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  • App of the Day: Dungeon Village

  • renzo 14/03/2012

    Grand Prix Story still ranks as my favourite iPhone game. My toilet breaks went on a lot longer than they should have because of it. Reply +3
  • We've started Gran Turismo 6 - Yamauchi

  • renzo 05/11/2010

    I would like another Tourist Trophy please Mr. Yamauchi. Reply 0
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • renzo 18/10/2010

    Whoops. Sorry. Seemed to have missed that. My bad. :) Reply 0
  • renzo 18/10/2010

    You should include a Cut The Rope review in the next batch. Superb little game. Check it out if you like physics puzzlers. $0.99/59p in the AppStore. Reply 0
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  • renzo 01/06/2010


    Pretty much agree with everything in your post. I went from the disappointingly bad PES6 to FIFA 08, which despite looking like a decent football game just never felt right to me. Actually switched to PS2 version of PES2009 for the next year, and then picked up PES2010, which I've been playing since it released last year. Thoroughly enjoyable game.

    But, as addicted as I have been to PES2010, I decided to pick up FIFA 10 since it has been reduced in price and to see what all the fuss is about, since I've seen just about everyone raving about it.

    It's a good game, nice fluid animations and the passing and 'weight' of the ball feels right. It just looks much more like real football, but after 2 weeks I sold FIFA and went back to playing PES2010, for two reasons:

    1) PES is more fun to play and it has a satisfyingly 'solid' feel to it, whereas FIFA felt a little 'floaty'. Hard to explain this.

    2) Become a Legend. Sure, FIFA has Be a Pro, but Konami's implementation is just far better suited to my tastes and expectations of what a control-one-player experience should feel like in terms of career structure and progression. In PES, you have to work your socks off at a small club and play really well to get that dream move to one of the European superclubs.

    With PES2011 I'm not expecting any drastic changes, but the passing power gauge and easier to pull off skill moves already sound like the kind of fixes PES needs since I'm already quite happy with how PES2010 plays. Smoother and more fluid player animations would be nice too.
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  • Killzone 2 demo due at 5pm today

  • renzo 05/02/2009

    How big is the Halo Wars demo? Reply 0
  • Halo 3 expansion gets renamed

  • renzo 26/11/2008

    Another vote for "Halo 3: Shock Troopers".

    The "Orbital Drop" bit sounds like a fancy way of describing turds dropping into a toilet bowl.
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  • Capcom wins Dead Rising lawsuit

  • renzo 20/11/2008

    You mean the "This game was not developed, approved or licensed by the owners or creators of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead" disclaimer they put on the front cover didn't um... cover them? :) Reply 0
  • Twenty years of the Mega Drive

  • renzo 29/10/2008

    "some crappy Basketball Game - can anyone remember the name - used to cut to cheesy animations when scoring a basket?"

    Arch Rivals?
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  • DSi to launch in Europe next spring

  • renzo 02/10/2008

    Other than the camera and the bigger screens, what else about it is new? Doesn't seem to be any real reason to upgrade if you already have a DS Lite.

    Is there ever going to be another Gameboy or has the DS subtly replaced it?
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  • Dexter game planned

  • renzo 04/03/2008

    I'm a huge fan of the show and the first two books in the series, but as others have said I just can't see how this would translate into a good game. He doesn't go around shooting bad guys vigilante-style (although the Dark Avenger may likely make an appearance), he chops them up on a cold metal table (most of the time).

    Who knows, maybe it'll be a point-n-click adventure.
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  • Forza 2 DLC released

  • renzo 10/12/2007

    Is there another way to get hold of this DLC other than using Live? South Africa doesn't have Live access yet and I want ALL those cars. :(

    Ok maybe not the Pontiac.
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  • MotoGP '07 demo on Live

  • renzo 26/07/2007

    "Will still have the same annoying career mode that plenty of people have complained about for four years, too. Riding a bike with a custom paint scheme was fun for a while, but I kind of want to have my own rider zipping around on an authentic Ducati or Repsol Honda. Ho-hum."

    Why do you they force you to use a custom bike? Very annoying. People like me who suck at editing liveries end up with something fugly to ride around on, and it only looks worse when your creation is surrounded by properly licensed MotoGP bikes.
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  • New FF Tactics games

  • renzo 15/12/2006

    My bad, I forgot about Crisis Core. When is that going to be released though, 2008? :)

    All I've seen of it so far are pretty cutscenes using the admittedly good looking in-game engine. They'll need to show a bit more gameplay for me to get excited about it.

    FFTA was enjoyable, not great. A bit easy as mentioned, but fun customizing your party and messing around with the job system. Bit light on story as well. Hopefully they come up with something a little more interesting for the sequel.
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  • renzo 15/12/2006

    The DS is already getting plenty of future Squenix titles as it is; FFCC: Ring of Fates, FFXII Revenant Wings, Heroes of Mana, Dragon Quest IX, and Front Mission 1st. Link. Add to that FFIII which just came out.

    The PSP on the other hand is only getting the one FFT port, and you want that on DS as well? Don't be greedy man! :)
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  • Gran Turismo HD shots

  • renzo 24/11/2006

    "The Cover disc image is from The Ferrari F430 (wingmirror)

    Pfffff u ppl think u know cars. :p"

    Actually, I think you'll find that it's the mirror from the 599 GTB. Granted, they look very similar, but the F430 has 'F430' imprinted into the outside of the mirror, and there is another detail that you can see if you compare a pic of the 599 with the boxart i.e. the raised wedge just below the mirror on the door.

    Pfffff, and you think you know Ferraris. :)
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  • renzo 24/11/2006

    "I'm a bit confused, is this the new GT or just a rehash of the old one in HD?"

    I'd go with 'rehash' for this one, and GT5 will hopefully be the proper 'next-gen' one. Clue is in the naming.
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  • renzo 24/11/2006

    "they did the same trick when they showed off the gran turismo psp box and umd which was due near launch, go down to the shops and try pick up your copy"

    Heh! Those were my thoughts exactly. They even had the design for the UMD done for that little piece of vapourware.
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  • Kingdom Hearts II

  • renzo 10/10/2006

    Glad to hear the Tron section is half-decent then. I was a bit skeptical.

    And for those of you who have played and finished it, please refrain from posting spoilers as a lot of people visiting this thread will not have played the game yet, and that includes me. :)
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  • renzo 10/10/2006

    I'm still trying to figure out why they included the Tron universe. Doesn't seem to fit the style of the other worlds at all.

    I'll be getting this at some point but I'm not playing Chain of Memories to fill in the story gaps. I don't like "card-battlers".
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  • Alan Wake

  • renzo 05/10/2006

    What I'd like to know is that if it does live up to its promise, is he going to buy an Xbox? :) Reply 0
  • ZOE returning for PS3?

  • renzo 02/10/2006

    ZOE2 was superb. One of my favourite games of the 'last-gen'. Just my luck then that a 'friend' of mine had sold the copy I lent him because he "hadn't seen me in a while, and didn't think I wanted it back". >:(

    They seem to be going for 'crazy' prices on eBay for some reason.
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  • Star Fox DS rumbles

  • renzo 06/07/2006

    "It would be nice if they made a new one to fit snugly into the DS lite.."

    They already have.
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  • Hilton not so dumb after all?

  • renzo 18/05/2006

    Jewel Jam? Personally, I prefer the term "Gentleman's Gel". Sounds classier. Reply 0
  • Confusion reigns over PS3

  • renzo 16/05/2006

    Where did you get a price for the Wii? Reply 0
  • renzo 16/05/2006

    "If you want to compare the base level PS3, then you have to compare to the base level 360."

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  • renzo 16/05/2006

    Err... yeah, sure. I'm a regular ol' troll me. Reply 0
  • renzo 15/05/2006

    Looks like trolling to me. Reply 0
  • renzo 15/05/2006

    "As much as people say they want a game that isn't even out yet."

    Are you saying people shouldn't get excited about future games?
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  • renzo 15/05/2006

    "MGS4 - who cares (well lots of people I suppose) not me. Not my cuppa."

    What's your point? Do you really feel the need to state that you don't like a game that isn't even out yet?
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  • Motor Storm

  • renzo 12/05/2006

    "I hate playing racing games with a wheel!"

    I wouldn't mind playing racing games with this.
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  • renzo 12/05/2006

    This is Evolution Studios, the team behind the WRC games (which are rather good), not the F1 games (which are not so good). Reply 0
  • The Club

  • renzo 11/05/2006

    You just have to wonder, why do they even need concept art for these characters? It's like saying "yeah. we need to make a pair of trousers that's exactly - exactly, mind - exactly like all these other trousers over here. Go do some neat concept sketches."

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  • Silent Hill Origins

  • renzo 11/05/2006

    More puzzles please, and less combat.

    Well, it can't be any worse than SH4, right? Right?
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  • Konami's E3 press conference

  • renzo 10/05/2006

    IGN have two previews up (1 | 2), some screenies and concept art, and a trailer. (Trailer looks great).

    I like the sound of the enemies reflecting the main character's own sordid past, rather than using enemies that just look creepy but have no relevance to the character or the game world.

    SH2 did this really well, so let's hope they're going back to those roots.
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  • renzo 10/05/2006

    That PSP Silent Hill sounds interesting storywise, although I'm not sure about the play-as-a-truck-driver-called-Travis bit. :/ Reply 0
  • GTA4 for PS3 and X360

  • renzo 10/05/2006

    Isn't Table Tennis the exclusive Rockstar game? Reply 0
  • Nintendo talks WiiConnect24

  • renzo 09/05/2006

    As long as there is a way to switch the feature off without having to unplug things, I don't see it being a problem. Reply 0
  • Kuon

  • renzo 03/05/2006

    Don't they develop the Tenchu and Armoured Core series? I can't really vouch for the noteworthiness of either series though. :) Reply 0
  • Square Enix's E3 line-up

  • renzo 25/04/2006

    Maybe that's not milk ye be tasting... yaarrr! Reply 0
  • renzo 25/04/2006

    What happened to Crisis Core? Reply 0
  • Grandia III

  • renzo 06/04/2006

    I'm gonna have to side with itamae on this. Goth milfs ftw. Reply 0
  • Ancel's Rayman returns

  • renzo 06/04/2006

    Making up rubbish Everybody Loves Raymond puns. :) Reply 0
  • renzo 06/04/2006

    I thought everybody loves Rayman. Reply 0
  • Sensible Soccer

  • renzo 14/03/2006

    Will it have a side-view TV-style camera option as well?

    I haven't played any of the old Sensible Soccer games and I don't really like the "pseudo top-down viewpoint".
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  • Get a real DOA Volleyball bikini

  • renzo 09/03/2006

    "Higher res pictures please!"

    Just for you Blerko.
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  • More Tetris DS details

  • renzo 24/02/2006

    Are there any chess games out for the DS/PSP yet? Reply 0
  • Mario Kart and silver DS bundle

  • renzo 04/11/2005

    caligari, try They've got the red DS for $130. Reply 0
  • Sony 'not worried' by iPod Video

  • renzo 13/10/2005

    *sigh* Reply 0