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  • Apple is removing games from people's purchase history

  • shotbyascot 08/10/2015

    I worry about this on Vita, as most of my stuff is digital.

    Can someone point me to a guide on how to backup the games to a PC, sure I read you could do that (or maybe not)?
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  • Performance Analysis: Star Wars Battlefront beta on PS4

  • shotbyascot 08/10/2015

    When will it be available for download? Was hoping to start it off this morning, so it's ready when I finish work later...... Reply 0
  • PS1 at 20: Destruction Derby and the art of being an idiot

  • shotbyascot 01/10/2015

    Love this game. Still play it often on my Vita. Rubbish graphics but amazing gameplay! Which used to be acceptable. Reply 0
  • PS1 at 20: The making of WipEout

  • shotbyascot 29/09/2015

    This game was and is epic. I still play the original on Vita.

    Why Sony don't have Wipeout/Ridge Racer/Gran Turismo/Crash Bandicoot (preferably Crashracing!) on the go for PS4 is criminal.

    I mean christ, two years in and whilst in development we still haven't seen Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank or a dedicated God of War yet either.

    Sony are the real money wasters, not Nintendo.
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  • FIFA 16 review

  • shotbyascot 28/09/2015

    I bought the last three and I enjoy FIFA16 the most.

    I love it and at least the goalkeeping works.
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  • Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

  • shotbyascot 27/09/2015

    The games are there.

    The memory card issue is what killed it. The system still costs 200 new. Then a 16Gb card I saw at 40-50. Sure, you can get a 64Gb online for 80-100 but firstly that still makes the console 300 or more with a game or two and secondly, to sell to mass market it has to appeal of shop shelves like in GAME.

    It just never represented great value, when people could buy a PS3 or Xbox 360 instead!
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  • How to exploit PlayStation TV to run all Vita titles

  • shotbyascot 25/09/2015

    @CliffPromise Funny, I prefer both to my PS4.

    That's the beauty of choice, or simply enjoying all platforms for all their best offerings.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront beta due in two weeks

  • shotbyascot 24/09/2015

    I'll get 3 days on the Beta then, at the speeds PSN gives on downloads...... Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 'C-Chassis' review

  • shotbyascot 14/09/2015

    Why puzzling design choices?

    I'll tell you why they changed it by giving you my launch console as example.

    The glossy section gets scratched, easily.

    The touch sensitive buttons are in my opinion why the console randomly turns on when I'm out, spits discs even if I'm in the middle of playing and runs the eject cycle over and over sometimes - all night once in fact!

    Sony know the original design was awful and broken, so released this update. They DECLINE to replace my console by the way.

    The fact that though this happens to many people (who are then stuffed by Sony's selective guarantee) it remains largely unreported is scandalous.
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  • Super Mario Maker review

  • shotbyascot 12/09/2015

    Convinced me, so just bought it. Looking forward to making my first Mario level this evening!

    Nobody ever mentions that Nintendo games are great value. This cost me only 39.99 new with artbook and all, when new PS4 games are generally 60-70!
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  • GAME apologises after Super Mario Maker mix-up

  • shotbyascot 10/09/2015

    @perydwyn Like most on here!

    But yes, I am sometimes. You Sir can have an upvote for your insult!
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    @electrolite Why, because you said so?

    The article clearly says quite a few are in danger of going, or already are overdrawn.

    I sincerely doubt all or most have multiple accounts with loads more money in.

    My criticism is at those who are amongst them who can't really afford it in the first place, not at those who can. Nor am I saying GAME shouldn't sort it.

    I'll admit my comment isn't entirely with the subject of the article and is a bit preachy, but I'd bet half the reason it's unpopular is lots are guilty of buying games with their final pennies (or on credit) and know I'm right.

    :D I stand by my opinion, whether you agree or not.
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    Oh so suddenly the fact it took some people into overdraft is irrelevant because they have thousands stashed in other accounts?


    Whilst undoubtedly it needs sorting, it's obvious it will. But anyone who wasn't borderline on cash wouldn't be making a mountain out of a molehill. Nor asking to get their copy for free!

    This is an unfortunate, but simple error. If it's left people with no money as i'd bet is the case for some (and I'm not talking about you if you have "loads" stashed elsewhere), then tough. This is what happens, often, when you give companies access to your barely funded, essential bank account!
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    @LightlySalted You assume I'm criticising people for being poor. Far from it.

    I'm criticising people who could probably pull themselves up by using the (clearly) limited money they have, in a better way.

    If I had a few hundred quid left in my bank, buying a game would be the LAST idea I'd have.
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    @LightlySalted If you need me to explain why saving some is a good idea, rather than blowing "excess funds" on games, that's probably why your bank account would ever go over drawn.

    Credit culture!
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    People who have less than a few hundred pounds in their accounts shouldn't be buying games. Unless you're under 17. Reply -14
  • 5000 Rainbow Six Siege closed beta keys up for grabs

  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    @Mike1980 That made me giggle!

    My daughter bought digital upgrade to Disney Infinity 3.0 on Saturday morning. Couldn't play it until Sunday afternoon, that's with a reasonable 20Mb d/load connection. This gen sucks in so many ways....
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    @A_FAN what? :/ Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 6 takes us back to the series' heyday

  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    @MilkYMoO Absolutely true.

    Though also true I had worse problems with Xbox 360 (I needed 3 console replacements over 10 years), MS were nothing short of fantastic at every stage of the customer service experience.

    Sony however took my launch console serial number, told me the 2 year warranty didn't cover this fault and that it'd likely cost 200 to have it "fixed", then probably laughed down the phone at me (you have to wonder what their "warranty" does cover?!).

    Outrageous. Make no doubt though, one I finish the games I have, I will be back to Xbox. This is one customer they have lost - I vote with my wallet.
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    @Kili102 thanks, I'll give it a try. Unplugging to reset temporarily fixes it, but not for long. For example, I came home from work last night to find the eject motor running, Batman A:K on the floor and the PS4 beeping away. God knows how long it'd been doing that for.

    Sony aren't interested in helping, even though I have warranty, they say it isn't covered. Unbelievable!

    I'd get rid but I've several games I haven't finished yet. Once I have, the PS4 is gone.
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  • shotbyascot 09/09/2015

    Well I for one have had enough waiting. Project Cars on PS4 disappoints me. It has moments of brilliance, but in general has just bored me.

    Gran Turismo is still in oblivion. My PS4 is also on the blink already, spitting discs and running through the eject cycle constantly.

    I'm getting this with the 1Tb Xbox One as it looks exactly what I want to play with a pad. British Touring Cars are the clincher!!
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  • Pikmin 4 in development and "very close to completion"

  • shotbyascot 07/09/2015

    I own most top Wii U games, except this one, as I never see it in stores (and I despise online retailers like Amazon).

    Bit like Xbox One packs here in Europe - we can't buy em when they're never in stock!
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  • Tearaway Unfolded review

  • shotbyascot 07/09/2015

    @Ivattthestanier At the price they're on for, I'd say few have!

    Rip off comes to mind.
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  • Looks like XCOM is coming to Vita

  • shotbyascot 03/09/2015

    Oh I am all over this. Played through on 360, loved it, sure I'll enjoy even more on the go!

    Loving the Vita, but still hate Sony for continuing the extortion on large memory cards!
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  • No server browser for Star Wars Battlefront

  • shotbyascot 02/09/2015

    Screw the moaners, the game will be better without them.

    I'm sick of being kicked from BF games because the host is sore I killed him or he wants to bring his buddies in my place.

    This is a new game too - moan after if you don't like stuff or ask for changes/additions, but at this time you don't even know if it'll be fun, or disappointing. So basically, pack it in you bunch of negative bores!
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 5

  • shotbyascot 28/08/2015

    @FuzzyDuck Regarding your post on shoddy PS4 build quality and design, I agree.

    My launch console spits discs, falls to read them and beeps away trying to eject empty disc trays. Sony tell me simply "deal with it, we can't help".

    Piece of crap IMO. Now Xbox one is performing better and still no sign of GT on PS4, considering a swap myself.
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  • Amazon Underground makes hundreds of F2P Android games actually free

  • shotbyascot 27/08/2015

    @BoredGame Oh God, you went there. Look, how exactly do you propose all the services and infrastructure you enjoy daily get paid for? Or your NHS? Or the military which secured your freedom?

    I'll tell you how - taxes.

    Amazon make huge profits operating from within the UK. By simply running a few "HQ" offices in places like Luxembourg, they avoid paying what they should and others do. They are the real problem, not minor problems like benefit cheats or illegal immigrants.

    Aim your anger at the right places.
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  • shotbyascot 27/08/2015

    @BoredGame They just happen to be conveniently based in a country with a lower tax rate, huh?

    Still doesn't change the fact that their UK profits are made from UK money. Nobody is arguing that it's illegal, rather that it's A) immoral and B) bad for the UK economy.

    They are essentially taking tax money that should stay in the UK, elsewhere. In particular, away from local businesses. It's not sustainable in the long term and its very bad for everyone who lives in each country they pay no corporation/income tax in.
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  • WRC 5 brings together hardcore racing talent for its modest, fun reboot

  • shotbyascot 26/08/2015

    This should be fun. I still play WRC4 on my Vita, which is great fun. Kind of like the original Colin McRae games, it's not realistic but gives a great impression of the speed and thrill rallying provides. Reply 0
  • Earth Defence Force for PS4 and Vita confirmed for Europe

  • shotbyascot 25/08/2015

    But yeah, the Vita is dead.

    Mine just clearly didn't get that news yet, as it's in use daily and this would suggest will be for a while yet.
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  • Star Fox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Tennis release dates

  • shotbyascot 24/08/2015

    @lucky_jim I play my Wii U most despite also having PS4, 3DS and Vita because I have to play on it:

    Mario 3D World
    Zelda Windwaker HD
    Mario kart 8
    Super Smash Bros
    Mario Bros Wii U
    Luigi Wii U
    Captain Toad
    Splatoon (brilliant!)
    Lego City
    Mass Effect 3
    Mario Galaxy 1
    Mario Galaxy 2
    Mario Bros Wii
    Nintendo Land
    Super Mario World SNES
    Mario Kart SNES
    Zelda link to the past SNES
    Mario 64
    Zelda Ocarina of Time
    Zelda Minish Cap
    Mario Bros 2 NES

    I'll also be getting Xenoblade, Yoshis Wooly World, Star Fox, Mario Tennis and hopefully Zelda Wii U.

    I'm sorry, but that's a better line-up than either other main stream console (though I do like them all). Buy one!
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  • The least realistic things video games think cars can do

  • shotbyascot 24/08/2015

    You can change setups yes, but even then it's still crap and unrealistic on some (not all) cars. You can fiddle a lot with car setup on "non Sims" too though, why is that a plus point? Have they deliberately set the default to "throw them off the track"? Why?

    It's boring. Have you even tried fiddling with the awful console menus? You can't even alter the setup in the garage during time trial. You have to come out, tune, then go back into trial again. It's just bad.
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  • shotbyascot 24/08/2015

    @ABC123XYZ Of course you don't think that. Everyone who races thinks,they are A) best at it B) still best at it.

    I don't mind people acting like they know more about racing, as it's natural and actually I admire the passion because I have it too.

    Yes, I was talking about the console version and yes it really is quite awful with some cars. Not entirely mind, the FF's are an absolute hoot and actually not too bad Sim-wise.

    The karts are awful though. I mean, compared to other games it diss an okay job giving the sense of speed and directional change possible, but it is jerky and the graphics/frame rate ensure it is not realistic.

    Still, even the full on F1 simulators aren't exactly spot on either. That's my point though, whilst they may be classed as simulators, they are all still a way off being realistic.
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  • shotbyascot 24/08/2015

    You said it. A "Sim" only means you spend longer setting the damn control and car setups.

    For me no game has yet come close to replicating real car physics. The way cars jerk around and spear off the road in project cars though, is particularly bad.

    The single seaters fare better to be fair.
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  • shotbyascot 24/08/2015

    @ABC123XYZ I don't give out personal information about my life online, so you'll just have to wonder.

    Not sure what exactly I'm making up, but if you have issues then they are just that - yours.

    The fact is I know cars, I know how they handle and anyone who thinks that the way they behave in project cars is "realistic", needs to get a grip.

    I mean, it's not a bad game - there's a great one in there. It's just not what some people claim and in my view, no good for console players.
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  • shotbyascot 23/08/2015

    In reply to the many replies, any game in which you have to spend hours trying to perfect just the control setup, to ensure your car doesn't spear off the road with a perfectly rational input response, is not good.

    Sure if you have loads of time to do so that's great, but I don't. The standard controls suck and I've ZERO idea how to fix that for me.

    The "crap player blames game" line doesn't bother me. I've been playing racing games since most of you were a twinkle in your mummys eye and actually have raced real cars (or just have a license unlike some). Project Cars is so far from realistic, it makes Need for Speed look Sim-like. Anyone who's driven a real car fast knows this.
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  • shotbyascot 23/08/2015

    Project Cars should have featured here. The twitchy handling is awful and so far from simulation, it makes people who say it is look like they've never driven a car before let alone raced one. Reply -8
  • Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection is more than just a remaster

  • shotbyascot 23/08/2015

    @TheDarkSide I don't ever take offense to anything on the internet. That would be silly. I usually get my point across, then don't even bother checking for or replying to further notifications, as I don't give mine looking for an argument.

    I do agree it'd not be the same without him, but he's on better form when he doesn't come out with poorly decided opinions, that are based on contradictory to evidence in front of his face.

    It's also better when he doesn't curiously side with members who are casually firing around silly, unsubstantiated accusations of homophobia and racism.
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  • shotbyascot 23/08/2015

    @TheDarkSide Everyone gets abuse from the idiots now and again.

    Skippy just generally has more people disagree with him, more often. Usually because he's on his pro-Xbox, anti-Sony crusade. That's hardly abuse. Take this thread for instance. He says that it's clearly a simple re-master.

    The guy is a bait merchant. Funny sometimes, occasionally right but my guess is he loves the attention.
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  • shotbyascot 23/08/2015

    @cloudskipa The problem in my opinion is not that there are angry people, as those idiots are present anywhere in life.

    The problem is more that there are some, like you and Frazzl, who cannot accept that when others disagree with your opinion it does not mean that they are either A) wrong, B) fanboy of opposing console or C) likely to get less angry if they are idiots already flinging insults around.
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  • shotbyascot 23/08/2015

    @frazzl If you think I am a Sony fanboy, you clearly have some kind of anti-Sony thing going on yourself. Try reading my post history, it shows nothing of the sort, rather in fact a growing dislike of Sony.

    I'm pretty sure you won't be able to get your head around that, as it doesn't fit your victim & superiority complexes.

    Whilst there are several others in here acting like pathetic children, you have jumped clean aboard with them. This leaves you wide open to criticism as well - deal with it.
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  • shotbyascot 23/08/2015

    @cloudskipa You really are a fool. I wasn't debating if he has a cool reaction to heckling from the admittedly present fanboys and abuses members (though he clearly doesn't, as he has an inherent ability to throw childish insults himself).

    My point is that drawing the line to say he's one of the only members here who are rational and calm in the face of insult/heckling, is stupid.

    Also, to state that this game is a simple re-master displays a total lack of understanding of games and the development they receive - but hey, that would be getting back to the point, wouldn't it?
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  • shotbyascot 22/08/2015

    @cloudskipa The whole article shows there is more going on than a simple remaster. Did you read it?

    You have been far more rational recently in your posts, but deciding and stating that frazzl is one of the few with an opinion you respect, shows how far up your own arse you are (no doubt frazzl will think I just accused you of being gay with that comment - news flash; anal sex isn't just for gay men!).
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  • Nintendo patents console without a disc drive

  • shotbyascot 22/08/2015

    If it was a handheld and home console in one with a bit of grunt, I wouldn't care if it didn't have PS4 power.

    I'd rather they stopped pissing around with virtual console and release as many NES/SNES/N64/GC games as they can for it.

    Alongside the MP potential, New versions of their best IPs, 100% I'd be in.
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  • It looks like Telltale's Back to the Future will launch on PS4, Xbox One

  • shotbyascot 20/08/2015

    @IronSoldier I've never played it before.

    Go figure, you depressive, negative moron.
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  • Video: Ian plays the Black Ops 3 beta, is rusty

  • shotbyascot 20/08/2015

    How absolutely boring.

    Your opening paragraph describes my relationship with COD perfectly. My "clan" (group of close friends in real life) were all conquering on COD:W@W and MW.

    After that, it just got tedious and we gradually stopped playing together, then individually.

    They need to do W@W II. That game was perfectly paced, had incredibly detailed maps and encouraged team play. Ditch this jet pack fuelled run around on a one man mission bollocks it's turned into now.
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  • Unauthorised Amiibo device tricks Wii U with data for any figurine

  • shotbyascot 18/08/2015

    I actually like the figurines so I'm not bothered about "cheating the system".

    As a Nintendo fan, I buy characters I like because I like how they look on top of my Wii U and 3DS. The content they unlock is secondary for me - a nice bonus.

    I only have Mega Man and Villager so far, but reckon I'll probably pick one up now and again when I see another I like. 10.99 now and again is harmless as I feel no urge to "collect them all".
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  • The Force is strong with the limited edition Darth Vader-inspired PS4

  • shotbyascot 18/08/2015

    Yes they are that. Laws are similar, however trying to do anything about them is much harder.

    No small claims courts here! :(
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  • shotbyascot 18/08/2015

    @SeeNoWeevil It's GAME. Not just that, it's GAME in Spain.

    The staff won't help with anything that involves deviating from the standard "call Sony" line. Christ, they can't even use both tills when they have a shop full, queue out door and 3 staff on.

    Sony have disappointed me most. They know about this problem, yet will not do ANYTHING to help. But a patch on the service I got from MS with my several broken 360s last gen. I don't mind when things break - but bad service I don't forget.
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  • shotbyascot 17/08/2015

    Don't do it. My launch PS4 is virtually broken already. It fails to read discs, spits discs out, beeps away for minutes on end trying to eject discs which aren't in. On top of that, both remotes I have are falling apart, despite being cared for, used normally and never dropped.

    Sony refuse to fix or replace under the 2nd year of my guarantee, which is disappointing. I simply won't be buying another when it finally packs in (won't be long). 21 months out of a 400 console, is a joke.

    I'm sure there'll be lots of "my console is fine" comments and I'm happy for you, truly. But I'm not the only one with this problem and all Sony want to do is post a temporary fix of "switch off then switch back on". Not. Good. Enough.
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