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  • Sony wanted Titanfall developer Respawn to work on Vita

  • sanctusmortis 17/04/2014

    @Malek86 I do wonder what they'll do for servers, though; all 3 versions of Titanfall use MS' Azure for the AI stuff, matchmaking and so on. Will the sequel be Origin? If so, it may be BF4 all over again. Reply +1
  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • sanctusmortis 16/04/2014

    Personally, a good chunk of my unplayed library will always be that way - they're Mac versions or betas that finished before I bought the game... Reply 0
  • Veteran Halo composer fired from Bungie "without cause"

  • sanctusmortis 16/04/2014

    That Bungie statement sounds exactly like what Activision would say. Curious, no?

    If there's any sense in the industry, 343i already reached out to him, and Halo 5 just improved its OST.
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  • Face-Off: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • sanctusmortis 12/04/2014

    I'd recommend anyone who thinks this looks great goes and watches the Giant Bomb quick look, where the texture pop-in is sometimes upwards of ten seconds. Plus, the screen tear on that first comparison is terrifying. Not a single frame seems to render properly! Reply +3
  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • sanctusmortis 12/04/2014


    Shenmue 3... you'd have to fully remake the first two, and for the time they were amazing. I suspect that, as time's moved on, people would be less impressed. Saying that, I'd still play it. In a modern engine with HD textures and character models? It'd be brilliant.

    Half-Life 3 isn't as necessary as Episode 3. They started a 3-part story, ended part 2 on a full-on Empire Strikes Back downer, and never gave us Return of the Jedi. We kinda need that, or else where Half-Life ends is too depressing for words. THEN HL3.

    As for The Last Guardian? It's less of a game than the other two. Really, so far we've seen a lot of cutscene. There's no real evidence that, behind it, there's a great game - only legacy. It's had a lot of problems - a LOT - and I'll be honest, I don't think it's survived all the change.
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  • SOE's zombie apocalypse MMO H1Z1 has been detailed

  • sanctusmortis 10/04/2014

    @PlugMonkey what in normally is is you play in the beta phase before it goes public, and once it does they bung you a couple of the starter packs. It's still a little shady, though. Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 10/04/2014

    @blarty no, it's called "State of Decay: Class 4", and they announced it last year... See Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 10/04/2014

    They just confirmed it's F2P, but $20 to play in Steam Early Access.

    Hello, "trend that needs to die".
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  • sanctusmortis 10/04/2014

    @mushi_mush but when within a year there's been 3 games cannibalising each other's markets, and several other knock-off games like The War Z trying to muscle in, it gets stale fast.

    The best games are the ones that take already over-used concepts and do something new, and this certainly doesn't appear to be that.
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  • sanctusmortis 10/04/2014

    This sounds like a cross of Rust, DayZ and Fortnite. So, probably a bit late in the PC space. Still, I'm sure the console crowd will think it's the greatest thing ever... Reply -10
  • Titanfall update adds private matches

  • sanctusmortis 10/04/2014

    @bad09 have you watched the Giant Bomb quick look of the 360 version? It's pretty awful. Terrible texture pop-in, almost constant tearing... it's a mess. That and the barely better than PAL resolution.

    That said, that it runs at all is a miracle.
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  • The Evil Within footage harks back to Resident Evil 4

  • sanctusmortis 09/04/2014

    Oh hey look someone made a game of the original Resident Evil 4 concept. It looks... well, not exactly like it's pushing the graphical boundaries. The old footage is markedly better... Reply +2
  • Epic Games' Fortnite reappears in new footage

  • sanctusmortis 09/04/2014

    I liked when during sign-up they asked how many F2P games I've played. Well, tons - and very very few ever got any money from me (Mechwarrior Online did, and I think World of Tanks maybe once a couple of years back)... Reply 0
  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • sanctusmortis 09/04/2014

    $60 is standard US full price game RRP, so expect it for 40-45 depending on shop here. Does make you wonder if the game was developed with conversion in mind, and if so, can other PS3 games be... Reply +2
  • The Xbox One updates keep on coming

  • sanctusmortis 08/04/2014

    @riz23 Judging by this comments thread, the average Daily Star reader... Reply +2
  • Kinect Sports Rivals review

  • sanctusmortis 08/04/2014

    The biggest problem of using Kinect over, say, Motion Plus or a Move is the latency that's part of the system. With the other two, it's merely following an item through digital means - the gyroscope gives information on your movements, the camera is just looking for Move's coloured light - but Kinect has to work out what part of the image it's getting is what point on the body, map all that, and then make the movements into actions.

    Basically, Kinect would work amazing and fast if we all wore motion capture suits. There's the issue: you'd never do that, so it'll never truly work at its best.
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  • Mercenary Kings review

  • sanctusmortis 08/04/2014

    Humble Store now does local currency, guys - it's currently 12.49.

    I played this back when it was Early Access, and it seemed pretty bare then. Certainly lacking in mission variety and map variety - I think there were 2 maps back then and 20 missions? - and the weapons had pretty clear good combinations as when you tried out what you'd made it was often terrible.

    The biggest problem it's got, though, is that you can buy Bionic Commando Rearmed and Metal Slug still, and get a good version of it.
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  • Xbox One will let you upload videos to YouTube starting tomorrow

  • sanctusmortis 07/04/2014

    @dogmanstaruk E3 2006 was worse, because MS looked quite embarrassed about it and took steps to rectify it. Sony doubled down. It's to be hoped MS also take a lot less than 3 years to turn the XBO around.

    Still, no denying Sony have done a very impressive change of style this gen, and are being rewarded for it with frankly astounding sales figures. Seems Xbox consoles may follow a similar pattern to Windows (bad-good-bad to Windows' opposite).
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  • sanctusmortis 07/04/2014

    They've also dropped hints about 360 emulation, which is very cool. Reply +4
  • Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance review

  • sanctusmortis 03/04/2014

    @Pandy IIRC GW doesn't want a game that literally translates tabletop to game, because it could utterly ruin their business. It is, however, what everyone has wanted since forever. Reply +3
  • Video: Let's Play Surgeon Simulator on iPad

  • sanctusmortis 03/04/2014

    So, um, guys? If you didn't like the whole "drill in the eye" bit of Dead Space 2, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO. Reply 0
  • Amazon Game Studios announces its first exclusive for Fire TV

  • sanctusmortis 03/04/2014

    And don't forget, you'll need a 40 pad to be able to play this on your 100 device. At which point you may as well have bought a Google Play accessing tablet with HDMI out and expandable memory... Reply +2
  • Amazon reveals Fire TV set-top box and controller

  • sanctusmortis 03/04/2014

    So it's an Android box, ie a system that already has Minecraft, and a headline part of its release is Minecraft? Wow, good job there Amazon. Will I have to side-load everything onto it as usual? What about the million Android games my Humble Bundles have given me, is there a way I can add the app even so I can install them? There's not a single mention of a web browser, I note.

    Plus, no expandable memory and the pad's an extra 40 (it'll be like for like UK pricing like every other Amazon device)? For 140 you can get a decent Android tablet with HDMI out and expandable memory these days!

    DOA, like every other one of these devices, with the added bonus of not even having access to Google Play.
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  • Pink Nintendo 2DS headed to Europe next month

  • sanctusmortis 02/04/2014

    I keep finding 2DS' at around 80. It would seem they've truly been rejected - original 3DS' go for 30 more. Reply -1
  • Game jam reality show cancelled as indies wouldn't put up with its s***

  • sanctusmortis 01/04/2014

    It's worth going over to Max Temkin's blog to have a read of some of the other stuff - sounds like a disaster all round. Pirated software filled with malware on dev machines, cheap headsets for Let's Play challenges... Reply +2
  • Goat Simulator review

  • sanctusmortis 01/04/2014

    Played about 3 hours yesterday. It's a fantastic bit of fun. Reminds me a lot of Surgeon Simulator, Katamari Damacy and QWOP. Reply +1
  • Notch: cancelled Minecraft for Oculus Rift would have been free

  • sanctusmortis 29/03/2014

    @PenguinJim Indeed. It's almost like Notch has brushed it aside just to make a point, and everyone else is just ignoring it. Reply 0
  • sanctusmortis 28/03/2014

    Question: was this "free" version going to have support for Minecraft Realms, Mojang's new 8 a month subscription service for server runners? I just found about it, and frankly I'm both baffled and unsurprised it exists. Reply -1
  • sanctusmortis 28/03/2014

    @eozgonul Maybe he wasn't willing to sell. That is, until Sony popped up, he realised they couldn't compete, and he scrambled to find a buyer? It's funny, the deal took 5 days, and day one of that deal was Morpheus' reveal.

    Yes, he should just come out and admit "we knew we were fucked, selling to someone seemed the best option". I agree. But it's entirely possible that he really didn't want to, until he was offered more money than is real to keep doing what they already were.
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  • sanctusmortis 28/03/2014

    @eozgonul if you really thought they'd never sell, especially after Sony's announcement? You're nuts.

    Start-ups aim to be bought by a big fish where they can do what they were but with massive financial backing. That, hopefully, is what we got.
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  • sanctusmortis 28/03/2014

    @Silvergun-Blue you know full well he means peripheral wise. Still, he's still wrong:

    Thrustmaster T500 steering wheel, PC/PS3 -

    A mere 410!
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  • sanctusmortis 28/03/2014

    The bit that everyone seems to be missing is the bit where the CEO of Oculus points out the already existing mod for Minecraft, Minecrift, that already does what this free version would. So, basically, he was building a whole new version of a game just to do something a simple mod would do. Reply -3
  • Frog Fractions 2 adds stretch goal to buy Oculus from Facebook

  • sanctusmortis 28/03/2014

    @bongoinferno but "Facebook is creepy" is a child's way of discussing a situation, and when you're indie kiddie extraordinaire famous for your shit-fits (see the Minecon Yogscast debacle) who everyone looks to for guidance, coming out and saying "I'm not happy because I Kickstart-ed a thing and somebody bought it" is a) naive about how business works b) utterly ignoring what Kickstarter itself says about backing vs investing (ie it is illegal to invest at that scale, you are merely donating towards making an idea reality) and c) quite childishly using your soapbox to scream "I dun wanna" into the ether.

    Seriously, right now the people who don't knee-jerk everything, but actually read around a subject, research and learn, are all coming down on the side of "this was inevitable, and probably the best option". Cliff may be a bit of a dick, but what he said in that blog post makes total sense - INCLUDING calling out Notch for using his platform in a childish manner.
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  • sanctusmortis 28/03/2014

    @bongoinferno he calls out the way Notch did it. He isn't saying anything about the decision, just that it was a dick way to do it. And of course he's happy his investment is paying off, that's why you invest rather than just pay into a Kickstarter! Reply -2
  • sanctusmortis 27/03/2014

    @lew15ewad Notch wanted to re-sell Minecraft for PC repackaged as "Oculus Rift Edition", despite the fact there's already a mod in development - Minecrift. Of course, he makes no money from a mod. If his problem is walled garden ecosystems and dodgy companies, why's he so happy to work with Apple (who he's talked about negatively plenty) and Microsoft (who he's been plenty sharp with)? Reply -2
  • sanctusmortis 27/03/2014

    @bdc Yeah, people like Cliff Blezinski, Patrick Klepek and Mike Krahulik know nothing about games, Facebook and business. Nope.

    Alternatively, what's happening may, just may, be the typical reaction to anything Facebook does that typically actually doesn't turn out that bad (WhatsApp remains unchanged, as does Instagram).

    Gah. Why is it only showing one link? Go visit:

    Cliffy B's thoughts -
    Patrick Klepek's Giant Bomb Write-up -
    Mike Krahulik on Penny Arcade -
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  • Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition doesn't include the game

  • sanctusmortis 26/03/2014

    @bratsampson they can't assume you have access to the internet. Dumb, isn't it. Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • sanctusmortis 26/03/2014

    I don't get it. Seriously, I don't get it.

    The Oculus is a piece of hardware, with the software component being drivers, yet people somehow expect that it's now going to be tied to their Facebook account.


    This is a really, really simple one. Zuckerberg even said it, in the investor call. VR has the potential to reach BILLIONS. Facebook is a software company. They bought Oculus to be in at the ground level when the technology takes off, making money from the hardware and with a better ability to utilise it in software should the opportunity occur. They stated this isn't about the device being profitable, which they rightly said will take 5+ years. This is about being in that market, day one.

    And on the Oculus side of things, it's even simpler. They've spent two years building goodwill for a device, only to watch Sony steal their thunder. They know, deep down, they cannot compete with Sony in a price war. Sony will undercut the heck out of them, and they'll have to change the hardware to make it so they can afford to compete. Suddenly, a buyer comes along. They'll give you the money to make the device you have as a prototype, right now, without having to compromise. Suddenly, selling at a price to make profit isn't an issue. You can mass produce that development kit, make the product people have tried be the one they can buy.

    Yes, I am sure there's more to it than that. Yes, Facebook isn't exactly who I saw doing this. But after the non-changes they made to WhatsApp and Instagram, I have to take their word that they're merely wanting to be in a new field as it starts rather than try and get in late to the party.

    It makes total sense, and yet the internet, especially gamers, is acting like the sky is falling.
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  • Phil Spencer on bringing VR, paid alphas to Xbox One

  • sanctusmortis 22/03/2014

    I don't get the rush to VR. We're talking devices that cost as much as the machine they're being used with here, and I just can't imagine that being a price people are willing to pay for a device that, really, only works in first person games.

    I mean, the big game series with regular releases right now are Assassins Creed, CoD, and sports games. Of those, only CoD would work with it in any usable way. Then there's the issue of needing space to manoeuvre in that Kinect has/had, the smaller market for motion control, the expense of getting a setup (Sony's system is the PS4 Camera, the headset, and two Move controllers, for example) and I just fail to see why this is being treated as something with mainstream appeal.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • sanctusmortis 21/03/2014



    "We made this on one hell of a high-end PC. This is the absolute best it can look. Now, we pare this back a metric fuckton to make it have a stable frame rate, and the result is the same as for every other game: it'll look okay. Ish."
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  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • sanctusmortis 19/03/2014

    Did I miss something? People went nuts when Kinect was announced because it was a ridiculously expensive peripheral hardly anyone would use. 4 years later, people are salivating over a device that's going to cost at least 3 times that? Whuh?

    Sony have a history of these devices, yes, and VR is very cool. But being realistic, it's only usable in first person, and Sony's previous devices cost a lot of money (the current ones go for over 400 used, a quick Google shows). Are people going to pay as much as another console for this? Unlikely. So, game support will be rare, and then it'll be pointless.

    If MS are smart, they'll just support Rift, and make it a simple patch to add support to a game. Doubt they are, though, so I await a huge, ugly headset that makes the early 90s ones look svelte and stylish.
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  • Microsoft announces 25 indie games coming to Xbox One

  • sanctusmortis 18/03/2014

    That's... a nice list. It'd be nice to see a few more, though. Luftrausers, after a couple of days playing it! Reply +1
  • Luftrausers review

  • sanctusmortis 18/03/2014

    Now started to encounter the more secret enemies, and damn it's an agressive ramp-up. Still very, very fun though - my high score's just a pinch under 8000 now. Reply +1
  • sanctusmortis 18/03/2014

    Really great. Had it on preorder through Humble a while, been playing since the non-Steam copy was available yesterday. Very, very addictive, Reply 0
  • Watch us complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in just 10 minutes

  • sanctusmortis 18/03/2014

    @coffeemix well then, how about Shadow Complex taking 5 minutes 14? Or Dead Space 3 in half an hour? Both have been done in those times on the speed run archive posted earlier.

    Speed runs are not proper run-throughs of a game. As they say in the video, yes 10 mins is possible - but only after you know where literally everything is, skip every cutscene, and don't actually do very well. Your first time through, and especially watching cutscenes, it'll take a lot longer.
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  • sanctusmortis 18/03/2014

    Maybe the people saying "9/10 for 10 minutes" should actually try watching the video, where they explain at the very beginning that this is only made possible by memorising everything's location and after many, many practices. I mean, the original Mario can be completed in under 5 minutes, but the skill and practice required takes far longer. Reply +2
  • sanctusmortis 18/03/2014

    @HotCoffee no hacks, just a very hard to pull of piece of skill - defeat Gohma at the same time as you die. Amazing to see. Reply 0
  • Exploring Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight 2014

  • sanctusmortis 12/03/2014

    @EdgyMirrors I'm utterly lost at what to do in Best Buds at the minute, which is frustrating.

    Also weird to see so many iOS ideas this year; half of Ward's ideas were out and out mobile ideas, and a good few of the main entries too.
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  • Titanfall runs into problems on PC with error 503

  • sanctusmortis 12/03/2014

    @George-Roper error 503 is an Origin sign-in error, IIRC, though. Likely it's so many people getting an Origin account to play the game that's the issue. Nothing to do with Azure. Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs PC minimum specs confirmed

  • sanctusmortis 12/03/2014

    @TigerX81 it's gone up again in the last year after it fell as resources to make it are scarce at the minute, IIRC. It's created a weird bubble where it's the amount not the speed that matters for pricing - CCL sell 8GB of DDR3 2400 for 3 more than 1600 right now, for instance. Reply 0