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  • Rainbow Six Siege review

  • shogo10 03/12/2015

    Rainbow Six has never been an MP only/focused franchise. This is why the lack of a proper SP mode is an issue. The comparisons to Battlefield/UT/Quake make no sense because those franchises have always been MP oriented from the start while R6 hasn't. Every R6 title in the past has shipped with an SP component because that is where you can command a squad of units something that is central to R6 (and also Ghost Recon) and something that Siege is completely lacking in. Reply +6
  • Bandai Namco blocks access to Durante's Dark Souls PC mod

  • shogo10 23/12/2014

    Fair enough if they want to remove the debug mod since that sort of thing isn't really meant for the public but removing DSFix itself would have been a ridiculously bad move especially since its been out for years.

    Glad its all sorted out though, but I hope this is a warning to Namco not to touch DSFix on the PC version if they want to retain any goodwill in the future.
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  • Chris Roberts explains Star Citizen dogfighting module delay

  • shogo10 29/05/2014

    I backed this and I have a feeling that it will massively under deliver whenever it comes out. They're promising way too much, even larger publishers/studios would struggle to try to accomplish all of what Star Citizen is trying to do.

    I wish I've backed Elite instead, it seems to be turning out much better and they seem a lot more focused and the proof is in what they've released so far. The alpha footage from what I've seen looks very polished for what is yet an incomplete game.
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  • Star Wars: Attack Squadrons has been cancelled

  • shogo10 24/05/2014

    @Nodka If EA wants to make a Star Wars space sim then they have to make one one right, not this rubbish.

    Personally I don't think we'll get another proper Star Wars space sim. EA doesn't have a developer with the experience of making one, as they have already proved and until they manage to acquire a dev capable of making a good space sim I'd rather they not try.
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  • Sir, You Are Being Hunted review

  • shogo10 12/05/2014

    @ketchaval One of the devs did actually work on ARMA before doing this.

    I didn't realize they finally finished it until now despite backing the project a long time ago. Will definitely check it out.
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  • Dark Souls 2 covenants detailed

  • shogo10 07/12/2013

    @Poglord The thing about pvp is not to take it seriously, also try out the co-op aspect of summoning or getting summoned, I find that more fun than the pvp aspect personally.

    Also everyone will be on the same level playing field when the game launches, so I would say that is the best time to jump into the online aspects of the soul games.
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  • Get $50 GameMaker: Studio for free!

  • shogo10 27/11/2013

    Didn't take long at all, and received the license key immediately after. I might give this a go a bit later on though. Reply +1
  • User uproar over From Dust PC port

  • shogo10 18/08/2011

    Why do they bother? If they can't be arsed to put out good products then they shouldn't be in the pc gaming market. I'm sure they'll be happier and pc gamers will be happier not having to hear or put with this bs. If they just want to make console games then fine, I don't care. Console gamers aren't treated with all this crap,or as if they are some after thought. I personally had enough of ubisoft and won't be buying any of their releases. Its obvious this is a company who has very little regard towards their paying customers. Reply +8
  • The boy who stole Half-Life 2

  • shogo10 21/02/2011

    Very good article, one of the best EG has done this year so far. Though I do have one question, did valve ever catch or sue the person that leaked the source code on the internet? In the article Gembe says he gave the code to someone else who I assume uploaded it. Reply +3
  • Sony asks PSP devs for download titles

  • shogo10 28/01/2011

    Unfortunately I don't think anything will come of this, if some devs/publishers haven't already put their psp games up on psn I don't see whats going to change their mind. Its a shame because there would plenty of games that I would like to play without the umd, stuff like persona 3 psp isn't even on the eu/na store. Well at least there's peace walker I guess...

    Its worrying because Sony will really need to make sure that all of ngp's library is available digitally in all regions, if its not what's the point?
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  • Multiple endings confirmed for Portal 2

  • shogo10 24/01/2011

    @jackjoe- the reason L4D dlc isn't free is because valve had reached their limit of free xbl updates long ago. If it were up to valve they wouldn't charge for any dlc, but MS kinda of forced their hand.

    I have a feeling there will be a sorta of catch to the user created maps that appear on xbl probably involving money...
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  • Is PSP2 as powerful as PS3?

  • shogo10 24/01/2011

    It'll definitely be over Ł300, the 3ds is already way too expensive with worse tech. Also did everyone just suddenly forget the first psp? It had great, hell even amazing tech when it launched, but fuck all games. Even now it doesn't have a great library. I'm extremely wary of psp2 for this reason alone I don't want cutting edge tech if no one is going to develop for it, which is why I'm kinda of surprised so many people are jumping on the bandwagon. Reply -2
  • Games of 2010: Red Dead Redemption

  • shogo10 26/12/2010

    Considering some of the games that came out this year, RDR is still by far my GOTY. Its one of the few games this gen to actually deliver on the hype. I remember R* releasing the first video for RDR and I wasn't sure that they could deliver, but they definitely have. I don't think we'll something like this again for a while, or at least as complete as RDR.

    One of the things that made the game special was how great it felt in terms of its setting. I can think of all the western films I've seen and bits of all of those you can see within RDR. The first section of the game felt like a traditional western film, but as you progressed you can the spagetti western influence and the last third of the game felt to me like the later Clint Eastwood and Peckinpah westerns especially the ending.
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  • "PC easily a generation ahead" - Crytek

  • shogo10 26/11/2010

    Why do consoles gamers care so much? I see more people bashing pc gaming here than the other way around tbh. Reply +8
  • The Witcher 2: We're not afraid of Dragon Age

  • shogo10 25/11/2010

    Hmm I come into an interview about the Wicther 2 and come out learning more about DA2 and how pc gaming is dead. Mission Accomplished EG. Reply +9
  • Booting up Kinect games early blocks Live

  • shogo10 29/10/2010

    I guess MS really wants to keep peoples mouth shut on kinect and not let any bad word of mouth spread. Reply 0
  • ArmA II expansion gets worldwide date

  • shogo10 26/04/2010

    The update 1.05 is compatible with the steam version but it seems you still have to do it yourself. You should look at this page if you already haven't: you can't use the autoupdate if you install this patch on the steam version.
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  • shogo10 26/04/2010

    The latest patch 1.05 has fixed most of the problems, and the game runs very smoothly now, it gave it a big performance boost. Not everything is fixed obviously as its BIS, but its more than playable and worth the money imo.
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  • F.3.A.R to be revealed next month

  • shogo10 24/03/2010

    Its sad to see a developer that I was so fond of and have been playing their games since Shogo: MAD (hence my username) in 1998 fall into the trend of make sequels year after year. The problem that I have with fear is that sure the first game was interesting and fun, but the world itself wasn't interesting enough for me to warrant several sequels. Basically after fear2 I'm done with the series, and f3ar feels unnecessary and more like they're milking the franchise now. Just to be clear I don't think the fear games are bad, but having sequels of the same game can get tedious. I think that Monolith seriously needs to get away from the fear games and do something like shogo or nolf or better yet make a whole new game. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • shogo10 07/01/2010

    They spent five years making a totally linear game? After all that time and money spent on the game, you know you'd expect progress or something. I'm expecting this to be one of the most disappointing games of 2010. Reply 0
  • Games of 2009: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • shogo10 24/12/2009

    UC2 is definitely a technical accomplishment for consoles, and for me its almost a console classic, but not perfect as a lot of people have been claiming it is. The last few chapters had a few too many arena fights, with wave after wave of enemies, it got a bit too much that I had to stop playing the game for bit, and kinda of tarnished the experience for me. Reply +3
  • Red Dead Redemption heads for April

  • shogo10 26/11/2009

    Very excited for this, but is max payne 3 really coming out Q1 2010? I find that very hard to believe. Reply 0
  • Dedicated servers for Aliens vs Predator

  • shogo10 20/11/2009

    They were probably waiting to see how the whole MW2 fiasco panned out before doing this. I don't believe for a second it was even developed with it in mind. Reply -7
  • Hirai: PSN subscription a "possibility"

  • shogo10 19/11/2009

    I like the system currently as it is with psn, games are already expensive enough as they are and I wouldn't be willing to pay extra for a subscription fee to play online. Reply +3
  • Modern Warfare 2

  • shogo10 11/11/2009

    This probably the last time I will put up with a lackluster sp effort from IW. Its seems that they don't give a toss anymore to put the effort into putting together a worthwhile sp component. 5 hours is taking the piss even at 25 quid, and the mp imo does not make up for that sad fact. If Epic and Naughty Dog are able to successfully expand on the sp of their previous games (both GeOW2 and UC2 are twice the lengths of their originals), I don't see why IW can't or at the very least put the effort into doing so. To me it feels like a game where very little effort was put in because the devs knew they would be swimming in cash regardless. Reply +3
  • Langdell finds new trademark target

  • shogo10 06/11/2009

    I think that they should just lock him up in a mental institution, no in their right mind would continue doing this. Reply +3
  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • shogo10 06/11/2009

    I'm happy with the pc version, and I'm glad Bioware didn't strip it down just for the sake of equality with the console versions. Reply +3
  • Operation Flashpoint 2 DLC tomorrow

  • shogo10 04/11/2009

    How sad that they're putting something that should have been fixed from the start into the dlc which they charge you, rather than in the actual patch. The game has been a disaster since it was released, and they've done jack all to fix any of the major problems the game has. Whats worse is that I find it hard to believe that it took them one whole month to release this patch, just sad. Reply +4
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • shogo10 06/10/2009

    Its a shame to read a review where little effort or thought. EG's uncharted 2 review was actually quite good and well written and 3 pages long. So why can't a game like opflash 2 receive the same treatment? Because it isn't as popular? Not worth the time? Its unfortunate because this sort of thing won't happen to a game like MW2. Even if opflash isn't as popular as COD, people have been looking forward to its release (including myself) for a long while. Its been a decade since the first opflash was released on pc and we get treated to a poorly written review. Reply +2
  • Getaway, Eight Days were halfway there

  • shogo10 05/10/2009

    Hmm this is strange, I thought this was cancelled completely, but now its not? Good news if true. Reply +1
  • Sony E3 Conference

  • shogo10 02/06/2009

    Yeah MAG forget about that one :p, still their first party lineup is a bit thin for the rest of the year, was hoping GOW3 would be this year. Regardless I'm looking forward to most the game they should be releasing next year, and I'd definitely say theres more than enough incentive to get a ps3 now. Reply 0
  • shogo10 02/06/2009

    While sony did show a lot of games, most of them aren't releasing till at least next year, GOW3, Last Guardian, GT5 etc.. The only game they showed thats coming out this year on ps3 is Uncharted 2, which frankly everyone already knows about. Thats the biggest difference for me between sony's and Ms's conference, MS showed games that are for the most part releasing this year, Splinter Cell, and Halo ODST, Forza 3, L4D2. Reply 0
  • shogo10 02/06/2009

    Pretty good conference overall, The Last Guardian did it for me though, far more excited for that than any other game in the showing. PSP stuff was boring, and FFXIV reveal was meh as far as I'm concerned, maybe if it wasn't online I'd be more interested. GT5s never coming out so its hard to be excited about that. GOW3 was impressive though, but again 2010 release, good gameplay demo though. Overall nothing mind-blowing, and no surprise ending like I was hoping (really wanted ZOE3), also it was kinda pointless bringing Kojima to the conference only to show off a psp game :p

    Nintendo's conference was just boring, and almost as bad as Ubi's fail conference, not more to say on that.

    MS's conference had the best presentation, and proved that first impressions really do count. I wonder how many people would have had the same reaction to their showing if they weren't the first to show. Despite that they had a decent amount of games to show, certainly enough to keep the fanboys happy, Halo games, MW2.. etc. By far and away Alan Wake and Splinter Cell were the highlights of their show.

    Interesting E3, but almost all the 'big 3' played it safe, no new out of this world announcements like I was hoping, but a far better E3 showing than last year's. Can't say I wasn't entertained at least.
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  • Red Dead Redemption

  • shogo10 30/05/2009

    Its nice to see that they're taking inspiration from the more gritty and realistic western films, I'm definitely getting more of an Unforgiven vibe from this game. Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: Codemasters Pre-E3 Special

  • shogo10 27/05/2009

    Yes some new gameplay footage of ofp2 is shown. In fact this is the first time they've actually shown the game off properly, looks good too. Reply 0
  • ArmA II

  • shogo10 26/05/2009


    BIS knows they screwed up with Arma1, they didn't even want to make that game, they did to build up funds for this game and they knew it turned out crap. Arma2 was in development since ofp1, it was the so called 'Game2' (originally meant to be the sequel to flashpoint before the split with Codies) that BIS talked about in the past. From the previews that have been going around from the latest build, the game is said to be in a solid state with few bugs. It hopefully won't launch in the same state that Arma1 was, which was a disaster. I've been waiting for this game for a long time, and imo they'll deliver this time.

    If you want a detailed preview of the latest build, there was a hands-on straight from some of the community members:
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  • shogo10 25/05/2009


    Calling it a 'knock off' isn't far off, Codemasters never developed the first flashpoint, they have no experience with these types of games and to boot this is their first fps game they're developing internally. They're using the name for marketing more than anything else, nothing wrong with that though.

    However your wrong about the editor, the 360 version of Arma2 has been confirmed by the BI themselves that it will include a mission editor. The console versions of Ofp2 has been confirmed to not have a mission editor, funny that, right?

    Bigger budget does not equate to skill either, sadly. I'm mean using a racing engine for a milsim, sounds like a plan to me! The engine was adapted from the one in grid btw.
    Also how do you know its a better engine? Because I swear I haven't seen it in action, you know with Codies not showing the game off yet and all.

    Any 'hardened OFP fan' would know that Arma2 and BI improved a shit ton from the first game, and that theres a lot to look forward to.

    I'm not slagging off Ofp2 (in fact I'm very excited for it), but give credit where its due, Codemasters had little involvement with flashpoint and BI learned quite a bit from Arma1.
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  • shogo10 25/05/2009

    They worked really hard on this game, its been in development since the first flashpoint game, and way before Arma1. I think they'll deliver with this one. Shame console folks won't see it for a while, but judging from operation flashpoint: elite it should be a decent port. Reply 0
  • ArmA II to arrive one week early

  • shogo10 19/05/2009

    They are working on the 360 version after the pc release, don't expect it till at least 6 months from now. Reply 0
  • Darkfall Online

  • shogo10 06/05/2009

    Can people here not simply accept that EG really messed up here? Reply 0
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • shogo10 27/04/2009

    No pressure to add multiplayer in this day and age? Right. Reply 0
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • shogo10 16/04/2009

    I am loving the last paragraph, sounds great! Reply 0
  • Max Payne 3 out this winter

  • shogo10 23/03/2009

    Would've been a time that I would be excited for this, but its been too long since the last game. Not to mention Remedy isn't making it. I thought the second game had a pretty good conclusion or closure to it so a third to me doesn't seem necessary, still can't hurt to keep an eye on it. Also the movie was utter shite. Reply 0
  • Killzone 2

  • shogo10 29/01/2009

    What have you done EG, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Reply 0
  • Chrono Trigger

  • shogo10 28/11/2008

    It is by far one the best games I have ever played and it really is sincerely one of those timeless games which don't age. Even if you hate jprgs you can't hate chrono trigger. Reply 0
  • The Last Remnant

  • shogo10 24/11/2008

    I personally wouldn't put too much hope on the pc version to solve all of the technical issues, as consoles ports of jrpgs have never fared all that well on pc. I really wouldn't trust a jrpg dev to make a decent pc port as the two don't go hand in hand and rarely ever have. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: World at War

  • shogo10 14/11/2008

    I thought the review review was pretty spot imo.
    I didn't expect much from this game, not because its made by Treyarch, but simply because of the direction where the franchise has been heading. COD4 was good, but almost exclusively because of its mp, not saying the sp was bad, but it was lacking and too heavily scripted without any replayability. COD5 pretty much confirmed to me that the sp portion will from now on be a tacked on addition unless they really decide to mix up their formula (they won't). If I decide to buy another COD it'll be for its mp only as that is all they really are now.
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  • Sony E3 Conference

  • shogo10 15/07/2008

    Wow a cgi teaser of GOW3 was the highlight of the conference. Reply 0
  • Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

  • shogo10 11/07/2008

    I'm currently more excited about this than ArmA2 since this actually seems like a proper sequel. Flashpoint with all the bells and whistles of this gen will be something to behold. Reply 0
  • Microsoft to keep staggering PC and Xbox 360 releases

  • shogo10 01/07/2008

    PC Gamers don't want to play on the 360, so theres no point in staggering releases, they're different markets and audiences. Looks like MS are going to treat pc gamers as second rate citizens. Reply 0