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  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • secombe 24/10/2016

    All these 'I'll just go elsewhere' comments...where exactly?

    I can't think of anywhere vaguely local aside from Game that would likely have a demo pod for this.
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  • secombe 24/10/2016

    I'm in the position where I really need to spend 30 minutes on one to see if I can cope with it (motion sickness sufferer), something that I imagine would nearly be impossible anywhere else.

    So I kinda get what they're doing, although just a refundable deposit would surely weed out the people who just rock up and hog it all day.
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  • Sony PlayStation VR review

  • secombe 06/10/2016

    My workplace (University) is studying the effects of the various VR systems at the moment, I contributed (briefly, as it turns out!) by discovering that pretty much everything makes me very sick, very quickly.

    Will be interesting to see the final results, they were not looking pretty when I saw them.

    A shame to be locked out of a whole ecosystem, but little I can do.
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  • No Man's Sky subreddit shut down, community erupts

  • secombe 05/10/2016

    I used Usenet around 20 years ago (showing my age a bit!), found a fantastic movie discussion group and made some actual, real life friends on there, we even sent each other birthday cards! We would share VHS copies of unavailable 'video nasties' and talk about them once everyone had seen each one. I was 15/16 at the time and some of the guys were in their 30s and 40s, we all got along great.

    I also frequented a dance music one, again made some real life friends, we would all travel across the country to meet up and go to events such as Homelands and Gatecrasher.

    I'm sure there were plenty of nasty places on the net then, but it was also very easy to find genuine groups of like-minded people that to my knowledge never sent anyone a death threat because they were annoyed that something was a bit late. There were bad eggs, sure, but they were actually ignored, so quickly went away.

    That doesn't seem so easy now, bad eggs are far more prevalent and seem to be capable of derailing things with minimal effort.
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  • secombe 05/10/2016

    I've always wondered, are these hate filled people on the net recognisable in real life? Could I be sat next to one at work right now?

    I'm fortunate enough to have never met anyone in person who acts even remotely like some of the people found here, on Reddit, internet forums etc. Maybe they hide it well, are pleasant enough in person, but descend into a rage when they sit down at their keyboard, incensed by their £40 purchase not quite turning out the way they'd hoped.

    It scares me that presumably some of these people have kids, or jobs where I place my trust in them (i.e. public transport operators).
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  • GAME apologises for unfulfilled £150 PS4 bundle orders

  • secombe 03/10/2016

    Putting Nick's odd logic to one side, how hard can it be to have a system where you have x amount of stock logged, then show as 'sold out' when that number reaches zero?

    It's pretty much the one basic job an online store needs to be able to do before any other.
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  • Stardew Valley is changing the way you start your farm

  • secombe 29/09/2016

    Would love something like this to arrive as a pay once app for iOS/Android.

    Perfect platform for this type of game yet nearly everything in this genre is a cash-grab IAP fest.
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  • Forza Horizon 3 review

  • secombe 27/09/2016

    A system seller for me, seriously tempted to ditch the PS4 for this as there are simply no accessible driving games on the calendar that I'm aware of (I love a sim, but want an escape occasionally) Reply +3
  • First Forza Horizon nears "end of life" status

  • secombe 26/09/2016

    I'll go back to my original point...lots of sadness that games get 'deleted', but I've not seen a single practical, legal method of solving the issue when it's licencing restrictions that are the cause of the withdrawal (which will nearly always be the case).

    Would we honestly prefer a world of games where all cars are tracks are generic, where all the football teams are made up, and where only music that can be licenced for eternity can be used?

    There is no other practical solution that I can see. The commercial realities of licences have always been apparent and will never go away
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  • secombe 26/09/2016

    I'm struggling to understand where the argument is going here (and why it's being highlighted again in this article, about a game widely sold on physical disc).

    Assuming the issue is licensing, what exactly are people hoping that the publishers do in this case? Legally their hands are tied, and it's completely understandable that the licensors are not willing to give indefinate licences as it may/will harm their future rights negotiations with others (particuarly exclusivity).

    Physical games are pulled all the time for the same reasons, it's just less obvious (i.e. they stop printing it) as the existing retail copies just trickle out.
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  • Game Genie declassified: That summer I played 230 Game Boy games

  • secombe 24/09/2016

    Brilliant, always wondered how these things worked back when I was a youngster.

    Did the company have to physically buy all the games to test/hack them?
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  • The Death Star DLC looks snazzy in Star Wars Battlefront

  • secombe 18/09/2016

    Not sure I understand the commercial logic in releasing such an iconic pack so late in the cycle of the game. Many have already abandoned the game and are probably put off of buying a sequel based on their early experience of the game.

    I still own the game but not the DLC, there is no way I'm dropping a significant sum on it at this stage when player numbers are apparently relatively low now.
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  • Time crisis: Is this the end of the light gun?

  • secombe 10/09/2016

    Still got my Atari 7800, light gun, Barnyard Blaster, Crossbow and Alien Brigade...and a beautiful late model flat Panasonic CRT to play it on.

    Happy days.
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  • Meet the first person to reach level 1000 in Overwatch

  • secombe 09/09/2016

    @Kain1 Is that really a joy, though? I now have a 2 year old, a wife, a house, an allotment and a business.

    I might only get a couple of hours per week to play games (haven't fired up the PS4 for 3 weeks), but I wouldn't change it for the world.
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  • Ark fans burned by Scorched Earth, the Early Access game's "completely finished" expansion

  • secombe 05/09/2016

    1800 hours in 14 months?! That's averaging over 4 hours per day, pretty incredible. I've probably spent less waking hours with my 2 year old in that timeframe, and I live with him/bring him up! Reply +2
  • Castle of Illusion remake will be removed from sale on Friday

  • secombe 01/09/2016

    @Binba442 re: "From Tuesday, all remaining unsold movies will be sold to CEX for scrap"

    It doesn't sound that ridiculous, in fact movies go out of print all the time. With physical goods they often trail off with remaining stock quietly being bought until none are left, so it goes relatively unnoticed, but obviously with digital they may as well offer it right up to the expiration time. There are hundreds of movies which simply cannot be bought legitimately at all (Howard the Duck!)

    Rights issues have always been complex (see: Star Wars Ep IV compared to every other Star Wars movie)
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  • Assetto Corsa console review

  • secombe 31/08/2016

    Sounds exactly like Race Pro, which I adored for some hot lappery. I'm in. Reply +3
  • Virgin Media wants you to buy its "boss-mode level" broadband for gamers

  • secombe 31/08/2016

    We're on BT Infinity 1 for £17 a month and despite being in a village nowehere near the South East are now getting a comfortable and consistent 50Mb.

    However I wish there was a way of adjusting the upload/download ratio. It's 'only' 8Mb upload, and as a wedding photographer I spend a huge amount of time uploading masses of images.
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  • No Man's Sky review

  • secombe 12/08/2016

    The most exciting thing about this game is thinking about what it can be once the basics are fully established and stable.

    NMS 2, with base building, lush dense forests, tracked vehicles, NPCs out in the environment...the possibilities are quite simply endless.

    I really hope Hello Games get the opportunity to keep at it and run with it.
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  • secombe 12/08/2016

    I kinda feel sorry for the reviewers, playing this solidly for days is in my opinion not the most enjoyable way of experiencing the game.

    Quite a few are taking it an hour or so at a time (perfect for people like me with a little kid eating up my time).

    It's flawed, quite seriously in some respects, but the sense of wonder and the sheer enjoyment of just aimlessly wandering around beautiful planets with some of the best audio I've experienced is wonderfully relaxing.
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  • Here's exactly when No Man's Sky unlocks on PC

  • secombe 12/08/2016


    "Each to his own and all that, and I'm glad that people are enjoying it (or so they say), but it just looks so crushingly, mind numbingly dull"

    Why the 'or so they say'? The idea of playing a game like Warcraft is never likely to appeal to me, but I can happily accept that many do enjoy/love the game.

    Like it or not, people are clearly getting enjoyment from NMS (I'm one of them), as a gamer who now only gets a few hours per week to kick back and enjoy a bit of an escape it's perfect for me. The audio, the vistas, the scale, I don't want or need a story. If that enjoyment 'only' lasts 30 hours then that's still money will spent in my opinion, as those opening hours alone have been breathtaking.
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  • No Man's Sky finishers have advice about Atlas Stones

  • secombe 11/08/2016

    So two comments from moderators but no change of title, despite plenty of NMS gamers (here and in the forum thread) feeling that this absolutely is a spoiler, if not in the traditional sense. Reply -2
  • secombe 11/08/2016

    @ChromeMud I'm enjoying the game but can actually understand everything he has written (although it's a poor review devoid of any objectivity and far, far too early to be meaningful)

    It is all of those things he has said, basically. For some/many (including me) that's absolutely fine though, the elements he paints in a negative light can equally be a positive if you like that sort of thing.
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  • secombe 11/08/2016

    C'mon EG, change the header. It's too late for me but for a game where half the point is the whole mystery of it the header really isn't helpful. Reply +1
  • secombe 11/08/2016

    Indeed. Each to their own but I've not even left my system yet, in fact I'm only on my second planet and as it's a relatively safe one I'm planning to explore as much as possible to get a 100% discovery.

    At my current rate I will have barely got started at 30 hours, let alone be close to finishing it.
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  • No Man's Sky has a game-breaking exploit which is letting users farm rarest items

  • secombe 11/08/2016

    @Puppaz Absolutely. My first thought after reading this was 'what's the point?' Reply +7
  • No Man's Sky players meet in same spot, but can't see each other

  • secombe 10/08/2016


    1) we've had one guy reach the centre using an exploit on a pre-patched game, hardly damning evidence is it?

    2) we've had two guys intentionally meet up, seemingly on the same planet but at different times of day. Again hardly damning evidence of some conspiracy to defraud us all.

    I really don't get the issue, anyone who feels they've been duped out of multiplayer when we've been told consistently that it's not a traditional multiplayer game and it's hugely unlikely that most will ever happen across another player is a bit delusional and/or looking for an argument for the sake of it (that's the Internet for you).
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  • secombe 10/08/2016

    @poite1983 Same here. I can usually snag an hour or two of an evening a few times a week at best, so this sort of game is perfect for me as I can drop in and out as and when.

    Fortuitously that seems to be the best way to enjoy the game anyway, rather than 5-6 hour grind sessions.
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  • secombe 10/08/2016

    @Spiders Underdelivered? In terms of what it's bringing to the table I think it's massively over delivered considering it's been made by an incredibly small team whose last game was a side-on arcade racer.

    It's not Hello Games fault that Sony brought their marketing department to the party (no indie is going to turn that down). The game is still an incredible achievement.
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  • secombe 10/08/2016

    They appear to be aiming to support this for a while and add some fairly significant features, so I think 'lies' is a little harsh, particularly considering the size of the team, the flood etc.

    They could have mentioned base building months ago which clearly isn't in the game yet, but is on the way.
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  • We visit 50 No Man's Sky planets in seven minutes

  • secombe 09/08/2016

    @RSX901 As I understand it the intro planets are all chosen specifically (presumably from a pool based on certain requirements) to be relatively welcoming, so I imagined that to mean that they are all fairly neutral and lacking some of the more spectacular things you may find on others. Reply +2
  • Watch: We play No Man's Sky all day, basically

  • secombe 09/08/2016

    How many times are EG going to refer to this game launching today? Considering they are UK based I had hoped they may have noticed it isn't out here until tomorrow. Reply +12
  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • secombe 08/08/2016

    Will be very interesting to see which sites DO publish reviews bang on the embargo lift. Is there any practical way it could be reviewed between now and then in any meaningful way? Reply +3
  • No Man's Sky has an enormous day one patch that adds multiple endings

  • secombe 08/08/2016

    Official launch is Wednesday, is it not? Reply 0
  • 16-bit Disney classics out now on PC

  • secombe 04/08/2016

    My wife still blitzes through Aladdin (superior Mega Drive version) every few months, she can do pretty much with her eyes shut. Great game. Reply +3
  • Salt and Sanctuary dev pleads people calm down over delayed Vita port

  • secombe 03/08/2016

    Gaming without social media, it's the future.

    Or, just grow up, get a mortgage, wife, kids, job etc...all of a sudden you don't care if that game you're hoping to steal 30 minutes on one evening is delayed a few months, you probably weren't going to get a chance to play it until next year anyway.
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  • In Theory: Could NX bring Wii and GameCube games to Virtual Console?

  • secombe 01/08/2016

    Burnout 2 and Rogue Leader on NX? Never going to happen (due to licensing more than anything), but if it did I'm sold. Reply 0
  • F1 2016 looks to have learnt some lessons from Dirt Rally

  • secombe 29/07/2016


    How are they meant to model the new rules, tracks and liveries before the season has even started? F1 is by its very nature a sport operated right up to the wire, and things change massively season to season unlike football.

    They explained it in detail once, but once the liveries are finally set in stone by the teams (which is usually not until at least the first test, which in itself is only a few weeks before Australia) and Codies have built models around them, the teams and the FIA have got to sign off on them (and everything else), it takes months, and that's just a cosmetic thing.

    Take next season for example, they would need to be deep into development already to get it out in February/March. Yet at this stage we have no idea what any of the cars look like, how fast they are, how they handle, how the tyres will work, which circuits are on the calendar, or which new rules will be introduced.
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  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • secombe 28/07/2016

    Completely agree, no idea what those who were disappointed by the NX reveal actually wanted. There was no way on earth Nintendo were going to take the fight directly to Sony/Microsoft, it doesn't take a genius to work out that was never going to succeed.

    They had to do something different, and this seems like as good an option as any.

    That said, I wouldn't be too disheartened if they put all their weight behind cross-platform games development and iOS/Android games. It would surely be immensely profitable for them, and the idea of Mario Kart via PSN (or on iOS) is hugely appealing.
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  • We keep getting emailed weird things about Pokémon Go

  • secombe 20/07/2016


    'So people are outsourcing fun now?' as Kevin Smith put it. Made ne chuckle.
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  • NES mini won't connect online, won't get more games

  • secombe 15/07/2016

    @Master09 "games that most can be finished in no time"

    That's a very modern way of looking at things. High score gaming was (happily) king of the hill back then. I "completed" some games 50 or 60 times in my Atari 2600 days.
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  • Through gritted teeth, Star Citizen developer gives player whopping $2500 refund

  • secombe 15/07/2016

    I'm intrigued as to what people like this want. It seems as though this chap would rather a $30m game was released within a year (presumably with the devs pocketing the difference), rather than a $120m game in 3 years or whatever. Reply -13
  • Pokémon Go officially released in the UK

  • secombe 14/07/2016

    Popped into town (Bath) at lunchtime today to run a few errands, say what you will but it brought a smile to my face seeing a bunch of late 20s guys wandering around playing this. Reply +2
  • We need to talk about Pokémon Go's lure feature

  • secombe 11/07/2016

    Are there any articles on how this game actually works? Loads of news articles doing the rounds about kids wandering off into woods etc but no actual journalism into the mechanics of it all.

    Aside from the lure function detailed here, is there physically a team at the development studio choosing locations in some way, is it entirely random, or is it all based on the lure mechanic?
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  • You can vote for who ends up on the cover of FIFA 17

  • secombe 06/07/2016

    Erik Thorstvedt please. Reply 0
  • CS:GO gambling sites can be "rigged" for YouTuber promotion, streamer reveals

  • secombe 05/07/2016

    Gaming has come along way since my innocent younger years playing on an Atari 7800. Only problem is, I'm not sure if it's gone in the right direction. Reply +4
  • Microsoft shifts one million of those £129 Xbox One Elite controllers

  • secombe 29/06/2016

    So the 'internet' yet again proving it's absolutely clueless when it comes to business acumen. If I remember correctly, it was widely criticised as overpriced and 'would never sell'. Reply +13
  • Xbox One prices drop in UK following Xbox One S announcement

  • secombe 15/06/2016


    £209 includes 20% VAT, take that off and you have the equivalent of $237.

    Also the $299 S price in the US doesn't include applicable sales tax.
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  • Dangerous Golf review

  • secombe 05/06/2016

    Another one disappointed with load times here. Burnout 2 (on the GameCube) with its vast array of Crash Junctions worked so well because you could restart instantly or be on the next junction in seconds.

    Dangerous Golf has the double sin of taking as long to load as a level takes to play, then it pretty much boots you back to the menu after each hole rather than throwing you in to the next straight away.
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  • secombe 04/06/2016

    Bought this today, very, very superficial. It has almost none of the skill involved with the wonderful Burnout crash junctions. Teeing off has extremely limited control, and putting is so irrelevant it may as well not be there.

    It's also a mess visually, it's very difficult to know what's going on or what destruction you've caused.

    I normally find good in games, but I'm struggling here.
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