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  • Rampage review

  • slowdog1976 26/03/2014

    whats the native resolution? Reply +26
  • Google Chromecast launches in the UK today, priced 30

  • slowdog1976 19/03/2014

    i currently have an xbox 360 plugged into my bedroom tv as a media extender, both for services like iplayer and streaming content from my pc. anyone know if, using both this and my tablet, i can replace the 360? Reply 0
  • Watch us play Octodad from 5pm GMT

  • slowdog1976 03/02/2014

    cephalopodcast is indeed the work of a genius Reply +1
  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • slowdog1976 25/01/2014

    Good article, though I suspect that blaming Miyamoto soley for this is a somewhat simplistic way of looking at things. There is more likely more at play than just his own abilities.

    Nintendo these days are very much the "Disney" of the video games world. But Disney also had a very dry patch, and really struggled for a while. It took them to really step out of their comfort zone and diversify to turn their own fortunes around, and Nintendo will need to do the same.

    The explanation above, that they build machines to facilitate their games and not the other way around, is absolutely spot on. As much as this has worked for them in the past, they are fast approaching the point whereby they are starting to get left behind as a result. They really need to start publishing on other platforms. But, they're quite anti-every country that isn't Japan. They need to bite the bullet. If they use their brains, they will join up with either android or ios. But, this being Nintendo, I can also see the next DS being a mobile phone with its own unique OS.
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  • Check out this brilliant virtual version of 17th Century London

  • slowdog1976 24/10/2013

    @null First thing I thought too, I have to say. It also kinda reminded me of Fable 2 as well Reply 0
  • Live: Phil Spencer's Gamescom keynote

  • slowdog1976 21/08/2013

    lmao. full of impotence. awesome Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 21/08/2013

    @kenbarnes Phil "Guards! That man there. Tattoo his body parts immediatly" Reply 0
  • Live: Sony Gamescom Conference

  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    anyone know if ac4 will have 3d? Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    @lukehmuse 'haway man geoff Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    I KNOW WHY THEY KEEP SHOWING THE AUDIENCE! the last game to be revealed will be called "Sony Gamescom Conference Simulator" and it will be announced everything we just saw was real time footage Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    i like that they are ignoring mentioning that you will need to buy move / ca,era for ANY of that to be possible. ie: the stuff that you have to buy seperatly Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    if i hear the word indie one more time, im gonna have some serious madchester flashbacks Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    so.....are sony going to tell us their plans for indie games? Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    over 30 mins in and we have had videovideovideoindieindieindievitaindievitaindievitaindieindieindieps4indieindieindieindie

    bit of a yawnfest
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  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    mark cerny looks like a suspect from SVU Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    Assuming Stephen recorded that before his latest "attempt" Reply 0
  • slowdog1976 20/08/2013

    so far this conference is "sit down and shut up. look at the pretty pictures" Reply 0
  • Lovefilm ditches game rentals

  • slowdog1976 02/07/2013

    just to let you guys know, i tweeted boomerang regarding next gen. the response was "we will stock all of the next gen games" Reply +4
  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • slowdog1976 10/06/2013

    looks more like someone is trying to push him back in PM Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 7 retrospective

  • slowdog1976 02/06/2013

    i have to say, i agree.

    where FF7 really succeeded, and every FF has failed since, is the depth of gameplay. When I owned it, myself and my flat mate worked jobs where we were rarely in at the same time. But we did have a couple of hours overlap where we would compare notes on our experiences during the game, what we had seen and what we had discovered. As the days and weeks went on, it became apparent that our experiences with the game had been wildly different, and conversations consisted of one amazing the other with some cool thing he had discovered.

    FF7 used its narrative, which was strong, adult and, at times, complex to complement the gameplay, and the balance was perfect. A strong narrative is more than important, but if you don't enjoy playing what lies underneath that, then no amount of vested interest in characters will drive you to push on. FF7 offered so much - mini-games that were simple and fun, side-quests that really rewarded your time investment, hidden cut-scenes, characters and areas to explore - and it became fun and worthwhile to wander off the beaten track and lose yourself in the world.

    Sqauresoft unfortunatly forgot the fundemental building blocks that made that game. Subsequent FF's have had some great stories, and some would say superior at times to FF7's, but increasingly, over the years, the story has been the primary concern over the gameplay.

    Many want a FF7 remake, and rightly so. It would be great to play it again in the digital, HD era. However, it would be an important step for SE to take; it may just help them remember what made this game so great, and why it is so beloved by so many.
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