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  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 and GTX 1070: a new level in GPU power

  • snowdog 07/05/2016

    @MickeyV You won't have any problems at all mate whether you go for a 1070, 1080 or even a 1080Ti next year. The i5 Skylake is a VERY capable CPU. Reply +1
  • snowdog 07/05/2016

    @PCMaestro The 2x Titan X is for VR applications only. In 'flat' games you're probably looking at around a 20% leap in power compared to the Titan X, which is still impressive to be fair. Reply -1
  • Oculus Rift costs £500

  • snowdog 08/01/2016

    @cruxer666 All depends on how much the Vive is. If HTC have any sense they'll have it retailing at a hundred quid more than the Rift at the most. Any more than that and they'll struggle. The Oculus Rift has more exclusives, more software available because devs have had dev kits twice as long and personally I prefer the Rift's motion controllers and don't have a great deal of room for room-scale VR. Reply 0
  • snowdog 08/01/2016

    Well I'm in. Am waiting to see what HTC are pricing the Vive at and what the cost of the Touch controllers will be before I buy an HMD. Getting a meaty GPU in May or June then getting a HMD in November or December. I've been waiting for VR gaming for 30 years or so, can't wait!!! Reply 0
  • What does it take to run Fallout 4 at 1080p60?

  • snowdog 16/11/2015

    You would have thought that DF would include an Intel i7 6700K in their tests given that it's a new chip. I've got one sitting on my shelf waiting for my motherboard to arrive before I build my new rig. Would have been good to see how it compares to the i7 4790K.

    As far as I remember people with an i7 6700K should get around 10% more processing power, I'm guessing it would only work out to be 3-4 extra fps but it would have been nice to know without having to guess lol
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  • Bayonetta 2 review

  • snowdog 17/10/2014

    @Samael_Blackwing Nope, not the only one mate. It's the best controller I've used in donkey's years (and I'm 42 so have used the vast majority of them!). With the extended battery inside it's the perfect weight too. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Netflix vs. Lovefilm

  • snowdog 27/04/2013

    US Netflix > Lovefilm
    Wii U Netflix > PS3 & 360 Netflix

    The UI is miles better, the controls are miles better and you can watch stuff on the GamePad. Any problems with the RGB have been sorted by switching from Game settings to Film settings on my telly. Looks great.
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  • Face-Off: Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Wii U

  • snowdog 29/03/2013

    For gawd's sake, when will people start using the proper terms when talking/typing about 'hard locks'. They're crashes, people, crashes. And most commonly caused by memory leaks (your console will beep continuously when this happens). Reply 0
  • How Lego City Undercover blows the franchise wide open - and could save the Wii U in the process

  • snowdog 04/03/2013

    @tassletine I remember reading somewhere that it takes 10 minutes to drive around the furthest edge of the city lol. The city is huge apparently. Reply 0
  • Michel Ancel and Rayman dev team photoed in protest at Ubisoft's decision to delay Rayman Legends

  • snowdog 12/02/2013

    Only 800 signatures away from 10,000 at the moment. Good to see. If people follow through with their proposed Ubisoft boycotts they could end up losing millions over this.

    Going to be interesting to see what happens.

    It's not as if they have to do a great deal of marketing for the U SKU considering the amount of time Nintendo have allowed it to have at E3, during Nintendo Directs, the demo on the eShop and the in-store booth demo that happens to be the only one available.
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  • Ubisoft promises Wii U-exclusive Rayman Legends demo after fans vent anger at delay

  • snowdog 11/02/2013

    This 'new exclusive demo' is like someone trying to extinguish a fire with a can of petrol. Unbelievable.

    Eurogamer needs to start interviewing shareholders to see how they feel about this negative publicity and the prospect of losing hundreds of thousands of Euros due to these boycotts.
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  • Rayman Legends dev "pissed" at Ubisoft for delay after completing Wii U version, blames "men in ties"

  • snowdog 09/02/2013

    Why hasn't Eurogamer started to interview shareholders..? I can't imagine they'd be too pleased with all of this bad publicity. The Miiverse U Play community in particular is quite damaging to the company's image.

    This is a major PR disaster for them. They need to do some urgent damage control, fast!!!
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  • Nintendo Wii U supports 1080p, CPU and GPU confirmed

  • snowdog 09/06/2012

    :cool: Good to have the leaks on Gaf confirmed. On paper this will put the U three times more powerful than the 360 but the CPU being Out of Order Execution (not confirmed here but Gaf sources that have got the above right state it is so), the DPS and the GPU being at least 2 gens ahead of the Xenos should have it being four times more powerful in terms of real-world performance. Nice :cool: Reply 0
  • Battlefield 3: DICE talks next Xbox, PlayStation 4

  • snowdog 24/10/2011

    @BritishBlue1 PC memory is cheap, high performance embedded RAM is a different kettle of fish altogether. If you're expecting more than 1Gb of VRAM and 1Gb of system RAM next gen you're going to be very disappointed. You might not even get as much as 1Gb of system RAM tbh. Reply +1
  • Download Games Roundup

  • snowdog 22/10/2011

    A very harsh score for Let's Golf 3D imo. Very good value for money given the amount of content you get for a fiver, should tide me over until Tiger Woods appears in 3D. Reply 0
  • Champion Jockey

  • snowdog 25/08/2011

    The G1 Jockey franchise is excellent, and very addictive once you get used to the racing mechanics. I played the first game released for the Wii for 15 hours straight once I got my first place lol. Reply 0
  • Elite IV is happening, but "very slowly"

  • snowdog 22/07/2011

    Elite is the best game ever made. MAKE IT HAPPEN NAO!!!!! Reply +5
  • Wii U has "plenty of horsepower" - dev

  • snowdog 20/07/2011

    I did say a 'modern' Radeon HD. I personally can't see AMD and Nintendo taking such a huge step backwards by including a GPU with a 128 bit bus and having less than 1Gb of GDDR3. And I've never at any point claimed that my opinions are facts, but I have explained my reasoning behind my opinions.

    The only facts we know are that the CPU is a Power7 and the GPU is a modern Radeon HD.

    And the GPU being at least 2 generations ahead of the PS3 and 360 is quite a big deal, we've seen from the Zelda and ,Japanese Garden demos that the textures, lighting and processing power is streets ahead of anything that the PS3 and 360 are capable of. The Japanese Garden demo in particular was technically very impressive.
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  • snowdog 20/07/2011

    @Quak: I suggest you look at the Zelda demo and especially the Japanese Garden demo again mate. Both are streets ahead of anything the PS3 and 360 are capable of. The Japanese Garden demo in particular is technically outstanding when the Cherry Blossom tree starts to blossom.

    As I've said before the GPU in the U is 2 generations ahead of the GPUs in the 360 and PS3, will have more VRAM, twice as much bandwidth and will have Shader Model 4.1 support instead of Shader Model 3.0.

    People are going to be very surprised by what the U is going to be capable of in terms of processing power and eye candy.
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  • snowdog 20/07/2011

    The chipset for the U hasn't been confirmed. All we know is that AMD have confirmed it's a modern Radeon HD, it could be any chipset from the r700 onwards. Reply -1
  • snowdog 19/07/2011

    I'll take that bet Rack, but because I'm such a nice bloke I'll only bet 1p

    None of the platform holders are going to repeat the cock up that Sony made this gen with the PS3. They'll all be keeping production costs and retail prices down. Next gen will be more like the previous gen:

    PS2 < Gamecube < Xbox
    Wii U < PS4/720 < 720/PS4

    All 3 consoles will get a SKU of all multiplatform titles, you may get the GPUs of the next gen efforts from Sony and Microsoft supporting Shader Model 4.3 as opposed to the U's GPU supporting 4.1 but you're not going to see a great deal of difference, perhaps 720p native on the U against 1080p native on the PS4 and 720 with next-gen engines.
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  • snowdog 19/07/2011

    We only know that it's a modern Radeon HD. All modern Radeon HD Mobility GPUs have a 256 bit bus and you also need to remember that both the GPUs in the other two consoles this gen only have 256Mb VRAM (although to be fair the 360 can have more as it has access to 512Mb shared GDDR3). The chipset hasn't been confirmed at all. It's either going to be an r700, r770 or an Evergreen chipset, and you may be interested to know that an Evergreen chipset (a 5000 series) is cheaper, more powerful and cooler to run than a 4000 series.

    A generational leap of 4-5 times in power is par for the course, although this gen has been a bit of a freak in that respect. The 360 this gen has been the only normal console in that sense.

    You'll also see the next gen efforts from Sony and Microsoft being in the same sort of ballpark too. None of the platform holders are going to repeat the cock up that Sony made this gen with the PS3. I've no doubt that the U will be the weakest console of the three next gen but in relative terms the difference in power between the U and the most powerful console next gen will be the same as the difference in power between the PS2 and the Xbox last gen.

    Edit: And the CPU isn't a PowerPC, it's a Power7. The architecture is completely different, a PPC chip doesn't have eDRAM
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  • snowdog 19/07/2011

    @riseer: IBM have confirmed that it's going to have a Power7 CPU with 'a lot' of eDRAM and AMD have confirmed that the GPU is a 'modern' Radeon HD. It's going to be 4 or 5 times more powerful than the PS3 and 360. The first prototype dev kits, which are severely underclocked, have been 50% more powerful than the PS3 and 360.

    A Power7 CPU, even if underclocked to only 2.5GHz with only 3 cores will run rings around the Cell thanks to the eDRAM and having 4 SMTs per core.

    A Radeon HD 4000 or 5000 GPU will be 2 generations ahead of the X1900 in the 360 (which is basically a Radeon HD 2000 GPU), and even if it only has 512Mb VRAM (and I can't see that happening tbh, 1Gb is more likely) it'll have a 256 bit bus instead of the 128 bit bus that both the X1900 and 7800 use. At least twice as much VRAM at twice the bandwidth.

    I'm surprised they're being this cautious tbh, a 4000 series GPU will have no problems at all bunging out visuals at 1080p native. I guarantee you that they'll bump it up to 1080p native in the end, and it won't suffer from the awful screen tearing that, for me personally, ruins a great deal of PS3 and 360 titles.
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  • 3DS FIFA 12 has 3D Street Soccer

  • snowdog 10/05/2011

    Nowt wrong with footy on the go mate!

    This definitely sounds interesting, particularly using the touchscreen to curl the ball which has the potential to be fantastic if they implement it well enough. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to Pro Evo 3D.
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  • Steel Diver

  • snowdog 02/05/2011

    You'll never know
    Never know never
    How strange life in dark water
    Can be...

    Points to anyone who gets the song reference! :oD

    Am very tempted to get this, could be a possible sleeper hit for Nintendo I think.
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  • Is PEGI too tough?

  • snowdog 29/04/2011

    The BBFC completely ruined one of the best games released this gen - Manhunt 2 on the Wii. Thankfully using a little hackery it's possible to play the game uncut. NGamer gave the uncut SKU a 94% review score for good reason, it's excellent. Reply 0
  • How COD will avoid Guitar Hero's fate

  • snowdog 28/04/2011

    The Guitar Hero franchise died because Activision milked it to death, it's not exactly rocket science lol Reply +1
  • In Theory: What's inside Project Cafe?

  • snowdog 26/04/2011

    The controllers will NOT have a 6 inch screen. Reply 0
  • Game of the Week: Nintendo 3DS

  • snowdog 22/04/2011

    I tried one out in Game a few weeks ago playing Super Street Fighter IV and was blown away by how close it looked to the PS3 and 360 SKUs. Definitely a fair bit of power under the hood, Resident Evil Mercenaries looks closer to RE5 Than RE4 too, and these are all first generation titles too...I can't wait to see how games will look in a couple of years time.

    I'm definitely getting one, next month all going well!
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  • Resident Evil 3DS re-uses console assets

  • snowdog 20/04/2011

    All this talk of resolution is pretty moot. The most important factor to consider when discussing portable displays is PIXEL DENSITY. The visuals are 'blurred' because the 3DS display has an impressive pixel density of 238 pixels per inch. You can have a display outputting a higher resolution than the 3DS quite easily but if said display has a lower ppi than the 3DS display then it won't look as sharp or as detailed.

    It wouldn't surprise me if we see a Digital Foundry article addressing this at a later date. For my money I'd say that the visuals I've seen are closer to the RE5 quality than RE4. When Digital Foundry do inevitably compare them they'll have to do so at their native screen sizes but have the 3DS at a higher resolution (as in image resolution measured in dpi). Your average LCD telly display has a pixel density of 50-odd ppi as far as I remember.

    It'll certainly be interesting to see the graphics in a direct comparison.
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  • NPD: DS outsells 3DS in US debut month

  • snowdog 15/04/2011

    The DS launched on 21st November 2004, meaning it had an extra 2 days at the busiest shopping period of the year. The sales of the 3DS so far have been quite impressive imo. Reply +3
  • Sony CEO: DS is a "babysitting tool"

  • snowdog 08/04/2011

    Just sounds like inane rantings of a rabid fanboy to me. Love Nintendo or hate them you've got to give them immense credit for their ridiculously successful company philosophy from 2004 onwards - release a console with comparatively low spec hardware to keep production and retail costs down so that it's affordable to the masses and combine that with a USP that separates it from the competition. If Sony decide to release the NGP at a higher price point than the 3DS then you'll see a similar 70/30 marketshare (give or take a few percent) in the 3DS's favour in all territories, the same as last gen. Reply +3
  • Ridge Racer 3D

  • snowdog 11/03/2011

    What about the multiplayer aspect of the game..? You've mentioned it once with regards to your Mii appearing above your car during multiplayer races but you haven't given us any details at all..?!!? Are they local multiplayers using wireless to connect to 3DS consoles in range or does the game feature proper online multiplayer as well..? Pro Evo not having online multiplayer is a dealbreaker for me and the same will apply to Ridge Racer too. Reply 0
  • Nintendo's David Yarnton

  • snowdog 20/01/2011


    Sorry mate, but having the 3DS launch at the same price point that the Wii was at launch in the US and Japan and us needing to spend another £50 on top of the Wii's launch price is taking the piss. And no pack-in game either, so you'll need to Spend 270-odd quid before you can do anything useful with the thing apart from taking 3D photos...that's the equivalent of $430.
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  • snowdog 20/01/2011

    Sorry, but retailers are completely taking the piss, and Nintendo are fools for not setting the retail price like they have in the States and Japan. In the States and Japan it's launched at the same price the Wii was 4 years ago and we have to pay £50 on top of that...and without a pack-in game..?!!? They're having a laugh. I was originally going to buy one on Day One but there's no chance now...I'll wait for two things 1) For it to drop in price and 2) Given the price of the games I'll wait until someone hacks the crap out of it. Reply +7
  • PES 2011 3D region lock confirmed

  • snowdog 20/01/2011

    No online play is ridiculous. No chance of me buying it, I'll wait until there's a 3D FIFA I think. A really daft decision from Konami. Reply 0
  • Hackers leave PS3 security in tatters

  • snowdog 03/01/2011

    Hopefully some bright spark is going to come up with a BootMii equivalent for the PS3. I crap myself every time I update the firmware on my PS3 and 360 just in case there's a power cut. Not a problem with my Wii, it's now pretty much brick-proof. Reply +1
  • New DLC announced for The Fight

  • snowdog 01/12/2010

    When I read the first two reviews by Video Gamer and IGN I wrote the game off as a load of old pants with broken controls. But the iWaggle video review completely changed my mind. I've also seen numerous video demonstrations of the controls working absolutely fine on youtube. And as Miths has said, the majority of user reviews and user feedback bill this game as a solid 7/10.

    It's available at a budget price, has splitscreen and online multiplayer and the controls work fine. And over 150 fights to complete the game 100% too. It has to be the best value Move title out there at the moment, it's a shame that so many reviewers have struggled with it. I'm putting it down to the vast majority of reviewers being fat and/or lazy or just being unable to punch their way out of a paper bag. Or perhaps they're expecting an easy Wii Sports Boxing type of affair..? Not having a fixed distance between the fighters brings an element of skill to the game, something that reviewers aren't used to these days with the constant hand-holding that we're all used to nowadays.

    The vast majority of reviewers have failed to notice the Sin City vibe to the game thanks to the mainly black and white art style with reds and blues highlighted. The worst thing of all though is that they've completely missed or misunderstood Trejo's delightfully tongue-in-cheek performance. The mind boggles.
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  • Fighters Uncaged

  • snowdog 04/11/2010

    Great review, plenty of laugh out loud moments all the way through lol. Sounds like Microsoft haven't fixed the lag and motion recognition problems seen in video demonstrations at various shows and conventions earlier this year. Kinect may sell well, but I wonder how many of those sales will end up being returns..? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Guerrilla Games on Killzone 3

  • snowdog 02/10/2010

    @FogHeart: Yup, that's what's known in the trade as focus testing. I surprised they either didn't do it or if they did do it chose to ignore any feedback tbh. At least we now know it's a bug rather than a rather poor design choice that fanboys were claiming 'it woz dere to make da gaem moar hardcorez, innit'. lol Reply +1
  • 3DTV in every home in 3 years – Ubisoft

  • snowdog 10/07/2010

    HDTVs aren't in every home right now...nobody in their right mind would even think that every home will have a 3DTV in 3 years. Pure nonsense. Reply +1
  • Red Steel 2

  • snowdog 23/03/2010

    Any score less than 9/10 is an insult. This game is the best game available for the Wii, including first party titles. Visually it's on a par with Super Mario Galaxy. The controls are near enough perfect, it has excellent sound effects and music, the story is good, the cutscenes are impressive, takes a good amount of time to complete it (I completed it in around 18 hours on Master difficulty) and it gets better and better as you go along. It's the best game available for the console imo. Reply -3
  • Tournament of Legends

  • snowdog 03/02/2010

    What have they done to the visuals..?!!? Looks bloody terrible compared to how the screens and video looked last year at E3. :o/ Reply 0
  • PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer vs. FIFA 10

  • snowdog 30/12/2009

    @Boomerang, you couldn't be more wrong mate!

    After playing Pro Evo on the Wii I won't play any other football game on any other system (until the Playstation motion controls are released and Pro Evo Wii is ported to the PS3!). Over the years I've been aggravated by piss poor AI in both FIFA and Pro Evo not making the players run through the correct channels. Not a problem with Pro Evo Wii, you just click and drag. Job done. Just about every goal you see either in the stands or on the telly can be recreated. Pro Evo Wii is the only real football simulation, and it's worth buying a Wii for alone.
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  • The Conduit

  • snowdog 10/07/2009

    Very harshly reviewed imo. Any Wii game with such an entertaining online multiplayer combined with graphical effects that, until Super Mario Galaxy was released, were thought impossible on the Wii hardware - bump, gloss and diffuse mapping, advanced particle effects, real-time reflection and refraction, focus blur and HDR lighting - deserves a higher score imo. User reviews and opinions rate this game between a score of 8 and 9, and I agree.

    I haven't had so much fun playing a game online since playing Halo 1 on the PC many years ago. The multiplayer along with the hidden radios, data discs and alien writings give good replay value. Good to see that overly harsh reviews such as this haven't done the sales much harm, it's sold 160,000 units in 2 weeks in the States, and I can see this going platinum without a problem.
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  • EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis

  • snowdog 19/06/2009

    Looks like this is being looked at again, and good job too. This game is streets ahead of Virtua Tennis on the Wii once you get over the learning curve. This deserves a score of 8+ imo, the 72 Metascore doesn't do this game justice thanks to some reviewers not taking enough time to learn how to play the game. Reply 0
  • Virtua Tennis 2009

  • snowdog 19/06/2009

    Haven' bothered reading the review, just looked at the score. There's no way that Virtua Tennis should get a higher score than Grand Slam Tennis. Grand Slam Tennis is a better game by far once you get over the learning curve, worthy of a score of 8/10 at least. IGN have the right idea. Reply -11
  • Hirai cautions against early conclusions

  • snowdog 10/06/2009

    "I still think you're funny, Kaz, but really please be more subtle in the future; this is just name-calling. That said I think he had a point about the Wii in that it may not guarantee a large following on Nintendo's next console. "

    That all depends on whether the games for the Wii will be compatible with the Wii 2, and given Nintendo's record with both the Gamecube/Wii and GBA/DS/DSi I'd say it's quite likely. Backwards compatibility combined with something (who knows what...VR anyone lol) that makes the console stand out from it's competitors should ensure a fair amount of success.

    That's part of the reason why the PS3 has been a comparitive failure in the States and Japan. Why will your PS2 owners upgrade to the PS3 if they can't play their favourite PS2 games on the console..? Another reason is the ridiculous price of the console, although saying that the PS3 has fared better in Europe as a great deal of people have bought it as a budget Blu-Ray player.

    Still, the bottom line is that the price needs to come down by at least £100/$100...although rumours have been floating about that this'll happen in August in the States.
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  • High Voltage unveils The Grinder for Wii

  • snowdog 01/06/2009

    Looking great to me. The same stunning visual effects used (and before SMG was released it was thought that bump mapping was impossible on the Wii hardware) in The Conduit, with 65+ enemies on screen at the same time and 4 player online co-op. What more could you possibly want..?!? :Oo

    As for the complaint about HVS games being 'generic', what FPS games aren't generic..? The only thing that seems to seperate one generic FPS game from another is the weapons used in the game...and by the sound of it the weapons are pretty cool too.
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  • PS3 outsells Wii during March in Japan

  • snowdog 06/04/2009

    The Monster Hunter franchise will always sell in Japan, whether it has online fees or not. The sales of the Wii will pick up when Monster Hunter 3 and Wii Sports Resort are released during these next few months. Reply 0