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  • Asus PQ321Q review - eyes-on with the first 4K PC display

  • rickimalone 13/10/2013

    Meh, It is hard enough getting genuine 1080p, save for Blu-Ray, content to watch let alone 4K. For me 4k will only be for the minority over the next 5-10 years. Reply 0
  • "Remastered" Crysis 1 coming to console

  • rickimalone 09/09/2011

    Amazing news. Also nice to see a common sense appraoch to digital price (Others please take note).

    I'll be buying on day 1 for sure.
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  • Star Fox 64 3D

  • rickimalone 01/09/2011

    Really can't wait for this. Have had it on preorder from ShopTo for months.........

    In fairness it couldn't have come sooner.

    Roller on Super Mario, Mario Kart, Luigi's Mansion, Fifa 12 etc :)
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  • EU 3DS price cut by "around a third"

  • rickimalone 28/07/2011

    The problem is not the price! The problem is differentiating the 3DS from the DS, DS Lite, DSi and DS XL............

    I donít think I need to add anything other than Iíve owned a 3DS from launch day and itís by far the best handheld Iíve ever owned.
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  • Ubisoft Uplay Passport costs £7.99

  • rickimalone 21/07/2011

    Excellent move. We need to keep the money in the pockets of the devs, not eBaY and GAME! Reply -6
  • THQ: next-gen will be more crowded

  • rickimalone 14/07/2011

    "Our view is that the next generation of consoles, if there are consoles, are going to be less about technology and more about service orientation of the gamer."

    "Service Orientation of the gamer"

    This really makes me laugh and highlights why corporate mugs who grew up reading business school books should stay clear of making comments about what gamers want. The minute the gaming industry starts forcing on to me anything other than focused core gaming experiences is the day my 25 year gaming career ends.
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  • In Theory: PlayStation 4 in 2012

  • rickimalone 05/07/2011


    "You'll be lucky to see the performance of 3 x 580s in a console by 2022, let alone 2012... "

    Rubbish, when the PS3 was announced the 6800 Ultra was Nvidia's highest performing GPU. I'm pretty sure that the PS3 outperforms 2nr 6800 Ultras and thereby it's not unreasonable to assume the same order of magnitude of performance will be delivered in Sony's next console..
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  • Sony defends free PSN games offer

  • rickimalone 17/05/2011

    Little Big Plannet and Wipeout HD for me. Missed both first time round so will be taking up the offer. Thanks Sony, you're forgiven for making me cancel my debit card 2 days before the bank holiday weekend.

    (Quite clever though putting infamous on given the upcoming launch of infamous 2 - should get a few more people interested in what is an amazing game.)

    However, I would like more information about the new security measures before I start to use the PSN video services, which I generally use weekly.
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  • Iwata: people want 3DS, but are waiting

  • rickimalone 27/04/2011

    I bought my 3DS as a day 1 purchase; furthermore, I am very happy with and launch game titles Pilotwings and Street fighter.

    However, I believe that Nintendo made 2 rather large mistakes.

    1. The majority of people I have spoken to about the 3DS seem to believe that it is no more than a DS with a 3D screen. They seem to not understand that it is a completely new console with greatly enhanced graphical and media capabilities.
    2. The next is the absolute mess of allowing shops to set their own price point. Again many people Iíve spoken to have told me that they will buy the 3DS when it comes down in price. When Iíve pressed this further people still seem to think it costs £230 (I blame GAME here), whereas £185 will get you one (delivered) from online retailers such as shop to.

    I donít accept that the launch line up is poor.

    Nintendo need to roll out some AAA IPís, as they are doing with Zelda, Star fox and Mario Kart, to get the joe blogs public gamers talking and also get the eshop up and running.

    However, they also need to release games, such as resident evil, to show that the system is very much more than a ĎDS with a 3D screení.
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  • NGP engine running in real-time footage

  • rickimalone 14/04/2011

    Well that was impressive, NOT!

    To be honest given, the hype I was expecting a lot more than that. Maybe not a day one purchase after all.

    You would think after 31 years of gaming I'd stop getting caught up in the hype!
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  • Has Street Fighter been dumbed down for 3DS?

  • rickimalone 28/03/2011

    " I think we're probably three months too early to answer that question. But if you're going to be at E3, see you there".

    Wii 2 coming up!

    And in response to the article I think that Capcom of got SF4 3D spot on. I'm genuinely excited about what the future has in store for the 3DS. I can't put it down. I even managed to have a random fight with someone on train to work this morning.... Excellent stuff...
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  • Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure

  • rickimalone 25/03/2011

    Booked the day off work and no sign of my 3DS. Thanks for nothing AMAZON. Last purchase I make with them. Reply 0
  • Why the Nintendo 3DS costs £230

  • rickimalone 24/03/2011

    Is this a joke?!?!?

    "What does that tell you as a customer if a product is discounted before it hits the shelves? If you see one retailer selling at £230 and another is selling for £197, you think, what's going on here? Is it not as good as it should be? Is one retailer dumping their stock?"

    I'll tell you what is says to a customer............ Nice try GAME, thank god for Amazon. Another thing, the reason the Dreamcast failed was the PS2. Nothing more, nothing less.
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  • Console games "dying" - Angry Birds dev

  • rickimalone 14/03/2011

    Rubbish. I'd happily trade every mobile game in the land to play 2 or 3 AAA Console titles every year.

    Fact, we had Tetris and mobile gaming (GAMEBOY) a good 20 years ago, and much the same was said then as it was now.

    Angry Birds, while fun to pass time on the train, does not deliver the gaming satisfaction and 'wow' that you get from

    God of War
    Halo Reach
    Gears of War
    Heavy Rain
    Batman AC

    'Console gaming dying', Meh - it's better than ever.
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  • Judge loses cool at 360 hacker trial

  • rickimalone 03/12/2010

    The sad reality is that these modders and hackers are destroying the industry I've loved for over 25 years.

    Furthermore, I've even stopped buying pre-owned games - as I firmly believe that quality software developers deserve our support.

    Be that's just me.
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  • Black Ops obliterates UK sales record

  • rickimalone 12/11/2010

    Good to hear. Quality games = great rewards for developers, which is as it should be.


    A big warning though for the COD franchise. The miniute that they start to take the p1ss out of gamers with poor quality, rush jobs it will be the end of launch day success like we've just witnessed.
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  • Super Mario All-Stars on top in Japan

  • rickimalone 29/10/2010

    And if they'd thrown in Super Mario World (60Hz) i'd have bought it. Reply +1
  • Japan weighs in on 3DS price debate

  • rickimalone 12/10/2010

    I'll buy it at launch 'IF' it's around £150 or £170ish with a game. Anymore and I'll sit it out. Shame. Reply 0
  • 3DS out in Europe and US in March

  • rickimalone 29/09/2010

    Too expensive for a launch day purchase for me. I have two girls, so I would have gone up to £300 for launch day. Not £400. Reply +2
  • Moore: New home consoles years away

  • rickimalone 14/09/2010

    Bizarrely (given the tech is what 7 years old) I think that Iím happy with this generation of consoles until at least Christmas 2012. Iíve had my 360 2005 & PS3 2007 both since launch (well thatís a lie itís my 5th 360 although Iím sure that you know what I mean) and to be honest the latest crop of games, Uncharted 2 Ė GOW3 Ė Mass Effect 2, have all blown me away.

    Furthermore, Iím still incredibly excited about playing upcoming games Gears of War 3, Kill Zone 3, Halo Reach and Crysis 2 - but to name a few. Iím admittedly graphics mad (It takes me generally 4 hours longer than most to complete games as I like to admire the artwork and texture quality Ė sad I know), although I genuinely feel that the current consoles have reached a level of graphically fidelity that will satisfy the majority of gamers, including me, for a good couple of years yet.

    For sure, PC gamers can enjoy significantly better quality visuals, although, I suggest that the difference is not significant enough to attract anywhere near enough interest to warrant the investment to take a new console to market. Absolutely there is always a new market for a home games console, although the early adaptor market and types that wish they could run 3DMark on their phones are not great enough in numbers to force any response from Microsoft or Sony to make an early leap just yet. And thatís not necessarily a bad thing. It means that when the next generation of home console hits the market, in whatever form that may be, weíll be sure to enjoy significantly more capable machines and no doubt new gaming experiences.

    I know that it seems like itís a long time coming, but Iím sure it will be worth the wait. And until then we have the 3DS, and possibly PSP2, to wet our appetites as letís be honest is there anything outside of winning the Euro lottery more exciting than a new console launch? I think not.
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  • Microsoft confirms Kinect price

  • rickimalone 20/07/2010

    £130! + the purchase of an Xbox 360!?!?!?!?!?

    I'm sorry but Microsoft has completely missed the point here. At £49.99 I would have perhaps considered it. At £130! No chance and I doubt the casual audience Microsoft is trying to attract will either.

    I might pick one up from Tesco for £29.99 + 10 games - 6 months after launch and went its status as a flop has been confirmed and retailers are trying to shift dead stock.

    SHOCKING MS ( A lesson in history - just Google Mega-CD or 32x)
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  • PS3: Hacked

  • rickimalone 26/01/2010

    Interesting but at the end of the day it is a real threat to the continued sustainability of an industry I have held close to my heart since I was a child.

    Buying pre-owned games is OK. Blatent theft of software is a CRIME and morally wrong, it should also be resisted by true gaming fans world wode.
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  • In Theory: Is this how OnLive works?

  • rickimalone 05/01/2010

    I know that change comes to eveything BUT. A new console launch for me at 29 is probably, along with the birth of my children, the most exciting time of my life. On Live looks to take that away from me and for that I'm against it. (I say that while looking at my prestine SNES and Megadrives in their perfect boxes from 1993 :) Reply +2
  • Mod War games too samey, says EA

  • rickimalone 03/12/2009

    LOL Who are EA trying to convience them or us. MOH is not even in COD's league. CODMWF2 was leaps and bounds better than Modern Warfare 1 who is he trying to kid?!?!?! Reply -46
  • BBC's The Big Questions addresses MW2

  • rickimalone 17/11/2009

    Simple don't let 'children' or 'kids' play adult rated games. I'm pretty certain that these same parents would not but their children a bottle of Jack Daniels and a copy of Friday the 13th for their 11th birthday, the same should apply to gaming. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Modern Warfare 2

  • rickimalone 12/11/2009

    Excellent comparison by Digital Floundry. I really can not understand why so many people log in just to moan about them, if you donít like reading Face offís then donít! Being a multiplatform owner I really value these articles, therefore when they are of this high quality I really canít complain. Looks like itís the Xbox 360 version for me this time round. Keep up the good work. Reply +9