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  • It looks like Forza Horizon 3's first big expansion is heading to New Zealand

  • s33r 02/11/2016

    Australia does get snow you know! Regularly head to the Snowy Mountains which is not far from where I live in Canberra. So it could still be Australia based. Reply +4
  • Destiny Archon's Forge: Loot, rewards, and how Rise of Iron's battle arena works

  • s33r 04/10/2016

    Fused and Enhanced encounters are pretty straight forward even around 340 mark for gear. Clearing the area for the axes is the best tactic as, if you keep them till you 100% the enemies grab the axes, wait on top of the central hub where the boss spawns and drop down as soon as it opens. Unleash the power of the axes and both at Fused and Enhanced they'll die very quickly with three axe bearers.

    Perfected is more difficult as the class of enemies in the waves are higher too. The tactic used for Fused and Enhanced still applies but you'll also need to use conventional weapons here too. Having one camp up top near the Forge's entry should allow for easy sniping/heavy weapon use without attracting too much enemy attention.

    Archon's Forge is great fun even in a random group and is a great way to get materials and gear upgrades. A twenty minute stint with mostly successful runs can easily see you fill up all you inventory slots.
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  • OneGuide rolling out to select Xbox One users in the UK

  • s33r 02/04/2014

    I guess we'll be waiting a long time before it hits Australia. This was one of the features I was most looking forward to, heck I can't even turn on my console via Kinect still as the feature isn't enabled :( Reply +2
  • Football Manager 2011

  • s33r 12/10/2010

    Interesting preview, got my pre-order down though it's amusing that the article has the Fifa Manager 11 packshot as opposed to FM. Reply +1
  • Microsoft cans 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live

  • s33r 15/07/2010

    Sad to hear this as I quite enjoyed this and have been looking forward to its return. Reply +1
  • Football Manager Live beta key giveaway starting soon

  • s33r 08/06/2007

    rauper: I see, fair enough then. Guess it was worth a try and I'll just have to live with the disappointment. Thanks for the info though and letting us know what's going on. Reply 0
  • s33r 08/06/2007

    @rauper: I assumed it's got something to do with the system being overloaded in a short space of time. As many have posted that they've received messages ~40 are going to miss out after being told they've won. Granted that you've told us that we haven't and that it'd appear in our giveaway section on our profile. The question that most are asking is whether SI & EG will offer a place to those who missed out. Can you give anything on this or is it just a case of tough luck? Reply 0
  • s33r 08/06/2007

    Cheers for the info rauper.. guess congrats to those in and, miffedness for those who got congrats message but missed out. I'll still hope for a resolution that sees use testing anyway, but I know that's a pipe dream. Reply 0
  • s33r 08/06/2007

    I sense some bitterness in here! Hahaha sore losers
    Not sore losers, just people disappointed that, despite getting a message saying congratulations we have, in fact missed out.
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  • s33r 08/06/2007

    I think rauper's link is trying to tell you to check the "Claimed Giveaways" part on your profile.

    If that's the case then I didn't get one even tho I was told I'd won. Sigh.

    *sigh* ditto here then. If it's true though I think that's unfair, sending out congrats messages to peeps who missed out. I was all chuffed too, maybe if we asked nicely, those who did get congrats messages (I count prolly 5-10 extra) get places anyway. Surely SI wouldn't mind? I just think it's a little unfair to those who thought they were in but aren't due to a technical glitch
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  • s33r 08/06/2007

    me too (well I got two infact) that says I have a code but it's blank..? Reply 0
  • SI unveils Football Manager MMO

  • s33r 20/04/2007

    Can't wait for this Reply 0
  • Texas Hold 'em patched

  • s33r 29/11/2006

    does this sort the glitch with the every hand type achievement? Reply 0
  • Tony Hawk's Project 8

  • s33r 17/11/2006

    cracking game love it I do love it Reply 0