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  • MS mock-up infuriates Angry Birds

  • rockyB 23/10/2010

    For gamers, the games they have and the games they're playing is everything to them. They'd even fight for it, even if its their siblings that they are fighting with. Others may think that games are just games,but for game lovers, it's what makes them happy. It's like their energizer. There are games that once you get hooked to it, you'd spend most of your time playing with it. Mashable reports that EA has purchased the mobile app company Chillingo - founder of the mobile app “Angry Birds” - for $ 20 million cash. “Angry Birds” has sat near the top of the iPhone App Store sales since its Dec 2009 debut. EA buys Angry Birds publisher Chillingo for $ 20 million Sources indicate 7 million copies have sold at the 99-cent price point. A $ 4.99 high-definition version was recently released for iPad, and an Android version was released in Sept. Reply 0