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  • Bethesda suspends Doom 4 - rumour

  • silver-jon 22/10/2011

    Addendum to earlier post. I finished Rage last night, with a 20-second cutscene and a sense of stunned disappointment. Finished it on "Hard" setting, and didn't die once during the final assault. I am not a great FPS gamer by any stretch so it was hardly a worthy finale. In fact the finale was a real anti-climax. Downgrade my score from 9/10 to 8/10. EG once again proven right. IMO. Reply 0
  • silver-jon 21/10/2011

    I'm with the "Rage is bordering on great" crowd. (crowd ? ensemble.) I played Fallout until I got fed up with the fact that shooting someone in the face 6 times with a rifle wouldn't stop them from running towards you with a knife. Rage has similar RPG to Fallout but has a combat system that actually works - in this regard it's by far the more enjoyable game.
    I'm halfway through so far, and maybe I'm missing something but the tech seems solid - no tears or stutters on the framerate. Playing on the Xbox360 it looks really good whether in motion or standing still. Seriously - a couple of years ago Bioshock was regarded a 10/10 amazing game of the year. Rage knocks it into a cocked hat. Or a hatted cock.
    The only issue I have is when you're on a mission sometimes it isn't clear where you need to go to meet someone within a town (Meet Marshall in the Resistance HQ" - yes, but where is that ?). Personally, it's a 9/10 game for me. An RPG that's constantly fun and occasionally tense.

    As far as the article goes, the concern described issues with the project management. Which suggests there were behind-the-scenes issues which translated to front-of-shop issues in the reviews and sales. Quite what the issues were is clearly conjecture at the moment.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Horrible Bosses

  • silver-jon 09/10/2011

    Hi Christian.
    Really good article, well written.
    Bosses are a bit of a trouble in a game. I mean, if your character is not modded and equipped enough to deal with them adequately then they're a frustrating cheat (I mean, the number of games I've only played about 60% of because of an impossible boss makes me feel cheated out of the full price paid for the game). If your character is adequately modded/equipped then they're slightly more of a challenge than the rest of the game and simply serve as a delay to progress. If your character is over-modded/equipped then they're not really a boss. I just finished playing "Singularity" which was pretty good fun. But once past the train/dragon thing (which was an utter nightmare) I was totally untroubled because the game was generous with mods and ammo so I was virtually indestructable. Far Cry, on the other hand . . . . pfff.
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  • Carmack offers his next-gen wishlist

  • silver-jon 23/08/2011

    If no optical media then Microsoft had better stop charging £35 for Gold membership. Which would make me happy. Reply +1
  • Sony: gamers want 'perfect digital human'

  • silver-jon 17/08/2011

    I still remember the first time I felt that the character in a game resembled someone human. Not graphically, but in animation. It was in Half Life 2 when Alyx's father teased her about fancying Freeman and then she (I think) gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek. Nothing fancy about the graphics. Just brilliance in the execution of character. Reply +5
  • What Devs Want from the Next Gen

  • silver-jon 04/08/2011

    @joelstinton - good work. Really liked your comment.
    We on the EG forum are passionate consumers (broadly speaking) because gaming is our hobby. So it's easy to forget sometimes that M$, $ony and Ninty are businesses. They have commercial pressures and shareholders' expectations to meet, and competition - not only from each other (and I'd add Apple into the mix in anticipation of a proper announcement about their intentions) but from outside the traditional console market (eg: smartphone gaming and other media).What they want to do is capture as much of the public's attention and desire as possible. As many people from all sections of life playing as many different types of game on their device, and accessing media via their device. As the PS3 adverts remind us "The game is just the beginning". In other words, it's not just a gaming platform. In a word: convergence.

    Consequently I would imagine they will continue pursuing that generic all-rounder profile; perhaps doing more to enhance the networking/download experience. Frankly I'm amazed that MS still charge £35 for a Gold membership in Live. Early adopters have come and gone. The Live experience should now be aiming at mass-market and to do that they should be lowering or scrapping the price. Does it cost any money to join iTunes ?

    Thirdly, I'd point to the way innovation risks fracturing the market and how that might force devs to align to a particular console. It's a tough commercial market out there, and they can't afford the luxury of triple the dev teams just to rebuild a game concept virtually from scratch so it makes the most of each manufacturer's machine spec and gimmickry. In order to meet consumers' high expectations of a great gaming experience (and therefore shift millions of units), they'll have to focus on one console.

    In spite of what I say about innovation and fracturing, as a gamer/consumer I would like to see a somewhat standard system. Yes, greater processing power from a beefier graphics card. Yes, more memory, better physics and (in FPSs) better AI. More large-crowds and granular worlds. Greater integration with other entertainment media, and a much more accessible online experience. All that in a system which is both forward amd backward compatible so investment in non-physical media is not lost. Not asking much, eh ?

    Personally, I think I'd like to see more investment in understanding the psychology of the gaming experience. Make access to worlds that are immersive and inspiring. Allow us to explore and feel truly part of the game. A really large 3D screen (say, 6 feet across) and a highly refined Kinect, with surround sound.
    I'm just going to buy a lottery ticket.
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  • Kinect's Second Wave

  • silver-jon 07/07/2011

    That sesame street title looks very interesting. The potential for developing greater social skills is terrific. Putting aside our tendencies as older but not necessairly wiser cynical people, (and the too-cool-for-school type comments on this thread),there's some really positive potential in games for younger children.

    Matching movement is one of the key subconscious skills that enables rapport and connection with people. For example, friends locked in conversation begin to replicate each others breathing patterns. And the link between social confidence/social bonds, and long-term happiness has been well established for years. I'd say that pursuing this line of child development (instead of usual numeracy/literacy development) was a genuine example of innovation in gaming.
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  • Eurogamer on The Apprentice

  • silver-jon 12/05/2011

    Tally ho. Must admit, I gave a triumphant "YUSS !" the other week when a game advert on TV featured a quote and score from my friends at EG. You are the men. Except for the women. Reply 0
  • Foo Fighters DLC for Rock Band 3

  • silver-jon 08/05/2011

    Only RB3 ? I only have the original Rock Band so does anyone know if this means I'm excluded ? Reply 0
  • Game of the Week: Sequence

  • silver-jon 08/05/2011

    I love Ronald Jenkees. Not literally of course - have you seen him ? THink I'll buy this. Thanks Kristan. Reply 0
  • RAGE

  • silver-jon 22/04/2011

    This looks like it'll be across between a traditional FPS and something like Fallout which makes it sound amazing imo. Looking forward to playing with the variety and customisability (is that a word ? It is now) of the weaponry amongst the often frenzied action of an id game. Reply +4
  • Guitar Hero III generated tons of money

  • silver-jon 25/03/2011

    If you were asked which is your favourite GH game, I wonder how many of us would choose the first one we played (ie: the one where you "got it" and found about half a dozen brilliant tracks that you did over and over again).
    I suspect people would buy their first one, love it. Buy a second one, enjoy it. Buy a third one and quickly tire of it. Move on. If I'm right about this then the long-term opportunities for the game would always diminish.
    So I agree with arcam's view that they did well to cash in while public desire was high. But equally, I think they flooded the market with too many diversions (Rock the 80s, Metallica, Aerosmith, etc) and should have streamlined a real outstanding product.
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  • Dead Space 2

  • silver-jon 27/01/2011

    Don't have time to trawl through all the comments - does anyone know if this has co-op play ? Reply -1
  • If trailers told the truth

  • silver-jon 23/11/2010

    Outstanding. Just the best idea and execution of a sharply pointed article (!) I've seen for a long time. Thanks EG.
    Gawd bless you for suggesting that LucasArts and EA are not wearing the fancy pants they think they are.
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  • Kinect Reviewed

  • silver-jon 04/11/2010

    Yep, I think I'm in the "wait for a year or so, until the systems are better integrated and the one or two great social games are out with a 9/10 EG score" category.

    And that gives me a year to find some friends for social gaming too !
    Good work, EG - thanks for the review(s).
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  • Prince turned down Guitar Hero deal

  • silver-jon 01/05/2009

    @LazyDan - do you really actually believe that nonsense ? Bless.

    Shame about this news, because I too am a long-time fan of most of his music. He may appear eccentric at times (doesn't mean he's wrong, btw), and his music may not be to all tastes, but most musicians will tell you the guy is a genius.

    My track pack would have been:
    Let's Go Crazy
    Alexa de Paris
    I'd have paid my money and been happy about it.

    Oh, and btw - Prince has fought long and hard to have control of his music and its output/use. This is not about money. He's richer than . . . well possibly even richer than Rauper.
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  • Resident Evil 5

  • silver-jon 05/02/2009

    No merchant ?! Disaster. "Wodrryaboyin ?" is one of the best phrases ever uttered. As for his haggling skills "I'll buy it at a high price". Genius. Reply 0
  • GTA IV pulled from sale in Thailand

  • silver-jon 05/08/2008

    There will always be people who are seduced by the dark-side, as it were.
    Whether film, game, or good ol' rock'n'roll music, there's always going to be a modern cultural phenomenon on which the blame is hung.
    Because it is simpler to do that, and gets news media quick headlines and gives politicans voter support, than it is to actually address the imbalances and pressures of modern life which lead some people to feel a sense of alienation and resentment about society, where the inner monologue of their brain goes unchecked and the result is a sudden incident.
    Such as murdering a taxi driver just to see what it's like. Or hacking the head off a passenger in a coach. Or going 'postal' in a university.
    I hate the fact that everyone else suffers because some idiot had been raised without moral boundaries, respect for others, and emotional self control.
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  • Soulcalibur

  • silver-jon 04/07/2008

    btw: playing this with damage switched off, and time set to 'eternal' is one of the best gaming laughs I've had.
    Just the combination of brutal onslaughts and subtle movements trying to entice/bludgeon your opponent to the edge of the arena so you can deliver (or dodge) the blow that leaves them spiralling into the abyss in a fight that can last for 10 minutes.
    The longer it lasts, the more tense you become. It's absolutely the stuff of gaming legend. Particularly when you've had a few.

    I am definitely downloading this.
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  • silver-jon 04/07/2008

    Dan Whitehead. Are you actually Stevas Mk II ?
    Is this the big "Usual Suspects" style reveal ?
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  • Shame Train Roundup

  • silver-jon 18/06/2008

    That's the best game review I've read in ages.
    Thank you for reminding me why we pay £40 for a decent game, and why I shouldn't gripe about small details (like the lack of tutorial in Battlestations Midway) when the rest of the industry is replete with chaotic developers whose creative types have overrun the asylum.
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  • Rock Band

  • silver-jon 29/05/2008

    I'll add my voice to the throngs saying "thanks, but no thanks." Several reasons include:
    1/ Lack of local friends who can just pop round. Sadly, any semblence of student-hood is long gone.
    2/ Desire to buy < cost of purchase. Although for once I'm quite well off at the moment, I simply refuse to throw my money at them. Seriously. £140-£150. For a game. Buying it at that price sets a benchmark of acceptance.
    3/ That Europe was kept waiting. If Europe isn't important enough as a market then let's make that a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    4/ The downloadable tracks appear (from one or two comments here) to be simply the same tracks as we've seen (AND PAID FOR!!!!) in GH1 and GH2.
    5/ Eurogamer 8/10 score (ref: point 2)

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  • City of Heroes

  • silver-jon 27/05/2008

    I always fancied playing this but not on my neolithic PC. Shame it was never ported to Xbox/360. Must have been a technical reason for it ? Reply 0
  • Niko speaks out on voice actors' pay

  • silver-jon 22/05/2008

    My dad earned his living as a musician and found the same situation with contracts in the 60s. For example, you know the Pearl & Dean theme ? Ba-baaa ba-baaa ba-baa ba ba baaaa (etc). He sang that. It went in cinemas around the world for about 30 years. His pay ? £200.
    Apparently the guy who played the trumpet on the Coronation Street theme got paid about £40. And no royalties.

    On the one hand, Hollick got steady work fairly paid (that works out to £40,000 p.a.) and has a high-profile thing on his CV (far more valuable than the $100K). On the other hand, why should acting work on games be any different contractually to acting in films or TV or radio or, in fact, any popular media ? I think he has a point, but it appears to be a bit crass complaining because of the game's success (which has little to do with his acting ability).
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  • Konami plans Rock Revolution

  • silver-jon 16/05/2008

    Will the peripherals be cheaper than Rock Band ? And will they be compatible with GH IV and Rock band ? If so then a poke in the eye for Harmonix/MTV/EA, and a step in the right direction for us - the people wot buy the games and keep them in jobs. Reply 0
  • EA unveils Fight Night Round 4

  • silver-jon 08/05/2008

    I was really impressed with the mo-cap in FNr3 - particularly when it displayed a clear stylistic difference between (say) Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali. It would have been easy for them to keep the same movement template for both boxers, but the fact they didn't shows it's a franchise that someone cares about. Now, if they can sort out the footwork/movement it'll be glorious.

    Ah ! The chance to do Ali vs Tyson ! Worth the price of the game alone (unless they pull a Rock Band on us, of course . . . )
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  • Rock Band "won't magically get cheaper because you wish it so"

  • silver-jon 11/04/2008

    Harmonix have simply decided to box the lot as a sale item rather than allowing people to choose (say) the drums. And they could easily have sourced a manufacturer in Europe. The import/shipping/VAT costs are not £100 - that's absolute nonsense.
    So balls to 'em.
    We supposedly live in a consumer-led society. Therefore we have the power to choose whether or not to buy. And I, for one, am hitting the "no purchase" button for Rock Band.
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  • EA clarifies Rock Band pricing

  • silver-jon 08/04/2008

    Oh dear. I had been looking forward to this game. But £180 for "Rock Drummer" is a hell of a piss-take / mistake.

    /waits for the 8/10 review.
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  • More bands to feature in GH: Aerosmith

  • silver-jon 26/03/2008

    If you play badly, are you called an Errorsmith ?

    imo: Rocks the 80s = 3 decent songs. £20 wasted. Grrr.
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  • Supreme Commander

  • silver-jon 26/03/2008

    I hope this turns out to be a decent port because I fancy this game (not as much as your sister obviously) but much depends on control in the heat of the moment.
    I'm always amazed that Rome and Medieval Total War games weren't ported to the 360.
    I mean there are hotbuttons on the keyboard but they could actually be very easily managed with a just the mouse.

    So that's right thumbstick for moving the 'mouse' and left thumbstick to click down for a left click, and . . . . well you get the idea.
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  • Gary Gygax: 1938-2008

  • silver-jon 13/03/2008

    It was in the news briefly a few days ago and I turned to my wife and said "Oh. Oh that's sad. Gary Gygax has died".

    Wife: o_O

    They just don't understand. For a few of my formative years there wasn't a day that I wasn't touched by Gary Gygax. In a nice way. I shall roll a 1d8 and decide whether to 1-3 toast him with a drink, 4-6 send a card to his family, 7-8 do nothing.
    Then I'll cheat and flip the die to a 2 and open a can.
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  • Gibson launches Guitar Hero lawsuit

  • silver-jon 13/03/2008

    Die, lawyers, die.
    Why can't Gibson just be happy that they're getting a bunch of free advertising every time someone plays the game, that probably thousands of people worldwide have since gone on to think "hey, you know what ? I enjoy playing that game and I always wanted to actually play a real guitar" and then gone and bought a Gibson guitar. And why join the fray when the game (and presumably the original infringement) has been known about for over 2 years ?

    Did I hear someone at the back say "greed" ?
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  • Burnout Paradise to be patched

  • silver-jon 06/03/2008

    Two questions -
    Am I just being stupid and not seeing it, or is there no way to tell if you've already done (and won) a race/event until you've started it ?
    If you've started a race, how long does it take to time you out of it ? I mean, if you start a race and then it says "You've already completed this track, so this time's just for fun" and you think 'balls to that, I want to make some progress', do you HAVE to complete the race, or does it time you out eventually ? or can you decline the race once it's started ?


    Silver - I don't look at the instruction booklet. Why would I need to do that ?! - Jon.
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  • Vaz claims games let you "rape women"

  • silver-jon 04/03/2008

    "parappa the raper" - dudefather, that is absolutely brilliant.

    Dum derdle doobah der der dum dee derrr
    "Gag the victim . . . (gag the victim) . . . tie the hands . . . (tie the hands) . . . "
    Ok, it's a very sick joke. But it's got me giggling at the thought of that cartoony character saying something so perverse.

    btw: the problem with too many politicians is that they are motivated by a sense of personal power. They crave influence. And to have influence one must have some kind of control. They don't like the fact that they cannot have organisations accountable to them.
    And, it has to be said, the games industry does itself no favours by constantly courting controversy.

    Anyway the whole thing reminds me of the comedian Sean Lock, who has a routine about mutilating and killing an imaginary animal (is it a panda ?) and then pointing out to the audience that it doesn't matter. It doesn't exist.
    I think it was a parrot.
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  • US intelligence to spy on virtual worlds

  • silver-jon 26/02/2008

    Yet another excuse for the paranoid American government to extend its intrusions into others' societies for it's own protection.
    Yet another use for tax dollars instead of doing things like . . . oh I dunno, housing the impoverished sleeping rough on American streets.
    Yet another excuse for some lazy agent to spend all their time on Second Life and legitimately call it work.

    I tells ya, we're just about in Orwell's territory here. Why do we put up with it ?
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  • Microsoft job ad spins "new Live" rumour

  • silver-jon 18/02/2008

    Interesting stuff. Thanks, insane_cobra.
    I think Live has worked very well. I think M$ are playing a very clever game. They've lost the DVD format battle - all that's left is the signature on the surrender document. However, while $ony et al are going to corner Blu-Ray, it looks like M$ are leapfrogging the tangible disc format and going for the download only. Expect Xbox 2010 (or whatever it'll be called) to have a whopper of a HD, and for Live to be much more of a marketplace than it is now. I'd expect M$ to do more direct connectivity - IP telephony and video, uploading games footage and video files, etc. Look at what Bungie did with Halo 3 and multiply that by about a hundred.
    I think that for many people (one or two comments listed above) "Home" is a gimmick. It looks cool on the screenshots but seems a bit rubbish. (Being old, of course, I poo-poo everything and am usually proven wrong).
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  • Discs of Tron on XBLA this week

  • silver-jon 11/02/2008

    I once spent about 4 hours an d £10 playing this in an arcade cabinet. I ought to be given this as a free download !
    Great game. Then.
    Still, it's worth a pint, or a sandwich. It's got to be better than the money spent on Sensi (and the hours of growling, swearing, and generally being annoyed by the fact you cannot tell if your own player has the ball until the screen starts scrolling the other way, by which time you're only relying on your goalkeeper to stop the opposition from scoring. Honestly, playing Sensi is like being a Spurs supporter in November)
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  • The Club

  • silver-jon 05/02/2008

    Genius review headline. "Better than the ploughmans." I've been chuckling about that most of the afternoon.

    It's been a slow day.
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  • Burnout Paradise

  • silver-jon 28/01/2008

    I'm with Miths on this one (a few posts back). I'm a kind of casual Burnout enjoyer (as opposed to fan) and I've really enjoyed the 3 hours on Paradise so far. I think the open world system works really well and there's just so much to do.
    I loved Crash mode in the previous games and Showtime just doesn do it for me like Crash used to. There's something about perfecting your launch off a ramp to specifically hit the multipliers and buses and simply praying you'd avoid the heart-breakers; it just plugged into what gaming is about.
    And I've only just realised reading these comments that it's single player only ! D'oh ! Still, those grumbles aside, I think Criterion should be applauded for making the tough decision to break away from what would have been a very easy money-spinner; simply re-hashing the old formula with a shiny new front-end. Just think how much we'd have complained at the lack of imagination.

    So, in summary: 8/10. Ta.
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  • PS3 will beat 360 by summer - Reeves

  • silver-jon 25/01/2008

    So how come they leave Europe 'til last ? I mean every time. Tossers.

    And I'm with Sofalover on his comment. I only know of one person with a PS3, and he already has a 360 and a Wii. Compared to about 6 people with a Wii and 3 with a 360.
    Anecdote is not truth, but . . .well, you know.
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  • 2K announces Don King game

  • silver-jon 10/12/2007

    Oooh, oooh, Vice.destroyer. You forgot being charged with Manslaughter.

    Maybe that's where Eurogamer's reference to "Fahrenheit" comes in ?
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  • BioShock: A Defence

  • silver-jon 06/12/2007

    My 2p . . .
    I really enjoyed Bioshock except for a couple of the points you raised and defended, Kieron. The lack of variety in enemy (basically Splicer, turret, or Big Daddy) and the real anti-climax in the final 20% (including the final boss battle).

    I remember that the last "Holy Crap" moment when I played through the game was when you wake up in (was it) Tenebaum's room surrounded by the little girls you've saved. It was a genuinely powerful emotive moment testament to my immersion in the game.
    UN-fortunately, because I had harvested only 2 of the girls in desperation I got the bad-guy's ending which seemed so a/ unfair and b/ ill-considered and inappropriate that it felt like having an intense and wonderful relationship with someone for 3 weeks who suddenly and without any provocation slaps you hard round the face for liking spinach (and not in a good way).

    I was all for rating it 10/10 but the ending really did sour it down to a 9. Still, a 9 !
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  • Bay attacks MS and HD-DVD

  • silver-jon 05/12/2007

    I;m the same as bengray66. DVD is good enough for me for the foreseeable future. The difference from DVD to HD-DVD/Blu Ray is not worth buying new equipment and all new discs, imo. Got other things to spend my money on.

    If a polished download system comes in about 5 years time then it will probably be time to reconsider.
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  • GH3 gets Halo theme

  • silver-jon 22/11/2007

    "Their sound is supposedly unique and took them a long time to cultivate, and this mimicry is confusing people into thinking the Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s version is the real potato."

    Their sound is clearly of their heads popping out of their arses. How many people do they think had heard of that track before the game came out ?

    Shame it's such a bollock-low nadir in the game. I absolutely hated this song, and the difficulty spike it represented. It's one of the reasons "Rock the 80s" has not been out of its case since 2 days after I bought it, and it's going back to Game to give me the trade-in for . . . . well . . . GH3 actually.

    /is a sucker.
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  • Fans cross with Rock Band PS3

  • silver-jon 21/11/2007

    Nice one SteveB - I'm with you there. It's a game. It's a bit of fun.

    However, I can imagine PS3 owners must have deep enough wallets to buy the controller. They bought a PS3 after all !
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  • Xbox 360: 12 Games of Christmas

  • silver-jon 01/11/2007

    Surely the best 6 months of games released in a console's history. Awesome.

    PS3 will get there, mark my words. It may take a year, but it'll get some stunning games in the end.

    So, is someone going to add up all the scores out of 10 for the Xbox line-up and then compare with the Ps3 line-up ? And then laugh at Sony executives for not listening when the vast majority of gamers said "It's over specced and over-priced, and NOT over here, you tossers !".

    I will.
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  • Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

  • silver-jon 25/10/2007

    Once again, a top review. Thanks guys. I think this might now be on my purchase list and, not having played any of the others in the series, I'll be popping my Ace Combat cherry in November.
    It looks quite a lot like elements of X-wing. But in current universe. Does that make any sense ?
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  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

  • silver-jon 18/10/2007

    I picked it up last night and played until 12:45. First game to steal me away from Halo 3. I originally had it on the Amiga and never got the hang of it so I was determined to do so last night. Despite the retro grapics it's still an absolute classic. Still really good fun, and I bet playing it online or 2-player would be brilliant.

    One thing that I'll only know the answer to tonight is whether it auto-saves progress in the league mode. When I exited the game there was no option to save progress, only a warning that I would lose unsaved progress if I continued. So it'll be heartily annoying if I'm back at square one tonight.
    That said, it's still a compelling game. Some of the Achievements look REALLY hard to get (power-charging the ball so it knocks over 3 players AND scores a goal ?!!)
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  • Detailed 40GB PS3 reports

  • silver-jon 05/10/2007

    Like others, I look at my 360 and its rather excellent library of games and feel a warm glow (that's probably just the processors overheating). Then I look at the PS3 in a shop and its currently rather unspecial library of games and think . . . meh.
    Got other things to spend my £300 on.

    Not to say I think the PS3 is rubbish or whatever. I'm no fanboi. Just life's about priorities and choices. And at the moment, while a price reduction is the most sensible thing Sony could do to invite a better market share, there's no compelling reason for me to choose to prioritise a PS3 over, say, a camcorder or materials to redecorate the 3rd bedroom. Given another six months, and the decent games start rolling out it may be a different story. That's my take, Eurogamer.
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