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  • Diablo 3 patch 2.1 out this week

  • scuffpuppies 26/08/2014

    It's written at the top of the article page above the main title what platforms are being discussed (and in the games featured in this article window). In this instance 'Mac/PC'.
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  • Hooray for games that are hard to talk about

  • scuffpuppies 23/08/2014

    One of the more pleasant articles I've read at EG on a Saturday morning. Thanks Chris. Reply +4
  • The Last of Us getting two new multiplayer maps for free

  • scuffpuppies 22/08/2014

    Still haven't played the MP yet (work, family etc). To those that play Factions, is it too late for someone to begin from scratch? By that I mean, will I struggle against more seasoned gamer's or is it easy enough to compete for new players? Reply 0
  • P.T.'s craziest Easter egg translated

  • scuffpuppies 21/08/2014

    I think that 2-0-4-8-6-3 is a date that could become 2048 6th of march or 2048 june 3rd. So i think that those could be possible dates in which the portal to another dimension will open.
    Fingers crossed it's not the release date.
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  • Microsoft testing 24-hour free game unlocks for Xbox One

  • scuffpuppies 21/08/2014

    To combat the "core" gamer (or those that are concern by such things) from rushing and completing the game during a trial, they might lock out the achievements until you buy it.
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  • Sony confirms "reduction in workforce" at inFamous dev Sucker Punch

  • scuffpuppies 20/08/2014

    Subsidisation from Sony (either from licencing or development costs) will have covered the expected losses from 'Second Son' being a launch window title.

    The greatest game in the world launched on a platform four months old won't (initially) sell as many units as an average game on an eight year old platform. The developers know this, as do the publisher and platform-holder. It's all taken into account when financing the game (otherwise no one would develop exclusively for new consoles in the first couple of years).
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  • Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

  • scuffpuppies 19/08/2014

    To be fair, Microsoft have done a commendable job in addressing many of those issues.
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  • Xbox One's August update updates activity feed, unlocks 3D Blu-Ray

  • scuffpuppies 18/08/2014

    I really want to buy XO but when only they sort out this box to the point its playable. Hopfully before Dance Central comes out.
    Something tells me you've never actually used an XBO, and all your information is gathered from XBOX hating fanboys.

    Since owning both the PS4 and XBOX One since launch, the XBO has been and continues to be, a pleasure to use. It's fast, intuitive, and as simple or feature rich as anyone wishes it to be.

    Perhaps you'd best get some experience with the XBO before posting fanboy baiting comments.
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  • Hohokum review

  • scuffpuppies 18/08/2014

    Ahh. Thank you. You're a gentleman, a scholar, and one of the cool kids too.

    @motorwrists Thank you.
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  • scuffpuppies 18/08/2014

    It swings from hyper-cool French electro to post-apocalyptic M82, altering the tone of a scene with unusual swiftness.
    Can someone explain to me who or what music this is? Quite depressingly it's clear I'm not part of the cool kids anymore *sigh*.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • scuffpuppies 17/08/2014

    More anti-Xbox propaganda from this Sony sponsored 'news' outlet.
    Either you genuinely are a new user and just happen to be ill-informed, poorly educated, and a clearly biased fanboy? Or you're an EG regular with another "throwaway" account who feels the need to duplicate their opinion in a vain attempt to convey a growing consensus within the community?

    Next time change your writing style between newly set-up accounts. You'll be less obvious at least.
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  • scuffpuppies 16/08/2014

    Wonderful article Oli.

    Along with Wesley's infamous Cevat Yerli interview, Eurogamer are really shining right now. Keep it up guys.
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  • PlayStation 4's Share Play feature limited to 60-minute sessions

  • scuffpuppies 15/08/2014

    Or at least prioritize the order of downloads.
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  • scuffpuppies 15/08/2014

    Personally I always thought this was a great idea. There have been numerous instances I've tried to talk some of my preferred co-op friends into buying a game they're unsure of. Streaming game-play footage is all well and good, but clearly not ideal. This way they can get their hands on the game and try it for themselves.

    I can see those guys using this a lot actually.
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  • Microsoft discussing Xbox Entertainment Studios sale with Warner Bros. - report

  • scuffpuppies 15/08/2014

    Moving in the right direction, and helps undo the mess that Mattrick left behind.

    Let the game division and developers concentrate on games, and the TV/Movie producers concentrate on developing extended content to compliment MS games and MS platforms. Neither interfering with the other.

    Say what you want about the poor decisions Microsoft made last year, since launch they've been treating the XBO platform and gamer's with a lot more respect. Perhaps eating a little humble pie did Microsoft's gaming division a world of good.

    Fanboy disclaimer: I own both the XBO and PS4.
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  • Ubisoft: only "vocal minority" complains about number of Assassin's Creed games

  • scuffpuppies 14/08/2014

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  • scuffpuppies 14/08/2014

    Has nothing to do with whether or not I buy them all. We're constantly bombarded by Assassin's Creed in one way or another, all year round. It leaves no room for excitement. No breathing space.
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  • scuffpuppies 14/08/2014

    It's not that I dislike Assassin's Creed games. I enjoy them. But I'm growing apathetic to the series, and that's Ubisoft's fault. Reply +4
  • The Crew won't release on PS3 and Wii U due to different "technical infrastructure"

  • scuffpuppies 14/08/2014

    clearly ubisoft are tired of sony

    good, sony need to die as a company
    I'll be glad when the school holiday's are over.
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  • scuffpuppies 14/08/2014

    The fact the Ubisoft are able to easily port 'The Crew' over to eight year old hardware is more than a little disappointing for the game in general.

    The sooner developers and publishers leave the 360/PS3 behind the better. I'm sick of cross-gen releases already, and it's only been nine months.
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  • It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian - again

  • scuffpuppies 14/08/2014

    My theory: Because the game had been silently canned, and when people started asking about it in 2013, they had to restart development from scratch. Probably on the PS4.
    "People" and media outlets have been chasing and enquiring about 'The Last Guardian' every year since 2009. At every E3 and every TGS for five years the same questions have been asked.

    This didn't suddenly resurface last year.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming to both Xbox One and Xbox 360

  • scuffpuppies 13/08/2014

    Attention all PlayStation fanboys Rise of the Tomb Raider is a exclusive for Xbox, it's not a timed exclusive, it's an exclusive for the Xbox consoles
    So stop spreading untrue comments about it being timed
    Thank you now go back to your regular trolling

    I bet you're feeling a little stupid right about now?
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  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • scuffpuppies 08/08/2014

    Wesley, without a doubt the best interview EG have ever published. Well done. Reply +16
  • scuffpuppies 08/08/2014

    If your cash flow ebbs because your employer can't pay you you have to make other arrangements or find another employer. This is by no means easy, unemployment and job hunting never has been for me, but it is still your responsibility to settle your accounts, not your employer.
    What bullshit.

    If you contractually hire someone to do a job, they contractually complete the work for that job, you are contractually obligated to pay for the work on the contractually agreed upon time.

    I understand "shit happens", to but imply that in such instances the responsibility falls to the employee and not the employer to meet financial obligations, is bizarre.

    People have mortgages, children in schools, credit cards to pay off, bank loans to meet, all set upon an agreed time of payment. If your employer fails to pay you for the work you've completed, the ramifications are quite damaging. To simply find a new employer and possibly having to relocate a family is a mammoth task. Not forgetting your wife/husbands employment possibly in the same region, and your children's school etc. It's not an easy option.
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  • Twitch clamps down on unlicensed music ahead of rumoured $1bn Google buyout

  • scuffpuppies 07/08/2014

    There's a whole lot to discuss about how producers might actually profit from music there because the effect is very similar to hearing a song on the radio. Granted, artists get paid by the station for this, but as far as consumers are concerned it's actually almost the same.
    There have been a couple of instances where I've heard BGM via a stream, liked it and bought the album via iTunes etc.

    If not for the stream I might never have heard it. I agree, there are clear benefits for the producers in certain cases.
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  • The Power Glove documentary launches a Kickstarter

  • scuffpuppies 06/08/2014

    No, I think it would be interesting. Not sure I could watch a 90 min film about it. In fact I know I couldn't.

    Have to question what the film makers need the extra money for though. They already have all the equipment they need. $15,000 for petrol and snacks seems a little dodgy. Any editing they surely do themselves.
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  • Sacred 3 review

  • scuffpuppies 01/08/2014

    In the case of Sacred 3 I don't think casualisation was the issue. The first two were typical genre games, so I don't think they had any intention of deviating too much.

    I see the issue lying with Deep Silver themselves. Too busy with their recent acquisitions, money spread too thinly which leads to fear of taking risks, and a four to five year development sucking up too much money.

    I'm of the impression Sacred 3 was stripped of all that wasn't working either through design or code, and pushed out of the door as quickly as possible.
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  • scuffpuppies 01/08/2014

    Sacred 3 might fair better if it were a budget digital title, spread across multiple platforms (PS3/PS4/360/XBO/PC). For 10-15 PS4 release I'd have been in there like a shot. I quite enjoyed Sacred 2, for all it's faults.

    Missed opportunity.
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  • Video: Dang it, Kowalski! Let's Play LA Cops

  • scuffpuppies 01/08/2014

    Love the porno moustache. Very LA "C.R.A.S.H" team. Reply 0
  • Bitmap Brothers' Z: Steel Soldiers relaunches on PC today

  • scuffpuppies 01/08/2014

    I used to think these guys were so cool when I was a kid. Yes. I was a geek. Reply +10
  • The new cinema of Naughty Dog

  • scuffpuppies 01/08/2014

    It's an aside, but that little remark reminded me that i am still sad about the cancellation of that Fallujah Soldier Game based on true events...Ideas like that are risky and could fail HARD, no doubt, but still i'd wish people would pick up more on these kind of ideas to push the medium further.
    As cliche as it sounds, I think the indie market is where risks are going to become more common place. Not many mainstream studios can afford to spend 50-100 million on a project that not only might not sell and be critically panned, but could damage the studio and publisher's brand image. You can't blame them for being cautious.

    Credit where it's due, Sony have often dared take risks more than any of the other platform holders, but this has usually been via investment into third party studios where, should it all go wrong, Sony can distance themselves if needed.

    My hope is after the amazing success of TLoU, more of the bigger developers and publishers will look to making more mature themed games, rather then the cartoonish portrayal seen in Far Cry, BF, CoD etc.

    Interesting times ahead though.

    You wrote an interesting post, thanks.
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  • scuffpuppies 31/07/2014

    Uncharted 2 is without a doubt my favourite of the series. Hope UC4 manages to recapture some of that magic.

    Great article. Thanks Martin.
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  • Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

  • scuffpuppies 01/08/2014

    For a while I'm sure everything was going along fine. But you're bound to reach a point of no return. The money needed to finish it is less than writing the game off. It's at this point I believe Sega began holding money, and Gearbox outsourced to to a third party to finish (this is where their studio costs are incurred) while they continued work on Borderlands 2.

    For all we know, Gearbox were bullshitting Sega just as much as they had been the public.

    No matter how they spin it, Gearbox fucked up...and so did Sega. I think they're both equal in blame to be honest.
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  • The Last of Us review

  • scuffpuppies 31/07/2014

    It's not cross-platform MP, so unfortunately you won't be able to play with your friends who're on their PS4's or PS3.
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  • scuffpuppies 31/07/2014

    I love it too. My only disappointment was not being able to detach the camera from the player character, similar to Halo etc.

    Still, it's a great addition, and surprisingly addictive. Especially trying to get that perfect action shot.
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  • scuffpuppies 31/07/2014

    10/10? wow ok,for a game that we have already played? How much did SOny pay for that score?
    If you actually bothered to read any of it, you'd have seen that it was the original review from last year.

    Regardless of whether a game is new or not, there are people for whom TLoU is a new experience, and the score is still accurate in my opinion.
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  • UK game publisher Mastertronic suffers layoffs

  • scuffpuppies 31/07/2014

    Mastertronic have been around for over thirty years. They were making games when I was a wee kid.

    Every Saturday spending 1.99 from my (3) pocket money on one of their games was a highlight.

    Loved these guys.
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • scuffpuppies 30/07/2014

    Perhaps. But EA would be foolish to stop any revenue from PS+. I can imagine their service will offer EA published titles a lot sooner, while PS+ will have to wait around 12 months (for example).
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  • Face-Off: The Last of Us Remastered

  • scuffpuppies 30/07/2014

    I believe Cloudskipa was downvoted because in his usual style of subtlety (as a brick) implied that the cross-gen, multiplatform title Destiny will be the best game available for the PS4, while the XBOX One's best game will be an awesome exclusive not available anywhere else.

    People are just tired of his daily trolling.
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  • Your first glimpse of the new Hitman movie in action

  • scuffpuppies 29/07/2014

    I found the 2007 Hitman a guilty pleasure. Quite enjoyed it. Reply +13
  • Shadow Warrior out on PS4, Xbox One this autumn

  • scuffpuppies 29/07/2014

    Exclusive content has got to stop. An XBOX owner isn't going to go a buy a PS4 because of exclusive crap, and any "undecided" won't be swayed buy a few pieces of digital shite. All it does is hammer a wedge between console users, and creates anger towards the developer

    It's about time publisher's actually hired people who are genuine gamers to help run their marketing divisions, so they can be advised against this kind of tactic.
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  • Halo 3: ODST was Bungie's grand experiment that paved the way for Destiny

  • scuffpuppies 27/07/2014

    I've been gaming since the Sinclair ZX81, and I've been lucky enough to own every gaming platform from that day forward. So I wouldn't class myself as a new gamer. The "golden age" of gaming had more than its fair share of absolute shite narratives, of which I no doubt enjoyed.

    I'm not about to defend a game series or justify what I find enjoyable. Only that for people like ourselves, who have been gaming for over 30 years, I thought game snobbery ended at high school?

    You clearly don't enjoy the Halo series, and I can understand why you and many others don't. But for those of us who do, it doesn't make us any less...tasteful, than those who like Disney Infinity etc.
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  • scuffpuppies 27/07/2014

    I'm the complete opposite. I love the Halo story, and love the core games even more.

    When I first played Halo on the XBOX launch day, I was immediately aware of how the story itself was an amalgamation of pretty much every popular Sci-Fi movie and TV show around at that time. From Aliens to 2001 etc. Yes it was obvious, and yes it was occasionally cheesy, but it worked and it worked really well. Judging by the popularity of the series I'm not alone.

    Even now I still enjoy the extended universe, and really enjoy the story and characters expanded upon through the novels.

    Each to their own, but I'm a huge fan of all things Halo.
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  • Tech Analysis: Destiny beta on Xbox One

  • scuffpuppies 25/07/2014

    Stop stirring up trouble for the sake of it.
    Don't know how you of all people can say that with a straight face. Have you looked through your comment history recently?

    You, Cloudskipper, Playstationman, and numerous other childish, remedial fanboys, constantly berate and begin arguments for no other reason other than too much time on your hands and your parents wont buy you a second console.

    Gamer Network should start a new site 'Eurofanboy' just for you and your ilk. You can bitch among yourselves leaving everyone else in peace.
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  • Watch Dogs enhanced graphics mod gets a final release

  • scuffpuppies 25/07/2014

    It's harking back to the early days when Spectrum games would sport screen shots from the arcade release, in magazine adds and even on the game box. Then after complaints publishers began showing the C64 images, until further complaints made them print "Images from C64, Atari ST, Amiga" etc.

    It became actual law in the UK to tell people footage wasn't from the advertised format after Activision ran a series of Call of Duty TV adverts for 'The Big Red One'. It was all CG, yet the add implied t was gameplay.

    The advert was pulled, Activision got into trouble, and a new law passed regarding false advertising.

    What I'm saying is, Ubisofts tactics are nothing new. It's been going on for over 30 years. Ubisoft have found a "loop hole" of sorts, by never directly telling the public what the captured footage is taken from, as is he case of The Division. The public only think it's from the PS4 etc, because Sony are using the same footage in their show reels.

    Ubisoft are master manipulators.
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  • scuffpuppies 25/07/2014

    Sorry. Misunderstood what you were saying.
    Ubisoft do appear to be the worst for the pre-release bullshit. There is no way The Division footage, for example, is from on anything but a high-end PC.
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  • Bungie opens up Destiny beta to everyone

  • scuffpuppies 25/07/2014

    Two days. Fri/Sat.
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  • Sony to offer free games, PS Plus subs in $15m PSN hack settlement

  • scuffpuppies 24/07/2014

    Seriously my friend, do you ever stop? Fanboys are so outdated for anyone over the age of fifteen. Grow up.
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  • The Uncharted movie gets a June 2016 release date

  • scuffpuppies 24/07/2014

    Always though an Uncharted film was an odd idea. A movie based on a game inspired by a movie? Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight's Red Hood Story DLC is a GameStop exclusive

  • scuffpuppies 24/07/2014

    Things are only going to get worse. Retailers are wanting to contribute to the finance of a games development to secure even more exclusive DLC...pre-order or not. Reply +6