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  • Why so many FIFA 18 players think the computer cheats

  • secombe 07/12/2017

    FIFA gamers would explode if they looked into how the AI is managed in Forza 7. Reply +1
  • Black Friday 2017: This is the best Nintendo Switch bundle so far this year

  • secombe 24/11/2017

    Still showing as available for me (Prime member) so presumably theyíre throwing a lot of stock at this. Reply +1
  • Inside FIFA 18's Weekend League, the gruelling mode that's consuming players' lives

  • secombe 21/11/2017

    Seriously?! How did this ever make it through to the final release?! Are there no ethical considerations whatsoever when dreaming these things up? I assumed this was a set-imposed thing when I read the headline, not an actual official game mode.

    Mainstream gaming just continues to move further and further away from what I always thought gaming was about.
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  • After Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA changes Need for Speed Payback loot crates, progression

  • secombe 20/11/2017

    I guess there is hope that whatever Microsoft/Turn 10 were planning for Forza 7 in terms of additional monetisation will now be severely watered down. The game has loot crates, which seem bizarrely out of place, but at least they can be completely ignored with zero impact on the game. Reply 0
  • FIFA 18 fans are using terrible players to "exploit" the AI

  • secombe 10/11/2017

    Is this in any way fun? I wonder whatís happened to this hobby that was so simple and joyous once upon a time. Reply +5
  • Call of Duty: WW2's War mode doesn't care about your k/d ratio

  • secombe 08/11/2017

    Dad mode sounds like a winner for me. Iím terrible at FPS games but love playing them and would probably do ok working towards a non murderous objective where my lacking of aiming ability isnít critical.

    As a parent with precious little time and risk of abandoning play at any moment I was seriously burned by just how long it takes to have a 4 minute race on Gran Turismo (up to 25 minutes). So 20 minute games on CoD sounds just about right.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey sells 2m copies in three days

  • secombe 31/10/2017

    @TheFirstDoor I completely agree. It looks every bit an expensive game due to the sheer invention, ideas and polish alone. I imagine a seriously big team worked on the game to tweak it to that level, presumably building all new assets too. Reply +4
  • Nintendo's incredible year continues, but not without a few minor casualties along the way

  • secombe 27/10/2017

    Itís the new Dreamcast! Hopefully without the same outcome, but I seriously canít remember a console that has hit it out of the park on such a consistency high level since the DC. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo Sport finishes first in UK chart

  • secombe 23/10/2017

    With so many buying it it would be nice if they reduced the time between daily races. 20 minutes is pretty long for what currently are all 4-5 minute races tops. Reply 0
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

  • secombe 22/10/2017

    The occasional round up of games worth trying/buying on iOS and Android would be very welcome. Itís a nightmare trying to find stuff amongst the piles of crap. Just a short paragraph each on maybe 10 games in a roundup would be perfect every few months. Reply +10
  • Tech Analysis: Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7

  • secombe 22/10/2017

    @smelly Saying which is more fun is impossible to answer. Given they are both about driving 4 wheeled things around circuits they are surprisingly different, in fact aside from that they donít really share any similarities at all.

    My take (I have both) is that GTS is very focused on competitive (clean) online play. On paper FM7 is just so much more due to the number of cars, tracks and features, but the sheer single mindedness of GTS has its advantages.

    FM7 really is wonderful on a control pad to the point where you donít really feel disadvantaged, even the slow cars are a hoot to throw around. The content is huge but itís ultimately quite shallow as a sim and an exercise in frustration if you want to go deep with endurance races etc (there is no quali, fuel use is rudimentary at best) and unless you have like minded friends, youíre stuck between dreadful AI offline and dreadful humans online, itís a complete crapshoot in that respect.

    GTS on the other hand barely feels like a demo in comparison, but theyíve gone deep on wanting everyone to drive and race properly. Offline is all focused on developing as a driver, online is heavily weighted to clean racing. The depth is actually there in droves, it just takes a bit more effort to see it.

    If I have 30 minutes free Iíll pick up FM7 and have a blast time trialling on Rivals with beautifully weighted controls, but wouldnít even consider GTS. If I have two hours free Iíll go deep on GTS and focus on a few good online races and not get bored, as I probably would have on FM7 by then.

    They both do their own thing and do it well, but which you enjoy more is ultimately a very personal thing.
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  • secombe 21/10/2017

    I have both and whilst both are stunning to look at, the cars in GTS seem to exist in their environments quite a bit better than FM7.

    That said, Iíd rather a lot more power be diverted to even halfway decent AI (even if that means less than 24 cars on track). Both are terrible but FM7 is truly appalling. I canít quite believe in 2017 we seem to have gone backwards on AI compared to 10 years ago.
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  • What the UK can learn from the Far East's battle with loot boxes

  • secombe 20/10/2017

    The video game press can do something about this. We know that publishers love Metacritic etc, so hit them where it hurts. Reply +5
  • The sad, slow death of Lego Dimensions

  • secombe 19/10/2017

    Dimensions has been a AFOLs dream, with minifigs going into production that would never otherwise see the light of day. Itís telling that Lego themselves are understandably ultra-cautious releasing new parts and minifigs unless the path to profitability is all but nailed on, but Dimensions saw them manufacturing an immense amount of new stuff (presumably because they were just mainly licensing their brand, consulting and allocating time in their factory, but the actual success or failure was firmly at the devs/pubs door).

    I always saw it as a win-win for gamers/Lego collectors anyway. If you were brutal and just wanted to play the game many packs were effectively free if you sold the Minifigs and just kept the discs. If you mainly just wanted the figs many of the packs were pretty cost effective in Lego terms when the inevitable offers came around every few months. I sold one single Minifig included in the base pack (which cost me £29.99) for £28!

    I own and love Dimensions, but itís demise doesnít bother me as much as it could have as fundamentally I still have a wonderful (and very valuable) collection of plastic, rather than something that might otherwise end up in the bin or at a boot sale.
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  • Gran Turismo Sport might be the first racing game to feature Celine Dion, Marcel Proust and The Spice Girls

  • secombe 10/10/2017

    I couldnít access the demo last night, server errors even for the arcade mode.

    In the full game can you:

    a) create your own custom OFFLINE races against AI...laps, opponents, car type etc?

    b) hot lap with class based leaderboards?

    If so Iím in as that would remove the need for a career mode for me.
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  • Forza Motorsport 7 physical sales down slightly on Forza 6

  • secombe 09/10/2017

    Interesting that the spin-off from Forza, handled by another dev team, appears to be more successful than the series itís based on (and arguably the Ďbetterí game too). Reply +1
  • Microsoft pulls U-turn on controversial Forza Motorsport 7 VIP changes

  • secombe 05/10/2017

    Class based leaderboards next please, probably the second biggest issue discussed on the official forums and elsewhere after the VIP shenanigans. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 7 review

  • secombe 04/10/2017

    My thoughts after a few days of play...

    1) Theyíve completely ripped the heart out of tuning/upgrades, which was one of the unique features of Forza. Racing a heavily modified Megane against a 911 is now simply not an option.

    2) To compound that misery (apparently done to bring everyone closer) theyíve removed class based leaderboards AND any way of hot lapping. Mario Kart has this!

    3) The AI is an embarrassment. Park on a straight and they will just drive straight into you, keeping their foot in until theyíve pushed you off their line.

    Point #2 really hasnít been highlighted enough in the previews/reviews, so Iíll say it again, there are NO class based leaderboards, no basic way of hotlapping against ghosts on any track circuit. As it stands there are a few Rivals areas with restricted cars and conditions, but essentially this is a Motorsport game with no hotlapping feature.
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  • Forza Motorsport 7's VIP membership has changed - for the worse

  • secombe 02/10/2017

    I think the removal of a time trial mode has caused more anger (and quite rightly so). Hard to believe that there are no class based leaderboards for each track, in fact nothing even close.

    Theyíve killed hotlapping, which, when you consider how awful the Drivatar system often is, adds another nail in the coffin of non multiplayer modes.
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  • Forza Motorsport 7 is delivering something few other driving games offer anymore

  • secombe 29/09/2017

    Amusing thing is, drop in to the official Forza 7 forum and youíd think this is the most terrible game to ever be inflicted on humanity.

    ĎOnlyí 700 cars, few of them new. Not enough tracks, rubbish day one car pack, some features (auction, Forzathon) locked for a few weeks.

    The entitlement is strong.
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  • SNES mini teardown confirms recycled NES mini tech

  • secombe 27/09/2017


    And insanely popular, so itís not overpriced and itís pretty clever of them.

    If nobody bought it the naysayers might have a point. Either way I can only assume 99% of buyers will never give a seconds thought to what is or isnít powering the thing, it really doesnít matter as long as it works.
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  • Capcom re-releasing Street Fighter 2 on a SNES cart with one hell of a safety warning

  • secombe 31/08/2017

    To be fair I think my original Atari 7800 power supply is a fire risk, gets seriously hot. I guess three decades of use will do that. Reply 0
  • Project Cars 2 sets new standards for the racing genre

  • secombe 14/08/2017

    Loved everything about Project Cars apart from ever getting the controller working well.

    I quickly returned to Forza, whilst it may not have the nuanced handling it just works beautifully on a pad and feels right.
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  • DF Retro: we play every single Sega 32X game

  • secombe 13/08/2017

    As mistakes go in my younger years this was a biggie. The Mega Drive was simply good enough without the need for the CD or 32X.

    Filed with the Panasonic Q in the 'seemed like a good thing to waste my money on at the time' section of my life.
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  • How I programmed Final Fantasy 12 to help me meet an impossible deadline

  • secombe 29/07/2017

    I guess the best reviewers can get past the inherent soul destroying nature of the job and still objectively assess a game. Can't say it's for me though.

    Mark Kermode is always quite open about the movie review procedure, screenings are put on (usually over two days) in London, so every single week it's two solid days of back to back movies (often 8 in a week). That's an entirely different mindset to enjoying a maybe once weekly night out to watch a movie.

    There's no practical away around it I guess, but the life of a reviewer seems awfully removed from the way most of us consume this stuff.
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  • PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe

  • secombe 28/07/2017

    Ah well, cancelled. Reply 0
  • Sports Direct buys chunk of GAME

  • secombe 13/07/2017

    UPDATE: Mike Ashley left fuming after his pre-order of 44m GAME shares was cancelled at the last minute. A spokesperson for the retailer blamed Nintendo for allocating less shares than had been anticipated to fulfill his order. Reply +53
  • eBay takes on SNES mini scalpers, pulls listings

  • secombe 06/07/2017

    This is a non-issue, surely? It's just delaying the inevitable and perfectly legal way our society works. Demand outstrips supply, price goes up.

    It's 100% the fault of Nintendo for not making enough of them, if there is a subset of society who can legally make a few quid out of that then fair play to them. They are not the problem as there is no legal way of stopping them doing it without opening a huge can of worms that would go to the very core of how are society works.

    Porsche are my favourite example of playing into the hands of scalpers/flippers, but they seem to do it intentionally to drive up the value of the brand.
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  • Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever

  • secombe 21/06/2017

    Release Psycho Fox and I'll buy one of those controller attachments and be happy forever. Reply +1
  • FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the best portable FIFA ever

  • secombe 11/06/2017

    They'll never say it now, but the second FIFA Switch game will surely have 'Legacy' in the title. Reply +1
  • FIFA 17 played on three monitors is a beautiful game

  • secombe 13/04/2017

    Why would you not want the ball to remain on the centre screen? Seems to offer the best balance of peripheral vision and it being comfortable to view as it is.

    Even for a corner you can see well beyond the halfway line, so it's not an issue.
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  • Thimbleweed Park review

  • secombe 31/03/2017

    I listened to the first episode of Night Vale on my way home today off the back of this. I love a bit of quirkiness but that's 22 minutes my ears will never get back. Reply 0
  • Switch loading times tested: MicroSD vs carts and internal storage

  • secombe 17/03/2017

    @Buzzy42 Interesting comment about Sandisk cards, generally speaking in professional photography circles Sandisk is one of the few brands that are relied upon.

    There are so many fakes out there though.
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  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • secombe 14/03/2017


    " Anything more than £50 for one game is crazy money."

    Amusingly we were paying up to around £50 for mainstream cartridge games back in the 16-bit era. Relatively speaking we've never had it so good.

    Adjusted for inflation I paid £70 for Sonic 2, £82 for NBA Jam Drive and £125 for Virtua Racing 'back in the day' on my Mega Drive.
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  • Here's our first look at FIFA on Switch

  • secombe 15/02/2017

    Are we giving it one year or two before future FIFA games on Switch have 'Legacy' in the title? Reply +6
  • Project Cars 2 officially breaks cover, will support 12K and VR

  • secombe 09/02/2017

    Pedant Mode:

    It's Vulcan, not Vulkan
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  • The rebellious rise of road trip games

  • secombe 05/02/2017

    I was 10 years too early, clearly...
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  • Lego Dimensions gets Goonies, Lego City and Hermione in May

  • secombe 03/02/2017


    That figure alone will probably be worth the same amount as the Team Pack. Quite an interesting market as licensed minifigs completely unrelated to existing Lego sets are coming onto the market.

    I've seen complaints about the cost of Dimensions, but if you're only interested in the game you can pretty much play it for almost no outlay by selling the minifigs. It works the other way round too, Lego collectors buy the packs, keep the Minifig and just sell the discs.

    I bought the Starter Pack for £40 and sold Wonderwoman alone for £25.
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  • secombe 03/02/2017

    Got this for Christmas and stunned by how much content there is. Even the team packs have lovely big worlds to explore with loads to do. I've spent more time on team pack worlds than I have playing the actual levels.

    The Gremlins world is superb, so many details and easter eggs.
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  • Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch costs £50, Konami says

  • secombe 19/01/2017

    Trying to find a positive...

    Paid £39.99 for Mega Bomberman on MegaDrive in 1994. Inflation wise we're doing pretty well.
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  • Developer admits "we screwed it" after game website exposes review blacklist threat

  • secombe 18/01/2017

    I don't get this 'we're only small, please don't knock us' mentality in the gaming industry.

    Bedroom music producers are judged no differently than a track produced at Abbey Road, small indie movies compete on a level playing field with $200m studio epics.
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  • Making a game out of running

  • secombe 16/01/2017

    @hairy_yan Similar here, started at 34 (last March) after not running since I was 16. I stopped 3 times running that first mile and a bit and it was so, so tough. On December 27th I did a 13 mile 1000ft elevation change trail run (having only run 8 miles before) and honestly, it was still easier than that first mile and a half last March.

    Like you say: couch to 1K = Brutal. After that it gets surprisingly doable. I found the transition from 5k to 10k absolutely seamless and pretty easy, 10k to Half Marathon also pretty reasonable.

    I've found hills are a huge help in improving performance efficiently (i.e. without spending hours out running), particularly if you don't like running very fast to improve your ability. They do hurt a bit, though.
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  • secombe 16/01/2017

    @Percinho Absolutely. Zombies, Run! helped me initially but I hate running with headphones on, so gave up in the end. I'm not sure how the Apple Watch version works but I'd take a smart watch that motivates me to pick up the pace occasionally as well as Zombies, Run! manages quite happily, I can take or leave the story aspect.

    Run an Empire is interesting in that you can just set it off and forget about it whilst your running (and use it at races where no headphones are banned), which is why it appealed to me, but it didn't take long for me to tire of needing to run specific loops to make the most of it.

    I think the problem for those trying to gamify it is that Strava probably does what anyone would be looking for in an app already.
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  • secombe 15/01/2017

    I deleted Run an Empire after a few weeks, the fundamental issue is that it's a running app that forces you to run in a certain way (unlike Zombies Run which integrates seemlessly with whatever you're doing).

    Also, I'm in Wiltshire. I was the only one taking any territory for about 20 miles in any direction! Probably works quite nicely in London or a city, not so much out in the sticks unless it becomes seriously popular.

    On a general note, I can't recommend parkrun enough, it's pretty much what got me from those horrible early 2 mile slogs up to half marathon distance, I started last April with a 34 minute run and recorded a 25 minute PB in November. Secondly, 10k trail races are fantastic fun. I don't think I will ever be a seriously quick runner and I don't enjoy road running much, so trails are brilliant as they completely take focus off of PBs (very few events are comparable). It's much better for your body (softer ground) and great fun, particularly in winter when you just have to embrace the mud! I did the Bath Skyline 10k today, complete mud bath, I was giggling all the way round.
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • secombe 13/01/2017

    Why are Nintendo not throwing (relatively small amounts of) cash at talented indie developers for their hardware? Sure they won't be system sellers in their own right, but the their quirky platforms and scope for innovative gameplay ideas seem perfectly suited for some low risk low budget indie games. Reply +1
  • UK online shop says it will honour £198.50 Nintendo Switch pre-orders

  • secombe 13/01/2017


    Well to be fair to the 1000 that did this, it's a rare case of a pre-order actually paying off. No way you're going to find a Switch anywhere near £200 until at least November, I imagine.

    I thought the margins on consoles were insanely small (i.e. under 10%), so Gameseek will lose money on this.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • secombe 13/01/2017

    You've got to be a seriously hardcore fan to be an early adopter or pre-orderer with this.

    No new exclusive games of note at launch (if you're a big fan just buy Zelda on the Wii U), a price which will surely drop relatively quickly, and an online service which sounds like it won't even be up and running anywhere near launch in the UK at launch anyhow.

    Would be genuinely interested to hear from anyone with a pre-order and what they're hoping to get from it early on.
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  • EA returns to Nintendo with FIFA for Switch

  • secombe 13/01/2017

    One custom release for 2017 followed by a few years of Legacy Editions, it is then. Reply +3
  • New year's resolution: Let's stop screaming

  • secombe 08/01/2017

    @-Gemini73- The thing is, many companies, councils, organisations etc are comfortably as bad as developers when it comes to treatment of customers etc, and most in far more important walks of life than a hobby to spend disposable income on. Most people direct complaints as appropriate and where possible vote with their wallets and go elsewhere. That simply doesn't happen with gaming, you get harassment, death threats, then a few months later those same people buy the next product released by that company (because they can't help themselves and don't want to miss out) and the cycle continues. Reply 0
  • secombe 08/01/2017

    It's interesting that in many industries people protest by doing what hits the companies they have an issue with the hardest, they boycott the product. Gamers are simply incapable of doing that, they buy it anyway then send death threats to developers because it's not quite what they expected.

    Gaming is in a truly depressing state due to a not insignificant minority taking things way, way too far.
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