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  • Live Nintendo E3 press conference

  • sneetch 07/06/2011

    I haven't seen the new one yet but I loved Luigi's Mansion! Reply 0
  • Acti: New COD has "unprecedented online"

  • sneetch 11/05/2011

    That's a whole lotta hyperbola there. Surely someone should have told Hirshberg that gamers tend to be incredibly cynical when they see marketese like that. Reply 0
  • Alan Wake 2 shows up on CV

  • sneetch 09/05/2011

    "All we've heard specifically about Alan Wake 2 is that if the project goes ahead, and Remedy would love that to be the case, the game would be exclusive to PC and Xbox 360."

    Damn fine work there Rob, you just misquoted an article on your own website:
    "With Microsoft Game Studios it's Xbox exclusive, or it's Xbox and PC," franchise development head Oskari Häkkinen told Eurogamer in an exclusive interview.

    "Please don't put that Alan Wake 2 is going to come out on PC, because that might not be true! Either is a possibility."
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  • PSN users' personal details compromised

  • sneetch 27/04/2011

    The only "good" thing in all this is that they stole so many accounts that most of us should be able to safely change our details and cancel our cards even now. Long afterwards. Reply +1
  • More Dawn of War II DLC announced

  • sneetch 01/04/2011

    Firann is right. I don't see any problems with this either, I love the Dark Angels, when I played 40k Rogue Trader back in the day Dark Angels were my favourite chapter, I'm tempted to get this - purely cosmetic and entirely optional - DLC for nostalgia alone. Reply 0
  • Fable III PC system requirements

  • sneetch 31/03/2011


    Windows 98 never really worked, don't see it would start now ;-)
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  • Tech Comparison: Crysis 2 PC

  • sneetch 28/03/2011

    My point is, at $60, the pc version just is not worth it, considering it's not taking full advantage of any modern day GPU, save for the fact of playing in 1080p(over 720p..upconverted to 1080p on the consoles) with some shaper/higher res. textures, and and a higher playable frame rate, of course.

    Wait, so although the PC version is graphically better than the XBox version (and that's apparently the criteria you decided on) the PC version isn't worth it at $60 but the XBox version is worth $60? That doesn't really make sense.

    Good luck selling the GTX590's for $500+.

    Oh they will sell, they'll sell a whole lot more in about 6 months when they're about $200 though and even more in about a year when the price drops further.
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  • Speedball 2: Evolution release date

  • sneetch 17/02/2011


    It's coming.

    "Tower Studios and Vivid Games, in association with The Bitmap Brothers, are proud to announce the imminent release of Speedball 2 Evolution for iPhone, iPhone4, iPad, Sony Minis, Android and Samsung Bada."
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  • Valve announces more Left 4 Dead 2 DLC

  • sneetch 17/02/2011


    Free for PC, 560 MS Points for XBox.

    I make this complete assumption based on past experience.

    560 MS points for 4 campaigns and (possibly) more? I doubt it. :)
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  • Steam owns half PC download market

  • sneetch 14/02/2011


    There are, look up Impulse, Onlive, Games for Windows, the problem these programs have is that Developers will go to the market leader first and Valve insist on adding Steamworks to the software which basically gives it exclusive online distribution. Valve are unwilling to give the Steamworks codes to Impulse or Microsoft's Game for Window's, so a monopoly is born.

    Valve don't insist on adding Steamworks. Most of the games they sell on Steam don't have Steamworks. The developers and publishers decide to use Steamworks for their own reasons (multiplayer matchmaking being one of them: its the largest playerbase on PC and you're more likely to sell a copy of a game to someone if he sees 10 of his friends playing it).

    As for Valve being unwilling to give Steamworks codes to others that's not true, they are quite willing to, the problem Impulse and others have is that Steamworks games using those features require Steam to be installed (hardly surprising) and Steam has a store front so they're unwilling to sell the Steam games because that advertises their competitors product.
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  • Enslaved sales fail to break 500,000

  • sneetch 03/02/2011

    Thank god the king of the pretentious alpha geeks has arrived to show us how to do it right then. :P Reply +2
  • sneetch 03/02/2011

    Well I bought it. It's a shame it didn't do better.

    I wonder how many of those sneering at it or dismissing it now will be praising it in 10 years when there's rumours of remakes ŕ la Beyond Good and Evil.

    (No, I don't think it's as good as Beyond Good and Evil but it stands out in a market dominated by FPS games).
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  • Carmack: id graphics next-gen ready

  • sneetch 01/02/2011


    Sheesh, he has Asperger's he's not a malfunctioning android.
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  • Abe's Oddysee HD remake confirmed

  • sneetch 31/01/2011

    Maybe Just Add Water are not hitting the quality bar that Microsoft expects for XBLA releases. I recently bought their PC port of Stranger's Wrath on Steam and it is truly awful!

    Yeah, it was released in a shameful state and it took them a month to get the first patch out. Shockingly poor showing there.

    It's a hell of a lot better now but I think I'll wait until the next patch before playing any further (I have an ATI card so the transparent textures and water are showing up as a series of lines for me, apparently it's not JAWs fault, but then they would be inclined to shift it to ATI's door if they can).

    Fantastic game though.
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  • Blizzard targets Warcraft gold sellers

  • sneetch 31/01/2011

    My account got "hacked" by a goldseller that enabled my 10 day trial for WoW. Well, I say hacked but here is the best part. My computer was not infected by any keyloggers, viruses or other such things that might have grabbed my login. I have never given out my user and pass. So, somehow they got the account access and as far as I know it wasn't from me.

    That happened to a friend of mine too, he hadn't logged on in about three months and hadn't entered his account and password in that time and suddenly his character was running about Stormpeaks, farming gold. I put an authenticator on my account that day.
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  • Minecraft fan creates Halo re-make

  • sneetch 28/01/2011

    @Butr0sButr0sYou know its a good remake when you can identify the map within 10 seconds of starting the video. Lockout was one of my favorites in Halo2. Ah, I on the other hand was wondering how it was Halo related at all until the other player came close enough to see the spartan textures. Reply +1
  • Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

  • sneetch 28/01/2011

    I would have enjoyed DK: Returns more if they took out the shake to roll gesture, give me a button for that sort of thing.

    I agree, I just wanted to be able to use my classic controller.

    Similarly I much preferred Mario Kart on Wii using the Cube controller.
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  • Source: NGP battery life is 4-5 hours

  • sneetch 27/01/2011

    "Eurogamer has been told by a source"? Really? Am I the only one reading this as "a man said the NGP battery life is 4-5 hours"?

    What was your source's source?
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  • Kojima shows Metal Gear Solid 4 on NGP

  • sneetch 27/01/2011

    I'm disgusted with the declining quality of comments on this site: 11 comments and no-one's said the battery life isn't long enough for the cut-scenes in MGS4?

    You're slipping lads! ;)
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  • Next Generation Portable: features

  • sneetch 27/01/2011

    @ClimhazzardFanboys are amazing. Kinda like how the PS3 was just a PS2 "with a few more features and probably just a more powerful system" or the 3DS is just a DS "with a few more features and probably just a more powerful system"? Reply +1
  • Sony shows PSP2 NGP concept footage

  • sneetch 27/01/2011

    Sponsored by Skittles?I remember when people would show products... not wanky LSD based "concept" footage... ah the good old days. Reply 0
  • Blizzard announces StarCraft II mods beta

  • sneetch 26/01/2011

    No, Blizzard own the World of StarCraft name, they have no problem with the mod, they do with the name. Reply +5
  • Nintendo justifies Zelda-free 3DS launch

  • sneetch 26/01/2011

    What they've done now is, apparently, add the 3D periscope section where you spin around (with the system held to your face) to aim.

    Are you serious? I hope there's a normal controls option otherwise that rules out playing on buses/planes/tube where-ever else you can't just swivel freely like a gobshite.

    I went on an island hopping holiday last year and I bought Zelda Spirit Tracks to play on the planes/ferries/whatever and it was unplayable a lot of the time, the background noise of whatever mode of transports engine completely overwhelmed the microphone meaning anything that used the microphone was just an exercise in frustration.

    The ability to just use the stylus/buttons would have been brilliant!
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  • Dragon Age 2 has 103 mins of cutscenes

  • sneetch 25/01/2011

    That's 103 mins of cutscenes split over, what, somewhere between 30 and 100 hours of gameplay? Many of those will be cutscenes will presumably be mirrored between good and bad versions.

    I don't think that'll be all that difficult to endure, we're not talking about FF XIII levels of "walk down the corridor, encounter a cutscene, kill the monster in the cutscene, walk down the corridor, encounter a cutscene" here. Now that was tedious.

    In contrast the original Dragon Age Origins had 61 minutes of cutscenes. They can if not overdone help set the tone.
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  • Dare to be Digital open for entries

  • sneetch 24/01/2011
    "Those teams applying from the island of Ireland MUST have a mix of team members from universities in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with at least 2 team members from each region."

    Jesus, talk about Political Correctness gone mad.
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  • MS support led to Homefront DLC deal

  • sneetch 21/01/2011

    Money really provides universal "support". You'd imagine that if the various arms of Microsoft were communicating that the exclusive DLC would be spread over PC and 360 but as usual they give the lie to their near-annual claims that they're going to increase PC support. Reply +3
  • Duke Nukem Forever release date

  • sneetch 21/01/2011

    Didn't gearbox say they were just "finishing it off" and "polishing it up" so it can be released, not actually doing any changes to it?

    I believe they did... I'm not expecting anything amazing here... if it's decent I'll pick it up though.
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  • Kid Icarus: Uprising

  • sneetch 21/01/2011

    Then you have a higher level of dexterity than me. I just tried and I can't. Using my left hand I am handicapped in both speed and precision. Fair play to you if you don't have this problem, but don't be so presumptuous.

    Fair enough, but in turn you shouldn't be so presumptuous that my "higher level of dexterity" isn't closer to the norm than your level. It's something left-handed gamers can learn (and possibly already have had to learn to a greater or lesser degree as every hand-held I've seen is biased towards right-handed people) whether or not that's easy is down to the individual. Hell, a lot of people's level of dexterity is such that they can't play games at all.

    It's down to training/practice in the end.
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  • sneetch 20/01/2011

    @sneetch: using a stylus requires far far more dexterity than using a thumbstick.

    Try writing your name with your offhand. That's the level of handicap left handed gamers will have using a stylus in their right hand.

    Ah, partially a fair point: you don't have to write your name with your off-hand, you have to select enemies and move the camera around. The shooting is done with the shoulder buttons.

    I can "target" things with a pen held in my left hand quite handily.
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  • sneetch 20/01/2011

    One of the flagship games for the console and it looks like it's going to be incredibly difficult for 10% of the population to play it.

    Why? Does 10% of the population only have one hand or something?

    If you're talking about left handed people then surely they've got used to gaming with the wrong hand by now?
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  • sneetch 20/01/2011

    "The game felt easier to play with the 3D effect turned off, it has to be said."

    Ouch! They've been unstoppable with the Wii and DS revisions but with the high price, the high power demands, the mixed feelings about the 3D, reports of headaches and dizziness could this be Nintendo's next red-herring? Shame if it is.

    Mind you I would prefer the (sadly non-existent) rumoured Wii Kid Icarus reboot to this any day.
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  • EA email implies Zampella sabotaged COD

  • sneetch 21/01/2011

    I didn't read it as a joke. The final reference to "Kotick being belligerent" is just too realistic. We'd have to see the wider context - i.e. the rest of the email - to see if it was all a big wheeze.

    Did it end with a treble exclamation mark or an emoticon?

    Yeah, realistically you have to see not only the entire mail but the entire thread (it was a response to a mail with a subject of "The Fall of IW?") and other sample email threads they had. Did they joke often in these? Hell if you take some of my work emails and responses in isolation I look like a "disloyal" employee too. I normally use the ol' ;) emoticon though.

    This is not proof of anything in itself.
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  • Dead Space 2 armour in Dragon Age 2

  • sneetch 21/01/2011

    Think this one looks kinda cool to be honest, but you know, you're not actually required to use it the armour, I had the Mass Effect 2 armour in Dragon Age and I didn't use it at all (as it was just too powerful for the game). If you never use the armour your "immersion" can never be broken by it. Reply +2
  • Microsoft encourages Geohot's work

  • sneetch 20/01/2011

    Dunno if I'd say Microsoft had anything to do with this. The guy works for Microsoft sure, but looking at his twitter feed I see his bio is "Entrepreneur on loan to Microsoft focused on getting our developer mojo back." which (apart from making him sound like a bit of a bell-end in my opinion) leads me to believe he doesn't even see himself as representing Microsoft. But hey, much more controversial if you make out it's some kind of official company line.

    As the disclaimer goes: "Any opinions expressed in this email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of [Company Name]." a person saying or doing something doesn't automatically mean that the company they work for would approve of it.

    Edit: formatting ate my post!
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  • Lovefilm targeting "many platforms"

  • sneetch 20/01/2011

    Innovate is already my most hated word of the decade.

    Monetise is mine.
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  • Nintendo's David Yarnton

  • sneetch 20/01/2011

    "It's still really good value. The fact it's a 3D entertainment device – you can't get anything that's 3D at that sort of price without having to wear glasses as well. Get that one in."

    Ah but value, like beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and in my eyes this is poor value. I love the "Get that one in", this is not a PR service David, this is an interview.

    Also region locking in this day and age is bullshit (as are the excuses they give for it).
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  • Molyneux to be honoured at GDC

  • sneetch 19/01/2011

    Oh and all he's done of late is the Fable series and the Milo bullshit.

    The clue's in the award name: "Lifetime Achievement Award" not the "Of Late Achievement Award".

    For all he did he's as entitled to it as anyone else I can think of.

    And Fable was very good, Fable II was better, dunno about Fable III yet waiting for PC version.
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  • Raspberry Pi: A tiny PC that costs Ł10

  • sneetch 19/01/2011

    These kids can't afford a PC or laptop but can afford a TV with a HDMI port?

    Maybe they can't afford a PC or laptop but their parents can afford a TV with a HDMI port?

    Regardless, this is quite possible (I'd guess Android as persus-9 mentioned).

    However, if they don't have a PC I reckon most won't have internet access either but I'd go for one, a PC for web broswing plugged into the HDMI port? Sounds good to me.
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  • Face-Off: Mass Effect 2

  • sneetch 18/01/2011

    "The news that Mass Effect is now a cross-platform franchise has been met with many questions. Just how well can a previously Xbox 360-exclusive title operate on the opposing platform?"

    You have heard of the PC I take it Richard? :P
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  • Homefront dev defends 10-hour days

  • sneetch 17/01/2011

    Yeah, and you will be first out the door when the inevitable post release lay-offs come around. So while you're not being forced directly the threats are all there.

    "Well of course you don't have to work in the salt mines, you're not slaves but of course if you don't then you'll be shot."
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  • Bulletstorm PC specs: is that it?

  • sneetch 11/01/2011

    These days, thanks to the almost complete lack of optimisation given to PC ports of console games, you do need a PC with 3 or 4 times the power of the consoles, just to be able to "brute force" your way to a good framerate with nice detail.

    Unfortunately, that's a very good point.

    Games like Metro 2033 show that, launching with a terribly sub-optimised build that have to be patched or "hacked" into playable form. It's sloppy stuff.
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  • sneetch 11/01/2011

    Ah, another example disproving the myth that you need to update your PC every 2 days. Reply +13
  • Is Razer revolutionising game notebooks?

  • sneetch 10/01/2011

    That picture of it playing WoW seems to be missing about 18,000 buttons.

    Not really, the bottom keyboard for most of your moving about and whatnot and the hotbars on the top touchscreen for your spells, it's what I've been wanting for ages and I'd get it tomorrow (preferably with a bigger screen) if it was on sale.
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  • Where does my money go?

  • sneetch 10/01/2011

    Thanks arcam I feared as much. If the publisher decided to put a copy of Vanquish in every copy of The Mail on Sunday and receive a penny per copy they probably have that right... of course in a year or two it might purely be them clearing stock but so soon after release it's probably a publisher deal Reply 0
  • sneetch 10/01/2011

    I bought Vanquish for 18 euro just before Christmas, haven't had a chance to play it yet I just picked it up because it was a good price and I'd like to see more games like that, I'd like to know if that meant the devs got even less or did they get the same as they would anyway and did GameStop take the hit?

    Edit: GameStop not GameSpot
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  • Piss on SEGA's new game machine

  • sneetch 07/01/2011


    Surely SEGA will launch a remake of Deep Scan:
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  • Torchlight II co-op could support eight

  • sneetch 07/01/2011

    Looking forward to this, the only thing I really missed from Torchlight 1 was co-op, it's gonna be a great run-around, panicking, save-yourself, leave-the-wounded game! :) Reply +1
  • Is Kinect killing your Xbox 360?

  • sneetch 06/01/2011

    Truly your advanced technology amazes me: where does one get these 'square sausages'? Reply +1
  • Modern Warfare prequel rumoured

  • sneetch 05/01/2011

    Call of Duty: Slightly Out-Dated Warfare it is then. Reply +10
  • ilomilo

  • sneetch 05/01/2011

    I enjoyed the demo, there's a real richness and quality to downloadable games on the 360, it's a shame a few more of these gems don't come to PC as well.

    It's supposed to be coming to the PC, WiiWare and PSN too. And is supposed to be out on WP7 by now, that might only be in the US though (Edit: ah, it's an AT&T "exclusive" in the US at the moment, aren't exclusives fun!)
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