescence, I think they won't even bother.
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  • spekkeh 16/06/2016

    Excellent, well thought out piece (and I'd like to compliment your growth in writing style, if I may, Rich).

    Initially I thought it was clearly going to be a new Xbox generation, the difference in power is too big to expect support across SKUs. But, if I choose to believe the most optimistic case laid out by Spencer, my thinking has become a bit more nuanced. It seems like they want to create a smartphone model where people with little money as well as big spenders can essentially buy the same system but with different quality internals.

    However mobile phone games are and always have been time wasters with simple mechanics and systems more than the core games of consoles. A bump in graphical fidelity doesn't change anything for the enjoyment of a mobile game (which is why most of them don't even try). The same doesn't hold true for the console sphere; just look at the reluctance of Epic and many AAA studios to port over games to the Wii U, and in general the graveyard that has become the cross platform sales on the previous generation of consoles. Most of the big publishers compete on graphical fidelity. Their buying up the talented developers and large production budgets is their main competitive edge over smaller or indie publishers. They're not going to even the playing field by letting themselves get constrained by the lowest common denominator.

    So all good intentions aside, I'm back to where I started. Scorpio will likely be a new console generation, which hurts the Xbox brand more than add consumer choice.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most ambitious Nintendo game in years

  • spekkeh 14/06/2016

    @megatronix design mistakes stick out like a sore thumb to me, lol

    (though linear padding even more)
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  • spekkeh 14/06/2016

    Could be game of the forever for me if they stick the landing. Most anticipated game by far. And I really didn't like Skyward Sword. Reply +4
  • Xbox E3 conference report: Microsoft is feeling bold again

  • spekkeh 14/06/2016

    if ms revealing the scorpio is a bold move, how come sony's neo isn't?
    I think a positive interpretation is that that article was written by Martin Robinson and this one by Christian Donlan, and they might be thinking differently about console upgrades.

    A more neutral one would be that Sony doesn't need an upgrade and it's bold that MS doesn't bow out of the console business but tries something risky to get back on top.

    A more cynical one would be that it's E3 and everything needs to be hype, because people want to read about rainbows and unicorns, and not the reality.
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  • Ubisoft is making a Star Trek VR game

  • spekkeh 13/06/2016

    This is what I always dreamed Star Trek games would be. That engine and models though, yeesh, sure it wasn't the Gear VR version? I guess it can't cost a lot yet with the limited market. Reply +5
  • Mass Effect Andromeda trailer teases new human character

  • spekkeh 12/06/2016


    Three years in still nothing. Incredibly disappointing.
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  • Apple: Palestinian game highlighting Gaza child welfare is not a game

  • spekkeh 19/05/2016

    Ah yes Apple. Selling gambling addiction to kids is all fine, but a game that calls the working conditions at Foxconn into question, ban that sick filth. Reply +25
  • EA dev chief initially rejected World War 1 setting for Battlefield

  • spekkeh 18/05/2016


    That's just his job though.
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  • DICE's Great War: classes, horses and more in Battlefield 1

  • spekkeh 11/05/2016

    @arcam it's not just better graphics of course, bf 1942 was also one of the first games that had big teams (actual armies) duking it out, with lots of vehicles, instead of simply team death match. I think a rollercoaster world war 2 game would also feel tacky in this day and age, but world war two has in the public eye also turned into a war about ideas, about good guys versus bad guy. The Nazis have been ironically turned into something less than human, so are fair game. This is less the case for world war 1 which we now perceive as a pointless meat grinder, a tragedy that shook us out of the old world. This is more the reason it has not been tackled so far. (That and the fact that millions of people dying over a few kms of no man's land is not very well suited to a roller coaster.) Reply 0
  • spekkeh 10/05/2016

    There's something wildly tacky about taking one of the largest pointless massacres ever and turning it into something 'simply awesome'. What's next, Hutus versus Tutsis as you plan fantastic ambushes with your machete?

    I know they did the same thing with Battlefield 1942 and I greatly enjoyed it, so I might just be a major hypocrite, but, simpler times? The days when it was simply cool that games could even plausibly recreate such settings. Now that they can, I think if truly they just set out to create an awesome setting out of World War 1, maybe someone at Dice needs to do a bit of soul searching.

    Here's hoping there's a bit more to the campaign at least.
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  • Don't care about VR? Neither did I

  • spekkeh 08/05/2016

    @_LarZen_ I have and have pretty much 20 20. Though in retrospect I might not actually have fear of heights (had no problem back when I flew glider planes either) but simply a fear of slipping and falling to my death. Reply +1
  • spekkeh 08/05/2016

    The Whale demo does nothing for me weirdly, but I might have had more VR experience than Christian before this (tip: try some porn and see what happens when the actor stares in your eyes, pretty uncanny the first time you experience it). Maybe I'm just too jaded. I have debilitating fear of heights in real life, but no problem with jumping of cliffs in VR, because it's 'not real'. Room scale though is great, and so far I find the Labs by Valve the best 'game' around. But, where Christian says it's nice for a couple of hours, I generally tire of the VR games after a couple of minutes. They're really glorified tech demos. Incredibly cool glorified tech demos, but still. I haven't really found a reason to upgrade myself now that I have all the major VR platforms at work. Though it's still something you have to try at least once. Reply 0
  • A Legend of Zelda Hong Kong crime drama launches tomorrow

  • spekkeh 04/05/2016

    In Hong Kong you would be Zant Reply -2
  • Patrice Désilets reveals footage from 1666 Amsterdam

  • spekkeh 03/05/2016

    As much as I'd like running around a AAA rendition of my historical capital, I have to admit it's the galleons in the mist that really got the hairs on my neck stand up.

    We are long overdue a 17th century sailing game. I mean if there's something Assassin's Creed hinted at but fumbled themselves. The seedy docks of Amsterdam during the height of the Dutch Republic could still be a great starting point, as you board a privateering ship setting off to capture Spanish gold. Some light RPG and sailing, sea battles, and you capture an Aztec treasure that turns out to be cursed, turning your ship into the Flying Dutchman. Now you need to find a way to undo the curse and return to your loved ones. This stuff writes itself.

    Actually, the captain of the Flying Dutchman was said to be in cahoots with the devil, so maybe this is what Desilets is hinting at too.
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  • Apple iPhone SE review

  • spekkeh 24/04/2016

    My wife upgraded the other day and very nearly got this because she likes the Apple ecosystem and wanted a smaller sizes phone. But at practically the same price as the Galaxy S7 Edge, the arguably most premium phone of the moment, it just seems like Apple, even more than usual, was just taking the piss. And so in the end she couldn't justify it. Reply +5
  • How PlayStation 4K Neo and the original PS4 will co-exist

  • spekkeh 20/04/2016


    "You can just tell the AAA devs will be targeting PS4K because it looks better in marketing, and the normal PS4 owners will be left with unoptimized crap"

    This just makes no sense. There will be 60+ million Xbox Ones and PS4s combined when the PS4K launches. Developers aren't going to suddenly ignore that.
    That's because you apparently didn't read, I'm not saying they're going to ignore them, I'm saying they're not going to target them. The current AAA market competes on technological differentiators; bigger! better! more shaders! 1080p! They will want as many people to get a PS4K as possible because it gives them a bigger edge over AA publishers, because technological differences generally diminish as the generation progresses. Getting a super fluid experience on PS4Peasant is suddenly a lot less interesting.
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  • spekkeh 20/04/2016

    Definitely a lot of alienating going on on this side.
    Sony just shot themselves in the foot etc. You can just tell the AAA devs will be targeting PS4K because it looks better in marketing, and the normal PS4 owners will be left with unoptimized crap, meaning, might as well have gone PC in the first place. Makes me reconsider Sony in the future.
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  • Smite streamer leaves Hi-Rez after controversial comments about suicide

  • spekkeh 20/04/2016

    Don't ask* solid advice from someone playing a competitive game, they are most likely in a self-absorbed judgmental mood. Kind of like when you are in a depression.

    *I know he wasn't, but in general. I would say in general don't watch streamers for anything else than possibly the game, but that would betray how old I am.
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  • Watch: DayZ creator's new VR game is brilliant fun

  • spekkeh 18/04/2016

    VR is great for perspective taking. Switching between god mode and 'in the trenches' is inspired and I hope we see more of it. Reply +6
  • Finally, HTC addresses Vive's messy European launch

  • spekkeh 08/04/2016

    Well of course there's the matter of paying 80 euro for express delivery that makes little sense if there's no actual release date to start with, and of course what does part 1 even mean if they had six shipments so far and you've not been part of it.
    So while technically they said April, all of the other communication strongly hinted at an undefined single release date.

    Also they knew the orders two months in advance, so I doubt they're sending them out as they're making them (this would be incredibly silly from a logistics standpoint too, then again everything so far has been incredibly silly, so why not).
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  • spekkeh 08/04/2016

    Nope nothing. Ordered :06, confirmed first wave, credit card amount reserved seven days ago, not a peep, no mail, no update. That express delivery feeling awfully ironic.

    But I'm fine, yessshir, I'll jusssht be waiti hi zzzzzz

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  • BAFTA's Game of the Year award goes to Fallout 4

  • spekkeh 08/04/2016

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  • HTC Vive's European launch is a mess

  • spekkeh 06/04/2016

    Yep ordered it at launch, confirmed first batch, credit card has reserved the payment a week ago.


    Nothing, not even an e-mail, no status anywhere to be found on their website. A PhD of mine who was in the second batch at least got called about it...by a call center in Chad(!).

    Absolutely ridiculously bad customer service. They're cancelling orders without any notice and making you jump through elaborate hoops to actually get their product. And so much for 73 euro costing 'express delivery'.

    I was hoping to receive it by next week, because the national television drops by to record a prime time item about the VR work we're doing here. That's not going to happen, which, I'm starting to become glad because I dont want to advertise Vive anyway.
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  • There's no need to worry about Star Fox Zero's strange controls

  • spekkeh 05/04/2016

    Also hurray for Martin pronouncing it the only right way. Snez! Reply +20
  • spekkeh 05/04/2016

    So Splatoon controls in Star Fox?

    Count me in!

    (reads like a recommended)
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  • Vive and Oculus experience early processing hiccups

  • spekkeh 04/04/2016

    DigitalRiver reserved the money from my account four days ago.


    Doesn't help that they have no order status to speak of. 73 euro "express delivery".
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  • What would you uninvent about modern games?

  • spekkeh 04/04/2016


    I'm guessing all the people who want to uninvent DLC featuring things they've 'already paid for' and go back to getting the 'full experience' are also happy to uninvent the idea that games cost Ł40
    Not necessarily, though obviously something's gotta give. Current day AAA publishers are operating on a model where they're creating products that ostensibly can't be sustained by selling it at the normal price. They seem to be competing on the ballooning budgets themselves and not actual quality, (this cost even more to make than the other guy's!), which is pretty insane, though it seems to work. For my share, I don't need games to have redonkulous budgets, I also like indie games (almost) just as much. I'd be much happier with games that looked slightly less fantastic, or didn't contain twenty hours of padding, or complicated crafting mechanics, etc., than I would be with microtransactions blighting my immersion.

    God yes you're right on hiding the loot in the opposite direction though. I guess this would also fall under uninventing collectables though.
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  • spekkeh 03/04/2016

    Oh great article, more of these please!

    (I'd like to uninvent those Gods of Egypt ads that keep crashing my browser. Now I'm going to reply at comment >100 and few people read it.)

    I find myself mostly agreeing with Johnny. The 'gamification of games' has been the scourge (and my particular pet peeve) of the current gaming landscape. Games listen up, you don't need to be gamified, you ARE games. Instead of littering your game world with mindless bar filling opportunities, how about directing all that attention to making the game world itself worthwhile. I like the idea that if collectables were uninvented, game designers can no longer rely on them to at least have some kind of engagement. Back to square one.

    (Incidentally, I'm not entirely sure Mario Bros is the right example, I think people mostly collect coins for the satisfying pa-ding, the sound that tickles their lizard brain, and not the far away notion of an extra life you almost never get. So it doesn't really feel like bar filling, rather it's a more immediate reward within the level that improves the game feel, than a delayed one that improves some kind of abstract goal directed behavior. Not surprisingly they used the same pa-ding on the Gameboy intro screen; not to incite collectable frenzy, but as a very quick lizard brain tickle that puts you into a play state.)

    As to what I would like to uninvent myself, and leaving aside the obvious 'every single thing... for science!', I have one somewhat contentious one:

    Escalating challenge. Do we really need it?

    Bear in mind that a game getting more difficult as time progresses was initially a bug in the Space Invaders cabinet. Gamers liked it, and we later on linked this to Csikszentmihalyi's Flow Theory, and publishers liked it, because it meant gamers threw in more quarters. But I think the linkage to Flow theory is misguided. Gamers didn't particularly reveled in the challenge itself, they liked the last minute clincher. It turned a rather static challenge into a story, with rising tension, a climax and a release. Now that we actually have stories, we don't necessarily need the challenge for this anymore. Likewise, I think most people don't necessarily like the challenge itself, they like overcoming the challenge; the feeling of competence that this entails. But you also don't need frustration to induce competence. Perhaps more importantly, because games are so focused on increasing challenge, they don't have a denouement; games end at the climax, leading to a stumped emotional release (and some could say, some of the unpleasantness pervading some communities). So I say, uninvent it, and see if you can improve the emotional release in games through other means.
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  • Watch: Why does VR give some people motion sickness?

  • spekkeh 02/04/2016

    Not to plug my own work, it's been some ten years since I last researched cybersickness, and I know Eurogamer TV is primarily intended to be a bit frivolous, but if you ask a scientific question ('why do people get sick'), you might also think about interviewing a scientist. I think there are a few in the UK too researching this. Reply +8
  • Nintendo fires marketer after sustained online hate campaign

  • spekkeh 31/03/2016

    "gamergate" agrees with her on censorship, simply not on the relaxation of child porn laws and child porn and depictions of kids performing sex acts.

    Surely they don't, that's why they're on 8chan providing ad money for a facilitator of 'delicious cheese pizza', and get incredibly irate every time someone censors their lolis. Noone believes this shtick, and I feel quite confident not even anyone from Gamergate. More likely Rapp got the full brunt precisely because she is part of the establishment (and incredibly coincidentally a woman) and thinks pretty much the same as most Gaters, so she got singled out for retribution, to feel how Gaters are treated.
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  • spekkeh 31/03/2016


    Excuse me, readjusting.

    @Kami I think in general it's fine if you have another job, as long as you're open about it and it doesn't conflict with your other work. It's difficult to determine from the tweets, but it seems like Nintendo was unaware of (the content of) her other work. Whether this is on Nintendo or on her I don't know.
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  • spekkeh 31/03/2016

    Kind of ironic that Gamergate would go to great lengths to bully people into censoring un-PC opinions. Ethics and all that. Though moonlighting for Sega while working for Nintendo (if this is what happens) sounds like a strange thing to do. I don't think people should be fired for having contrary personal opinions, but then that's technically not what happened here. Reply 0
  • Nintendo NX controller reports gather pace

  • spekkeh 24/03/2016

    I got to play Smash Bros at a friend's house, and got the Gamecube controller, and my God was it unwieldy.
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  • Punch Club has been pirated over 1.6m times

  • spekkeh 21/03/2016

    Is it me or should that second pie chart not be a pie chart? Reply +7
  • Satoru Iwata remembered at this year's Game Developers Choice Awards

  • spekkeh 17/03/2016

    Oh that's very well done. Moving yet very fitting to his character. Reply +1
  • Behold HTC Vive's launch window round-up

  • spekkeh 16/03/2016

    @RSX901 You're getting negged so I probably will too, but agreed. Platform exclusives are often lossleading as they attempt to diversify the portfolio. That means they're high budget experiments that are made to be interesting and not necessarily get maximum monetary ROI. Without exclusives we'd be drowning in a sea of hype du jour game clones, see for instance mobile. Or see a lack of Half-Life 3 because Valve is content with making money on selling other people's stuff rather than by making their own. Reply +1
  • Rift's launch line-up has the quality and quantity - but is it too safe?

  • spekkeh 16/03/2016

    I think this is a fair assessment. Where I loved my GearVR and used it daily at first, it's starting to gather a bit of dust. I still use it occassionally, and it doesn't fail to amaze new people, but even among friends and after playing the riotous Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for a bit, at some point we went back to playing Mario Kart. And it's not that there's a lack of content, or that it isn't really cool, at some point you just realize that it's a bit of a hassle for normal gaming, which can be played fine without a headset. It's great for singular, ephemeral experiences and as such I still want one, but it's not a game changer if the games don't change. Reply +12
  • PlayStation VR will cost Ł349, out in October

  • spekkeh 15/03/2016

    Hmm was hoping for it to include the camera at least for that price. I reckon it probably needs the positional tracking for most of the games anyway. Not very tempting right now if it gives the same experience as a Gear VR which I already own. Also really don't like in-ear plugs, but I know I'm different in this case.

    I'll still probably get it, but not right away if this is all that's in the box. Guess my Vive will tide me over until a deal arrives.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture nominated for 10 BAFTA Game Awards

  • spekkeh 10/03/2016

    Bleh I thought Mad Max was just vapid spectacle, and really really liked Birdman.

    Opinions eh?
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