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  • Black & White combined the sublime with the stupid

  • riz23 26/07/2015

    Interesting reading these comments and the article itself.. I did QA testing on B&W back then and a common held belief among us was that the game was at its best during the long tutorial and then went downhill once the forced objectives and conquer gameplay came into effect. We would dither and dawdle on the tutorial just enjoying playing with the creature and building our village, avoiding the impending downer.
    Looks like a few people felt that way.
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  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • riz23 24/07/2015

    @wyp100 the thing is, with an article like this you give legitimacy to people's hate and vitriol. Sentiments that you know are misguided. Randy Pitchford is not an evil person. Yeah they probably made a mess of AC:M but Randy is going to protect the people that worked on it, they are real people with real lives. Randy says he lost $10-15M on it, what more punishment do you want?
    Gaming culture is becoming increasingly hateful, aggressive and blinkered. Lets not give that more air time yeah?
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  • riz23 24/07/2015

    Crikey Wes, you're like a dog with a bone in that. It's all a bit tedious really. Are you going full on 'John Bedford'? ;) Reply -43
  • Puma is making official Metal Gear Solid 5 sneaking boots

  • riz23 23/07/2015

    Wow. These have 'uncool' all over them in spades. Reply -3
  • Hearthstone's next expansion is all about the Hero Power

  • riz23 23/07/2015

    How much!?!? Ok, my thinking on Hearthstones pricing policy has gone from generous to insidious. It all started so nicely... Reply 0
  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • riz23 23/07/2015

    The machine that made so many of us, the people we are today!

    Midwinter, The Chaos Engine, Carrier Command, Speedball 2, K240, Megalomania and so many more great games.

    I do have very fond memories of the seminal Hired Guns from DMA design. Four kids clustered around one Amiga playing a first person shooter in 1993? Incredible!

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  • Former BioWare devs preparing new RPG Mooncrest for Kickstarter

  • riz23 22/07/2015

    For one crazy second I thought we were going to get a RPG based on the arcade classic Mooncresta.
    Now that would have been something.

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  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • riz23 20/07/2015

    I can't believe they took the customisation of your golfer out. That's put me right off. Reply +2
  • Destiny's Gjallarhorn to be nerfed in huge balance-changing update

  • riz23 17/07/2015

    @Kageroth I like your Destiny comment. You encapsulate the problems with the community, the obsession for the ultimate and the easiest, and also Bungies inability to understand that. This, coupled with a desire to see a parity that is almost impossible to achieve means they will forever be going around and around on the rebalance tread wheel. Keeps the gunplay design team busy I guess! Reply +2
  • Galak-Z is heading to PS4 in August, Vita version canned

  • riz23 15/07/2015

    Finally! Reply 0
  • Acclaimed indie puzzler Year Walk headed to Wii U

  • riz23 14/07/2015

    This is well worth playing. Reply +3
  • Dirt Rally to get RX Supercars and tracks

  • riz23 10/07/2015

    @Min64 thanks for your advice. I did just that and bought dirt rally for 20.80. Thx! Reply 0
  • riz23 09/07/2015

    Dammit they are going to make me buy this game! How about a little steam discount one weekend Codies? Also will this ever go to consoles do you think? Reply 0
  • Video: It's a good time to get (back) into Elite: Dangerous

  • riz23 10/07/2015

    Loving this on the XB1. I can see how it might get repetitive eventually but I'm a long way off that yet. A game where the narrative lives inside your head. Reply +3
  • Capcom will sell wearable Mega Man helmets

  • riz23 09/07/2015

    $150 plus shipping, plus taxes you've gotta be talking a couple of hundred quid to the UK. Reply +2
  • The BBC is giving a tiny computer to every year 7 child in the UK - for free

  • riz23 07/07/2015

    What an unpleasant comments section. Let's hope our children and their digital future turn out smarter and more compassionate than the current generation. Reply +1
  • Nier is the rare game that gets better with age

  • riz23 28/06/2015

    I'm just repeating what others have said but the music was really epic in this. Reply +2
  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • riz23 23/06/2015

    Oh you set the Destiny subreddit on fire! Reply 0
  • riz23 22/06/2015

    @tomphillipsEG Woah, the arrogance of Luke Smith must have been difficult to bear. It felt like he had true disdain for you, as a journalist, and perhaps, as a European.
    It's awful to behold, as he himself was a grubby little media guy himself once. Maybe that's why he felt he could talk to you like that? Maybe I'll be generous and say he was tired after speaking to loads of press? Regardless, ducking things like how $39.99 translates to $63 if you wish to buy in the UK is not on. Smug comments like his are a superb way to alienate a playerbase that is already disgruntled. Don't bite the hand that feeds you ActiBungie! There are lots of other games to play come September onwards!
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  • Yoshi's Woolly World review

  • riz23 22/06/2015

    What do those three amiibos do in the game? Do they all do a different thing? It would have been good if the review mentioned them. Reply +4
  • These are the most requested Xbox 360 games for backwards compatibility

  • riz23 19/06/2015

    Phil spencer has said that any 360 game will run natively on the xb1 as 360 is essentially running as a vm on the xb1. The only real problems are games that use kinect (can't be done) or other specific peripherals, and multi disc games like lost odyssey ( they will crack that eventually )
    All games need to be qa'd before release and of course agreed by the publisher of the game.
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  • New Xbox One Experience this autumn

  • riz23 16/06/2015

    I love using Kinect and it's totally missing a Cortana voice to acknowledge my commands! I'm going to have my very own 'her' at home! Reply +17
  • Sony E3 2015 conference live report

  • riz23 16/06/2015

    Pretty flat overall. Reply -1
  • riz23 16/06/2015

    And here's one I made earlier! Reply 0
  • riz23 16/06/2015

    All I wanted was a No Mans Sky release date and we didn't get that. A FF7 remake and somebody elses kickstarter is supposed to be exciting? The Last Guardian has missed the boat but I'm glad to see it come out. Reply 0
  • riz23 16/06/2015

    ok, that guys an arse. Reply 0
  • riz23 16/06/2015

    Looks like the fanboy pandering has calmed down. Now we get squeaky little Andrew House in hisshiny suit giving it the VR line. Reply 0
  • Microsoft readying an Xbox One Rare collection

  • riz23 15/06/2015

    Blast corps. That is all. Reply +10
  • Blood Bowl 2 release pushed back to September

  • riz23 11/06/2015

    @opalw00t looking at the web site it would seem the basic races are: human, Orc, dwarves, skaven, dark elves, chaos, high elves and Bretonians.
    Neither lizard men or wood elves are in that list so I'm guessing all listed are included.
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  • Nintendo fans think female Link is in Hyrule Warriors 3DS

  • riz23 11/06/2015

    Linkle, Linkle, she doesn't have a dinkle
    She sits down when she goes for a tinkle.
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  • Heroes of the Storm review

  • riz23 07/06/2015

    @TarickStonefire look tariq Fuck off yeah? It's not about me, it's about the problematic use of the word essential. Don't make it personal. It's a discussion don't make it an attack. Arsehole Reply 0
  • riz23 05/06/2015

    @Dismiss No one is talking outside of the confines of the medium. We are on a games website, read by people who like videogames. So let's keep it to that. Yes then I agree, there are 'essential' games, that if you are in any way interested in videogames, you owe it to yourself to play them. They are essential to broaden your understanding and experience of the medium. As I said to reader Wyrm, Super Mario 64, Doom and WoW are some examples for me. He mentions Football Manager, I might agree with him there. These are essential. Is Heroes of the Storm? Is Kerbal Space Program? I'm not sure. I've played them both and I recommend them both, but 'essential'? No. Essential is a powerful word and I just think it's being used incorrectly. Reply 0
  • riz23 05/06/2015

    @Wyrm Hi. This discussion is dragging on a bit and of course not all people will reach a consensus, but I do think some games are 'essential' within the confines of the medium. They are often seminal and important games. Super Mario 64 for example. Doom? WoW? Most of the pushback I have had from people seem to revolve around 'well, it is essential if you like this sort of thing, but it might not be essential for you.' In my mind that's a recommendation. The writer recommends that I play this game because it is very good even if I am not a fan of the genre. 'Essential' by the very definition, and hence my problem with it, insists that I must play it.
    I would rather that the review system itself displayed a little more 'common sense' than rely on the reader to correctly translate the meaning.
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  • riz23 05/06/2015

    @Ralek you're proving my point. 'Essential if you like this sort of thing but not essential for the rest of you' just seems silly to me. Reply +1
  • riz23 05/06/2015

    @LittleSparra truth enough, except with a number I can just say, 'well that's the number they give it' and I can interpret that as I choose. A word however, and the word 'essential' in this case has a very specific and immutable meaning. I find it very difficult to look beyond the meaning of the word as I take language seriously. It's the parser of reality if you will. It's what we use to define and make sense of the world, so the word is telling me one thing but the reality is somewhat different. I recognise this is probably my problem, but as journalists, as people who use the written word as their tool, I would have thought EG would consider this. There are alternatives that would not have set me off, 'elite', 'best of the best', and many more if I sat down and thought about it, but that's not my job. It just winds me up! :) Reply 0
  • riz23 05/06/2015

    At the risk of stirring up old hornets nests I feel this moniker of 'essential' is misleading. Heroes of the Storm is indeed a good game perhaps worthy of the highest accolades but the truth is MOBAs are a very specific sort of game that you either are into or not. Personally I find the while 'lanes' and 'minions' thing very contrived and it's just not for me. This means the term 'essential' doesn't apply. This isn't the first game where this has arisen for me and it grates against me. Essential means you must play this, you must experience this and I just don't think that is the case sometimes. You're removing the label of a score but really your replacement also has problems.. Reply +28
  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • riz23 06/06/2015

    Once the sprogs stop being toddlers it gets a bit easier to accommodate parenting and games. You can share some gaming (Mario Kart) or they can amuse themselves whilst you play. Although you need to watch what you are playing as has already been mentioned. When I play Battlefield I get "daddy why are you playing that blood game?", so called because embarrassingly I seem to spend most of my time in a state of near death with the screen all bloodied. When I play Destiny I get "Daddy why are you playing that game with your friends and talking to them AGAIN?" And also "daddy you are a girl in that game. Haha you are weird."
    Yeah thanks sweetheart. Is it bedtime yet? ;)
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  • New Heroes coming to Hearthstone

  • riz23 05/06/2015

    This seems a bit off. Blizzard have so far been so good with their pricing of additional content and this goes against the grain somewhat. Is it possible you don't have the full story? Ten bucks just doesn't make sense to me. Reply +2
  • Detective video game Her Story out this month

  • riz23 03/06/2015

    Ooh I backed/pre-ordered this off the back of the original article. Can't wait to try it out! Reply 0
  • Splatoon review

  • riz23 03/06/2015

    Seems like Nintendo are Squids in with this one! Reply +79
  • FIFA 16 features female national teams for first time

  • riz23 28/05/2015

    @Mascarade Nice response to the staff of the site you're leeching off you idiot. You're a waste of space. Do everyone else a favour and disappear to IGN or something. Reply +5
  • Rockstar launches BBC lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto drama

  • riz23 21/05/2015

    "But the violent gameplay coupled with its outstanding commercial success leads to fierce opposition: from parents worried about children immersing themselves in such a violent world; from politicians, alarmed at the values they say it encourages; and above all from moral campaigners, who fight passionately to ban it. At the vanguard of this crusade is the formidable campaigning lawyer Jack Thompson, a man determined to do whatever he can to stop the relentless rise of Grand Theft Auto."

    That quote from the beeb does give me cause for concern that the programme might favour the conservative stance of the anti-GTA lobby. Most of here know that Jack Thompson for example, is actually a bit of a nut-job, not a 'passionate and formidable campaign lawyer'. If the show was not to depict that I'd feel history was being distorted for some agenda.
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  • Civilization Beyond Earth's first expansion is Rising Tide

  • riz23 18/05/2015

    Strangely enough Alien Crossfire brought Ocean colonies and enhanced maritime technologies to SMAC as its first and only expansion pack just like this attempts to do with Civ: Beyond Earth.

    Nearly 20 years on SMAX remains the definitive sci-fi Civ game, BE is a poor pretender to the throne.
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  • Return to vendor: the legend of Xur

  • riz23 15/05/2015

    All these comments and no one has actually asked what he is selling today? Knucklehead Radar, Apothesis Veil, an Insurmountable Skullfort, Truth and a glove engram. Truth is an excellent Gjally substitute, did me well for many Crotas.
    Thanks for the article, it was nice to read about something that is a part of my community, brought to a wider audience. I promise the next time you write about a game I'm not interested in, which, I hasten to add is almost every day, I won't moan about it.
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  • Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi announces Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  • riz23 12/05/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 wow! Ring of Red! I loved that game! Reply 0
  • Looks like Destiny's major September expansion is named The Taken King

  • riz23 06/05/2015

    @fasterthanapigeon Thank you Guardian! Reply +1
  • riz23 06/05/2015

    I was going to say in before the haters but looks like I missed the boat. I'll be there when it's released. Also Prison of Elders reveal on twitch today at 7pm GMT. Why don't you all log in to whine some more? Reply +5
  • Metal Gear stylin': Konami is launching an MGS clothing line

  • riz23 05/05/2015

    I suspect we won't see many people at all wearing this clothing range. Reply +5
  • Lost Planet 3 developer Spark Unlimited shutters game development

  • riz23 05/05/2015

    Nicely put @GreyBeard Having said that Turning Point: Fall of Liberty used to make me feel physically sick if I played it for more than 30 minutes. I think it is the only game ever to give me motion sickness. Reply 0
  • The best 3DS games

  • riz23 03/05/2015

    I can honestly say the 3DS is my most beloved of all current consoles. I've had so much fun playing so many great games on it. It's also my go-to RPG machine. Etrian Odyssey, SMTIV, Xenoblade Chronicles, Bravely Default and more. Awesome! I love the 3D too. It's like magic! Reply +9