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  • Resident Evil Origins Collection announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • seeyoshirun 01/09/2015

    Not convinced that I need to part with my GameCube copies of the games, but it's nice to see these titles reaching a new audience, I guess. They're both excellent games and along with RE4 they're probably my favourites in the series. Reply 0
  • Kerbal Space Program set to land on Wii U

  • seeyoshirun 28/08/2015

    @The_shlaaaag_returns That really depends on the skill of the devs, I think. There are games I would not have expected to run so smoothly on Wii U that have, and games I would have thought could run well on other consoles or PC that really haven't. Reply 0
  • Video: We have made some terrible Super Mario Maker levels

  • seeyoshirun 28/08/2015

    I've pre-ordered this. I never pre-order things, but it's just so clear already that this game is going to be fan-fucking-tastic.

    Meanwhile, there was a very insightful thing you said in the video there.

    I think it's really easy for the game designer to feel clever. It's much harder for them to leave the player feeling clever.
    Such is the brilliance of design in most Mario games. I don't want to make (or play) the so-called "impossible" levels people will make, I want to make levels that challenge the player just enough.
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  • Star Fox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Tennis release dates

  • seeyoshirun 25/08/2015

    Looking like a pretty good wrap-up to the year for Wii U! I've got at least four more yeses and about four maybes on my wish list for the next few months. Reply +1
  • Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"

  • seeyoshirun 25/08/2015

    That's utter bullshit on the part of the Internet, then.

    I've happily spent quite a bit more than that for games of a similar length. Pikmin 1 and 3 immediately spring to mind. If the experience is a quality one, I don't see what the problem is.

    It's also worrying that so many people are apparently conflating length with value. I've played a fair few open-world games now where there might have been 300 hours worth of content and only a few hours of it was particularly original or satisfying.
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  • Pokémon fighter Pokkén Tournament lands on Wii U in spring 2016

  • seeyoshirun 22/08/2015

    @man.the.king Yes... I'm buying this "for my kids", too. Reply +1
  • Nintendo patents console without a disc drive

  • seeyoshirun 22/08/2015

    You know what? I'm over shitty speculation. I'll care when Nintendo actually reveal their next console. Right now, I'm thinking up ideas for Super Mario Maker. Reply 0
  • Zombi review

  • seeyoshirun 19/08/2015

    This is bittersweet. I loved the original Wii U version of ZombiU and was super bummed it never got a sequel or more love from consumers, but seeing it get a reboot and potentially get discovered by a whole new bunch of people is great nevertheless. It's a terrific game and it deserves the attention. Reply +3
  • It takes nine days to unlock everything in Super Mario Maker

  • seeyoshirun 13/08/2015

    I'm down with the trickle approach to content, personally (although nine days isn't really that long, so maybe this is more like a gentle flow than a trickle). I actually think people tend to create a lot of their best work when working within some kind of limitations because it forces people to be more creative, so I'm expecting to see some really clever ideas put forward with the small selection of items usable on day one. Reply +3
  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • seeyoshirun 11/08/2015

    This is the first PS4-exclusive game I've actually really wanted to play. A few more games like this - thoughtful, unique titles that don't seem slavish to the industry buzzwords of the moment - and I might be on board. Reply +2
  • Rayman creator Michel Ancel has made a Super Mario Maker level

  • seeyoshirun 08/08/2015

    @ZoidbergForPresident I don't know if you've actually played Splatoon, but you should give it a crack somewhere if you can before writing it off. It may not be PC but it's pretty damn fun.

    At least you have DKC:TF. Probably still the best game on the console imo.
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  • seeyoshirun 08/08/2015

    @ZoidbergForPresident Not Pikmin 3 or Tropical Freeze? Bayonetta 2? Splatoon? Reply 0
  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • seeyoshirun 08/08/2015

    It seems like designers have found a way to make people look sillier than they did playing Dance Central on Kinect. Turns out it's a way we've already had available since the 90s. Reply 0
  • Looks like Telltale's The Walking Dead is coming to Wii U

  • seeyoshirun 06/08/2015

    Yay, a third-party Wii U game that might actually be good!

    Despite owning a PC and 360, I've missed out on these. Was actually eyeing off a cheap copy of the 360 version of season one the other day, but I might hold off and snap up the Wii U version if it's good.
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  • Quantum Break release date revealed

  • seeyoshirun 05/08/2015

    Looks quite interesting, but as always I'm wary until I see the finished product. The visual effects look pretty damn neat in this trailer, though. Reply +1
  • Terraria is heading to Wii U and 3DS in Q1 2016

  • seeyoshirun 04/08/2015

    @DrStrangelove Yes, that would clearly be the solution to all their problems. Look at how well it worked for the GameCube.

    As much as everyone loves to harp on about Nintendo needing to match the power of other consoles - and it certainly doesn't hurt - their poor marketing tactics are the thing that's really killed them. Are Sony's consoles better than Nintendo's? That's completely debatable. Has Sony's marketing and advertising over the years been more effective than Nintendo's? That's also debatable, but outside of the Wii and DS I think you'd have a hard time making a case for Nintendo there.
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  • Nintendo's bright future with Splatoon

  • seeyoshirun 24/07/2015

    It's probably about time I picked this game up. I heard anyone say the game is anything less than wonderful (people who whine about everything don't count). Reply +7
  • Godzilla review

  • seeyoshirun 17/07/2015

    @Acidizer You mean any Steven Seagal film, right?

    EDIT: Just saw the comment right before mine - hahaha, snap!
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  • Devil's Third is a shoddy game - but can it be so bad it's good?

  • seeyoshirun 16/07/2015


    By Martin Robinson
    Code for "Frazzl you're not going to agree with what follows".
    Yeah, pretty much. I tend to disagree with just about everything he says these days, too.
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  • seeyoshirun 16/07/2015

    @superfurry Disaster: Day of Crisis. It was very rough around the edges and basically a perfect storm of disaster/action movie clichés. It was also absolutely amazing.

    I mean, really. You run away from a tsunami. As in one that's really not that far away.

    I'm not sure Devil's Third is quite going to pull off that same combination of hokey-yet-awesome, but I'm probably going to pick up a copy when it's cheap just so I can find out.
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  • Satoru Iwata: a gentle revolutionary

  • seeyoshirun 13/07/2015

    I don't think I've ever been more affected by the death of someone I didn't know personally than I have been by the death of Mr. Iwata. His work has impacted me tremendously for a long time and still does to this day - case in point, I heard the news from a friend when we were meeting up to play Mario Kart 8 together.

    The qualities Iwata displayed - humility, kindness, selflessness, diligence, playfulness and a willingness to go against industry conventions and do the unexpected - are rare among CEOs and especially rare in the gaming industry. I sincerely hope whoever takes over the helm at Nintendo retains these qualities, too, as they're a big part of what makes the company so great and so unique.
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  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • seeyoshirun 13/07/2015

    I can't get the YouTube thing to work so I'll have to post the URL instead:

    I think it's beautifully fitting that my last memory of Iwata will be him in Muppet form for the Digital Event that screened as part of E3 this year. Iwata will be missed for his humility, for his willingness to go against the grain and challenge the industry, but perhaps most of all for his sense of fun.

    This is one of the biggest losses I think the industry has ever experienced, and a sad day for gamers. I only hope that Iwata's legacy lives on through the many other people who work at Nintendo.
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  • The murky genius of Fallout: New Vegas

  • seeyoshirun 12/07/2015

    I actually just finished playing the 360 version of New Vegas for the first time, literally last night. And by 'finished' I mean really finished - doing all the expansions, and most of the other quests and visiting every landmark there was to visit.

    I agree that there's a lot more subtlety to the world of New Vegas than that of Fallout 3, and on top of that it's got much stronger writing in general. The dialogue is frequently excellent. However, I think it's a pretty big oversimplification to say that it just righted all of Fallout 3's wrongs. It actually took one of FO3's wrongs and made it much worse.

    I'm talking about the bugs.

    Perhaps it's so jarring for me because I'd never played a Bethesda game before FO3 - I'm not into high fantasy so the Elder Scrolls series has never appealed to me - but FO3 was the buggiest game I'd ever played, by a considerable margin. New Vegas managed to be considerably worse, to the point that parts of it were completely broken. The game seemed to struggle more and more as my save file got larger, to the point that there were two areas in the game I simply could not visit. One of these was Camp Forlorn Hope, which effectively prevented me from completing about four quests. The other was the Abandoned BoS Bunker - I could access it if I made a mad dash for the entrance before the "new area" notification popped up, and it would crash again as soon as I exited the bunker. This meant I could play the Dead Money expansion, but couldn't return to the Mojave afterwards.

    They're enjoyable games in spite of this, but New Vegas desperately needed a few more months - maybe even a good solid year - to polish things up a bit. Given how frustrating it was to actually try and play through its fascinating world, I don't think I could say it was a better game than 3 was. I'm concerned that Fallout 4 will fall afoul of the same problems, too, since from what I hear it's pretty typical of Bethesda-published games.
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  • Reddit drama prompts gaming boards to shut themselves down

  • seeyoshirun 03/07/2015

    Weird seeing Reddit drama actually get reported on by gaming sites. Not sure how I feel about that. Reply +6
  • Video: The Final Fantasy VII scenes that probably won't reach the remake

  • seeyoshirun 03/07/2015

    I've been having the same thoughts since the announcements happened - actually, my feelings about this remake are mixed in general. Remakes of older games have been extremely varied in quality over the years and FFVII (one of my all-time favourite games, too, incidentally) may have a tough time living up to the reputation carved out by the original.

    I'll be a little afraid to play it. That scene where Nanaki finds out about his father is maybe the single most beautiful scene I've ever seen in a video game and if the remake doesn't do that scene justice, I'll be crushed.
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  • Miiverse getting redesign this summer

  • seeyoshirun 03/07/2015

    @perydwyn Right? Birdo's got to be one of the best gay icons in gaming ever. Tingle, too. And most of my friends agree that Luigi's obviously just using Daisy as a beard.

    I don't know if it's all intentional on Nintendo's part, but then I see a game like Ouendan and I don't really care.

    As a sidenote, I wonder if this is why Nintendo attracts so much ire around their games? That colourful campiness can't exactly sit well with the subset of gamers who only ever play hyper-masculine adolescent fantasies (of which there are tons, but very few on Nintendo consoles).
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  • seeyoshirun 02/07/2015

    @perydwyn Yep. I actually said this in another comments section recently, in my experience Nintendo's consoles seem to attract a much larger gay following than the competition (at least based on my personal experience). There are a whole lot of reasons why I think that could be the case; a big part of it might be because they're particularly good at making games whose appeal I would describe as gender-neutral. Which, incidentally, might also be why I think Nintendo has a very strong female following as well. Reply +2
  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force dev explains decision to not focus on Samus

  • seeyoshirun 02/07/2015

    I'm down with this idea, even though I own a Wii U and not a 3DS.

    I know a lot of people are very unhappy with this direction for the Metroid franchise, but hey, it's not like offbeat spin-offs haven't happened for basically every major Nintendo franchise. Let's wait until we know a little more about it before we write it off as terrible, yeah?
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  • Sony: PS4 market share "frequently greater than 90 per cent in continental Europe"

  • seeyoshirun 02/07/2015

    @milomikic I said 'read', not 'heard'. And while VGchartz is a bit dubious for software sales, they're generally a fairly reliable source for console sales. Don't hate me for actually having a source for my information. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 01/07/2015

    @arcam From what I've read, Xbox and PS4 are neck-and-neck in the US, with Wii U behind them (but not by as big a margin as in Europe).

    Europe is generally PS4 territory. Japan is still Nintendo/handheld ground.
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  • seeyoshirun 30/06/2015

    @LordAmpersand I always find it fascinating how much venom gets directed at a competitor's consoles in this market. I can't think of many industries like it, except perhaps for a few professional sports where people get up in arms about this team or that team.

    Scary thing is that EG's comments section is actually one of the least toxic places I've found, even with the site's insistent use of cheap clickbait titles.
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  • seeyoshirun 30/06/2015

    It seems Microsoft are still paying for their botched Xbox One reveal and Nintendo for their lack of advertising and confusing product name. Would be nice to see both of them selling a bit better now, though, especially the Wii U. Some really good games there.

    Good for Sony, though, I guess. They've done a good job marketing the console. That initial response to the XO reveal alone did wonders for them and still seems to be paying off more than two years later.
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  • See what Mario looks like in Unreal Engine 4

  • seeyoshirun 29/06/2015

    I'm not sure exactly what this video is trying to say. Yes, it's a more technically advanced-looking take on Mario, but that doesn't count for much without the artistry that EAD brings to the Mario games.

    An HD remake of Super Mario 64 would be pretty neat, though. If it came from a studio like EAD Tokyo - you know, one that actually understands that tech specs count for very little when there's no soul or sense of fun there to back the game up.
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  • Wii U exclusive Splatoon fires past 1m sales worldwide

  • seeyoshirun 24/06/2015

    I read somewhere on another forum some comparisons to other shooters that were new IP; Splatoon passed that milestone faster than Resistance (PS3), Borderlands (360), Left4Dead (360), Bioshock (360) and Halo (XB). Pretty impressive for Splatoon, then, especially on a console with such a small user base!

    (Some other new IPs in the genre that passed 1m faster than Splatoon, in case you're curious: Gears of War took about two weeks, as did Titanfall. Destiny managed it in a few days on PS4, I think.)
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  • Fire Emblem Fates is the first Nintendo game to allow same-sex marriage

  • seeyoshirun 24/06/2015

    @perydwyn Actually, I've noticed that, too. Anecdotal evidence here, but among my circles of friends, the gay crowd seem to like Nintendo just a little bit more than average.

    It may well be because a lot of their characters come across as more sexually neutral, as opposed to the heterosexual fantasy element present in a lot of other video games (women presented as objects of conquest, men presented as some kind of hypermasculine fantasy). Plus, Birdo experienced gender dysphoria well before gender identity got the level of discussion it gets these days.
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  • seeyoshirun 24/06/2015


    Not many, but then how many Nintendo franchises include gay characters *at all*?
    That question could be expanded further. How many video games in general include openly gay characters? The number is still fairly low. The number that not only include them but have them well-written is even smaller.

    I'm happy with this news.
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  • Nintendo asked Burnout dev to make Wii U F-Zero

  • seeyoshirun 23/06/2015

    Well, that's a heartbreaking piece of information I almost wish I didn't know.

    On the upside, I guess Nintendo could approach that new studio from the ex-Criterion guys about this again in the future?
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  • PlayStation "new home of Call of Duty", Black Ops 3 DLC headed to PS4 first

  • seeyoshirun 22/06/2015

    I feel like this might have been a bigger coup a few years ago. From what I've read, the series peaked in sales between about 2009-2011. Reply +1
  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends Ł40 expansion price tag

  • seeyoshirun 22/06/2015

    Ugh. Reply +7
  • Yoshi's Woolly World review

  • seeyoshirun 22/06/2015

    Honestly couldn't care less about the review. This game sounds like exactly the sort of thing I'll enjoy playing to while away the winter months.

    Meanwhile, I can see from all the @ symbols in this thread that some of you are obviously dealing with a nasty little troll. A word of advice: remember that ignore function. It's nice not having to even see what people are saying when nothing they're saying is of even slight importance.
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  • Xbox One weekly Japan sales hit new all-time low

  • seeyoshirun 22/06/2015

    Can't say I'm surprised. Microsoft haven't really been doing much at all to try and target that market anymore. Reply +3
  • ZombiU ports spotted for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

  • seeyoshirun 22/06/2015

    This is bittersweet. I'm happy if the game gets discovered by more people because it really is excellent, but "not profitable"? What were Ubisoft expecting? It's pretty clearly a niche title.

    Not seeing a sequel on Wii U will be a major bummer.
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  • The E3 Bulletin: Friday

  • seeyoshirun 19/06/2015

    I've come to be a bit over E3 after some of the gamer behaviour this year.

    Hearing about Shenmue was great, but it being a Kickstarter rather than just outright supported by Sony left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Elsewhere, they had some good announcements and some big surprises but not a lot of substance when it comes to 2015 specifically.

    From what I've read, the HoloLens stuff Microsoft are doing sounds like it only works well in an extremely controlled environment. Their line-up of exclusives for 2015 looks good and backwards compatibility was a plus, though.

    Nintendo's Digital Event was unfortunate, but not as unfortunate as some of the bile I've heard spewed from gamers in response to it. For whatever reason, they chose to focus on games we mostly already know about, but their 2015 line-up looks good regardless. The idea that there weren't any particularly impressive surprises is disappointing. That they're being so heavily chastised for not having revealed their hand for 2016 and beyond in spite of actually having good games coming out here and now is deeply concerning

    That's the nature of E3, though. Smoke and mirrors generally win out. Most people don't seem to care immensely that we saw very little in the way of actual gameplay for many of the most hyped games, nor do the seem capable of keeping their expectations in check despite so many games in past years turning out to be disappointments that didn't live up to their initial reveals.

    It was certainly an interesting E3, but once you've seen the event happen enough times, it's hard not to feel a bit jaded about the merry-go-round of hype.
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  • Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

  • seeyoshirun 19/06/2015

    See, last gen I went with a 360/Wii combo so this is a big disappointment for me.

    I've been holding out on buying a PS4 - I love my JRPGs, and since the PS4 doesn't have many of those yet and most of the ones on the way are also coming to either PS3 or PC, I've held off. Backwards compatibility would sell me on buying a PS4 instantly because it would also mean catching up on all those lovely PS3 RPGs I missed out on (Ni No Kuni and Folklore being at the top of that list).

    I know this isn't a problem for people who went PS3 last gen, but it is for me and probably for a few other people who missed out on that console. As it stands, I'm actually considering buying a PS3 at the moment because they're cheaper, and looking into a PS4 in 2016/17.
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  • The E3 Bulletin: Thursday

  • seeyoshirun 18/06/2015

    The rampant idiotic comments I've seen regarding Nintendo in particular this E3 are an embarrassment. And that includes some of the usual clickbait supplied by EG staff (that Metroid article in particular was some hilarious non-news), but thankfully most of the readers here seem to avoid grabbing the low-hanging fruit. Well, unless their name is LunaticPandora. Reply +4
  • Video: Xbox One Backward Compatibility - How does it work?

  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2015

    Uggggggggh, why couldn't this have been a PS4 thiiiiiinnng... seriously, if Sony announced backwards compatibility I'd buy a PS4 in a heartbeat. Reply +2
  • The E3 Bulletin: Wednesday

  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2015

    @Mr.Spo I just saw the Metroid article, too, so I guess we can rule that one out, at least. It's highly unlikely that nothing else is in development for Wii U, though - at the very least, we still don't know what Retro are up to (aside from now knowing it's probably not a Metroid game) and there's been mention of a couple of other things like Platinum working on whatever Project Guard has evolved into. You might be right that we should rule out anything on a Metroid-type scale, but that also depends on how long it's been in development. All that tidbit of news really told us is that a new Metroid Prime game hasn't been started since the last one arrived in 2007.

    It's possible that 2016 will be slim - it's always possible with Nintendo, since they largely support their consoles on their own. All I know is that whenever people get too smug in their predictions about Nintendo, there's a very high chance that they're wrong. And there's a lot of smugness on the Internet right now.
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  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2015

    @Mr.Spo I think the big reason Nintendo would launch something like a Metroid game on Wii U is because this is their really hardcore fan base at this point. Nintendo, if they're not inept, should have worked out by now (and by the response to their E3 Digital Event) that they don't want to piss off their most devoted fans.

    Also, they do have a long history of revealing most of their games when they're reasonably far along, with only the occasional exception. I think you're right that the resource-consuming nature of development might be preventing more announcements from being made at this point, but only because those larger-scale games take a lot more time to develop to a point where they're fit for presentation to the public. Look at the glitches we saw with the Uncharted 4 footage at Sony's conference, or the Battlefield 4 sound problems from a couple of E3s ago - I can't think of many (if any) instances of Nintendo slipping up like that. It's quite likely that the other things Nintendo are working on just haven't reached that point of polish yet, where the company would consider them fit to show to the world.

    One other thought on Metroid (as an example). If - and it's a huge if - Nintendo were to shelve Wii U and launch a successor next year, just four years after Wii U launched, there's no guarantee something like Metroid would sell better than on Wii U. Even a really successful console won't push more than about 4 million units in its first 4-6 weeks, and there's no guarantee that more than about a third of those people would be buying the console for a Metroid game. A user base of 10-13 million is small, but when it's comprised of that core crowd who Nintendo doesn't even have to spend much on marketing for, Nintendo could turn a profit on a Metroid game easily. Probably more easily than they would if they were spending a ton of money on launching a new machine.
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  • Next proper Metroid Prime "would likely now be on NX"

  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2015

    Worth remembering that a new Metroid Prime title hasn't come out since 2007, which means the last one probably started development back when the GameCube was still around (I'm guessing after #2 launched in 2004).

    This isn't as newsworthy as EG seem to think.
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  • Nintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling

  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2015

    You know what? I like the games Nintendo has lined up on the console this year.

    However, the Internet is getting on my last nerve. If it's not the entitled brats whining about what they feel Nintendo owes them, it's the trolls who have no interest in Nintendo that keep distracting from the good games they're releasing here and now by blabbing on incessantly about some NX thing when we still have no fucking idea what NX even is. There are only so many times I can hear "Zelda's probably not even coming to Wii U anymore" or "NX is probably out next year, Wii U is clearly dead" before I want to climb through the computer and kick people in the teeth.

    I'm definitely not done with my Wii U, but I'm pretty close to being done with other gamers.
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