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  • The Phantom Pain is unlike other Metal Gear games

  • ronorra 24/08/2015

    Alot of positive impressions, and if the money went to Kojima instead of Konami, I would already have bought it. But I just have a huge problem with Konami and their contempt to their creators and their customers and will wait for the inevitable sale. Reply +8
  • Pokémon World Championship players arrested over alleged gun plot

  • ronorra 24/08/2015

    Just kids right? Reply 0
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega review

  • ronorra 21/08/2015

    that price is absolutely obscene
    Holy crap didn't see they ask 100 quid for this, at that price might as well go and ebay the real thing.
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  • Video: ZombiU vs Zombi graphics and gameplay comparison

  • ronorra 19/08/2015

    I'm not a big fan of games that add filmgrain and the like, but with that said, if I had to pick between the WiiU version (lesser graphics but added multiplayer) or the PC one (crisper visuals but no multi) the WiiU pretty much wins. Still, heard so many positive things about it might as well take the plunge and grab the pc version. Reply +2
  • Why I will never call video games a hobby

  • ronorra 16/08/2015

    It is a shame people are going a bit mental instead of yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man since it is an interesting discussion. I can see both camps having valid arguments.

    Also eye of the beholder and taste and stuff...

    edit: ooh, negged for having an opinion. Some people really need to grow up around here.
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  • Edmund McMillen announces surreal police sim Fingered

  • ronorra 13/08/2015

    @Ryuke There are no dirty words, only dirty minds. Reply +3
  • GTA5 modders who made their own multiplayer banned by Rockstar

  • ronorra 10/08/2015


    I insult people when they make - and crucially REPEAT - stupid arguments, not by your amazingly loose assumption it's done in order to "put others down to feel superior of themselves."
    Oh I see, I have to correct myself then. Your a cunt. Totally not interested in putting in more energy in this conversation. To the ignore list with thee.
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  • ronorra 10/08/2015

    How old were you when you were finally allowed to dress yourself, twenty perhaps?
    Spare me the twats that put others down to feel superior of themselves.
    The irony of calling someone else simple while...

    Ontopic: so much emo, so few rational arguments.
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  • ronorra 10/08/2015

    Neg me to hell, but I can understand Rockstar in this. Reply -2
  • Pixels: the Eurogamer review

  • ronorra 10/08/2015

    Was this 'licensed'? Otherwise this guy has a right to sue.
    They licensed it. :)
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  • ronorra 10/08/2015

    And now, the good Pixels movie:

    edit: getting negged for showing the original. This site is more and more becoming a Muppet show, and not in the right way.
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  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • ronorra 07/08/2015

    Hold on, Vin Diesel is cool?
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  • ronorra 07/08/2015

    Reply -1
  • Nippon Ichi's Yomawari looks like Silent Hill meets Earthbound

  • ronorra 05/08/2015

    Hearing the words Silent Hill hurts...

    especially after seeing this today:

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  • Crackdown 3 tech demo details destructible environments

  • ronorra 05/08/2015

    @WhiteUmbrella I thought it was from NIN -March of the Pigs :P Reply +6
  • ronorra 05/08/2015

    I want to watch it come down.
    Now doesn't that make you feel better?
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  • Shadowrun Returns dev is rebooting BattleTech

  • ronorra 29/07/2015

    A remake long overdue. And once again I feel like an old git.

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  • Wii U lifetime sales pass 10 million, Splatoon sells 1.62m

  • ronorra 29/07/2015

    I think the problem for oldies like me who often remember Nintendo's golden age with rose tinted glasses. They haven't progressed with the times, it all seem to be a downward spiral since the n64 days.
    A shame you are getting negged for this, since everyone that were there in the SNES era can agree that it was the golden age of Nintendo and that the N64 was where things went downhill. Problem tho is that the Nintendo fan nowadays is unable to grasp that.

    Good to see tho that Nintendo is doing better then expected, don't want them to disappear.

    And the negs arrived. /shrug. Where were you when the SNES was out? These 'new' Nintendo fans are close to the fanatism of Scientology and it is fans like that that will destroy Nintendo. Talk about self fulfilling prophecy. I guess as long as those fans keep reeling in expensive plastic tat that is nothing more then insidious DLC the WIIU has a heartbeat.
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  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • ronorra 26/07/2015

    Hammer. Nail. Head.
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  • ronorra 24/07/2015

    @dipje Reply 0
  • ronorra 24/07/2015

    The sudden artstyle change was a clone of codehunters... would be interesting to hear Randys views on that.
    This. Borderlands 1 came out on October 20, 2009.
    Codehunters the animated movie came out in 2006.

    Plenty of time for Randy and his merry men to steal the art style. For tbose still unconvinced, proof is in the pudding;

    So many people have already dismissed him outright, that it didnt make a difference what he had to say.
    You blame those people that do not want to listen to more of his drivel?
    Well, like virginity, credibility honesty and truth are not known for growing back overnight when it is lost.
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  • ronorra 24/07/2015

    Fuck Randy Pitchford,


    Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford on gamer criticism: 'some people are sadists'

    “If you’re making entertainment on a grand scale, if you’re reaching millions, there will be tens of thousands of people who absolutely hate us, and some percentage of those will take it upon themselves to let us known how they feel,” he said.

    “I read it in this way: we moved those people, we touched them – even the person who hates [your game] so much, you’ve affected them. That’s why we fight, we’re creating emotion and experience - and some people thrive on that type of feeling, some people are sadists.

    There is always the person who’s got to stand on the sandcastle, they must crush it,” he said. “That’s their way of relating to that. It’s typically a less sophisticated mind. There’s a dark part of us all that likes the idea of crushing a sandcastle, but most of us will respect it and let it be. That’s why we like playing video games where we can blow stuff up and no one gets hurt.
    What an incredible cuntish thing to say that all critisism is basically a kid stomping on a sandcastle. I really really do hope Randy Pitchford leaves the game industry, he should go politics.

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  • Galak-Z lets you transform into a mech

  • ronorra 24/07/2015

    This game is just getting better and better, must...have. Reply +12
  • H1Z1, PlanetSide boss steps down following online harassment

  • ronorra 23/07/2015

    Payback for the NGE bitch!
    Oh do fuck off. If you think a disappointing game is a valid reason to be harassed and terrorised you should be punched in the face. This is so typical of the e-thug generation that has only balls behind a monitor, in real life you are nothing.

    Ignore list with thee.
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  • ronorra 23/07/2015

    The law has no fucking clue what it's doing these days, does it.
    Truer words haven't been spoken.
    Where are those apologists now with their "it's just a kid" rhetoric?
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  • Video: Five old WoW hands try to remember how to dungeon

  • ronorra 21/07/2015

    Was fun to watch :) Reply +1
  • A dramatic controller disconnect, shirtless shenanigans and one hell of an epic fail

  • ronorra 20/07/2015

    @ibenam 9th. MCZ|Daigo (Evil Ryu)

    The whole list here.

    Quite the EVO this year, loved it.
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  • Devil's Third is a shoddy game - but can it be so bad it's good?

  • ronorra 16/07/2015

    You do realise that you have played right into their hands, yeah?
    To be frank, if I would worry about that I might as well go back lurking because this place has plenty of trolls. And fuck that tbh.
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  • ronorra 15/07/2015

    thanks for replying!
    No thanks for your trolling. So starved for attention? Rather pathetic, go hug your mum or something.
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  • ronorra 15/07/2015

    Better than anything announced for the PS4.
    I wonder how salty one must be to spew forth this drivel.
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  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • ronorra 13/07/2015

    Rest in peace.

    This feels so sudden...
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  • Tembo the Badass Elephant release date set this month

  • ronorra 10/07/2015

    Rolo deja vu!

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  • Lizard Squad attacks PlanetSide 2, H1Z1, more

  • ronorra 10/07/2015

    Just kids right?

    To bad the guy went after Smedley's family but I'm glad the guy is finally getting what he deserves. The lying asshat.
    This stupidity can only be awarded with a spot on my ignore list. Tosser.
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  • Grip looks a lot like a modern-day Rollcage

  • ronorra 09/07/2015

    Get Moving Shadow back on the soundtrack, and I'm all over this =D
    Some Technical Itch too please :)

    Bring on a new wave of futuristic racers!
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  • Lizard Squad hacker who helped bring down PSN and Xbox Live at Christmas avoids jail

  • ronorra 09/07/2015

    @varkdm And still people bring this poor kid card up. This guy is a massive antisocial cunt. Punishment is due. Reply +10
  • ronorra 08/07/2015

    He's a 17 year old child and he hurt nobody and stole nothing, some of you are fucked up calling for him to be raped in prison or forced to fight terrorists.
    Oh boo fucking hoo. Kickstart me a bucket for my bleeding heart.
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  • ronorra 08/07/2015

    This calls for a kickstarter to give those lovely guys their own showerdaddy. Reply +8
  • PlanetSide 2 review

  • ronorra 07/07/2015

    It's your problem, not mine...
    For something that is not your problem you pour in an awful lot of time and energy. It is actually quite sad.
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  • 22 years on, Doom retains the ability to shock

  • ronorra 07/07/2015

    Media critics Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh of Feminist Frequency took issue with both the graphic violence and the vocal pleasure of the audience.
    Such a desperate sad bunch.
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  • Can Halo 5 deliver on its 60fps promise?

  • ronorra 06/07/2015

    @Bickle2 You do know something about the laws and nature and the like? because you claim of latency having nothing to do with framerate is like utter and utter badshit insane. Stop defecating all over the place here with your braindrool and start with FACTS:

    Fluidity: 30 vs 60 fps I double dare you to say that there is no difference between 30 and 60.

    Latency: From DigitalFoundrys Console Gaming: The Lag Factor:

    "Our mantra of '60FPS 60FPS 60FPS!' would all be for nothing if we had horrible input lag," says Infinity Ward's Drew McCoy. "It is extremely helpful being able to see the physical, measurable, result of what is going on in our game - especially if things change or if someone in the office complains that things 'don’t feel right'. If anyone cares about the end user experience of their game, they should be heavily invested in their input latency."

    Criterion senior engineer Alex Fry concurred in our expansive Burnout tech interview. "We try to get the latency down to the lowest possible, because it's just a better experience. It's one of the reasons Burnout runs at 60FPS."

    In basic terms, controller latency is very easy to define. It's the time, usually measured in frames or milliseconds, between pressing the button on your controller and the appropriate action kicking in on-screen during gameplay. The longer the delay, the less responsive the controls, and the more unsatisfying the game can feel.

    In-game latency, or the level of response in our controls, is one of the most crucial elements in game-making, not just in the here and now, but for the future too. It's fair to say that players today have become conditioned to what the truly hardcore PC gamers would consider to be almost unacceptably high levels of latency to the point where cloud gaming services such as OnLive and Gaikai rely heavily upon it.

    The average videogame runs at 30FPS, and appears to have an average lag in the region of 133ms. On top of that is additional delay from the display itself, bringing the overall latency to around 166ms. Assuming that the most ultra-PC gaming set-up has a latency less than one third of that, this is good news for cloud gaming in that there's a good 80ms or so window for game video to be transmitted from client to server.

    But in the meantime, while overall "pings" between console and gamer remain rather high, the bottom line seems to be that players are now used to it, to the point where developers - like Infinity Ward - centred on getting the very lowest possible latencies are using that to give their games an edge over the competition.

    So Bickle2, RTFM. And maybe you will see the light and not be a total twat who thinks he knows whats what and whos who.

    As for me, enough time wasted on this, time for something more entertaining.
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  • ronorra 06/07/2015

    Ther more frames, the less "weight" it has. 60hz doesn't present any real gameplay improve,eat, it's just a pissing match item. locked frame rates are far more important. And given, as you point out, all the moaning about "limited console hardware", seems to me that good graphics and quality gameplay is far more important., especially since a very small percentage of people give a toss about it, but thry do care it looks super pretty

    A properly made game doesn't have latency issues. Don't make excuses for bad design.
    What...the...fuck. How in the world can you conclude that latency and framerate (or lack thereof) have nothing to do with eachother. Are you by any chance also the author of this garbage?
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  • Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode unveiled, stars Patton Oswalt

  • ronorra 05/07/2015

    I didn't expected Tales from the Borderlands to turn out so good as it did, so who knows, this might even work too. Reply +1
  • Keiji Inafune: video gaming's harshest critic

  • ronorra 04/07/2015

    Are you trying to say that Nintendo didn't save gaming following the game crash?
    That is indeed what I am saying. Nintendo did many amazing things but saving gaming is not one of them. Europe and Japan were doing just fine:

    The Crash killed the American home console market for two years: video game sales dropped from $3B in 1982 ($7.13B in 2012 dollars) to as low as $100M ($213M in 2012 dollars) in 1985, which caused a majority of game companies to go out of business.

    When the market returned to prominence in 1985, it largely rode on the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System, at which point the console's native Japan overtook America as a leader in the video game industry, which meant the Crash never came close to killing video games as a medium (think of the Crash as a condensed version of the type of American business hubris that led to the financial meltdowns of 1929 and 2008).

    The home gaming market suffered a huge blow from the temporary death of the dedicated console, but the growing PC base (especially the Commodore 64) provided a viable replacement for game production by the small number of companies left alive. While the American arcade scene began its slow descent into obscurity, arcade games still stood near the height of their popularity. Minor arcade classics like Paperboy, Punch-Out!!, Space Ace, Karate Champ, and Gauntlet saw release during this period — and many of them would end up ported to home consoles (with varying degrees of success) after that market's revival.

    Outside North America, though, the Crash made little impact. In Europe, eight-bit home microcomputers (predominantly the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the C64) already dominated the gaming market. An outrageous number of one-person coders wrote and released games for the far cheaper tape-distribution system, which helped those machines flourish and become the backbone of Europe's gaming industry for the next decade. These "bedroom coders" received status labels ranging from "cult hero" (Jeff Minter, Matthew Smith et al) to "legend" (Bell and Braben, the Oliver Twins) from their fans — but that didn't prevent a number of talented developers from making enough stupid decisions to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (Imagine Software — see here for info, with a big example of an Orwellian Editor as a bonus). Even with the missteps, the European gaming industry remained solid. (Nevertheless, a similar crash affected the home computer hardware market in the UK in 1984, causing a lot of the less popular machines like the Dragon 32 and Jupiter Ace to disappear entirely and causing Sinclair and Acorn to be taken over by Amstrad and Olivetti respectively).

    The Crash had little discernible effect on the Japanese market, either. Though the home of a massive arcade base that grew out of Pachinko parlors and Mahjong dens, Japan didn't adopt home gaming consoles at first; people deemed American imports as curiosities at best. The massive discounts at which Japan forced people to sell computer technology after the Crash provided the perfect storm for domestic development — and the release of both the Famicom console and the MSX computer in 1983 didn't hurt, either. Both systems dominated the Japanese gaming industry for the rest of the decade, though the latter would soon fall to increased PC competition. (Near the start of 1983, Atari had entered into the early stages of negotiating rights for the Famicom's US release. The Crash eventually ended those plans, but oh What Could Have Been...)

    Nintendo exported the Famicom two years later as the "Nintendo Entertainment System" and achieved near-monopoly status because of the American console market's weakened state. Nintendo's "Seal of Quality" system and a cartridge design that no one could manufacture without Nintendo's approval provided a degree of protection against the low-quality shovelware that plagued the Atari. To assuage concerns of American shopkeepers burned by the Crash, Nintendo designed the NES with a front-loading cartridge slot to make it look more like a VCR and bundled its largest NES set with the Robot Operating Buddy (R.O.B.) and Zapper light gun peripherals (which looked much more like conventional toys). The former only worked with two games, and the latter didn't fare much better in the long run.

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  • ronorra 03/07/2015

    Nintendo (the only decent dev around nowadays)
    lol no. The only decent dev around?
    Riiiight. Next thing you are gonna say is that Nintendo saved gaming after the videogame crash.

    Edit: oh dear the negs, it once again proves that when it comes to blind fanboyism nobody but absolutely nobody can match the Nintendo army when it comes to grand delusions.
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  • A Cities: Skylines expansion will be unveiled at Gamescom

  • ronorra 01/07/2015

    It still pissed me off to no end that this game did everything right what Sim City did wrong while being very fair priced and having a great modding copmmunity. Yet EG did not deem it worthy of recommendation. Add to that the whole Destiny Taken King Jeckyl and Hyde routine and it is of no wonder people do not trust EG anymore. Reply +31
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC fixes are "significant" and "will take some time"

  • ronorra 29/06/2015

    If Mortal Kombat X is any indication, better not hold your breath. Better not buy anything from Warner Bros either tbh. Reply +15
  • Warner suspends Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales

  • ronorra 25/06/2015

    @waffle Funny to hear you go all doom and gloom. Think you missed the boat tho, the "pc is dying" chant died years ago. Times have changed, and not even a cuntish Warner Bros can change that. Reply +6
  • European PlanetSide 2 PS4 servers are still down

  • ronorra 24/06/2015

    I now exclusively game on console and it's just plug in and play...
    Selective memory much? I could list a gargantuan list of console patches but I feel you are not worthy of the trouble, so you will have to do with this "you are full of shit" statement.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

  • ronorra 24/06/2015

    Rocksteady's superb work doesn't deserve to be overshadowed by the poor PC version.
    If you are not against companies screwing consumers over then you are part of the problem. And it is not like this is the first frigging time with Warner Bros.
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  • Yoshi's Woolly World review

  • ronorra 22/06/2015

    I am a wind up merchant
    Translation: twat.
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