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  • No PS4 or new Xbox until 2014 – report

  • robson_wii 21/04/2011

    When the Wii was announced, it said it would change gaming and in a way it has. Sony and MS were both left behind in the motion control world for quite a few years. Graphics hardware is now very cheap and you can bet that by launch time that it will be cheaper. ATI has consistently produced some of the best cards at affordable prices and I can't see N ditching them if this is such a core part of the console. Now that BR discs are standard and HD ready TVs are the norm it's not surprising that N is ready to upgrade.

    In terms of the market, the question is what will N be aiming for? There has to be a reason for the public to upgrade and money is currently tight for a lot of people. We all know the majority of people won't buy a product without a good reason.

    My personal feeling is to never underestimate N. They may not always get it right but they always try to innovate and do something that hasn't been done before. In an earlier article related to an upgraded Wii, I mentioned full HD support and full backward compatibility etc. but they will also do something that is very different from the others. We may get a glimpse at E3 I hope when they hint at forthcoming games on this new console.
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  • THQ hints at imminent Wii 2 reveal

  • robson_wii 23/02/2011

    Full 1080p HD through ATI hardware with upscaling, motion sensor plus with wireless nunchuck, pulse sensors on controllers, voice recognition through built in Wii Speak, kinect style body recognition but slightly different to get around MS patents, online full back catalog of Wii and GC titles, better online forum to connect to friends easily for quick setup of multiplayer experience, 360 and PS3 emulators etc. etc. :)

    That'd be nice...
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  • Dead Space 2

  • robson_wii 26/01/2011

    Hopefully the ending won't be as dull as the last one. I really disliked the last couple of chapters in DS1 because where the tension and action should have been building it failed to deliver unlike the opening 3 or 4 chapters which I really enjoyed. Maybe it was just repetitive and the shock tactics wore off by chapter 10. Will check this out in a few weeks time as I've got a few other games to finish first. Reply +1
  • Miyamoto: New Wii Zelda is half finished

  • robson_wii 22/12/2010

    Expect in 2012 then? It won't disappoint I'm sure. Maybe they'll do a Wii and next gen version as per the Twighlight Princess release.

    TBH, Motion Plus has not really delivered and although the install bass is a high proportion of wii sales, I am surprised less games support it. Again, next gen will have this built in on day 1 so all devs can use the functionality.

    P.S. Ignatius_Cheese: What was unfinished about the Wind Waker? I thought it was a very good Zelda game (the first I played). I finished Ocarina after Wind Waker which was on the bonus disc and finally the Twighlight Princess. All are solid games with good and bad points but more good than bad.
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  • Donkey Kong Country Returns

  • robson_wii 22/12/2010

    I'm enjoying this game and look forward to multi-player fun at Christmas. Reply 0
  • The Conduit 2: The long road back

  • robson_wii 22/12/2010

    Player reviews of the first installment seem to be positive (solid 4 out of 5) so for Ł10 I will see if it lives up to the hype. Will check out part 2 if I enjoy part 1. Reply 0
  • Nintendo explains Zelda's new art style

  • robson_wii 28/07/2010

    I thought the Wind Waker and Twighlight Princess were equally beautiful looking games even though the art-styles were poles apart. Looking forward to this as I have enjoyed the series so far including the DS romps. Reply +6
  • Wii's Dead Space heading to PSN/XBLA?

  • robson_wii 10/02/2010

    How will the controls work on these consoles. With the Wii the remote was used for aim and fire and the nunchuck was used for switching weapons and reloading. Does the wand have a similar secondary control like the nunchuck? Reply 0
  • Wii Play is USA's best ever seller

  • robson_wii 20/01/2010

    Depends if your primary concern is buying the remote as a hard-core gamer or casual. If you are a casual gamer then probably Wii Play was bought for the game and the additional controller was a bonus.

    Comparing HL2 to wii play is a bit silly. I think HL2 was one of the best FPS games around but I'd never play it with friends where-as Wii play used to get played a lot with mates. Comparing best against highest selling is never a good idea.
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  • Greenpeace: Nintendo most eco-unfriendly

  • robson_wii 08/01/2010

    @SEVQA - Arctic ice floats so won't affect sea levels. Antarctic ice and any land-locked ice / glaciers melting will affect sea levels. As water heats it also expands but this is a drop in the ocean compared to land-locked ice melting ;-) Reply +11
  • New Super Mario Bros. on top in Japan

  • robson_wii 08/01/2010

    Mama Mia! Letsa go!! SMG was awesome. I hope SMG 2 is as good or better. Early vids seem promising. Reply +2
  • robson_wii 08/01/2010

    Impressive. Most impressive. Enjoying NSMBWii at the moment! Another quality title for the Wii... Can we have more please this year? ;-) Reply +2
  • Microsoft drops internal Natal chip

  • robson_wii 07/01/2010

    In the video there is a lot of lag on fast moving parts of the game demoed but is the video demo showing the software or hardware version? If hardware version demoed then 100ms lag will be hard to get close to in software unless the hardware was way underutilized. Reply 0
  • Iwata: "Wii has recovered from slowdown"

  • robson_wii 06/01/2010

    Not at all surprised. Family fun over X-mas...wii, sports resort and extra motion sensor plus bundled and console now in cool black (even though the black wii mote with rubber sheath and motion sensor plus looks a bit dodgy!!).

    I used my wii loads over X-mas / New Year playing these good / great games: Dead Space Extraction, HotD Overkill, RE: Darkside Chronicles, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros.
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  • Miyamoto took NSMB DS criticism "hard"

  • robson_wii 18/12/2009

    NSMBWii may be a rehash but I've not played any of the 2D originals so for me it is like a breath of fresh air. I used to play 2d platformers between the ages of 10 and 15 (many years ago) but then got into PC games for a long time.

    I like that a new generation of gamer can experience a different style of game. Maybe it will alter their perception as what good games can be.
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  • Nintendo trademarks the name Zii

  • robson_wii 16/12/2009

    Has Eii also been trademaked for the 3rd revision? Reply 0
  • NSMB sets Wii sales record in Japan

  • robson_wii 09/12/2009

    Usually Nintendo games are fun. I have just started NSMBWii and, although it is a complete throw-back to a different generation, it seems like it will grow on me now I understand the mechanics of the game.
    On the other hand some non-Nintendo games such as COD:Reflex are not fun. Some levels were good but on the whole I found it dull and uninteresting because of the controls and the way the game played.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  • robson_wii 09/12/2009

    Jeez, even Mr Campbell's mum moved out in 4 hours after those comments.

    Phantom Hourglass was good fun. Slightly agree with comments on TOTOK repetition but each time through took less time and notes on the DS made it easy to remember sequences in each room even after weeks/months without play. New weapons and jump points shortened the sequences further. Glad time limits have been removed.
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  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

  • robson_wii 02/12/2009

    Just finished Dead Space Extraction and enjoyed that game so will pick this one up for x-mas Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition

  • robson_wii 14/11/2009

    This game is wrong!! This stinks of a company who cannot, or will not, get the best out of a system. It is an abomination and should not be released on this console. Metroid Prime is sublime and shows how FPS games can be done on the Wii. Reply -4
  • Move to HD is likely, says Nintendo

  • robson_wii 11/11/2009

    I would hope that a new console will be able to do software emulation of Cube and Wii (plus all other emulated consoles from VC) and simply scale correctly for output.

    I am planning on updating to HDTV within the next couple of years. I have a great 44" screen running component/progressive scan mode and games look fine when sitting a sensible distance from the console. I have enjoyed HD resolutions on my PC for a while but the game quality is far more important and I play a range of game styles.
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  • Save your Scorn

  • robson_wii 11/11/2009

    Interesting article but I don't agree with all of it. If you combined sales of PS2, Cube and X-Box, the market was only about 150M. Wii has over 1/3 of the previous market already in 3 years. Price cuts and better software bundles will probably stimulate sales again (or pretty colours ;-)

    Decent games are coming out on all consoles and PC but unless you know where to look all seem very average in terms of software at the moment when walking into the stores. Christmas will have a few decent titles for all and I have my shopping list for Wii and PC.
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  • Wii Fit Plus gets European date

  • robson_wii 30/09/2009

    @rhubarbandcustard: That's because Wii Fit worked so well they got hungry and ate the balance board.
    I found the old Wii fit quite good in small doses (30mins) and far more convenient than a gym.
    Is there a version of the software without balance board? Already got one unless the new board is an upgrade.
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  • Nintendo confirms new Wii bundle

  • robson_wii 26/09/2009

    This bundle is for people who DO NOT own a Wii so this is what you CAN buy... Mario Kart, Smash Bros Brawl, Wii sports resort for fun games with multi player (there are also loads of others outside Nintendo). You mentioned 2 other 'must have's that are worth getting for single player but missed Metroid trilogy, Pikmin replay and Batallion Wars Wii. I also think De-blob and Mad World are very good. Wii-ware has great stuff too and the virtual console is a blast from the past. There are good and great games for the console like PS3 and 360 but maybe not enough NEW material for you. It comes down to how often you play games and Wii is aimed at people who do not play much or never played at all.

    @Xerces3s: since GBP devaluation...(or should that be quantative easing)
    USD != GBP ... 1.5:1 whereas last year it was 1.9:1 (it was over 2:1 for a short while a couple of years back making trips abroad for us very cheap!!)
    and more importantly
    JPY != GBP ...143:1 whereas last year it was around 200:1 (it was about 200:1 when I went then in 2004 and was well above for most of 2007/8)
    Devaluation makes imports approximately 25% more expensive in real terms to US and Japan.... .... .... ....but our exports are much cheaper to buyers from these nations.... .... ....
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  • Metroid Prime series not finished?

  • robson_wii 26/09/2009

    Maybe I'm just tired from holiday but the trilogy has a multiplayer mode already in part 2??? Gonna have to check now.. unless this is MMO which will need a completely new game mechanic...I was scanning this this object and all of a sudden I was killed....again...and then again... Reply -2
  • Wii price not influenced by PS3/360

  • robson_wii 26/09/2009

    But he (smelley) is right some of the time...not quite so sure about attitude though...

    As for the article...Our ROEs have been rubbish since the current Gvt. got the BOE to print money, devaluing everything, and making prices worse for us outside our own country. It now costs much more to import so that's why we don't see a change for the Wii. Wii, PS3 and 360 prices have become more expensive to import so margins at the shops are really being squeezed if they keep the prices the same unless the price per unit is cheaper for Wii but markup is higher.

    I am amazed at the price of the new PS3 Slim and almost tempted to get one soon.
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  • Europe gets EUR 50 Wii price cut

  • robson_wii 26/09/2009

    I have a Wii and a PC and both get a real lack of attention in the summer. In the summer I go out more and I like to enjoy the little daylight there is when you work full time and I love to party. At the end of the day I play games for some extra fun because gaming is part of a fun life!!

    I agree GBP ROE makes imports for GB more expensive so no price cut here for a while. Unless GB has something else to sell interest rates will stay low and ROEs won't come back in our favour so we are going nowhere for a long time!! Cheers Gordon!

    P.S. FLG closing fiesta at Pacha this week was awesome, hence my absence :-)
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  • Bodies In Motion

  • robson_wii 26/09/2009

    Here comes the ball...keep your eye on the it comes...

    Oh it's already hit the ground and you fail...miserably... Is it ready, aim, fire OR ready, fire, aim?

    +1T to the post above...
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  • Metroid Prime Trilogy

  • robson_wii 16/09/2009

    @harrisimo: I picked the trilogy up at the weekend and played a few hours of MP1 as well and you are right. The atmosphere is spot on and some of the level design is fantastic. New controls make it much better as well. I hope MP2 seems better next time round...

    Carrying stuff from one game to another sounds interesting but not tried it yet...
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  • robson_wii 09/09/2009

    It's funny reading some of the comments above as I had terrible difficulty defeating Meta Ridley in MP1 first time through and remember getting RSI from the controller before working out where I was going wrong. Totally satisfied when I managed to defeat him :) MP2 or MP3 never had the same feeling of satisfaction when taking out a boss as it never took as long or never seemed as difficult. Maybe the rinse and repeat with the bosses in 2 and 3 was less effective. Still great games though. Would like to see MP1 and 2 in wide screen as it always felt claustrophobic with 4x3 so might pick this up.

    +1 for Eternal Darkness follow up as well
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  • Definition Transition

  • robson_wii 09/09/2009

    Very interesting article and one reason I have resisted HD. Until a market settles on a particular specification and the products and services really support the specification I won't be upgrading. I agree with comments about the HD transition being a complete mess.

    Got to love the confusion over component and composite. I remember years ago being told that composite was the best picture. Fortunately I knew better.
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  • Nintendo giving NES Metroid away

  • robson_wii 13/08/2009

    If you have not tried MP, Echoes or Corruption then it is well worth it. Dark, moody, some exceptional game play (maybe a little dated) and some great bosses. Should make the winter evenings fly by. Reply +1
  • Slither director rages at Microsoft

  • robson_wii 27/04/2009

    ^^^ UK watershed prevents any bad words from being broadcast before 9pm.

    TBH I would prefer to see any of Inara, River or Kaylee in Slither instead of Mal but he is the capn' and quite funny.
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  • 3m US gamers are addicted, says study

  • robson_wii 21/04/2009

    Did Ellie don the tight black dress, slick back her hair and put on some bright red-lipstick for this article? Reply 0
  • WiiWare threshold is misinterpreted - dev

  • robson_wii 21/04/2009

    I would suggest graduated returns if the devs are not happy with the payment system. If they get a smaller percentage from 0-2K units then a larger percentage from 2K to 4K etc. It would be interesting to see the full stats for WiiWare titles to see how many get past 6K units. Are there any devs complaining? Reply 0
  • UK charts: Wii Fit's 12th top spot

  • robson_wii 21/04/2009

    ^^^ It has gaming elements wrapped up with software to make you fitter. Last time I went to the arcades (February) there was a skiing and a dancing game on display and variations of these mini-games are included Wii Fit but better. Reply 0
  • Moore: Sony/MS to look beyond motion

  • robson_wii 20/04/2009

    ^^ Pointing functionality would be useful and the Wii has had mixed success with motion control. The new Wii Motion plus might show real potential but it's only what it should have been like on day 1. Having seen some very good motion control (and some lousy) I would hope that Sony and MS cherry-pick the best bits and keep the competition going since the idea is still in its infancy. Reply 0
  • robson_wii 20/04/2009

    So will we see two 360s taped together and more casual games from MS? Reply 0
  • GameStop primed for big Nintendo game

  • robson_wii 17/04/2009

    Big Nintendo game I hope for is Pikmin 3 and that should fit with E3.
    I thought Wii was profitable on day 1 since it's an overclocked cube with more memory. Maybe the R&D costs for motion sensing had to be re-couped?
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  • Virtua Tennis 2009

  • robson_wii 16/04/2009

    How does serving with the nunchuck attached work? Do you have to throw both arms in the air since the lead is not that long? Reply 0
  • GDC: Wii MotionPlus still set for spring

  • robson_wii 27/03/2009

    ^^^ Surely it will only be new games with motion sensor plus (MSP) support that will use it e.g. Wii Sports Resort. Games that don't utilize MSP will just be like regular Wii games. Spots market for Wii+ with HD visuals and MSP built in, in a few years. Reply 0
  • GDC: Satoru Iwata Keynote

  • robson_wii 27/03/2009

    @sneetch: Hallelujah!! Reply 0
  • robson_wii 27/03/2009

    @Chad...Brand loyalty is something inherent in human nature. You find something you like and you stick with it. If you have a bad experience with that brand you are less likely to go back to them.

    As for the last Wii Fit comment... I bought Wii Fit to tone up certain muscle groups and I had no idea about some of the exercises that toned those muscles before I got Wii Fit. I think it is a great tool!

    As for the "real gamers" comment, don't be so patronising. Lots of people on this site have multiple consoles or console and PC (like myself). I would never classify myself as a "true" gamer because my ego isn't that big.
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  • robson_wii 27/03/2009

    @Chad... Please explain why Wii Sports is not a game!
    Glad I came back to this thread after a few days....looks like you lot have been having tons of fun.
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  • robson_wii 25/03/2009

    Great news on the SD card slot upgrade Reply 0
  • robson_wii 25/03/2009

    Thanks Tom... Reply 0
  • robson_wii 25/03/2009

    I have an SD logo on my Wii home-page after a system update. Is this new? Reply 0
  • GDC: Wii now runs things stored on SD

  • robson_wii 25/03/2009

    Just seen the Wii supports high capacity SD cards (i.e. above 2GB) Reply 0
  • Disney doing Toy Story for Wii

  • robson_wii 25/03/2009

    Hopefully not the red-blue glasses as they used to give me a headache when watching first attempt at 3D-TV. Can't see how else it could be done as TV's can't do polarised light unlike the cinemas. Reply 0
  • GDC: Wii shipments hit 50 million

  • robson_wii 25/03/2009

    @wittynic: There's probably a bell curve there somewhere as software sales suggest the Wii is still being used by the majority of those that buy it. Reply 0