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  • Solitaire retrospective

  • sealofmadness 04/05/2014

    Great article, although i've always much preferred the more narrative-led and strategically minded Freecell series. Reply +11
  • Wii redesign European release date

  • sealofmadness 13/10/2011

    If it's meant to be a family edition, then why not include at least 2 controllers? Reply +7
  • Activision closes 7 Studios

  • sealofmadness 10/02/2011

    Whilst redundancies are always going to be messy, Activision seems to have developed a bit of a knack of messing companies around and generally not fulfilling their parts of deals.

    They're playing a very dirty game and will no doubt eventually be found out- I would be very surprised if any developers looking for a publisher talk to Acti if this is how they treat their staff. Once the CoD series starts dipping in popularity, it could be a very rocky road for them.
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  • Reader Review of the Month

  • sealofmadness 03/02/2011


    My screen is referring to a game that I made when I was about 12 called 'The Seal of Madness', where you had to constantly rescue a demented seal that loved jumping off cliffs lemmings-style by pushing a bed underneath it. It was a terrible game but the name stuck!
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  • sealofmadness 03/02/2011

    Bloody 'eck! I didn't expect this! Thank you, I'm made up over this :) Reply +17
  • Picross 3D

  • sealofmadness 12/01/2011

    Although I've not played Picross 3D yet, if it's anything like as addictive as the original Picross then i can absolutely relate to this review. Apart from the bath of urine bit. :P Reply 0
  • Reader Review of the Month

  • sealofmadness 07/01/2011

    Congratulations Bobby_P, an excellent review and a worthy winner! I particularly enjoyed the opening few paragraphs; it succinctly sums up why Mirrors Edge didn't do as well as it should. It was a flawed game for sure, but with a bit of perseverence it really created something totally unique. In fact, I remeber being infuriated by the fact it had any shooting in it at all- it felt jammed into the gameplay in a feeble attempt to please Johnny-Gamer-on-the-street, and almost ruined it.

    It's a pity that the moaning masses have all but cancelled any possible sequels to Mirrors Edge.
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  • Vanquish

  • sealofmadness 07/01/2011

    Thanks AdamAsunder for your kind words, i'm glad i've managed to at least sum up some of things that make Vanquish such an oddity in today's gaming market :) Reply 0