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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

  • ronorra 18/05/2015

    You buy it or don't if your panties are in such a twist over it, but stop the preaching you hypocritic bunch. Bullshots are ages old and now you start to wake up? Where were you before? Get laid or something. Reply -4
  • Face-Off: Oddworld New 'n' Tasty

  • ronorra 18/05/2015

    @Solid_Strife So many things wrong with your post I have trouble to decide what to start with. I'll start with saying that if you cannot handle comparisons being made in a technical article where your console is not the clear winner you should move on.

    And excuse my French, but with terms like "PC Elitists", "Worse than the console fanboys" and all that bollocks you are about the last person qualified to tell people to "grow up". Practice what you preach perhaps numpty.
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  • ronorra 18/05/2015

    Good for you, but your hardware will never be as optimized as on consoles by developers.
    I guess that is why we see so many games on consoles having such huge problems with hitting 30 fps even with past gen titles like Borderlands 2.
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  • Return to vendor: the legend of Xur

  • ronorra 17/05/2015

    @TheMilkman Do I even have to chew that down for you? Ok then, Destiny is one game released in 2014, Mario is a franchise created in 1983 spanning countless games. Duh. Reply 0
  • ronorra 16/05/2015

    I'm sorry if you find it annoying, but I have to admit I don't really get that
    I can shed some light onto that. What irks me the most is not only that every Destiny article is the same overly positive fluff but also the sheer amount of said articles. I did a search and according to your site there are as many Destiny articles (100) as there are of Super Mario Bros(100). And that tbh is insane.

    USgamer has its fair share of articles about Destiny too but their coverage is far more balanced.
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  • ronorra 15/05/2015

    You don't have to look too far to get articles on numbers of Destiny players that are as made up as that Kotaku article, but perhaps with a little more substance.
    Kotaku based their information on official press releases released by Activision themselves, but yea your IGN source must be way more credible.
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  • ronorra 15/05/2015

    There are so many games that are worthy of an article... but Eurogamer feels the need to constantly drown us in Destiny promotion articles. It would be nice to see an article about sales number of Destiny since Activision is avoiding it at all costs. Not biting the hand that feeds? Wakeup call guys, Kotaku is outclassing you. And that should ring alarm bells.

    edit: bring on the negs. Guess that Kotaku article struck a nerve. Good.
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  • Witcher 3 on Xbox One uses dynamic scaling to boost resolution

  • ronorra 12/05/2015

    Gamers shouldn't take anything they see at face value, until they see completed code running always assume it's a bullshot.
    A thousand times this.
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  • Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

  • ronorra 09/05/2015

    To say AMD's Radeon drivers are subpar is an understatement.
    Sadly you are right. I always saw the AMD video cards as pretty kickass hardware with less then stellar driver support. Case in point, the recent Project Cars;

    AMD card users appear to be having a bit of a rough time with Slightly Mad’s newly released driving title.

    Both developer and AMD seem to have weighed in on why this might be, largely blaming each other before promising to work together.

    “We’re reaching out to AMD with all of our efforts. We’ve provided them 20 keys as I say. They were invited to work with us for years,” a post from Slightly Mad’s Ian Bell (re-posted on Steam from the game’s backer forum) reads. “Looking through company mails the last I can see they (AMD) talked to us was October of last year.”

    Bell also refutes the usual claims that Nvidia paid for special attention, saying “Categorically, Nvidia have not paid us a penny. They have though been very forthcoming with support and co-marketing work at their instigation.”

    By the sounds of things, this is a driver issue. According to Bell, “Some great gains we saw from an earlier driver [AMD] released have been lost in a later driver they released. So I’d say driver is where we start.”
    Shame really, since competition is a good thing but this driver debacle that is going on and on ain't helping AMD.

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  • The Witcher 3 PC is £32.49 at Green Man Gaming

  • ronorra 07/05/2015

    So GMG just stooped down to level of G2A and such other unauthorized resellers.
    Great job guys, hope it was worth it.
    If you do not know what you are talking about it might be wise to just not say anything.

    Here is just a list of publishers GMG is an official retail partner with:

    Exor Studios
    Overwolf Limited
    1C Publishing Europe
    Exosyphen Studios
    2K Games
    Fish Eagle
    Paul Schneider Limited
    505 Games 2013
    Flying Wild Hog
    PD Design Studio Pte Ltd
    9 Heads Game Studios
    Fermenter Games
    Phoenix Online Studios LLC
    Aardman Animations
    Focus Home Entertainment
    Phosphor Games
    Abbey Games
    Focus Home Interactive
    Ackk Studios LLC
    Forge Reply
    Active Zone Group
    Freebird Games
    Plug-in Digital
    Adventure Productions
    Plugin Digital Konami 2013
    Affinity Technology Group
    Psychic Parrot Games
    Agent Mega
    Fruitbat Factory
    Psydra Games LLC
    Ago Games
    FX Interactive S.I
    Puppy Punch
    Airwave Games LLC
    Funbox Media
    Aldorlea Games
    Gentleman Squid Games
    Ragequit Corporation
    Alex Spellman
    Going Loud Studios
    Rebellion Interactive Limited
    Analgesic Productions
    Gry Online
    Reef Entertainment
    Andrew Armstrong
    Hailstorm Games
    Angel VGD Limited t/a Curve Digtial
    Hairbrained Studios
    Reverb Publishing
    Anima Games
    Hashbang Games LLC
    Reverie World Studios Inc
    Anuman Games
    Head Up games
    Ripstone Ltd
    Apherion Limited/Bignic
    Heatwave Interactive
    Apogee Entertainment LLC
    HER interactive
    Ronimo Games
    Arcen Games LLC
    Herocraft Ltd
    Sakari Games
    Arn Richert
    Heydeck Games
    Scientifically Proven Entertainment LLC
    Artifice Studios Inc
    Scott Matott
    Aspyr Media
    Hugo Murracas Cardoso
    Atma Core LLC
    Hungry Planet Games Ltd
    Shadow Shifters
    Autumn Games
    Iceberg Interactive
    Shangri La Games
    Backstab Games Limited
    Immanitas Entertainment GmbH Limited
    Signal Studios 2014
    Bat Country Games
    Imminent Games
    Size Five Games
    Beutifun Games SL
    Instant Kingdom
    Slak Games
    Interceptor Entertainment 2013
    Black Forest Games GmbH
    Black Pants Studio
    Iridescant Games
    Snowbird / Amadin
    Blackpowder Games LLC
    Kalypso Media
    Spooky Squid Games Inc
    Blue Giant
    Keen Software
    Born Ready Games Studio Ltd
    Kerberos Productions Inc
    Stephane Valverde
    Boss Baddie
    Kisareth Studios
    Stardock Entertainment 2013
    Brilliant Blue G
    Strategy First
    Bruce Films
    Klei Entertainment 2013
    Studio 69
    Legacy Interactive Incorporated
    Surprise Attack Pty Ltd
    CD Projekt !
    Leszek Sliwko
    Tagstar Publishing Limited
    Team 17
    Charlie Knight
    Linden Research Inc
    Chrysaor Studios
    Logic Artists ApS
    Telbi Engineering Ltd
    Chucklefish Limited
    LudoCraft Limited
    Telltale Inc
    City Interactive
    Ludosity Interactive
    the chinese room
    the Hideout
    Coffee Stain Studios
    The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Inc
    Cold Beam Games
    Thorsten Schleinzer
    Crankshaft Games Ltd
    Maximum Games
    ThreeGates AB
    Critical Games Limited
    Tiger Studios
    Crocodile Entertainment S.L
    Meridian 4
    Toco Games
    Crunching Koalas T.P.
    TopWare Interactive
    Crysaor Studios
    Torn Banner Studios
    CSR Studios
    Midas Interactive Entertainment
    Toxic Games
    Might & Delight AB
    Tri Synergy
    Milkstone Studios
    Trion Worlds
    Dark Vale Games LLC
    Mindware Limited
    Tripwire Interactive
    David Hagemann
    Minmax Games
    Turtle Cream
    Desi Network Inc
    Minority Media Inc
    Digerati Distribution & Marketing
    Uber Entertainment
    Digital Chocolate
    Mouldy Toof Studios
    Digital Games Factory
    Mumbo Jumbo LLC
    Digital Tribe Games
    United Independent Entertainment GmbH
    N3V Games
    Unknown Worlds Entertainment
    Namco Bandai
    ND Games
    Versus Evil
    Double Eleven Ltd
    Wadjet Eye Games LLC
    Nerf Games
    Wales Interactive Limited
    Doublesix Games
    Nether Productions LLC
    Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
    DR Studios
    New Life Interactive
    Wastelands Interactive
    Eden Industries
    Niffler Ltd
    Wax Lyrical Games Limited
    Effat Effati
    Nomad Games Limited
    Witch Beam Game Party
    Wraith Entertainment
    EightyEight Games Ltd
    Nyu Media Ltd
    Xing Interactive
    Electro Chango SA de CV
    Enlight Games
    Onur Uca Limited
    Youda Games
    OOTP Developments
    Zero Rock Entertainment 2014
    Exis LLC
    Orb Games
    ORiGO Games PTE Ltd

    But yet you think that every online story is some dinky keysite. Any more of those 'brilliant' theories?

    OT: made many purchases with GMG, never had any problems and tbh what CDPR tries here is not exactly winning the beauty price to say the least.
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  • Kerbal Space Program review

  • ronorra 07/05/2015

    Early access how it should be done. Compliments to the team. Reply +10
  • Destiny and Hearthstone have made nearly $1bn in revenue

  • ronorra 07/05/2015

    Wellywellywellywell, that must be the 20th press release, but funnily still no word about how well Destiny sold.

    How Much Money They’ve Made From Stores

    September 10, Activision press release:

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc.(Nasdaq: ATVI), announced today that the company sold more than $500 million of Destiny into retail stores and first parties worldwide as of day one, making the game the biggest new video game franchise launch in history.

    “Based on extraordinary audience demand, retail and first party orders worldwide have exceeded $500 million for Destiny,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “This industry milestone marks another blockbuster success for our company and demonstrates our unique ability to create some of the most successful entertainment franchises in the world. The success of Destiny, along with the recent introduction of Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone, is further validation of our unique capabilities to create great entertainment franchises from the ground up.”

    How Much Money They Made In Five Days

    September 17, Activision press release:

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc.(Nasdaq: ATVI), announced today that its highly anticipated new franchise Destiny sold-through more than $325 million worldwide in its first five days, according to Chart-Track, first parties, retail customer sell-through information and Activision Blizzard internal estimates.

    How Many Hours People Played During The First Week

    September 17, Activision press release:

    According to Bungie, Destiny players logged more than 100 million hours of online play by the end of the first week

    How Many Activities People Participated In During The First Week

    September 17, Activision press release:

    ...and participated in 137 million activities.

    How Many Awards And Nominations They’ve Won

    September 17, Activision press release:

    The game has won over 180 awards and nominations to date.

    How Many Times The Average Player Has Played

    October 10, Bungie blog post:

    The average player has played Destiny 20.9 times.

    How Many Players Destiny Averages A Day

    October 10, Bungie blog post:

    Destiny averages 3.2 million players each and every day!

    How Many Players Were Online In Destiny’s First Three Weeks Compared To The Same Span For Halo 3 And Halo: Reach, Combined

    October 10, Bungie blog post:

    Over the past three weeks, we’ve had more players online in Destiny than we did during the same span for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, combined.

    How Many Millions Of Hours People Have Played

    October 16, Sony press release:

    Destiny is the most-played title on the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) system with 125 million hours of gameplay.

    Just How Much More Played It Is Than The Second-Most-Played PS4 Game

    October 16, Sony press release:

    Destiny is currently the most-played PS4 game, with total gameplay hours 5X higher than the second most-played title

    How Many Hours People Have Broadcast

    October 16, Sony press release:

    Social sharing is hugely popular among Destiny players, with 450,000 hours of live gameplay broadcasted via the PS4 system’s SHARE functionality

    What Percentage PlayStation Plus Memberships Increased By In The Week Before Launch

    October 16, Sony press release:

    New PlayStation Plus memberships increased 115 percent from the week prior to Destiny’s launch

    Where Launch Month Retail Sales Rank In The US

    October 17, Activision press release:

    In addition to strong sales of software at retail in the US, the first month of Destiny included strong digital sales and a very popular PlayStation 4 hardware bundle as well. Incorporating these figures, not only is Destiny the biggest new franchise launch in video game history, its launch month retail sales rank in the top 10 largest of all time in the US*. In fact, it’s the only new video game franchise in the top 30 all-time based on U.S. retail sales in the launch month**.

    *Source: NPD and Activision internal estimates

    **Source: NPD

    How Many Hours A Day People Are Playing

    October 17, Activision press release:

    “We’re, of course, ecstatic that Destiny has set sales records. But what we’re most excited about is that this is a game that millions of fans can’t seem to stop playing. A month after launch, people are still playing Destiny an average of three hours per day, which is phenomenal engagement.” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.

    How Many Registered Users They Have

    November 4, Activision press release:

    For the third quarter, Activision Publishing’s Destiny was the largest new franchise launch in videogame history and ranks among the top 10 largest videogame launches of all time in the U.S. To date, Destiny has more than 9.5 million registered users and our active players are playing the game an average of more than three hours per day.

    What Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg Said On An Earnings Call When An Analyst Asked How Many Copies They Had Actually Sold

    November 5, Activision earnings call:

    First of all, I think by any measure Destiny’s off to a great start. As I mentioned, we were the largest new franchise launch of all time, and despite the large investment... or maybe because of that large investment, we were able to be profitable from day one. And we think it’s only a matter of time now before it becomes our next billion-dollar franchise. I also mentioned the pretty incredible engagement numbers. The average player is investing over three hours of gameplay per day, and to date we have 9.5 million registered users.

    Of course that’s a relationship to sell-through, it’s not exact, because some people have more than one identity. But obviously that’s directional. So it’s a highly-engaged audience that is hungry for more content. And when we’ve had that, we think we’ve been good at providing them with more content to satisfy that demand, which we’re planning on doing on December 9 with our first expansion pack.

    And I also mentioned that we’re also already underway on our next full game releases. So we’ve got a great pipeline of content, a great plan, a great development partner with Bungie, and we’re very bullish on Destiny.

    How Much Non-GAAP Revenue They Generated Combined With How Much Non-GAAP Revenue Hearthstone Generated

    February 5, Activision press release:

    Kotick added “We expanded our franchise portfolio by launching two of the industry’s most successful new brands, Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and the biggest new IP launch in industry history, Destiny. Combined, these franchises... generated more than $850 million in non‐GAAP revenue.

    How Many Registered Users They Have Combined With Hearthstone’s Registered Users

    May 6, Activision press release:

    Activision Publishing’s Destiny and Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft combined now have more than 50 million registered players and nearly $1 billion in non‐GAAP revenues life‐to‐date.

    How Many Hours People Are Still Playing And Also How Many Game Of The Year Awards They Got

    May 6, Activision press release:

    Activision Publishing’s Destiny continues to have strong engagement, with active players playing about 3 hours per day, along with strong digital sales and expansion attach rates. Additionally, Destiny was awarded Game of the Year by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, a prestigious addition to the 31 Game of the Year awards that Destiny has been honored with to date.
    And with all this willywaving in press releases there is absolutely no word on the simple question.... how many they actually sold. If it was a pretty positive number I am pretty sure Acti would grab that willy to wave it proud hard and long.

    Might be a reason for Eurogamer to *gasp* do a Destiny article.


    edit: oh I got negged for this titbit, guess it struck a nerve. Poor fella.
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  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse review

  • ronorra 05/05/2015

    I did not expect this positive reaction, espeically after Giantbombs review:

    Nothing about the gameplay feels broken, it just feels soulless this time around. Levels are linear and don’t offer much in the way of challenge, and it’s rare that it strays from the “guide Kirby to the exit and collect stars” formula. Canvas Curse incorporated Kirby’s power to inherit abilities from dead enemies, but that’s been taken out for this entry. Occasional levels will have Kirby morphing into a rocket, torpedo, or tank, but these stages feel even more stripped-down and simple than the standard levels.

    There are seven worlds (with three levels each) that fit squarely within traditional platformer themes, and each one ends with a boss fight. Many of these are frustrating, and require a level of precise control that your stylus just can’t provide. Even with so few worlds, you’ll see more than one boss recycled for another area with a minor twist (this time he’s underwater!).

    Outside of using a rainbow path to shuttle Kirby along to the end of each level, there isn’t much to do. Each stage has a handful of (barely) hidden treasure chests that unlock figurines, and you can also collect little bonuses like music tracks and diary pages. None of these collectibles inspired me to go out of my way to obtain them, but they don’t add much in the way of challenge even if I had gone for 100%. Bare-bones challenge rooms can also be unlocked after beating areas, but they’re nothing more than an assortment of 15-second rooms that task you with getting to a treasure chest in time.

    Playing Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was a tedious experience from beginning to end, and it lacks the "time and place" factor of Canvas Curse. If Nintendo was more open to bringing its properties to mobile and tablets, I could see the game being more appealing as a cheap eShop or iPad title. As a full-fledged $40 Wii U title, however, it only feels like a disappointment.
    Marmite game? Perhaps. The negative points are hardly mentioned by EG tho.
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  • The best PC hardware for Grand Theft Auto 5

  • ronorra 02/05/2015

    grow up man, don't get precious. I'm not chucking around insults.
    Hmm. Could have fooled me.

    PC trolls? Explain this shit!
    I just find it distasteful that every time there's an article like this the sneering PC trolls come out to vomit up a load of negative shite about consoles.

    But it is quite obvious there is alot of sand in that vag of yours to put in so much effort to troll in a performance article. Can I add some more sand to say that consoles are going the way of the dodo?

    Ontopic: 130 hours already pumped in GTA V. Pretty much the game I hoped it would be.
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  • Steam developers can now permanently ban you from their games

  • ronorra 01/05/2015

    Not entirely unrelated I suppose:

    Confirmation: DS2Fix64 can cause softbans. Here's what you need to know. (self.DarkSouls2)

    submitted 1 day ago * by YoraeRyong

    This happened to me recently and I thought I'd give a quick writeup about it and post it so it could get some visibility. I know a whole bunch of folks are using it and thought it would be good just to give a heads-up.

    About a week or so ago, I realized I wasn't seeing summon signs anymore and it was taking inordinate amounts of time to get into any sort of PVP. Sent a request to Bamco inquiring as to the state of my steam id, they spoke with the server team, and I just got confirmation that I was indeed softbanned. This occurred on SOTFS, using the initial public release of DS2Fix64.

    Anyway, here's what you need to know:

    What's DS2Fix64?

    DS2Fix64 is the Scholar of the First Sin release of a series of fan-fixes that resolves a number of bugs in Dark Souls 2. Among the things that it fixes are the weapon durability bug and a couple of nasty game-breaking crashes that can hose your savefile.

    It works by injecting it's own instructions into DS2 via a DLL and introducing logic that works around the bugs it fixes. E.g., if you pick up a weapon with an invalid upgrade on it (which would normally crash your game and render that save unuseable), it'll safely remove the item so that you don't lose all your hard-earned progress.

    The most recent iteration of the fixes are written by a dude by the name of eur0pa, who you can ocassionally see around the subreddit, and you can find the fixes themselves either on his github ( or at Nexus Mods (

    What's a Softban?

    A softban isn't exactly what it might sound like. If you're softbanned, it means your character can't connect to players that aren't softbanned (i.e., most of the playerbase). This effectively shoves you into a "cheaters only" online experience intended to prevent legitimate players from having to play with people who might be cheating to gain an unfair advantage.

    Symptoms include seeing no or very few summon signs on the ground, even in places where they are normally numerous, and long queue times in arena-based PVP.

    Unfortunately, there's plenty of things that can get you put on this blacklist that aren't "cheating" - such as DS2Fix or graphical mods.

    How can I find out if I'm softbanned?

    You can infer from the symptoms, but the only way to know for sure is to ask Bamco/FROM whether you've been banned or not.

    If you're a North American player, you can email customer support at, and they'll contact the the server team to find out whether your account has been restricted. They'll need to know your steam ID in order to do this, so make sure to include a link to your steam profile page.

    This can get me banned?! Where's the author? Grab your pitchforks!

    Please don't do that. It's clearly not the author's intent to cause any harm to your account. He's just someone who enjoyed the game enough and had the correct set of knowledge to fix these bugs - and was kind enough to share the fixes with the community.

    Getting upset and going on some kind of witch hunt is silly and helps no one.

    But somebody told me DS2Fix can't cause softbans!

    Whelp, looks like thats false, sadly.

    In my case, my DS2:SOTFS was completely unmodified prior to this. I'd played without DS2Fix64 for some time prior with no issues. I've used no graphical modding, no shaders, no cheat engine, no save editing or swapping of any kind. The only modification I've made is DS2Fix64.

    I first noticed that my account had been actioned a little over a week after begining to use it. I'd used the first pre-release version for maybe a week and later upgraded to the initial release for 2-3 days before noticing symptoms of a softban.

    I contacted Bamco customer service and inquired as to the standing of my steam account. They then contacted the server team in Japan (which is run by FROM), who responded that the account had indeed been softbanned for using a modified game client.

    Here's the proof:

    Didn't we know that only save editing or modifying SM caused softbans?

    That was the prevailing knowledge, but it looks like we were wrong.

    It seems that there's some sort of additional sanity checking going on as well. It's possible that additional anti-cheating measures were introduced in Scholar of the First Sin, which might explain why we're seeing a lot of softban reports here lately.

    It's unfortunate, but them's the breaks.

    You're lying! / You're mistaken! / You hate the author and kick puppies, etc.

    Sorry, but you're wrong on all counts. Please see above for my recounting of how how this happened.

    Also see the above anti-pitchfork statement. I'm not mad at anyone over this, nor should you be (save perhaps being slightly grumpy at FROM).

    DS2Fix is not malicious. It does exactly what it says it does. FROM just happens to detect it as something nefarious. They see a modified client and believe that you've altered your game to give yourself an unfair advantage, regardless of what those modifications actually are (which I suppose is fair enough, really). There's no "bad guy" in this situation.

    Okay, well... I'm softbanned now. What can I do?

    Don't give up, Skeleton!

    If you don't care about PVP too much and don't need coop, then don't sweat it. You can still play the full game with no issues.

    Likewise, if you're playing with your buddies and you're ALL softbanned. Well.. no big deal, either. You can still connect with them.

    However, if the softban is causing you trouble because you want to do some sunbroing or bridge pvping, or whatever other online stuff you want to do, there are workarounds.

    The softbans work on a per-steam id basis. So, if you can switch to a different steam account, you'll be able to connect normally. One way to do this is by utilizing a steam feature called "family share" that lets you share games across different users in the same household. It's a pretty cool feature in general, actually, but it just happens to help us out in this situation.

    If you want to find out more, you can do so at Steam's Family Share page.

    If you go this route, make sure you uninstall DS2Fix before starting the game on the account you shared it to, to prevent getting that account actioned as well.

    Here's a quick rundown of how to do this, taken from an older post from this subreddit :

    Make a new Steam account, family share Dark Souls between your Original Account (OA) and your New Account (NA). On your NA, make a new character and load Things Betwixt. Exit the game, then proceed to the menu where you have the option to continue. At this point, copy your save file from your OA and paste it into the save file for the NA. Hit continue and load the character. You should have a message along the lines of "Failed to load character data." Make a new character again, load into Things Betwixt, exit to the main menu, then hit Continue. All of your characters should now be properly loaded and playable.

    Note: If any of the information I've presented is wrong, please correct me and I'll include the updated info in this post
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  • ronorra 30/04/2015

    Nice to battle cheaters, but I have a feeling some indies are not ready to handle this responsibility when they cannot take critisism without going totally batshit insane.
    My recent tussle with the charming lads behind this very original game and subsequent banning from their forum because not able to handle critisism makes me wonder how much this will be abused.

    Popcorn will be needed.
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  • Far Cry 4 developer is donating up to $100K to aid Nepal

  • ronorra 30/04/2015

    I can be extremely cynical when it comes to the likes of Ubisoft but hats off for this gesture. Reply +1
  • House of Wolves gives Destiny PvP an endgame worth investing in

  • ronorra 30/04/2015

    House of Wolves gives Destiny PvP an endgame worth investing in
    translate to: more grinding.
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  • World of Warcraft and the battle against black market gold

  • ronorra 29/04/2015

    @davemillar Good that the world still has you right? Reply +1
  • The £33 Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass

  • ronorra 28/04/2015

    Ok, so Warner Brothers, the same cunts that refused to patch the previous Batman game has now the gall to ask 33 big ones for a frigging season pass?

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  • The next Dirt is PC only, Early Access and out today

  • ronorra 27/04/2015

    Codemasters also stated that there will be no microtransactions
    Glad to hear that, some of the microtransactions irked me so much that I just gave up buying certain Codies titles. Added to wishlist.
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  • Mario Kart 8 x Animal Crossing DLC review

  • ronorra 24/04/2015

    Meaty article for this DLC, I like it. Also props for Nintendo to not come with horse armour crap but actually with value. Reply +14
  • A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

  • ronorra 24/04/2015

    lol PC gaming
    Allow me to dig up an ad that seems to fit you rather well:

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  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer

  • ronorra 23/04/2015

    Been a long time since I was excited over a Codemaster release, don't screw this one up please :) Reply +1
  • Microsoft apologises for using PC footage in Xbox One Witcher 3 trailer

  • ronorra 23/04/2015

    Bullshots Micrisoft style, some never learn... Reply +4
  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC

  • ronorra 21/04/2015

    According to our nuttjob Iron Soldier the PC-version really destroys the Console version...not!
    Destroying is a too kind a word for how much better the PC version is.
    Incoming saltpile of teenage angst.
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  • Windows 10 release in July, AMD spills

  • ronorra 21/04/2015

    I never understood why people had problem with windows 8.
    "I want to talk about why we chose Metro as the default instead of the desktop, and why this is good in the long run - especially for power users.

    ...but not in the way you might think.

    At this point you're probably expecting me to say that it's designed for keyboard execution, or some thing about improved time trials for launching programs, or some other way of me trying to convince you that Metro is actually useful. I've talked about those in the past extensively on reddit, but for this discussion let's throw that all out the window. For this discussion, assume that Metro is sh*t for power users (even if you don't believe it to be)."

    Miller continued on to explain that the design team split users into two groups: content creators and content consumers:

    Content creators were explained to be power users: they have multiple windows open across multiple monitors, they sometimes even have virtual machines that also have their own nested levels of complexity.
    Content consumers were explained to be casual users who just use basic social media platforms, view photos, and so on. They were described as the computer illiterate younger siblings, the older grandparents, or the mother "who just wants to look up apple pie recipes."

    Windows 8 was designed for the latter group: the content consumers. This is also where Metro stems from: it is a platform that is "simple, clear, and does one thing (and only one thing) relatively easily." Miller described Metro as the antithesis of a power user.

    "It was like a rented tuxedo coat - something that somewhat fit a wide variety of people. It wasn't tailored, because any aggressive tailoring would make it fit one person great, but would have others pulling at the buttons. Whatever feature we wanted to add into Windows, it had to be something that was simple enough for casual users to not get confused with, but also not dumbed down enough to be useless to power users. Many, MANY features got cut because of this."

    Miller went on to comment on why Metro was made default, and there was no boot to desktop option included in Windows 8. He explained that casual users "don't go exploring," and that if they made the desktop the default-- as it's always been-- the casual users would never have migrated to "their land of milk and honey"-- the casual-friendly Metro interface. He explained that they would have occupied the Desktop as they always did, and that Microsoft would have been right back where they started. This was softened in 8.1 when they gave power users the option to boot directly to the desktop.

    Now that casual users are aware of the Metro interface, or their "land of milk and honey" as Miller calls it, the Microsoft team can start "tailoring" the interface (in reference to his tuxedo jacket metaphor above). It was explained that there will be some time before the focus turns to power users, however once the focus returns that Microsoft would be able to implement the power user features that it wasn't able to before.

    "Familiarity will always trump good design. Even if something is vastly better, if it is unfamiliar it will be worse. That's why people act like a unicorn was murdered every time facebook releases a new redesign. The windows 7 start menu IS better because it is familiar. We've used that design paradigm for the last 20 years. Metro is going to take some getting used to. As I mentioned, this is a long term strategy for MS. We knew full well casual users wouldn't like it initially. Hopefully in 5 years we'll look back and see we made the right decision." - Miller
    Windows 8 UX designer on Metro: "It is the antithesis of a power user"
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  • Mortal Kombat X review

  • ronorra 20/04/2015

    The highlight of the job so far has been making Yoshinori Oro play through Ultra Street Fighter IV on a Steel Battalion controller!
    Please tell me there is footage of that :D

    I have a soft spot for Ono, in a time of suits dictating the market his crazyness and enthusiasm are far too rare.
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  • You now have to spend at least $5 to access some Steam features

  • ronorra 20/04/2015

    Ah another clickbait article that does not even mention spam invites, because anyone with half a brain and experience with spammers sees this as a good idea that is long overdue. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Mortal Kombat X

  • ronorra 18/04/2015

    Never knew DF had problems with using gamma controls when a game is too dark, and if blacks are crushing maybe don't overdo gamma/contrast? Also the other versions have 30 fps X rays and fatalities and a lovely fluctuating framerate, that makes it extra funny that you claim the PS4 version is the best. Well done DF, allow me to guffaw. Reply -1
  • Goat Simulator herded to Xbox consoles

  • ronorra 17/04/2015

    Either way, any game I made would ban modding, and I would actively sue any person who did it

    Mods destroy the right of a game creator to determine your experience. no game should ever be modded
    It is a long time ago since I have read such backward nonsense on Eurogamer. The mind cannot stop boggling.
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  • What does it take to run GTA 5 at 1080p60?

  • ronorra 16/04/2015

    @thomascai Not to be that guy, but the times have changed and the notion of putting a cart in a console and ready to go is not quite realistic with last and current gen consoles. Reply +29
  • Jet Set Radio spiritual successor Hover now on Early Access

  • ronorra 10/04/2015

    Sold! Reply 0
  • Are Pokémon Rumble World's microtransactions a shakedown?

  • ronorra 08/04/2015

    Nintendo in full force shakedown mode. Not surprisingly from the avalanche of stupid decisions they have made at Nintendo HQ. If they still do not realise that the fastest way of sinking the boat is alienating their fans, Nintendo is indeed doomed. Reply -1
  • Hands on with the Recreated ZX Spectrum

  • ronorra 05/04/2015

    Also forgot to link this vid, worthy of a watch;

    Reply +7
  • ronorra 05/04/2015

    @cloudskipa If you say it like that it makes acxtual sense :) I guess I never was a big fan of the Speccy colorbleeding.

    Also:Face-Off: ZX Spectrum vs. Commodore 64, Digital Foundry on the great gaming conflict of the 80s. How on Earth did I miss this?
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  • ronorra 05/04/2015

    As a C64 fella I found it a bit odd that the speccy got so much more love compared to the Amstrad.

    Also this nostalgia trip might be a good time to mention From Bedrooms to Billions, a documentary about the British game industry.
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  • Tech Analysis: Splatoon

  • ronorra 04/04/2015

    Not my cup of tea but I hope it gets the success it deserves, it is taking risks in being something different wich unfortunatly is getting rare. Reply +14
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC 60fps gameplay footage

  • ronorra 03/04/2015

    Haha funny thing i remember all the butthurt folks when R ignored PC gamers. Ahh you people have too much time on your hands
    Giving PC gamers the best version of GTA V does not sound like they R* are ignoring PC gamers.
    And once again, since some have problems grasping economics, R* would lose a great deal of sales if they put out the superior version (PC) out before the inferior ones (consoles). It is called cannibalizing your sales.

    Actually it is you that sound rather butthurt with your plans to illegally download it. And I am loving it to see people like you that were believing this "PC gaming is dead" mantra of a few years ago... and look where we are now. Pure comedy!
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  • ronorra 02/04/2015

    @AgentDaleCooper and all butthurt people in this comment section, thanks for the laughs. You did not disappoint.

    Bring on the 14th!
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  • Face-Off: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

  • ronorra 30/03/2015

    It's probably reached the point now where any gamer that doesn't own a PS4 is feeling left behind and rightly so.
    Can I have something of what you are smoking?
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  • The PC version of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches on Steam without key features

  • ronorra 30/03/2015

    We respect PC gamers very much
    We feel that a relationship like this, between the developer and their fans, is essential; as is showing one another mutual respect.
    Beware EA and UBI, a new challenger has appeared determined to break the boundaries of bullshit.
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  • Watch the world's best Call of Duty teams compete for $1m

  • ronorra 30/03/2015

    They are all 12 year olds?
    Yea, because calling people children because they do not share your taste/opinion is so mature.

    I have been lurking here for many many years and I have seen headcases come and gone, but you sir, you are by far the most seriously deranged plonker here on EG.
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  • Bloodborne review

  • ronorra 27/03/2015

    Congrats ps4 owners, finally a game that does not disappoint and is not hyped as the 2nd coming but is just a damn good game, Enjoy :)

    edit: just stumbled over this, might be handy:

    Bloodborne players, make sure you don't summon or invade anyone during the game's Forbidden Woods section! Right now, doing so will prevent you from acquiring a crucial progression item, the Lunarium Key. Sony says a patch is coming next week.
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  • The Crew time-limited trial launches for PS4, Xbox One

  • ronorra 25/03/2015

    I'm enjoying the PC version as a guilty pleasure. It is not like there is much choice for PC gamers in the open world driving department and tbh it is far from the abomination some claim it is. Would I pay full price for it? Nope. Would I even buy it if I had access to Drive Club or Forza Horizon 2? Nope. Would I spend cash for crew credits? Hell nope, not even needed with the ingame cash that is constantly being thrown in your face.
    The graphics are barely a step up from Test Drive Unlimited 2, car selection is rather small but somehow I am enjoying it.
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  • Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

  • ronorra 24/03/2015

    Hilarious, if a game on the xbone had these problems (loading, low framerate) trhe comment section would be too small...

    Seems Sony has reeled in a fair amount of fanboy idiots, guess that is why they try insane products like this.
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  • Nintendo might be making the most exciting online shooter in years

  • ronorra 24/03/2015

    Nintendo might be making the most exciting online shooter in years
    Oh here we go again? I thought you guys got the hint when you tried to hype Titanfall and Destiny as being 'total broundbreaking' and 'revolutionary'.
    Stop it!
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  • Battlefield Hardline review

  • ronorra 23/03/2015

    If you go to the corner of the map and drive round and round you can tot up tens of thousands of points without seeing an enemy apparently!
    They should rename Hotwire to Benny Hill mode...

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  • Out Ran: Meeting Yu Suzuki, Sega's original outsider

  • ronorra 22/03/2015

    @mdeneuve Thanks for the link :D Reply +1
  • ronorra 22/03/2015

    Outrun actually ran at 30FPS.
    I could not remember if it did (I was pretty sure Space Harrier was 60 fps tho).

    Heck, you were right, it actually was 30 fps according to the internet:

    Sega OutRun

    Sega OutRun was a 16-bit arcade system released in 1986 for the driving game Out Run (1986). It was also used for Super Hang-On (1987) and Turbo Outrun (1989). It is the second in Sega's Super Scaler series of pseudo-3D arcade hardware.

    Main CPU: 2× Motorola 68000 @ 12.5 MHz[80] (16-bit & 32-bit instructions @ 4.375 MIPS)[6]
    Sound CPU: Zilog Z80 @ 4 MHz[80] (8-bit & 16-bit instructions @ 0.58 MIPS)[6]
    Sound chips:
    FM synthesis chip: Yamaha YM2151 @ 4 MHz (8 FM channels)
    PCM chip: SegaPCM (315-5218[81]) @ 4 MHz[76] (stereo output, 16 PCM channels, 12-bit audio,[77] 31.25 kHz sampling rate[75])
    GPU: Sega Super Scaler chipset
    Graphics board: Sega 837-6064 / 171-5377 VIDEO Board[20] @ 25.1748 MHz[76] (315-5197 Sega Custom Tilemap Generator, 315-5211 Sega Custom Sprite Generator, 315-5242 Sega Custom Color Encoder)[76]
    Road graphics chips: 315-5155 Sega Road Bit Extraction, 315-5222 Signetics PLS153N Road Mixing[76]
    Display resolution: 320×224 to 400×262,[76] progressive scan
    Refresh rate: 60.0543 Hz (V-sync)[76]
    Frame rate: 30 frames per second [82]
    Color palette: 98,304[57]
    Colors on screen: 12,288[76]
    Graphical planes:[80]
    2 tilemap layers: System 16B tilemap system, row & column scrolling,[20] parallax scrolling[83]
    1 text layer
    1 sprite layer: Hardware sprite-scaling/zooming
    1 road layer: Can draw 2 roads at once, 512×256 pixels each,[72] tiled bitmaps[84]
    Translucent shadows
    Sprite capabilities: Framebuffered sprites with zooming capabilities,[20] 128 on-screen sprites per frame,[80] thousands of sprites scaled per second,[79] 16 colors per sprite[85]
    Sprite pixels: 25.1748 MHz video clock cycles (60.0543 Hz refresh rate),[76] 419,199 pixels per screen refresh (262 scanlines), 1600 sprite pixels per scanline, 128 sprites per scanline
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