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  • Face-Off: Battlefield Hardline

  • scuffpuppies 19/03/2015

    The XBO version was delivered to me by mistake as I'd asked for the PS4 Hardline (purely as more friends had intended on buying it on that platform). I was initially disappointed, but after several hours of playtrhough I'm happy to stick with the XBO version. Just hope some XBO buddies buy the game. Reply +1
  • Sid Meier's Starships review

  • scuffpuppies 13/03/2015

    I have noticed an increasing trend with Eurogamer reviews. You rarely, if ever, talk about the music and environmental audio. Yes you may briefly comment on an actor's performance (or rave about a GTA style licensed music selection), but the actual game OST? The music lovingly crafted for a game? It's as though it simply doesn't exist with you guys.

    We all know the soundtrack can't make a poor game good. But it can help make a good game great, and even a great game become a masterpiece.

    Please stop ignoring the most unappreciated medium in this industry and give it the respect and attention it deserves.
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  • Vote for what you want in Just Cause 3's Collector's Edition

  • scuffpuppies 12/03/2015

    My wife just told me she wants a 9 inch Rico :cry: Reply +10
  • Mad Max release date set for September on PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • scuffpuppies 03/03/2015

    The irony if this actually happens.
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  • scuffpuppies 03/03/2015

    The simple fact that current gen releases of cross-gen games have been outselling the PS3/360 versions pretty much since the PS4/XBO launch (no doubt surprising both publishers and platform-holders in how quickly this happened) appears to have hastened developers desire to drop last gen versions sooner than expected.

    This is great news for gamers and developers alike. It will be interesting to see if Activision drop last gen versions of Call of Duty this year. If there is any hope of them seriously advancing the series in any meaningful manner, I certainly hope so.
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  • Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

  • scuffpuppies 01/03/2015

    Even now Uncharted 2 still rates as one of my favourite games of all-time. If Uncharted 4 can recapture some of that magic, we're in for a great time ahead.

    (Still hoping they'll announce the Uncharted Trilogy Remastered Collection at E3)
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  • Tech Analysis: The Order: 1886

  • scuffpuppies 21/02/2015

    Finished it the other night at around 8-9hrs, and to be honest I quite enjoyed it. If it had been marketed differently, perhaps in the same vein as a Quantic Dream title, people's expectations would have been vastly different. However, if you go into The Order expecting an "interactive movie" experience, you'll find a lot to like here. Reply +13
  • Performance Analysis: The Order: 1886

  • scuffpuppies 20/02/2015

    Galleon on the XBOX attempted such a design dynamic. No jumping, no opening doors, no picking up swords etc. The character's location, movement and player reaction in context to the environment, enemies etc, elicited the correct response (or as close approximation to it).

    It wasn't perfect, but on the whole it worked pretty well.
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  • scuffpuppies 20/02/2015

    The irony of people wanting "next gen gameplay" from a game that started development five years ago. 99% of all the new games on the PS4 and XBO began development during last gen', so I don't know what people are expecting. The second and third wave of games for this gen should begin to show some innovation. But until then people need to remember how long some of these games take to make.

    On the issue of The Order, I finished it tonight and to be honest...I really quite enjoyed it. But then I enjoyed Ryse too, so what do I know.
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  • Super Stardust Ultra review

  • scuffpuppies 18/02/2015

    Will you guys ever stop with these "I couldn't believe it when my brother's wife's sister's best friends cousin's dog made $2 masterbating on cam-whores. Visit here at".

    Edit: Post was deleted by our vigilant mods, so ignore my tired rant folks.
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  • scuffpuppies 18/02/2015

    Unfortunately there are no new planets, enemies, or bosses. The main difference being the individual Phases sometimes throw more enemies at you, and there are a lot more meteorite fragments to contend with. This might not sound like much, but it does have a knock-on effect to certain Phases and Boss fights.

    It's a great game. But I'm honestly shocked they didn't use this release to, in essence, create a sequel. The lack of no new planets, enemies, or even Phases is bloody shocking and screams "Quick! Ride the remaster train! EVERYONE on board!!".

    If you haven't played the PS3 version before, or if you're a fan in general, it's worth buying (especially as it's currently 20% off).

    Personally I love it. But I'm a huge fan of twin-stick shooters in general.
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  • scuffpuppies 18/02/2015

    Also want to point put that this version is a bit more than just a re-skin of the PS3 Stardust (never played the Vita version).

    There are more enemies and meteorites on the playing field in general. For example, the extra meteorites in particular make a big difference to how you first approach the boss fights on each planet. Previously it was pretty much just you and the enemy, but now you have to contend with the extra meteorites and debris floating about which in turn have slightly altered the tactics.

    Not a huge change I'll grant you, but there are slight differences nonetheless.

    Eurogamer's original score was 9/10; and for those that haven't played it before (and the core fan base), that score still holds true today.
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  • scuffpuppies 18/02/2015

    As I've mentioned before, Stardust is one of my favourite twin-stick shooters of all-time. Incredibly addictive, easy to get to grips with yet hard to masters, and a perfect example of the "Just one more go" design.

    I've been playing Stardust since the PS3 version back in 2008, and this release on the PS4 is greatly appreciated. The leaderboard competition between friends will continue for years. Good times ahead.
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  • Introducing MetaBomb - our experimental new games portal

  • scuffpuppies 18/02/2015

    Are we to expect other core and niche games cross multiple platforms being the topic, or is this to be focused particularly on PC? I'm a PC gamer too, but my interests and time is spread across pretty much every system right now. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Evolve

  • scuffpuppies 15/02/2015

    the game is still junk regardless of how it plays Lol, daylight robbery, how long will people continue to support these anti-gamer practices?, they release an incomplete game for 60 quid then want to charge you for the rest of the game later on
    How exactly is Evolve incomplete? Yes the pre-order practice is disgusting, but the forthcoming Monster (whether to be received through the pre-order or purchase) won't be released for one to two months yet. Call of Duty and Battlefield have been offering an extra MP map with pre-orders for over five years now, maps that have to be purchased by everyone else. Assassin's Creed offer campaign missions with pre-orders etc. Not saying it's okay, only that it's nothing new. Did you complain that Unity's content was incomplete?

    All the DLC available at launch are weapon skins (not character skins) that are so subtle you can't tell whether a player is using them or not so you'd have to be a mug to buy them, and Monster skins (again, they're such minor subtle markings that you can't see them in-game and hardly worth calling them "skins"). How is this any different than CoD, Battlefield, AC, and 90% of most games these days?

    Regarding the Monster DLC (and future Hunter characters), gamer's can still fight against the new creature or Hunters whether they have bought the DLC or not. The only difference is you can't use them directly yourself (however those that own the DLC can use it in your hunting party for example). So there is no splitting the community with any of the future DLC, no alienating players, and everyone can experience the content in some form. Not forgetting that all map packs are to be free. How many games can boast that these days?

    So I ask you again. Right now, at launch, how exactly is Evolve incomplete? Don't get me wrong, I fucking hate day one DLC. I truly despise it. But there are far worse examples of the DLC business practice than Evolve.

    You do moan a Hell of a lot about games you've never played. Watching some kid play a game on YouTube doesn't come close to experiencing something yourself.
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  • scuffpuppies 14/02/2015

    Played the Alpha and Beta on the XBO and bought the retail release on the PS4 (simply due to more friends on my PS4 buying it than my XBO buddies), and to my middle-age eyes I can't tell the difference between the two. Both look great.

    Regarding Evolve on the whole, I'm loving it. I respect it's not to everyone's liking, but we should applaud 2K for backing a AAA+ title that attempted something so different, especially during a climate of remasters, sequels, clones and FPS military games.

    If we're not careful and stop supporting different games like Evolve, large publisher's will stop backing them all together and any true innovation within the industry will never move out of the indie scene.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Super Stardust Ultra on PS4

  • scuffpuppies 13/02/2015

    Without a doubt my favourite twin-stick shooter of all-time and played it at least once a week on the PS3 since it launched in 2008. In fact 'Super Stardust Ultra' has been getting more playtime from me this week than 'Evolve'. It's the perfect example of "Just one more go" design. Ask my wife. She's hated it for years and is more than a little pissed off it's now on the PS4.

    Wonderful game.
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  • Raven's Cry review

  • scuffpuppies 13/02/2015

    I'm sure they'll promise design changes for the PS3/PS4 GotY edition :lol:
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  • scuffpuppies 13/02/2015

    You forgot to mention how Captain Raven has an American accent. Hysterical. Reply +7
  • Resident Evil HD Remaster sets sales record for PSN and Capcom digital

  • scuffpuppies 10/02/2015

    I'd love a remaster of Resident Evil 0. I know many people argue RE2 or RE3 are the best in the series, but for me personally I absolutely loved Zero. It was never out of my GameCube.

    Anyway, hopefully such great sales will confirm to Capcom that the fans have indeed been correct all these years and the series needs to return to its roots. For the first time in a long while I actually have high hopes for RE7.
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  • PlayStation 4 online multiplayer unlocked for all this weekend

  • scuffpuppies 10/02/2015

    While I agree that the IGC through PS+ is great value, what I don't agree with it locking many of the PS4's features behind a pay wall. Whether it's the activity panel, trophy list, recording, game share, cloud saving, it's wrong. Even messaging is locked behind PS+.

    Personally it's not an issue, but clearly for some it is, and I agree with them. Stripping the console of features in a clear effort to force the user to subscribe to a service they may not have any interest in is a pretty shitty thing to do. This isn't just Sony either. My XBO is pretty featureless too without the XBL subscription.

    Ten years ago the consumer wouldn't have allowed either platform holder to get away with this. Gamer's today are too easily manipulated.
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  • scuffpuppies 09/02/2015

    May be of a surprise for you to know, but FFXIV is always heavily populated whichever world server you're on. I think due to it being cross-platform with PC, PS3, and PS4 players all gaming together helps the population stay at a healthy level.

    Traditionally I'm not a fan of MMO's, but I have a real soft spot for FFXIV: ARR.
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  • Super Stardust Ultra release date set for next week

  • scuffpuppies 06/02/2015

    my best friend's sister-in-law makes $72 every hour on the laptop.
    Your best friend's sister-in-law pimping herself out on Chaterbate again?
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  • Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline beta

  • scuffpuppies 05/02/2015

    Personally I've enjoyed the beta, and will certainly buy it at launch. However, out of seventy nine people on my friends list who are active on their PS4 daily, only four of them have played the beta so far. Two of them just played it the once.

    There doesn't appear to be much interest in Hardline, which is a shame for Visceral.
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  • Condemned creator considering letting an indie studio make a third outing

  • scuffpuppies 03/02/2015

    'Twas always thus: you need to already be doing the job before someone will consider hiring you to do the job.
    Well to be honest, that's perfectly understandable. Even if they kept the allocated budget low, the development could run into several millions. More when you take into account the marketing budget. So the team needs to be proven and show that they can run a project through to completion. No publisher in their right mind would back an unknown and unpublished team, without each individually having at least one published game under their belts, just on the promise they can do it.

    In situations like this a team needs to be able to prove they can literally work together through unbelievably stressful times and produce a finished product at the end of it. Seems perfectly justifiable to me.
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  • New Dying Light patch accidentally blocks mods

  • scuffpuppies 02/02/2015

    'Warner Bros Interactive' seriously messed up Dying Light's launch from the get-go. I can't imagine Techland are too happy with them right now. Reply +8
  • Swarovski-covered 20th Anniversary PS4 on eBay for 2000

  • scuffpuppies 01/02/2015

    She's even shill bidding against her own item. The two current bids, both by the same brand new account, are pathetically obvious. Reply +2
  • scuffpuppies 31/01/2015

    She's dropped the price to 800. Still zero bids.
    I guess the "What the fuck have I done" mindset has kicked in.
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  • Face-Off: Dying Light

  • scuffpuppies 31/01/2015

    like Lisa replied I didnt even know that a mom able to profit $5719 in four weeks on the internet . find out this here...
    Ahh, the mythical "Mom" up to her old tricks on Chaterbate again? Shameful.
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  • scuffpuppies 31/01/2015

    PC master race makes the console look like shit yet again
    By that profound comment, I'm assuming you haven't actually played Dying Light...on any platform?

    Yes the PC version tops out again. The days of the console version being the better option ended around fifteen years ago. However, to say the PC release makes the PS4/XBO version look like shit couldn't be further from the truth. Both console editions look absolutely fantastic running (no pun intended), and whichever system a gamer opts for will find themselves with an incredibly fun and impressive looking game.
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  • Dying Light review

  • scuffpuppies 30/01/2015

    My Review : Like Dead Island but set in Turkey 5/10
    It's not the same Harran (which is an ancient mesopotamian city) found in Turkey. I've been to Harran, and it's nothing like the fictitious modern South American city found in Dying Light.

    Same name, different country. One's real, one isn't.

    (Reading further, Techland state they used Brazil as inspiration for the setting)
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  • scuffpuppies 30/01/2015

    Yes, the degrading weapon mechanic is a dreadful idea, I agree. However after you've upgraded yourself to around level 7 onward the weapons last a lot longer. I've been using the same baseball bat that I love for two hours now (I'm lvl 9), and still have a couple of repairs left.

    Personally I love Dying Light. While I wasn't too keen at first, it really has grown on me.
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  • Sega to offer 300 staff voluntary retirement as it focuses on smartphone and PC online games

  • scuffpuppies 30/01/2015

    Is this retirement or redundancy Sega are offering? Big difference between the two. Reply -1
  • Dragon's Dogma Online revealed

  • scuffpuppies 29/01/2015

    Dragon's Dogma was without a doubt one of the biggest surprise hits of last gen', and while I generally hate the F2P business model, and in particular they way Capcom approach micro transactions, this does look fun.

    Maybe if the West shows enough interest Capcom with rethink their release strategy. Fingers crossed.
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  • Deactivated Ubisoft game keys were bought from EA's Origin using stolen credit cards

  • scuffpuppies 29/01/2015

    Never heard about that happening with Origin accounts. Good to know, thanks.
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  • Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons free with Xbox Games with Gold in February

  • scuffpuppies 29/01/2015

    To be fair, the final boss fight had me screaming at the TV in frustration. Loved it.
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  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is coming to Steam

  • scuffpuppies 26/01/2015

    Literally everyone is getting on-board the remaster train at the moment. Starting to get a little depressing. Reply +4
  • Unwrapping the open world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • scuffpuppies 26/01/2015

    Any news on whether the crazy Birdman from The Witcher 2 will make a cameo? Loved that guy. Reply +2
  • Gearbox hiring for Borderlands 3

  • scuffpuppies 26/01/2015

    Just make the world seamless and I'll be happy. The patchwork collection of areas always went against the idea of Borderlands for me.

    (Unless it was deliberately called "borderlands" due to each land mass connected by a loading border...then it begins to make sense. I would still prefer it to be openworld though)
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  • First footage of Gearbox's Homeworld remake

  • scuffpuppies 26/01/2015

    Homeworld was the first RTS game I really fell in love with. So excited about this. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Saints Row 4: Re-Elected

  • scuffpuppies 25/01/2015

    Can't comment on the XBO version, however myself and several friends have been suffering a total PS4 system lock with both 'Gat Out of Hell' and 'SR4' that requires a hard reboot (literally unplugging from the wall), something consoles don't always like. Usually happens after an 1+hour length of play. Deep Silver are "looking into the issue".

    I only mention this as a warning to anyone thinking of buying either of them to just be aware, although it doesn't seem to be effecting everyone.
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  • David Goldfarb on: The favourite thing

  • scuffpuppies 24/01/2015

    Read it when I was in high school (at least the first time).

    Glad a few people got the reference.
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  • scuffpuppies 24/01/2015

    Those poor caterpillars. Goldfarb is the caterpillar boogeyman. He is Legend. Reply +2
  • Video: First-person parkour - does it really work?

  • scuffpuppies 23/01/2015

    I think you're right. EA already have a number of games on the horizon this year, most notably Battlefront, so I guess 2016 makes more sense.
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  • scuffpuppies 23/01/2015

    I agree. Titanfall's Pilot movement is brilliantly executed and so easy to get to grips with.

    Another underrated yet incredibly fun game.
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  • scuffpuppies 23/01/2015

    I loved the artistic style of Mirrors Edge. In contrast to the usual dark, grungy, post apocalyptic settings we find in many games these days, ME was an absolute delight to inhabit.

    Unfortunately my Parkour antics weren't quite as good as those in the trailers. Still had fun though. Really looking forward to revisiting the setting in Mirrors Edge 2 (2015?).
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  • Watch the Dead Rising film's debut trailer

  • scuffpuppies 23/01/2015

    Fun evening's entertainment. Forgotten about in the morning. Job done. Nothing wrong with that. Reply +6
  • HoloLens is a surreal experience - and full of possibilities

  • scuffpuppies 22/01/2015

    Firstly, while this gen may indeed last ten years, I don't think it will be ten years before the PS5/XB4 come out. The long cycle was bad enough last gen, I can't see platform holders doing that to developers ever again (especially considering how weak the hardware is this time around).

    Secondly, if we set a seven year life cycle to the PS4/XBO (and I'm being generous) before next gen launches, leaving six years left, I can't see AR being cheap enough to roll out as either a base platform or peripheral for home consoles before then. If it were to launch during the PS4/XBo (I'm just talking here, not stating) that would mean developers would need to get their hands on a PS4/XBO AR kit by 2016/7 at the latest. two years away. Developers would need years to come to grips with not just new technology, but new development concepts and pipelines, while the platform holders would need to develop, test, market, manufacture, and roll out during the next several years. It's just too soon.

    So yes, Perhaps halfway through next gen in ten years time (or maybe even launch with next gen?), sure. This gen? I just can't see it happening.

    I would be extremely happy to be wrong, and and certainly not stating this as "forum fact".
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  • scuffpuppies 22/01/2015

    I can't foresee it for this gen, but it's certainly possible during the XB4/PS5 era in 10 years time.
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  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell review

  • scuffpuppies 19/01/2015

    I still fondly remember the original Saints Row during the 360's launch year. The city was stunning to look and incredibly detailed, and not forgetting the best car explosions and rag-doll physics I'd ever seen at that point, in any game.

    When Saints Row 2 arrived however I was heartbroken to see what they'd done to Stillwater, turning an amazing digital representation of American stereotype into a f**king ugly, almost desperate attempt to distance itself from GTA. I never really got into the series again after that.
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