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  • PSN Europe Service Status indicator coming soon

  • rotmm 27/03/2015

    @Eoin "We've been planning one since at least the beginning of this sentence"

    I chuckled at that. Well played :D
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  • PS4 firmware 2.5 release date and details

  • rotmm 25/03/2015

    @FrozenMetalHead "...does this mean I can plug an additional one into the PS4 and use that to install games to?"

    No. But it should help speed up the process of upgrading your internal HDD to a new one if you first back it up to an external (different) HDD plugged into a USB port, insert your new HDD into the PS4 and then restore from the backup that plugged in HDD.
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  • rotmm 25/03/2015

    @dogmanstaruk "Suspend and Resume is a great addition."

    So what are you going to complain about now? Got paused downloads, got suspend.... ;)
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  • rotmm 25/03/2015

    @cowell "No "stability improvements" this time. Disappointing"

    That'll be 2.51 and 2.52 released over the next few weeks :p
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  • EGX 2015 tickets now on sale

  • rotmm 20/03/2015

    @FortysixterUK "Multiple venues would serve this event better."

    Unfortunately, the logistics of such a thing would make it unsustainable from a cost perspective for both the organisers and publishers.
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  • rotmm 20/03/2015

    @Seblirium "I've got my tickets for a family day out, with girlfriends and kids in tow."

    How many girlfriends are you taking???
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  • rotmm 20/03/2015

    Got my Super Pass for yet another year. Looking forward to 4 days of queuing and a few minutes of playing games ;) Reply +3
  • DDoS attack disrupts Battlefield Hardline on Xbox One

  • rotmm 18/03/2015

    @dogmanstaruk "Surely you mean the opposite way around?"

    Pretty sure it's a comedy post from Joe and didn't really need a response ;)
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  • GAME Marketplace lets third-parties sell their products

  • rotmm 16/03/2015

    As much as people rag on Game, we really do need a high street presence for our hobby. Anything that helps keep Game in the black is a good thing in my book, so I welcome this wholeheartedly. Reply +32
  • Xbox One March system update adds screenshots, suggested friends

  • rotmm 10/03/2015

    @spamdangled "You can share them"

    To be fair, he posted that when the beta update had just launched and Upload hadn't yet been updated to allow sharing to Twitter or OneDrive.

    Of course, any one of sane mind would have known sharing would be coming in the next few days, but still... he was technically right at the time. ;)
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  • rotmm 10/03/2015

    @Mr-Writer "I am, if you own more than one brand of console how can you be a fanboy?"

    I gave your original post a +1 for clever trolling.

    How wrong I was :/
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  • DriveClub Lamborghini expansion due later this month

  • rotmm 09/03/2015

    @Murton "The PS+ version has been canned, we're simply waiting for Sony to figure out how they're going g to announce it."

    I suspect that they are holding off until something like E3 where they will announce that the PS Plus Edition has been canned..... because they are releasing the full game on PS+ during E3.

    Cue rapturous applause!
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  • Xbox One gets tile transparency with new update

  • rotmm 07/02/2015

    @Uncompetative "It's embarrassing ONE can't install game updates in the background."

    It does.

    So that's not embarrassing at all then. Good that.
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  • rotmm 06/02/2015

    @McGooch "I'm fine with the frequency of updates on PS4. Less frequent but more significant when they do arrive."

    Just for shits and giggles, can you please list the significant new features introduced in the following PS4 updates:


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  • Watch Bloodborne's opening 18 minutes

  • rotmm 02/02/2015

    @Viperl0 "W...Wh....What happened to the gorgeous graphics??"

    I'm assuming it's just a low-quality Youtube stream, because the aliasing looks pretty rough looking and terrible.
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  • Watch two of the world's best fighting game pros play Street Fighter 5

  • rotmm 02/02/2015

    @Saoshyant "...Street Fighter out of the deal, only for them to ruin the whole thing by calling in Dimps for the development. Dimps, those guys who made Sonic 4 and have absolutely no experience on how to make a competitive 2D fighting game."

    Don't know much about Dimps so a quick wiki search shows that they co-developed SFIV and SF X Tekken, which leads me to believe they do have some pretty relevant experience here.
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  • rotmm 02/02/2015

    @TheTrueSpin "So it turns out spamming fireballs is a pro move after all."

    Evo 2014 Final = 25 Mins of fireball spamming

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  • rotmm 02/02/2015

    @Jonny5Alive7 "... the Ryu guy is just spamming fireballs!"

    Because Street Fighter
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  • State of Decay gets an Xbox One release date

  • rotmm 20/01/2015

    Didn't realise George Clooney is making games now. Reply +1
  • When the new becomes old - why 2015 should be a stellar year

  • rotmm 07/01/2015

    @sloth09 "I really can't get optmistic about 2015 for gaming. 2014 was the worst year I can remember in the 35 or so years since I was bought an Atari 2600."

    I'm afraid I can't really agree with you. Of course, a lot of what we feel about a particular year in games is dependent on whether there are games to our taste during that timeframe. With that, I'd say that 2014 was a strong year in gaming for me.

    Yes, there were games that I just didn't get along with. I bought the re-mastered Thief (didn't get it on the previous gen) and found it clunky and a chore. Some good stuff in there, but nowhere near enough for me to finish it. I bought Peggle 2 early doors, but while I put a lot of time into the original Peggle and still a fair bit into Peggle 2, it just didn't click with me.

    But there was some great stuff too. Valiant Hearts: The Great War was brilliantly unexpected, a beautiful story told beautifully. I also enjoyed Wolfenstein and had great fun playing Lego Marvel with my son.

    One of my very favourite experiences of the year was on the old gen and was the 2nd part of the Bioshock Infinite season pass. Just brilliant storytelling and fantastic gameplay mechanics.

    However, I admit that while the early year for me was good, it was toward the end that it took off. I like racers, but I absolutely love Forza Horizon 2 and have put hours and hours into that game. Very possibly my favourite racer of all time. Then there was the brilliantly tense Alien Isolation, which in many ways was an unexpected pleasure, given that the developer doesn't have any track record in that type of game and the Alien brand hasn't had many good games based on it in the past.

    There were two gaming experiences that really stood out for me in 2014. The first was Disney Fantasia, which disappeared almost as soon as it was released and I only picked up in a digital sale at the end of the year. Very much Harmonix at their very best, a game unlike any other I've played before but one that is so brilliant, so immersive that I had dreams about it. The other is Sunset Overdrive, which I expected to be very much a meh/10 but which turned out to be a brilliantly unique slice of pure gameplay fun.

    So for me 2014 was a good to great year for gaming. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings.
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  • PS4 Data Bank dock allows huge storage

  • rotmm 07/01/2015

    @barry_shitpeas "Some design solutions never change!!"

    +1, if only for the memories of saving my pennies and buying it in W H Smith (yes, they sold Sinclair parts) for some extortionate price (50 I think?). I also ended up buying the shitty printer for about the same amount of money.

    I'm pretty sure all of my paper round money went to Sinclair over the course of 18 months or so.
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  • North America gets $15-a-month PlayStation Now subscription service

  • rotmm 05/01/2015

    From a purely convenience point of view, I think this looks pretty sweet (though I don't have a PS4.... and I live in the UK.... so at the moment I'm SoL) and the pricing seems very reasonable too.

    $20pm (or $15pm if you pay for 3 months) is a great price to have unrestricted access to dozens upon dozens of games. Sure, if you had a PS3 and have already bought and played every PS3 game you wanted to last gen, then maybe it's not such an interesting proposition. But if no PS3 or only bought limited numbers of games, then it's fantastic.

    Of course, I'd have to see what the UK/EU pricing is like. Also need to get a sense of how well it actually works in practice.

    But colour me interested.
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  • Wii U-exclusive Captain Toad enters UK chart in 16th

  • rotmm 05/01/2015

    Driveclub is certainly showing it has some legs. Pleased for the devs after the initial negative publicity. Reply +13
  • Linx 8 review - exploring the sub-100 Windows tablet experience

  • rotmm 04/01/2015

    @dfunked I can't confirm the 7", but the 10.1" did. I must admit, I was surprised to get one in the pack when the 10.1" tablet itself was only 80 (in the Staples pre-xmas sale) Reply +2
  • Sony says sorry for PSN Christmas outage with five days of PS Plus

  • rotmm 02/01/2015

    I haven't followed this too closely, but why did this Lizard Squad only hit xbl the once so that MS could have the service back up and running in a few hours, but hit PSN continually over the Xmas period to write it stayed down for days?

    Particular vendetta against Sony? Because they got more "lolz" bringing down PSN? Other?
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  • Latest Assassin's Creed Unity patch boosts performance

  • rotmm 23/12/2014

    @wizaard You are in the minority it seems ;) Reply +2
  • rotmm 23/12/2014

    Day 1 owner here on XB1 and I have to admit I love this game. Sure, there aren't many changes to the AC formula, but those changes in areas such as fighting as well as a more diverse range of quests to partake of like investigations, and this is my favourite AC game since AC2.

    With regards to the performance, it is not ideal. But there aren't any other games that have truly tried to achieve a new gen look at feel to the extent that AC:U has. The architecture is simply stunning with a scale and detail far from what has been present before. The number of NPC's on screen, along with the accompanying sound, really does drag you in to the games world.

    In the current climate of last-gen remasters and cross-gen titles that show little more than resolution and framerate increases between generations, that Ubisoft chose to shoot for the moon with AC:U was both risky and laudable at the same time. Yes, they missed slightly, but I for one am happier that they had the courage to do so and I think the game is a marvellous technical achievement because they took that risk.
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  • Destiny has had just shy of 13 million players

  • rotmm 23/12/2014

    @Rovient "Ok, I'm sorry to say this, but ANOTHER destiny article? How on earth is there literally one every single day?!"

    That is literally an incorrect usage of the word 'literally'

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  • rotmm 23/12/2014

    @weejok "How many of those players were only there for a few weeks before getting totally bored with the whole thing though?"

    I'm one of those.

    That said, to be fair the same can be said of what happens to most games. Hell, I remember when Quake 3 Arena came out and there was a huge number of players and, more importantly, servers out there for the first couple of months. However it wasn't too long before the early adopters dropped out and regular player numbers crashed.

    Of course, those that stayed became very vocal supporters, such as is happening with Destiny today and has happened to a myriad of online games in the period since.
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  • Halo 3: ODST campaign coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection as DLC

  • rotmm 22/12/2014

    @MrTomFTW "I bet it'll be any activity at all. SP or otherwise"

    To be fair, that's just conjecture. I'm betting it's correct, but until we have clarification from 343 then conjecture is all it will be.
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  • rotmm 22/12/2014

    @dogmanstaruk "Much better than Sony's "apology" which consisted of a few dlc tracks and cars from the Driveclub season pass."

    Does it really matter? Sony did what they did to make amends (and in a more immediate manner) and now MS are offering something to affected gamers (though much of the 'apology' isn't coming for a long, long time).

    I suppose you could say they were both trumped my Ubisoft who gave away some DLC and a choice of whole complete retail game, including two that are brand new.

    Should MS, with the vast resources it has, have dug a little deeper given that the major selling point of the MCC was that you could play ALL of the MP maps from the Halo games? Should they have been more like Ubisoft and given an immediate reward of value? Or like Sony and given away some cool DLC within a short timeframe?

    While offering ODST is cool and all that, people have been pissed off and frustrated now and the promise of an 'remaster at some unspecified point in the future" as an apology is, to me, a little weaker than that offered by Sony and Ubisoft.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is 2014's Christmas number one

  • rotmm 22/12/2014

    Individual chart is interesting in that it is now dominated by New Gen versions of games. Out of the top 20 you have:

    8 PS4 titles (including 5 in top 10)
    7 XB1 titles (only 3 in top 10)
    3 360 titles (2 in top 10, which surprises me)
    1 PS3 title (at number 20)
    1 Wii title (Just Dance 2014 at 14)

    While CoD:AW may be the top selling title overall, it's GTA5 on the PS4 that takes the individual title, showing how well that (a) GTA is loved and (b) how many PS4's are now in gamers homes.
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  • Riptor hits Killer Instinct tomorrow

  • rotmm 16/12/2014

    @Jozeph "Orchid did have a flash finisher in the original Killer Instinct"

    Never knew that, but I chuckled. That said, I hope we've all moved along enough that (a) we don't support games that have tit-flashing and (b) we don't pass out at the sight of breasts. ;)
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  • Which is the better media player? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One revisited

  • rotmm 14/12/2014

    @Kilboy "The official remote won't work on your TV without kinect so you can't mute or change volume etc."

    Just a quick heads up that you can get a pretty cheap IR cable from somewhere like Amazon or ebay. MS thought this through enough to have a 3.5mm port in the back of the XB1 for those that didn't want Kinect plugged in.
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  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just 19.94 each

  • rotmm 10/12/2014

    Nice to see a poster of Tomb Raider III there in the window, one of the games that Sony moneyhatted console exclusivity for after the original was such a huge multiplatform success ;) Reply 0
  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • rotmm 09/12/2014

    @null "Loved the reboot which I'm sad enough to admit I own for both the PS4 and XO."

    I have it for 360, PC and XB1. And no, it doesn't make sense to keep buying the same game ;)
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  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris review

  • rotmm 09/12/2014

    @Laserbream "That guy in the banner pic at the top of the article, fourth on the right. Is he wearing pharaonic regalia and... cream chinos?"

    Good spot.

    Our modern day "Chino" comes from the Middle Egyptian period word "Chineton" meaning Boater or Shipmate.
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  • Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for?

  • rotmm 08/12/2014

    @grassyknoll "We don't even know the type of AA or resolution of Quantum Break yet."

    You do realise that he didn't say QB had more pixels, ran faster or used a superior type of AA?

    He said that he felt QB looks better. That's all.
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  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • rotmm 05/12/2014

    @man.the.king "I was not a gamer before then, and the only things I was interested in prior to 2006 were books (still my favorite activity)"

    I've never really liked you (not that I actually know you, but your digital persona anyway).

    But you having a love of books has completely changed my opinion on you.

    Top bloke!
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  • rotmm 05/12/2014

    @grassyknoll "SF 4 sold over 3.3 million copies & 8 million in total with expansions. It's huge"

    Precisely. Those kinds of numbers show exactly why Capcom wouldn't find the funding for the sequel. With those numbers than can have barely broken even, if that.

    Thank the lord for Sony recognising it's not all about making money and have thrown a few trucks full of cash at Capcom as a public service to just get this game made.

    This is totally different to MS stealing a game that sold 6.5m copies and was always going to get a sequel anyway, as 6.5m is a real money maker.

    8.8m though? Nope.
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  • Watch us play new Lara Croft live from 5pm GMT

  • rotmm 05/12/2014

    @X23 "You can order the extras off the Square store. Threw the link at my brother with a heavy nudge for Christmas."

    Didn't think to go to the SQ store. Thanks for the heads up.

    Sadly it looks like the US store is selling the extras as a separate, whereas in the EU store I will still need to order either the PS4 or PC version of the game to get the extras. And while I have a more than capable PC, this game for me is a lounge title so will be buying on the XB1.

    Cheers anyway.
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  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    Gold Edition with the cool Lara minifigure is not coming to Xbox means I don't care for this game.

    Or some shit like that anyway.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Crew

  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    @leonardomuniz Thanks for letting me know. That makes more sense, though from the video above (yes youtube and yes compressed) it doesn't look any better from the few hours I played. Reply 0
  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    Honestly, after playing the beta on XB1, I'm surprised that it's 1080p. I really thought it was 720p. Looks really rough around the edges. Reply +59
  • BBC iPlayer finally arrives on Xbox One today

  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    @RawShark "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... New material please"

    Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Jimmy Saville walk into an Irish Bar. The Barman asks them, "What are yew tree doing here?"
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  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    TV, TV, TV..... Reply -23
  • Why are Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands more expensive on PS4 than on Xbox One?

  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    @scawp "This has always been the case, many games and DLC on PS3 are/were more expensive then their 360 equivalents, Rocksmith songs for example."

    Part of this was, as you highlighted, down to the MS Points system. It was generally favourable to UK users as the points exchange rate meant most things were slightly cheaper on the Live store.

    The other issue was that Sony charged developers per GB download (for both paid content as well as free stuff like demos) on PS3 and some developers priced their DLC and other content accordingly to take that extra charge into consideration.

    This was done to help pay for PSN infrastructure costs, whereas these were covered by the Live subscription so developers could deliver their content for free on Xbox 360.

    No idea if Sony still charges developers for downloads on PS4, but I suspect not and therefore doubt that could be a reason for this price discrepancy.
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  • Destiny will upgrade your exotics - but there's a heavy price to pay

  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    @melnificent "You put a GLIMMER of cream on your finger and apply it to the Haemorrhoids with a LIGHT touch. The ENGRAMS are to make you think it'll get better."

    Well if only Bungie had put a popup note in the game that directed me to their website where I could read all about creaming my haemorrhoids, then I'd feel much better.

    Oh, and +1 ;)
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  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    @kinky_mong "All these different upgrade materials and currencies are becoming more convoluted and confusing than an episode of Goldenballs."

    It's one of the rare games I traded, not because I didn't enjoy the core gameplay, but because I am just too simple minded to figure out what the fuck I had to do to level up once past Level 20. Glimmer, Light, Engrams, Hemorrhoids, etc.

    I may not be the sharpest bulb in the picnic basket, but to me it all felt a little to wilfully complicated.
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  • PS4 gets TV from Sky app

  • rotmm 04/12/2014

    @seasidebaz "if this follows the pattern of Now TV release then the app may come to the One within a week..."

    Don't think so with this one. It was about 6 months ago that they announced this coming to PS4 "by the end of the year", but so far there has been no mention of any kind of XB1 timeframe at all.

    I think MS have really dropped the ball in this area in the UK. No BBC iPlayer, no BT Sports (which was mooted before launch of the XB1) and no Sky Go.
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