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  • Black Friday week is biggest for PS4 hardware sales since console launch

  • rotmm 28/11/2016

    @hairy_yan "Did anyone manage to pick up that 19.99 Titanfall 2 offer?"

    Yup. Managed to buy 2 copies in local store.
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  • rotmm 28/11/2016

    Some monster deals for both console manufacturers but Sony managed to make it's main deals sub-200, 15% cheaper than the XB1S deals overall, which was massive I think. Reply +25
  • Why are some PS4 Pro titles running slower than base hardware?

  • rotmm 11/11/2016

    Like everything it's early doors and I'm sure performance differentials will smooth out as the weeks and months go on.

    It may take more than the 0.2-0.3% extra dev work that Cerny has told the development community it takes to take advantage on PS4P but it will smooth out all the same.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda $199 Collector's Edition includes remote control Mako

  • rotmm 08/11/2016

    @blarty "Apologies, for being sarcastic, but 280 is ludicrous for a plastic remote control car"

    I agree. Which is why I gave you a +1.

    But the desire to blame it on Game profiteering rather than it just being a stupidly high price for a piece of tat isn't fair.

    No lover of Game here, but the commenters here are directing their ire in the wrong direction.
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  • rotmm 08/11/2016

    @StooMonster 20 to game. Or 20 to whoever is supplying the toy. That we don't know. Reply 0
  • rotmm 08/11/2016

    @blarty One includes the game and the other doesn't. Assuming the game is $60 then UK direct conversion is 255 incl VAT at current conversion rate. Reply +1
  • rotmm 08/11/2016

    @blarty "a 40% markup on the dollar price is quite frankly ridiculous even for Game"

    Where do you get 40% markup?
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  • rotmm 08/11/2016

    @StooMonster "Does $199 include the game itself too?"

    No. Just an empty case that you can put the game in.
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  • GT Sport on PS4 Pro will be the first Gran Turismo to accurately show Ferrari red

  • rotmm 03/11/2016

    As the standard PS4 also supports HDR I assume he means that will also be "accurate Ferrari" red when displayed on a HDR TV. Reply +3
  • Steam will support PS4 controllers natively on PC

  • rotmm 13/10/2016

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  • EA Access is adding Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront this year

  • rotmm 08/10/2016

    @Murton "I'd love to know if it was or if there are plans to pitch it again, not because I think Sony would accept it (they definitely won't) I just want to see what excuse they would use with the "value" one being so full of holes now."

    I'm pretty sure there have been conversations, but EA aren't going to upset Sony by forcing them to make a statement on it again. And Sony aren't going to go out of their way to highlight again why this isn't good for PS4/PS4P owners.
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  • Lego Dimensions studio on its experimental year two, Marvel and Star Wars

  • rotmm 26/09/2016

    @melnificent Platform specific DLC on a kids game is even more scummy. I appreciate it's likely difficult to turn down those $ony cheques, but my personal belief is that TT Games should have for the Lego titles. Reply 0
  • PES 2017 review

  • rotmm 19/09/2016

    @Kiliko ""Best PES in years" rings out through the is annual tradition."

    Along with "The Goalkeepers are fixed this year" ;)
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  • Jump the queue to play Dishonored 2 at EGX

  • rotmm 15/09/2016

    As I'm getting a bit old I find myself forgetting moments in games and just recalling atmosphere or overall feelings. That said, for some reason the mission to kill Overseer Campbell has stuck in my mind. Choosing to poison one of the glasses and then hiding while waiting for the Overseer and the Captain to arrive.

    While there was a lot of killing done in that game by me, that one felt more treacherous than most, rather like something a Stalin would have done.

    This reminds me that I should get back into that game. I bought the definitive edition a few months back on XB1 and still not got around to starting proper. Problem is Deus Ex right now taking all my gaming life!
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  • Japan's getting a fancy Final Fantasy 15-themed PS4

  • rotmm 14/09/2016

    If that's "fancy" then my name is Spunky Cumbucket :/ Reply +2
  • Gran Turismo Sport delayed until 2017

  • rotmm 30/08/2016

    #GreatnessAwaits Reply +3
  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content stays exclusive for longer than expected

  • rotmm 19/08/2016

    Well played Sony, well played Reply -9
  • There's a little Master Chief hidden inside the new Xbox One S

  • rotmm 04/08/2016

    @afrogeez Yea, it's really not a thing anymore ;) Reply -5
  • PSVR game boxes make it clear you need a PSVR

  • rotmm 12/07/2016

    @Ryze "This is good communication from Sony. Microsoft would have cocked that up."

    I know. Like they did with Kinect, having a huge part of the box header saying KINECT, then a large "REQUIRES KINECT SENSOR" purple label on the cover art and, get this, actually making the cases themselves a completely different colour to the standard 360 game cases.

    MS really screwed that up.
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  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1060: $249 buys you GTX 980 power

  • rotmm 08/07/2016

    @VideoGameAddict25 "UK - 239
    US - $249 (~192) + 20% VAT = ~220

    Where the fuck does the other 19 come from?!"

    192 + 20% = 230 and change not 220. Fairly simple calculation.

    Also, there are things such as import duties and longer warranties that have to be factored in (US is usually 3 months, UK is closer to 2 years).

    I'm happy to pay less than 9 for a better warranty.
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  • Can AMD's new strategy restore its fortunes?

  • rotmm 03/07/2016

    @Bagpuss Today $199 = 150 + VAT = 180 Reply +11
  • Spec Analysis: Xbox Project Scorpio

  • rotmm 14/06/2016

    Microsoft need to sell power. People will buy PlayStation on name/reputation. Microsoft need a USP. This gen has taught them that lesson hard. Reply +84
  • Here's 14 minutes of Dead Rising 4 gameplay

  • rotmm 14/06/2016

    @Baihu1983 "Can't wait. Unless I missed it no exclusive talk with this? So PS owners will also get to enjoy it at some point."

    Yep. I expect day and date.
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn release date confirmed for March

  • rotmm 06/06/2016

    @dogmanstaruk Well you've not made many friends in this thread ;) Reply +5
  • The madness of Gran Turismo Sport

  • rotmm 25/05/2016

    @captainT "I think not.. there going to have a hard time shifting this one i think."

    It's a newgen Gran Turismo game. It will sell bucketloads!
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  • Uncharted 4 UK sales up 66% on Uncharted 3

  • rotmm 16/05/2016

    Uncharted 4 - It's a beautiful looking game and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Happy it's done well so far. Reply +17
  • PlayStation Plus May games include Tropico 5 and Table Top Racing

  • rotmm 27/04/2016

    Awesome month! Reply +21
  • Cliff Bleszinski's return to video games

  • rotmm 27/04/2016

    @nottorp "Actually, YOUR games have been about dudebros for so long. There are plenty that aren't."

    Great comment, but completely fucking clueless.

    And wrong.

    Well done.
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  • The Gears of War 4 season pass costs 40

  • rotmm 26/04/2016

    @Master09 "First they were $10 online passes..."

    While I agree with much of what you said, the Online Pass that companies such as Sony implemented were a different beast.

    The only people who had to pay for those were gamers who bought 2nd hand and wanted to play online, effectively supporting the developers to maintain those services when they didn't see anything from that 2nd hand sale.
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  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

  • rotmm 20/04/2016

    @StooMonster "Why would they do that when margins are terrible on TVs, whereas PS4 makes them loads of money?"

    Sell both newer higher end (and therefore more profitable) TV's & full priced PS4's again.

    The very definition of win-win.
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  • rotmm 20/04/2016

    @Zerobob "So after investing in a PS4, waiting for the generation's 'sweet spot' of lovingly crafted, optimised games to arrive (as they always do) I'm now being told there won't be any, and if I want to see anything resembling a lovingly crafted, optimised game I'll have to buy a new console"

    Of course, there won't be any lovingly crafted sweet-spot games on PS4 Neo until 3-4 years after released. Which will be about the same time as devs are moving onto PS5 (or PS4 Trinity)
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  • Hardcore Henry review

  • rotmm 07/04/2016

    "...directed by Hideo Kojima..."

    So ponderous, overly wordy, opaquely plotted but lots of nice arse shots then.

    Shame, as otherwise looked interesting.
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  • PlayStation 4.5 to be announced before October - report

  • rotmm 28/03/2016

    Hope it's powerful enough to handle a PSN gamertag change. If so I'm all in! Reply +27
  • EA apologises for giving Muslim fighter a Christian victory gesture in UFC 2

  • rotmm 25/03/2016

    @OliverH "Easing up in one's persecution is hardly "bringing back"."

    As you said, it's important to read history. I have. It's an area that has greatly interested me. I recommend you now actually do the same. In 1943 Stalin essentially re-instituted the Russian Orthodox Church, reopened hundreds of churches and utilised the all too willing clergy to convince the larger Russian population, with a special focus on the lower classes, to willingly go to war on behalf of Russia, the Church and God.

    So again, take your own advice and read your history. More importantly, don't make an assumption that the other person hasn't when you haven't actually read it yourself. It's how you lose any respect.

    "If only. Instead you suggested a responsibility"

    Well of course there's a responsibility. When a Church works to press the faithful into fighting with the message "God is on your side" then they are complicit in those battles and wars.
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  • rotmm 25/03/2016

    @OliverH "Yeah, particularly in the Soviet Union in WW2."

    It's true that Stalin brought back the Orthodox Church in Russia to cheerleader for war and enhance the patriotic belief that God was on the side of the Russians and the Motherland.

    " would be a wee bit hard for anyone to be a "cheerleader" for all sides."

    As you correctly pointed out, there isn't "One Church" or "One God". The German churches motivated their masses to believe that God was on their side, while in Russia the religious leaders pushed the message that God was on the side of the Russians. Likewise the British, Americans, etc.

    God in terms of politics is very much a moveable feast.

    "It's hilarious when you bitch and moan about religion..."

    I didn't bitch and moan about religion. I just pointed out the historical truth that various churches throughout the ages have been utilised to mobilise the faithful in times of war, even when those wars weren't specifically designated "Faith Wars"
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  • rotmm 23/03/2016

    @Rens11 "If that's the case then why does America (still the richest country) have such a high rate of religious people"

    Because they have cleverly adapted the religion to condone, even promote, avarice and intolerance which allows them to take a moralistic standpoint they may not hold where it not for having "Jesus on their side".

    American religious institutions, in bed with various rightest governments over the years, have somehow managed to convince American Christians that Jesus would support the death penalty, that he would be pro-gun, that he would be all for invading other sovereign nations and that the poor and needy should stay just that, without access to proper education and healthcare should only be for those that can afford it, not those who need it.

    That's the Christianity America can buy in to, even though it pretty much goes against ALL the teachings of Christ.
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  • rotmm 23/03/2016

    @ImpericalLegion "Yep the world wars were caused by religion right? Uh nope, they were secular wars."

    I do so dislike this argument that is so often trotted out. In many ways I'd say that no wars were caused by religion, but rather by men (and occasionally women) with a desire for power.

    Where religion comes in to it is in the mobilisation of the masses and as a moral justification for the murder, slaughter and taking of lands of others.

    In this, the 2 world wars were no different. Those in power used religious leaders to help convince the masses that "God was on their side" (whichever side that was). In both of those wars, and in conflicts/wars previous to and since then Churches both helped to build the case for war and supported it by tying God to country to continue to justify it.

    God in no way can wash his hands of these atrocities in which millions died. He was a cheerleader, but a cheerleader for all sides.
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  • Sony announces new mobile studio ForwardWorks

  • rotmm 24/03/2016

    If only Sony had a handheld platform where they could invest development resource in leveraging their valuable IP.

    If only.....
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  • EA Sports UFC 2 review

  • rotmm 23/03/2016

    "EA crafts one of the finest MMA games to date, although it's let down by a lacklustre ground game."

    For me that pretty much describes MMA in a sentence.
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  • rotmm 23/03/2016

    @Master09 "So the game doesn't get a Rousing applause."

    You should get sent Holm for terrible jokes like that
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  • Sony closes Driveclub developer Evolution

  • rotmm 22/03/2016

    Best of luck to all the staff there. Sad times Reply +38
  • Xbox survey asks if you'd sell back your digital games

  • rotmm 21/03/2016

    @Cheeky-Girl-Gamer "10% back is a complete joke."

    85% after "a few days" even more so ;)
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  • rotmm 21/03/2016

    @TheMadScot "Let's look at Quantum Break: 44.99 to preorder via the Xbox storefront, 39.99 for the same from Amazon."

    Not on topic, but I think it's pretty decent of Microsoft to use the 44.99 price point for MS published AAA games.

    Pre-PS4 launch & Sony promised to not increase 1st party games over PS3 prices, yet their go-to digital (and RRP) price is 49.99. MS made no such promise yet kept the lower price point.

    Anyway, to your point. I am in no way saying digital pricing is correct. However, if you are willing to hunt a little for cheaper MS points cards you can get digital games cheaper than retail (without ability to trade in after of course).

    EG, I bought 50 points card from CD keys for $41.37. Even now it's 44.50 with FB discount. That's your fiver right there. I also get 6% back as part of a XB Rewards programme, meaning 2.70. So that digital purchase for Quantum Break is now around 37.

    If I could get back 10% on the 45 it cose then in real terms I have paid just over 32 for the game.

    Yes, it's not as simple as just buying the game cheaper, but we all hunt for cheaper deals for physical product, this is no different.
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  • $1200 Assassin's Creed movie ticket includes a crossbow

  • rotmm 10/03/2016


    Has no one yet commented that this is the first major movie that has essentially what the games industry has been doing for ages.... Special Editions?

    I'm probably wrong and this has been done somewhere before, but the whole idea of "Buy a movie ticket and a limited edition statue" has me both strangely excited and slightly disappointed at the same time.
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  • April PlayStation Plus game leaked already

  • rotmm 09/03/2016

    @FallingStickman "Another indie shooter"

    I hope the other game is a platformer.
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  • Epic boss accuses Microsoft of trying to "monopolise game development on PC"

  • rotmm 04/03/2016

    @MattaClark "Wrong. I can go to Steam buy Volgarr the viking or the Witcher 3, install the games, uninstall Steam and play the games. Valve gives the choice to the developers."

    Here's what I said:

    "Non-Valve games purchased through Steam have to have Steam installed"

    What part of that isn't true?
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  • rotmm 04/03/2016

    @HunsonAbadeer "Steam client might be but it has always been closed anyway."

    That's ok then.
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  • rotmm 04/03/2016

    @jamyskis1981 "They've been doing cuntish things ever since the mid-1990s - remember the Netscape/Internet Explorer scenario?"

    Funny you mention that as it came to mind when reading this story. It's one of the earliest examples of Microsoft doing the same as a competitor by while the competitor is lauded for it, Microsoft is accused of anti-competitive practices.

    For those that don't know, back in the early days of the internet the browsers were treated like any other piece of software and cost money to the end user. Indeed, browsers were sold as boxed products.

    Netscape (now Firefox) was one of the largest (I think around 80% market share) and generally regarded as one of the best, if not THE best. Internet Explorer from Microsoft also cost money but few used it because it was feature poor. Still, the guys making Netscape saw Microsoft as a serious competitor as they put significant resources into IE.

    As IE became close to parity to Netscape the business model of the latter changed and they made it free to download and use to maintain and increase their market share. They still made money of business users, but it was free for home use.

    Microsoft responded and within months made IE free too, later going to bundle it with Windows itself.

    While it was Netscape that made the first move to going "free" to maintain and grow market share, Microsoft ended up looking like the bad boys by trying to compete.
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  • rotmm 04/03/2016

    I have to admit, I'm really confused by some of the statements from Tim Sweeney. I have a huge amount of respect for him and have to admit I don't truly understand what the whole UWP situation means, but some of the examples he gives of what "open" looks like are just weird.

    "Valve's Steam distribution service is booming with over 100m users, and publishers like Adobe, Autodesk, Blizzard, Riot Games and EA are operating highly successful businesses selling their games and content directly to consumers."

    Valve is essentially a closed system where you can only buy Valve games through Steam. Non-Valve games purchased through Steam have to have Steam installed. This isn't "open", it's the very definition of the opposite.

    The other examples are different direct delivery platforms that will in no way be negatively impacted by having a completely separate (that they are not using) Windows store. He uses the example of Photoshop not being in the Windows store as an example of it being an embarrassment to Microsoft. Why? You can't buy Photoshop in ANY store now. It's a subscription based service.

    It just sounds like a rant to me from someone who heads up a company that has released not one, not 2 but 3 Infinity Blade games that can only be purchased via the Apple App Store.

    [Edited for typo]
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  • "I was slightly confused by the reaction"

  • rotmm 04/03/2016

    @IcemanAFC "Errr.....can we also have it on PS4 as well then? Remember, adding another option is all positive."

    God, please no. Do you remember the nuclear fallout all over the net when Squeenix announced that Final Fantasy was coming to Xbox?

    I don't think I can live through another meltdown of that level, where fanboys were threatening suicide, harm on developers and eternal hatred of any and all they felt were responsible for that heinous act of betrayal.
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