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  • What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco?

  • scoop 26/05/2015

    I think a return to the world of downloadable demos would be a big plus for consumers. If you can't trust what you're seeing in marketing materials, then hands-on is the only way to be sure that what you see is what you're getting

    And it goes beyond that with games, for instance I'm not half as bothered by the visuals downgrade as I am by the controls. Would I have bought the game on day 1 if I'd experienced an hour of it beforehand? Many people are ok with the controls, I'm not, just as I'm ok with the graphics and other people aren't. Everyone has their standards.
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  • New study suggests link between gaming and neurological disorders

  • scoop 20/05/2015

    Interesting. But what kinds of games are they talking about? Some games are as much about solving irregular patterns, meaning not all are linear mazes.

    I'm sure neuroscience is a complex and many-aspect-ed field, but so are games. I hope they're taking that into account and not just using "a maze" as a catch-all to gaming experiences.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • scoop 20/05/2015

    Running on x2 SLI Titan Blacks, it's impossible to get consistent 60fps at 1440p without dopping down to Medium settings and pushing (non-framebuffer requiring) detail levels up manually to Uber.

    IMO the game looks just as good I think like this. I don't miss the motion blur, which is frankly a bit sickly with the close FOV and fixed camera distance. Looking at the console versions, I can't tell the difference, except with maybe texture resolution and filtering - but when you're sat 12ft from the screen, is that such a big deal?

    One thing's for sure: controls on all three platforms are equally shite.
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  • Should you install The Witcher 3's day one patch?

  • scoop 18/05/2015

    I wonder if it matters that PS4 and XBO have AMD gpus.
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  • New Elder Scrolls Online video reminds us the console version is near

  • scoop 07/05/2015

    All the hate was against all the bugs this game came out with but i can say for sure, most are dealt with and they seem to be taking care of the rest, at least the devs are actively working on it.
    True enough. I was among the Imperial pre-order lot, and I stopped playing after a month it was so buggy. Played more recently and it's a lot cleaner now.

    Just the UI that annoys me now on PC, felt like it was supposed to be a console title. Well, here we are! (and they redesigned the UI anyway lol!)

    Speaking of will console players get along without add-ons!?
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  • scoop 07/05/2015

    @Xboxfanuk I never played EQA, always wanted to (was a big EQ player).

    FFIV is well worth a punt, really nicely done cross-play. I'd suggest watching a stream of ESO on console before parting with cash though, as the proximity chat is indescribably bad. Oh the sound quality's ok, but it's the content that's the problem... maybe fine for an FPS, not so much for an RPG.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PlayStation Now

  • scoop 04/05/2015

    I spent last week playing on Now, I got to say I'm really surprised by the quality.

    This week though it's all errors - not network errors, just refusing to launch games. Problem is, there's no support (just a bug report form), and no way to tell what the problem is.

    Now I'm thinking how peeved I'd be if I'd paid money to rent a game and was unable to play it. They really need to cover that side of things, clearer support channels and error reports (PS errors are rarely helpful)
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  • Elder Scrolls Online and the turbulent topic of text chat on console

  • scoop 01/05/2015

    After watching a live twitch stream of ESO on ps4, the first thing I'd be disabling is localised voice. Screaming babies and barking dogs and loud idiots all masking out NPC voices - who's stupid idea was it to let that happen? Reply +2
  • Steam Workshop now allows modders to sell their work

  • scoop 25/04/2015

    @freaqie Well, the cut can apparently be set by the publisher: Bethesda in this case decided 25% was enough.

    There's a revealing breakdown of the first day's profits on Reddit. Bear in mind Mod authors don't get paid anything until they break $100 (and I'm not sure if that's a one-time threshold or if it's a per-invoice period, as some marketplaces are).

    See how much Beth made compared to their "fans" on day 1.


    So, i did a little bit of calculation of the approximate sales and profit made on the first day, so people can see how much money the content creators actually get.
    These stats were made assuming everybody who subscribed to the item has paid the lowest price option available, and it does not include the price in the bundle (as it is unknown)
    Gifts of Akatosh [Corvalho] - $731.59 revenue, $100 personal profit
    Shadow Scale Set [Sebastian] - $644.49 revenue, $100 personal profit
    Sange Sword [T_Vidotto] - $88.25 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Yasha Sword [T_Vidotto] - $104.00 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Butterfly Sword [T_Vidotto] - $55.75 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Lambda Locator [Jimo] - $118.09 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Purity [Laast] - $1055.47 revenue, $200 personal profit
    Blazing Ringsword [Fido] - $122.50 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Scrib Crusher [Fido] - $53.00 revenue, $0 personal profit
    iNeed [isoku] - $88.11 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Wet and Cold [isoku] - $229.68 revenue. $0 personal profit
    Shezrie's Bleakden Town [Shezrie] - $344.27 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Firelink Implements [Vermilion Wlad] - $209.88 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Midas Magic Gold Edition [xilverbulet] - $615.94 revenue, $100 personal profit
    The Watcher Staff [Jeremy Klein] - $151.47 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Blind Raven [RadLyte] - $193.50 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Arissa - The Wandering Rogue [Chesko] - $499.93 revenue, $100 personal profit
    Castle Volkihar Rebuilt [Arthmoor] - $471.15 revenue, $100 personal profit
    $5777.08 Total Revenue
    $700 paid to 6 content creators
    $744.27 content creator revenue being withheld
    $1733.12 Profit for Valve
    $2599.69 profit for Bethesda
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  • scoop 24/04/2015

    So other people get paid three times what you do for your hard work, assuming the Mods worth paying for are actually the result of a *lot* of hard work and self sacrifice.

    Daylight fucking robbery. And don't give us "but we made the original game".."it's our store"... tory crap. These are games that wouldn't have much of a shelf life without the modding community, have usually seen no active development from the publisher in a long time, and which both valve + publisher profit from regardless from the active modding community.

    Basically, it's fucking fans over.
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  • A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

  • scoop 24/04/2015

    "Allowing modders to make money from their work is a bold step by Valve - and the publishers allowing it for their games"

    Because publishers are getting a cut of the mod sales? Which would explain the Skyrim free weekend and low sale price.

    Quality mods I could understand, things that have had a lot of work put into them and are actually worth paying for, but selling shit for shit is ...shit, it's aimed at impulse buyers and shopping addicts... shopping therapy gone haywire. And in the future we can all look forward to more shit.

    At least there are still guys like Fore standing for their laurels.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online PS4/Xbox One requires 15GB day-one patch

  • scoop 23/04/2015

    I don't mind large downloads on PC (heck I download tons of gigs every day for work and am lucky enough to have fast broadband).

    On PS3 and PS4 though it sucks. I rarely get more than what seems ~4MB/s (average 15-20MB/s on PC) - I say seems, because Sony are lame enough to not put proper networking stats on the download panel so all you can do is try to guess the numbers from watching the download progress.

    Changing DNS helps, but that's what gets me 4MB/s, and even then it fluctuates badly, really has a hard time dealing with multiple concurrent downloads. Way to cripple gigabit ethernet. Even my iPhone does better over wifi (full whack).
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  • Could the Apple Watch become one of gaming's Galapagos Islands?

  • scoop 22/04/2015

    Spy_Watch sounds like an evolution of Godville. I spent far too many hours, nay, months, watching that.

    Have to say though, I'm not tempted by the Apple Watch. Nothing against smart watches, I just don't want a watch that has a shelf life and yet costs as much as a Rado. I've got other watches that I've owned for decades, and they still work as new..heck some are worth more now than when I bought them, and one even charges itself while I scratch my bum.
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  • Camelot Unchained coming together in new alpha video

  • scoop 07/04/2015

    It does look kinda fun. Even in alpha state it looks raw rather than rough. Reply 0
  • Video: The importance of Pillars of Eternity's first 30 minutes

  • scoop 02/04/2015

    @Sovereign There are no settings to worry about. The backgrounds are 2D renders, only the characters are 3D. See the minimum specs. Reply 0
  • scoop 02/04/2015

    @pureartist There is no AD&D anymore. And the D&D ruleset is now based on Candy Crush. Reply +4
  • scoop 02/04/2015

    I don't mind the writing, it kind of goes with the territory. Mostly all washes over me.

    And I've only had one bug so far - had to disable ToolTips to get rid of the annoying repeating sound of folding paper - so I guess I'm lucky.

    They've done a good job with Unity, really played to it's strengths. Except for the pathfinding, which is unforgivable shit.

    It ruins the best combat scenarios - those where there are loads of chumps to kill and strategy is a must. But you can't use strategy, because that needs people to go where you want - and without turn-based combat, every second faffing around trying to steer characters manually is a second closer to whoever is stuck between immovable characters getting walloped. Honestly, there's a bit with some witches (wyches?), and a rock and a tree. EVERYONE is trying to get to this one witch, instead of just walking around the tree trunk they're all lined up behind the guy in front, and the other witches behind their front-man/woman/thing. How how how did this god awful system get into the production build????? Get on the asset store and buy some A* that actually works.

    Massive shame, as this would be a brilliant game otherwise. Instead, it's just good.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC 60fps gameplay footage

  • scoop 02/04/2015

    That gave me chills. It's just GTA dammit. Must...not...order...oh go on then. Reply +2
  • Don't forget to download Bloodborne's 2.69GB day one patch

  • scoop 23/03/2015

    @penhalion Yes, please just stop improving the game when it goes to press. Reply -1
  • Goat Simulator lead could be coming to Dota 2

  • scoop 16/03/2015

    @Boomerang shhhh!! :) Reply +1
  • scoop 16/03/2015

    @thomaslivingston There's always got to be one hasn't there. Reply -1
  • scoop 16/03/2015

    yew are funny Reply -2
  • Valve's astounding SteamVR solves big problems - and poses bigger questions

  • scoop 15/03/2015

    Good write-up.

    The two things that hit you when you first play Elite on an OR is the feeling of placement - it's magical, but you've already seen that with the desk & cards setup utility by this point (assuming you own the OR you're using).

    The real potential hits you when you stand up and look around. It's too big a deal to explain easily; it's huge.

    The first consumer product that can take you further - add actual freedom of movement - is the one that will get me developing ideas in earnest. A 15ft space may not seem like a lot, but how many people live in a gymnasium? All you need is a little lee-way.

    I'll have to be physically convinced that wiimote style controllers are the way to go though. We need more hooks into natural movement, eye tracking and hand co-ordination (not just position and orientation vectors).

    But as the article points out, a lot has happened in three years, and that time has flown by. I can't wait to see what we have after I blink a few more times.
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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its near photorealistic forest

  • scoop 02/03/2015

    @Cazalinghua I know I know I'm a killjoy!

    It's very nice (which is a big deal for me to say), but it's not "near photorealistic".
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  • scoop 02/03/2015

    Nice lighting, and I don't want to diminish what is obviously quite nice in it's own right or the devs hard work, but Robert, I think someone needs to take another look at photographs :)

    Not-quite-as-real leaves, bushes, logs, flickering sky. I mean, that's about everything we're looking at right? Birds had me fooled though!
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  • 250K Dying Light My Apocalypse Edition includes a house

  • scoop 25/02/2015

    Not impressed. I've heard about a lucky chocolate bar that nets you a whole factory. Reply +5
  • PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 number one in UK chart

  • scoop 23/02/2015

    It shouldn't be any surprise. PS4 and XBO owners are all eager for true next-gen stuff, even if it's just a glimpse of what can be.

    The TV ads make it look like a must-have too. Amazing how many people don't read reviews.
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  • Don't buy Darkest Dungeon from the Windows Game Store, dev warns

  • scoop 23/02/2015

    Not having a care in the world what people load onto your store is criminal. And they wonder why people have trust issues?

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  • Apple adds Pay Once & Play category to App Store

  • scoop 13/02/2015

    About. Time. !

    At last I can ignore everything else on the store!
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  • Elder Scrolls Online will add paid-for health, XP boost potions

  • scoop 13/02/2015

    @Exceptional_leg Xp and gathering boosters are one thing, but a potentially infinite (to those who can) supply of health potions is a different story. Shed a tear for PvP peasants. Reply -1
  • scoop 13/02/2015

    "This gives the player a choice: spend some crowns to get potions right now, or play a while to earn in-game gold and then spend it either at a vendor, another player, or at a Guild Store."

    Otherwise known as, Pay to Win.

    And how do potion crafters feel about this? Like every other game where their trade is sold off for cold, hard cash, no doubt.
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  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • scoop 12/02/2015

    Hah I can't help notice that the negative comments (read: constructive, true, enlightening or otherwise entertaining) have been negged twice.

    This could either be the work of two people, or one man who has a God complex. Or a faithful laboratory assistant.
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  • scoop 11/02/2015

    Yes forgot to say brilliant piece, Wes.

    I'd love to see more stories from the underbelly, it's an entertaining business; full of people failing upwards and stories to share.
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  • scoop 11/02/2015

    @ShiftyGeezer r.e. expectations. Agree. But PM's problem is that he's not *really* interested in other peoples' expectations, he's rolling around in his own hubris that he knows what they want. And Godus is proof of that.

    Gamers: "We want this"
    PM: "And here it is!"
    Gamers: "Eh? That's not what we said...??"
    "Oh? Sorry!"
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  • scoop 11/02/2015

    @mecha-B haha! :) Reply +1
  • scoop 11/02/2015

    You can't make this stuff up. Reading the article, particularly the interview with and snippets from, Bryan, it's like a transcript from an episode of Brass Eye.

    Poor kid, man. Digs away the wrong (last) brick in a mobile game and gets dragged into the dogshit politics of the games industry as a prize.

    And in other news, Peter's apologising for screwing up Godus. Oh for Pete's sake, stop apologising. I'm so glad I don't have to work with you, and feel bloody sorry for the poor sods who do. "There goes another two years of my fucking life, busting my arse so the boss can tell the world our game is shite."
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  • Elite Dangerous 1.1 adds Community Goals and enhancements

  • scoop 05/02/2015

    Jesus. I tried reading the Fixes list, but it was like staring into the abyss.

    tldr; we've been busy.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider details emerge

  • scoop 04/02/2015

    I really enjoying the last one, much more than I was expecting to.

    The tombs were rubbish though, and it was way too easy.

    I look forward to Rise anyway.
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  • SOE has been sold off, can now develop multi-platform games

  • scoop 02/02/2015

    Wow. That came out of the blue, but not all that surprising. SOE's heydays have long passed. Planetside 2 may be great, but the bulk of their catalogue is uninteresting, and also PC-bound. EQ Next is probably too much of a wildcard (and I've "played" Landmark, which isn't a good sign). Reply +7
  • Dragon's Dogma Online revealed

  • scoop 29/01/2015

    I can hear the gravelly sound of Warner Bros' laywers rubbing their hands together in anticipation. They may want to pick a new acronym :p Reply 0
  • Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks unnervingly realistic

  • scoop 28/01/2015

    I thought it was very nice, but it's hardly "shockingly realistic".

    The walls and fabrics are too matte resulting very flat lighting, and the ambient occlusion is too strong, especially around doors and on the sofas.

    The lighting coming through the windows needs livening up... some movement from trees, clouds, changes in dynamic range contrast, anything.

    Nice wood. Isn't wood always though. He'd have been better served using HDR sourced textures...I don't see it here. Again, there's no range.

    I think what hurts it the most though is the movement. If you're going the whole hog, put some natural body movement in, instead of binary joypad up/down/left/right. Sell it with feeling.

    Shame is, if I saw this in a CG forum without the accompanying media woohoo I'd have been a lot less critical. Au revoir context.

    I'd like to see more games pay attention to archviz techniques and finish. Really nice job as a starting point in that respect.
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  • Interest gathers around new Shadowbane-like MMO Crowfall

  • scoop 24/01/2015

    I stopped at the screenshots of Scaleform UIs (heck I don't even think it's Scaleform, it's just trying to look like it is).

    I like minimalism, but not to the extent of everything looking like a Flash website or spreadsheet. I remember when RPGs had RPG styled UIs, not boxes. Bring back skeuomorphism.
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  • Elder Scrolls Online gets console release date, drops subscription

  • scoop 21/01/2015

    @yukushi +1

    FFS, nothing else to say.
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  • scoop 21/01/2015

    And here I thought they were doing ok with sub numbers.

    I had a quick face-off between ESO and FFXIV (which I hadn't played before).

    FFXIV beats the crap out of ESO for pure, uncomplicated enjoyment, along with bountiful use of the words "bloody" and "bugger". And it has no problems with subscriber numbers that I can see (always jam packed with players), plus cross-play on PC and console. That's how you do it.

    Going back to ESO I realise it's not just bitter memory: I really do detest ESO's controls and UI.

    Oh, and Square's support of FF is a marvel. Everything from the launch app to the forums, they really don't dick around with excuses and epic lapses in communication.
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  • Man's basic invention levels Destiny character while he sleeps

  • scoop 20/01/2015

    Chinese gold farmers are bookmarking this page as I write. Reply +70
  • Sid Meier's Starships announced for PC, Mac, iPad

  • scoop 19/01/2015

    I fancy a bit of that Reply 0
  • Sony offering refunds on H1Z1's alpha following complaints about "P2W" micro-transactions

  • scoop 17/01/2015

    "4) you are not guaranteed to get a single thing out of the airdrop you called in."

    So you give them money and you might not get anything in return.

    I believe that's called gambling.
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  • Apple required Papers, Please to censor its nudity

  • scoop 12/12/2014

    It's sick games like this that give the industry a bad name.

    Hail Eris.
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  • Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar is Ultima Online 2 in so many ways

  • scoop 11/12/2014

    You forgot to mention the pay to win part.

    I'm especially tempted by the:

    City Lot Property Deeds (digital)
    LIMITED QUANTITY (41 of 50 left): Introductory Sale of 50% off the regular $2,100 price

    Only 9 left. Damn, maybe if I don't buy any xmas presents this year...

    @p_nut_uk I thought I saw you nicking that #10!

    Yep. UO this isn't.
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  • Bethesda shows glimpse of The Elder Scrolls Online's console version

  • scoop 05/12/2014

    "We have completely replaced the PC user interface with a console-specific UI designed from the ground-up with a controller and a living room play experience in mind."

    Funny, because the one thing I disliked about ESO (bugs and exploits aside) was the PC interface that was clearly designed for a console controller.
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