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  • "I've seen people literally spend $15,000 on Mass Effect multiplayer cards"

  • spekkeh 23/10/2017

    It's nice and comfy to remember the good old days, hell I do it a lot lately online, but his point still stands. Mindless consuming is as much to blame for all this as the companies themselves. Companies won't sell what you don't want to buy.
    Sure but there are also tons of companies who could sell more if they included addictive substances and extortion techniques, but choose not to. Not because of the law, but because they want to be able to look themselves in the mirror. Call it noble, call it naive, but some companies are still run by people.
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  • spekkeh 23/10/2017

    @Bertie I feel it somehow crumbled apart right after the doctors left. Like EA bided it's time until all authority figures left to rebrand it into its own image.

    I have absolutely nothing to back up this slightly slanderous hypothesis though. Maybe something to look into?
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  • spekkeh 23/10/2017

    I'd personally blame the idiots spending the money, not the publishers. At the end of the day, EA are a business, not a charity and will naturally try and maximise profits.
    Probably crazytalk for the average millennial, but there was a time companies were actually proud of the product they put out. When managers didn't hop between companies like locusts and staffing departments were there for the interest of the staff and not to squeeze every drop out of human resources.

    Good on Heir to smell the coffee and bail. EA seems ripe for another worst company in the world award.

    (edit: I should probably mention that I know a number of very good people at EA, so this is mostly directed to the bean counters)
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  • How video game difficulty became a cultural battleground

  • spekkeh 21/10/2017

    Fair enough, but as said even in the dedicated crowd lots of people enjoyed it. Wii still sold some sixty million to the core gamers. You can see it in the indie boom. (and you think it was people that never played a game before that flocked to walking simulator mods like Dear Esther? nah fam, that's the dedicated crowd.) You can see it in these so-called dumbed down games like Mass Effect 2 that scored a significantly higher metacritic than Mass Effect 1. The majority wasn't very silent, it was voting with its wallet.
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  • spekkeh 21/10/2017

    but it's not hard to remember that mostly everyone - and I mean players and journalists alike - used to decry the lowered difficulty ("dumbing down"?) of AAA games. I don't remember almost anyone who actually disagreed.
    You have a bit of a skewed perspective if you think the period that the game industry exploded in the mainstream for becoming accessible, apparently 'nobody' actually liked it. This was also the time the indie boom happened, because AAA had in fact become needlessly complex with layers upon layers of game systems; so parts of the core too moved to simpler games. It's undeniable most people liked the dumbing down, you just stuck to an echo chamber.
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  • spekkeh 21/10/2017

    I really like these researched longform articles EG has been putting out lately. This one has a few glaring anachronisms (a 2006 game cannot follow up 2008's Dear Esther; I also doubt mid-90s Japanese arcade developers invented the coddling difficulty descriptions when home release Wolfenstein 3D had these in 92 already ('can I play daddy' as the easy setting), Doom one year later also came with 6 difficulty levels), but I'm okay with some artistic liberties.

    Some thoughts on the topic though.

    While I'm a 100% in favor of the notion that games should not try to cater to everyone, this is primarily because some player types are diametrically opposed and so the game dynamics one person appreciates, the other annoys. Satisfying everyone in that case (games like Assassin's Creed and modern Dragon Age are wont to do this), results in satisfying noone. I find that difficulty is too easily conflated with this notion however, and I don't think it particularly holds up to scrutiny. Difficulty is something different from game aesthetics.

    For one, difficulty is wholly in the eye of the beholder. And so when Simon says that game designers painstakingly balance a game to create an optimal difficulty level... there's really no such thing. The question should be asked, optimal for whom? Game designers are designers, they are not artists (even though they might want to be, it's at least not in their job description), they are always designing for a user. In this case perhaps a bracket of player skill levels they consider their audience. While it's absolutely their prerogative to target just a select few gamers, is it really so bad to approach a bigger audience by setting different brackets? Football is a top sport designed for competition. But that there are B-level amateurs playing football in no way diminishes the stature of the premier league. It only further enables it.

    This framing of top sports gaming perhaps becomes more problematic when you relate it to the Olympics. Because what then should your opinion of the Paralympics be? Is it something to be derided? Should the IOC stick to only the few people born with talent, genetics, and full bodies? (I'm sure some people do and there's overlap with the git gud crowd.) In my opinion, just because the Paralympics and Game Accessibility are new phenomena, doesn't mean the old ways were somehow better. Just because you got gud doesn't mean you need to be a dick to lesser or disabled players.
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  • What the UK can learn from the Far East's battle with loot boxes

  • spekkeh 20/10/2017

    @Naetharu that's a pretty benign way to depict it even. It's like a kid buying panini or magic cards... if that kid was being followed around by ten data scientists and psychologists, who are monitoring everything the kid is doing, and the moment it starts crying offer it a special 50% discount on the confidence booster pack, limited to the next three minutes, which gives you a nice endorphine release in flashy particle and sound effects and even a small chance of getting even with your bullies. Surely if you're a parent you'd want to kick these creepy stalkers asses. At the least you would not let them into your home, as the game companies are doing.

    People who think a whizzbang loot crate in an intelligent digital assessment system is the same as a pack of cards you can buy in a store are hopelessly naive as to how far we've progressed (or are progressing towards).

    And being transparent like in China is not going to help much. Smart and non compulsive people know that with a slot machine the house always wins. But variable reward scheduling works because your mind wants to make sense of random chance, so you start making overconfident faulty inferences. If you have win chances, some people will only want to control (game) the system more. I lost six times, so the seventh time will surely give me a legendary. The only way this stuff goes away is if we treat it like chocolate cigarettes. Ban it or make it 18+.
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  • Are loot boxes gambling?

  • spekkeh 12/10/2017


    No I'd be okay with lower production values though.

    Our budgets are too high so we simply have to resort to predatory tactics to trick mentally weak people out of their cash.

    When was this every okay? What the hell are you implying?

    Yes nicotine is addictive but we have no other option otherwise Philip Morris will turn less profit and has to fire some people.

    Oh okay if you put it like that carry on?!?!
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  • spekkeh 12/10/2017

    Thank you Eurogamer for interviewing actual scientists on the subject. For some reason most gaming websites seem content on just interviewing the ESRB, a self-regulatory agency of the games industry itself, who says no our lawyers say we're fine, and then call it a day. Probably hella relieved that they don't have to take any of their beloved publishers to task.

    Yes this is the same variable reward scheduling that reinforces you to lose your money as gambling. It *is* gambling and any legal talk that would claim otherwise is a convenient technicality.

    It does share similarities with tradeable card games though. If tradeable card games could increase motivation to buy them based on goal setting, personality profiling and adaptive deprivation, if tradeable card games had the potential to infinitely string you along, if tradeable card games didn't actually transfer ownership to you so that thirty years later they still hold value and not get wiped with the next server update, etc. etc. So clearly it's very little like tradeable card games, the EU and PEGI do not know what they're dealing with or are in cahoots with the companies, and the legislation is terribly outdated.


    The games sector also takes its responsibility to players, particularly children, seriously
    F-- you. No it doesn't and neither do you.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a loot crate problem

  • spekkeh 09/10/2017

    This is not even pay to win. Pay to win means you have some degree of certainty over the outcome. It's not even a progression system, a progression system also presupposes a direction, not a random chance. If it's like the article states it's a pure slot machine. A slot machine that you have to pay $60 for to get access to.

    If I was a designer forced to implement this I may well cry myself to sleep every night.

    not really I'd be out the door faster than the suits could wave a bonus at.

    Not that devs get bonuses of course, only suits do


    If this remains as-is the review should be an automatic "Avoid", simple as.
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  • You can now appear offline in Battle.net

  • spekkeh 06/10/2017

    Stealth Destiny article
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  • A rare look at how Nintendo built Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hyrule

  • spekkeh 04/10/2017

    Obviously the notion that big objects pop into view earlier and can be used to string smaller objectives together is not new, though hard to get right (and boy did they get it right). Still very cool to read they accommodated day time, night time, and even different play styles together. I guess that goes a long way in explaining why the game is so great for quick bouts of grinding enemies in a commute, epic adventures at home and everything in between.

    However that observation about triangles and rectangles blew even me away. Marvelous.
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  • Cuphead review

  • spekkeh 02/10/2017

    Excellently written review Simon, even compared with your already high standard. Joy to read and well argued. Reply -8
  • Nintendo's half-arsed online cripples FIFA 18 on Switch

  • spekkeh 29/09/2017

    and I don't think the likes of EA Sports should be expected to conjure up something to get around Nintendo's shortcomings
    U wot. They only develop games in like the most popular franchise in the world. Yes Nintendo should have an infrastructure, yes it's bad that they don't, but that doesn't absolve EA from giving a fuck. Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Konami and Shin'en can include online options with friends, but EA should not be expected to. If more niche games can make it work then surely EA effing Sports can develop their workaround.
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  • Tokyo Game Show may have underwhelmed, but Japan remains the heart of gaming

  • spekkeh 27/09/2017

    No good young uns. Of course arcades are the heart of gaming. Mumble mumble. *waves cane* Reply +6
  • Shadow of War developer discusses the game's controversial loot boxes

  • spekkeh 25/09/2017

    I kind of feel bad, because he's clearly on a leash, having to put in stuff that's antithetical to a game designer's mind by the powers that be. But then again, he's also enabling it so eh.

    - hopefully when it is out there and people are able to talk about their experiences then the balancing question will be answered
    I need to buy it first before I can talk about my experiences. Not likely to happen, ain't condoning gambling.


    AAA development costs more and more, and sales aren't guaranteed. To mitigate that risk publishers offer options to their most loyal or those with the cash to spend more on the game as a product.
    So to rid ourselves of it, the only thing we need to make sure of is that this practice leads to significantly fewer sales up front than the microtransactions make up for.

    Only then can we enact change.
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  • The doors close on The Chinese Room - for now

  • spekkeh 25/09/2017

    "I don't want to do this anymore - in fact I can't do it. I want to surround myself with honest, open people whom I can trust. I've heard so many people say, 'well, this is just the way publishers are' and 'this is just what the games industry is like'.

    "What I would say to that is while we all keep accepting this, while we are so afraid to challenge this behaviour then it won't change and we all deserve nothing but the meager crumbs we are thrown."

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  • Switch to revive Nintendo arcade classics, starting with the original Mario Bros.

  • spekkeh 14/09/2017

    Yeah so I take it these were the games that would come free with the online subscription? Pretty cool. No word on individual pricing I take it. Much more than you'd be willing to pay, I also take it. Reply 0
  • Splatoon is a multiplayer shooter for introverts and I love it

  • spekkeh 14/09/2017

    Man spot on Christian Donlan. Over the years I chalked it down to having less time and becoming less competitive with age, to the point you feel like you're impeding the fun of team mates for sucking (and them impeding your fun for demanding competitiveness). Or that the noisy squeaky voices are immersion breaking. Or just not feeling like talking.

    But this is probably equally or even more important than all of those. Because I do love Splatoon. I'm pretty good at it even, and it's a team based game.
    As multiplayer shooters became increasingly team based, I did still like the early ones, e.g. RTCW, where rushing the beach felt like, well like being part of a group of ants mindlessly rushing into their deaths. As the games took a turn for the tactical and necessitated voice chat however, my interest increasingly waned to skipping multiplayer all together.

    Like I said I chalked it up to age, but rediscovering the love for Splatoon shows that it scratches a different itch. It's a team based games that's rewarding for people who prefer implicit teams. There's a collaborative effort, but an effort made of individuals. In fact the game fully rewards you for seeking out areas where other people aren't. Inking these empty zones is often what precipitates the win for your team. You only have to occasionally check where the others are, and then continue minding your own business. It's bliss for introverts that are not antisocial. (Is this why it's so popular in Japan too?)
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  • The Machines may be Apple's most impressive augmented-reality showcase yet

  • spekkeh 13/09/2017

    I'm a big believer in AR (more so than VR) and I think Apple has really got something by focusing on it, but this is legit the worst implementation I can think of. Pure gimmick that makes it more difficult to play and nothing else. What am I missing Matulef? Reply +3
  • Apple reveals iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X

  • spekkeh 13/09/2017

    @spekkeh PPI is more than enough. You won't see the pixels. 
    Depends on if you want to use it for VR.
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  • spekkeh 12/09/2017

    + That facial unlock tech is pretty cool
    + Good job on making a relatively more eco friendly phone
    + Probably the fastest processor?
    +/- Animojis are nice, but no one in Europe uses imessage
    - Still no 1440p screen, ppi also lower than the competition
    - Still no USB c
    - Not waterproof
    - Portruding camera
    - f/1.8
    - Price yeeesh

    So a bit disappointing imo, Galaxy S8 seems like the better choice, hardware wise.
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  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • spekkeh 11/09/2017


    So why did he apologise (if you can call it that) immediately after saying it if he thought it was 'cool'?

    He obviously knew he said something wrong. 
    Yes I agree, that's why I also said 'edgy'. Every one knows it's a bad word, but using it probably means you (implicitly) think it's no big thing.
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  • spekkeh 11/09/2017

    I can symp...empathize with the fact that he is a non native speaker, so his primary education of American colloquialisms might be the movies and popular music, which means he might think this is what the cool edgy kids are saying.

    On the other hand though, Kjellberg is not a kid. He's 26 and knows he has an enormous outreach with actual kids. Given that it's become a string of incidents now, one would be inclinced to think it's not just a gaffe. Guy needs to seriously grow up, because I can understand an increasing number of companies like Campo Santo not wanting to associate with him.

    Then again, probably he doesn't care one bit with that kind of money. But then neither should we for him.

    A DCMA doesn't seem very out of place to me here. I seriously doubt regular let's plays fall under fair use (cf. Nintendo), usually it's the content of the game that draws viewers, not the insightful academic critique that would necessitate an illustration. So I say good on Campo Santo to invoke it here.
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  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole's difficulty slider changes the colour of your skin

  • spekkeh 07/09/2017


    Er what would make you think that though?
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  • spekkeh 07/09/2017

    Now that's clever satire, lol. Reply +16
  • Life is Strange and the pleasures of being someone else

  • spekkeh 07/09/2017

    Hella is other people
    Sartresfying pun.
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  • Will there ever be a good stand-up comedy game?

  • spekkeh 12/08/2017

    There's probably a joke to be made on how dreadful comedy games lead to the funniest of articles. Alas I'm not a great enough comedian to make that joke. In fact I'm so small I'm positively punny. Reply +3
  • Splatoon 2 has beach-based summer costumes, too

  • spekkeh 10/08/2017

    OK, they're not quite as cool as Overwatch's Summer Games skins, but these are free - no loot boxes required.
    That makes them infinitely cooler imo.
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  • Hellblade deletes your save file if you die too many times

  • spekkeh 08/08/2017

    I'll have to wait until I play it to really understand how forgiving the game is before permadeath is reached.

    But initial reaction is that a game that is about mental disabilities, but introduces a mechanic with pretty much the purpose of making it less accessible to poor and disabled players, is pretty bad form.

    So, cool concept but wrong game imo.
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  • Beating Super Smash Bros. at its own game

  • spekkeh 07/08/2017

    But there's the thing: "make it better" is not precisely easy, Nintendo tried it a couple of times themselves. What's the production budget of Smash 4? And them grognards refuse to play it (though obviously it sold very well).
    It's not impossible to do a fighting game on a tight budget, see for instance SkullGirls. But they did do something appreciably different. That's, I think, a much better way to stand out then strive for a professional studio sheen as a few person outfit. Then again, I don't know. I wish them all the best.
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  • spekkeh 07/08/2017

    Sorry but just judging by the trailer it does look like a straight to dvd knockoff. Sometimes these work, but not because they are a love letter (more because people get confused or just want something similar to what they know). It's the first thing I tell my students: don't try to imitate an existing big budget property because you will always come out short.

    "When we were first doing market research we were asking people if they would play it [Icons] and the feedback we got was 'yes, but a lot of people are trying to do this'. We knew the point of value we could bring was the sheen of a professional studio. We felt that could be our edge."
    I mean sorry this is just a terrible idea for a startup.

    Then again, maybe these guys do have a solid business plan. I'm happy to be proven wrong. Being F2P at least sets some (lower) expectations.
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  • Splatoon 2's online is inexplicable, yet it's one of the best online experiences of the year

  • spekkeh 07/08/2017

    Eggsellent. The right condiment won mayorly. Sorry.

    It's amazing how...fresh Splatoon 2 still feels even after having played quite a bit of it on the Wii U. Most of that is of course because there's still absolutely nothing like it in the game space, but also because of the clever way of how the community is fostered. Good of Robinson to point it out. I was sad to see Miiverse go, but happy that they retained at least the most important element in Splatoon 2, that of community contribution (now here's hoping other games like Mario Odyssey get their own implementation, because it was also the highlight of 3D World for me, which outside of that was a bit disappointing coming off Mario Galaxy). I guess I'm lucky that I really don't care for voice chat in the first place, or play more than a few games per night, because the way parts of the game are temporarily cordoned off actually makes every time you fire up a Turf War feel like a special occurrence for a casual like me. Which is then amplified by the Splatfests. And that makes it all the more addictive. So yes I agree, there's value that arises from the limitations.

    (even though I would like to have more maps in the rotation)
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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 review

  • spekkeh 30/07/2017

    Yeah after years of boring iteration, this feels like the first proper generational leap again since the HTC M7. The tiny bezels and the way the black pebble pulses into life are pure sex. The fingerprint scanner is a bother though coming from the S6, even when I find it it seems hit and miss for how small the window of detection is. I've been using face unlock instead. That works fine, so no real complaining. Really premium feel all around. The only thing I worry about is that they changed the gorilla glass and now apparently it's much more crack proof, but as a tradeoff it's been collecting tiny hair scratches all over the surface. Nothing you notice when it's turned on, but still. Reply +6
  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch does the business for Capcom

  • spekkeh 28/07/2017

    Not really surprised frankly. Although the review and avoid badge were fair as reviewed in the historical context and price, that appraisal glosses over the new value space that is provided by the Switch, i.e. 2 player multiplayer on the go. The Switch in tabletop detached controllers mode is effectively like an arcade experience, so players are clamoring for simple competitive games that they can play with co-workers and other noobs. Much like the arcades, lambasting the lack of mechanical depth for the money is missing the context of how people interact with it. Reply -2
  • Playing Civilization as Trump

  • spekkeh 22/07/2017

    @DarthZA You're getting triggered by an article lambasting Trump and are calling it an attack on right wing people. Surely you identify with Trumpets for some reason, because I got no such reaction. Reply +23
  • spekkeh 22/07/2017


    And the response from the writers and many other site fans will, I am sure, be one of 'good riddance'. Who needs a bunch of right wing pigs with flaccid penises anyway, right?

    Obviously that is not what is happening here though is it? There's nothing wrong with being right wing. I consider myself right wing as well (by European standards). There's something wrong with being a cronyist anti-science chauvinistic populist. You may sympathize with that, but conflating your ostensible love for bigotry with my decent right wing perspective is not appreciated.
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  • Nintendo's new online service looks like it could be every bit as bad as you feared

  • spekkeh 19/07/2017

    As said in the other comments section, I'm not against the idea of having the social features of the Switch on an app on your smartphone, that can also integrate with all of the other social networks. In fact, in theory it might be a smart move.

    In practice though.

    You'll also need your phone screen on for that voice chat to remain connected
    I mean, it's just, well, I mean, SURELY THIS CAME UP IN PLAYTESTING
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  • Nintendo Switch Online app launches for iPhone, Android

  • spekkeh 19/07/2017


    Why Nintendo feel the need to force people to use a phone for voip in 2017 (which most children don't have - instantly alienating 50% of your userbase)

    Also most kids 10+ have a smartdevice.
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  • spekkeh 19/07/2017


    I agree. Well they can make it that you set it up via your phone (as that will have all your contacts and lobby systems etc), and then continue the voice chat through your switch. We'll have to see if such a thing gets developed. If not, then we can start blaming Nintendo.
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  • spekkeh 19/07/2017

    Let's see how it goes.

    From a design standpoint I think it's good that Nintendo analyzed the different touchpoints of the user. In that light it makes sense to put the social service in the preeminent social device. It creates a lot of possibilities for integration. Of course it could also lead to problems with game music and chat sound, so let's hope that HORI wired solution is just a stopgap until something more mature gets developed.
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  • SFANS portable dock for Nintendo Switch review

  • spekkeh 18/07/2017

    It's not really cheaper. The $59 doesn't get you an HDMI cable and AC adapter. You'll have to get the $79 version for that.

    So all in all it's $10 cheaper than Nintendo's version, but for an unofficial version without an integrated docking mechanism and probably less support. (and I bet you can find the official one cheaper in stores at some point)

    I'll be waiting for something else then.
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  • Splatoon 2 neon green and pink Joy-Con release date moved forward

  • spekkeh 04/07/2017

    @flooff You get two joycons though. Pay Ł70 and you're set for four player games. This costs you at least Ł120 on other consoles. It's admittedly pricey but it's nice I only had to do it once.

    Unless they bring out special editions like these though, must... control... urge....
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  • Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VI with Nvidia Max-Q GTX 1080 review

  • spekkeh 02/07/2017

    I'm in the market for a light and thin gaming laptop actually. Being able to take it with me and showcase my (VR) games, do some gaming, but also simply and primarily for office work. I once made the mistake of buying an actual desktop replaceable laptop with dual 8800s though. Fucking awful, needed a trolley to lug it around. Another problem with gaming laptops is that they're all decked out in eyestraining garish bullshit. Like you are a gamer you must have no taste here's something that would make a tween edgelord flinch.

    So this laptop actually looks pretty good. But it seems like the Razer Blade is still a much better choice? Less bulk and better battery life, that you get for trading in the 1070 for a 1060?

    (If only Razer sold in my country)
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  • Nintendo's Japanese SNES mini has a different selection of games

  • spekkeh 27/06/2017

    Meh, prefer the European box for nostalgia sake. Also prefer our selection of games. No problem. Getting one on the other hand.. Reply +3
  • Watch: Chris and Aoife play Super Mario Odyssey

  • spekkeh 15/06/2017

    So I take it they liked it huh.

    But yes after the somewhat iterative SM3DW, you can't help but think almost everything has been done in platforming games by now, and even Tokyo EPD started running out of ideas. NOPE.

    Can't wait.
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  • Ubisoft storms E3 with a vital reminder that video games are human and fun

  • spekkeh 13/06/2017

    Yeah this was the best third party publisher conference... ever? Lots of crazy ideas that coalesced well and well together. I was ready to hate on Rabbids x Mario but it actually looks amazing, Elijah Wood is doing VR, Far Cry is going ham on the US, and they topped it off with Beyond Good and Evil that, swearing aside, went full French scifi. And I don't care if that Rabbids developer sprayed lemon juice in his eyes before the camera focused on him or if it was really genuine, but that was just beautiful. It's nice to have a big publisher show an almost unfiltered side of themselves.

    There's some other franchise stuff that I don't care for, but I'm assuming it's necessary to pay for the bills.
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  • Sony's flat E3 conference shows signs of a mid-generation lull

  • spekkeh 13/06/2017

    The future is coming! The future is now.

    Can no longer unsee

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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds a console launch exclusive on Xbox One

  • spekkeh 11/06/2017

    Pretty sure it said console exclusive launch. So it's also coming to that other console. Reply +10
  • FIFA 18 on Switch won't have the Journey, but does get FUT and co-op Seasons

  • spekkeh 11/06/2017

    EA makes 4.5B$ in revenue Eurogamer, no need to make excuses for them. If they wanted to port Frostbite for this game, they could easily. The main reasons are probably that this is the only (big) game they have currently in development for Switch, so porting over without knowing if it would do well seems like a waste, and anyway DICE probably has nobody left to work on it as EA already stretched them entirely too thin (look at the mess of ME:A because they couldn't support it).

    Anyway this half hearted effort looks surprisingly decent (PBR is a big improvement here) and the multiplayer on the go nature makes it that, as long as PES is not announced, I might actually get this version of the game.

    As for the Journey missing, I'm also inclined to think it's because of the cart size. Apparently it's no big loss, but would've been nice to play on my commute.
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