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  • Anime Lovers

    A group for all you anime lovers out there! 294 Members

  • Bionic Commando's

    Group dedicated to Bionic Commando. This game kicks spiderman in
    the ball's! 3 Members

  • City of Heroes/Villains

    Discuss the exciting world of City Of Heroes/Villains here. 3792 Members

  • Empire of Sports

    1190 Members

  • Fighting Gamer

    Welcome fellow Fighting Game Fanatics! Whether you play 2D games
    like Street Figther or 3D games like Tekken, this group is for
    you! Whether you keep up with th… 28 Members

  • iDOLM@STER Appreciation Society

    For crazy people like me who feel strangely drawn to this game. 7 Members

  • LittleBigPlanet Level Makers

    The aim of this group is to collect gamers from EG who share the
    goal of creating levels in LittleBigPlanet (by Media Molecule)
    and providing a single area for… 5789 Members

  • My Chemical Romance

    Just a group dedicated to my favourite band. Come have a chat if
    you like :) 3 Members

  • PlayStation Universe

    PlayStation 3 News, Game Reviews, Screenshots and More 22 Members

  • PS3 4 ME!!!

    im new 2 this site but i do like the format very much !!
    although im new i do have alot of imnfo 4 ps3 users but also i
    hope you do 2 4 Members

  • PS3 Lodge

    Keep the console war crap out and we'll all get along just fine
    ^_______^ 98 Members

  • PS3, I Choose You!

    The Only PS3 Group You'll Ever Need! 440 Members


    Don't hate the PSP? Get on in here! 154 Members

  • Racing Games

    For all racing game fans, talk here about the new games coming
    out or the games that have already been released. 7 Members

  • RC Models

    RC Aeroplanes,Boats,Cars ect ect 3 Members

  • SCEE forum

    For all SCEE forum members 42 Members


    For all those who love to get immersed. 2 Members

  • Skate on PlayStation 3

    For anyone who is up for some online skate on the PS3! 5 Members


    For all Socom fans existing or new, this is the group for you,
    join the fight. 731 Members

  • Soul Calibur Arena

    A meeting place for all the fans of Namco's Soul Calibur video
    game series 7 Members

  • Students!!!

    good day everone, great day students! whether at college or uni,
    come here and, erm, socilaise! 9 Members

  • Swedish Group of Doom. In space.

    Right. Swedes only. Or, well, if you really want to join anyway,
    you can. But it'd be a bit silly. 20 Members

  • Tom Clancy's Endwar

    The Revoulutionary RTS which uses voice commands as it's default
    control mechanism. Play as the Russians, Americans or Europeans
    in a global scale conflict. Onl… 1643 Members

  • Virtua Tennis 3

    Love! 20 Members

  • Xbox 360 Owners

    173 Members

  • Xbox Haters

    For all the people out there WHO ABSOLOUTLEY HATE
    XBOXES!!!!!!! AARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 Members