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  • Digital Foundry vs. Respawn: the Titanfall interview

  • soviet_ 26/08/2013

    Great to see movement being a big part of FPS again in a mainstream title Reply 0
  • Ex-Valve hardware chief offers an alternative view on life inside the Half-Life maker

  • soviet_ 08/07/2013

    No one mentioned the fact that Valve went with VR (Oculus Rift) instead of AR? Reply +7
  • BioShock Infinite ending explained

  • soviet_ 13/04/2013

    So good I cried at the end Reply +1
  • UK dating site Shag a Gamer gives YouTube tips to virgin gamers

  • soviet_ 19/09/2012

    Great advice. Reply 0
  • Marvel Heroes dev stands by Diablo 1 and 2 creator David Brevik after Diablo 3 designer says: "f*** that loser"

  • soviet_ 21/08/2012

    Brevik is the arsehole here. You know he has been practising that speech in the mirror whilst waiting until he was asked of his opinion. On the surface it might seem humble and reserved but it really isn't, it's probably one of the worst ways to be criticised, by the smiling, smug twat who has been rubbing his hands in anticipation in order to get a very sly dig in who then has the cheek to revel in past glories and praise himself shamelessly.

    It's not like has done anything worthwhile since. Look at Runic Games, you don't hear them coming out with shit like that and at they have done something decent.
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  • EA's Battlefield 3 Facebook adverts worked big time

  • soviet_ 28/07/2012

    Shame I block all ads on Facebook Reply -1
  • Probably the biggest game collection ever on Ebay sold for $1.32m

  • soviet_ 09/07/2012

    I'm more impressed that someone managed to put a collection like this together in the first place, that takes some dedication to the cause Reply +12
  • What Went Wrong with Stereo 3D?

  • soviet_ 23/06/2012

    A good reason why I won't shell out for anything 3D related game wise: Just saw Prometheus on IMAX 3D and out of 2 hours there was only a couple of scenes where 3D worked well, rest of it was just gimmicky, some of it actually was distracting Reply 0
  • The Last of Us trailer reveals Ellie redesign

  • soviet_ 16/05/2012

    Just reminds me of Zoey from Left 4 Dead now Reply +2
  • Someone has finished Diablo 3 already

  • soviet_ 15/05/2012

    Hope the 10 year wait was worth it Reply +2
  • Max Payne 3 Review

  • soviet_ 15/05/2012

    Sounds like you just ain't very good at this game. Try "Easy" next time Reply -2
  • GAME Australia falls into administration

  • soviet_ 14/05/2012

    I'll tell you why you should, Diablo 3 cost me the princely sum of 22.97 from Amazon when I pre ordered in 2010 and I only paid for it on Friday when it was dispatched. Compare that to the 35+ that it has been going for recently, as well as the downright ridiculous 45 digital download direct from Blizzard and it doesn't really make sense to buy any other way.

    Only reason to pre order from GAME is if they do an exclusive version and it's a game you love. Oh and if they do things the same way over there to pre order at a GAME retail store you put down like a 5, you don't pay in full. The site takes out money on dispatch too like most other online shops
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  • Retrospective: Diablo

  • soviet_ 13/05/2012

    Love how people still moan about Diablo 3 being looking all rainbows and sunshine. Not a big fan of Blizzard but when they did that My Little Pony Diablo 3 t-shirt, wow, that was so good, just a big fuck you to all the whiners even to this day.

    Don't know how you even start to compare engines that span 15 years for 'grime' and 'darkness'. Those countless stupid D3 screenshot recolours that show nothing but what some wannabe designer can do with a few filters in PS are brilliant, crack me up even now.

    If it really is that much of a problem, there's a custom shader going around called DarkerD3
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  • The Pirate Bay issues angry response to UK ban

  • soviet_ 01/05/2012

    I think we all know where this is going. Soon they'll be watching you through your webcams to see if you have furiously circumvented website bans, seeing if you infringe copyright by zooming in on the reflection off your beady eyes. Reply +4
  • The Pirate Bay blocked in the UK following court ruling

  • soviet_ 30/04/2012

    @romelpotter Idiot Reply +6
  • Valve: DOTA 2 is free-to-play "with a twist"

  • soviet_ 20/04/2012

    @Toothball Practice game, add bots. They will molest you though Reply +1
  • The Diablo 3 beta opens up

  • soviet_ 18/04/2012

    YES! Reply 0
  • Fez Review

  • soviet_ 12/04/2012

    @Hiya What you see when you look in the mirror is awful. S&S:EP Sir, is not! Reply +6
  • Cute iOS app Childhood's End back online after Pedobear mix-up

  • soviet_ 07/04/2012

    @Mox Paedophile, nonce, perv, slop badger, 2 pin din plug, bush dodger, small bean regarder, unabummer, nut administrator, bent ref, crazy world of arthur brown, free willy, chimney bottler, bunty man, shrub rocketeer!
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  • soviet_ 07/04/2012

    PAEDOGEDDON! - Disguised as school - Brass Eye Special - Molested by a penis shaped soundwave

    Genetically paedophiles have more genes in common with crabs that they do with you and me and that is scientific fact.

    Pipe to pipe bushman, BALTIMORA!
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  • ShopTo pulls "bad taste" GAME Reward Card promotion

  • soviet_ 27/03/2012

    Sorry but this is fantastic marketing by ShopTo, no idea why any customer would cry about this. Whoever came up with it needs a raise Reply +2
  • Ms. Effect: The Rise of FemShep

  • soviet_ 21/03/2012

    Female Shepard is just a poseur. Not only was the default female model in the first two games really bad, every custom face you could create, be they female or male were also appalling especially compared to the ultimate default male Shepard.

    And although the voice acting is good for female character it's got nothing on proper Shepard, case in point being the "Commander Shepard is a Jerk" videos. Nothing better than strutting around in the best outfit, the brown space leather fashion monstrosity and being a huge twat. Male Shepard just has a better range especially with the Renegade options as a lot of them are delivered with brilliant comedic poise where female Shepard goes goes for "bad ass" all the time and the comedy of some of the lines doesn't shine through nearly as well.

    I know, I know, this is like going into a Tali thread and saying she sucks (Quarians are annoying, if I was more of a heartless twat I would've let the Geth win instead of brokering peace between them) but it has to be said, LONG LIVE ULTIMATE SHEPARD!
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  • BioWare responds to Mass Effect 3 ending furore

  • soviet_ 14/03/2012

    Reply -13
  • Introducing Quantic Dream's Kara

  • soviet_ 11/03/2012

    Video was than Heavy Rain Reply 0
  • SWTOR Game Update 1.2 'Legacy' announced

  • soviet_ 05/03/2012

    The game is just not fresh or innovative enough to last more than a year or so, they just didn't have the balls to bring something new to the table. Whilst the voice over was good, I played 2 characters to 50, once you hit level cap it's pointless not to mention it's not exactly new to have a load of fully voiced cut scenes in a Bioware game.

    There are plenty of features you would expect a game that has had so much money spent on it and been in development for a number of years to have which are missing or inadequate. The game engine is a dog. PvP, especially the "Open World PvP" of Ilum is an appalling gear grind. Class balance and updates are poorly thought out (I'm sorry, the hybrid Sage/Sorcerer build is some of the worst class balance I've ever seen, it should never have made it into the game and it still isn't fixed). HutBall might as well be called ForceBall.

    Empire side has had a lot more love poured into it than the Republic from areas such as:

    - Republic fleet is Empire fleet coloured brown and yellow, you can even see Empire flag reflections...
    - Mirrored class skills having advantage on Empire side (Smuggler flash CD is 90 seconds whilst Operative CD is 60...)
    - Class stories and starter planets a better experience on Empire
    - Most of the costumes for Republic are recoloured horrible messes

    Crafting is just... so pointless, half the skills are useless and the other half aren't as good as Biochem.

    For people who don't play as often as me and are still level 20-30 then this game is probably fantastic, and there are a lot more people like that than myself but I don't understand why they couldn't of rocked the boat a bit because I really cannot see the game being more appealing than some of the releases coming out in the next year.

    If it wasn't a Star Wars game I probably wouldn't even have subscribed past the first month, actually I might not even have got it in the first place and I think that says it all.
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  • What would happen if GAME died?

  • soviet_ 28/02/2012

    I like the part about variation, because GAME is so good at that. You got Top 20 for each console, bigger pre owned section then new, maybe Top 10 PC games and everything is overpriced.

    All the people who only shop there or on the high street, I feel sorry for you as you are getting the shaft. If GAME did die, and it looks like it will, they are probably doing you a favour.

    What happens when consoles focus on DD? It is inevitable. Don't see a lack of PC games coming out do you?

    Never traded in old games, don't care about it.
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  • soviet_ 28/02/2012

    @INSOMANiAC No I wouldn't. At all Reply 0
  • soviet_ 28/02/2012

    Don't care, shop online Reply -81
  • Valor exploit in SWTOR update 1.1 causes player uproar

  • soviet_ 18/01/2012

    That looks fun Reply +2
  • BioWare: "most" people aren't having SWTOR performance issues

  • soviet_ 10/01/2012

    Shit performance when there's more than a handful of players on screen and that's with a beast of a rig, no way should I be dropping to 20-30 fps.

    PvP runs like a dog, ability delay is awful and fps is more choppy than usual.

    Still no hi res textures or AA.

    Top it all off the game only looks decent, nothing spectacular and it canes my machine. Shit engine or shit optimisation, either way it's their fault and you know they won't fix it
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  • Meet the Griefers

  • soviet_ 04/01/2012

    You could of used some better examples of creative griefing, you know ones that are actually quite clever and funny.

    Team Roomba TF2 -

    EVE Online: Jihad Suicide Gank -
    Reply -8
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic two-day grace period announced

  • soviet_ 18/12/2011

    There wouldn't be this mess if they hadn't chosen such a stupid time to release a game... Reply -1
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - The End of an Era?

  • soviet_ 15/12/2011

    Been playing since Tuesday, level 17 Smuggler. It's just OK. Never played WoW but can imagine it is exactly the same gameplay, in fact I played SWG for a little bit ages ago and SWTOR isn't that much of an upgrade and at least SWG had a sandbox...

    Everything about the game screams average, the best bits about it are the group dialogue scenes and the fact it is Star Wars.

    Don't care if it flops or makes money, not like it's a masterpiece. Do care about the fact that not enough risks were taken to bring something new and exciting to the table. I suppose when you are spending $100 million you don't exactly want to take risks but that is the main reason why this game is forgettable.
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  • Dota 2 Beta Preview

  • soviet_ 22/11/2011

    Not usually critical of articles but surely if you are new to the game, maybe it's not the best time to be previewing a game that is in closed beta?

    To be fair, there are a lot of new players in there, I be one of them having never playing an ARTS game before so if you are getting horribly abused and losing a lot it is because you refuse to learn or you are getting very unlucky with matchmaking. Another point is that the matchmaking isn't level based yet, it is literally just finding players to play against with no regard to skill. I found if I informed my team I was a new player, many were understanding to any questions.

    Also saying "hammy, pun-filled voice acting" is a disgrace, the character voices are excellent and many of the lines are hilarious, not to mention there are lots of unique lines directed at specific characters
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  • Arma 2 dev Bohemia shares alarming PC piracy statistic

  • soviet_ 18/11/2011

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim-Razor1911 - 13307 Seeders, 12747 Leechers. 2nd highest in Top 100 PC games.

    That's just from tpb. People who say PC piracy is not a problem are delusional.

    The attitude to DRM and prevention of piracy by the majority of publishers is piss poor though, need to be more forward thinking like Valve or Runic Games. Instead of "what can I do to stop people pirating my games?" it should be "what can I offer to the consumer to make them want to purchase my games?"

    Sadly, prevention methods are just as often attempts to stop second hand gaming and not piracy. The future, unless someone with a lot of weight in the industry and has their customers high on their list of priorities has their say, is always online. Ubisoft tried it first, but the games they are doing it with aren't special enough for most PC gamers to put up with. And it was cracked anyway. Diablo III changes that. No more pirates, no more second hand sales. Hackers want to spend a year to try server emulation and still not offer what the full game offers? No worry.

    I personally don't mind but I can see why a lot of people will be angry. I might be annoyed if my net dies for an evening but I can see why they are implementing methods like this and as long as the quality of the game is good enough, I shall still purchase it. And the pirates? If they want to play it they will have to purchase it too
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  • Minecraft Review

  • soviet_ 18/11/2011

    In some ways I can see it being classed as a unique gaming experience, unrivaled by its simplicity and an example of what games can be but in as many other ways I can just see it as a bandwagon, it could even be the very realisation of a pointless waste of time that ultimately accomplishes nothing.

    As much as I am impressed by the amazing things people create and the many stories of their experiences in the game I could never play this game regularly and while I don't agree with the perfect score, I can understand the reasons why it could and should be given
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  • Face-Off: Skyrim

  • soviet_ 15/11/2011

    Sorry but it's an ugly game, even on PC. Still great but still, looks like it should've come out 3 years ago Reply +3
  • Bowling for Liberty

  • soviet_ 05/11/2011

    Brilliant read. I just don't get the hate of GTA IV, maybe I am at the perfect age to grow up with the GTA series Reply +5
  • First Grand Theft Auto 5 footage

  • soviet_ 02/11/2011

    @Darren Oh no, you are correct. To be honest they have been extremely slack but I let them off because I always enjoy their games.

    Who knows, they might turn a corner on this one. I think if Max Payne 3 is a delayed PC release then there's no chance for GTA V but I can always hope :)
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  • soviet_ 02/11/2011

    So good, PC release at same time as console please! Reply +13
  • The first Grand Theft Auto 5 details revealed

  • soviet_ 02/11/2011

    @cukydoh You have got to be taking the piss Reply +12
  • What if Uncharted 3 ran at 60FPS?

  • soviet_ 01/11/2011

    @kirankara Was talking about Crysis on the PC, should've made it clearer. But yes the point was when motion blur is done well it can mask sub 30fps performance and make it look like it is running much higher Reply 0
  • soviet_ 01/11/2011

    @woodnotes What are you talking about? There is a huge difference between fps for film/tv and rendered digital animation or video games. Traditionally a film displayed at 24fps will look just as smooth as a game at 60fps because of the way it handles motion blur and the effect of fast movement on a single frame. That is also the reason any game will look better at 60fps over 30 as most games at 30fps lack the motion blur for them to appear fluid.

    Crysis is a great example of how a game running under 30fps looked smooth because of the use of realistic motion blur. Most of the time though games smear the screen in Vaseline and call it the same
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  • soviet_ 01/11/2011

    I didn't think there would be that much of a difference but it is really quite clear. What a weird thing to release before the game is even out though, after watching the 60fps video the real gameplay footage is a bit of a let down and that wouldn't be the case if I hadn't seen the 60fps video! Reply +7
  • Houser: mobile games too focused on revenue

  • soviet_ 27/10/2011

    That argument has been had many a time about so called harsh working conditions and it's not only Rockstar that have had the finger pointed at.

    If it were that bad you'd think there would be a mass exodus of staff leaving game studios left and right and surely it would be reported on. Thing is you only ever hear from the disgruntled employees, not the happy ones.

    Anyway looking forward to GTA V, can't wait to hear some more brilliant satire that these brothers seem to write so easily
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  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

  • soviet_ 26/10/2011

    I can't believe this game didn't get a 10/10, not even a 9, I can't have a measly 8/10 game befoul my glorious PS3.

    Eurogamer do you not you are meant to confirm my bias?! CONFIRM I SAID!
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  • Dev defends ageing Call of Duty engine

  • soviet_ 17/10/2011

    Even the trailers are looking ragged, get a grip Reply +2
  • The EGTV Show: The Making Of Battlefield 3

  • soviet_ 12/10/2011

    Sound has always been a speciality for DICE, can't think of anyone else that actually come near Reply 0
  • Notch's solicitor lays out Bethesda defense

  • soviet_ 02/10/2011

    A scroll by any other name would still smell as musty Reply +1
  • New Max Payne 3 footage blasts in

  • soviet_ 14/09/2011

    Walter White Reply +10