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  • Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch costs £50, Konami says

  • spekkeh 19/01/2017

    £50, so that means €30 right? I'll get it for that.

    I kid I kid.
    Well not about getting it for €30; given that 4-player multiplayer time is mostly Christmas for me, I can wait until the price drops a bit. 50 Seems steep for a multiplayer party game.


    "Expect to fork out around £70 for a second set of Joy-Cons."

    Why this in every article? Surely only a minority of players needs four controllers??
    Yeah it's getting incredibly obnoxious. If this game would've been announced for PS4, guess how many articles would find it necessary to say "Expect to fork out around £129 for three extra PS4 controllers!". Zero.

    It's a shame the direction this site took after Bramwell left. Oh well.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch and Wii U differences outlined

  • spekkeh 18/01/2017

    @frazzl wait so first you can't play Zelda games in portable mode and now they're nothing new. Reply 0
  • spekkeh 18/01/2017


    There's no $20 difference. It's a $0.04 difference

    Only some UK stores seem to have a difference in pounds. Which is weird, but could be due to anything; cartridges, pound following brexit, or satisfying ancient Wii u preorders.
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  • spekkeh 18/01/2017


    it's absolutely justified to be judged on the merits its ports and how it performs as a home console, with is how most people will be using it in the West.
    Do you have a source for your usage statistics of the Switch? The thing is specifically designed to be able to... Switch! If you have no desire to ever Switch, there's little point in actually getting one, at least in the near future. (Just like if you had no interest in motion controls, don't get a Wii, if you had no interest in asymmetric multiplayer, don't get a Wii U--obviously very few people were interested in asymmetric multiplayer.) Me, the switching part is the interesting thing about the Switch. And last I figured, I'm in the West.


    But why they insist on being 6-7 years behind instead of 3-4 beats me.
    There's nothing 6-7 years behind about Nvidia Tegra, come on now.
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  • spekkeh 18/01/2017


    And while there is a technical difference between native and non native, above 480p it just doesn't warrant any sort of argument. It just doesn't matter, at all.
    The 1080p marketing message is too strong. We've been having this console warrior and PC master race bullshit for so long I'm convinced half of the people here don't even particularly care about games. They're just tech enthusiasts who use games as benchmarks for their new shiny. Nobody is talking about games or gameplay or new game use case affordances. Embarrassing.
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  • spekkeh 18/01/2017


    Asking more or the same as their competitors but can't even perform as well?
    What are you talking about. If I remove my PS4 from the closet and it hold it on front of me in the train, it doesn't perform at all.
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  • spekkeh 18/01/2017

    I thought the Switch version had HD rumble elements too? Could you confirm? Reply +2
  • Mass Effect Andromeda lets you craft and name weapons

  • spekkeh 17/01/2017

    I shall dub thee Pistol McPistolface Reply +23
  • Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg set to defend Oculus in court

  • spekkeh 17/01/2017

    @NullDev Well it would be pretty straightforward to show the e-mail where he claims to be NimbleRichMan was fabricated. In any case, there was no desire to reject any of the rumors by Luckey, because, it seems bloody obvious, he knew full well that he sent that e-mail. Reply +3
  • spekkeh 17/01/2017

    @NullDev But he did, and otherwise his complete inaction in suing for libel should tell you something. Reply +1
  • spekkeh 17/01/2017

    Hounding Luckey again for the political sin of daring to not shun Donald Trump hard enough?
    Posting as "NimbleRichMan" on the Trump-themed subreddit that birthed Nimble America, Luckey said that he had supported Trump's presidential ambitions "for years," and had "encouraged him to run during the last election" — the same year that a 19-year-old Luckey first launched his Oculus Kickstarter. "The American Revolution was funded by wealthy individuals," he said under his pseudonym, stating that "you can't fight the American elite without serious firepower." Luckey said he had that financial firepower to spare. "I've got plenty of money," Luckey said. "Money is not my issue."

    I mean that's like saying May gets hounded for daring not to oppose a hard brexit too much.
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  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • spekkeh 16/01/2017


    If your controller is getting low on battery, you are told and can pause the game and stick a USB cable (provided, although a little short) into the front of the console. The cost to play is £0 and little inconvenience.

    A little short he says! You'd have to sit on the floor in front of the tv.

    Anyway, I don't actually at all have a problem with my DS4 running out quickly (nor with the Gamepad for that matter). It's a slight inconvenience that's not a big problem for most of my use cases. I think it's commendable that they used regular micro USB, like Nintendo now finally did too (USB-c), because it means you can charge easily.
    I'm just saying that in no way is Nintendo's solution worse. In fact, in most use cases, I'm going to say it's better, because the charge holds much longer.

    Every console ever that has provided wireless controllers has either provided an immediate power replacement option (batteries) or allowed playing via cable. Switch is the first console where the situation that your controller is flat results in not being able to play any games unless you buy a pricey peripheral.
    But this is not true, you can continue playing on the Switch.

    In this I must add hypothetical use case that will not happen for 90% of people, because they will remember to dock the controllers once every two weeks.

    Would I have liked the charge grip to be standard? Yes! Is it a big deal? No. Come on now, be honest.
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017


    are you deliberately being difficult?

    How many people do you know of who have to use a battery pack to charge their controller?
    Let me copy what I said

    rummage around for a battery pak and USB cable, or grab an extra phone charger


    At no point did I say you have to use a battery pack to charge a controller. It's simply one of the options (an option initially brought up by one of the other commenters I might add, I only did this once, usually I just charge overnight or to a socket). The only one who are being deliberately difficult are certain console warriors who let's be honest have no intention to buy a Switch in the first place and bang on about a perceived negative of the competing device without thinking about general use cases.
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017

    Which isn't the point as has been pointed out to you several times, the controller charges off the console via a generic cable and is fully functional during this time (heck, the new ones that feature communication via USB are technically MORE functional when plugged in!).
    Same as the Switch then.

    Also, if you have to rummage for a battery pack for the Dualshock 4 you aren't using a Dualshock 4 as the battery is built in, but don't let little details like that stop you
    I meant one of these things obviously. Don't let technical knowledge stop you.

    Anyway, my DS4 lasts me five hours maximum (with headphone 3) so I still prefer charging four times less playing wireless than having the ability to play wired. You obviously enjoy charging, I can see why the price of the charging dock would put you off then.
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017


    So much hyperbole. The 20 hour battery is not "5 to 6 times better than the Dualshock 4". At worst I usually got 10 hours out of the DS4, so half.
    Yeahhh bullshit.
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017


    there's probably a review embargo
    Doubt it, read quite a few impressions of ARMS already, and Nintendo specifically planned the conference to have hands-on sessions right after (or the following morning in Europe). My best guess is that the weekend just came in between in-depth hands-on analysis.


    You can still play with your discharged DS4 connected via USB cable, during which it charges.
    Yes, if your DS4 runs out during a game session you can pause the game, rummage around for a battery pak and USB cable, or grab an extra phone charger (sold separately!), plug it in and continue playing.

    Meanwhile, your Joycons will not run out during a game session. Or the next one. Or the next one. Or the next one. Or the next one. Or the next one. Then if you haven't charged it overnight in any of these six days, yes then you will not be able to play the game docked. But you will be able to undock the Switch and keep playing, because you can simply charge while playing in portable mode.

    If this ever happens, you're a dummy, and might want to buy an overpriced charging grip.
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017


    You actually think with all the tech in the controllers ie Rumble,gyroscopes etc they will last any where near 20 hours.
    No idea. But I don't think it's worthwhile to just cherrypick all the negatives and base your argument on that.
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017

    Yeah I mean I'm actually all for Eurogamer adopting a pro-consumer stance. They could have done it better with the xbox and playstation, but some of the peripheral prices (well, just the charge dock and the pro controller, joycons price actually makes sense imo) are extortionate and I don't think the paid online is a good idea for the small lineup Nintendo has. So it's good they're being called out for that.

    But... Where are the actual hands-on? How does ARMS play? What about SnipperClippers? 1-2-Switch? How do the Joycons feel? There's a new console unveiled four days ago, and all Eurogamer has done was write a negative about the pricing, and then seeing it got a lot of clicks, three days later turned a positive into a negative for some more clicks.

    Where's the actual games content?
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017


    Sure if you forgot to charge the DS4 overnight, every three-four hours you need to fumble for your battery pak, that you then have to remember to recharge at another time. In what world is this more convenient than having a 20 hour charge in the first place.
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  • spekkeh 16/01/2017

    I see everyone is jumping out of the woodwork to dump on Nintendo here, and Tom Philips doesn't seem without blame, but let's not forget a 20 hour battery is about 5-6 times better than the DS4. I need to plug my DS4 into the PS4 for the night every other night. In the case of the Switch, I will have to dock my Joycons into the dock for a night every twelve nights (or the way I game, more like once a month maximum). So it's much, much better than current alternatives.

    Way to frame it as a negative though, I guess it leads to more clicks.
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • spekkeh 13/01/2017

    It's a harsh article but some of these words needed to be said. I'm okay with my Nintendo being a secondary console and the portability and multiplayer is an enticing concept, so the doomed lines seem premature. But the pricing is ludicrous and feels completely unearned. I still preordered it and can't wait to have it, because I obviously have more money than sense. But even someone my age and disposable income has a hard time justifying getting Kart, Splatoon and the likes again if I now also have to pay for online. If I'm not getting these games, who the hell is? Here's hoping Nintendo is listening and can do a course correction. Reply +23
  • The Nintendo Switch paid online service doesn't sound great

  • spekkeh 13/01/2017

    I can understand why Nintendo would be in on it, Microsoft and Sony showed that monthly subscriptions are where the real free money is coming in. The difference in revenue between the companies is staggering and to a part it's the ridiculous pay wall. They would be stupid not to.

    But at the same time it seems ill conceived for Nintendo as it alienates their key markets. Good luck persuading parents to buy an expensive handheld and a subscription when iPad games are free. It feels like a kick in the teeth for core Nintendo gamers too. Play Mario Kart 8 online on your Wii U, or buy a Switch AND Mario Kart 8S at full price again AND a subscription so you can play MK8 online. No thank you. This better be cheap.
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  • Nintendo Switch reveal live report

  • spekkeh 13/01/2017

    Price is way too high. Pay €360 just to play Zelda?!

    Why yes of course I will. Let's be honest.
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  • Microsoft is removing Scalebound videos from its YouTube channel

  • spekkeh 10/01/2017

    @VRjunkie in isolation perhaps yes, but the interesting thing is that their previous canceled stuff like Fable Legends is not removed


    Maybe it's just a new policy for MS to remove canceled games from here on out, or maybe they realize they have a PR stinker here and what it to go away.
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  • How Amstrad Action changed my life

  • spekkeh 07/01/2017

    I feel a special kinship with Ellie now. My parents also got me a computer, though a C64, nominally to learn BASIC but really to play bad cassette games. I read a lot of crummy reviews and subsequently decided to make writing about games my profession too.

    Of course I did become a doctor along the way, but we couldn't all have C64s.
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  • spekkeh 07/01/2017

    Boy this takes me back.

    Samantha Fox Strip Poker I mean, I'm afraid my eyes glazed over for the remainder of the article.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2016

  • spekkeh 02/01/2017



    It was a fun social thing but the actual game is terrible
    What a dumb thing to say, the social thing was the actual game. So by your own admission it was fun not terrible.

    It was also four places higher than Uncharted 4 on my list.
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  • spekkeh 02/01/2017

    Outside of the winner, I think I like this list more than the reader's one.

    Bound still snubbed though.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2016

  • spekkeh 01/01/2017

    I never thought that long ass quote would make it in there, thanks guys.

    Sad to see Bound didn't make it in there, good list nonetheless. I thought 2016 was just all right. Lots of breadth but nothing I'd champion. Let auld acquaintance be forgot I say, here's to early 2017, with Zelda, Mass Effect, Persona, Horizon, Mario, Nier and many more.
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  • Eurogamer's game of the year 2016

  • spekkeh 31/12/2016


    You assume that all their readers disagree. Actually, only the ones that disagree and take their own opinion on a favourite game this year way too seriously are complaining. Everyone else just goes "Oh right, maybe I'll try it" or "Nah not for me." or "Yes that's been my experience also, I concur with EG".
    No I think @ShiftyGeezer is right. If you look at the previous years, many more people would chime in that they agree with the GOTY than this year. Overall support seems very low. Maybe they're all too busy playing the game, but I don't think so. Now I don't think editors should necessarily be in sync with their readers. In fact I think GOTYs that are not simple popularity contest are much more interesting (though Overwatch is hardly not popular). I think it is an interesting observation. I would hazard a guess EG's readership (or commenters more like) is actually trending a bit older, and are now flustered about a game that's aimed at a younger demographic than they are.
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  • spekkeh 31/12/2016

    For me the wide diversity in game picks shows more that it wasn't a particularly good year. If Overwatch was such a clear winner, then why wasn't Splatoon last year, which I found much more fresh (because we also had Bloodborne, Life is Strange etc). Still, I can't blame people picking Overwatch as their GOTY, it adds a lot of charm to, a pretty tried and tested formula. Reply -1
  • Titanfall 2's buddy story is a very human kind of tragedy

  • spekkeh 29/12/2016

    I loved the Titanfall 2 campaign, in fact it's my favorite AAA game of the year because the gameplay was so satisfying. But 'heartbraking' is really not a word I'd used for what is essentially still jingoistic military schlock like we've seen a million times over. You might as well soup up the relationship between Shia LaBoeuf and Bumblebee, but that's just as undeserved. At best it was serviceable for the campaign. Reply +2
  • Stephen's Sausage Roll review

  • spekkeh 25/12/2016

    Now that's what I call epic rolling (seriously I'm the first?)

    Too bad the meme is now dead. Well Stephen's Sausage Roll confirmed better than Halo then?
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  • Super effective: The year of Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 23/12/2016

    @frazzl Don't get me wrong, it's a shitty timewasting shallow grind of a game. But it's also something much more than that, as all the personal anecdotes in the article and the beautiful one by neuroniky above attest to. People are too focused on the base mechanics, to notice the beautiful dynamics something simple (and quite shitty) can engender. Pokemon Go created many more magic and novel little moments than any other game this year. But, apparently it's extremely uncool to say it. Reply +2
  • spekkeh 23/12/2016

    There's a lot of people here who should check out the top grossing apps. It's still #1 here in the Netherlands, and 1-4 across Europe. Yes the total number declined by some 60%. That still means a cool 50 million players or thereabouts. It's not dead. Not by a looooong shot. People just stopped talking about it daily. Reply +11
  • spekkeh 23/12/2016

    Seems a bit early to write the GOTY article before the list itself. Reply 0
  • Sony's £130 Platinum Wireless PS4 headset comes out in January

  • spekkeh 15/12/2016

    I have the Gold headset and I like it, safe for two problems.

    1. Not proper bluetooth. You need the dongle and so you can only use it wireless with computers. Also it feels like it cuts out quicker than actual bluetooth.
    2. The headband is on the outside of the cups, which gives a bit of a dorky look, like you're wearing PS branded earmuffs more than a headphone.

    Seems like the Platinum set addresses neither of these problems, so I feel no need to upgrade.
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  • Nintendo Switch reveal presentation set for 13th January, 4am UK time

  • spekkeh 13/12/2016

    @johnathansia Yes I was editing the post just as you quoted me. I hadn't thought of a post-conference session. In that case a midday slot in Japan makes more sense. I guess I'll watch the rerun. Reply 0
  • spekkeh 13/12/2016

    Come on Nintendo, morning in USA, afternoon in the EU, evening in Japan, that's how these things are supposed to planned. But, I guess Hawaiians will be thrilled for once. Smh.

    edit: upon reflection, I guess it would make sense if they have a post-conference hands-on session. Then an evening slot for Japan wouldn't work very well.
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  • Eurogamer reader's top 50 games of 2016 voting

  • spekkeh 12/12/2016

    Ack, Eurogamer springing this questionnaire too early on us once again. Haven't had time to play The Last Guardian yet.

    My number one is quite certain though, it's Pokemon Go. Everyone knows the GOTY really should be Pokemon Go, even though they're battling their own cognitive dissonance over this. It's okay. Let it Go.
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  • Dean Hall reveals "hard truth of VR development", announces new VR game

  • spekkeh 08/12/2016

    Yeah it's always been bloody obvious to me, funding lossleading games only makes sense if you want to grow a platform, or find a way to aggressively monetize a game after people get addicted to it. Because the second can fuck right off, exclusive games for walled off platforms are the only way we're going to get VR games of decent budget in any capacity in the foreseeable future. And then you need decent budget games to even get people to invest in expensive headgear.

    I have very little business acumen (that's why I'm a civil servant), but people who believe in truly open platforms for something costprohibitive and unproven are imo living in lalaland. Exclusivity deals are the necessary evil of the game industry to break out of the tendency to converge towards niches for everything more than three man studios.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets its own official pocketwatches

  • spekkeh 07/12/2016

    late April, likely after the game's "early 2017" release
    Wasn't June the latest rumor? Don't expect it before May frankly.
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  • Sources: Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console support

  • spekkeh 07/12/2016

    The big news for me is that it probably means analog triggers on Switch. Reply +45
  • Nintendo has just snuck out one of the best 2D Mario games in years

  • spekkeh 01/12/2016

    As a Wii U owner I'm annoyed that the Nintendo levels are exclusive to the 3DS, but they're only a halfway measure anyway. Forget any cut features and difficulty building communities, the real travesty is that the greatest level designers in the industry with a track record that runs laps around all the nearest competition, after thirty years finally releases a level editor, and then takes no authorial control.

    They have the talent, the experience, the tools and the miiverse to host it on. If they featured regular design clinics by Miyamoto and associates and fostered a community of level design expertise, this game would have been propelled to the top of all time classics, something people would talk about for ages.

    Instead they leave it all to beginners to muck around with and we now have one million auto run levels, some kaizo Mario and levels that look like Pikachu, and endless fireworks.



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  • Why I think big console game sales are down

  • spekkeh 30/11/2016

    I can only hope people are finally getting fed up with the franchise milking. It seems more like a cultural thing, as it bled over into films and became omnipresent in entertainment.

    But more likely this year just had an overload of good shooters. Overwatch, DOOM, Titanfall, Battlefield, CoD, to an extent Watch Dogs, Division... We've reached saturation point. We had that before where multiple large companies started collapsing as they tried to get on the military shooter CoD gravy train and failed. People like to rally around a single game. That used to be CoD, but it has been in decline. Now there isn't anything to rally around.

    That or the industry really is in decline. Xbox' recent US resurgence notwithstanding, this is still a one horse race, where it was clearly a three horse race last generation. Here's hoping the Switch can reignite people.
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  • Government "behaviour tsar" isn't a fan of Minecraft: "We need to drain the swamp of gimmicks"

  • spekkeh 21/11/2016


    Good catch! Though, if the difference disappears, then certainly serious games are still as effective as conventional education in their own right. So I don't see how you can claim they are not effective in teaching.

    And still, it is proven that pooling the majority of studies on serious games shows benefits of serious games over traditional instruction. It's true that there are caveats (though there are always caveats, and perhaps some publication bias). Surely a lack of randomization in a number of studies would hint at bad study design for some of the more effective ones (though we eliminated the most egregious studies). However, while I don't have the dataset here, I can certainly imagine the randomized studies favor lab setting research, where we found that serious games are most effective when embedded in a curriculum. Playing Minecraft by yourself will not prepare you for a diploma, but active learning scaffolded by teacher reflection certainly will.
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  • spekkeh 21/11/2016


    Wouters, P., Van Nimwegen, C., Van Oostendorp, H., & Van Der Spek, E. D. (2013). A meta-analysis of the cognitive and motivational effects of serious games. Journal of Educational Psychology, 105(2), 249.

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  • spekkeh 21/11/2016

    I wonder if Tom Bennett would consider 21st century learning a gimmick.

    It's true there are many gimmicks in education, pushed by education reform bureaus with little scientific backing, and one needs to be a little wary of large companies extolling virtues of commercial products (though not much more than traditional publishers). I don't know whether the efficacy of using Minecraft has scientific evidence.

    However, game based learning is definitely not a gimmick. It's proven to be more effective than traditional education, and that's not even counting 21st century learning goals. Of course mr. Bennett is free to try shoot holes in my meta-analysis.
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  • Genital Jousting is the new game by the Broforce dev, now on Steam Early Access

  • spekkeh 18/11/2016

    Load of bollocks.

    Though I guess ideal for when you're in the mood to dick about.
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  • Expect to see fewer Pidgeys, Rattatas and Zubats in Pokémon Go

  • spekkeh 04/11/2016

    Although Halloween and these small changes did get me to play the game again, I'm a bit annoyed that Niantic is trying to get people back in through their useless trinkets and currency tweaks, and not by adding actually new gameplay. Reply +1