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  • Final Gears of War 3 map revealed

  • sentinal101 26/08/2011

    Need this Game and need it now !!! Reply +3
  • Skyrim DLC timed Xbox 360 exclusive

  • sentinal101 26/08/2011

    Hardly an incentive to get the 360 version makes you wonder why they bother

    Jeeze i was just saying lol
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  • Halo 4 Warthog in Forza 4

  • sentinal101 26/08/2011

    oooooo shiny ! i like Reply 0
  • Just for the record?

  • sentinal101 22/09/2010

    "Halo has always primarily been a triumph of marketing rather than a triumph of game creation. Bungie did a competent job of jury-rigging the FPS to use a dual analog controller, but that's about it really. All of it's other much-exaggerated amazing revolutions!!!!!!1!!111 are just not that significant really. Recharging health bar, dual wielding, BIG FUCKING DEAL! There are far superior FPS series out there, but they don't have Microsoft paying for people to dress up and jet pack around Trafalgar Square."

    Give us some examples Mogs please. There a far superior FPS out there ? ...

    sure theres plenty of great FPS out there but far superior to the Halo series, LMFAO
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  • Capcom denies alienating DR2 PS3 gamers

  • sentinal101 22/09/2010

    Since when do you have to buy your own present ! Lol. Gee thanks you shouldn't of ! Reply +14
  • Kinect's Kudo Tsunoda

  • sentinal101 08/09/2010

    @Calgon + 1 Reply -2
  • Lionhead working 10x faster on Fable III

  • sentinal101 20/08/2010

    Hoping this equals 10 X improvements on fable 2, not that it was a bad game just needed some serious creases ironed out of it. Reply +11
  • Core community will "love" Kinect - Lewis

  • sentinal101 18/08/2010

    A lot of negative opinions about kinect from core gamers are not just about it being aimed at the casual market or having no games of interest, they are also about kinect not working, being full of major lag etc. Personally i am hoping it will work well and add a different and extra casual fun side to xbox, having not tried it myself i can only go on what i read and the arguments from average joe are mainly on the side of it doesn't work very well at all. This is what interests me as a potential kinect consumer, not PR mindless rubbish that ignores the justified concerns of the mass 360 gamers. if it works like MS say it will then great i'll probably get one, what I'm worried about is all the posts and actual hands on reports saying it doesn't and this is not being sufficiently addressed if at all in any kinect interview I've seen yet. Plenty saying it works better than expected on expo's from journalist but the road shows and kinects booths reports from average joe say major lag major naffness. Reply +1
  • sentinal101 18/08/2010

    He was just asking for deluge of angry comments from core gamers from this interview. MS would of been far better off acknowldeging the very fair critisism of kinect from core gamers than dismissing them and since when dose so called extensive reserch count as an excuse for a high price/sweet point ? Reply +4
  • The Case for Kinect

  • sentinal101 07/08/2010

    @billybrush very fair points and i def agree with most of what you said. Just not sure about the core gaming market being more valuble than casual, you just have too look at Nintendo. Sure the game attachment rate might be slightly lower than sony/MS consoles but in terms of user base its miles ahead of the competition. I'd like to think there's room in the 360 for casual and hard core gamers and for a platform to successfully appeal to both benefits both sides. Reply -2
  • sentinal101 07/08/2010

    Nice to have some sound factual arguments into why kinect might be great or might not. loads of the negative comments about it are so obsessed solely with the fact that MS are focusing kinect on the casual market and the games wont appeal to them and so its crap ? WTF ? Its aimed at that big money casual market ! its the share MS want to go for, and for very good reasons. Kinect definitely stands a really good chance at being very successful, the games that are going to make kinect big this Christmas are going to be imo dance central and fitness evolved. and anyone who says its too expensive is being a bit naive as the masses were happy to pay £70 for a wii fit board on top of the wii itself just for that one game. The fact that kinect's power and future is in it software and the many updates it will get to improve and expand its potential is encouraging, and I don't mind admitting I'm excited to see for myself what it can do. Dance central sure to be a big party pleaser and fitness evolved a must have for the wives, mums out there. Its not immediately great news for core gamers wanting a part of MS next big spend so i do get the pessimism and neg comments and am bracing myself for the deluge of negs to this comment, but i would stress to the kinect haters out there a. have you played the finished product yet ? b. at worst kinect will bring more 360's into more peoples homes meaning more support from developers for the platform and more games (hard core included), so just watch this space and chill. Reply +7
  • Microsoft confirms Kinect price

  • sentinal101 20/07/2010

    I think the price stings, however form a business point of view its highly likely enough people are sure to buy it at this price initially to warrant them having it at £129.99 and you can bet after the Christmas rush it will drop to around £100. It's overall success i think will come down to really how much fun the games are for it and how different the experience it is. Take dance central, your shape fitness evolved and child of Eden, if these manage to be as good and unique a they potentially look with kinect it is has a good chance to really to take off. Again though £129.99 ??? just how many people are really going to be able to afford that this Christmas with the economy the way it is. Its just fat cats at the top not realising what their customers want and what they can afford IMO. Reply 0
  • Head in the Cloud

  • sentinal101 17/07/2010

    when i first heard of OnLive i have to admit that i was excited of the possibilities it seemed to offer but the more i hear about it now the more i think WTF! so far it sounds like a omplete rip off, instead of giving the gaming cummunity more it seems to me any way to be taking away much of what we enjoy with current consoles and PC gaming away. If this is the future then count me out. Reply +7
  • Ubi: Transition to next-gen in 2-3 years

  • sentinal101 08/07/2010

    i think 3 years its very likely we will see the next Gen consoles. my moneys on MS being the first, also think kinect is going to be a success. My wish list for next Gen would be VR (however unlikely) but If they can get kinect right then they are half way there already. Reply -3
  • ShopTo calls for lower UK Kinect price

  • sentinal101 03/07/2010

    Personally looking forward to kinect but frustrated at microsoft not being more forthcoming with price. hard to imagine they dont know it yet, hopefully find out soon, fingers crossed they are hoping to create some hype with annoucement of much lower price than is being put out there at the minute but wont hold breath. Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: Kinect

  • sentinal101 17/06/2010

    i think theres a huge amout of consumers that like the casual/familyfitness etc games but are put off by a remote of any kind and this is kinects selling point. personally i like core and casual games and cant wait to see what its like. has great potential IMO. Reply 0
  • Gears of War 3

  • sentinal101 17/06/2010

    Really looking forward to this but i agree with the comment about the time it took to join matches i hope they sort this out for its release as it really let the online side down on gears 2 to what was one of the most enjoyable multiplayer agmes on the 360 having to wait 5-10 minutes between matches is no fun Reply 0