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  • Breath of the Wild shows Nintendo is learning from PC games

  • smenj 16/03/2017

    The kind of thing you're on about is something I've always thought the MGS series did well - or at the very least from MGS2 onwards. If you thought of something you could do, and it made logical sense that it should work, then it more than likely did.

    Take, for example, MGS3's survival system. You have to eat food to keep your stamina up, and you can catch animals to get food. So far so normal. But what if you catch something alive? Can you let it go afterwards? Yes you can. What if you let, say, a snake loose near a guy? As you'd expect, he goes "Holy crap, a snake!" and runs off. Or you can chuck it at him, and it'll attack him, either taking him out or causing a massive distraction at least. There's plenty more, like the fact that if you destroy the enemy's food storage, everyone in later areas will be hungry, meaning you can leave poisonous or rotten food around, which they're then tempted into eating.

    It's all stuff which tempts you into messing with the mechanics as much as you can just to see what's possible. I'd love it if more games really did their best to include this kind of thing.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild already up and running on PC

  • smenj 07/03/2017

    But like Dolphin, or any other emulator, CEMU runs pirated copies of games. While the success of getting Zelda (sort of) working on PC so quickly is worthy of note, it begs the question: would those who will download and play it have bought a Switch or GameCube copy of the game legitimately instead?

    After all, a year subscription to CEMU's Patreon at its average donation level is enough to just buy the game.
    I find this a rather odd thing to say. You're acting as if people downloading and playing the game and those who would legitimately buy the game are mutually exclusive groups. I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd love to play the game but aren't willing to spend a whole bunch of money on a Wii U or Switch to do so. Who's to say they can't just buy a Wii U copy and then emulate it on their PC?

    It's all well and good to say that they could've bought the game instead of donating to the emulator, but that doesn't consider the cost of the console to play it on. Or, indeed, the fact that you can do both if you want.
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  • Eurogamer reader's top 50 games of 2016 voting

  • smenj 09/12/2016

    Skimming the list, it looks as though you're missing Steins;Gate 0. And, as has been mentioned, Trails of Cold Steel 2.

    Not sure I'll be voting since most of the games I've been playing this year are ones I've been catching up on from years earlier! Steins;Gate 0, Cold Steel 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Zero Time Dilemma would make the list (despite ZTD being a bit of a disappointment compared to the previous games in the series). Struggling to think of a fifth one from this year to finish the list, mind! I've got Root Double and FE: Fates, but I'm yet to start either.
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  • Pokémon Go's Nearby feature live now in the UK

  • smenj 01/12/2016

    I don't even live in the middle of nowhere or anything close to it, but thanks to the fact that my nearest stop is a ten minute walk away, and the next-nearest is about a mile or two away, no pokestops show up on my tracker at all, and since the radius for other things to show up on the 'Nearby' list has been massively reduced, all I can see is whatever happens to spawn literally across the road.

    I have no idea why this new tracker isn't an additional mode you can activate or something. As it is now, the update has done nothing but make the app worse for everyone who doesn't live in a city. Very silly.
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  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to iOS and Android this winter

  • smenj 12/10/2016

    @Atthasit It was, but only in Japan. They said they were gonna release it on Android elsewhere, but then it just never happened. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 7 PC requirements revealed

  • smenj 22/09/2016

    @CloudXIV Fair. I find it especially weird, since most games (well, at least a few years ago) don't even take much advantage of the hyperthreading on i7s anyway. Reply +5
  • smenj 22/09/2016

    Maybe I'm just less up on my PC components knowledge than usual, but an i7 in the recommended bit seems a little odd, especially paired with a 960, since usually an i5's enough. I guess the game's a bit CPU-heavy. Reply +1
  • Lego Harry Potter gets PlayStation 4 remaster

  • smenj 08/09/2016

    Lego Harry Potter toys will also be available for Dimensions - Harry, Voldemort and Hermione minifigures are all on the way.
    As usual, Ron is left out. Poor guy.
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  • PlayStation Meeting 2016 live report

  • smenj 07/09/2016

    It's a... double decker? Reply +1
  • smenj 07/09/2016

    That said, I'm excited by the prospect of downsampling. Reply 0
  • smenj 07/09/2016

    It would've been one thing to see side-by-side videos comparing stuff and so on, but as it is we're getting 4K videos being shown to an audience which will be almost entirely watching in 1080p, and that's only if they're watching fullscreen. It all seems a touch pointless. Reply 0
  • PC Gaming Show E3 2016 live report

  • smenj 13/06/2016

    So it's a dementor, then? Reply 0
  • Microsoft E3 2016 conference live report

  • smenj 13/06/2016

    Will the camera people stop zooming out!? Reply 0
  • smenj 13/06/2016

    I'm not sure why this guy doesn't get that it's clearly a giant enemy crab, so he should shoot the big glowing weak point. Reply 0
  • smenj 13/06/2016

    That guy looks like Mark Cerny Reply 0
  • smenj 13/06/2016

    Hang on, letting you choose a language is a feature that stands out enough to get an announcement like this? Reply 0
  • smenj 13/06/2016

    I'm kind of wondering what the point of being able to run around is if he's not been able to dodge any attacks. Reply 0
  • smenj 13/06/2016

    'Fortza', yet again. Why? Reply 0
  • smenj 13/06/2016

    No swearing, but all this shooting and blood is just fine. Reply 0
  • Bethesda E3 2016 conference live report

  • smenj 13/06/2016

    @evilashchris The headsets are probably from sponsors or something, I'm guessing. Reply 0
  • smenj 13/06/2016

    Every couple of minutes I unmute this for about three seconds, then wonder why I even bothered. In fact, why am I not in bed? Reply 0
  • Steins;Gate 0 is coming to Europe this year on PS4 and Vita

  • smenj 28/05/2016

    The original Steins:Gate premiered way back in 2009 on Xbox 360, but only in Japan. It didn't make its European debut until June 2015 on Vita and PS3.
    There's an official English PC version too, by the way, which came out in 2014. Wikipedia says North America only, but you could buy it worldwide.
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  • Ace Attorney 6 set for a western release this September

  • smenj 11/05/2016

    It appears that the first defendant is called Ahlbi Ur'gaid, which is top-tier as Ace Attorney defendant names go. Reply +1
  • Zero Time Dilemma dated for June on 3DS and Vita

  • smenj 17/03/2016

    @Devox I'm afraid not. The first game's on DS and so can of course be emulated on PC, but VLR was 3DS and Vita only, although there's a chance they'll get ported to PC too. Worth bearing in mind that 999 also has an iOS port which sadly removes all the game's puzzle rooms, but is a viable way to play the game nonetheless.

    You can always find a video playthrough or a screenshot LP or something if you want though. However you experience them, I'd really recommend playing them before this one. I know they've said they're making this game accessible to newcomers, which is fair, but all that amounted to in VLR was basically explaining the plot of 999 so certain things would make sense, and I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened here.
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  • Falcom vs the fans

  • smenj 14/02/2016

    Not sure why people are getting angry about the interviewer asking about PC ports. Falcom's games are popular on PC in the west, so people want to know if they'll be getting PC ports of their newer games that aren't on PC. Seems a natural question to ask.

    On top of that, certain earlier releases of Falcom's are only out on platforms that are completely dead in the west - like PSP - and would only really stand a chance of doing well over here at all if they were ported to PC. So, again, people want to know if we'll see PC versions.
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  • PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015 conference live report

  • smenj 27/10/2015

    "Time to shut you down!" - I admire the game's dedication to terrible puns, if nothing else. Reply 0
  • smenj 27/10/2015

    Did I miss something? Why's everyone down on R&C all of a sudden? I get the last few games haven't been great, but the mainline ones were always proper good fun. Reply 0
  • smenj 27/10/2015

    Zombies mode has changed. Reply 0
  • Microsoft Gamescom 2015 conference live report

  • smenj 04/08/2015

    Nailbomb crafting straight out of TLoU there Reply 0
  • smenj 04/08/2015

    I want to know why everyone seems to sound like one of the Batman thugs now Reply 0
  • Fans launch Kickstarter for unlicensed Zelda animated series

  • smenj 14/07/2015

    We've reached out to both Nintendo and Aeipathy Industries about this and will update should we find out more.
    Nintendo: "Thanks for informing us! We hadn't noticed this, and we'll be sure to put a stop to it immediately."
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  • Satoru Iwata: a gentle revolutionary

  • smenj 13/07/2015

    Since you've mentioned what he did for Pokemon Stadium there, I figured I'd share one of the more interesting things I've heard about Iwata, which is that while Pokemon Gold/Silver was being developed, Game Freak ran into a fair bit of trouble. The game wasn't done yet, but they'd managed to fill up the entire cartridge already, and the game desperately needed compressed. Iwata wrote some compression tools for the game, which worked so well they compressed the game to the extent that Game Freak were able to add (albeit altered) the entire Kanto region from the first game in as post-game content.

    Given that discovering I could visit Kanto even though I'd thought I'd already finished Pokemon Gold is one of my favourite memories of that era of games, I thought this was pretty cool, and worth sharing.
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  • Steam Summer Sale is a go

  • smenj 18/06/2015

    @SeeNoWeevil So long as people know to only buy things on the last day or if they're on a daily/flash sale, they should avoid getting pissed off, and being able to do refunds on games you bought shortly before a discount helps too (Valve said they didn't consider this abusing the system).

    The main purpose, I think, is simply to get people continually checking back and paying attention to the store. After all, if there were no new sales after the first day, most people would look once for the stuff they want and then leave. The daily deals keep you coming back every day to see what's new, which means it's pretty likely you'll eventually spot some other deal you would've missed, or buy something you had no intention of buying at the start of the sale. I think the amount of extra cash this must make for them means more to Valve than annoying a small number of customers.
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  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst won't let you use guns, ever

  • smenj 17/06/2015

    This is excellent news. Aside from the fact that it's great to have a game once in a while where gunplay isn't a part of it, the guns in the first game were pretty clunky, and the game was much better if you just tried to blaze past all the guards or melee them, not to mention it making more sense as regards Faith's character, for what it was. I wonder why they didn't mention this in the E3 presentation? Reply +1
  • Dogmeat the Fallout 4 dog cannot die

  • smenj 16/06/2015

    Was wondering how on Earth he managed not to die already in the gameplay they showed, so I suppose this makes sense. Reply +4
  • Sony E3 2015 conference live report

  • smenj 16/06/2015

    Well, that's one resurrection already, so perhaps more Vita mentions than we expected? Reply 0
  • smenj 16/06/2015

    Having a bet with a friend. How many times will the word 'Vita' be said on stage? I'm going for four, he's got three. Reply 0
  • smenj 16/06/2015

    Square Enix is totally gonna reveal that that PS1 port was actually a remake all along, and they've been trolling us on two levels the entire time. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft E3 2015 conference live report

  • smenj 15/06/2015

    Dynasty Warriors but better!? Good Reply 0
  • smenj 15/06/2015

    This man is very, very metal Reply 0
  • smenj 15/06/2015

    Beat you to it, made some tea while EA was going all SPORTS Reply 0
  • Microsoft E3 2015 conference live report

  • smenj 15/06/2015

    These Ubisoft demonstrations never have anyone trying to troll and screw up the mission. Reply 0
  • smenj 15/06/2015

    Trying to compete with the Steam controller, I guess? Reply 0
  • smenj 15/06/2015

    Well, that's pretty impressive. All of them? Reply 0
  • smenj 15/06/2015

    What is it with E3 and nobody using the shotguns correctly? I swear everyone in these demos keeps trying to use them at range. Reply 0
  • Bethesda E3 2015 conference live report

  • smenj 15/06/2015

    The best week of entertainment ever? Ubisoft's conference is always pretty funny, but it's never that good Reply 0
  • smenj 15/06/2015

    Want to hear some Elder Scrolls music as snooker/darts walk-on music now. Reply 0
  • smenj 15/06/2015

    Had to stay up 24 hours for an event which finished at 10AM this morning, I'm staying up for this now, and I'm planning to stay up for the other stuff tomorrow. My life choices have been poor lately. Reply 0
  • Chip's Challenge 2 is finally out after 25 years

  • smenj 28/05/2015

    @IronSoldier By 'original Chip's Challenge', the writer simply means the first Chip's Challenge, as opposed to the sequel, Chip's Challenge 2, which is what most of the rest of the article is about. Sure, the sentence was slightly vague and could be interpreted to mean that the game originally came out on Windows, but that's hardly a big deal, and you could've pointed it out without being so smug and snide about it. Reply +5
  • Humble Bundle offers up to 83 per cent off 2K games

  • smenj 27/03/2015

    People should bear in mind that, while Civ V is £5, its two expansions (which improve the game quite a bit) are not included, and are an extra £5 each on the Humble Store. So if you're looking to get the whole package, it's actually £15. Reply +1