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  • PS4 shoots through 30m sales mark

  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @grassyknoll "I used the term sales driver."

    And I used the term "a real system seller" and you contend that's what GTA5 has been on PS4.

    I fundamentally disagree.
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @SwissTony1994 "Secondly dedicated servers have always cost someone money somewhere"

    I spent more money back in dial-up days contributing to the running of an Unreal Tournament server that I do now on Xbox Live (21) and PSN (35) together.
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @grassyknoll "Actually I didn't say that at all"

    Ah, my bad. I must have misunderstood you.

    " it's obviously moved systems."

    Wait! No I didn't. So we are back to where we were.

    You believe PS4 wouldn't be near todays numbers without GTA5 remaster & I don't.

    Thanks for clearing it up. I think.
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @grassyknoll "PS4 sales increased quadruple fold in the UK its launch week"

    Quadruple against what? The previous year? The previous week?

    Sounds like the bump was more to do with people holding off for the Black Friday sales week and then a bunch of sales happening that week than an awful lot to do with GTA5.

    But anyway, you believe that the PS4 would still be millions away from 30m sales without GTA5, I believe it would be pretty much where it is now.

    Of course it can't be proven one way or another so we will just have to continue believing what we believe.
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @grassyknoll So your contention is that gamers went out in their millions to purchase a PS4 (or XB1) specifically to play GTA5?

    Fine if that's what you believe. I just have a hard time with it.
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @grassyknoll "5 million copies+ say otherwise."

    Say otherwise what?
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @tonyascencao "Will probably be Gran Turismo"

    You are probably right. Not sure if GTSport is the one or the next "full" GT game.
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    @grassyknoll "GTA V is in the top 5 games sold for the system..."

    Yes, but people didn't buy a PS4 because of the GTA V remaster.
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  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    Amazing numbers and all without a real system seller.

    I'm not talking exclusives per-se, but about a game that makes people go out and buy consoles, like a Grand Theft Auto.
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  • Dead or Alive Facebook page says Xtreme 3 won't head west

  • rotmm 25/11/2015

    Apparently it's all down to the SJW's

    Edit: Context

    @Play-Asia "#DOAX3 will not be coming to the US due to #SJW nonsense. However, we will have the English Asia version available"
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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters review

  • rotmm 24/11/2015

    @Kami "Bloodborne is the Alfa Romero of games right now."

    Bloodborne (or any Souls-type game) isn't really my bag, but as an ex-Alfa owner that one comment has brought me closer to buying this than any other review.

    What an absolutely brilliant way to break down a game to its essence. Well played.
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  • Xbox 360 at 10: The brilliance of the 360's dashboard

  • rotmm 23/11/2015

    @The-Sauce "Sony are shits to be sure and their response to YLOD was appalling..."

    Not only did they charge me 140 (as I recall) to fix my YLOD'd fat, when I had a reoccurrence of the same problem 5 months later they tried to charge me again!

    I was fortunate to not get RROD, though some of that was likely due to the upgrade path from Premium 20gb to Elite 120gb to Slim 250bg over time, but as I understand it there was a minimum 12 months warranty on repairs, which is something they still offer in their hardware today.

    So yes, MS originally denied there was a real problem but part of that was not actually understanding there "was" a real problem. They aren't a hardware company after all. But the response was magnificent and to be rightly lauded.

    Sony on the other hand, with their response to the real issues with the PS2 disc drive or the YLOD of the PS3, prefer to use the "stick fingers in ears shouting laaa-laaa-laaa" while their customers try to get quality service. They REALLY can't be trusted in this regard.
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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • rotmm 21/11/2015

    Weird comment from Aoife, [I]"If there weren't any, right now, we wouldn't have anything else to play to be quite honest"[/I]

    As of 5 minute ago I was playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and about 35% complete. Nearing the end of the amazing Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Have yet to finish the Halo 5 campaign. I'm finding myself struggling to just fit in gaming time for those 3. Not a CoD fan but that's there for gamers right now, plus Star Wars Battlefield. Of course there's also Fallout 4 that I'm not going to buy because I don't have time to play it will all these other great games that I'm going through right now. Also been tempted by some of the Back Compat games that have just turned up on my "To Install" list, as well as other games that I still have to complete.

    At the moment it's a case of "too many games to play" rather than the opposite.
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  • Xbox One's new dashboard rolling out now

  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @scuffpuppies "I've never seen an advert for a deodorant on either the PS4 or XBO. The 360 certainly (PS3 not so much). Everything seems to be "entertainment" related at least."

    Yea, the Axe comment was more about the kind of OT adverts out there. And you're right, I don't recall seeing that on XB1 (though I believe our US cousins have had similar ads).

    That said, there is one on there for Skype today and I guess that could be seen either way (especially when most XB1's sold now don't have Kinect)
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @scuffpuppies "I've never felt either system this gen is shoving adverts down people's throats."

    As I said, it's really all down to how you define ads. For me highlighting relevant content to that you can purchase on a console isn't an intrusive advert, whereas maybe something telling me to buy axe deodorant or watch the new James Bond is more so.

    However I think a lot of people believe the former to be aggressive marketing.

    One thing is for sure, the PS4 has been designed from the ground up to try and get you to buy content. Hover over a game icon and a link for DLC for that game and/or other similar full games will open up. Enter the activity feed and it is peppered with links for content you can buy on the console (as well as the occasional ad for other things). Scroll along you list and there's a non-removable PS Now icon advertising the new service. Open the TV & Video folder and there's dozens of icons for (mostly paid) services that you need to scroll past before getting to the app you want to open.

    For the most part (at the moment anyway) Xbox is keeping it to those 3 tiles on the homepage and then within the dedicated stores.
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @septimus "Does it reduce the amount f**king adverts shoved down our throats?"

    Still Ads, still less than PS4 (and maybe a touch fewer than before).

    Of course, it all depends on how you define ads.
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @WhiteUmbrella " I don't want screens of it, without a way to make it disappear. I also don't like sports, and if I did, since I'm in the UK what are the chances I'd be interested in a dedicated NFL channel? I also don't want Blinkbox, Wuaki TV, Amazon or other apps..."

    You would absolutely hate the PS4 UI then. There's a TV and Video folder on the homepage that can't be removed (tho it will move further away when not used). However, the very worst thing about it is it's already filled with placeholders for apps that you haven't downloaded.

    So even if you just want to use one video app such as YouTube, every time you do you need to go to the TV & Video folder and scroll down past all of those aps that you don't actually want. You can't even reorder them so that the one you use is first.

    It's really weird and makes the PS3 singstar thing look like a pleasant lark by Sony.

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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @MrTomFTW Fuck off :p

    If I can't get the focusing right, do you really think I'm gonna remember to pull the battery out of the clock???
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @SHPanda "I've watched the video, and it's no use, I know how to access my pins, I don't want to access my pins, I want an easy and quick to access page of all my games and apps, I should just be able to scroll right and there they are rather than that community tab."

    I made a video for you because (a) I have a little time today and (b) I really have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when saying certain things are hard to get to, etc ;)

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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @ClemFandango No, I did get what you meant, I just don't understand the criticism. Surely it's worth (in this thread where people are arguing over many button pushes it takes to navigate to certain parts of the dash! ;) ;) the convenience of returning to a previous experience quickly over the occasional inconvenience of pressing B one time too many? Reply 0
  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @ClemFandango "Are you saying they have removed the my games and my apps screens ? If so that is bad !"

    No, they haven't. It's actually quicker to get to it now from the home screen.
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @ClemFandango "It should take you back to the home screen and that's it. if I accidently press the button twice all of a sudden the xbox starts loading up Halo 5 or Netflix etc. the back button shouldn't be used for loading up a previously played game or app. It's counter intuitive."

    How is it counter intuitive? B takes you Back. Is that so hard to understand?

    So I'm watching Netflix and I want to quickly check IMDB to see what other films the actor I'm watching has been in.

    So on PS4 I press the PS button to take me home, scroll to the www and then click on it to get to the web browser and do my search. When I'm finished I press O to back out and it takes me back to the homescreen, where I then have to navigate to the TV icon and then navigate to Netflix to resume again.

    XB1 I press the lighted X button to take me home, scroll to E(dge) and click on it to get to the web browser and do my search. I press B to back out and then B again and I'm back at Netflix.

    Sorry, which is clumsy and unintuitive?
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @ClemFandango "My biggest gripe with the UI is when you press the B button and it takes you back to loading up a game, netflix, youtube etc. Has this been fixed"

    Not sure I understand the question. Yes B for Back takes you back to the previous page and/or action.

    What else should it do?
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @punchesjudy I think I read somewhere that they would start to turn up 12 hours or so after the update released. Reply 0
  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @verynaughtyboy "I think I'll buy the Rare collection for Xbox One now in preparation for when I eventually buy the console."

    Or you could, you know, just buy the game when you actually get the console ;)

    Not that I'm trying to dissuade you from getting Rare Replay as I have had shit loads of fun and haven't even touched half the games in it yet
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @Old_Books "Hoping I will be able to set English as my language again."

    I don't think so, but I seem to recall seeing a tweet from Phil Spencer that it was something they are looking into.
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @Episode13 "This is a positive XB1 thread, Sony have no place here"


    Episode13 - "This is one thing the Sony fanboys can't touch"

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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @Episode13 "UI and stellar updates every month"

    There could be an argument made that the PS4 UI doesn't need any changes or speed enhancements.
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  • rotmm 12/11/2015

    @MrTomFTW Yup. This was a proper beta (as opposed to just getting early access to new features) and while it was stressed by the MS team it was going to be buggy and absolutely not to install if you didn't want to risk crashes, etc. there was a shit load of whining about..... a beta being buggy.

    Go figure
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  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • rotmm 03/11/2015

    @Big-Boss "I'm still waiting for the promised Bluetooth audio support that Sony said would be patched in after launch yet has gone completely silent on."

    They don't really have to try anymore.
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  • Xbox One backwards compatibility dated for November

  • rotmm 27/10/2015

    @asal_bach "So u r a married man? Man! honestly I m shocked. Bcos until now I thought u r a 13yr old kid. Blame ur writing intellectual not me."

    I'm not entirely sure if this post is deliberately ironic or not?
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  • HoloLens dev kits to launch in Q1 2016 for $3k

  • rotmm 06/10/2015

    While it seems clear that VR, as initiated by Oculus and emulated by big players like Sony, Steam and a variety of other offerings, is the "next big thing" (or next big fad, the future of the tech remains to be seen) I have to admit I'm happy that there is at least someone out there trying a different path.

    I don't see AR as presented by Microsoft as having a significant future, but hats off to them for not going the "Me Too" route.
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  • Shu's personal history of PlayStation - and the rest of Saturday's EGX sessions

  • rotmm 27/09/2015

    For me Shu was the highlight of this years developer sessions. It was a true pleasure to hear him discuss the path playstation has taken over the last 20 years.

    But overall this years dev sessions have been a severe disappointment. I'm not talking on the quality of the sessions that took place, but rather the very real lack of sessions themselves.

    They have always been my favourite part of the EGX experience and generally made a 4-day pass a must.

    Not this year and I'll have to think long and hard on whether next year will be worth investing in a 4-day pass again, as it's not just the ticket price to consider, but also travel, parking, accommodation, etc.
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  • Shower sim Rinse & Repeat banned on Twitch

  • rotmm 24/09/2015

    Bummer :( Reply +31
  • Battlefield Hardline steered onto EA Access Vault next month

  • rotmm 24/09/2015

    EA Access needs more indie games Reply -2
  • PEGI listings hint at PS2 Classics for PlayStation 4

  • rotmm 14/09/2015

    @BobbyDeNiro "Why can't you just use normal language and say you've 'contacted' Sony?"

    Maybe because to state you have 'contacted' a person or organisation implies actual communication between the parties.
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  • UK chart: Super Mario Maker 2nd, Tearaway Unfolded 33rd

  • rotmm 14/09/2015

    What the fuck for Tearaway? Deserves better than that. Much, much better. Reply +18
  • EGX 2015: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida to talk 20 years of PlayStation

  • rotmm 11/09/2015

    I find myself spending more time in the developer sessions than actually gaming and will ensure this is one session I don't miss.

    Kudos to EG as this seems a bit of a coup to me to get Shu onstage.
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  • Xbox Live Indie Games is no more

  • rotmm 10/09/2015

    @kesouk "A little QC would have gone a long way."

    The thing is, this is what "independent developers" were asking for - an app store-like marketplace where they could release what they wanted when they wanted. By it's very nature it meant there was little to no interference (excepting managing objectional content) from the platform holder and with the peer-review system supposedly helping to manage quality (which of course never happened).

    Sadly I don't think MS got anywhere near enough credit for either essentially creating the console indie community with XBLA or opening it up to all with XBLIG. Indeed, with the latter I seemed to hear mostly complaints from everywhere, with those same complainants complementing Steam for their Greenlight initiative.

    I'd actually like to see something like XBLIG for Xbox One but I think MS realise it would only generate more negative noise about the platform.
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  • New Xbox One bundle includes 1TB solid state hybrid drive

  • rotmm 01/09/2015

    @slk486 "A general speedup of the UI would be most welcome!"

    I doubt it will help too much as much of the UI speed is dependent on web connections (pins, etc). May help with loading some apps.

    Hopefully the new UI will cover the speed issues.
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  • What returning to Gears of War says about the series' future

  • rotmm 28/08/2015

    Good read overall, but this part confused me:

    "skinny conscripts are, seemingly, as unwelcome as homosexuals in this army"

    It's been awhile since I played Gears of War (will start playing the Ultimate Ed this evening) but I honestly don't remember any homophobic overtones or anti-homosexual characters in the game.

    What did I miss?
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 5

  • rotmm 27/08/2015

    @Fragtaster "...and then you have the newer more-power efficient European models that just recently release (which are even better)."

    If you believe some gaffers and other forumites who have the new model, the fan issue isn't any better it seems.
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  • Until Dawn review

  • rotmm 27/08/2015

    Really pleased this turned out so well.

    When I first saw the PS4 reveal I was excited as it's exactly the kind of story driven game I like. Then there was some vid that dampened my enthusiasm (can't recall why).

    My greatest concern was around the lack of any real push by Sony recently, generally the sign of a lack of confidence. It almost feels like a stealth release.

    This and other reviews make me so happy that it's a pretty great game.
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  • Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta on PS4

  • rotmm 26/08/2015

    Damn, all those negs just for bemoaning the consistent lack of decent Ansio Filtering on these new consoles. Weird. Reply +1
  • rotmm 25/08/2015

    "Quite enjoyed the beta, although the lack of AF is annoying"

    It's a sad indictment of how weak both the Xbone and Piss4 really are when it seems decent AF is the exception rather than the rule.

    Millions are spent on making stunning textures and graphics, only for them to be a blurry mess only a couple of meters ahead of the player model.
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  • PlayStation Plus' free September offerings revealed

  • rotmm 24/08/2015

    @UkHardcore23 "Another month of shite on PS4, Why are we paying for PSN this time round and getting far worse games than we were last gen?"

    You're also paying for online gaming.
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  • rotmm 24/08/2015

    @Folant "Rocket League sends it's regards."

    Binba442 - "There's not been something worth on PS+ vita"

    Rocket League is on Vita also? Awesome!
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  • New Rise of the Tomb Raider video demonstrates the non-lethal approach

  • rotmm 22/08/2015

    "Nathan Drake is cast in the mould of characters like Indiana Jones, Han Solo and early James Bond"

    I fully appreciate what ND were trying to do, and they got that right in the acted parts. Just not in marrying that persona with the one the player gets to control.

    Han Solo was a rogue and thief, but generally didn't kill until part of a bigger fight against an evil enemy. James Bond was generally saving the world. Even Indy, the closest in character to Drake, rarely killed and only started because he was recruited by British intelligence to aid in the fight against Nazi's.

    Nathan killed in the pursuit of trinkets. Really, that's the worst kind of evil yet we are expected to find him roguish and charming.
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  • rotmm 22/08/2015

    "I don't know what people actually want from these games any more. Too much killing ... Moan. Can play without killing.. Moan."

    For me it's about killing in context of character. As graphics become more 'realistic' and memory allows for ever greater character and story development, then game designers have to work harder to better marry together the character they create and the actions they get the gamer to perform.

    The execution-style killings doesn't seem very 'Lara' like based on the character created in the prior game. Too slick, too aggressive, too ritualised, almost as if it's less about survival and more about murderous intent.

    Look at Nathan Drake. In cutscenes and cinematics he's a lovable rogue but in the players hands he's a murderous psychopath, mowing down hundreds in the act of trying to loot a shiny reward. There is a huge disparity between those two characters and it's a failing of Naughty Dog in not better defining the cutscene character to make the murders justified.

    Games where it works well are generally of the military-type, where a save the world/country/comrade scenario allows for strong cutscene characters that aren't at odds with the shooting that players partake in. Gears, Cod, MGS.... all work in this context.

    Another recent success that isn't military is Sunset Overdrive. By making it cartoony and having the 'enemies' as mutants, it allows the developers to ensure a strong connection between the cutscene and game play character.

    The last Tomb Raider game also did pretty well in marrying these 2 elements, which is why I was so disappointed with the E3 game play. Either Lara is now a badass military-style assassin (which would make that style of game play ok) ot they have taken the Uncharted route of having the character played by the gamer as different than that created by the writer.

    If so, that concerns me.
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  • rotmm 22/08/2015

    Really looking forward to this, but have to admit my enthusiasm has been dampened severely by that game play demo at E3. Too much focus seemed to be on gruesome ways to kill and taking a perverse pleasure in it. I don't want Lara to become Nathan. Reply +4