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  • Dev behind Paranautical Activity Steam storm resigns, apologises

  • sanctusmortis 22/10/2014

    If only his walk-out sounded less like he was a petulant child storming out, sulkily shouting "WELL I DIDN'T WANT TO BE POPULAR ANYWAY". Reply +5
  • Surgeon Simulator dev reveals first slice of I Am Bread gameplay

  • sanctusmortis 20/10/2014

    Nice vertical slice of gameplay, there... Reply +21
  • Night at the Museum director tapped to helm Minecraft movie

  • sanctusmortis 18/10/2014

    @BearFishPie IIRC at one time someone did have the rights, it just never panned out... Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 17/10/2014

    @Darren well, already announced:

    Angry Birds
    Temple Run

    In fact, here's a list.
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  • Google announces $99 Nexus Player Android console

  • sanctusmortis 17/10/2014

    If the Trials game supports gamepads, this would certainly be the only good way to play it. The touch controls are terrible... Reply 0
  • Destiny launch almost triples monthly US PlayStation 4 sales

  • sanctusmortis 17/10/2014

    It's done well for them both - sold systems for Sony but upped the attach rate on XBO a lot too. Judging by the popular streams, there's a huge audience on both platforms, which is good. Reply +7
  • E3 organiser and trade group ESA speaks out against GamerGate

  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch when you ignore the goal posts, it's easy to say "you moved them!" I mean, so far, you've shown "when they appealed to Western audiences, Chris Redfield got buff" and "when in a fighting game all about big strong mens, they redrew him exactly as you were talking about".

    I'm sorry, you're just not able to keep up with the point, and like many, I have a real life to lead. You've failed to make any point at all, so well done there.
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  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch if you think that"a big muscular man", rethink your life, please. Or visit Specsavers. Also: wow, they really messed up the scale of his arms, huh. Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch dear lord. When he won, was he Batman?

    I feel for any woman who has to put up with you.
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  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @LennyReviews the thing is, there's an organised mob and a group of people replying to it. And I wish it was like Doritogate, because that actually WAS a journalistic ethics issue that got swept mainly under the carpet - but that games journalism itself criticised! Reply +1
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch oh for the love of...

    Here, I did your research for you.

    Do you see that? 28 YEARS of women voting for tall, chiseled, handsome men. Not a single heavily muscled guy there. Voted for by MILLIONS.

    And the point, which I worry that you missed, was that people were arguing that characters like Kratos et al were designed to appeal to women and not as male power fantasies. Which they are, in the latter case and not the former!

    And, by the way? Chris Redfield? He's not exactly Muscle Mountain, is he?
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  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @GiarcYekrub but UKIP are a laughing stock too... Reply +1
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch Read my post. I talked to my wife to get examples (she's a damn English Literature teacher, she knows some) and my daughter, went and looked at family members' "I <3 so-and-so" posts as well as those of other female friends, and guess what? No huge steroid monsters. None.

    And then I went and looked at popular women's lit, and they weren't there either. Or indeed in YA fiction. Or movies written by women with a male romantic interest for the female lead. They're not there either.

    When will you learn? When will you look at the trail of nobody agreeing with you, and think about that? Hell, you're a damn academic! Ask some women who they fancy! Do some damn research! YOU'RE A FELLOW UNIVERSITY STUDENT! EDUCATE THYSELF!
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  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @masseffectman the Daily Mail who are also against it? As is, I dunno: the Guardian, the Mail, New York Times, and indeed a whole host of press that normally agree on nothing?

    Think on that for a minute.
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  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch the point, oh great mansplainer, is that women - actual women, like my wife (sat giggling at this) - don't like characters like Kratos, or Ryu, or Marcus Fenix, who are male power fantasies. They like characters like Christian Grey, or Edward Cullen, or indeed the ones you yourself pointed out!

    I mean, thanks for agreeing with me by trying to disagree, but really?
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  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @Nikanoru what, that you don't understand that Western art is different from Eastern? Plus, look at Street Fighter characters. Popular Eastern series, about strong men. What do they look like, pray tell? Reply +1
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @AVisualEpiphany done tons thanks, and every time I loop round to "gotcha journalist" Milo and "utter tool" Baldwin, versus industry luminaries, celebrities, journalists and trade bodies. Y'know, respectable people, rather than a hive of angry idiots. Reply +1
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @pmcr09 yeah, look at Christian Grey - the central character of biggest selling women's romantic fantasy novel 50 Shades of Grey. Tall, slim, lightly toned. Why, he's just like Marcus Fenix or Kratos! Except, y'know, not.

    Or indeed the character he's based on, Edward Cullen! Oh no, he's pale, thin and lean. Or Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, or the characters in Hunger Games, or indeed any actual person women commonly fancy both IRL and in stories!

    I mean, christ, women loved Chris Pratt more in Parks and Rec than Guardians of the Galaxy!

    By the way, every example I pull up here? Either from my wife and daughter, or from other women I know! Crazy eh? It's almost as if I did my research!
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  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @pmcr09 that's a comic drawn BY a woman explaining what women would do to "sexualise" a male character... Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @Nikanoru today in "Japan is not a Western culture" news... Reply -2
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    @JamieR you realise that's written by the guy who called gamers "creepy weirdos" just one month ago when it suited his narrative, yeah? And admitted himself he started playing games "just so he could criticise the Tropes Against Women videos"? On a site ran by the guy who just condemned HIMSELF for his views on GTA V? Do your research! I have, why can't you? Reply +2
  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    Also in today's news: Breitbart head condemns HIMSELF for his views on GTA V. Seriously, that happened. Reply +1
  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare blossoms on EA Access

  • sanctusmortis 16/10/2014

    Why, seeing as it's now available in the UK, do they not list the UK monthly (4) or annual (20) price? Reply +1
  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat

  • sanctusmortis 15/10/2014

    @man.the.king my biggest problem, really, is that it doesn't really honestly matter if GamerGate was responsible (IIRC Anita said she doesn't know if this particular threat was, but other threats made to the venue mentioned GG specifically) - the key part of this is that someone threatened an act of horrendous domestic terrorism over someone critiquing videogames in a feminist manner, and this is something everyone should at least be able to agree is deplorable.

    That some people still want to say "yeah, but" is what scares me. We don't need that, we need to all agree it's not okay and condemn it.
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  • sanctusmortis 15/10/2014

    @dirtysteve I count that as a "but", and point you to the end of my post again. Read it, think for a bit, and come back to me on it. Reply -2
  • sanctusmortis 15/10/2014

    I'll be shocked if anyone makes it this far, so: whatever, I still want to rant. Few things:

    1. When a terrorist act is threatened against a person, you should be condemning it - full stop. It doesn't matter how much people hated Thatcher, for instance, the attack on the Conservative conference was a deplorable act. ALL sides of Parliament condemned it.

    2. Innocent until proven guilty is a fine way to think, but the burden of proof is always on the accused attacker in these cases, not the presumed victim. As such, it is not hers to prove false, and besides that the local police confirmed the incident and allowed the email to be seen by news outlets. If she says there were more, and they specifically fingered a mob in them, it is not up to her to prove that - because, most likely, that's been handed off to the FBI for their case, which would be jeopardised.

    3. GamerGate is a mob. They may not like that title, but that's what you call a large group of people with loosely related goals who scream and shout. It's not a movement; they have clear goals, designated spokespeople and leaders, they lead marches and recognised protests. GG has failed to do any of that.

    4. It's hard to cry "we're the real victims here" when GGers are discussing the whole damn incident on a publicly accessible websites and high-fiving each other/calling it a false flag (a Breitbart of a term that means "faked for support", which seeing as the FBI have confirmed the incident as well as USU, well, you know).

    5. If you don't like being seen as "one of them" - speak for yourself. Stop using the hashtag, which is a mere tool to loosely connect blather on the internet. Recognise that the various parties that at any point showed any sort of support - from David Jaffe to GaymerX - IMMEDIATELY rescinded that when the Brianna Wu incident became openly discussed. The fact that only one website - Escapist, who have been called out several times over the last few months for promoting known troublemakers - even has spoken of them slightly favourably should say a lot.

    6. Understand, and this is my big point: this incident FINALLY made Jack Thompson RIGHT. Think on that for a minute. He said gamers were violent, trigger happy thugs, and that every school shooting had a video game link, and that's because gamers are barbaric. Everyone always said it was spurious, tenuous, that gamers weren't like that. How else can you couch this incident? He literally threatened "a Montreal Massacre style attack". He threatened to cause the biggest death toll of any school shooting in the US. And why? Because a woman whose views he disagrees with about a hobby he enjoys was going to be there, and they would let that happen.

    If after reading these points, you still have a "yes, but"? Think about WHY you think that. Do you really, truly believe ANYONE deserves such threats? Do you truly believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary, backing that stupid Alec Baldwin created hashtag is doing ANY good for the image of gamers? Because, from where I'm sat, the media is now talking about gamers in the same way they talk about sewer rats, and on a far more regular basis than is usual. I mean, hell, GG is the one thing the Guardian AND the Mail agree on.
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  • Vine is now an Xbox One app

  • sanctusmortis 15/10/2014

    @man.the.king what's the point of a comments section where you don't voice your issues? That's always been the point. He's had at least the last 2 PS gens, he's a PS4 user, he calls it as he sees it. Why not? Reply +2
  • sanctusmortis 14/10/2014

    Now, if you could only turn Upload Studio vids into Vines... that would be a pretty cool feature, as they'd be far more accessible than OneDrive.

    As for the "what happened to dogmanstar" chatter - guy just likes calling companies on their shit. Of late, Sony's slacking a little. People are still waiting for their promises to actually come to fruition. IIRC, he owns both systems.
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  • Surprise! The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season out now for Xbox One

  • sanctusmortis 14/10/2014

    Most important question: is the save issue fixed, or will it still randomly lose all progress? Reply +1
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • sanctusmortis 11/10/2014

    @7M7 at the same time, they're happy with what they have. Why can't they be? Reply +2
  • Hotline Miami 2 delayed until "late 2014 or early 2015"

  • sanctusmortis 09/10/2014

    Can't blame them - too much coming out, better to get clear of it all. Reply +13
  • Sony "temporarily holding back" DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus edition

  • sanctusmortis 08/10/2014

    It's not exactly hard, when you consider that most reviews point out that the mechanics are unsatisfying, that the version that makes no money yet lets you try such mechanics isn't their priority. That said, "blame the servers" is the new "but [patching/intensive QA/being late to market - delete as appropriate depending on era] costs too much". Reply +4
  • Microsoft insists Master Chief remains "integral" part of Halo 5: Guardians

  • sanctusmortis 06/10/2014

    I'd imagine he's the Campaign, and she's part of Spartan Ops. Reply -3
  • Bungie discussing matchmaking for Destiny's Raid

  • sanctusmortis 06/10/2014

    Having watched several groups run the raid now at both difficulties, I can see their reluctance.

    The raid requires a heavy amount of coordination, and good voice comms is essential for the final battle by design. With pubs and matchmaking, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee conditions that make the raid possible, let alone fun.

    And that's why they put a whole section up on the website for people to gather a group, as a far better alternative.
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  • The patch helps, but Destiny still has a loot problem

  • sanctusmortis 03/10/2014

    @bosseye you didn't realise there was a right way to play games? Seriously? Wow. Never play a game with rules ever.

    It's MMO rules. The best gear's for the best use. You don't have that, you wasted it. That's how it's designed to work!

    Plus, you can level a character way faster than 40 hours. WAY faster. Maybe if the idea of playing a game some more's too much for you, you should give that game up.
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  • sanctusmortis 02/10/2014

    @bosseye then I'd suggest that maybe you're playing the wrong game, because that's the idea. It's what you do in MMOs, Diablo 3, and Destiny, for sure. Reply -1
  • sanctusmortis 02/10/2014

    @bosseye uh, why not just store it and roll a Hunter alt? Reply 0
  • EA will patch swimming pools, ghosts, Star Wars costumes into The Sims 4

  • sanctusmortis 02/10/2014

    @2late2die sounds like my mistake was buying the premade rooms to speed up the build and not subbing out all the gear. Hmm. May have a buy and sell spree! Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 02/10/2014

    @2late2die I found that on my first attempts it was taking 45 mins to cook the food alone, which sucks. I've made the house "natural", ie rooms are where they'd be in a real house, so maybe it's time to "gameify" it a little more. Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 02/10/2014

    @vert1go that'd be if there WERE driveways. Due to the new travel system, there are no vehicles... Well, other than the spaceships, anyhow.

    Already sank 100 hours in in my family, very happy with how it is already, and this stuff arriving last night was pretty cool too. There are still some real gameplay issues that need fixing - it's impossible for a Sim to wake up, make breakfast and have a shower before most jobs, for instance, and making friends is really hard at the moment - but it can all be got around and frankly it runs so much better than Sims 3 I can forgive some foibles.
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  • What did Alien director Ridley Scott actually do for Halo: Nightfall?

  • sanctusmortis 01/10/2014

    Okay, so watching the teaser and...

    "It's sourced from a place no-one will go. He says it's sourced from Hell".

    THERE is what Ridley Scott did: made Halo's convoluted history, theology and so on even more messed up. Cheers. Bring back Blomkamp!
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  • sanctusmortis 01/10/2014

    Sod what Mr Scott had to do with it - better than or equal to Forward Unto Dawn? Hoping for better... Reply +8
  • Assassin's Creed: Rogue Achievements point to modern day section

  • sanctusmortis 30/09/2014

    @MCam435 but UPlay achievements on consoles are just the ones to get points. A full LIST of achievements on UPlay means PC version. Reply 0
  • How Left4Dead changed my life for the better

  • sanctusmortis 28/09/2014

    AND we STILL never got video of the EG team whupping Valve ass. Reply +2
  • sanctusmortis 28/09/2014

    @PrivateFloyd that tournament was some of the most fun I have ever had playing a game ever :D Reply +2
  • October's Games With Gold adds Darksiders 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  • sanctusmortis 25/09/2014

    @chucklepie they are - Darksiders 2 is only 2 years old, and BFBC2 is 4. Reply 0
  • Bungie nerfs Destiny's magical loot farming Treasure Cave

  • sanctusmortis 25/09/2014

    The Queen's Bounty change is what's really caused upset with high level players. I mean, people expected them to patch out an exploit, but making their own event pointless (the gear that gets dropped is pretty much only good for breaking down)? That's a new one. Reply +12
  • Steam Music Player lets you listen to your music while you play

  • sanctusmortis 25/09/2014

    Now, if the folks at Humble could give me keys for all the OSTs they gave me in their bundles, that'd be sweet... (That'll totally happen soon, I expect) Reply +1
  • Diablo 3 PC patch 2.1.1 now live

  • sanctusmortis 24/09/2014

    I always viewed her as a purveyor of materials, personally. Never even had a decent rare, never mind legendary or set... Reply +2
  • Xbox One price cut by 20 in the UK, now 329

  • sanctusmortis 23/09/2014

    @tyronewalcott I wouldn't bet on Sony doing that, what with the company currently waiting to launch a whole new line of hardware in other business areas and in frankly dire financial circumstances overall right now. It could happen, but... unlikely. Far more likely to stick to bundles. Reply 0