I started playing games when I was 6 years old. Dizzy, Elite, the wonders of Acorn Archimedes dev legends like 4th Dimension.

After spending most of my career working in Data Analysis for the healthcare industry, I fancied a change. So I founded Continue Play, a professional gaming site dedicated to doing things a bit different from the norm and providing an opportunity for young people who want to gain experience in the gaming press but have no qualificiations or experience and/or are finding it hard getting their first break.

We're approaching the first anniversary of our existence, which will be celebrated with our second major design overhaul and something very special.

spamdangled (aka Spamdangled) has most recently played Diablo III, LIGHTNING RETURNS:FF13, Temple Run 2, and Assassin's Creed IV on Xbox Live.

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    A group for all those that appreciate Comics and graphic novels.
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    No Master Chiefs, just Master Chefs! (Do you see what I did
    there?) A group to discuss cooking, favourite recipes, and the
    culinary arts. 95 Members

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    For those of us on the wrong side of 30 who wish to reminisce
    about the good 'ol days when games were real games and . . .
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