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  • Next-gen before their time

  • seeyoshirun 28/07/2014

    @n0signal Well, speaking from personal experience, I still haven't bothered with Blu ray. Higher definition is nice(ish), but once things look too smooth I find them almost unnatural to look at.

    (Also, most of the movies or TV shows I watch aren't generally big on the special effects; if I were more into the action blockbusters, perhaps I'd feel different about this.)

    Games are no different for me, and I'm sure for plenty of other people, too. If there's a remastered version of something I've never played, then I'll probably take the remastered version over the original. In that sense, I understand some of the remasters as they can open an old game up to a new audience. However, that doesn't leave a lot for someone who did play the original and is looking for something new. It's also frustrating when the PS4/XO don't include backwards compatibility, which would perhaps leave those who bought into the last gen of consoles feeling a little more included.
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  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2014

    I think this whole idea is a very double-edged sword. On the one hand, I'm all for plugging gaps in the release schedule and there are bound to be a few gamers who missed out on the originals. I happily snapped up the Devil May Cry remasters a couple of years ago, and eagerly bought my sister the ICO/SotC collection as a birthday present once she'd picked up a PS3.

    Generally, though, this isn't something I'd encourage as a habit unless there's either been a significant gap in time since the original or unless there's a significant amount of additional content that would warrant a purchase from someone who did play the original. Some of the games mentioned above meet those criteria, but others don't and thus suggest a certain degree of creative stagnation from the big studios.
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  • Who framed Roger Ebert?

  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2014

    Someone once said to me that if one person considers something art, then it's art. I felt like that summed up the term's subjectivity rather well. Reply +1
  • Screencheat is a splitscreen FPS where you're completely invisible

  • seeyoshirun 25/07/2014

    Someone mentioned this to me today! Sounds brilliant.

    I agree that it would be a perfect game to see come across to consoles; seems like the perfect game for when I just want to kick back and have some good, silly fun.
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  • Uncharted 4 is pushing for 1080p60 on PlayStation 4

  • seeyoshirun 21/07/2014

    @Sir_Walter_Rally I'm fairly sure if you looked back through the games generally regarded as being amongst the all-time greats, you'd find far more that were lauded for being fun or original in some way than you would games that were cutting-edge in terms of their number of frames per second (not that such things are unimportant, but they're rarely the biggest indicator of a game's greatness).

    I consider these things worth hearing about as part of an overview on the whole game. The fact that EG regularly report things like this rather than oh, I don't know, whether the developers are trying to actually make the game FUN, sets a precedent that getting 1080p/60fps is more important when instead ND could have been talking about ideas they're throwing around for the direction to take the story in or ways in which the more powerful console will allow them to broaden the range of things the player is able to do in the game. It doesn't have to be a wealth of information, I'm sure they're able to drop a few tidbits. Then there'd still be something for Eurogamer to report, wouldn't there?
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  • seeyoshirun 21/07/2014

    @mega-gazz I'm not sure what you're trying to imply. Naturally, if a game is hampered by technical issues then it's likely to impinge on the sense of fun, and that would be newsworthy. That's on "fun", though, more than "technical issues". The majority of games don't suffer from such things, and then fun or creativity are what separate the great games from the merely competent ones. I think the technical side of things warrants reporting, yes, but only as a part of a greater whole and mostly only if it does a game a particularly noticeable service or disservice; not when we're just splitting hairs over things like resolution and certainly not at the expense of discussing the artistic side of games, which I'd argue is probably more memorable.

    It's a moot point right now, since this isn't even an article on how something looks, it's an article on how a studio is intending for something to look when it's finished at some point some time in the fairly distant future. It's something that could easily have been left as part of a more well-rounded article some time next year when more information about the game is available.
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  • seeyoshirun 21/07/2014

    @Thirith Note that's why I used and/or in my previous post (creative AND/OR fun AND/OR original). There are some somewhat unoriginal games that are indeed good fun.

    However, I would add that while there are plenty of enjoyable but not-so-original games, the truly great ones generally *are* original in some way.
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  • seeyoshirun 21/07/2014

    @Sir_Walter_Rally Seems I touched a nerve. Really, telling me to fuck off is unnecessary.

    And you pretty much just wrote my answer for me. EG need to get a hands-on to give us a sense of how something plays. Mentioning the visuals as a part of that makes sense. Reporting not even that something looks pretty, but that it's merely *aiming* to look pretty when it's done some time waaaaaay down the road is not what I would consider newsworthy.
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  • seeyoshirun 21/07/2014

    Dear Eurogamer,

    Can we please get less articles on resolution/framerate and more articles on whether the games appear to be creative and/or fun and/or original?

    It would be much appreciated.
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  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! review

  • seeyoshirun 21/07/2014

    Excellent! I never got around to buying the original so I'll definitely make sure to pick up the Wii U version when it's out. Reply +1
  • Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth review

  • seeyoshirun 21/07/2014

    Something tells me it's going to be a while before the Battlefield series retains the good reputation it once had - if, indeed, it ever does. Reply 0
  • PS4 top-selling US console in June despite Kinect-less Xbox One launch

  • seeyoshirun 18/07/2014

    @FogHeart I suspect that's a big part of it. As I understand it, the PS4 doesn't really have any system sellers at this point (the general consensus seems to be that their range of games at present is kind of average) but they've been riding such a tremendous wave of positive hype since early last year thanks to Microsoft's mess-ups and Nintendo's inaction. Microsoft and Nintendo both seem to be working really hard to turn around their fortunes, but those changes happen really slowly, and as you said, many people will want to play whatever their friends are already playing. Sony have the advantage at the moment, and while I don't think *anyone* has this generation in the bag at this point, the current dynamic isn't going to change overnight. Reply +6
  • EA ends support for The Sims 2

  • seeyoshirun 16/07/2014

    That's cool, but... it would still require me to use Origin, so I'll pass. Reply -2
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is the best Nintendo spin-off in years

  • seeyoshirun 14/07/2014

    Forum posts and Miiverse messages hungered for a full spin-off starring Nintendo's new hero.
    I was one of those very people. Plus, it's being made by EAD Tokyo, one of the few studios I can safely count on to make consistently great games.

    Fun fact, though: this isn't Toad's first role as hero. No, I'm not talking about Super Mario Bros. 2 - Toad was actually the star of Wario's Woods (in spite of Wario's name in the title) back on the NES and SNES in 1994. It's a nifty, very weird, very hard puzzle game worth giving a look.
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  • The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

  • seeyoshirun 12/07/2014

    @jimmyhill11 I'm reluctant to place the GC version of Resident Evil in the same boat as these "remastered" titles, including others on Nintendo consoles. That wasn't like RE4 or the other remakes on Wii whose changes were mostly Wiimote controls, or remasters of games like TLOU and GTAV which are mostly getting a much shinier coat of paint. Aside from a bit of the basic framework, it was almost entirely a new game, complete with new character models, new voice acting and cutscenes, completely shuffled and frequently new puzzles, new areas and a new boss with her own (rather significant) storyline.

    That's the kind of remake I like to see; it welcomes in newcomers to the series while being different enough in substantial enough ways to feel like it would warrant a re-purchase (RE-purchase?). It wouldn't even really feel like a re-purchase.

    While I understand the need to fill in some very dry first-year release schedules with some sort of content, most of this feels a bit thin. I felt the same way about Zelda: Wind Waker HD on Wii U last year; if the scrapped dungeons had been included, or if there had been some kind of significant offering in terms of new content, it would have been an easy purchase for me even though I owned the original. The developers already had the core framework of the game there; adding an extra dungeon or a couple of new areas to keep the game feeling fresh for returning players would have still been significantly less effort than coming up with some kind of totally new title, and it would have probably wooed an even larger audience.

    That's the problem I have with most of these re-releases - they don't feel like they're trying hard enough. A large number of gamers never owned a PS3 or 360 and will no doubt be happy to experience games like these. Those of us who already played the games need something to entertain ourselves, too, though.
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  • Video: The most baffling game adverts that somehow got made

  • seeyoshirun 12/07/2014

    None of those really wow me in terms of their weirdness as much as these PlayStation 2 print ads (by TBWA Paris, I believe):

    I really wish Sony's ads were still this bizarre. They were some of the most brilliant and original ads I'd ever seen, and the best ones of the lot actually managed to sell the console really cleverly (some of them are just nuts, though).
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  • How strong exactly is PlayStation's 2014 line-up?

  • seeyoshirun 11/07/2014

    @blarty I would argue, with the Wii U at least, that its main drawback (lack of third-party support) is less of an issue than the general lack of system-sellers on the other consoles at present.

    In my case, for instance, the four non-Wii U games which appealed to me most at E3 this year were Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest, Assassin's Creed Unity and the Grim Fandango remake. Three of those games are also going to be on PC. I imagine many Wii U owners are also soothed by this kind of knowledge.
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  • Grim Fandango revamp confirmed for PC, Mac

  • seeyoshirun 11/07/2014

    There's a PC version? Win! Reply 0
  • GameStop seeks to fund games in exchange for exclusive gameplay

  • seeyoshirun 11/07/2014

    @KanePaws Technically, there *is* a way to punish all the people involved in ruining a game; don't buy the game. Reply +2
  • Wii U version of Project Cars out in 2015

  • seeyoshirun 11/07/2014

    As others have said, it's not a game most people (or possibly any people) would have bought a Wii U for, and around Xmas this year it could easily have gotten lost in the shuffle among exclusives like Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad and Smash, all of which are probably more likely to get first preference with people's money.

    If it ends up coming out early to mid next year when there aren't as many major releases coming out, I'm probably actually more likely to give it a look. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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  • Video: See the delightful Yoshi's Woolly World in action

  • seeyoshirun 03/07/2014

    @ludodown Precisely how I feel. I've got plenty of games for when I feel like a challenge (including a few on Wii U already) - sometimes it's nice to just play something that lets me unwind a bit. This looks like it will be perfect for that. Reply +2
  • BioWare's first "fully gay" male party member in DAI

  • seeyoshirun 01/07/2014

    I feel like there's a Gaider/Gaydar joke in here somewhere... Reply +1
  • Does Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U feel new enough?

  • seeyoshirun 01/07/2014

    @IronGiant I can tell you don't actually play Nintendo games much, or possibly at all. Smash wasn't even on the SNES. Reply +2
  • Video: Games that should have been at E3 (but weren't)

  • seeyoshirun 21/06/2014

    Pokémon Snap!

    Seriously, that concept was born for the Wii U gamepad. It's such an obvious fit and the lack of even a slight announcement of such a game is rather bizarre. Have Nintendo not thought of this? Have they not read the comments section on any gaming article anywhere that talked about whether the gamepad has been well-used?
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  • Xbox One plays catch up in Japan with solid launch line-up

  • seeyoshirun 20/06/2014

    Well, good on them for trying. Japan doesn't seem to take well to American companies or home consoles, though, and XO represents both of those things. I'm not expecting this to be a major event over there. Reply 0
  • These are the platforms you can play FIFA 15 on

  • seeyoshirun 18/06/2014

    @benderbrodriguez Depends on whether I was referring to the original game or one of its sequels or spinoffs. I guess that's up to your interpretation. :) Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2014

    @benderbrodriguez Oh, you mean like Viva Pinata? Reply +1
  • Nintendo reveals Amiibo figurines for Smash Bros, Mario Kart

  • seeyoshirun 14/06/2014

    @EricJohn004 You claim that Nintendo develop games aimed at kids, and then immediately say that you want to play Mario Kart 8, Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and Metroid.

    Didn't you just contradict yourself? Or do you just have incredibly good typing skills for a YouTube us- I mean, kid?
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  • Directly to you: Nintendo wins E3 on its own terms

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2014

    @CosmicGypsy With the MarioKart 8 bundle and the free game, you're saving quite a bit on games you should totally get anyway. Just sayin'. :) Reply +2
  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2014

    Oli, you totally missed the opportunity to caption this article "Nintend'oh no they di'int!".

    As for the various vitriol being spouted by people in this thread claiming that Nintendo are still living in their own little bubble, well, methinks thou doth protest too much.
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  • Nintendo rediscovers the GamePad in glorious style

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2014

    @Pierre2k Just bite the bullet and buy the damn thing. Seriously, you won't regret it. You just listed off a whole ton of reasons to buy the console, and they should matter more than 50 quid. Reply +3
  • Star Fox Wii U and two "experimental" Miyamoto projects detailed

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2014

    @zedzee I think you'd find two new games if you simply re-read this article. A number of others were announced at E3, as well. Splatoon and that Captain Toad game, for instance.

    (Also, as Iwata has said before, new IPs matter far less than new ideas.)
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  • "I understand the issue, but it's not relevant in Assassin's Creed Unity"

  • seeyoshirun 12/06/2014

    @SpaceMonkey77 I agree, including a female character option in DLC (preferably as a freebie) would have gone over a lot better.

    I understand that it's ultimately up to the developers and publisher to decide the direction the game takes, but this doesn't feel like it was handled terribly well.
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  • Nintendo announces 3DS game Code Name: STEAM

  • seeyoshirun 12/06/2014

    Sounds fabulous. If it's being made by Intelligent Systems then I have high expectations. Reply +8
  • Itagaki's Devil's Third is now a Wii U exclusive - report

  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    The facial animations look a bit naff, but this looks like it could be fun in an over-the-top-Japanese-pulp kind of way. Somewhere in between the style of Suda 51 and Platinum.

    I'll wait to see how it turns out - for the moment, I'm on the fence with this one - but it's piqued my interest, for sure.
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  • Mario Party 10 and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse coming to Wii U

  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    Oh man, I'm going to be so damn broke... Reply +2
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker announced for Wii U

  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    While playing SM3DW, I remember loving the Captain Toad levels and wishing that they'd be fleshed out into a standalone game. Evidently I wasn't the only one! Reply +11
  • Yoshi's Woolly World has two-player, out 2015

  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    It's being made by Good-Feel, so my expectations are fairly high. Looks gorgeous, but I'm curious to know more about how they'll build on the yarn idea. Reply +4
  • Bayonetta 2 out this October in Europe

  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    So Nintendo release a "remastered" version of a game... as a freebie packed in with the sequel. That's how it's done. Reply +55
  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    I didn't think I was interested in online team-based shooters. Turns out I just needed them to look interesting. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    So it's like Team Fortress, De Blob and Jet Set Radio had a baby. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    Mario Maker wasn't just a rumour? Works for me. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    A follow-up to Kirby Canvas Curse? Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    That's how you do it, people. Release a "remastered" version of a game... as a freebie with the sequel. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    OMG! I'm selling my 360 copy of Bayonette right now! Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    Looks phenomenal. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    That yarn behind the developers looks so pretty. It's making me wish I were a cat so I wouldn't look weird for rolling around in it. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    This doesn't just look like they've copy-pasted the style from Kirby's Epic Yarn. I'm happy. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 10/06/2014

    Oh wow, looks like there's an absolute ton of customisation. Did I see the option to change the thickness of the character outline? Reply 0