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  • No ICO sequel this year

  • salamando 21/07/2004

    Was ICO a big success in Japan as well? I can't remember, but it doesn't seem like the kind of game that particular audience goes for. Ah well, I'll be sitting tight for the sequel in any case.

    /twiddles thumbs
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  • Final Fantasy XI to launch this September

  • salamando 06/07/2004

    And in other news the european World of Warcraft beta opened yesterday. I'd much rather support a company that rolls out their games in time and actually gives a damn.

    Let's see here, it will launch in September (presumably)... Japanese launch was in 05/16/02 so it will make the european launch almost 3 years late, and the American PC version was in 11/04/03.

    Considering that Square's resources dwarf Blizzard's and that WoW will (quite probably) get a near simultaneous release... Oh FF, how far you've fallen *weeps* I know where I'll be going to get my fix of swords and elves ;)
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