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  • Digital Foundry vs. Uncharted 3

  • smithdown 06/11/2011

    Just finished it tonight, ace game. I think I prefer UC2's set pieces and art design on the whole, but the improvements in facial animation in 3 is incredibl. It honestly felt like watching a Pixar movie a lot of the time, just amazing! Everything zips and pops with such colour and clarity. Sure there are some weird moments with animation glitches, NPC buddies teleporting ahead if you etc, which break the immersion but no biggie really. I would have liked a bit more Elena, as well as Chloe and Cutter. And maybe more backstory on Marlow and Ramsay, the ending felt a bit rushed and could have used more closure, cos there were a lot of loose threads! So, great game but inferior to 2, in my book.

    PS - What is with all the bitchiness on this thread guys? It's like a fucking sewing circle, man up (if you're men).
    And one more thing, realised my post was a bit negative when I really think U3 was ace, only game for ages where I properly gasped at a cut scene (you know the one...). I will prob have another go through on Hard before sending it back to Livefilm - yes sorry guilty of renting it buying, just bought Dark Souls and Batman so decided something had to be sacrificed sadly. Will prob buy it when it's platinum in a few months and have an uncharted marathon!! Happy days!!
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  • Christina Hendricks in NFS: The Run

  • smithdown 18/10/2011

    Would. Just.... would. Top of my 'list'. Reply +1
  • Register for new Xbox Live dash preview

  • smithdown 13/10/2011

    Umm, any details of HOW to register?? Reply +2
  • UK top 40: FIFA denies Rage, Dark Souls

  • smithdown 10/10/2011

    Dark Souls will destroy us all... Reply +10
  • Tech pioneer Steve Jobs dies aged 56

  • smithdown 06/10/2011

    Sad news to wake up to. His legacy will be remembered. Reply +6
  • Monstrous new Dark Souls footage

  • smithdown 29/09/2011

    Put that on the telly please! It'll sell a boat-load. Excellent choice of music and footage. Can't wait for next week, fingers crossed this hot weather pisses right off so I don't feel so bad locking myself in a darkened room for a week. Reply +1
  • Demon's Souls servers staying open

  • smithdown 22/09/2011

    Excellent news! Hopefully those people who buy Dark Souls will enjoy it so much that they will go back and try Demon's Souls too. I expect this is what Atlus are banking on. Which reminds me, I must go back and finish it! Reply +14
  • Dishonored

  • smithdown 06/08/2011

    Nice preview. There's another lengthy preview and mort artwork in thus month's Edge mag. They also sound v excited.
    Game is looking great.
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  • Crytek working on new FPS IP – report

  • smithdown 29/07/2011

    Spam Attack?!!!!!
    Piss off you fuck-nuggets!
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  • Resistance 3 beta dated and detailed

  • smithdown 28/07/2011

    Cool, maybe we can duke it out on the beach at Oxwich Bay where I spent many a happy childhood holiday!
    Hard lines boyo!
    Never played R2 but the first game was good, solid shooting. Had a very old school, Ps2 type feel to it, somehow.
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  • Carmack takes aim at "snooty" indies

  • smithdown 19/07/2011

    Unfotunately succeeding CoDs have ridden the coat-tails of CoD4's success. The subsequent installments have been far weaker, but many of the people buying them are unaware of the true diversity in gaming because they don't visit sites like this and are only educated about gaming through TV ads, and perhaps what their mates are playing. They are then caught. in a loop that means they all feel the need to move to the next annual update just because that is what their friends are doing. This situation isn't anyone's fault, but developers could be working to push boundaries within this rigid framework rather than just pumping out the same old thing every year. I think that is what most of us are bemoaning about CoD. Reply 0
  • Play games on Eurogamer using Gaikai

  • smithdown 08/06/2011

    Great news for peeps like me who haven't really tried pc gaming before. Nice one EG. x Reply 0
  • Shadow of the Colossus screenshots

  • smithdown 08/06/2011

    These are lovely. Tho I prefer Ico, SotC I the one which will really benefit from this update. Reply +2
  • New ICO screenshots uncovered

  • smithdown 08/06/2011

    Oh dear Wario... Well persevere! Go from one to the other, battering them off her. There are some much tougher battles later, where they turn up and you're miles away. Reply +3
  • Halo 4 announcement teaser

  • smithdown 08/06/2011

    Not a megafan of Halo but....Fuck yeah! Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief!! Reply +3
  • EA pledges allegiance to Wii U

  • smithdown 08/06/2011

    Screw the haters, I've loved Nintendo since I was 7 and despite the Wii being a slight let down I will love them for a long time yet. Reply +1
  • Brand new Battlefield 3 footage

  • smithdown 07/06/2011

    Mind blowing. Seriously.This is the first game to ever really make me wish I had a high end pC rather than consoles, to get that impact in full. Alas economics won't allow it, but I'm sure this will still look amazing on PS360. Reply 0
  • Uncharted 3 gameplay demoed

  • smithdown 07/06/2011

    Amazing! I kinda can't believe that ND take so much time and care designing incredible spaces like that ballroom only to have Drake barrel thru them in 10secs, seems like a waste of so much artistry! This will be an amazing experience. Reply +1
  • First Darksiders 2 details confirmed

  • smithdown 02/06/2011

    I'm playing Darksiders at the mo, getting near the end now and I must say it has been tremendous. Challenging puzzles, ballsy combat and buckets of gore. It'll be great if they upgrade the engine a bit - the first one suffers from a bit of screen tearing and some rough textures, though this is easily overlooked by the awesome artwork. Reply +2
  • Sony details "Welcome Back" offers

  • smithdown 16/05/2011

    Personally I'm pleased and surprised. Older games but still good ones. Better than the expected PSN games. As for those moaning - Sony owe you fuck all (aside from Plus charges for those who subscribe) so why the attitude? They could give u nowt and wait for the inevitable investigations from the world's information auditing authorities to decide on fines etc. Would your local Council give you a tax rebate if they lost your details? Fat chance. Reply +2
  • Sony turning PlayStation Network online

  • smithdown 15/05/2011

    Nearly ... there ... Sony ..... ngggggg..... Reply 0
  • Dark Souls Collector's Edition detailed

  • smithdown 11/05/2011

    Sold!! Will look lovely on the shelf next to my Black Phantom Ed Demon's Souls. Nice work From!! Reply +3
  • Brutal new Dark Souls trailer released

  • smithdown 11/05/2011

    Gulp.... Reply 0
  • Howard Stringer's letter to PSN users

  • smithdown 06/05/2011

    A frank letter, well written and reasonable. However, still no apology for the unforgivable act of keeping unencrypted personal data. And no commitment to a date when we can play online again. So pretty much a pointles exercise. Reply 0
  • Split/Second studio lay-offs confirmed

  • smithdown 05/05/2011

    Another British developer going down the tubes, such a shame. The govt need to wake up and sort out the tax breaks and other incentives to support this important industry,which is surely the sort of creative, digital business that we should be excelling at and that Cameron wants for the UK. Reply +5
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collector's Ed

  • smithdown 19/04/2011

    Cool box art.

    I'd be interested in the art book, but the rest of it ... not so much...
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  • Portal 2 co-op - first 15 mins

  • smithdown 19/04/2011

    Who would watch this?? Why ruin it?? Reply 0
  • Portal 2

  • smithdown 19/04/2011

    The cringiness was what made the Office so great and different, at the time. Better than the cheesey shmaltz vomitted on to the screen by most US sitcoms. Reply +6
  • smithdown 19/04/2011

    @apoc reg: "Only worry i have is that like the first one (it being Valve) they wont release additional puzzles for it quickly and efficiently."

    Portal 2 is a different beast, a standalone AAA title that Valve look to be supporting fully. Portal was a bonus inclusion in the Orange Box, so its not surprising it had little support (though don't forget the addiitional challenge levels that were released with Portal: Still Alive on XBLA).

    Valve have already promised DLC for the sequel, and apparently there is an in-game DLC store (presumably on the front menu). What that DLC will look like and whether it will include user-generated levels, I don't know. I hope hope HOPE they'll allow the PC community (at least) access to developer tools, cos the mechanics in Portal 2 would allow for some properly mind-bending UGC. If those are then made available to everyone playing on every platform... I might never have to buy a game ever again!

    EDIT: Have just had a dispatch email from HMV, squeee!
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  • smithdown 19/04/2011

    Never a doubt in my mind that this would be awesome.

    I'm getting it on PS3 - I've barely any friends on either console (sniff!) and none of them are likely to buy this anyway! So if anyone wants to add me to their PSN list for some co-op, it's the same as my EG username. I have a headset!

    One question I'd like someone to answer - have Valve added in any replayability, like the awesome challenge maps in the first one? I hear rumblings about DLC too, but what will it look like?? A level editor would be awesome, give that to the PC crowd and allow PS3 players to access the UGC levels!

    Look at me still talking while there's science to be done ...
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  • Out This Week - 22/04/11

  • smithdown 18/04/2011

    Portal 2 all the way, looks like it's gonna be a monster hit!! Seriously excited.I had no idea Red River was out so soon, I only heard about it last month! Interested to see how it turns out, will await the reviews given the mixed reception given to Dragon Rising. I hear rumblings of it being a bit run'n'gun which is disappointing. Reply 0
  • Extended Battlefield 3 gameplay

  • smithdown 18/04/2011

    My brain is fizzing and sparking - cannot....compute....too...awesome...


    Seriously DICE, bravo.
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  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • smithdown 18/04/2011

    So Harbour Master is basically Flight Control with boats and without the awesome jazzy soundtrack? Pass.

    EG - When's the Portal 2 review going up?!?!? Inquiring minds want to know!
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  • Fallout: New Vegas Game of the Year Ed

  • smithdown 18/04/2011

    Hopefully they will have fixed some of the near legendary bugs, such as people's heads revolving at high speed, eyes floating disembodied 6 inches in front of faces etc. I've been hanging on from buying New Vegas until they solved these issues.

    EDIT: Amazon have GOTY listed for £32.49 on 360. The normal edition is only £11.66 at the moment (only 9 left!). I guess if there are 3-4 DLC packs at around £6 each (is that going price for DLC??) you are just about better off waiting for the GOTY edition.

    With Portal 2 out this week and a backlog of awesome games still to wade through, I'll hang on I reckon.

    I can't help feel that this isn't a very friendly selling model that we have at the moment. Fans of franchises buy the latest version of Game X at full retail on day 1 and buy all the DLC at full whack, then proceed to get dicked left right and centre by the introduction of GOTY editions which more casual fans pick up at a fraction of the price. It doesn't exactly inspire brand loyalty. But I'm damned if I can think of a way around it....
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  • EA shows latest Battlefield 3 trailer

  • smithdown 17/04/2011

    Is this from the future sent back by trans-dimensional beings to fuck me in the brain? Uneffingbelievable!!!! Reply 0
  • GAME's £99 Wii price unrelated to Wii 2

  • smithdown 15/04/2011

    That is bloody good value. Doubly good considering it's coming from GAME.

    I'd still rather chew my own face off than shop there though.
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  • Gears of War 3: Multiplayer Beta

  • smithdown 15/04/2011

    I never really enjoyed the competitive MP in Gears 2, I guess maybe because of the problemse mentioned in the article (but more likely cos I sucked). I did like a good Horde session though. Gears 3 is looking lovely, clearly Unreal 3 is still benefiting from tweaks, as shown recently by Bulletstorm (which I'm playing through at the moment and which also looks great). Reply +1
  • Next Nintendo console to use Blu-ray?

  • smithdown 15/04/2011

    I should have thought that any touch-control pad would be incorporated within a more traditional button-festooned controller.

    This is all sounds very interesting but I'm expecting a lot of it to be total bollocks.
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  • Portal 2 Steam release today?

  • smithdown 15/04/2011

    I have no beef with PC players getting the game first, but I do wonder if this will impact on the much-heralded cross-platform co-op. If PC players have the game a week in advance, won't most of them opt to play with other PC gamers rather than wait for PS3 players to get it? Maybe it won't have a major impact, I dunno, just seems to me to undermine it all a bit.

    If this happens, I shall be on lockdown on Portal 2 until my PS3 copy turns up next week. Enjoy the trans-dimensional ride anyone who gets it legally early!
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution viral video

  • smithdown 14/04/2011

    Great video, slightly creepy vibe. Love it. Reply +8
  • Anonymous' "biggest ever attack"

  • smithdown 14/04/2011

    Big words, little man.

    Edit: Why the negs? The guy is clearly getting off on this little bit of fame and is really not deserving of our attention.
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  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

  • smithdown 13/04/2011

    Sounds alright, if they polished up the visuals and made the controls nice and tight, and included Move support for PS3, I'd be definitiley tempted to at least rent it. Reply -1
  • SOCOM: Special Forces

  • smithdown 12/04/2011

    Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning did you, Steve?
    Probably the most curmugeonly review I have ever read. Perhaps shooter fatigue setting in?

    Game sounds like a rental to me, a bit of fun for a weekend session.
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  • inFamous 2

  • smithdown 12/04/2011

    I hadn't planned on getting this until I heard about the UGC elements they were introducing. Now it is very much on my radar. Reply +1
  • Valve reveals Portal 2 artwork hoard

  • smithdown 12/04/2011

    @Xabarin - You kid, surely??

    @Softie2K - I wouldn't say there are any spoilers, unless you have literally read nothing about the game at all. Even then, concept art can be taken to mean anything. Most of the concepts would have been rejected anyway, cos it's all part of an iterative process.

    I am salivating at the thought of receiving Portal 2 next week. Good news - its on a Bank Holiday meaning I can play all day (girlfirend permitting). Bad news - its on a Bank Holiday meaning my postie won't be delivering. Nooooooooo!
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  • Op Flash: Red River co-op footage

  • smithdown 11/04/2011

    Not the most dynamic and exciting trailer ever. I hope this doesn't fall in to the gap between run'n'gun fans and military sim fans, which on the strength of this vid looks pretty likely. Reply -6
  • smithdown 11/04/2011

    Not the most dynamic and exciting trailer ever. I hope this doesn't fall in to the gap between run'n'gun fans and military sim fans, which on the strength of this vid looks pretty likely. Reply +8
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • smithdown 11/04/2011

    Penny Crayoooon, can draw anything she likes, fat cats and dogs and crocodiles, and juggernauts and bikes Reply 0
  • UK top 40: Zumba Fitness triumphs

  • smithdown 11/04/2011

    After having a go on The Biggest Loser on Kinect at my mate's house, I am certain I will never buy a fitness game, mostly cos the game's representation of me made me look like one of those twins that ride around on the scooters in dungarees. But also cos the tech is flawed and kept refusing to register me. But I respect the fact that they are getting people who would otherwise be sitting shovelling pies in to their faces doing some excercise, and it presents an enjoyable interactive experience for those who are scared of the gym. What amazes me is the pure SCALE of their popularity! Reply +4
  • Portal 2 exclusive interview

  • smithdown 04/04/2011

    Any news on a winner yet??

    Got to level 8 on the minigame but my fingers failed me, I'm not a PC gamer and don't have the requisite mouse skills. Cool game though!
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