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  • "We have to do better when we launch NX"

  • seeyoshirun 26/08/2016

    Regarding all the comments from people saying Nintendo need to talk more about the console: soon, yes, they do. The fact that they've said very little so far is not a problem if they're planning a reveal soon. Lots of things to factor in, like not having their thunder stolen by another announcement (such as the Neo or Scorpio). Revealing the new console reasonably close (well, 6ish months) before it comes out could also allow them to ride the hype train all the way to launch day if they pull off the reveal. Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's annoying microtransactions in the spotlight

  • seeyoshirun 24/08/2016

    @Innocent_Bystander I actually had to look this up to make sure I wasn't somehow misunderstanding your post (I don't own a PS4). So you actually have to pay a subscription fee in order to do any kind of online play on PS4 or XO? That's ridiculous. There are already ample ways for them to make money elsewhere (not to mention that consumers already have to pay for the console and the game).

    I really hope Nintendo don't choose to go down the same route.
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  • Forget Go - Pokémon Snap is the series' greatest spin-off

  • seeyoshirun 21/08/2016

    Yes, the Wii U would have been perfect for a sequel. I've been saying that to anyone who would listen for about three years (probably a few times on here!).

    Maybe the renewed Pokémon craze at the moment will finally see Nintendo bring a sequel to NX, but I've learned not to expect anything specific from the company and just to go along for the ride.
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  • Metroid Prime Federation Force review

  • seeyoshirun 19/08/2016

    I still respect Nintendo's decision to try doing something different with their franchises - especially one like this, which despite the complaints of a vocal minority, is not a huge seller for them and thus represents a safer space for the company to try some of its weirder ideas.

    This particular idea might not have quite worked out (though it doesn't sound like the disaster everyone was predicting it to be) but I don't think the alternative - Nintendo making nothing but safe, expected sequels to their most popular franchises - would be any better.

    Would be nice to see some kind of more slow-paced, sprawling Metroid game again some time soon, though.
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  • Meet the man Gabe Newell called an ass on Reddit

  • seeyoshirun 18/08/2016

    Not gonna lie, I skipped over about 95% of the article. I think I echo the sentiments of other commenters that while the dedication to in-depth reporting is appreciated, there might be better subjects to focus these efforts on. Reply +3
  • NieR: Automata is coming to PC too

  • seeyoshirun 18/08/2016

    I'm happy with this news, but things like this are why I haven't bought a PS4 or XO yet. Nearly every game I want is coming to PC as well. Reply +1
  • Axiom Verge is coming to Wii U in two weeks

  • seeyoshirun 15/08/2016

    Even though the game's been out for a little while on other systems, the Wii U version is probably the best one
    If only more devs had treated the Wii U this way. It's had a shitty record of games coming late and having less features, which just leads to a ton of eyerolling when publishers complain that their games don't sell on Nintendo consoles.
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  • Pokémon Snap releases on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • seeyoshirun 15/08/2016

    If you never played Snap on the N64, it's an on-rails first-person shooter without guns, where you snap photos of the original 151 critters across a range of environments.
    It was much less than that, something like 70 of them, give or take.

    Really is high time we got a sequel to that game. It's possibly the Wii U's single greatest missed opportunity, which would be less infuriating if we hadn't gotten lesser camera modes in Pikmin 3, Game & Wario and Smash 4.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 delayed by two months

  • seeyoshirun 15/08/2016

    I'm not even that interested in this game, but I'm happy to hear this. I'd much rather see games releasing in complete form so that it doesn't sully those first impressions during play. Reply +46
  • Over a million UK players have spent money on Pokémon Go

  • seeyoshirun 14/08/2016

    Mania. Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky review

  • seeyoshirun 13/08/2016

    I tend to like my games a little more concise than this - it sounds like both the virtues and flaws of open-world games have been magnified tenfold - so I'll probably skip out on buying this one, but I'll definitely tinker around with a friend's copy for an hour or two just so I can see what it's like (once all those technical issues have been resolved!). Reply +2
  • Sonic boom: Ellie Gibson on nostalgia, novelty, and that 9/10

  • seeyoshirun 07/08/2016

    @Zerobob I agree with what you say for the most part, especially about the character design of Sonic.

    I think one of the reasons Sonic hasn't remained as much of a keeper in video games is because his original design was so strongly based around being whatever was considered cool in the early 1990s. That sort of thing doesn't age well as 'cool' changes so frequently in meaning and virtually nobody manages to retain that as part of their image for a long period of time. You can look at popular music, for example, and even the likes of Madonna are considered a bit dated after having held onto a great deal of popularity for a good 20-25 years.

    Mario, by contrast, never seemed to have coolness as part of his design. He portrays a sprightly innocence that is much more timeless and should prevent him from going the way of Sonic (or Jak, or Prince of Persia, or any of the other series that started trying to chase after 'cool').
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  • seeyoshirun 07/08/2016

    Ellie, I hope this means you'll make a reappearance to review Sonic Mania when it comes out. I'll even forgive you if you give it a "Recommended". Reply -2
  • In Theory: Could NX bring Wii and GameCube games to Virtual Console?

  • seeyoshirun 31/07/2016

    From Gekko to Broadway to Espresso, the trend of iterating on the same PowerPC core gave Nintendo a link to the past,
    That was well punned, whether intentional or not.
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  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • seeyoshirun 28/07/2016

    @grassyknoll Yeah. Probably no point in trying to keep reminding people of that. It's basically the false consensus effect in action, people overestimate how typical their views of something are. Reply -3
  • seeyoshirun 28/07/2016

    @matthewianparker You should try explaining that to the DS and 3DS, which had strong third-party support despite being weaker machines than their peers.

    Unless you're talking specifically about Western third-parties, which no, Nintendo does not need. They'd desperately need those if they were trying to corner the UK market, but for most other markets their first and second-party games - all on one console, rather than split across two - would be enough when coupled with the offerings from the Japanese third parties with whom Nintendo still has a good relationship.
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  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    Meanwhile, I was kinda curious so I had a look back at what Nintendo have put out in the last four years, game-wise.

    This is just their "good stuff". I've culled most of the party games, the super casual games, the bajillion Mario sports titles, remakes (think Ocarina of Time 3D, Wind Waker HD, DKC Returns 3D, etc.) and anything I know reviewed poorly or that I personally regarded as kind of tosh.

    It's also based on US release dates, which are a bit different from Europe in some spots.

    Pandora's Tower (Wii)
    Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)
    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)
    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS)
    Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)
    Pokémon X/Y (3DS)
    Sonic Lost World (3DS/Wii U)
    LEGO City Undercover (Wii U)
    New Super Luigi U (Wii U)
    Pikmin 3 (Wii U)
    The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)
    Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

    Yoshi's New Island (3DS)
    Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS)
    Tomodachi Life (3DS)
    Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS)
    Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS)
    Bravely Default (3DS)
    Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (3DS)
    Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U)
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)
    Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
    Bayonetta 1 & 2 (Wii U)
    Captain Toad: Trasure Tracker (Wii U)
    Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

    Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS)
    Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (3DS)
    Yo-Kai Watch (3DS)
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U)
    Splatoon (Wii U)
    Super Mario Maker (Wii U)
    Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U)
    Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (Wii U)
    Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)

    Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (3DS)
    Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)
    Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS)
    Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS)
    Metroid Prime: Federation Force (3DS)
    Pokémon Sun/Moon (3DS)
    Yo-kai Watch 2 (3DS)
    Star Fox Zero (Wii U)
    Pokkén Tournament (Wii U)
    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U)
    Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U)

    Picture all of those games being on one console, and this starts to sound like a pretty awesome idea. That's basically about one top-notch Nintendo-published title a month, plus all the lower-tier things and remakes to pad the list out, plus the bevy of games they'd get from all the Japanese publishers with whom they still have a good relationship (all the JRPGs from Atlus and Namco, indies, Monster Hunter and other bits and pieces from Capcom, etc.).
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  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    @grassyknoll Yep. It'd do quite well in the US, too - their handhelds sell quite well there and their home consoles fare reasonably. Not terribly surprised that lots of people here aren't on board with the idea. I'm in Australia, which is basically the other market that wouldn't have much interest in this. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    @IronSoldier Those finer details with the tech will be interesting to see, too. I'm not particularly big on that side of things when it comes to gaming but these sort of details will paint a clearer picture of where Nintendo is headed and who they plan to target. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    @grassyknoll It's not just this forum. In fact, I wouldn't say this is anywhere near the worst offender when I've seen what comments are like on Reddit, GameSpot, IGN, VGChartz and probably a few other places I can't recall because I usually avoid them. I don't avoid this place because the users are at least a little more balanced.

    You're right, though. We've got a situation now where the biggest markets for gaming (US/UK, Japan, and the mobile market that is its own beast) all want very different things and it's unlikely that any one console can play perfectly to all of them. What Nintendo are doing here - and again, that's if these rumours are true, which remains to be seen - then they've decided which of those markets they can make the most of, and they've probably made the right decision.
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  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- Yeah, I don't think we need to worry about that. It's a rare occurrence for them to rest on their laurels with their games, and it sounds like they'll still be making hardware that supports the kind of games they want to make. Reply +1
  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- Yeah, there are a TON of unanswered questions still. Hell, this is all still rumours, and Nintendo could come out in a couple of months and prove all of this untrue. It's not like we haven't had several hoaxes already.

    The more I think about this, though, the more I find myself hoping it's true. It would mean a console which probably actually could sustain itself on first and second-party releases alone. Since third-parties have rarely had Nintendo's back, it's probably about time Nintendo took an approach that wouldn't be hindered by that problem.
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  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    @grassyknoll Your comment about "powerful" home consoles is spot on.

    The GameCube was almost as powerful as the Xbox and easily moreso than the PS2 and it still got passed over for most third-party games. Nintendo have had a rocky relationship with third parties for decades now and I wouldn't see a PS4-killer (hardware-wise) suddenly changing that.

    A console like this may end up being a big deal for their relationship with the publishers who more strongly support handheld, though (Atlus, for instance).
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  • seeyoshirun 27/07/2016

    My initial reaction was disappointment, if this is true.

    However, since handhelds are basically the only thing Japan really seems to care about these days, this could mean the NX takes the reins from the Vita and 3DS as the JRPG machine of this gen, which I'd be very happy with.

    I'd also be keen to not miss out on some of the games which were previously 3DS-only. The last couple of Fire Emblem games and Luigi's Mansion 2 looked really good, but I'm not interested in something that's handheld-only as I like couch gaming. Having access to all of Nintendo's releases rather than roughly half of them (probably less than half this gen, the 3DS got more third-party support than the Wii U) is okay by me.

    What I'm really curious to know about - again, if this is all true, since it's just rumours at the moment - is what this could mean for the local multiplayer that Nintendo excels at. Hopefully such an idea would still incorporate plenty of support for 4-5 people gathered around the one TV.
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  • Nintendo announces palm-sized mini NES console

  • seeyoshirun 14/07/2016

    Pokemon Go, a mini-revival of the NES, the theme park thing in Japan... for such a quiet year for Nintendo, they're actually doing quite a good job of keeping themselves in the news. And we haven't even had the official NX reveal yet.

    Also, I own most of those games already so I don't know if I'll buy this, but it looks ace.
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  • Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game in US history

  • seeyoshirun 14/07/2016

    Can't say this news surprises me. It took about three days for my Facebook feed to go from constant posts about PoGo to constant meta-posts about PoGo. Don't think I've ever seen that happen so quickly among so many people.

    Glad it's doing well for Nintendo (and The Pokemon Company), anyway. I'm cool with them branching out into other markets. Y'know, so long as they keep making great home consoles, too.
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  • Paper Mario: Color Splash sheds its RPG roots for an action-adventure with charm

  • seeyoshirun 07/07/2016

    It's likely not something which fans will want to hear - a confirmation of Nintendo's change in approach to the Paper Mario series that began with Sticker Star.
    I'd say it began earlier than that, with Super Paper Mario. From that game onwards, the series has moved away from the more traditional RPG approach.

    Like most people here (thank god, not like the rest of the Internet), I think all the foaming at the mouth over the fact that this isn't The Thousand-Year Door 2 is a bit ridiculous. That's consumers for you, though - complaining if a series is changed, complaining if a series isn't changed enough. I'm pretty sure TVTropes has a rather extensive list of examples of both of these things.
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  • seeyoshirun 07/07/2016

    @ihnm_aims Reply +1
  • Don't worry, Nintendo's still making Pikmin 4

  • seeyoshirun 07/07/2016

    Nintendo has not yet confirmed Pikmin 4 for launch on NX, but at this stage it is a safe bet.
    Possible, yes. Safe bet, no.

    As bittersweet as it was to learn Zelda: Breath of the Wild was become a cross-generational title, it made sense with that one. Zelda is one of Nintendo's most popular franchises and while Wii U owners can still pick the game up that way if they want, bringing the game to NX as well will probably open the game up to a whole new audience and help boost sales of the console early on.

    Pikmin, by contrast, is not typically a huge seller. In fact, disregarding spin-offs and remakes, the best-selling Pikmin game has sold less copies than the worst-selling Zelda game.* Given that the Pikmin-loving audience would mostly already have a Wii U for Pikmin 3, Pikmin 4 might even stand a better chance at good sales on the same console. It also means it won't have to compete with a crowded launch line-up (where, if nothing else, it would be overshadowed by Zelda). In fact, at the moment, it could be granted a Xmas release and have Wii U owners to itself.

    * The original Pikmin sold around 1.1-1.2 million according to Wikipedia, while Zelda: The Minish Cap sold 1.42 million on GBA.
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  • BoxBoxBoy! review

  • seeyoshirun 07/07/2016

    Sounds fab!

    I'd have picked the first one up ages ago if I owned a 3DS, but I tend not to have enough time for gaming on the go and if I'm at home I'm quite content with the Wii U. I'd really love to see 3DS games offered as downloadable titles on the NX, though, like Nintendo have done with DS/GBA on the Wii U eShop. This and its predecessor would be among the first things I'd buy.
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  • Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness review

  • seeyoshirun 02/07/2016

    I don't know about the genre as a whole falling behind its Western rivals.

    You guys rated Tokyo Mirage Sessions as Recommended just a few days ago, Fire Emblem Fates as Recommended about a month ago, Bravely Second as Recommended in February and Xenoblade X as Essential last year.

    The genre as a whole gets less representation than it did during the PS2 era, but there are clearly still some gems out there, even according to your site.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild needs to sell 2m copies to profit

  • seeyoshirun 01/07/2016

    @christopherdorn That's why I tried to prioritise Wikipedia where they had sales figures, much more accurate. I know VGC is basically just educated guesses. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 30/06/2016

    Sales figures pulled from Wikipedia for all main line games that were new entries in the Zelda series at the time:

    The Legend of Zelda (NES) - 6.51m
    The Adventures of Link (NES) - 4.38m
    A Link to the Past (SNES) - 4.61m
    Ocarina of Time (N64) - 7.6m
    Majora's Mask (N64) - 3.36m
    Wind Waker (GC) - 3.07m
    Twilight Princess (GC, Wii) - 8.85m (1.59m on GC, 7.26m on Wii)
    Skyward Sword (Wii) - 3.41m as of December 2011; VGChartz has it at 4.09m total
    Link's Awakening (GB) - 3.85m
    Oracle of Ages (GBC) - 3.97m
    Oracle of Seasons (GBC) - 3.96m
    The Minish Cap (GBA) - 1m as of March 2005, VGChartz has it at 1.42m total
    Phantom Hourglass (DS) - 5.07m
    Spirit Tracks (DS) - 2.6m
    A Link Between Worlds (3DS) - 2.51m so far

    I'd say Breath of the Wild should smash 2m easily, especially if it's a launch title on their next console.
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  • Splatoon's final Splatfest asks the ultimate question

  • seeyoshirun 30/06/2016

    @Rawhammer You still gave enough of a shit to write that post, though, didn't you? Reply +1
  • Fans create mod that restores censored content for Tokyo Mirage Sessions

  • seeyoshirun 28/06/2016


    I get that these sort of fan-made patches happen, but the changes seemed frivolous enough that I'm amazed someone was that determined to revert them.
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  • Sonic Team prepping new Sonic for next year

  • seeyoshirun 27/06/2016

    I'd honestly be okay with the Sonic franchise taking a longer sabbatical than this, but then the same could be said for a lot of franchises that have been run into the ground.

    Really, though, Sonic Team could be working on other projects for a bit, potentially finding new ideas in doing so, then returning to the Sonic franchise with a fresh perspective.
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  • The Nintendo 64 turns 20 today

  • seeyoshirun 23/06/2016

    @BearFishPie There were a TON of lesser-played gems on that console. I have fond memories of Hybrid Heaven. Hard to believe Konami once developed and published a dark sci-fi RPG exclusively on a Nintendo console! Reply 0
  • Nintendo denies Paper Mario: Color Splash joke references "online hate campaign"

  • seeyoshirun 23/06/2016

    I've generally been fairly sympathetic to the Zoe side of some of the GamerGate and pre-GamerGate stuff (at least as much as one can be when they try to keep their nose out of it for the most part), but this seems like reaching. A lot. Nintendo's just about the last company I'd expect to put a dickish reference like that into one of their games. Reply +29
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review

  • seeyoshirun 23/06/2016

    I'm glad to hear it's as fun as I'd hoped, but really, I didn't expect I'd be needed to cancel my pre-order. Sometimes you just know a game is totally your thing. Reply +1
  • We played Zelda: Breath of the Wild four times and here's what we discovered

  • seeyoshirun 22/06/2016

    @Shackkobe I'd say you're missing a lot of things. Gameplay, atmosphere, pacing, controls... but hey, none of that matters so much if a game is 1080p60, right? Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 22/06/2016

    Some of the people in here clearly have no interest in Zelda or Nintendo, which does make one wonder why they bother commenting. Reply +2
  • Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is being co-developed by Monolith Soft

  • seeyoshirun 20/06/2016

    @GalvanizedGamer It'd definitely be up there for me. I loved the way XCX's world felt so organic and intertwined, unlike a lot of other open-world games which feel more like an open space that has just been populated with things.

    Monolith's input should lend itself extremely well to BoTW, then, since it's shaping up to be another game centred on that feeling of wilderness.
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  • No Man's Sky studio settles "secret, stupid" three-year Sky lawsuit

  • seeyoshirun 20/06/2016

    Given that Sky is basically one of the bottom-feeders of television, I can't say this particularly surprises me. Glad they didn't have to change the name, anyway. Reply +22
  • Hideki Kamiya wants to make Bayonetta 3 after Scalebound

  • seeyoshirun 18/06/2016

    I'm completely down with either one of those possibilities. It's insane how many great games these guys have been responsible for.

    If I got a good Okami sequel on NX, I'd probably actually cry with joy.
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  • Gay-themed games Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, and Stick Shift are now on Steam

  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2016

    @HarryFabian Well yeah, that's what makes the gay agenda so brilliant! Reply +1
  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2016

    @technotica I can vouch for the presence of a gay agenda. We're secretly planning to force everyone in the world to wear sequins and watch The Golden Girls. Reply 0
  • seeyoshirun 17/06/2016

    I might be the voice of dissent here, since the other comments that open with "as a gay man" all deride the games.

    I'm gay, and I think this guy's work is hilarious. Satirised sexuality has been a big part of other media for a little while, but it's still a relatively uncommon thing in video games. These remind me of some of Cazwell's music videos, poking fun at the behaviour we expect from men vs. women, or gay men vs. straight men.
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  • Watch: We tried VR Porn at E3

  • seeyoshirun 16/06/2016

    "... those are some breasts."

    Oh, Chris, bless your heart.
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  • The E3 bulletin: Thursday

  • seeyoshirun 16/06/2016

    I'll be glad when E3 is over, to be honest. It feels more and more like a pissing contest every year (although that's largely the fans, not the companies) and I'd rather see game announcements happen in a steady year-round trickle, when the games are ready to be shown off in a form more substantial than a trailer or vague teaser. Reply +1
  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • seeyoshirun 16/06/2016

    This is pretty much why I've prioritised Nintendo consoles and PC; the other consoles on the market have game libraries which are becoming more and more similar to what PC offers, but with a few extra limitations thrown in (technical downgrades, greater issues with backwards compatibility, etc.).

    The increasing shift to online gaming doesn't help matters, either; I've less need for a console if I'm not likely to be sharing it with other people on the same couch.
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