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  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • smenj 21/02/2014

    That's a pretty tough one for me. Undead Nightmare, for instance, was stellar, but I'm not sure if it counts as 'story-driven'. Mass Effect 2's story DLC was nice, but I got it free with my PS3 copy, so again I'm not sure if that counts. There's plenty I'm yet to get around to as well, such as Blood Dragon, The Missing Link, 400 Days and Minerva's Den (of which I've heard nothing but great things - very much looking forward to it!), so my answer may well change when I get around to those.

    Thinking about it, though, there's probably only one recent story-driven DLC that comes to mind for me, so I'd say my answer has to be the bonus case for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies on 3DS. It was already a fantastic game, but the DLC added one of the funnier, and certainly more memorable cases in the series to date! It nicely slotted into Dual Destinies' existing story without issue, and was a nice self-contained story itself. Not only that, but it was pretty reasonably priced, to boot! Doing DLC right, unlike many others. Certainly hope Capcom release more of the same - I'd be more than willing to throw down another 4 for a second bonus case.
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  • The Last of Us: Left Behind is a two-hour triumph

  • smenj 07/02/2014

    Was thinking I might be a little disappointed with this DLC, since it appeared to be telling a story we already mostly knew about from the main game, and I wasn't sure how much it could expand the narrative. Reading this, however, makes me more hopeful. Thanks, EG! Reply +2
  • Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper launches on iOS

  • smenj 10/01/2014

    Note: Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. This game, including all in-game tutorials, supports English only. A network connection is required to play.
    If that's the case, the app description doesn't make that very clear. Still, that's good to hear!
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  • smenj 09/01/2014

    An always-online mandate on a mobile game is one of the stupidest things I've seen in a long time. Rhythm Thief's good too, so that's quite disappointing. Reply +5
  • Letter from America: The highs and lows of 2013

  • smenj 04/01/2014

    I'm not sure which is my earliest memory, depends on which of these happened first:

    Either it's when my dad got my brother and I a new Gameboy Colour (purple and see-through!) along with a copy of Pokemon Yellow, and give it to us to play on a long plane journey during a holiday, or it's the (slightly more depressing) time when, near Christmas, our car was broken into, and all the presents, including our new Playstation and games, got stolen. I kinda hope it's the former.
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  • Live: VGX 2013

  • smenj 07/12/2013

    Are Telltale massively expanding after the success of TWD? They're making TWD season 2, Fables, some Game Of Thrones adaption, and now this, too. Reply 0
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two details revealed, due this year

  • smenj 29/10/2013

    @MrJellybean I agree with you, to be honest. Not that I don't like Clementine, but I kind of felt that her story was done with by the end of the first season. Would've wanted a cameo in season 2 or something, but not her being the main character.

    EDIT: Though, given how excellent season 1 was, I'm sure Telltale will be able to pull this off well, even if it's not what I would've chosen. Here's hoping!
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  • Titanfall will be playable at Eurogamer Expo

  • smenj 09/09/2013

    Finally, when someone asks me if I've seen Titanfall, I'll be able to say "Yes. Yes I have." Reply +3
  • UK publisher asks for help releasing Devil Survivor 2

  • smenj 01/08/2013

    While it's nice that they're being open about having trouble getting the game out, rather than maintaining silence like most publishers are wont to do on these kinds of issues, holding the game hostage until you get a certain number of pre-orders (direct from the publisher's website, no less!) just seems underhanded, especially since many people aren't exactly too trustworthy of Ghostlight right now given the problems with Devil Survivor Overclocked, and may not want to pre-order for that very reason.

    Hopefully this kind of tactic won't become a trend for games with release troubles such as this.

    EDIT: Looking at it a bit more, I guess Ghostlight doesn't really have much of a choice here, and the game wouldn't be being released at all if not for this. I suppose it's fair enough then, but I would wish there was another option.
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  • PlayStation 3 update 4.45 bricking some consoles

  • smenj 19/06/2013

    I've been hearing that this is only really affecting people with hard drives >500GB. Not sure how true that is, but there you go. Reply +14
  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • smenj 07/06/2013

    It's rare to see a company so actively try to put me off buying something. I really, really hope Sony doesn't go the same way with the PS4. Reply +6
  • Telltale Humble Bundle lasts for this week only

  • smenj 31/05/2013

    Humble have really been on form lately. Reply +1
  • TimeGate Studios has filed for bankruptcy

  • smenj 02/05/2013

    Seems unusual that they went bankrupt so soon after announcing a new title. Wouldn't have expected them to announce it at all if they saw this coming. Reply +3
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD set back until July

  • smenj 25/04/2013

    @ShiftBreaker I wouldn't hold your breath. It was set to come out last summer, then last winter, then early this year. Given that it got released in Japan at the end of January last year and is already translated, I don't know what the hell they're doing, but it doesn't seem to be getting any closer to release. Reply 0
  • Driving ambition: pCARS, crowdfunding and the FSA

  • smenj 18/04/2013

    Fascinating stuff, EG. Love these kinds of articles. Reply +1
  • UK government launches in-app purchases survey for parents

  • smenj 17/04/2013

    @TheDrbrian I guess you have a point, but that's not necessarily true. All that needs to happen is a child seeing their parent entering it when buying something themselves, and then they'll know that's the number they need to enter when they want to buy something. And while I'd hope that most kids would be responsible enough to ask their parents before buying something, or at least know when something's too expensive to consider buying (70 IAPs come to mind...), that's pretty clearly not always the case. Parents certainly hold a good portion of the blame, but the fact remains that half these incidents wouldn't happen if these ludicrous IAPs weren't in games specifically for children in the first place. Reply +1
  • smenj 17/04/2013

    Everyone needs to stop saying that it's entirely the parents' fault. Clearly, there's many parents who need to be more aware of the parental controls available to them, but it's not like these will always help. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've known most of my parents' passwords, PINs and the like for years, either through going shopping for them or seeing them type them in. I'm sure I'm hardly alone in that regard, and while I'm obviously not going to spend their money without asking, I doubt the same could be said for a 6-year-old who doesn't really know how much he's spending. It's not like parents can be expected to watch their child 100% of the time they're within reach of a PC, phone or tablet, especially since most of these IAPs can be done in under 5 seconds. Reply +6
  • Square Enix boss leaves as company announces "extraordinary loss"

  • smenj 26/03/2013

    @gillri I don't know about the others, but from what I heard, Sleeping Dogs did great in the UK, and then a bit meh everywhere else. Reply 0
  • Ace Attorney 5′s heroine will deduce lies by listening to heartbeats

  • smenj 19/03/2013

    Looking at that picture of Apollo, and I can't help but think...

    ...Law has changed.
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  • Square Enix "investigating" after Tesco stores break Tomb Raider street date

  • smenj 04/03/2013

    Well, mine came from ShopTo earlier today - only 19.85! I wonder why they always do the PC DVD version cheaper than the PC download... Reply +1
  • Telltale: "There may very well be more Walking Dead ... before season two"

  • smenj 26/02/2013

    @WinterSnowblind I really doubt they will. They're making a Season 2, sure, but they're making another game inbetween Season 1 and 2 as well. Even if there is a Season 3, who's to say they won't do the same thing? God knows they must've made enough money off Season 1 alone to be able to make something else. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 pre-orders are live at GAME, requires a 20 deposit

  • smenj 22/02/2013

    Shopto seem to think it'll cost 399.85. Reply 0
  • Chivalry mod lowers gravity, terrifies everyone

  • smenj 16/02/2013

    The game looks fun and all, but...

    ...That goat video, dear God, EG.
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  • UK chart: Ni No Kuni conjures up first place victory

  • smenj 04/02/2013

    @KRadiation I had the exact same problem trying to find a Vita copy of Virtue's Last Reward when I was recently in the US. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 to launch in Japan and North America this year, but not reach Europe until early 2014 - report

  • smenj 01/02/2013

    I'm not really that bothered about this, though I'm a bit disappointed - I thought they'd finally managed to put a stop to this crap in Europe, for the most part. So long as the wait isn't as long as last time, I won't care too much. I guess it also means we may well get some more launch titles and things, and we'll know about most potential problems in advance, so that's good, at least. Reply 0
  • PS3 Skyrim DLC arrives in a fortnight's time, Dragonborn first

  • smenj 01/02/2013

    Good to see these finally arrive, though I'm curious to see how well they end up running.

    Additionally, the taglines are on top form today, Eurogamer!
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  • Monaco creator thinks Kickstarter stretch goals are "bulls***"

  • smenj 29/01/2013

    I see what this guy's trying to say, but I think @Arconic has it right here. The stretch goals usually aren't so fans can submit their ideas for inclusion, and I doubt many designers are coming up with extra ideas for stretch goals that wouldn't fit the game, or are completely pointless. The stretch goals that I've seen are mostly things that designers would've loved to include, yet can't due to budget constraints (for example, extra songs on a soundtrack). Reply +1
  • Fox shamelessly steals Still Alive composer's song for Glee

  • smenj 26/01/2013

    @Enaksan I've got JoCo Looks Back, I believe. I had a look at Artificial Heart quite a while back, and it didn't appeal to me as much. We're definitely agreed on Best. Concert. Ever., though - I've been eyeing that one up for some time now, as I generally prefer the live versions of his songs. I'll probably grab it off Amazon when I have a little money spare. Reply +1
  • smenj 26/01/2013

    Now that's just plain thievery. However, you have reminded me that I should see if he's released anything lately that I want (I only have one CD as of yet), so thanks!

    EDIT: Looks like he's found a funny way to illustrate and raise awareness about the problem, while also raising money for charity. Good on him.
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  • The Last of Us Special Edition comes in Joel and Ellie versions

  • smenj 22/01/2013

    These don't look all that brilliant. A little disappointing, to be honest, though I might grab one if they're only about 5 more than the game itself. I'd doubt that, though. Reply +7
  • Digital Foundry vs. 4K gaming

  • smenj 12/01/2013

    As both the next-gen PlayStation and Microsoft's Durango have a hell of a lot in common from a technological standpoint (more on that soon)
    DF, you tease!
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  • Connecticut organisation is offering $25 gift certificates to destroy violent video games

  • smenj 03/01/2013

    "We're suggesting that for parents who have a child or children who play violent video games, to first of all view the games. We're asking parents to better understand what their child is doing. Have a conversation about next steps. If parents are comfortable (with their child's gaming habits), we're comfortable."
    This is sensible.

    A community in Connecticut has rallied together to collect and destroy violent video games. How are they doing this, you ask? By rewarding $25 gift certificates for every person who turns in violent media.
    This is not.
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  • Nintendo blocking 18+ rated Wii U eShop content at certain times

  • smenj 07/12/2012

    And yet, if I had a Wii U, I could go on the internet browser at any point during the day and buy all the 18-rated games I like. Reply +2
  • Dead Island Riptide preview: Undead again

  • smenj 06/12/2012

    It's nice that he's being honest about things. Reply 0
  • Steam launches Big Picture mode today

  • smenj 03/12/2012

    The Alan Wake franchise is pretty cheap, too. Reply +1
  • Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney gets a Japanese launch trailer

  • smenj 30/11/2012

    I'm still waiting on the HD trilogy. They said Autumn, and I don't care if the technical definition is the 21st of December onwards, in my eyes, Autumn ends when December starts.

    You've got 5 hours, Capcom.
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  • You can buy Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge museum-grade fine art

  • smenj 30/11/2012

    I'd love that Mirror's Edge one. Reply 0
  • GAME targets PC gamers, becomes first UK shop to make Steam Wallet Codes available to buy in-store

  • smenj 30/11/2012

    I'll just reply here to everyone who was saying that people aren't going to use these (I've seen a few in the comments):

    People absolutely are going to use these. This would've been brilliant for me a few years ago, and I'm happy GAME is introducing this. Up until a few months ago, I didn't have a debit or credit card, and so the only way I could buy games from Steam was by having my parents buy them and paying them back later. Just because the majority of people on Steam have credit/debit cards doesn't mean everyone does. Even now that I have cards, these still make handy gifts for friends, so I'll still buy some anyway, most likely. Great move by GAME.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC fan petition reaches 45k votes

  • smenj 27/11/2012

    I'm not sure why so many people are so panicked that they didn't announce the PC version yet. I, for one, am positive they're going to announce one, just not until at least 6 months or so after the console release. As I recall, that's the way they've done it with most of their other games. Every single GTA (with the exception of the portable ones and maybe GTA: London) has been ported to PC, as have pretty much all of their major newer titles (with the exception of RDR), so I think it's a bit silly to automatically presume there's not going to be a PC version simply because it hasn't been confirmed. I mean, I get that confirmation would be nice, but this is a bit of an overreaction. Reply 0
  • The Walking Dead review

  • smenj 22/11/2012

    Absolutely loved this - some stellar stuff, Telltale!

    Someone's already said this, but I just want to reiterate - The Walking Dead is only 10.49 on Steam right now. There's only about a day left on it, so if you're at all interested, now's the time!
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  • Steam Autumn Sale is now live

  • smenj 21/11/2012

    I haven't seen The Walking Dead at a better price yet, and Episode 5's just been released and is brilliant, so go buy it and play it. Now. Go on.

    Done that? Good. Wait, why are you crying?
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 review

  • smenj 15/11/2012

    Wow, sounds like they fixed most of the complaints I had (at least about singleplayer). Might have to check this out. Reply 0
  • Kinect could police who watches films at home

  • smenj 06/11/2012

    I could maybe see this if it made things cheaper (e.g. making a film cheaper to rent if it's only going to be watched by 2 people instead of 5 or something), but this is still mostly a pretty stupid idea, in my opinion. It's likely going to be easy to cirumvent, anyway. Reply 0
  • Rewriting Tomb Raider

  • smenj 02/11/2012

    @reverandglass I don't really mind it too much in Uncharted so long as the story doesn't get too serious, given that I view the games as sort of trying to be fun Indiana Jones style romps, where all the justification needed is 'They're the bad guys!'. If you start to take the story too seriously, it just makes the game a bit less enjoyable. It also helps that killing all those bad guys is immense fun in Uncharted! Reply +1
  • smenj 02/11/2012

    @null It's not anything about her gender, in my opinion. From what I've seen, this game seems to be doing something that most others don't. You're implying that you want a character to seem strong right from the start, and most games do things this way. However, this game seems to be trying to show what turned Lara into the strong person you want her to be. Surely it would be just as bad if Lara immediately started acting nonchalant, killing bad guys/whatever as soon as she arrived on the island? There'd be no character development and it would make no sense. The scene in question isn't anything to do with her gender, it's just putting her in a situation extreme enough that she's driven to kill someone, changing her character - not about showing that she's vulnerable or anything. The fact that other games don't show transitional moments like this for their characters is not because they assume that male characters are automatically strong (and if they do, they're idiots), it's just bad writing. Reply +11
  • PlayStation 3 may finally launch in China

  • smenj 02/11/2012

    I had no idea that games consoles were illegal in China. However, given that you said piracy is rampant there, I wonder how many people will actually buy one (given that they already might have some kind of equivalent)? Reply 0
  • Playing games before bed is bad for you, according to science

  • smenj 23/10/2012

    While their results here could well be accurate, and certainly aren't unbelieveable, speaking from my own experience, 17 is still far too small a sample size for a proper study. Reply +4
  • PlayStation Store relaunch now postponed for UK

  • smenj 18/10/2012

    So why is it working in those countries and not the others? Curious. Reply +1
  • Resident Evil 6's on-disc DLC will be free

  • smenj 11/10/2012

    @gandhimaster They did go on about the stuff having to be on there for technical reasons when people initially complained, so it could just be something like it wasn't quite ready for release, and the code to unlock it will also include a small patch. In that case, they may as well put the content on disc to save everyone having to download it. Who knows? That's about the only reason I can think of for why they'd put content on the disc if they weren't planning on releasing it along with the full game. Reply 0
  • Rockstar Games Collection revealed, due in early November

  • smenj 11/10/2012

    I'd get it if I didn't already have all these games. For those who don't have them though, this is a pretty great deal. Reply +1