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  • Nidhogg dev's latest, Flywrench, is coming to Steam next month

  • scoop 31/07/2015

    That audio! Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Journey on PS4

  • scoop 25/07/2015

    Watching the videos I can't see what the nit-picking is aimed at. All I get is how beautifully smooth the PS4 version is. Something lost in compression maybe...I can live with that. Reply +3
  • Galak-Z lets you transform into a mech

  • scoop 25/07/2015

    If 17-Bit polish this thing any further they're going to scrub the paint off if it.

    Just give it to us already!
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  • Earthbound director Shigesato Itoi pays tribute to Satoru Iwata

  • scoop 14/07/2015

    We could all do with friends like that.

    What more can you say?
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  • Square Enix pulls Mac version of Final Fantasy 14 from sale

  • scoop 06/07/2015

    @L_A_G Unless you use professional software, in which case their OpenGL drivers (and importantly pro support) are cack :)

    Anyone using a Mac Pro may beg to differ, until they see an equivalent PC (or even better, Linux) box running GL like it's supposed to be run.
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  • scoop 06/07/2015

    @escalinci Yeah it's rubbish. Apple haven't spent all their time on Metal, just to invite DirectX onto their hardware. They don't care about GL, why would they want to open the door to something even more complicated?

    And that's aside from the fact that DX12 is upon us.
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  • scoop 06/07/2015

    Hardly surprising, Apple's implementation of OpenGL is garbage. Parsing DirectX to OpenGL can only be worse. Reply +7
  • Keiji Inafune: video gaming's harshest critic

  • scoop 03/07/2015

    @alimokrane Dunno, that might be a bit melodramatic. It might also be a global phenomenon. I blame Apple for it all. Reply +1
  • scoop 03/07/2015

    I always thought it was a cultural thing. Not just videogame culture (the way we have in the west, which roughly translates into "make money by copying the last great seller"), but rather Japanese culture, which has managed to evolve while essentially not changing, or at least not giving up on it's roots.

    There's a reason games from the west struggle in the east: they have identity. It may be odd and peculiar sometimes, but there you have it. We like their games a lot more than they like ours so they can't be that screwed-up.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online's PS4 patch is 15.9GB

  • scoop 25/06/2015

    Explain please?^^
    You don't want to wait 30 seconds for an invisible enemy to appear. You'll be dead long before 30 seconds is up.
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  • scoop 24/06/2015

    This is an ongoing work in progress, and you may still run into an invisible NPC occasionally. If this occurs, please wait and the NPC should appear within 30 seconds.
    Unless they've got a knife. :)
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  • It gets worse - Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacks console visual features

  • scoop 25/06/2015


    I imagine QA did their job, and their bug tracker looks like this:

    045875 - WAIVE
    098542 - WAIVE
    098523 - WAIVE
    ---ad nauseam

    Look to the head producer.
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  • scoop 25/06/2015


    Amazing, and actually the second time in almost as many weeks WB have pulled a AAA brand...

    Smells of expensive incompetence, but hey, two's just a co-incidence (so they say). I wonder what the 3rd Warner flop will be before the summer's out.
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  • scoop 25/06/2015


    And if you bought a GPU off the back of nvidia's promotions, demand compensation, not just money back. Time wasters.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • scoop 23/06/2015

    "Luke Smith: Rather than comment on the Bungie philosophy, here's what I'll tell you. If someone made a golf clap emote, I would spend money on that."

    Spoken like a true baby milking marketing wanker.

    Please get out of the games business. It's people like this that are destroying it.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited review

  • scoop 22/06/2015

    @heavy_salad There is an ESO sub option, but regardless, having a free to play model isn't a get out of jail card. Someone is always paying money, and the point is that the accounts are all separate, so what you spend on one platform is wasted if you play on another as well, or later.

    Don't forget, MMOs often outlive console generations.
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  • scoop 22/06/2015

    Pretty fair review really.

    But as MMO on consoles go, there's only really FF14. No competition.

    SQE's level of support for the game is outstanding by any measure - they put all PC MMO publishers to shame. Even the launcher has been carefully maintained and gives you up to date information on the state of the game.

    And Heavensward...oh my. Go check out the FFXIV reddit pages.You won't see any unhappy threads. The Heavensward feedback is probably the first time I've seen players actually raving instead of complaining. Square Enix have had some troubled times in the past...they are seriously back on form.

    You can tell a lot about an MMO by the way the developers treat the players. I love Bethesda's games, but just remember, Zenimax are not Bethesda...they just own them. You have to buy FF14 on each platform to play it, but it's cross-platform play, AND you only need 1 sub to play on all of them. Unlike ESO, which requires separate purchases and subs, and no cross-play besides. Nice progressive business model eh.

    (as a bonus, FF14 is also the only MMO I know of with NPCs who make regular use of the word "bugger")
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  • Impressive new trailer for no-fantasy RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • scoop 19/06/2015

    @spekkeh I noticed that too. Herbalism, surely!

    It does look great.
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  • Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

  • scoop 18/06/2015

    it's coming to both PC and PS4 - but how much of the funding was coming from Sony, and if it was at all invested, why had it not stumped up the entire amount to take ownership of this most eye-grabbing of announcements?
    I'd not be surprised if it's part experiment. The one thing Kickstarter is good at is gauging demand - not the demand of scattered devotees (no matter how loud they are), but real-world metrics, people actually prepared to put money down. And Sony, while big, don't throw money around willy nilly. To the contrary, they're trying to manage their finances more intelligently.

    Reboots and sequels (of classics) seem to be a favourite on KS, so it's a good fit for an experiment don't need to do half as much work as you would to i.e. sell a new IP.
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  • Keep your eyes peeled for planet Sugas-Uomi when No Man's Sky comes out

  • scoop 16/06/2015

    I was blown away the first time I saw videos for this, and while it still looks beautiful it hasn't visibly progressed...if anything, previous videos have revealed a lot more.

    I hope Sony haven't been slowing them down with needless over-producing. Sometimes, simple is best.
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  • Oculus Touch is the Oculus Rift's future controller

  • scoop 12/06/2015

    @Uncompetative There go my dreams of playing in a virtual concert hall. :(

    But there'll always be the cow bell.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online still feels limited in its opening hours

  • scoop 11/06/2015

    @Shagsmith It can be a lot of fun - I can't deny it has it's moments, it's definitely not the worst MMO around, and of course there's little choice on console anyway.

    I'm pretty picky, and I won't play it as is, but if they improved the quest tracking and stopped splattering gamertags all over the screen like it's COD, I'd probably play, even if just in a casual fashion (unlike my PC MMO playing which is dont-stop-till-you-level). No subscription, after all (and little need to use the shop).
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  • scoop 11/06/2015

    NPCs with essential plot to impart or quest objectives to update are swarmed by characters with names like xXJonno672Xx and (no kidding) MoistAsDurex
    This is what ruined it for me from the onset, and why I was able to stomach the game more by jumping to a char in a region with none of these poor sods - and they are poor sods, because a lot of those names would have been registered years ago when they were cheeky kids, only to discover that you can't change your gamertag even a decade later.

    The irony is, you'd probably wind up banned (or at least having a GM change your name) for having some of these names on PC - and that's assuming the name filter didn't catch you out in the first place.

    Bookshelves are just for show. Cabinets that would once have prompted a looting spree can be safely ignored.
    Actually you can find skillbooks in these, so don't ever walk out of a building without clicking on everything. It's a wonderful meta-game. No, really, it is.
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  • scoop 11/06/2015

    I was quite looking forward to playing on PS4, even though I've not played the PC version for a while...breath of fresh air, and all that.

    The first hour was with a new char, and I hated it immediately.

    - PSN names only was a bad move (why not player names and PSN names when you inspect or chat?)
    - PSN names on the compass when you move around, mixed in with quest loc names on the compass (f me that was annoying)
    - Proximity Chat is annoying, but not because people say stupid stuff (they do, a lot), but because 90% of people are using awful mics and it completely dissolves any Pros.
    - Controls aren't customisable.
    - Lag is really bad with lots of other people around, far worse than it ever was on PC.

    So I spent the rest of the day with one of my PC transfer chars in the Rift (L40 area), and it was loads better because there were zero other people around. Still, I've not found the urge to play again. Final killing blows were...

    - I think generally the UI is much better, feels cleaner, but the Quest tracking is f*ing awful. I mean really, REALLY bad. I didn't notice so much with the new char, but a L40 with loads of quests (crucially, in different zones), it was completely hopeless. The PC version lets you filter by zone, but to do the same on console you have to zoom out of the map (slow zooming, no immediate Back/Forth) and cursor-over the zone, and even then it sometimes didn't show all the quests associated with that zone. And to cycle through quests in the HUD, you have right Dpad button...but no way to cycle backwards, so you have to cycle through *all* the quests to get to one you accidentally skipped over, or go to the dreadful quest menu. In a game that revolves around quests, they really should have put a lot more effort in being creative with the quest journal. It just feels like a cheap add-on with the way they've done it here.

    - PS4 controller button presses feel laggy and unresponsive. I died more than a few times because it just wouldn't register presses, and in the end I was having to hold down buttons firmly until attacks registered...leaving me with very sore fingers. Heavy pressure not required, but when you're under duress you press hard :P

    I'm less bothered about the graphics, didn't expect much anyway. But compared to, say, FFXIV, it's clunky and unwieldy. It *does* have some positives, but it really feels like an out of date game, despite only being technically 18 months old.

    I also feel sorry for all those poor buggers who paid $60, who are going to have their asses handed to them on a plate when they visit PvP, and meet all the die-hard Champion transfers. Fair enough if you're buying a game that's been out 18 months already, but not so much if it's supposed to be a new release, and you've -technically- paid 3 times what the guys at top paid (hey, including me).

    ESO didn't have to be much to work, but for the time it's taken to get this far it's spoiled by things that are largely just bad decisions (aside from controller latency, which may be improvable - may even just be me!). Disappointing, really.

    All of this said, there's a lot of love for the console version on reddit, so I guess it's horses for courses.
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  • PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

  • scoop 11/06/2015

    I thought they were 30 day subscription prices, then I discovered I was wrong lol.

    I was impressed with Now, but not that impressed.

    I think in practice I'd just as soon give up an HDMI port and buy second hand, play at my leisure. (not to mention avoid the hassle of times when the application fails to run for no clear reason).
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  • The Last Guardian E3 rumour rumbles again

  • scoop 10/06/2015

    Straight from the videogame mythology archives! Reply -1
  • Introducing Eco: An ecosystem sim where everyone must nurture a shared planet

  • scoop 10/06/2015

    Neat concept.

    Though the cynic in me suspects it's going to spawn a new generation of griefer.
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  • Fallout 4 is real and it's being revealed tomorrow

  • scoop 04/06/2015

    One thing people need to remember is that Skyrim doesn't use the Gamebryo Engine..
    The Creation Engine is based off of Gamebryo, which makes sense from an evolution-of-large-worlds sense (you don't want to have to re-train huge teams), but also means you inherit some dodgy stuff such as animation controllers.

    The sticky-out-thumb is that they don't seem to have moved to PBR, which makes them an odd fish today. Sure, higher res textures and more of them, but this is nearly a decade later, and one of the most fought-over IPs in recent times. It's going to receive a lot of critical opinion, even opinionated criticism.

    People only care, because they care.
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  • scoop 03/06/2015

    @Kasjer Yeah looks like gamebryo.

    I can't really comment on the graphics at large, because that was a dreadful trailer. It looked like footage from half a dozen games spliced together, a complete mess.

    Maybe it'll be good. Can't tell. But that dog... "retro" :p
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  • scoop 03/06/2015

    Cardboard cut-out dog. That's my only take-away from that trailer. Reply +3
  • Looks like Sony is readying a 1TB PlayStation 4

  • scoop 02/06/2015

    @LordDemigod Yeah the amount they install blew me away. Blu-Ray Last of Us: Remastered...40+GB. Assassins Creed: Unity...same. Gobble Gobble Gobble... Reply 0
  • scoop 02/06/2015

    I just upgraded with a 2TB (external seagate, 60 on amazon). Instructions via our very own EG:

    I passed on 1TB because well, took 6 months for my 500GB to fill, and with games just getting fatter another 500GB (or 480GB even) isn't going to last very long.

    If console makers want us to embrace digital, they need to get real about it. 500GB was a joke...1TB isn't much better.
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  • Lego MMO development dogged by "dong detection" software

  • scoop 01/06/2015

    It has been a while since I had this good a chortle :) Reply 0
  • Lego Jurassic World platform-specific pre-order DLC revealed

  • scoop 30/05/2015

    Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, pre-order DLC, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and um, screaming. Reply +3
  • What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco?

  • scoop 26/05/2015

    I think a return to the world of downloadable demos would be a big plus for consumers. If you can't trust what you're seeing in marketing materials, then hands-on is the only way to be sure that what you see is what you're getting

    And it goes beyond that with games, for instance I'm not half as bothered by the visuals downgrade as I am by the controls. Would I have bought the game on day 1 if I'd experienced an hour of it beforehand? Many people are ok with the controls, I'm not, just as I'm ok with the graphics and other people aren't. Everyone has their standards.
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  • New study suggests link between gaming and neurological disorders

  • scoop 20/05/2015

    Interesting. But what kinds of games are they talking about? Some games are as much about solving irregular patterns, meaning not all are linear mazes.

    I'm sure neuroscience is a complex and many-aspect-ed field, but so are games. I hope they're taking that into account and not just using "a maze" as a catch-all to gaming experiences.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • scoop 20/05/2015

    Running on x2 SLI Titan Blacks, it's impossible to get consistent 60fps at 1440p without dopping down to Medium settings and pushing (non-framebuffer requiring) detail levels up manually to Uber.

    IMO the game looks just as good I think like this. I don't miss the motion blur, which is frankly a bit sickly with the close FOV and fixed camera distance. Looking at the console versions, I can't tell the difference, except with maybe texture resolution and filtering - but when you're sat 12ft from the screen, is that such a big deal?

    One thing's for sure: controls on all three platforms are equally shite.
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  • Should you install The Witcher 3's day one patch?

  • scoop 18/05/2015

    I wonder if it matters that PS4 and XBO have AMD gpus.
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  • New Elder Scrolls Online video reminds us the console version is near

  • scoop 07/05/2015

    All the hate was against all the bugs this game came out with but i can say for sure, most are dealt with and they seem to be taking care of the rest, at least the devs are actively working on it.
    True enough. I was among the Imperial pre-order lot, and I stopped playing after a month it was so buggy. Played more recently and it's a lot cleaner now.

    Just the UI that annoys me now on PC, felt like it was supposed to be a console title. Well, here we are! (and they redesigned the UI anyway lol!)

    Speaking of will console players get along without add-ons!?
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  • scoop 07/05/2015

    @Xboxfanuk I never played EQA, always wanted to (was a big EQ player).

    FFIV is well worth a punt, really nicely done cross-play. I'd suggest watching a stream of ESO on console before parting with cash though, as the proximity chat is indescribably bad. Oh the sound quality's ok, but it's the content that's the problem... maybe fine for an FPS, not so much for an RPG.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PlayStation Now

  • scoop 04/05/2015

    I spent last week playing on Now, I got to say I'm really surprised by the quality.

    This week though it's all errors - not network errors, just refusing to launch games. Problem is, there's no support (just a bug report form), and no way to tell what the problem is.

    Now I'm thinking how peeved I'd be if I'd paid money to rent a game and was unable to play it. They really need to cover that side of things, clearer support channels and error reports (PS errors are rarely helpful)
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  • Elder Scrolls Online and the turbulent topic of text chat on console

  • scoop 01/05/2015

    After watching a live twitch stream of ESO on ps4, the first thing I'd be disabling is localised voice. Screaming babies and barking dogs and loud idiots all masking out NPC voices - who's stupid idea was it to let that happen? Reply +2
  • Steam Workshop now allows modders to sell their work

  • scoop 25/04/2015

    @freaqie Well, the cut can apparently be set by the publisher: Bethesda in this case decided 25% was enough.

    There's a revealing breakdown of the first day's profits on Reddit. Bear in mind Mod authors don't get paid anything until they break $100 (and I'm not sure if that's a one-time threshold or if it's a per-invoice period, as some marketplaces are).

    See how much Beth made compared to their "fans" on day 1.


    So, i did a little bit of calculation of the approximate sales and profit made on the first day, so people can see how much money the content creators actually get.
    These stats were made assuming everybody who subscribed to the item has paid the lowest price option available, and it does not include the price in the bundle (as it is unknown)
    Gifts of Akatosh [Corvalho] - $731.59 revenue, $100 personal profit
    Shadow Scale Set [Sebastian] - $644.49 revenue, $100 personal profit
    Sange Sword [T_Vidotto] - $88.25 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Yasha Sword [T_Vidotto] - $104.00 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Butterfly Sword [T_Vidotto] - $55.75 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Lambda Locator [Jimo] - $118.09 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Purity [Laast] - $1055.47 revenue, $200 personal profit
    Blazing Ringsword [Fido] - $122.50 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Scrib Crusher [Fido] - $53.00 revenue, $0 personal profit
    iNeed [isoku] - $88.11 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Wet and Cold [isoku] - $229.68 revenue. $0 personal profit
    Shezrie's Bleakden Town [Shezrie] - $344.27 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Firelink Implements [Vermilion Wlad] - $209.88 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Midas Magic Gold Edition [xilverbulet] - $615.94 revenue, $100 personal profit
    The Watcher Staff [Jeremy Klein] - $151.47 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Blind Raven [RadLyte] - $193.50 revenue, $0 personal profit
    Arissa - The Wandering Rogue [Chesko] - $499.93 revenue, $100 personal profit
    Castle Volkihar Rebuilt [Arthmoor] - $471.15 revenue, $100 personal profit
    $5777.08 Total Revenue
    $700 paid to 6 content creators
    $744.27 content creator revenue being withheld
    $1733.12 Profit for Valve
    $2599.69 profit for Bethesda
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  • scoop 24/04/2015

    So other people get paid three times what you do for your hard work, assuming the Mods worth paying for are actually the result of a *lot* of hard work and self sacrifice.

    Daylight fucking robbery. And don't give us "but we made the original game".."it's our store"... tory crap. These are games that wouldn't have much of a shelf life without the modding community, have usually seen no active development from the publisher in a long time, and which both valve + publisher profit from regardless from the active modding community.

    Basically, it's fucking fans over.
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  • A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

  • scoop 24/04/2015

    "Allowing modders to make money from their work is a bold step by Valve - and the publishers allowing it for their games"

    Because publishers are getting a cut of the mod sales? Which would explain the Skyrim free weekend and low sale price.

    Quality mods I could understand, things that have had a lot of work put into them and are actually worth paying for, but selling shit for shit is ...shit, it's aimed at impulse buyers and shopping addicts... shopping therapy gone haywire. And in the future we can all look forward to more shit.

    At least there are still guys like Fore standing for their laurels.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online PS4/Xbox One requires 15GB day-one patch

  • scoop 23/04/2015

    I don't mind large downloads on PC (heck I download tons of gigs every day for work and am lucky enough to have fast broadband).

    On PS3 and PS4 though it sucks. I rarely get more than what seems ~4MB/s (average 15-20MB/s on PC) - I say seems, because Sony are lame enough to not put proper networking stats on the download panel so all you can do is try to guess the numbers from watching the download progress.

    Changing DNS helps, but that's what gets me 4MB/s, and even then it fluctuates badly, really has a hard time dealing with multiple concurrent downloads. Way to cripple gigabit ethernet. Even my iPhone does better over wifi (full whack).
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  • Could the Apple Watch become one of gaming's Galapagos Islands?

  • scoop 22/04/2015

    Spy_Watch sounds like an evolution of Godville. I spent far too many hours, nay, months, watching that.

    Have to say though, I'm not tempted by the Apple Watch. Nothing against smart watches, I just don't want a watch that has a shelf life and yet costs as much as a Rado. I've got other watches that I've owned for decades, and they still work as new..heck some are worth more now than when I bought them, and one even charges itself while I scratch my bum.
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  • Camelot Unchained coming together in new alpha video

  • scoop 07/04/2015

    It does look kinda fun. Even in alpha state it looks raw rather than rough. Reply 0
  • Video: The importance of Pillars of Eternity's first 30 minutes

  • scoop 02/04/2015

    @Sovereign There are no settings to worry about. The backgrounds are 2D renders, only the characters are 3D. See the minimum specs. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC 60fps gameplay footage

  • scoop 02/04/2015

    That gave me chills. It's just GTA dammit. Must...not...order...oh go on then. Reply +2