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sanctusmortis (aka SanctusMortis) has most recently played Destiny, Dragon Age Inquisition, Rayman® Legends, and Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 on Xbox Live.

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  • All New Bargains Group

    Like the 'All New Bargains Thread' but split into multiple
    threads for ease of navigation. It's the future! 559 Members

  • All Points Bulletin

    A group for people eagerly awaiting the release of this from
    Realtime Worlds 20618 Members

  • Dads' Club

    Raising a new generation of slackers 225 Members


    EG Mac Users Group! 212 Members

  • Eurogamer Expo

    The official group for the Eurogamer Expo. 552 Members

  • Halo Appreciation

    Halo 1, 2 and 3- hell anything Bungie created will do in this
    group! Official Halo 3 Mega thread: HERE The Offical
    Halo 3 Beta Thread: HERE 329 Members

  • Left 4 Dead

    For L4D1 & L4D2. 392 Members

  • OutRun Racers Club

    For all things OutRun related! 145 Members

  • Rock Band

    Eurogamer group for the game "Rock Band" 51 Members

  • The naughty step

    Dodgy stuff. P2P and that kind of thing. 88 Members

  • The Wrestling Group

    WWE, TNA, RoH, WCW, or the indie promotions (and maybe a little
    UFC/MMA). Be a social pariah in this group :-) 242 Members