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  • Lost Humanity 15: Booth Babes

  • skidpro 04/10/2012

    @rauper Thank you, However, atround the 18+ area I di see any booth babes as they were out on the main time (I will blogging about this too) just fully ban them, they are not neceswsary, they diont help you on games (NVIDIA looking at you/Virgin -typicval, and the Wipeout Girl) were absolutely pointless, as I trid to ask about getting on ythe Crysis 3 game and NVIDIA graphoics and was totally ignored, or they were brick walls dressed up as sexy is not requiered at Eurogamer Expo and I saw bing interviewed and she said 'oh why not its my job, I do it for a living' well go to the miss UK or whatever.....BAN THEM Reply -6
  • Resident Evil 6 timed-exclusive Xbox 360 DLC includes game modes

  • skidpro 13/09/2012

    no no no.....I got it on pre order for PS3 with 3 add on map whats the MS only stuff? why do MS do this or Capcom do it? It was a nintendo/Playstation its....its.....i dunno...a shame:) Reply 0
  • Arkane Studios presents Dishonored developer sessions at Eurogamer Expo

  • skidpro 13/09/2012

    I canot wait....:) Reply +2
  • Skyrim: Hearthfire Review

  • skidpro 13/09/2012

    It says PC but is not out on PC.....? Is it? Reply 0
  • Jet Set Radio Review

  • skidpro 13/09/2012

    BUT its not out xbox 360 yet! I got it on PSN yesterday and by god its better then the sluggish old Dreamcast version, it is more responsive to controls now, so its a Vita Must have IMO for xbox 360. NOT HERE! NOT UK...goody...I am sick of MS nicking stuff first for a month before PS3 and PC gamers even if I have xbox!

    I am now after 8 years of subbing to LIVE (inc xbox 1 before the flames start), I will be letting this sub be the last, everyone is turning Free to play, sony do it, MMOs do it and XBL still charge and give advertising on the more...

    Jet set Radio now is way more responsive to controls and plays a dream, try the dreamcast version now on your old DC and feel how sluugish it was.....tis a great remake and a job well done, best game ever...
    Reply -1
  • The Secret World delayed by two weeks

  • skidpro 26/05/2012

    I cannot get the beta game to download, it stops after 1-2-5-6-GB (how many times have I tried to download this piece of carp) it just stops and crashes my PC. No other game does that so its their software, I have hi end spec PC, can run most current games, but I am damned if I am taking the chance on buying this now, imagine updates? Addons etc, stop downloading....they tll me to disable security features on my PC, hell no! If I can run everything else it has to something with them and their software...cancelled....I cant be doing all this troubleshootong and disbling functions leaving my PC vulnerable...and what for? An MMORPG? I have SWOTOR/FF14/Diablo 3 Steam and Origin...... Reply -1