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  • Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

  • seeyoshirun 12/02/2016

    I understand the disappointment to an extent, given that exclusives are generally how I decide which consoles I'm going to buy (there's only so much time to spend on video games, after all). That being said, I don't own an XO but I've got a good PC and this was one of the few XO exclusives I was interested in, so I'm happy I'll get to play it now.

    Also, cancelling a pre-order over something like this is beyond petulant.
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  • Why Nintendo fans are excited about a just-revealed Pokémon

  • seeyoshirun 12/02/2016

    @7M7 Thanks, now I can't unsee it, either. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/02/2016

    Eurogamer, you should stop with the baity sub-headlines.

    They attract shitty comments from people who basically see those sort of remarks as a matador waving a red flag. Those comments mostly end up being people arguing about nothing in particular.

    However, it's depressing enough that those of us who are actual Nintendo fans are less inclined to want to participate in discussion, because the comments section more and more closely resembles that of an IGN article.

    Be better than that. Be better than IGN, Eurogamer.
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  • No new Assassin's Creed this year, Ubisoft confirms

  • seeyoshirun 12/02/2016

    Welcome and loooooong overdue news. Reply +1
  • How do our gaming habits change as we grow up?

  • seeyoshirun 11/02/2016

    I never really liked competitive gaming, 20 years ago or now, but I've definitely noticed that I gravitate towards lower difficulty in games than I used to. I don't know if I'm irked by the challenge so much as I have less time to spend mastering really difficult games now.

    I'm also more into co-operative games, probably because they're a way for me to integrate gaming into my social life. That seems to override the difficulty thing, too, since a friend and I spent about three hours trying to clear the final hidden level of Super Mario 3D World.
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  • Three console generations in one game: Twilight Princess HD

  • seeyoshirun 09/02/2016

    Visual upgrades aside, there's not enough of a change in content from the Wii/GC versions for me to consider double-dipping, but this is still a fabulous game. If you've never played it, it sounds like the Wii U version will be well worth your time. Reply 0
  • Unravel review

  • seeyoshirun 08/02/2016

    I remember seeing this around the same time as I was looking at Yoshi's Woolly World, and thinking that Yoshi looked likely to fare better as it didn't really try to push any kind of strong narrative (since that's a thing video games still usually struggle to pull off as well as other media). Sounds like that's pretty much how things have turned out. This one feels like a bunch of execs at EA suddenly realised that "crafty, indie aesthetic" was marketable.

    Oh, well. Knit one, purl one. Unravel zero.
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  • A brief history of one of gaming's greatest studios

  • seeyoshirun 07/02/2016


    Genuinely the most overrated developer of our time.
    For real? I can understand why some people might regard them as overrated (I don't), but most overrated? That seems unlikely given how modest the sales of their games usually are. I can think of at least a couple of much more well-known developers that I'd say are significantly more overrated than Platinum.
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  • We now have a clearer picture of how Xbox One is doing

  • seeyoshirun 29/01/2016

    So a few days ago, the Sony vs. Microsoft trolls were all over an article that was just about Sony rebranding their gaming division.

    Now we have an article about actual PS4 and XO sales, and they're nowhere to be seen.

    I don't understand gamers.

    (Also, I could do without less spamming of photos of grinning Hirai. One thing I do get is that people on the Internet usually take a year or two too long to let memes be put to rest.)
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  • Sony is trying - and failing - to trademark "Let's Play"

  • seeyoshirun 28/01/2016

    Oh dear. Reply +23
  • Bizarre Pokémon game Detective Pikachu is real, out next week in Japan

  • seeyoshirun 26/01/2016

    That's utterly adorable. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 26/01/2016

    @DasManiac I'm assuming you're not from around these parts. Revealing almost nothing about a game - sometimes nothing about a game - until it's about to launch is pretty common for Nintendo. Reply 0
  • Sony Computer Entertainment is no more. Meet, Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • seeyoshirun 26/01/2016

    Jeezus effing christ, it's a piece of news about a bit of rebranding and people are still getting into all the Xbox vs. PlayStation nonsense. Reply +6
  • New Paper Mario game coming to Wii U - report

  • seeyoshirun 26/01/2016

    @losaa All good, I'm guilty of the same thing sometimes. :) Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 25/01/2016


    I am not saying it is wrong to love Nintendo, but innovation is not what they do most.
    That makes it sound a lot more like you're talking about what Nintendo specifically publishes/develops rather than everything that gets released on their consoles.

    (Also I said your comment was short-sighted, not you.)
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  • seeyoshirun 24/01/2016

    @losaa I think that's a bit short-sighted. PC does have the largest amount of games that could be called "innovative", but it's also got the largest number of games by far. If you singled out any one publisher or developer, I doubt any of them would look significantly better than Nintendo.

    I think Nintendo usually strikes a good balance between innovative games that push into new territory (Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Affordable Space Adventures, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Xenoblade Chronicles, etc.) and games that are more classically-minded.
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  • seeyoshirun 24/01/2016

    @Mr.Spo I don't really follow 3DS that much, didn't realise there were so few games on the way for it.

    That's rather funny, given that after E3 last year I remember so many people frothing at the mouth and declaring that Nintendo were abandoning the Wii U because they didn't announce anything for 2016, completely forgetting the company's track record for keeping games under wraps until they're very far into development. Anyway, I think you might be right. It would probably make more sense to replace the 3DS first given the console's age, anyway.
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  • seeyoshirun 24/01/2016

    @Saddoking The late Iwata actually said that the reason for the early mention of their next console (by codename, at least) was to appease shareholders since they'd also just announced forays into mobile games and other non-gaming ventures. They needed to make sure shareholders still knew Nintendo wasn't leaving the console business. Reply +1
  • seeyoshirun 23/01/2016

    Please, god, let this be true. I've missed this series terribly. A year with this, Pikmin 4, new Zelda, Star Fox Zero and SMTxFE could well end up being my favourite year for the console.


    Will it save the Wii U?
    Come on, EG. I thought you were better than that.
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  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Amiibo features detailed - report

  • seeyoshirun 23/01/2016

    @Malek86 Well, I don't think there's a single company out there that I'd say has gotten everything right when it comes to DLC and online components. The big three have probably had less fuck-ups in that area than most, though.

    (And I didn't realise people were tearing down Kimishima over the AC games. To me, it would just have been obvious that those were greenlit before he was in charge. I'm definitely curious to see what direction he takes the company in, though.)
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  • seeyoshirun 20/01/2016

    @Malek86 Well, thank you for actually giving a thoughtful reply (they're becoming harder to find on here).

    I can see how that would be a concern given the number of companies that have gone downhill, although not every company has slipped down that slope; I rarely hear complaints about the way Sony or Microsoft handle DLC in their games, and you've got examples like Bloodborne or the aforementioned Mario Kart 8 as instances of DLC done in a way that doesn't feel like it cheapens the games. Of course Nintendo also did that Animal Crossing Amiibo game recently, but given how poorly it performed critically and commercially, I'm hopeful they've learned their lesson.

    Don't get me wrong, if Nintendo try to Dest-ify a game like Zelda, I'll probably be the first one to pick up a pitchfork, but for the most part I think they've kept up a better track record for quality software than just about any other games publisher in the biz so I'm not worried about this (yet).
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  • seeyoshirun 20/01/2016

    @Captiosus Seems like plenty of people are up in arms about it with Nintendo, too, buddy.

    I still haven't played Splatoon so I can't comment on that one (although I'd never heard that the Amiibos unlocked anything significant, and given the amount of extra stuff released for free over the past 9 months I don't see how that's a huge deal). The biggest load of DLC I've come across is Mario Kart 8, but even without the extra content the game still felt substantial (it did have the same number of new tracks as the previous MK games, after all).

    At the end of the day, this is a bit of a moot point for me since I already bought Twilight Princess on the Wii so I'm not likely to pick it up again, but having actually played the original game I can vouch for it being a meaty enough experience without what sounds like it's going to amount to one extra sidequest. There's a huge difference between that and, say, something like Destiny, which from most reports was rather bare-bones upon release and for which most updates cost money.
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  • seeyoshirun 19/01/2016

    @Stan546 I don't see how this is worse than DLC. Nintendo have never locked anything significant behind an Amiibo, it's mostly been cosmetic or frivolous extras.

    Also, in either case, the issue is generally when the game, without Amiibo or DLC, feels incomplete. I doubt anyone would say Twilight Princess feels incomplete without one extra little bonus dungeon.
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  • Resident Evil Zero review

  • seeyoshirun 18/01/2016

    I don't feel the need to double dip (having bought the GameCube version years ago and having finished it at least three times) but this is a splendid game. Its style of play is indeed a relic of the past at this point, but it's still a lot of fun.

    Also Billy gets my vote for most attractive RE character.
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  • Lap up Mario Kart 64 on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • seeyoshirun 18/01/2016

    Picked this up on the Wii VC since I seemed to have lost my N64 cart. Would almost consider picking it up again, it's probably still my favourite MK game in the series (although the newest one would be a strong contender for that title, too). Reply -1
  • Pokkén Tournament confirms March release date

  • seeyoshirun 16/01/2016

    @Mistress You're either trolling, or you've somehow never seen any of the examples of what happens when a company erodes all the goodwill it has from its customers. Reply +1
  • seeyoshirun 15/01/2016

    @Mistress Yes, because that would obviously be the best way to please the core fans who actually bought a Wii U. Reply +2
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • seeyoshirun 15/01/2016

    @JoelStinty Thank you for being one of the few reasonable people in the room.

    I don't consider Amazon France a foolproof source of information. This hasn't officially come from Nintendo, and we don't know if there'll be alternate ways to obtain this extra content (as in many of their other games, where Amiibos expedite the process of unlocking things that you can still get by other means). Nor do we know if there'll be non-Amiibo ways to buy this content.

    If other people in this thread are somehow privy to all of the above information already, then I understand their ire. Otherwise, I don't. Unless it's people on the Internet just looking for something to be angry about, but when has that ever happened?
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  • Satoru Iwata to be honoured with posthumous DICE Lifetime Achievement Award

  • seeyoshirun 13/01/2016

    *sees the first three comments posted on the article*

    Do you guys have some kind of customised alert set up for any time Eurogamer writes a positive article about Nintendo? You people need lives.

    As for the award, it seems fitting given the impact Iwata has had on the industry. Glad to hear it.
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  • David Bowie dies aged 69

  • seeyoshirun 11/01/2016

    I only really discovered Bowie about five years ago, when I started taking an interest in fashion photography and it became apparent how influential he's been in that world - possibly more so than any other celebrity who hasn't actually worked in the fashion industry. His creativity and outright weirdness have been so inspiring.

    Bye bye love,
    Hallo spaceboy.
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  • Ellie Gibson on: Manual Stimulation

  • seeyoshirun 10/01/2016

    I miss manuals, but I miss regular Ellie articles on EG more. Reply +2
  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • seeyoshirun 06/01/2016

    @JoelStinty I have hopes we'll see that this year, too. Plus there's SMTxFE, which I'm pretty sure has been confirmed as a 2016 title. If both of those come out this year, they'd count as my two most anticipated games. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 06/01/2016

    There's a widely held belief that the next Zelda will come out on both the Wii U and the NX, Nintendo's next generation of hardware.
    Widely held by whom, exactly? The author of this article should read up on the false consensus effect.
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  • Square Enix closes cloud gaming company Shinra Technologies

  • seeyoshirun 06/01/2016

    Oh, the puns! I can't Barret any longer!

    Sorry, that was probably one step Tifa. I mean too far.
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  • Final Fantasy 9 is "coming soon" to PC, iOS and Android

  • seeyoshirun 05/01/2016

    Funnily enough, I only just knocked the PS1 original off my backlog last year.

    Worth playing once if you like your JRPGs. The writing isn't particularly strong or coherent (even by FF standards) and the battle system is a bit shonky in places (like the lack of a no-encounter skill and the completely broken limit break system - despite the fact that VII and VIII got both of these things right) but it's got maybe the best soundtrack and artistic direction of the series, especially the final dungeon. That's not enough to stop it from being my least favourite FF game*, but it's enough to make me glad I played it.

    * Before you ask, I haven't played XIII.
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  • Blind gamer completes The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • seeyoshirun 04/01/2016

    This is so cool.

    Also probably a really good game to enjoy in some ways - even if you're visually impaired - because of how atmospheric some of the music is, and how catchy other parts are.
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  • Xbox One exclusive Scalebound delayed to 2017

  • seeyoshirun 04/01/2016

    @tanithfirst I think that's got a lot to do with whether they're announced early to build hype, or announced when they're further along in development and an ETA is easier to estimate.

    Things like Scalebound, the new Zelda, Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian were all initially revealed when they were only in the very early stages of development, and as a result they've all seen plenty of delays. On the flipside, something like Splatoon was revealed at E3 2014 and got released just under a year later, without any major delays afaik.

    Makes me wish more games would just stay hidden until they were well into development, rather than devs wasting so much time putting together trailers for something that won't release for years and probably won't look that much like the trailer anyway. I don't generally find games that exciting if they're 18+ months away from releasing, anyway.
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  • Readers' top 50 games of 2015

  • seeyoshirun 03/01/2016

    @spekkeh I think you're absolutely spot on. Even Mario Kart 8, as last year's readers' winner, was a pretty mainstream release and probably the most marketed title to have come out on the Wii U.

    These things aren't an objective representation of "best" and nobody should consider them as such. They're a representation of what is popular and/or well-marketed and/or on the better-selling platforms. Even editors' votes are likely to do that, since nobody is going to have time to play every good game that comes out; the market is simply too big for that. A niche game like Bloodborne almost certainly would have fared worse if it were on a less popular console.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • seeyoshirun 01/01/2016

    @legendofwoody I figure Xenoblade ranks quite low because it would have come out just when these guys were voting, and given the time commitment I doubt many of the EG staff had a chance to play it sufficiently to consider it.

    As for the rest of the list, I'm a little happy and a little sad and a little underwhelmed and mostly unsurprised, but that's the nature of democratic voting.
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  • Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it's time to innovate again

  • seeyoshirun 31/12/2015

    It is time, probably, for all of us - and by us I mean gamers, the gaming press, this site, myself - to move on. To stop bringing it up. The bungled launch of Xbox One two years ago has had a profound effect on the fortunes of Microsoft's gaming brand, but it is a closed book.
    Without even having read the rest of the article, I can already say this part is way off.

    Not that Microsoft haven't done plenty to try and win the market back since the bungled XO launch (and, for the most part, they've done a pretty good job of it) but it's certainly not a closed book. If they hadn't basically left the goal wide open for Sony in 2013, I think the landscape of the 8th gen would look quite different at the moment. Somewhat depressingly, PR and marketing ultimately count more than any actual product does.

    Also, the comments on backwards compatibility...

    It's generous, fair, and good for business, and it shames the competition.
    Not all the competition; one console has been doing it since day one. Although the lack of backwards compatibility on PS4 is certainly a disappointment and the final inclusion of it at all on XO is a good start.
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  • Nintendo in 2015: A difficult year shows signs of promise for what's ahead

  • seeyoshirun 30/12/2015

    @UncleLou The price point is not relevant to what I'm saying. There are people in this thread saying they want to hold off until NX despite not knowing what NX actually is and despite apparently being interested in games already available on Wii U. They've made no mention of the price point being a problem.

    If you're interested in the games on a console and the only reason you're holding off is because a successor might be around the corner, that's ridiculous. Presumably that doesn't apply to you.

    (Meanwhile, 400 Euros? Seriously? That's like $600AUD, which seems like way more than I've seen the console and games around for.)
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  • seeyoshirun 30/12/2015

    @dimtso How lovely that you've worked out what the entire non-Japanese population of the world wants from their video games.

    You might not care about Nintendo anymore (although you still care enough to comment, oddly enough), but unless you've managed to speak to every other gamer outside of Japan I can't take the rest of your comment seriously.
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  • seeyoshirun 29/12/2015

    @GameChampionz Pretty sure that's a photoshopped version of this one:

    Yours doesn't even have a full stop in the last sentence and the 6 in 2016 is a giveaway, too.
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  • seeyoshirun 29/12/2015

    @dimtso Really? The article goes out of its way to talk about Nintendo embracing new ideas. Did you even read it? Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 29/12/2015

    Screw these "I'm not buying a Wii U with the NX around the corner" comments. If you like the look of the games, buy the damn thing. There's no guarantee that the next console will be out especially soon, nor is there any guarantee that it will be backwards compatible, nor is it really a great idea to deny yourself awesome games.

    Also I don't know where this "secondary console" thing comes from. Depends on what you like. I know people who have a Wii U as their secondary console. I also know plenty (including myself) who have it as their primary console, and a PC or whatever else as their secondary one.
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  • PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

  • seeyoshirun 30/12/2015

    This article points out the goodwill Sony gained after Microsoft's fuckups, and I really think that's almost the whole reason PS4 has sold so well. Not that it's been a bad console or anything, but from a PR standpoint both Nintendo and Microsoft (especially Microsoft, who are also a more direct competitor) had such a nightmare right around the time all three consoles were getting off the ground.

    Since then it's been a bit of a bandwagon effect, with Nintendo and Microsoft doing what they can to change perception of their home consoles, but it hasn't been enough to stop the runway train that is PS4 at the moment, even if the PS4's showing in the past two years has merely been competent. Competent plus some decent marketing is all Sony have really needed.
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  • Games of 2015 no 5: The Witcher 3

  • seeyoshirun 29/12/2015

    Interesting. I can't say much about this one, I haven't played it since I already know it's not my kind of game. I've watched my partner play a chunk of all three Witcher games and that was enough for me.

    May as well throw some speculation in about what the remaining four games on the list are, though. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least five released this year that have garnered an Essential from EG - MGSV, Xenoblade X, Splatoon, Bloodborne and Sunless Sea. I could see any of those potentially making this list.
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  • Super Mario RPG revived on Wii U this week

  • seeyoshirun 21/12/2015

    I actually downloaded this on my Wii a few months ago to play for the first time. Fun game. The Paper Mario titles are a bit stronger, I think, but I can see how this set the scene for those games as far as the mechanics and meta-humor are concerned. Reply +2
  • Bayonetta is final Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U DLC character

  • seeyoshirun 17/12/2015

    I'm really happy with these final three choices - Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta - even though they're not who I voted for. All three seem to have enough unique twists in their movesets to make them feel genuinely unique. I love the human/dragon combination expressed in some of Corrin's moves. With any luck, I'd love to see all three of these characters return for Smash 5 (5mash? Sma5h?) in a few years, too.

    In the meantime, I guess we can all speculate about who might feature in the next game. Inkling seems like the most obvious choice to include next time, especially if Splatoon is a series Nintendo plans on turning into a major thing like Mario Kart (and, given how well it's sold, I'd be surprised if that wasn't on the cards). Captain Toad would be the other strong possibility. If they wanted to add another Xenoblade character, maybe Elma?
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  • Digital Foundry vs Fast Racing Neo

  • seeyoshirun 13/12/2015

    @Malek86 I think I get what mega-gazz was trying to say. Going by the Digital Foundry articles, the Wii U seems to be supported more consistently by devs who are good at working within the confines of the technology they're making games for. Of course, most of those devs are within Nintendo these days, but the point still stands and it means the Wii U has a particularly good track record for games that run smoothly.

    A lot of developers on the other consoles seem to be running into the problem of ambition outstripping ability. The PS4 and XO are obviously more powerful consoles but that doesn't mean they can handle everything; they still have limitations, as any machine does.
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