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  • Watch: Overwatch is different - and really, really good

  • spekkeh 20/11/2015

    @Mistress I fully agree. It looks like one of those 'Zelda made in UnrealEngine' mods. I find it incredibly bland. Generic cartoony with realistic lighting. I feel like it should embrace one or the other, but this mish mash doesn't gel with me. The heroes are also kind of cliche. Just my opinion of course.
    The gameplay does look great though. But they oughta look more to Splatoon on how to make it stand out visually.
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  • Looks like Halo 5 microtransactions are doing the business for Microsoft

  • spekkeh 19/11/2015

    It's quite simple really. I see no problem with idiots buying REQ packs
    I don't really have an opinion on Microtransactions in Halo. It's a series where the appeal has strangely always eluded me, so I don't know how they are implemented precisely. Maybe they are somehow completely benign. But in itself I find this a rather callous thing to say. It's abundantly clear that the vast majority of F2P and microtransactions schemes sell exactly to the 'idiots'. Whales are not wealthy playboys who want to match their real life exuberance in game with hats, but more often than not are people with debts, compulsive spending and gambling problems, that the 'randomized card packs' specifically target in order to prey on their addictive tendencies. Much more than 'we're just offering more choices for some extra money, ain't we swell', it's quite often more devious and predatory in nature.
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  • Crytek's Back to Dinosaur Island VR game is on Steam

  • spekkeh 18/11/2015

    Wow that looks pretty co...

    Processor: Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @3.40GHz
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980
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  • Microsoft is chucking snow at people strung up on a billboard to promote Tomb Raider

  • spekkeh 12/11/2015

    Also true. I'm a cynical git so I thought it was funny (still do), but in the end not funny enough to offend people over.
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  • spekkeh 12/11/2015

    Yeah kind of bad taste I guess, removed it.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider review

  • spekkeh 09/11/2015


    Especially when you really don't have to pay out money, which is the case here. You get more than enough stuff just from playing the game. Microtransactions are entirely optional.

    I'm a hypocrite and part of the problem I'm afraid though, I loved Tomb Raider reboot, that was a hearty recommended/essential for me, so I will most likely get this too.

    once it hits PS4
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  • spekkeh 09/11/2015

    The kicker? Expedition cards. These come in blind packs, bought either with credits earned in-game or with real money. They modify the gameplay or Lara's loadout for each run, with appropriate penalties or bonuses to your credit rewards from the mission.
    Gross. When is the European Commission finally bringing these publishers under online gambling laws.
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  • spekkeh 09/11/2015

    Wow not even a recommended? So it's a 6/10 or 7/10, every other review out right now is glowing.
    No not getting a recommended does not mean it gets a 6 or 7. Learn the difference.
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  • There's a new Mass Effect Andromeda teaser trailer and it's voiced by Shepard

  • spekkeh 07/11/2015

    Oh notto disu shitto agen.

    Pray from which incredibly deep RPG mechanics did ME3 step away? Because by now I think it's been well established that this a load of grognard crock and ME3 actually added more RPG mechanics. The RPG stuff is the least of its worries.
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  • spekkeh 07/11/2015

    Just an Interstellar ripoff teaser? One year out and this game is still [conceptual prototype].

    /fanboy rage
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  • This ambitious live action Metroid fan film is worth watching

  • spekkeh 02/11/2015

    I like Chobot, but I have to agree with the others that she's not really how I pictured Samus to be (though obviously there's no standard, so her rendition is just as valid as the one I have in my head). But her vocal fry makes her like sooo college age American like. And I always pictured Samus to be more... German? Reply +1
  • Here's the official, Halo lore explanation for why Cortana is naked

  • spekkeh 30/10/2015

    So one guy is defined as being a pilot, one guy is defined as being a wizard and the girl is defined as being naked.

    Makes sense.
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  • Now Fallout gets officially licensed Nuka-Cola Quantum

  • spekkeh 30/10/2015

    Does it come with complementary RadAway? Reply +5
  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • spekkeh 28/10/2015


    Funfact: A while ago, the digital distribution shop Gamersgate had to issue a press release where they made clear that they had nothing to do with Gamergate, due to large amounts of threats and abuse they were getting.

    The press generally didn't report on that, of course, because who would threaten and abuse employees of a site called Gamersgate? Certainly not the pro-gamergate crowd. If it's not the "bad guys", then it must be ... better not talk about it.
    And yet you picked up on this press release, how curious. Could it be that the press released it?

    Incidentally, the same happened to organizations called ISIS and Bin Laden, take that as you will.
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  • spekkeh 28/10/2015

    What's up with the sudden influx of gators. How is that still a thing. Reply -6
  • Watch: What you actually do in Media Molecule's new game Dreams

  • spekkeh 27/10/2015

    Looks absolutely fantastic. I have some reservations whether it would be fun, but it looks at least incredibly worthwhile. Reply 0
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood announced for PlayStation VR

  • spekkeh 27/10/2015

    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a spin-off from the PS4 horror
    Wow amazing I can't....

    will be set on a horror rollercoaster
    really muster up a lot of interest
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  • Life is Strange review

  • spekkeh 23/10/2015


    that being said I also agree it's the sort of game everyone should - if they can - try once before coming to that decision. So while in that sense it's "essential" it's hard to differentiate that between saying the game is "essential" because it doesn't put a foot wrong, or that everybody will like it.
    I always took Eurogamer's decision to move away from scores to a recommendation system as based on the notion that 'objective scores' led to very safe, bland games with feature creep. That they wanted to celebrate games that tried to do something different or were remarkable even if that did mean they had warts and weren't for everyone.

    In that light I understand why so many are clamoring for an essential in the comments. Obviously that's because this is a small game with a big heart that managed to move people, so it's bound to attract vocal fanboys like me that want to have this game visible above the crowd. But also and more importantly because if Aoife knocked it down a peg because of it having warts or things not everyone might like (and that's a big if of course, the review doesn't state it outright), that would mean that Oli either didn't communicate the change well to the readers, or to his new staff members.
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  • spekkeh 22/10/2015

    It's difficult to think of a way to convincingly recommend Life is Strange without including a multitude of caveats
    Screw it. In my opinion it's the most essential game of the year, warts and all.
    (though admittedly I prefer games that are interesting over others; whoops there's the caveat)
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  • How Life is Strange flips the script on video game romance

  • spekkeh 19/10/2015

    I don't get the criticism, Warren is totes bae and we're like so going ape together teehee.


    But maybe that is because I do identify with him, only he's of course way smoother. And then it would be nice that he did get the girl in high school.

    I wish it were more enlightened, but that's probably it. Let the geek win for once. It's cool you get to play the girl in the situation though, and make it so you can think 'ew what a creep', as well as 'total dreamboat'.

    Overall this game about teenagers has some of the most mature writing of any game ever. It's a small big triumph in my opinion.

    I hope EG gives it the Essential it deserves. Not trying to influence the score. Totally trying to.
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  • Placebo response can alter your experience of games, scientists say

  • spekkeh 14/10/2015

    I'm not surprised. Incidentally when I did an experiment with an actually adaptive version of my game and compared it with a control group, but didn't tell them about it, there was no significant effect on engagement. Reply +1
  • 80 Days review

  • spekkeh 13/10/2015

    It's a neat concept, too bad the story (or at least the stories from my playthroughs) stay(s) kind of meandering and haphazard through to the end, never building up to any crescendo or reaching a satisfying conclusion. There would be an item you pick up that would hasten or delay some later decision, but it doesn't go much further than that. In all I loved the concept more than the final experience, which left me rather like Passepartout at the North Pole. Reply 0
  • Uncharted: Remastered, revisited, reassessed

  • spekkeh 09/10/2015

    Always pushing forwards.
    Oh clever.
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  • Spencer: Xbox One team focused on regaining fan trust, not beating PS4

  • spekkeh 09/10/2015

    Spencer's finally hitting the right notes (for me at least). Successful companies sell a vision, not a product. I really liked the 360, but as good as it was it ultimately felt like Microsoft was not at all interested in the games they made (or in the latter half of the 360's life didn't even make). Just some focus tested high RoI stuff and nothing else. In it for the money, not meaningfully advancing the medium. And this ostensible lack of pride or interest in the games medium is what made me move to the competition. So I'm liking what I hear. Focusing on creating something good, not just popular. The proof however, is in the pudding. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on PS4

  • spekkeh 07/10/2015

    Bluepoint has transformed Uncharted 2 into a game that still looks and plays brilliantly in 2009
    Damning with faint praise?
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 will have horse armour DLC

  • spekkeh 06/10/2015

    It's like one of my Japanese animes.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 just got one of the craziest microtransactions yet

  • spekkeh 06/10/2015

    Lol, I knew it, the FOB *is* ransomware. You lose single-player progress unless you invest money in defenses. Now to further drive home the racket, it even has its own 'maffia-protection money, capiche?'. Reply +59
  • The Beginner's Guide review

  • spekkeh 01/10/2015

    Wow, between this and Undertale, a few indie games seem to once again be making a solid effort for the big prizes. Good times. Reply +3
  • Rich Stanton on: Year Walk and the future Nintendo predicted

  • spekkeh 26/09/2015

    What Nintendo didn't realise - and what pretty much every gamer who watched the Wii U reveal did - was that gamers actually don't want gimmicks and touchscreens and motion control.
    Until they get out of this underpowered, gimmick reliant mindset for their hardware releases, they're destined to remain a curio
    It was obviously going to suffer the same drought of 3rd party games, and the few it did get would be worse than their competitions versions because of the slower hardware.
    Yall mad. The gimmicky underpowered Wii with no third party support sold more MoM than PS3 and Xbox360 combined for years. Together with the gimmicky underpowered NDS it netted Nintendo a cash reserve of over 10 billion dollars (so after costs) in just a few years on the market. It's completely unprecedented and unrivaled in almost forty years of game industry.
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  • Gear VR's consumer version will ship this November for $99

  • spekkeh 25/09/2015

    Heh finally a good price proposition. Crummy for people that bought the developer edition. This might come into impulse range. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 is getting changeable colour plates

  • spekkeh 15/09/2015

    I also heard they are also flavoured so now licking you PS4 will give you a lovely taste as well as being a fun pass time!
    So Jessica Chobot was on to something all that time.
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  • Nintendo names new company president

  • spekkeh 14/09/2015

    Think it makes sense. Nintendo is heading into some turbulent times as laid out by Iwata. NX, QoL, Theme parks. Better have someone there who doesn't lose his head and has a firm grasp of numbers to steer Nintendo in the black during this period. Given his age (65), he's probably an interim pope, until a more youthful person is prepped that can inherit a changed Nintendo. Reply +25
  • All about that base: Metal Gear Solid 5's FOBs are glorious

  • spekkeh 11/09/2015


    Developers and publishers defend it by saying its for the people who don't have the time to put into the game, then I would say that maybe gaming is not for them.

    With 'them' you mean the developers and publishers right? Because if you consider the option to skip your own content as something that is worth money then pretty obviously you don't care for your own product and consider it something that needs to be avoided.
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  • spekkeh 11/09/2015

    This sounds great.

    If say you're a game journalist who gets paid to play a game for a long period of time consecutively.

    If say you have a demanding job and need to juggle between that, wife and children to get a few precious hours per month, the already daunting task of playing an open world game seems to be made even more aggravating by constantly getting set back every time you do start the game.

    But I guess I can pay extra if I don't want to lose progress. Sounds like ransomware. Maybe being able to kidnap others is designed to make you forget you are the one being held for ransom.

    Thanks for condoning this EG.
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  • Video: Miyamoto on how Nintendo made Mario's most iconic level

  • spekkeh 08/09/2015

    Love this.

    Tezuka is not much of a talker though is he. He's involved in every great Nintendo game ever, so he obviously knows his stuff, but with Miyamoto you can really hear a visionary designer talking. Maybe he needs to grow into it.

    edit: he shows it during the mario maker presentation. Again have to say how much I love Mario Maker making it possible to engage with designers on their design considerations.
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  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • spekkeh 04/09/2015

    Tits was a great article. Reply +26
  • What to expect from Super Mario Maker

  • spekkeh 02/09/2015

    @Uncompetative I don't think it does forward simulation, but definitely you can check and tweak trajectories.

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  • spekkeh 02/09/2015

    This game is going to save me a lot of teaching work. Reply +7
  • Video: Eurogamer plays the intro to Until Dawn

  • spekkeh 02/09/2015

    I really hope they can make these kinds of games commercially viable and Supermassive is allowed to do more of them. I love my Life is Strange (probably a bit more even), but getting all the extra production values and facial emoting by actors really does add to the experience. It's really an interactive film done well. Reply +6
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review

  • spekkeh 01/09/2015


    We'll be exploring [microtransactions such as a 25 euro costing FOB to speed up development in single player] further on the site at a later date.
    I dunno, that seems a bit.. dishonest? Might as well have gone to the 'boot camp' if Konami adding this stuff afterwards to fleece their customers is no big deal. Unless it's really not something worth talking about in the review. Maybe it isn't. I'll readily admit it's kind of a pet peeve.
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  • Uncharted 4 release date announced

  • spekkeh 01/09/2015

    Naughty Dog Points
    welp. mayday mayday.

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  • Video: We have made some terrible Super Mario Maker levels

  • spekkeh 27/08/2015

    sorry I felt the need for an even more wretched drawing.

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  • Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"

  • spekkeh 27/08/2015

    So you found that The Last Ninja is 23 euro by today's standards and that's still more expensive than Trine 3.
    In any case I think I've made my point for the neutral reader.
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  • spekkeh 27/08/2015

    Sorry that's a pretty lame point. Obviously over the course of 35 years you can find some games that were released cheaper (I could do an aha! and say that the great majority of games released now are F2P and therefore cheaper than anything before, but I won't). Gaming came into its own during the Atari / NES / master system days and games were in general equal or more expensive then then they are now. But even in your slightly tortured example it's still not really true.
    C64 games corrected for inflation would cost some 40 euro today. These games had 1/10th the content, 1/500th the production budget and are still twice as expensive as Trine 3.
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  • spekkeh 26/08/2015

    Why do you keep spreading this myth about how games used to be so expensive and are now much cheaper? It's just not true.
    Because it is true. Commodore games were relatively cheap yes, but then we're talking about games with on average about 30 minutes of content, on cassette tapes. Street Fighter 2 for SNES was 220 dutch guilders (=100 euro) in stores. With an average 2.5% inflation that's 180 Euro in current prices.
    SF2 was expensive for its time of course, the average SNES game cost around 150 guilders, or, close to the same 60 euro (actually 69) of today. 69 with 24 years of inflation is however still 125 euro.

    (and don't even get me started on Neo Geo games, which would cost 430 euro a pop by today's standard, lol, but nobody could afford those)
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  • spekkeh 24/08/2015

    I remember a time when games lasted two hours and would cost you in excess of 100. And this was when I still had to save up my weekly allowance for them. Now I'm in no hurry to go back mind, but the penny pinchers moving devs to focus on quantity over quality is driving me mad. So everything is open world now because that easily adds tens of hours of useless traversal, and the main plot doesn't go anywhere because it has to accommodate tens of hours of fetch quest bullshit. But at least you're getting your money's worth (worth what, tedium?).
    I want to say this is an expensive hobby, but it's not even that. Games cost less than cinema on average and you get to keep them afterwards. Stop playing games as time wasters, and start approaching them as something worthwhile.

    Ugh and I don't even like trine.
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  • Is it too late to start playing Hearthstone?

  • spekkeh 26/08/2015

    Liked playing it for a bit but I quickly seem to have run into a wall where my deck wasn't up to scratch, and it felt like I either had to start reading some guide books and grind very slowly, or pay, neither of which I find particularly enticing. Haven't touched it since. I miss the physicality of real card decks anyway. Reply +2
  • Hearthstone 99/1 to be a part of the Winter Olympics 2030

  • spekkeh 25/08/2015

    Why would it be part of the Winter Olympics?
    Not sure if it's because it is a Blizzard game, or because the prospect leaves me cold.
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  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • spekkeh 07/08/2015

    It's certainly going to be an uphill battle, and I think exponentially more so than games themselves, because you can't really show it to people and talk about it, and all the while you and everyone else looks like a melon. It would have been a lot easier if Google Glass caught on, as a gateway drug to full VR, but the writing was on the wall when that became stigmatized. Now, I played games long before Playstation made them 'cool' (Dungeons and Dragons too) and will be playing them long after they cease being cool too, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. It doesn't need to mainstream cool perception for us to geek out over it. But it probably does need mainstream traction to get the big content, and if that stays on the traditional devices, well, see you at the next VR cycle ten years from now. Reply +2
  • Arcadia Baes: A Life is Strange spoilercast #2

  • spekkeh 06/08/2015

    What are you hating on Warren for, he's such a dreamboat. Warren and Max 4-ev..

    Wait what.
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