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  • What do you actually do in games?

  • spekkeh 30/09/2016

    Some people should read a bit about the ludology/narratology debate. And then understand that games are both of course, they can be interactive stories, or they can be storyfied playthings, or they can be somewhere right in the middle. Also, as much as you can have a preference for one or the other, there's no strict definition of what a game is. Just family resemblances. Virginia is a game if people think it is. Reply +3
  • Michel Ancel is getting Beyond Good & Evil fans excited again

  • spekkeh 27/09/2016

    The leak was real?

    I used to wonder about that myself. Thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. An NX sequel to beyond good and evil, the dark side and the light. Crazy thing is... it's true. The leak. The game... All of it... It's all true.
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  • Virginia review

  • spekkeh 22/09/2016

    Gotta just have to echo the other people here. Wasn't the point of the recommended/essential system that you wouldn't get hung up over whether a game did everything right but in the process become bland, but simply that you could give games that you must play for being eminently interesting its dues? If we must play it, and for sure I will, why not an essential? Quit making this so difficult Eurogamer :P. Reply +1
  • New video shows Jon Snow actor in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • spekkeh 17/09/2016

    I know CoD purists hate the setting, but as someone who's quite far from being a CoD purist, I have to say this is looking pretty interesting. I'm usually just in for the singleplayer, so the more outlandish the better. Reply +2
  • Three days with Nintendo's Ł35 Pokémon Go Plus accessory

  • spekkeh 16/09/2016

    Does the game need to be open in your pocket for it to work? That's still my major problem with the game. It doesn't even work for me because it keeps registering my leg as button presses. Reply +2
  • You can voice a character in Mass Effect Andromeda

  • spekkeh 13/09/2016

    @MrBeens Erm yesss.... You know people have to actually send it in first before they can pick it? They want community input to foster a sense of community, but then they choose roles where the majority of players know beforehand they don't stand a chance whatsoever. So by this choice, only a few people send something in, and they might've not bothered. Instead of getting a more 'normal' role, where 'normal' people actually stand a chance. Reply -1
  • spekkeh 13/09/2016

    That's cool, but a journalist and a tough mercenary seem to both be roles that nessecitate professional voice actors. A journalist needs the voice range to entice enthusiasm and forced gruffness without a deeper timbre is tacky.

    Now if they asked for recordings of a typical basement dwelling otaku who sleeps with his Liara bodypillow, I'd be all over my microphone.
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  • Thierry Henry is playable in NBA 2K17

  • spekkeh 09/09/2016

    Now I need Maradonna on the other team. Reply +3
  • Mass Effect Andromeda's male and female hero choices are brother and sister

  • spekkeh 08/09/2016

    I think this is actually a really cool idea, if a bit awkward if the wife and I play siblings. Reply +5
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K PS4 Pro mission gameplay

  • spekkeh 07/09/2016

    Oh 4K, cool I have a 4K screen!

    *see only a small difference
    *buffering, buffering, buffering

    Yeah I'm good.

    Main character is now a dude, other character has a bare belly, that PR flopped quickly.

    Anyway, glad to finally see something. The vaults thing seems intriguing. Bring on N7 day I guess.
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  • PlayStation Meeting 2016 live report

  • spekkeh 07/09/2016

    Forget 4K and HDR, PS4 Pro gives Aloy a boobtube. Now that's an upgrade. Reply 0
  • Sega explains why Shenmue remakes haven't happened yet

  • spekkeh 02/09/2016

    This isn't really "why", but more "how".

    Though the why question is mostly answered by 'we don't think it would sell enough'.
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  • The Turing Test review

  • spekkeh 30/08/2016

    @Nikanoru What about Tomb Raider Reboot? I thought it did pretty well with not backtracking, but double-backing as it were, where the forward path looped back to previously visited areas but now with new items. I thought that was an interesting way to keep momentum but still getting to know the area, and not have a feeling of a simple rollercoaster. (there are more games like this of course, and I know I'm setting myself up for a fall with how it is generally perceived, but TR is an often played one) Reply +3
  • spekkeh 30/08/2016

    Oh crap I can't, seems like another pretty big win for Xbox timed exclusive deals. Here's hoping it comes to PS4 not too long down the line.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • spekkeh 18/08/2016

    Cool to hear PSVR apparently has a very decent room-scale tracking, that makes quite a bit of difference for me.

    edit: what did I miss/why the negs?
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  • Over a million UK players have spent money on Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 12/08/2016

    Money money money Reply +7
  • No Man's Sky has a game-breaking exploit which is letting users farm rarest items

  • spekkeh 11/08/2016

    Only Mouse Trap is a social multiplayer game. It's more akin to you changing the rules of solitaire as you play which, oh wait, nobody cares.
    In fact, appropriating, changing and restructuring imaginary rules is called... playing.
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  • spekkeh 11/08/2016

    it's a shame to see a respected website like EG go against the spirit of a game like this and effectively advertising the fact.
    Uh, why is that. Respected games sites should improve consumer rights and further game design.
    I hate forced grind. They used to give you cheat codes or easy modes if you did, but took them out because people who can finish games soon a) can sell them on, and b) cannot be monetized in their desire to actually finish the game. Both are incredibly consumer unfriendly and leave me annoyed with a game that wastes my time.
    I say it's absolutely Eurogamers task to print every (singleplayer) cheat they can find.
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  • Robin Hunicke's extraordinary journey

  • spekkeh 10/08/2016

    Cool. I wonder how she feels about adaptive difficulty now. Both her and Jenova Chen did research on keeping people in the Flow zone while they were at university, but now seem to have dropped it altogether, for games that appear to focus on quite the opposite of challenge. It feels like something a lot of designer/researchers go through, myself included. Or maybe we're just growing old. But I too started from a computer science background to focus on the systemic qualities, with the player as a sort of conditioned labrat, while rather, it's the emergent qualities (I guess Hunicke would say dynamics) that arise from it which are important. I'm glad to see an increasing focus on what engenders playfulness, which actually may require very different qualities than sustained challenge. Reply +4
  • Pokémon Go has a new tracking mechanic, but only certain users have it

  • spekkeh 09/08/2016

    Yeah I noticed the "sightings" this morning. Didn't see any of those nearby's though, but I guess that will come later. I also noticed Niantic apparently did fuck all about the fleeing "bug", as I spent three razzberries and five great balls on a low level drowzee, before I was the one that bailed. Reply +3
  • There's a new turn-based Warhammer 40,000 strategy game in the works

  • spekkeh 02/08/2016

    Appears Wesley is all right in my book after all. I too had a Space Wolves army. Been dying for a proper Space Wolf game. This, ah, I'm not too sure this will be it. Reply +2
  • No Man's Sky leaker claims to have reached the centre of the galaxy already

  • spekkeh 01/08/2016

    I'm actually happy about this and hope they don't nerf it. The best games for me are ones that offer up near endless optional diversion, but also don't waste your time if you want to complete it (actually 30 hours is already too long for me, but as it stands I'm still undecided about getting this game anyway). Reply +14
  • People think the Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics game shouts a really bad word

  • spekkeh 29/07/2016

    Shadow is a Briton confirmed. Reply +11
  • Miitomo updated with a new mini-game

  • spekkeh 29/07/2016

    That game seems lame as hell. I would open the app again if they at least seem to give the idea that they're trying. At least good on them that you don't have to pay currency anymore to 'unlock' what your mates are saying. Reply +2
  • Pokémon Go and Dark Souls are more alike than you think

  • spekkeh 29/07/2016

    Oh boy, "What Pokemon Go can learn from Dark Souls". Now the article just needs a stealth Destiny mention and something about Microtransactions in order to be better than Halo in baiting Eurogamer commenters. Reply +9
  • Now it's Magikarp's turn to get an amazing song

  • spekkeh 29/07/2016

    I do hope they release a t-shirt of that I Love KoiKing logo.
    (which can also be read I rub Koiking? lewd)
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  • spekkeh 29/07/2016

    This song is much weaker than the Slowpoke one.

    It couldn't be weaker

    No.1 weakest.
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  • Pokémon Go Plus accessory delayed until September

  • spekkeh 27/07/2016

    Smart, wait until the hype dies down and then sell leass.

    Though this thing is going to be useless anyway if rumors are true that you still need to have your phone on for it to work.
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  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • spekkeh 26/07/2016

    "it's definitely not a hybrid"

    "oh yeah it's a hybrid"
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  • Nintendo shares dive as investors realise it doesn't own Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 25/07/2016

    Huh, I guess you're right and GiantBomb is wrong. They are according to wikipedia 'affiliated', but don't show up on the books. According to others they own an 'undisclosed amount' of Creatures Inc. Whatever that means (is that legal for a public company?).
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  • spekkeh 25/07/2016

    Nintendo owns a third of The Pokémon Company
    at least*, seeing as Creatures Inc is a subsidiary of Nintendo, and Nintendo may(?) own a part of GameFreak.
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  • Fans divided over site that lets you "cheat" Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 22/07/2016

    @7M7 ^fair enough. Reply 0
  • spekkeh 22/07/2016

    I could tell this app wasn't for me when my non-gaming wife started sending me photos of the Pokemon she discovered while on her lunch break. Not. Arsed. At all.
    You hardcore gamer you. The love of your life wants to join in on your hobby and this is proof that it can't be any good. Doesn't make you come off like a prick at all.
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  • spekkeh 22/07/2016

    I do think it detracts greatly from the game. Not so much on a single player mechanistic focus of 'gotta catch em all', but a large part of what makes Pokemon fun to play is the emergent story you get from it. And Pokemon go is so great because it imbues these little stories into the real world. Sometimes you click on a Pokegym and you're all like wow ah Gyarados, where ever did (s)he catch that one. Or one of your friends has one you don't have and you share experiences. After a while, whispers, rumors, someone got that and that one over there, you might need to look near open waters, etc. In essence, a mythology around the Pokemon starts forming, and all in the real world!

    By laying the mechanics bare, like these scripts do, all of the magic is gone. Asking your friend how he got Dragonite and he says oh mate I refreshed this website ten times and then I walked two streets further and picked it up, becomes incredibly uninteresting and the catch unspecial. And if they didn't do it, the elusiveness is ruined by association.

    First Niantic needs to fix the tracking bug and then they need to kill this thing as fast as possible IMO.
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  • Nintendo announces palm-sized mini NES console

  • spekkeh 14/07/2016

    Man that's a great list of NES games too. Might miss something like Rescue Rangers to literally make it an all time greats for me.

    Here's hoping we get Probotector instead of Contra. Got to do the nostalgia right.
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  • Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game in US history

  • spekkeh 14/07/2016

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  • Watch: 6 unexpected side effects of Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 11/07/2016

    I just want to know if it's genuinely a solidly good game or not. Sounds intriguing for sure. Some flaws but it seems the social innovation pros outweigh the cons.
    Well that's exactly it. It's sort of shallow and grindy as you would expect a F2P game to be (though certainly not as egregious, I hate hate regular F2P games but I'm quite hooked on this, apparently it doesn't target whales in any way), but it's also something wonderful. Yesterday I saw something weird happening close by and right during the European Cup final, I felt compelled to walk outside to check it out.
    And before I knew it there were three groups of people looking at their phone and giving awkward glances and exchanging a few words to each other like we're all hunting pokemans late in the evening even though maybe we're too old for this and there's footy on. It's a wonderful phenomenon. And to think the game isn't actually out yet.
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  • The brilliant Kerbal Space Program console release date

  • spekkeh 11/07/2016

    Going to wait and see how it runs on Wii U. The gamepad and off TV seem bigger plusses for this game than resolution on my PS4. Reply +10
  • Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that's pushing people together

  • spekkeh 10/07/2016


    The guy trying to stealth-catch a Pidgey while his wife was giving birth was really, really sad.

    Just let it sink in: his wife was about to give birth and this wanker was playing a children's game on his phone.
    Ever went through a birth? For my first son we were in the hospital for eleven hours before full dilation. I was lucky to bring chargers. Not much you can do for large amounts of time.

    (second time I hardly had time to get my phone out of my pocket, so ymmv, but I think we can give him the benefit of the doubt)
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  • Why did ancient Egypt spend 3000 years playing a game nobody else liked?

  • spekkeh 06/07/2016

    Hah, after all the work, all the study from historians throughout the years, why do I still get the feeling that if we were somehow able to bring an ancient Egyptian forward through time and show him people playing Senet he'd go "You're playing it all wrong"? :)
    By Tut, git gud!

    Great Sunday morning read.. during the work day. Very well written. I mean, half way in it was clear that obviously it was like a game of goose that got religious meaning and therefore endured but also stayed insular from other cultures. That didn't matter though, as I was hanging on your every word.
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  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review

  • spekkeh 22/06/2016

    Wait, what, this game is actually good?

    Did not see that coming.
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  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • spekkeh 16/06/2016

    @frazzl cheers for digging up my previous quote, in case anyone thought I was biased against MS.
    Yes I think we really need, well at least six year, cycles. There have hardly been any essential games for crying out loud. My favorite games of the past few years have been on Nintendo's four GameCubes ducttaped together device. Have you played Uncharted 4? There's enough stretch in these things for a couple more years to go. I fear that if MS and Sony continue on this 4kp60 rat race they're going to alienate casual gamers further and further to the point the market becomes truly unsustainably tiny. Already people are wondering why they should buy a console next to their tablets and phones. With this quick of an obsolescence, I think they won't even bother.
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  • spekkeh 16/06/2016

    Excellent, well thought out piece (and I'd like to compliment your growth in writing style, if I may, Rich).

    Initially I thought it was clearly going to be a new Xbox generation, the difference in power is too big to expect support across SKUs. But, if I choose to believe the most optimistic case laid out by Spencer, my thinking has become a bit more nuanced. It seems like they want to create a smartphone model where people with little money as well as big spenders can essentially buy the same system but with different quality internals.

    However mobile phone games are and always have been time wasters with simple mechanics and systems more than the core games of consoles. A bump in graphical fidelity doesn't change anything for the enjoyment of a mobile game (which is why most of them don't even try). The same doesn't hold true for the console sphere; just look at the reluctance of Epic and many AAA studios to port over games to the Wii U, and in general the graveyard that has become the cross platform sales on the previous generation of consoles. Most of the big publishers compete on graphical fidelity. Their buying up the talented developers and large production budgets is their main competitive edge over smaller or indie publishers. They're not going to even the playing field by letting themselves get constrained by the lowest common denominator.

    So all good intentions aside, I'm back to where I started. Scorpio will likely be a new console generation, which hurts the Xbox brand more than add consumer choice.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most ambitious Nintendo game in years

  • spekkeh 14/06/2016

    @megatronix design mistakes stick out like a sore thumb to me, lol

    (though linear padding even more)
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  • spekkeh 14/06/2016

    Could be game of the forever for me if they stick the landing. Most anticipated game by far. And I really didn't like Skyward Sword. Reply +4
  • Xbox E3 conference report: Microsoft is feeling bold again

  • spekkeh 14/06/2016

    if ms revealing the scorpio is a bold move, how come sony's neo isn't?
    I think a positive interpretation is that that article was written by Martin Robinson and this one by Christian Donlan, and they might be thinking differently about console upgrades.

    A more neutral one would be that Sony doesn't need an upgrade and it's bold that MS doesn't bow out of the console business but tries something risky to get back on top.

    A more cynical one would be that it's E3 and everything needs to be hype, because people want to read about rainbows and unicorns, and not the reality.
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  • Ubisoft is making a Star Trek VR game

  • spekkeh 13/06/2016

    This is what I always dreamed Star Trek games would be. That engine and models though, yeesh, sure it wasn't the Gear VR version? I guess it can't cost a lot yet with the limited market. Reply +5
  • Mass Effect Andromeda trailer teases new human character

  • spekkeh 12/06/2016


    Three years in still nothing. Incredibly disappointing.
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  • Apple: Palestinian game highlighting Gaza child welfare is not a game

  • spekkeh 19/05/2016

    Ah yes Apple. Selling gambling addiction to kids is all fine, but a game that calls the working conditions at Foxconn into question, ban that sick filth. Reply +25
  • EA dev chief initially rejected World War 1 setting for Battlefield

  • spekkeh 18/05/2016


    That's just his job though.
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