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  • Face-Off: Evolve

  • smallvillefan 14/02/2015

    Wow, that online bit comes off as a desperate attempt to damage control the Xbox One version being the worst version of this game available. Pretty transparent when you throw such a thing into an article that's meant to be analysing the game's visuals and performance, not the online service it is connecting to. Reply +24
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • smallvillefan 15/11/2014

    The gaming media's continued resentment of the PS4's success is an embarassing spectacle to behold.

    Guaranteed next week's puff piece on Xbox One will be treating the likes of Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 as "exclusives" when they aren't.
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  • Advanced Warfare is COD's biggest technological leap since Call of Duty 2

  • smallvillefan 02/07/2014

    @Rooster41 Xbox One is struggling a hell of a lot more though. Your damage controlling is coming off as hilariously desperate btw. Reply +3
  • smallvillefan 02/07/2014

    Xbox One is a joke. Reply +1
  • Microsoft's E3 2012 Conference

  • smallvillefan 04/06/2012

    That was utter crap for the third year running.

    Microshaft, consider my 360 gone. It isn't going to take much for Ninty to sell me on Wii U at this point, all they have to do is remember they're releasing a GAMES console and I'm there.

    "Internet explorer"... Jesus fuck off you clowns.
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  • Jill Valentine, Shuma Gorath for MVC3

  • smallvillefan 16/11/2010

    Shuma Gorath, the worst MvC character of all time is back :( Reply 0
  • Alan Wake 2 to be Kinect compatible?

  • smallvillefan 16/11/2010

    Didn't like Alan Wake, it was too linear and repetitive in the extreme. Adding gimmick controls is likely to make it worse, not better. Focus more on developing a more varied, solid to control experience and you're gold Remedy, don't waste our time on bullshit. Reply +1
  • Kinect Gears game in the works – report

  • smallvillefan 16/11/2010

    Retarded idea, much like Kinect itself.

    Just get Gears 3 out already, god knows there's little enough else to look forward to on 360 before then.
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  • "I want to make Shenmue 3" – Suzuki

  • smallvillefan 16/11/2010

    Does anyone even care anymore? Just let it die already. Reply -19
  • Kinect sells a million in 10 days

  • smallvillefan 16/11/2010

    Once the fanboys are done emptying their pockets, will anyone else give a shit?

    I for one hope not given how dire the 360's current release schedule looks, no doubt thanks to this overpriced gimmick cam.
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  • Kinect sold out at GAME

  • smallvillefan 13/10/2010

    It's bullshit, Microsoft have been telling Game they will only be providing stock to meet preorders as they "don't want Kinect to be available off the shelf" apparently. Pulling the old Ninty special to keep the hype train rolling it seems.

    All honesty though, I can't think of a single reason to want this thing, even if it didn't look like a load of wank, the fact that I saw/tried/tried to try it in action at EG's woeful "expo" and it didn't seem to function correctly at all doesn't bode well for a product a month from release. It's a load of shit basically.
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  • Rare urges core gamers to try Kinect

  • smallvillefan 30/08/2010

    Doesn't bode well if they're actually having to beg their own customers to try it out.

    The swell of bad news surrounding this thing seems to have overtaken everything 360 related lately. If ever there'd be a perfect time to bury some more bad news like, say, an Xbox live price increase or something, around now would seem to be it :)
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  • Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

  • smallvillefan 02/08/2010

    Yes, god forbid I should listen to a site whose reviews I usually do pretty well listening to over two clownshows I can't stand.

    Of course I'll try the demo, but this review coupled with the messy looking gameplay footage of the game I've seen means that unless the demo somehow pulls a magic mcguffin out of it's arse, my instincts with regard to this title seem to have been on the money.
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  • smallvillefan 02/08/2010

    Ha, shame. Love me a bit of Vania, and hoped this would be good despite what a mess the footage made it look. Guess not. Ah well, tenner saved for Scott Pilgrim I suppose, even if it does mean the 360 is going to keep gathering dust for another while.

    Also, who the eff listens to Edge anymore? They've been a bit of a joke for a while now from what I gather from folk on forums I frequent that actually waste money on that rag. Some of the crap they've tossed 10/10s at over the last few years has been pretty chuckle worthy, and I'm informed their E3 coverage continues to be an annual Microsoft tongue rimming lowlight of their calendar. If I were looking at someone to review a game I was curious about, they'd be at the bottom basically.
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  • Nintendo E3 Conference

  • smallvillefan 15/06/2010

    That kicked ALL kinds of ass. Wall to wall games with only the forced 3DS hyping with no substance to it letting things down. Great show Nintendo.

    Kind of ironic that Nintendo had the games focused show after Microsoft drown us in gimmicks yesterday. I'm almost scared as to what will happen next.
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  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • smallvillefan 14/06/2010

    The Star Wars game was easily the best thing about that Kinect, and that looked pretty lame after about 10 seconds :/

    Am I right in thinking that all those Kinect games are full retail, disc based games? Fucking hell...
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  • smallvillefan 14/06/2010

    Oh man this is excruciating. I thought the robot twins earlier was the worst it could get, but the ESPN crap(USA only sports crap means nothing here) coupled with "Skittles" is making my testicles slowly climb inside my stomach to escape.

    Show some fucking games already PLEASE!
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  • Official: Natal is called Kinect

  • smallvillefan 14/06/2010

    lol, may as well have just taken the "N" out of Natal and replaced it with an "F" for all the marketability this thing is likely to have.

    It was going to be a tough sell no matter what, but trying to sell it with a shitty name to boot?

    Good luck with THAT!
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  • Awareness of Natal and Move very low

  • smallvillefan 13/06/2010

    Can see no reason why anyone would want either.

    Move? Already have a Wii, don't need another thanks. Especially one that won't have the benefit of Nintendo's phenomenal first party output to make it worthwhile.

    Natal? No thanks, hated eyetoy first time around, and lets face it, as a controller, it offers an extremely narrow amount of variety in the kinds of games it will be able to realistically support.

    Seriously, I'm supposed to accept either of these overhyped monstrosities as "the future"? Fuck off.
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