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  • PlayStation 3 production finally shut down

  • rick_x 31/05/2017

    Anyone know where I could pick up a reasonably priced new PS3, my launch unit YLOD and I can't believe how expensive a 10 year old+ console is. Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift costs £500

  • rick_x 06/01/2016

    $599 does not equal £499, fail. Reply -24
  • Father blames Microsoft as son spends £1150 on Xbox Live

  • rick_x 13/07/2012

    Daily Mail gets it spot on again....
    A paper written by idiots for idiots
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • rick_x 06/06/2011

    How much of this XB live stuff is going to be US only (again)??? Reply 0
  • London Resi Zombie Walk on Halloween

  • rick_x 21/10/2009

    Actually Capcom are at the World Record Zombie Walk Event in Manchester on the same day promoting RE: TDC, typical of London-centric media to ignore the bigger event and focus on a much smaller one just 'cos it's in the capital.....

    How much cooler would it be to see all those zombies walk through a shopping mall (just like in Dawn of the Dead) rather than walk over a bridge eh?
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  • SCEE working to get PSN titles ready

  • rick_x 17/07/2008

    No excuses Reeves. Reply 0
  • Next-gen SingStar at Leipzig

  • rick_x 17/07/2008

    Thought SS PS3 was supposed to be next-gen, well apart from the lack of content, wireless mics, etc...

    Oh and for god's sake make the wireless mics bluetooth, the fact that the buzz wireless controllers need a dongle is ridiculous. For a so-called next-gen console my PS3 has more than half its USB ports filled with PS Eye, Singstar and Buzz dongles. (If you own a 40GB, you need a hub or you're boned)
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  • Capcom 1942 remake out this month

  • rick_x 09/07/2008

    £4.99 = Buy!!!
    £6.99 = No Buy.

    Simple really Sony, stop overcharging for content!
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  • No Euro date for Rock Band 2 after all

  • rick_x 01/07/2008

    If RB1 was selling well places like Zavvi wouldn't still be doing their "launch week only - game and full instrument set for £150" offer today, like they are.

    I'd love to get the sales figures on the 'Band in a Box' package, I think they'll be absolutely nowhere near those of the solo game.
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  • rick_x 01/07/2008

    Are they getting tips from SCEE on marketing and PR? Reply 0
  • PS3 movie download service to begin in US this summer

  • rick_x 26/06/2008

    2010 for Europe, the year SCEE make contact.... Reply 0
  • echochrome out in Europe next week

  • rick_x 26/06/2008

    Update is live - and wait for it.....yup, it's crap again

    MGS4 database (a week late - no reason why - the US and Jap versions had Euro languages)
    A commando 3 demo

    and very little else...

    NO Echochrome
    NO Elefunk
    or anything else that's been on the US and Jap stores for weeks and months

    Christ Sony own a movie studio and they can't even manage regular trailers for films...
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  • Microsoft bigwig has a right go at Sony

  • rick_x 09/05/2008

    I have a PS3 (my 360 died the day I got it and went straight back) but I have to agree with what the man says. Sony and SCEE in particular are so inept it's unbelievable. Forget sixaxis, chip removals, 40Gb UK models vs 80Gb US, look at this week - they herald two updates to the PSN (as if that's going to make up for all the delays and poor content on the European PSN) and then, as soon as Kaz is out the door, they forget to put up one of the demos THEY so loudly shouted about.

    Add this to the 'statement' Threespeech said we were supposed to receive about the poor state of the PSN, the 'big surprise' we were supposed to get after the store redesign and frankly I don't think SCEE knows it's arse from it's elbow.

    Oh and shame on Eurogamer for just printing a press release (from SCEE) without checking it - you should know by now to take anything they say without a large pinch of salt.
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  • Metal Gear Online

  • rick_x 29/04/2008

    Am I the only one feeling a little underwhelmed by this title. It seems to take little more than luck when you shoot people, I've emptied a full clip into a combatants torso only for him to trot towards me and kill me instantaneously. Battles seem to be tedious affairs; randomly killing (if it works), being killed and then s-l-o-w-l-y plodding back to the action. I'm a big MG fan but after the hectic action of COD4 the game seems to be caught between the two genres and doesn't know which to be.

    Still looking forward to the main event in MGS4 though!
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  • Harmonix's Rob Kay

  • rick_x 10/04/2008

    Eurogamer = Journalism, don't make me laugh. That 'interview' was as challenging as farting at a baked beans eating contest. Reply 0
  • Europe gets new PS3 hardware

  • rick_x 23/02/2007

    CANCEL YOUR PRE-ORDER....simple, hit them where it hurts, if we all do it then they have to take notice (or go bust) Reply 0