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  • Splatoon 2 review

  • seeyoshirun 20/07/2017

    Well, Martin Robison is the biggest ninty fanboy at EG. From him you'd expect a 5/5 on every recycled nintendo game, whilst other platform games such as Horizon Zero Dawn gets trashed.
    Not this bullshit again.

    Reviewed by Martin:
    Arms - Recommended
    Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia - Recommended
    Super Bomberman R - no score
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force - no score
    Fire Emblem Fates - Recommended
    Star Fox Zero - no score
    Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - no score
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - Recommended
    Affordable Space Adventures - Recommended
    Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - no score
    Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 - Recommended
    Bayonetta 2 - Recommended
    Tomodachi Life - no score

    Given Essential ratings by other people:
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild - reviewed by Oli
    Pokémon Sun/Moon - reviewed by Chris Tapsell
    Xenoblade Chronicles X - reviewed by Simon
    Mario Kart 8 x Animal Crossing - reviewed by Tom
    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - reviewed by Dan Pearson
    Mario Kart 8 - reviewed by Simon

    It's entirely possible that Nintendo actually make good games, you know.
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  • Nintendo's new online service looks like it could be every bit as bad as you feared

  • seeyoshirun 20/07/2017

    Personally, this means nothing to me. I don't play online when I can fairly easily invite friends around for an evening.

    It's important to a lot of people, though, and while I usually respect Nintendo sticking to their guns and delivering something different, this is one of those few instances where they should really just give the community what it wants and get with the times. Western consoles have been supporting online gaming for almost 15 years now. That's 15 years Nintendo have had to see what their competitors were doing, and understand what did and didn't work.

    I'm only hopeful that Nintendo make some major changes to this service for the people who would have used it. They've been knocking it out of the park with Switch in most other areas.
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  • Splatoon is getting an anime adaptation

  • seeyoshirun 18/07/2017

    @SiroccoJetProp Several people have already demonstrated that your comment is utter nonsense, but just so we're clear, there are plenty of Nintendo-exclusive games that don't even get a recommended. Ultra Street Fighter II got an Avoid, and 1-2-Switch, Super Bomberman R and Snipperclips all got no rating in the last few months. Reply +2
  • Why Wii U ports on Switch are good for Nintendo - and for us

  • seeyoshirun 16/07/2017

    I'm okay with this sort of thing mostly because, as the last paragraph of the article points out, the Wii U didn't sell much and most of its games missed out on even having a chance to find a decent-sized audience. Plus, Nintendo already have a decent amount of new first-party stuff coming this year and early next. I doubt they'll be porting everything since some of their series already have new entries confirmed for Switch, but personally I'd love to see some of the more obscure Wii U games get a new lease on life. For example, Tokyo Mirage Sessions was an excellent RPG, but it released in 2016 when interest in the Wii U had dwindled and I imagine it could sell a lot more on Switch.

    Mostly, though, I'm just happy to finally see one of the writers on Eurogamer acknowledge that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was a brilliant game. I don't think I've ever disagreed with a review on here more than the one in which one of their writers gave the game a 7 because, from what I could gather, they saw the series as dwindling in relevance.
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  • Splatoon 2's single-player is an enjoyable if familiar encore

  • seeyoshirun 14/07/2017

    @HisDivineOrder I'm referring to quality as well as quantity.

    Using Metacritic as a metric (not perfect, I know, but it's the best we've got), PS4 had Knack (54), Killzone (73) and Resogun (84), all Sony-exclusive and new. So only one title was critically noteworthy.

    Xbox had Fighter Within (23), Crimson Dragon (55), Ryse (60), Killer Instinct (73), Dead Rising (78) and Forza (79) - nothing quite as well-received as Resogun, but probably stronger overall with two games close to 80.

    Switch had New Frontier Days (52), 1-2-Switch (58), Super Bomberman R (62), Blaster Master Zero (78), Snipperclips (80) and Breath of the Wild (97). Like both PS4 and XO, it had titles that critics didn't take to, but its best exclusives easily trumped those on the other consoles early on, particularly BotW.

    A few months in, PS4 added Basement Crawl (27) and Killzone (80). That was it as far as new exclusives for about 4-5 months. XO added Kinect Sports Rivals (60) and Zoo Tycoon (68); nothing to write home about. Switch has added Vroom (no), Kamiko (73) and Arms (77).

    If you want to talk ports, just at a glance PS4 had re-releases or upgraded versions of Flower, Injustice, Trine, Trine 2, Escape Plan, Flow, Flower, Don't Starve, Tomb Raider, Awesomenauts, Towerfall, Stealth Inc., Steamworld and Cel Damage in its first few months, all of which had been available on other platforms for at least around 6 months when they saw release on PS4. Some of them had been available elsewhere for years. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with that, it's easier to port existing games to a console early on.
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  • seeyoshirun 12/07/2017

    This seems to be true of lots of Switch games so far. If you were a loyal Nintendo fan and bought the Wii U, you're playing lots of ports and sequels (with the exception of ARMS).
    And the exceptions of Snipperclips and 1-2-Switch. I can't see any justifiable complaints about Breath of the Wild being a port, either; it's not like it came out later than the other version.

    Plus, as has been pointed out, it's not like PS4 or XO were doing any better as far as exclusive content four months in.
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  • Nintendo Switch is getting its first video app

  • seeyoshirun 12/07/2017

    @Shakey_Jake33 Well, I carry a satchel. A Switch would fit in there comfortably alongside a tablet, or even a small laptop. Reply -1
  • Arms update adds plenty while removing the most controversial stage from ranked play

  • seeyoshirun 12/07/2017

    I'm pretty sure flooff is just the latest in a very long line of anti-Nintendo trolls. I don't know if they're this quick to reach every Eurogamer article (I mostly read the Nintendo stuff) but they're almost always one of the first to comment on any Nintendo-centric article, and their comments are almost universally disparaging.

    I doubt they really care that much about meaningful discussion on Arms' roster size or content updates, so it's probably for the best if nobody engages them.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunner blazes through Trial of the Sword in under 44 minutes

  • seeyoshirun 12/07/2017

    Well this is a rarity: a comments section on a video game article where almost everyone is saying everyone is correct. Can't picture the same thing happening at IGN. Reply +9
  • WWE 2K18 for Switch marks series' return to Nintendo after five years

  • seeyoshirun 10/07/2017

    @Jimjamyaha Obligatory "people make lots of comments about obligatory comments" comment. Reply +2
  • Xbox One "gift a friend" feature coming soon

  • seeyoshirun 07/07/2017

    I guess I'm so used to hearing about all the things Sony and Microsoft do that Nintendo don't do and it didn't occur to me that it might also work the other way around sometimes. Nintendo did this with the Wii, and I'm pretty sure they did with the Wii U as well. Reply -2
  • Now PlatinumGames has teased The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

  • seeyoshirun 06/07/2017

    @kosmic2561 Why wouldn't a bundle happen? When Platinum did Bayonetta 2 for Wii U, the first run of the game was bundled with a Wii U remake of Bayonetta. Reply 0
  • Nintendo dominates Japan's top 10 selling games of 2017 so far

  • seeyoshirun 06/07/2017

    @jabberwocky Yep, and I see people with similar tendencies on here sometimes, too. I think EG's comments sections are definitely better than those on most gaming sites, but you can tell some people are uncomfortable with a more playful approach to video games. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 05/07/2017

    @jabberwocky Pretty much, yeah. Did a quick Google search for the best sellers in the UK in 2016. Almost the entire top ten in both cases is shooters/open-world titles and sports games.

    Japan is completely different. That country has a serious thing for Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter, but it is nice to see them more readily embrace games that are a bit colourful and don't take themselves so seriously.
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  • Xbox fan with highest Gamerscore goes on honeymoon, loses top spot after 11 years

  • seeyoshirun 05/07/2017

    So I guess this means his wife is having all the Cox? Reply 0
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Master Trials DLC is the perfect addition for those still playing

  • seeyoshirun 04/07/2017

    I wish I'd limited my gameplay time to less than 200 hours before this DLC dropped, so I could see my entire path. Reply 0
  • PlatinumGames teases Bayonetta on Switch

  • seeyoshirun 04/07/2017


    Looks like someone might be getting their wish from a few months ago!
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ sets sail for European Switches in September

  • seeyoshirun 04/07/2017

    Good to know, although if there's anyone in Europe who really doesn't feel like they can wait that long, accessing other eShops is stupidly easy. Reply 0
  • PlayStation YouTube hosts Xbox One X Anthem footage with Photoshopped buttons

  • seeyoshirun 03/07/2017

    Well, this looks like a harmonious comments section filled with well-reasoned and thoughtful comments. Reply +5
  • Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy biggest single-platform launch of the year

  • seeyoshirun 03/07/2017

    I always like checking the individual format chart to see how separate versions of a game are faring.

    Individual SKU top 10:
    1. Crash Trilogy (PS4)
    2. Micro Machines (PS4)
    3. Forza Horizon 3 (XO)
    4. GTA V (PS4)
    5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NS)
    6. Elite Dangerous (PS4)
    7. Overwatch (XO)
    8. GTA V (XO)
    9. Micro Machines (XO)
    10. Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)

    Breath of the Wild, Arms and the Wipeout collection on PS4 all get pushed out of the top 10, taking 12th through 14th.
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  • Arms' first patch adds LAN support and Spectator Mode

  • seeyoshirun 27/06/2017

    @grassyknoll Right. Then why doesn't EG actually mention the unit sales so we can understand that? And where did you pull the 20k figure from? It's not on either of EG's articles.

    (It's also worth making the distinction between the UK and the rest of the world, since it sounds like it's fared much better elsewhere.)
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  • seeyoshirun 27/06/2017

    Are we still saying Arms sold poorly in the UK because it didn't debut at #1? Reply +2
  • Nearly four years later, GTA5 once again tops chart

  • seeyoshirun 27/06/2017

    That's less of a drop than I was expecting for Arms, I didn't anticipate seeing it in the top ten for more than a week. Nice!

    The breakdown by individual format is here. The success of GTAV at the moment is definitely down to the PS4 and XO versions, which rank 1st and 4th on the individual formats chart. Arms is still 3rd, the Switch version of Mario Kart 8 jumps back up from 11th to 2nd, and Switch's Breath of the Wild from 29th to 9th. Perhaps a lot of the new Arms-armed Switch owners were looking for something else to play?

    Horizon also does well in the individual format chart, placing 5th. Ever Oasis debuts at 24th (28th on the all formats chart).
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  • Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever

  • seeyoshirun 21/06/2017

    It'll be interesting to see if something like this comes to consoles, too, although I'd expect it to be slightly more expensive if it does (understandable to an extent, given that the games would be a great deal more playable with access to a proper controller). Reply +1
  • We went back to Super Mario Odyssey's demo and discovered even more

  • seeyoshirun 21/06/2017

    @p_nut_uk Indeed, I'm amazed at how Nintendo's games can continue to surprise me and feel so fresh when some of these franchises have been around for two or even three decades. The level of talent and creativity in their studios is astounding. Reply +6
  • Super Mario Odyssey: Switch's next big technical showcase?

  • seeyoshirun 21/06/2017


    Arms is nice but apparently hasn't sold very well.
    Based on what, exactly? It debuted at #2, and only two Nintendo games since late 2011 have charted at #1 (Pokémon White and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe). That sounds pretty excellent to me.

    So that's basically Zelda - which yes, admittedly seems to be one of the best games ever made - and Mario which isn't out for months.
    As has been pointed out by others, there are plenty of other games releasing this year aside from Zelda and Mario (somewhere over 10 Nintendo-published games alone) This kind of deliberate omission of information is not a good look on you.
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  • Arms held back from chart top spot

  • seeyoshirun 20/06/2017

    Oddly negative headline given how rarely Nintendo titles hit #1 in the UK (collectively, you guys don't seem to like Nintendo a whole lot). Mario Kart 8 Deluxe got to #1 a few weeks back, and before that the last time a Nintendo title managed the feat was Pokémon White. In 2011.

    Placing 2nd is quite good, especially on a new console with a small user base (and where there are already a few other really excellent titles to compete for gamers' money).

    Plus I'm hearing Arms got there on a single day's sales.
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  • Crash Bandicoot is 3D gaming's underrated pioneer

  • seeyoshirun 20/06/2017

    I don't think of Crash as being particularly pioneering within the realm of 3D, to be honest. It may have had three-dimensional graphics, but the gameplay itself was still largely linear, especially compared to other early 3D games like Super Mario 64.

    I'd say the series is rated pretty fairly. Maybe even a little overrated, given the nostalgia that seems to be surrounding the series at the moment.
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  • Ellie Gibson on E3

  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2017

    "I'm just a guy, standing in front of some other guys, asking them to love his games."
    Should I be ashamed that I get the Notting Hill reference? I'm not. I also laughed for a long time picturing Beyoncé and Daphne and Celeste teaming up.

    I'd like E3 presentations to either be more efficient, or spectacular meme-worthy shitshows where someone abuses the word "TV" or obliterates a set of virtual drums or tries to convince use that Kaz Hirai is human.

    None of this in-between stuff. Most of the presentations this year were neither short and sharp nor bad enough to be funny.
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  • Watch: Chris and Aoife play Super Mario Odyssey

  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2017

    @Volthis I wouldn't be surprised if there's some alternate control option that suits handheld mode. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2017

  • seeyoshirun 16/06/2017

    I've been avoiding all possible spoilers for the levels of Odyssey, but it was worth breaking that to listen to you two reacting to that game. I heard actual giggling!

    The game looks an absolute treat, too. Bring on October!
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  • Hitman developer IO Interactive is now an independent studio

  • seeyoshirun 16/06/2017

    What happy news! It'll be really interesting to watch where they go from here. Reply 0
  • Arms' first DLC character revealed

  • seeyoshirun 16/06/2017

    @benfresh76 Apparently some people have taken issue with the only woman of colour in the current roster having weaponised hair.

    Sometimes I hate the Internet.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey has co-op, sort of

  • seeyoshirun 16/06/2017

    That's fine by me, although I hope this means we get a four-player Mario title (another 3D World or New Super Mario Bros.) at some point, too, because those games are so much fun with a group. Reply +1
  • Sushi Striker makes a late play for the game of E3 2017

  • seeyoshirun 15/06/2017

    @mrcheesyelf I'd certainly count something like Grow Home (or Child of Light).

    It's pretty fucked up to only allow AAA to count as "new IPs" from a company, as though AAA is an automatic indicator of quality. It isn't.
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  • Nintendo's Arms invitational showed there's already one character who's OP

  • seeyoshirun 15/06/2017

    Random aside: I love the look of the Arms jumper! Very nifty the way the stripes on the arms make it look like they're coiled up. Reply +1
  • E3's press conferences are killing E3

  • seeyoshirun 15/06/2017

    You know, if all of the big companies took the same approach as Nintendo has been taking for a few years, I'd probably be a lot happier.

    A short-ish video presentation (however long or short they need it to be, really, but 20-25 minutes seems nice and concise) providing an outlook on major games coming in the near-ish future. A new announcement or two (if we're lucky), then a focus on showing the games of the next 12 months in as playable a form as possible on the show floor. The pomp and circumstance of the live presentations is, for me, the weak link in E3. I'm sure every games company has some interesting things they could reveal at this time of year, but enough to fill a 1-2 hour stage show? Hardly.
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  • Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 still "progressing"

  • seeyoshirun 14/06/2017

    Given how long it's apparently been in development for, I have high hopes whenever it does come out.

    Hell, who am I kidding? I'd have high hopes anyway, because Pikmin is amazing.
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  • Nintendo consolidates an already special year

  • seeyoshirun 14/06/2017

    @JoelStinty Tropical Freeze is hands-down my favourite platformer on Wii U, too.

    Woolly World would be up alongside Mario 3D World as a contender for second, though.
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  • seeyoshirun 14/06/2017

    I think complaints about Nintendo supposedly getting a free pass for using the same IPs are missing a lot of the detail.

    Mario games have been around for decades. What makes a title like Mario Odyssey so exciting compared to a lot of other returning IPs is how willing the developers seem to be to really experiment. Odyssey looks fucking weird. The same is true with the Mario/Rabbids crossover. Or the radical shift in direction that Zelda just took. Or Fire Emblem getting a Dynasty Warriors-style mash-up instead of just more tactical RPGs.

    Plus, as others have noted, it's not like Nintendo aren't trying plenty of new IPs as well. This year they've already had 1-2-Switch and Snipperclips, and Arms is about to come out. That means three of their first five published games on Switch are new IPs. There have been others in recent years, too, like Wonderful 101, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Splatoon. Anyone who suggests Nintendo don't try new things is really not looking very closely. The only reason it doesn't look like a lot is because of the sheer number of IPs Nintendo have at this point, some of which they keep alive with new releases every few years while others fall by the wayside.
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  • Sony defends decision to block PS4 cross-play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    As others have noted, this sounds like Sony behaving in a somewhat cocky and uncooperative way, which is an unfortunate thing that tends to happen a lot in this industry when a company gets too big. Mind you, the other prominent example I can think of is also Sony, and some of the bullish things they said around the launch of the PS3 when they were coming off of the tremendous success of the PS2.

    Of course, the PS3 had sluggish sales early on and Sony had to come around. Hopefully something will eventually push them to come around on this, too, because it sucks for PS4 or Vita owners to miss out on a feature that the other platforms are getting.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey is a very weird Mario game

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    Between the weird stuff they're currently doing with Mario, the strong shift in direction with Zelda, and odd new IPs in recent times like Arms, 1-2-Switch, Snipperclips and Splatoon, I'm really happy with what Nintendo is doing lately. Reply +9
  • Nintendo confirms full Pokémon game in development for Switch

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    I think this pretty much makes it official that Switch is replacing both Wii U and 3DS in the long run. We've now got successors or confirmation of successors from both predominantly home console series (Zelda, 3D Mario, Splatoon, Xenoblade) and handheld (Pokémon, mostly, although I know it was the Bravely Default team making Octopath Traveller). Reply +2
  • Nintendo Switch's 2018 line-up includes new Yoshi and Kirby games

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    Yoshi looks like it's going to mix all the craft aesthetics from its previous games. I saw bits of the yarn look from Woolly World, bits of the craft look from Yoshi's Story, and bits of the colouring-book look from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Very nice! Reply +1
  • Rocket League announced for Switch with cross-network play

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    Can't wait! This seemed like such an obvious fit for the Switch; a fun, creative multiplayer game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    I haven't picked it up on other consoles yet, so I'll definitely be getting in on this.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey launches October

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    October! That's honestly about a month earlier than I was expecting it. Not that I mind, it sounds like I'm going to be busy with Xenoblade and Rocket League near the end of the year, too, so I'm going to want as much time as possible for each of them. Reply +1
  • Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 live report

  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    I didn't know I needed Mario in a poncho, but now I can't imagine life without it. Reply +1
  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    @Ragefatha "If Microsoft announced the next Halo with nothing but a title screen, they'd be absolutely crucified."

    Not if they ever left the series dormant for more than three years at a time.
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  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017


    Yoshi's Woolly World was fantastic. I'm totally down for a follow-up.
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  • seeyoshirun 13/06/2017

    In the space of two minutes, we just got confirmation that a Pokémon RPG and Metroid Prime 4 are in the works for Switch. For real? Reply 0