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  • Radeon HD 7990 review

  • showler 06/10/2013

    Now is a great time to be a PC gamer. I'm currently trying to convert many of my console-only friends and embrace the PC platform. The intrigue is there but change scares many of them still.

    You can build a PC for £500/£550 that is significantly more powerful and will be beyond competitive throughout the next gen console lifecycle.

    Come my fanatics!

    P.S. I have a 360 and PS3. Exclusives are nice too!
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  • Radeon HD 7950 review

  • showler 24/06/2013

    I love everything about Eurogamer.. other than the somewhat abhorrent bias towards Nvidia.

    As an owner of the 8800gt, gtx 260 core 216, Radeon 5850, GTX 480, GTX 580 and Radeon 7950, the 7950 is easily the best Graphics card I've ever owned. As a fanboy of neither, I buy what I feel is the best value for the money, and at around £200 the 7950 is easily the best value for money. Extend the core clock towards 1100mhz and you essentially have a 7970ghz edition or Nvidia gtx 680. The 3gb will come in handy after 2-3 years in the console lifecycle, no doubt about it.

    For anyone contemplsting 7950 or 66ti, there is only only one winner!
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  • Radeon HD 7790 review

  • showler 14/05/2013

    The reality is that until established and successful franchises come, visual fidelity takes precedence when making the decision to adopt early. The first generation of games will be comparable to Crysis 3 at high settings with maaa. Those looking to buy a PS4 need to ask themselves if Crysis 3 at high is the 'generational leap' they've been hoping Reply +1
  • showler 14/05/2013

    The reality is that we have a system that with the right optimisations can maintain 30fps on high settings in Crysis 3 with aa. The first generation of games will only match the visual quality of crysis 3 at high settings, so those possibly buying at launch need to ask themselves if that is enough to entice them; is that the 'generational leap' they expected? Until well established and successful franchises come to the table, graphocal Reply 0
  • showler 13/05/2013

    @riseer AMD Driver support has improved a lot, but is still some way behind the ease and consistency of Nvidia. My general rule of thumb is AMd for single gpu or NVIDIA if you plan to use SLI in the future. Crossfire is just not up to scratch at the minute. Reply +1
  • showler 12/05/2013

    @riseer It's a difficult one to call, but if developers are going to be working with 8 core Jaguars CPUs then this can only benefit those with AMD chips. It'll do wonders as well for keeping AMD competitive in the high end CPU space. Whether it will topple the single threaded grunt of Intel is hard to predict. Regardless, we all need competition to reap the rewards. Reply 0
  • showler 10/05/2013

    @Yautja_Warrior I agree with what you say to an extent, but I sincerely hope the nextbox isn't the prime development platform. The work sony has done with the ps4 will hopefully ensure it as the lead platform. If the nextbox is identified as an inferior platform to develop for then i say shame on microsoft for not competing. You guys want better pc ports? Support the ps4 over the nextbox. All shall be revealed by the end of the month! Reply 0
  • showler 10/05/2013

    As an owner of a 7950 and pc enthusiast the 7950 would be the ideal upgrade to ensure superior gaming from next gen console ports. Pair with an i5 quadcore and you should be set. The purported specs of both consoles all but confirm in my mind the ps4 is still firmly rooted as a games console as priority. The nextbox however has veered towards being a multipurpose device. Reply +1
  • New CryEngine vid shows next-gen vision

  • showler 18/10/2009

    poop Reply -3
  • showler 18/10/2009

    anyone hazard a guess as to what the specs of the PC would be for the next gen viewings? Reply 0