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  • Newell: Valve wants its games "more baked" before revealing them

  • simplerotation 20/02/2012

    So my assumption is that they built a lot of the game, realised that it now looked shit by comparison to the newer stuff, for several reasons, mainly because tech has moved on so much, so they're having to go back and re-do remake levels, which always takes much longer because then you decide to scrap even more stuff, so they're now stuck in a bit of a loop with it...which is why they can't show anything because visually it needs to be STUNNING or people are going to be disappointed. Reply -1
  • GAME confirms it's not stocking Tekken 3DS

  • simplerotation 17/02/2012

    It's probably a line of credit thing. Game can't secure the amount of credit needed to purchase the game from the distributor at this time. Or have an outstanding invoice with them. I've had similar things recently with HMV. Both stores are in a lot of trouble. Reply +4
  • App of the Day: Triple Town

  • simplerotation 27/01/2012

    This is SUCH a brilliant buy, first couple of games I didn't really get the appeal, by the third town I was totally hooked. Reply +1
  • Laid-off programmer details "unlawful" last days at Bodycount studio

  • simplerotation 13/01/2012

    Codemasters are in huge financial difficulties, and looking at this, you can see why, the last thing they can afford to do is make wage mistakes, to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they were having trouble making payroll all together... Reply +1
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - The End of an Era?

  • simplerotation 15/12/2011

    For the guys arguing about the dev costs, unless EA are utterly stupid then the licensing deal with Lucas Arts will mean that EA take all the money the game makes, until the dev costs are recouped and THEN they'll split the profit with a 35% royalty to LA.
    Assuming that the game will eventually make back the money that EA put into it, then EA don't really stand to lose out, aside from having to spend the capital in the first place.
    This MMO will eventually make dev costs back, I'm sure, how quickly it will, is another story. Obviously EA still believe that the P&L supports them making a profit or they would have cut the game.

    And yes, using overall company P&L is not standard, each product for a publisher will have it's own P&L, with initial cap ex coming from the general pool of money that all the games bring in and big sellers do help publishers absorb unexpected loses from underperforming games, but they shouldn't be used as cash cows to just launch games that have no chance of making money.

    Basically big sellers support the initial development of new games and act as a protection layer BUT each game is expected to make money in it's own right and have a positive operating income, (or serve some other purpose - For instance several of the first parties don't care "that much" about P&L per product, but instead showcasing their hardware).

    As soon as a game falls into negative OI then it's looked at very carefully for cuts/savings/chopping block,
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  • UK Top 40: Modern Warfare 3 sales increase

  • simplerotation 05/12/2011

    @Obli That, and it's been really heavily discounted this week.

    Abba you can dance, Dance Central and zumba fitness have all re-entered, I guess due to people buying xmas gifts.
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  • MW3 Kotick vs. BF3 Riccitiello at E3

  • simplerotation 13/06/2011

    Ugh, I think this just makes EA look really petty, if they were totally confident in BF3 then they wouldn't care who played it, what on earth do they think BobbyK will find out that Acti don't already know by getting his hands on the game?
    Why can't they just focus on making BF3 the best game it can be, rather than focussing on 'toppling' COD? How much money are they going to waste giving BF3 a huge, ridiculous marketing budget whilst neglegting areas of the development? Or rushing parts of it to fit their marketing plan?

    All of this postulating just distracts from all anyone actually cares about - the quality of the game itself. I don't know if BF3 is a good game, if it's better than MW3 or if it will sell more, but I do know that Riccitello, by running his mouth off looks like more of an asshole than BobbyK and that's a huge fucking achievement!
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  • Bizarre says goodbye with farewell video

  • simplerotation 18/02/2011

    Bye guys x Reply +1
  • Relic dev died saving wife and child

  • simplerotation 07/09/2010

    There's so much love and passion that goes into making games, I see it in the people I work with everyday, but so much of what you get back is hate and complaints and absolutely disgusting comments like I see in this thread.

    I never worked with this guy but he sounds like a lovely man and I'm so very sorry for his family.
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  • Wii GoldenEye motivated by money - Hollis

  • simplerotation 03/09/2010

    Wait, wait!

    He's saying everything Activison does is for max money destroying IPs in the process!?

    That doesn't sound like poor ol'Bobby atall.

    How is the IP destroyed? Surely EA did that with the devastatingly bad EA rogue agent?! I never understand that attitude no matter how bad the new game is (and it looks great to me) it doesn't alter or affect your memories of the original.

    Also, that's every freaking publisher, every freaking business in the entire world. EA is introducing paid cheats and short cuts and insidious $10 project which could change the industry forever and open a floodgate of ways to monetise pre-owned sales.
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  • Double Fine has four games on the go

  • simplerotation 15/07/2010

    Wow Tom, really milking this. Must be a slow news day :)

    Four games seems...a lot for one studio.
    I wonder how they can guarantee consistency and quality across that many products, especially in different genres, but I'm guessing from Brutal Legend, they'll all be mixed bags of good/terrible and nothing will be truly stand out.
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  • Rare researching GoldenEye for Kinect?

  • simplerotation 14/07/2010

    I don't see how kinect will work for shooters. There's no buttons and it isn't sensitive enough to detect your finger on the trigger.

    Wiill you literally point your finger at the screen and say "pew, pew, pew" when you want to fire a bullet? Because that sounds like it sucks balls.
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  • Disney converting Split/Second to PSP

  • simplerotation 07/07/2010

    Those screenshots are an eyesore! O_O Cheap and dirty port? Why thank you Disney! Reply +1
  • Transformers: War For Cybertron

  • simplerotation 25/06/2010

    I'm really enjoying this game, and it's more of an 8 than a 6 for me, I was totally surprised by that score, yes I have had a couple of slightly annoying moments where I've run out of Ammo and the odd "wtf" moment when restarting checkpoints, but overall the sheer spectacle and the amount of fun I had when playing it as I felt so immersed in the Transformers universe, the gameplay is decent enough to make it worthwhile for that alone.

    Eurogamer needs to look at normalising it's review scores, and having some form of self check that says "is this really better than this?" because I really don't believe Singularity is an 8 if Transformers is a 6, yes they're not directly comparable, but a fairer score would have evened them both out around a 7 imo.
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  • Report: Raven working on Call of Duty

  • simplerotation 14/05/2010

    @Vortex did you play Wolfenstein? I actually really liked it. Admittedly I never played MP, but I thought the SP was fun. Not every game is a 10/10, but that doesn't mean a 7/10 game is terrible, and Wolfenstein was an enjoyable 7/10 for me. Reply +1
  • Deep Silver reveals Pure-alike Nail'd

  • simplerotation 23/04/2010

    Wow, a cheap copy of Pure two years after Pure came out. Can't wait. Reply 0
  • God of War III needs no HDD install

  • simplerotation 23/02/2010

    @SHARXTREME A European disc is likely to be EFIGS + maybe Dutch (& rarely Russian/Polish). Whereas a NA disc is likely to be English/French(canadian).
    All the extra VO for European may be what is contributing to the increased size.
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  • Peggle and Peggle Nights on Euro PSN

  • simplerotation 18/02/2010

    Is there peggle nights for iphone? I'm not keen on console peggle, it doesn't really work for me on 360, but I LOVE it on iphone. Reply +1
  • SingStar hits 20m sold, gets big patch

  • simplerotation 03/12/2009

    Download all purchased songs again? zomg, exactly what I need since getting a new PS3 and being too lazy to email Sony! Reply +2
  • Relentless working on non-Buzz game

  • simplerotation 03/03/2009

    The studio is to self-publish the title, although it looks as if it will remain close working relationships with Sony – an ad for staff for the project features the PlayStation Network logo

    according to :
    I haven't checked it out, feels wrong to look at other company's job pages whilst at work!
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