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  • New Retina iPad Mini "likely" this year - report

  • regularjoe 01/08/2013

    @StooMonster I am no luddite, but I am not certain this is such a good idea. A tablet for reading is unnecessary screen time (our eyes are abused enough as is these days, and from a much earlier age), and having the internet as an imemdiate reference is no help to exercising the memory muscle. I am very much of a conservative (not in a political sense) bent of mind on this issue - I think teaching today too quickly adopts untested psychology (child led education) and unwarranted technology (tablets/laptops). Just showing my age, I guess.

    Edit - Not sure how to thread my response - this was a reply to your post on what your kid' school was doing.
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  • Pirate told to pay Nintendo $1.5 million

  • regularjoe 09/02/2010

    "The legal proceeding resulted in a settlement in which the individual will pay to Nintendo the sum of $1.5 Million dollars by way of damages to compensate Nintendo for the loss of sales revenue caused by the individual's actions"

    A settlement, in ordinary legal usage, happens when parties agree the amount of damages amongst themselves - it is not a unilateral judicial imposition of damages. So, unless the Nintendo guys were using the word "settlement" wrongly in contect (rather than, say, "judgment" or "judicial order"), this would appear to be a very rich pirate indeed!
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  • Retrospective: Planescape Torment

  • regularjoe 24/08/2009

    Please do a retrospective on "The Last Express" by Broderbund (Jordan Mechner, where art thou?). Between that and Planecape, you would have covered my two favourite games! Reply 0