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  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC fixes are "significant" and "will take some time"

  • ronorra 29/06/2015

    If Mortal Kombat X is any indication, better not hold your breath. Better not buy anything from Warner Bros either tbh. Reply +14
  • Warner suspends Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales

  • ronorra 25/06/2015

    @waffle Funny to hear you go all doom and gloom. Think you missed the boat tho, the "pc is dying" chant died years ago. Times have changed, and not even a cuntish Warner Bros can change that. Reply +6
  • European PlanetSide 2 PS4 servers are still down

  • ronorra 24/06/2015

    I now exclusively game on console and it's just plug in and play...
    Selective memory much? I could list a gargantuan list of console patches but I feel you are not worthy of the trouble, so you will have to do with this "you are full of shit" statement.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

  • ronorra 24/06/2015

    Rocksteady's superb work doesn't deserve to be overshadowed by the poor PC version.
    If you are not against companies screwing consumers over then you are part of the problem. And it is not like this is the first frigging time with Warner Bros.
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  • Yoshi's Woolly World review

  • ronorra 22/06/2015

    I am a wind up merchant
    Translation: twat.
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  • ronorra 22/06/2015

    Despite the mediocre sounding review, it's still a Nintendo game and probably ten times more polished and entertaining than most recently-released platformers.
    With titles like Ori and the Blind Forest and Axiom Verge, I beg to differ tho.

    Since the original Yoshis Island was so brilliant and this is more of that, I can't see the problem.
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  • Radeon R9 390X 8GB review

  • ronorra 22/06/2015

    We want to note that there are some known issues with the performance of Batman: Arkham Knight for PC owners using AMD graphics cards. We are working closely with AMD to rectify these issues as quickly as possible and will provide updates here as they become available. We thank you for your patience in this matter.
    Oh AMD you...

    EDIT: actually it seems everyone on PC is shafted with a cute 30 fps lock.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Batman Arkham Knight

  • ronorra 21/06/2015

    So, why are people angry against me ? While i'm just telling a fact...
    It is not anger, it is the realization that after seeing more and more dribble appear from your hand that you dear sir are absolutely the most idiotic fanboy that roams on the green fields of EG. Yes let me repeat that again, the most idiotic.Batshit. Insane. And this place did not had a short amount of those, but you outclass them so easily it makes the rest just amateurs.

    Were you by any chance Iraqi minister of information some years ago?

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  • The E3 Bulletin: Friday

  • ronorra 19/06/2015

    Reply +3
  • No Man's Sky coming to PC same time as PS4

  • ronorra 17/06/2015

    Great news, hopefully it will have HOTAS support :) Reply +3
  • The Last Guardian lives! Still directed by Fumito Ueda

  • ronorra 16/06/2015

    I now start to understand why people were so hyped about this, because it looks quite incredible. Reply +14
  • Kickstarter campaign launches for Shenmue 3

  • ronorra 16/06/2015

    Holy crap, hell freezing over? Great news! Reply +10
  • Sony E3 2015 conference live report

  • ronorra 16/06/2015

    They are not messing about, like a machinegun they keep em coming. Reply 0
  • ronorra 16/06/2015

    First console game I see that actually makes me want to grab one. Quite a feat. Reply 0
  • Nintendo heads into E3 with its hands tied

  • ronorra 12/06/2015

    I will always have a Nintendo console.
    Me too, the SNES. Still unbeaten.
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  • E3 2015 guide - all the conference times and announcements

  • ronorra 11/06/2015

    @Bedders Muchos gracias :) Reply 0
  • ronorra 11/06/2015

    You forgot one...

    PC Gaming Show [6] June 16 - 5pm PT / 8pm ET /
    June 17 - 12am UK / 10am AET
    AMD and PC Gamer are putting on the first-ever PC conference at E3, PC Gaming Show. Sean 'Day[9]' Plott will host the show and will be joined by other speakers throughout the show, such as Blizzard Entertainment and Humble Bundle, to make announcements.

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  • Sir Christopher Lee dies aged 93

  • ronorra 11/06/2015

    RIP :(

    Time to watch the Wicker man (the good one).
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  • Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice announced for 3DS

  • ronorra 09/06/2015

    Obligatory BOUNCEPAD! Reply 0
  • Uwe Boll quits crowdfunding with expletive-laden tirade after third project fails

  • ronorra 08/06/2015

    Where are the lonely gun nuts when you need one?

    edit: neg me you wankers, give me one reason why you think Uwe Boll should waste any more oxygen.
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  • 20 years on, Worms remains a comedy classic

  • ronorra 07/06/2015

    Still not beaten;

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  • Fallout: New Vegas speedrun sets new world record

  • ronorra 07/06/2015

    Speedrunning a RPG. Is there anything more contemptible.
    Yea, obviously that is much more worse then rape and murder and the like.
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  • Tech Analysis: Halo 3: ODST on Xbox One

  • ronorra 06/06/2015

    So weak...
    That is exactly what comes to mind seeing your writings. You sir are by far the most delusional regular here, and that is by no means an easy feat here at EG.
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  • The rediscovery of Ethan Carter: How last year's adventure is being remade for PS4 and VR

  • ronorra 03/06/2015

    God this whole #GG #Fem Freq thing is making me long to the old days where we just would argue about blast processing. Reply +5
  • Infinite Crisis to close in August

  • ronorra 02/06/2015

    Well that went fast... Reply +7
  • Lego launches Minecraft rival Lego Worlds on Steam Early Access

  • ronorra 01/06/2015

    I can't resist...must have. This should also be brilliant on the Wii U, make it so Nintendo. Reply -1
  • Does The Witcher 3's latest patch fix console performance?

  • ronorra 01/06/2015

    Okok hold your horses all, because all this techshit is trivial. The oracle called Sarkeesian has spoken, Witcher 3 is according to Feminist Frequency thumbs down. So we are all pigscum for enjoying it. I hope you all can still sleep with knowing that fact! I know I will... Reply +1
  • Back Bard's Tale 4 tomorrow and get Wasteland 2, Witcher or Witcher 2 free

  • ronorra 01/06/2015

    Bards Tale on my C64... that is like 1985, jeez that makes me feel old.

    Me and my money will be there :)
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  • Windows 10 launches in July

  • ronorra 01/06/2015

    Good to see the usual Windows 8 hate perpetuated by people who never really used it.

    Is it annoying when people pose questions and then answer them to make a point? You're goddam right it is.
    It is not as annoying as the umpteenth expert that claims 'people hate win8 because they never tried it or don't know what they are talking about'. I am not going to copy paste the whole shebang of why "It is the antithesis of a power user" but it would require some modicum of reading for it and tbh I doubt you are willing to and rather play that "win8 hat0r" card once again.

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  • Splatoon is Wii U's fastest-selling new franchise in UK

  • ronorra 01/06/2015

    @tomphillipsEG I have to agree that in that way it makes sense. I thought tho that seeing console games getting the same discount as PC games as a big big step forward for consoles. Thanks for clearing it up tho :)

    And nice to see Splatoon doing well in an era of endless sequels.
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  • ronorra 01/06/2015

    Great game, successful launch, robust online and yet EG still has to devote a whole paragraph to Nintendo doom and gloom.
    EG also is forgetting to mention that there is a friggin' Nintendo Humble Bundle over @ humble store. Yes it is region bound so only for americanas, but to see console games getting the same discount as PC titles, newsworthy imo.
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  • Carmageddon: Reincarnation review

  • ronorra 29/05/2015

    @Arsecake_Baker I don't think there are enough old farts like us to remember that classic cult movie (and I don't mean those pos remakes);

    OT: shame about the performance issues, this still is on my wishlist so here's hoping its gonna be fixed.
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  • Capcom pulls PS4 Ultra Street Fighter 4 from its own tournament

  • ronorra 28/05/2015

    @mintgreen That is quite the list. And I thought the pc version of MK X was setting a new low for horrible ports. Guess never count out Capcom. Makes me feel bad for Yoshinori Ono. Reply 0
  • Destiny: House of Wolves review

  • ronorra 25/05/2015

    2 hours, one strike, no raid, £20 and you recommend? Hilarious.
    I wish I could upvote this more. And once again Eurogamer sinks lower and lower in quality.
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  • Performance Analysis: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection revisited

  • ronorra 24/05/2015

    the ability for owners of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to port over their progress to Xbox One and PS4 respectively now makes the Handsome Collection more enticing than the PC game.
    Weird conclusion if you take into account that the pc version is much cheaper. And playing a game like Borderlands with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard, lol no thanks. Guess we differ wich version is the best.
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  • Chris Donlan on: Gaming's cruellest downgrade

  • ronorra 24/05/2015

    @IronSoldier So many posts, it begs the question: do you even play games? Reply +4
  • Does Nvidia HairWorks really "sabotage" AMD Witcher 3 performance?

  • ronorra 24/05/2015

    In all honesty drivers from AMD are fine.
    In all honesty that comment had me cracked up. Ever since the Quake Quack debacle I had a hard time trusting AMD. I am not blind for the fact that nVidia is far from holy too, but hey it at least functions and they don't come with a weepy story that the big bad world is so mean while the last time they released drivers was 161 days ago.

    If you’re following this story, you may be aware of CD Projekt Red’s official statement on the matter. They told Overclock3D that yes, HairWorks can run on AMD hardware, but that “unsatisfactory performance may be experienced as the code of this feature cannot be optimized for AMD products.”

    The problem with this statement is that it was overly vague and left a lot of possibilities dangling. Possibilities that can be interpreted for a variety of arguments. Why can’t it be optimized? Was it merely an issue of limited resources or man hours? Is it because, as some have argued, AMD’S GCN 1.1 Directx 11 tessellation is sub-par? Or did Nvidia explicitly prevent CD Projekt Red from optimizing their code on AMD hardware or from inserting their own tech?

    The answer to the latter question is a decisive no. We saw technologies from both companies in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, a game that was optimized quite efficiently on a wide range of hardware from both Team Green and Team Red. And Nvidia’s Brian Burke recently reiterated to that “our agreements with developers don’t prevent them from working with other IHVs.”

    But let’s get to the heart of this article. AMD’s chief gaming scientist Richard Huddy recently went on the offensive, claiming that Nvidia’s HairWorks code is somehow deliberately sabotaging Witcher 3 performance on AMD hardware. Speaking to ArsTechnica, he said the following:

    “We’ve been working with CD Projekt Red from the beginning. We’ve been giving them detailed feedback all the way through. Around two months before release, or thereabouts, the GameWorks code arrived with HairWorks, and it completely sabotaged our performance as far as we’re concerned. We were running well before that… it’s wrecked our performance, almost as if it was put in to achieve that goal.“

    That’s funny, since I attended an Nvidia press conference all the way back in June 2013 that showed an early version of Nvidia’s HairWorks — then unnamed — running on multiple wolves in The Witcher 3. Later, in January 2014 — 16 months ago — Nvidia officially christened the technology “HairWorks” and showed it off again, using several examples of the tech implemented into The Witcher 3.

    Let’s assume Huddy’s claim of working with the developer “from the beginning” is true. The Witcher 3 was announced February 2013. Was 2+ years not long enough to approach CD Projekt Red with the possibility of implementing TressFX? Let’s assume AMD somehow wasn’t brought into the loop until as late as Gamescom 2014 in August. Is 9 months not enough time to properly optimize HairWorks for their hardware? (Apparently Reddit user “FriedBongWater” only needed 48 hours after the game’s release to publish a workaround enabling better performance of HairWorks on AMD hardware, so there’s that.)

    Hell, let’s even assume that AMD really didn’t get that code until 2 months prior, even though they’ve been working with the developer since day 1. Do you find that hard to swallow?

    That’s all irrelevant in my eyes, because the ask never came in time. Via Ars Technica, Huddy claims that when AMD noticed the terrible HairWorks performance on their hardware two months prior to release, that’s when they “specifically asked” CD Projekt Red if they wanted to incorporate TressFX. The developer said “it was too late.”

    Well, of course it was too late. Nvidia and CD Projekt Red spent two years optimizing HairWorks for The Witcher 3. But here’s the bottom line: The developer had HairWorks code for nearly two years. The entire world knew this. If AMD had been working with the developer “since the beginning” how on earth could they have been blindsided by this code only 2 months prior to release? None of it adds up, and it points to a larger problem.

    Look, I respect AMD and have built many systems for personal use and here at Forbes using their hardware. AMD’s constant pulpit of open source drivers and their desire to prevent a fragmented PC gaming industry is honorable, but is it because they don’t want to do the work?

    A PC enthusiast on Reddit did more to solve the HairWorks performance problem than AMD has apparently done. AMD’s last Catalyst WQHL driver was 161 days ago, and the company hasn’t announced one on the horizon. Next to Nvidia’s monthly update cycle and game-ready driver program, this looks lazy.

    If you want a huge AAA game release to look great on your hardware, you take the initiative to ensure that it does. What you don’t do is expect your competitor to make it easier for you by opening up the technology they’ve invested millions of dollars into. You innovate using your own technologies. Or you increase your resources. Or you bolster your relationships and face time with developers.

    In short, you just find a way to get it done.
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

  • ronorra 18/05/2015

    You buy it or don't if your panties are in such a twist over it, but stop the preaching you hypocritic bunch. Bullshots are ages old and now you start to wake up? Where were you before? Get laid or something. Reply -4
  • Face-Off: Oddworld New 'n' Tasty

  • ronorra 18/05/2015

    @Solid_Strife So many things wrong with your post I have trouble to decide what to start with. I'll start with saying that if you cannot handle comparisons being made in a technical article where your console is not the clear winner you should move on.

    And excuse my French, but with terms like "PC Elitists", "Worse than the console fanboys" and all that bollocks you are about the last person qualified to tell people to "grow up". Practice what you preach perhaps numpty.
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  • ronorra 18/05/2015

    Good for you, but your hardware will never be as optimized as on consoles by developers.
    I guess that is why we see so many games on consoles having such huge problems with hitting 30 fps even with past gen titles like Borderlands 2.
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  • Return to vendor: the legend of Xur

  • ronorra 17/05/2015

    @TheMilkman Do I even have to chew that down for you? Ok then, Destiny is one game released in 2014, Mario is a franchise created in 1983 spanning countless games. Duh. Reply 0
  • ronorra 16/05/2015

    I'm sorry if you find it annoying, but I have to admit I don't really get that
    I can shed some light onto that. What irks me the most is not only that every Destiny article is the same overly positive fluff but also the sheer amount of said articles. I did a search and according to your site there are as many Destiny articles (100) as there are of Super Mario Bros(100). And that tbh is insane.

    USgamer has its fair share of articles about Destiny too but their coverage is far more balanced.
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  • ronorra 15/05/2015

    You don't have to look too far to get articles on numbers of Destiny players that are as made up as that Kotaku article, but perhaps with a little more substance.
    Kotaku based their information on official press releases released by Activision themselves, but yea your IGN source must be way more credible.
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  • ronorra 15/05/2015

    There are so many games that are worthy of an article... but Eurogamer feels the need to constantly drown us in Destiny promotion articles. It would be nice to see an article about sales number of Destiny since Activision is avoiding it at all costs. Not biting the hand that feeds? Wakeup call guys, Kotaku is outclassing you. And that should ring alarm bells.

    edit: bring on the negs. Guess that Kotaku article struck a nerve. Good.
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  • Witcher 3 on Xbox One uses dynamic scaling to boost resolution

  • ronorra 12/05/2015

    Gamers shouldn't take anything they see at face value, until they see completed code running always assume it's a bullshot.
    A thousand times this.
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  • Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

  • ronorra 09/05/2015

    To say AMD's Radeon drivers are subpar is an understatement.
    Sadly you are right. I always saw the AMD video cards as pretty kickass hardware with less then stellar driver support. Case in point, the recent Project Cars;

    AMD card users appear to be having a bit of a rough time with Slightly Mad’s newly released driving title.

    Both developer and AMD seem to have weighed in on why this might be, largely blaming each other before promising to work together.

    “We’re reaching out to AMD with all of our efforts. We’ve provided them 20 keys as I say. They were invited to work with us for years,” a post from Slightly Mad’s Ian Bell (re-posted on Steam from the game’s backer forum) reads. “Looking through company mails the last I can see they (AMD) talked to us was October of last year.”

    Bell also refutes the usual claims that Nvidia paid for special attention, saying “Categorically, Nvidia have not paid us a penny. They have though been very forthcoming with support and co-marketing work at their instigation.”

    By the sounds of things, this is a driver issue. According to Bell, “Some great gains we saw from an earlier driver [AMD] released have been lost in a later driver they released. So I’d say driver is where we start.”
    Shame really, since competition is a good thing but this driver debacle that is going on and on ain't helping AMD.

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  • The Witcher 3 PC is £32.49 at Green Man Gaming

  • ronorra 07/05/2015

    So GMG just stooped down to level of G2A and such other unauthorized resellers.
    Great job guys, hope it was worth it.
    If you do not know what you are talking about it might be wise to just not say anything.

    Here is just a list of publishers GMG is an official retail partner with:

    Exor Studios
    Overwolf Limited
    1C Publishing Europe
    Exosyphen Studios
    2K Games
    Fish Eagle
    Paul Schneider Limited
    505 Games 2013
    Flying Wild Hog
    PD Design Studio Pte Ltd
    9 Heads Game Studios
    Fermenter Games
    Phoenix Online Studios LLC
    Aardman Animations
    Focus Home Entertainment
    Phosphor Games
    Abbey Games
    Focus Home Interactive
    Ackk Studios LLC
    Forge Reply
    Active Zone Group
    Freebird Games
    Plug-in Digital
    Adventure Productions
    Plugin Digital Konami 2013
    Affinity Technology Group
    Psychic Parrot Games
    Agent Mega
    Fruitbat Factory
    Psydra Games LLC
    Ago Games
    FX Interactive S.I
    Puppy Punch
    Airwave Games LLC
    Funbox Media
    Aldorlea Games
    Gentleman Squid Games
    Ragequit Corporation
    Alex Spellman
    Going Loud Studios
    Rebellion Interactive Limited
    Analgesic Productions
    Gry Online
    Reef Entertainment
    Andrew Armstrong
    Hailstorm Games
    Angel VGD Limited t/a Curve Digtial
    Hairbrained Studios
    Reverb Publishing
    Anima Games
    Hashbang Games LLC
    Reverie World Studios Inc
    Anuman Games
    Head Up games
    Ripstone Ltd
    Apherion Limited/Bignic
    Heatwave Interactive
    Apogee Entertainment LLC
    HER interactive
    Ronimo Games
    Arcen Games LLC
    Herocraft Ltd
    Sakari Games
    Arn Richert
    Heydeck Games
    Scientifically Proven Entertainment LLC
    Artifice Studios Inc
    Scott Matott
    Aspyr Media
    Hugo Murracas Cardoso
    Atma Core LLC
    Hungry Planet Games Ltd
    Shadow Shifters
    Autumn Games
    Iceberg Interactive
    Shangri La Games
    Backstab Games Limited
    Immanitas Entertainment GmbH Limited
    Signal Studios 2014
    Bat Country Games
    Imminent Games
    Size Five Games
    Beutifun Games SL
    Instant Kingdom
    Slak Games
    Interceptor Entertainment 2013
    Black Forest Games GmbH
    Black Pants Studio
    Iridescant Games
    Snowbird / Amadin
    Blackpowder Games LLC
    Kalypso Media
    Spooky Squid Games Inc
    Blue Giant
    Keen Software
    Born Ready Games Studio Ltd
    Kerberos Productions Inc
    Stephane Valverde
    Boss Baddie
    Kisareth Studios
    Stardock Entertainment 2013
    Brilliant Blue G
    Strategy First
    Bruce Films
    Klei Entertainment 2013
    Studio 69
    Legacy Interactive Incorporated
    Surprise Attack Pty Ltd
    CD Projekt !
    Leszek Sliwko
    Tagstar Publishing Limited
    Team 17
    Charlie Knight
    Linden Research Inc
    Chrysaor Studios
    Logic Artists ApS
    Telbi Engineering Ltd
    Chucklefish Limited
    LudoCraft Limited
    Telltale Inc
    City Interactive
    Ludosity Interactive
    the chinese room
    the Hideout
    Coffee Stain Studios
    The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Inc
    Cold Beam Games
    Thorsten Schleinzer
    Crankshaft Games Ltd
    Maximum Games
    ThreeGates AB
    Critical Games Limited
    Tiger Studios
    Crocodile Entertainment S.L
    Meridian 4
    Toco Games
    Crunching Koalas T.P.
    TopWare Interactive
    Crysaor Studios
    Torn Banner Studios
    CSR Studios
    Midas Interactive Entertainment
    Toxic Games
    Might & Delight AB
    Tri Synergy
    Milkstone Studios
    Trion Worlds
    Dark Vale Games LLC
    Mindware Limited
    Tripwire Interactive
    David Hagemann
    Minmax Games
    Turtle Cream
    Desi Network Inc
    Minority Media Inc
    Digerati Distribution & Marketing
    Uber Entertainment
    Digital Chocolate
    Mouldy Toof Studios
    Digital Games Factory
    Mumbo Jumbo LLC
    Digital Tribe Games
    United Independent Entertainment GmbH
    N3V Games
    Unknown Worlds Entertainment
    Namco Bandai
    ND Games
    Versus Evil
    Double Eleven Ltd
    Wadjet Eye Games LLC
    Nerf Games
    Wales Interactive Limited
    Doublesix Games
    Nether Productions LLC
    Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
    DR Studios
    New Life Interactive
    Wastelands Interactive
    Eden Industries
    Niffler Ltd
    Wax Lyrical Games Limited
    Effat Effati
    Nomad Games Limited
    Witch Beam Game Party
    Wraith Entertainment
    EightyEight Games Ltd
    Nyu Media Ltd
    Xing Interactive
    Electro Chango SA de CV
    Enlight Games
    Onur Uca Limited
    Youda Games
    OOTP Developments
    Zero Rock Entertainment 2014
    Exis LLC
    Orb Games
    ORiGO Games PTE Ltd

    But yet you think that every online story is some dinky keysite. Any more of those 'brilliant' theories?

    OT: made many purchases with GMG, never had any problems and tbh what CDPR tries here is not exactly winning the beauty price to say the least.
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  • Kerbal Space Program review

  • ronorra 07/05/2015

    Early access how it should be done. Compliments to the team. Reply +10
  • Destiny and Hearthstone have made nearly $1bn in revenue

  • ronorra 07/05/2015

    Wellywellywellywell, that must be the 20th press release, but funnily still no word about how well Destiny sold.

    How Much Money They’ve Made From Stores

    September 10, Activision press release:

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc.(Nasdaq: ATVI), announced today that the company sold more than $500 million of Destiny into retail stores and first parties worldwide as of day one, making the game the biggest new video game franchise launch in history.

    “Based on extraordinary audience demand, retail and first party orders worldwide have exceeded $500 million for Destiny,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “This industry milestone marks another blockbuster success for our company and demonstrates our unique ability to create some of the most successful entertainment franchises in the world. The success of Destiny, along with the recent introduction of Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone, is further validation of our unique capabilities to create great entertainment franchises from the ground up.”

    How Much Money They Made In Five Days

    September 17, Activision press release:

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc.(Nasdaq: ATVI), announced today that its highly anticipated new franchise Destiny sold-through more than $325 million worldwide in its first five days, according to Chart-Track, first parties, retail customer sell-through information and Activision Blizzard internal estimates.

    How Many Hours People Played During The First Week

    September 17, Activision press release:

    According to Bungie, Destiny players logged more than 100 million hours of online play by the end of the first week

    How Many Activities People Participated In During The First Week

    September 17, Activision press release:

    ...and participated in 137 million activities.

    How Many Awards And Nominations They’ve Won

    September 17, Activision press release:

    The game has won over 180 awards and nominations to date.

    How Many Times The Average Player Has Played

    October 10, Bungie blog post:

    The average player has played Destiny 20.9 times.

    How Many Players Destiny Averages A Day

    October 10, Bungie blog post:

    Destiny averages 3.2 million players each and every day!

    How Many Players Were Online In Destiny’s First Three Weeks Compared To The Same Span For Halo 3 And Halo: Reach, Combined

    October 10, Bungie blog post:

    Over the past three weeks, we’ve had more players online in Destiny than we did during the same span for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, combined.

    How Many Millions Of Hours People Have Played

    October 16, Sony press release:

    Destiny is the most-played title on the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) system with 125 million hours of gameplay.

    Just How Much More Played It Is Than The Second-Most-Played PS4 Game

    October 16, Sony press release:

    Destiny is currently the most-played PS4 game, with total gameplay hours 5X higher than the second most-played title

    How Many Hours People Have Broadcast

    October 16, Sony press release:

    Social sharing is hugely popular among Destiny players, with 450,000 hours of live gameplay broadcasted via the PS4 system’s SHARE functionality

    What Percentage PlayStation Plus Memberships Increased By In The Week Before Launch

    October 16, Sony press release:

    New PlayStation Plus memberships increased 115 percent from the week prior to Destiny’s launch

    Where Launch Month Retail Sales Rank In The US

    October 17, Activision press release:

    In addition to strong sales of software at retail in the US, the first month of Destiny included strong digital sales and a very popular PlayStation 4 hardware bundle as well. Incorporating these figures, not only is Destiny the biggest new franchise launch in video game history, its launch month retail sales rank in the top 10 largest of all time in the US*. In fact, it’s the only new video game franchise in the top 30 all-time based on U.S. retail sales in the launch month**.

    *Source: NPD and Activision internal estimates

    **Source: NPD

    How Many Hours A Day People Are Playing

    October 17, Activision press release:

    “We’re, of course, ecstatic that Destiny has set sales records. But what we’re most excited about is that this is a game that millions of fans can’t seem to stop playing. A month after launch, people are still playing Destiny an average of three hours per day, which is phenomenal engagement.” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.

    How Many Registered Users They Have

    November 4, Activision press release:

    For the third quarter, Activision Publishing’s Destiny was the largest new franchise launch in videogame history and ranks among the top 10 largest videogame launches of all time in the U.S. To date, Destiny has more than 9.5 million registered users and our active players are playing the game an average of more than three hours per day.

    What Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg Said On An Earnings Call When An Analyst Asked How Many Copies They Had Actually Sold

    November 5, Activision earnings call:

    First of all, I think by any measure Destiny’s off to a great start. As I mentioned, we were the largest new franchise launch of all time, and despite the large investment... or maybe because of that large investment, we were able to be profitable from day one. And we think it’s only a matter of time now before it becomes our next billion-dollar franchise. I also mentioned the pretty incredible engagement numbers. The average player is investing over three hours of gameplay per day, and to date we have 9.5 million registered users.

    Of course that’s a relationship to sell-through, it’s not exact, because some people have more than one identity. But obviously that’s directional. So it’s a highly-engaged audience that is hungry for more content. And when we’ve had that, we think we’ve been good at providing them with more content to satisfy that demand, which we’re planning on doing on December 9 with our first expansion pack.

    And I also mentioned that we’re also already underway on our next full game releases. So we’ve got a great pipeline of content, a great plan, a great development partner with Bungie, and we’re very bullish on Destiny.

    How Much Non-GAAP Revenue They Generated Combined With How Much Non-GAAP Revenue Hearthstone Generated

    February 5, Activision press release:

    Kotick added “We expanded our franchise portfolio by launching two of the industry’s most successful new brands, Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and the biggest new IP launch in industry history, Destiny. Combined, these franchises... generated more than $850 million in non‐GAAP revenue.

    How Many Registered Users They Have Combined With Hearthstone’s Registered Users

    May 6, Activision press release:

    Activision Publishing’s Destiny and Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft combined now have more than 50 million registered players and nearly $1 billion in non‐GAAP revenues life‐to‐date.

    How Many Hours People Are Still Playing And Also How Many Game Of The Year Awards They Got

    May 6, Activision press release:

    Activision Publishing’s Destiny continues to have strong engagement, with active players playing about 3 hours per day, along with strong digital sales and expansion attach rates. Additionally, Destiny was awarded Game of the Year by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, a prestigious addition to the 31 Game of the Year awards that Destiny has been honored with to date.
    And with all this willywaving in press releases there is absolutely no word on the simple question.... how many they actually sold. If it was a pretty positive number I am pretty sure Acti would grab that willy to wave it proud hard and long.

    Might be a reason for Eurogamer to *gasp* do a Destiny article.


    edit: oh I got negged for this titbit, guess it struck a nerve. Poor fella.
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  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse review

  • ronorra 05/05/2015

    I did not expect this positive reaction, espeically after Giantbombs review:

    Nothing about the gameplay feels broken, it just feels soulless this time around. Levels are linear and don’t offer much in the way of challenge, and it’s rare that it strays from the “guide Kirby to the exit and collect stars” formula. Canvas Curse incorporated Kirby’s power to inherit abilities from dead enemies, but that’s been taken out for this entry. Occasional levels will have Kirby morphing into a rocket, torpedo, or tank, but these stages feel even more stripped-down and simple than the standard levels.

    There are seven worlds (with three levels each) that fit squarely within traditional platformer themes, and each one ends with a boss fight. Many of these are frustrating, and require a level of precise control that your stylus just can’t provide. Even with so few worlds, you’ll see more than one boss recycled for another area with a minor twist (this time he’s underwater!).

    Outside of using a rainbow path to shuttle Kirby along to the end of each level, there isn’t much to do. Each stage has a handful of (barely) hidden treasure chests that unlock figurines, and you can also collect little bonuses like music tracks and diary pages. None of these collectibles inspired me to go out of my way to obtain them, but they don’t add much in the way of challenge even if I had gone for 100%. Bare-bones challenge rooms can also be unlocked after beating areas, but they’re nothing more than an assortment of 15-second rooms that task you with getting to a treasure chest in time.

    Playing Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was a tedious experience from beginning to end, and it lacks the "time and place" factor of Canvas Curse. If Nintendo was more open to bringing its properties to mobile and tablets, I could see the game being more appealing as a cheap eShop or iPad title. As a full-fledged $40 Wii U title, however, it only feels like a disappointment.
    Marmite game? Perhaps. The negative points are hardly mentioned by EG tho.
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