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  • Fallout 4 tops UK chart, launch sales 200% up on New Vegas

  • shotgun44 16/11/2015

    There's a Kinda Funny video recently with some Xbox dude that explains exactly why they chose this week for the Tomb Raider release. I can't remember the reason off the top of my head but it puts the speculation to rest. Reply -2
  • Trine 3 is due next week on Steam Early Access

  • shotgun44 16/04/2015

    Thanks, I didn't read that. Early access has done some insane things (look at Minecraft). But, I just feel it's an odd way to do things, in general. There's a game that came out pretty recently on early access (it's like terraria in space) that I bought early because it sounded awesome. But because it was a bit ropey I haven't gone back. Shame as if it was polished and finished I would've been sucked in (and would probably be able to remember it's name). Reply +5
  • shotgun44 16/04/2015

    Is there a good reason why a well established series such a Trine needs to go Early Access? Reply +23
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to Vita this summer

  • shotgun44 10/04/2015

    Can someone confirm or deny my perception that this is a remake of Resident Evil 2? Because I'm all over a spruced up version of that, since I never played it the first time round. Reply -12
  • The Witcher 3 could take over 200 hours to complete

  • shotgun44 01/04/2015

    @kirinnokoshin that frikking blood starved beast! I was about to put my face through the screen. Was made worse by not having an bullets so I had to go back to the start to farm them every time. I also somehow completely missed the beckoning bell right at the start so spent ages trying to work out how to summon! Love Bloodborne so much despite it being so unbelievably brutal. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline fends off challenge of Bloodborne in UK chart

  • shotgun44 30/03/2015

    As a hardcore shield user in The DS games, I found this game brutal at first. But now I absolutely love it. Just deafeated Father G after about six times of being annihilated. Got proper aggressive up in his face with the gun and axe and destroyed the guy. I shouted at the telly when I beat him. Something I never did with Dark Souls. Because I'm not hiding behind a shield, the sense of achievement is epic. I think anyone who loves games should pick this up. It's genius. Reply +7
  • Vote for what you want in Just Cause 3's Collector's Edition

  • shotgun44 12/03/2015

    That backpack is hideous Reply +1
  • Super Stardust Ultra review

  • shotgun44 18/02/2015

    I used to get excited about seeing a game get a gushing review and then see a big fat 10/10 at the bottom. Essential could be a 9 or 10. I'm fully capable of reading a review and making my own decision but I liked the old scoring system. I'm finding that can't be arsed to read anything that isn't essential. Don't know why that is, but I don't like it. Hope they change it back, as toxic as such a view seems to be. Reply +4
  • Elder Scrolls Online will add paid-for health, XP boost potions

  • shotgun44 14/02/2015

    Can someone explain the Ferrero Rocher thing? I can't find an explanation on google... Reply +1
  • PS4 software update v2.01 to tackle Rest Mode problem

  • shotgun44 05/11/2014


    Thanks. It's so hard to find decent info about the dates/games etc online. It's like it's some big secret.
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  • shotgun44 05/11/2014

    Slightly off topic, why are Sony being so frikkin shady with ps plus lately. I'm actually megas excited for Binding of Isaac and getting Steamworld Dig but no updated store yet? Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs patch fixes corrupted save files, online issues

  • shotgun44 19/06/2014

    Thanks god for that. I had the progress loss issue so bought Wolfenstein while I waited for a patch. Finished that last night so it'll be good to get back into it. Reply 0
  • Mercenary Kings is coming to Vita with Cross-Buy support

  • shotgun44 18/04/2014

    Not gonna lie, mercenary kings had been my most played ps4 game yet. Loved it. Reply 0
  • Mercenary Kings review

  • shotgun44 08/04/2014

    I'm loving it. Currently have infamous on eBay because between this and Dark Souls 2, I can't afford to have a 50 beer mat sat in front of my tv. On the game, I found the gun crafting confusing at first and I'm now about half way in and yet to get bored, although the difficulty has spiked somewhat.. Reply -3
  • inFamous: Second Son update lets you change the time of day

  • shotgun44 01/04/2014

    Great news. Can't say I've noticed this judder, but then again I've mostly been playing Dark Souls 2 and watching my pre owned Infamous SS price drop Reply 0
  • Was CCP right to ban this Eve Online player?

  • shotgun44 01/04/2014

    I stopped whatever I was listening to to listen to that, scrolled to the end and heard a racist breakdown. Had to stop it and replay my music as I felt I might never return to normal life. Really don't get it. As I've grown older and gotten over minor addictions to WoW and Ultima Online, I've realised life is too short to get involved in these things. The world is full of opportunities to enrich yours and others lives, no matter who you are. Go and do some good, even if it's just applying for that job you wanted. Don't get sucked into online willy waving. No one wins. Reply +2
  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • shotgun44 24/03/2014

    I keep debating picking up MGS for PS4 but I really don't want these paid demos to become the norm. As good as the reviews suggest it is. Reply +35
  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • shotgun44 20/03/2014

    Looks really smooth other than the load times. If it includes all the dlc would be an insta-buy. Although I can see this being on PS+ at some point... Reply +17
  • The new Microsoft CEO earns how much?

  • shotgun44 06/02/2014

    I'm not entirely sure how it works to be anti capitalism and spend your time posting on a website about a hobby as expensive as gaming... Reply 0
  • shotgun44 06/02/2014

    At the end of the day these salaries are determined by the rest of the market. If they only paid the head of MS 50k a year then where's the incentive to shoulder the responsibility. It's just how business works. Wanna make real money, start your own business and work hard for it. No one is just going to hand you that sort of money while you sit around and bitch from the bottom. Reply 0
  • Microsoft "investigating" reports Battlefield 4 DLC unavailable on Xbox One

  • shotgun44 29/11/2013

    @IanHappyFace don't get me wrong, Microsoft are a successful company, but they appear to lack any motivation other than money. I'm not sure why you've got a raging hard on for them, they could give less of a fuck about you. With your attitude, I assume you're a little dim, so excuse me for having shit to do, I won't be replying to your hypocritical views on fanboyism. Reply 0
  • shotgun44 28/11/2013

    @IanHappyFace I don't give a fuck about who makes my console. But at this point, it'll be a miracle if the XB1 doesn't completely tank. And if it does, I wouldn't have the slightest bit of sympathy, Microsoft have treated their customers with nothing but contempt this last year. And Microsoft being an amazing company? Get a grip, they haven't successfully launched a product in about a decade. If they didn't pull support for their operating systems every few years, forcing companies to upgrade, they wouldn't be successful. I don't have blind faith in Sony, but marketing is marketing and Sony haven't acted like they've spent all night doing ketamine in a club bog all night only to realise 3 days later they have shit to get together. Reply +6
  • shotgun44 28/11/2013

    I was really trying to stay kinda neutral but fuck it, what possessed anyone to pick up an XB1? Seriously? Forza 5 is a massive scam with a fraction of the last games content. And Forza 5 was the one thing I wrongly believed Xbox had over PS4 at launch. Truly shocking, imagine if they hadn't backtracked...

    Roll on 9pm tomorrow when I pick up my PS4!
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  • Editor's blog: Important note for Eurogamer account holders

  • shotgun44 28/11/2013

    I realised I was logged in as someone else and logged straight out. I won't have anyone taking credit for my brilliance. Reply +17
  • Microsoft slammed for sexist Xbox One ad

  • shotgun44 27/11/2013

    Isn't this the same as when that guy had a massive cry that the woman in Spelunky gave you an extra heart? Even though, again, you could change it to fit your sensitivities? Reply +6
  • Killer Instinct review

  • shotgun44 21/11/2013

    I was always under the impression that 7 was a pretty good score! I can hardly see myself throwing my controller at Killzone in disappointed disgust. I'm tired of people going around dictating who is, and who isn't an idiot as to what they spend their money on. I do think some people's arguments for buying a console comes down to which companies name is on the front, which is obviously fucking ridiculous. But you know, we're all entitled to buy what we want...

    Anyway, congrats on MS actually doing something right by having a fairly decent launch line up (particularly in regards to exclusives). I'd say they've actually done alright in regards to games despite the fact they refuse to do their shoelaces up.
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  • Where can you still buy an Xbox One?

  • shotgun44 21/11/2013

    Ouch, for 495 I'm getting PS4, Assassins Creed 4, Killzone & NFS Rivals & Pacific Rim Blu-Ray (For some reason. Not to mention Resogun. 550 for that bundle is insane, you get more movies than games, which I guess shouldn't come as much of a surprise at this point.. Reply +8
  • Why launch games underwhelm

  • shotgun44 19/11/2013

    I'm picking up AC4, NFS and Killzone at launch and despite the generally underwhelming reviews (really only applies to Killzone), I'm really looking forward to them all! Also, Resogun! Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 Reviewed: Games and Hardware

  • shotgun44 14/11/2013

    @Suarez07 any help would be greatly appreciated. Probably not the best place to do this though. How you wanna do this? Reply 0
  • shotgun44 14/11/2013

    I honestly thought Resogun and Killzone were going to be absolute must plays so I'm tempted to just build a custom PC that will run through my TV. Then get a PS4 when it's worth it. However after 2 hours research I'm fucking baffled by all the PC options. I'm pretty decent with tech but it's really not as easy as people have been making out. Can anyone recommend any up to date guides or magazines that would help please? Reply +1
  • Rayman Legends is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in February

  • shotgun44 12/11/2013

    @Old_Books out of interest I went a read that review. Wondering what you meant? Genuinely, it's not super in love with the game but it doesn't give it like a 2/10 or anything? Reply +2
  • Paradise Lost: First Contact is like Deus Ex starring a squid

  • shotgun44 06/11/2013

    I know nothing about game development so I'm prepared to be educated, but $15k to add achievements sounds like a lot? Reply 0
  • Witness the power of the PS4 with this Putty Squad remake

  • shotgun44 18/10/2013

    I distinctly remember renting this from Blockbuster when it came out because it got rave reviews and being underwhelmed then. It just wasn't much fun. I was 6 though, so who knows what it was really like to play.. Reply 0
  • Carmageddon: Reincarnation Steam early access set for early 2014

  • shotgun44 26/09/2013

    Carmageddon 2 is one of the few games I still go back to now and then. Love the levels, the damage models and driving physics between te massive variety of vehicles. Really should have backed this.. The challenge levels can die a fiery death though. Reply +1
  • 61% of UK believes games can cause violence, aggression

  • shotgun44 24/09/2013

    There's some incredibly well thought responses from Eurogamer readers on this article. It would be nice if this was acknowledged in wider media, rather than sweeping, headline grabbing surveys with little to no context. It's a shame, really. Reply 0
  • Is the most disturbing scene in GTA 5 justified?

  • shotgun44 21/09/2013

    I skipped this article until I got to that point. Just played it and it's not that bad...

    Honestly, I don't know why this is such a big issue. People have been being tortured in movies etc for years and no one bats an eyelid. It's the same issue I find with the articles on piracy, everyone seems absolutely outraged that anyone would download an episode of Breaking Bad off of torrents, but I know of no one at work, my friends, my family, no one I've ever met could give two shits about it either way. I'm not trying to troll, I just don't know why as soon as someone gets on the internet they feel like they need to white knight through comments sections, declaring disgust at the mere hint of controversy.
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  • Gran Turismo 6's audio likely to be patched post-release

  • shotgun44 17/09/2013

    Personally I love that both GT and Forza series go for piles of cars (love that collection aspect in games). However having 997 of them be skylines, seems a little pointless. More exotics and classic sports cars for me, thanks. Reply +2
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • shotgun44 16/09/2013

    I've read a few reviews now and hardly any of them mention the customisation or the underwater stuff etc. or how the city feels. All the reviews I've read are good reviews its just odd that this stuff is universally ignored. I can't wait, I'm litterly going to explode of its not here tomorrow after work! Reply +2
  • Battlefield 4 PC minimum and recommended specs confirmed

  • shotgun44 10/09/2013

    Are we not accustomed by now to the fact that of course a 1500 gaming PC is going to run this better than a PS4 with fixed hardware!? It's been happening since forever, I don't know why people push this point like it's breaking news... Reply 0
  • Xbox One Day One Edition stock now scarce in UK

  • shotgun44 03/09/2013

    Hmm, I think the two markets are completely different. i'd still have both. I have a pretty high end PC but I can't get GTA 4 to run for shit, in fact it runs better on high settings than low but I cannot find anywhere on the internet that can get it running properly. However, I can just shove the disk in my PS3 and it works fine, sure the graphics aren't exactly insane but it's a much less frustrating experience. Reply 0
  • Farming Simulator comes to consoles; Outside Xbox is ready

  • shotgun44 31/08/2013

    Presumably dying light is multi platform? Looks really good. The fact that they can render many more zombies on screen and the free running aspects makes this really appealing. Reply 0
  • shotgun44 31/08/2013

    @jasondonervan probably the funniest thing I've watched all year. I'm typing through tears. Thanks! Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs. Resogun

  • shotgun44 31/08/2013

    @Feanor get it on whatever console you prefer the controller on, those pixel counting face offs are click bait and nothing more.

    Back on topic, SSHD was immense. Can't wait to get my hands on this!
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  • PlayStation 4 bundle includes Killzone, Camera, second DualShock

  • shotgun44 30/08/2013


    Fair enough, sorry, I took your original comment wrong. I read back and I see what you're saying now. I don't totally agree that this is a reaction to the FIFA thing but I guess we'll never know the motive behind these annoucements.
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  • shotgun44 30/08/2013


    Yea, I can see your point, kinda. I won't bang on about it because if it was the other way round I'd be straight on the XB1 and I'm not here for a fight. I've supported most consoles from launch. I love the Halo series and I adore Forza but from what I've listed I can't see much to argue about this time round as PS4 being the clear choice. These days I have bills and stuff to deal with so I'm going into the next gen with a view on what I believe is the stronger option for now and in the future, as I can't just turn around a buy a console because I enjoy a bit of Gears of War now and then.
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  • shotgun44 30/08/2013

    @Akozz it's a bundle OPTION. Think about it for more than a knee jerk.

    I really don't want to come across as a Sony fanboy because I couldn't give less of a shit who ploughs millions into developing my games console, but the PS4:

    +Remote play on Vita
    +PS+ is FAR superior to XBL Gold
    +No Kinect (I will admit this is debatable as a plus but I've hardly seen anyone over the moon that they have to have one)
    +More powerful
    +Better, more diverse exclusive studios
    +Cheaper (meaning you can do what you like with regards to accessories/games)
    +Amazing support for indie titles
    +No one is going to come round your house and keep screaming 'XBox off' at your TV
    +It may be PR but Sony have done everything right so far

    I honestly do not know what is going through peoples heads when they pre order a XB1. Microsoft have a reputation of everything eventually falling to shit. Not to mention the people who seem to work there are borderline morons with no interest in what gamers want. I'll give them credit for having an arguably stronger launch line up but if you buy a console of the strength of its first 3 months output, you too are a numbskull.
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  • shotgun44 30/08/2013

    @PESKing23 and an extra controller? I don't really know what you're getting at but I'm guessing by your name, you're probably buzzing about playing FIFA 2011 with high res textures. I bet you're one of those people that sell used consoles on eBay with a collection of 67 sports games. Reply +3
  • shotgun44 30/08/2013

    I haven't seen anyone creaming their pants over the camera as some people seem to be saying... I still don't want one but if it's basically free and you want an extra controller and killzone (in my eyes better than any sports game they wanna throw in) it's a decent deal. Also, you're not being forced to buy a bundle with a camera. Some people need a sense of perspective. Reply +5
  • shotgun44 30/08/2013

    Anyone know how game pre orders work? I ordered in June and was said was guaranteed one. But what if someone goes to the midnight launch with a receipt after the 5/8? Is there a console in the back with my name on or do I have to queue up like a spanner outside game on a cold November night while my mates are the pub, to guarantee one? Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 launch trailer lands

  • shotgun44 29/08/2013

    If you're not excited for this game, I feel truly sorry for you. Got day after release off as our post is crap. First time I've been really really excited for a game release in years! Reply +3