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  • Lego Worlds adds creative sandbox mode

  • reelbigkris 25/05/2017

    I had not played the game since launch of the Early Access... Wasn't it already a sandbox mode? Like wasn't that all it was? I remember walking around randomly and then unlocking everything I touched. Had like zero purpose and stopped playing it after a couple of hours and never returned... I don't know if they just brought it back or whether my playthrough of Lego Worlds was merely a fever dream?! Reply 0
  • VR game The Assembly launches today for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

  • reelbigkris 19/07/2016

    I did a bit of reading on this and I'm a little confused. The game supports VR, but not the motion controls of the vive? So it only tracks head movement? But you have to pay an extra £5 to just experience that? It's a really odd one, and is definitely one of the concerns I have for VR when there is some splitting of your own core users. Reply +2
  • Don't get too excited about the new Katamari that's out today

  • reelbigkris 01/07/2016

    Thanks for the OST link in the article, I have an hour left at work before the weekend. This will make the time go faster!.. So while the game sounds terrible, at least some good came from it! Reply +1
  • What's your #BestBrexitGame?

  • reelbigkris 29/06/2016

    State of Emergency
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  • Steam updated to better expose recent user reviews

  • reelbigkris 04/05/2016

    Day Z looks like it is probably suffering the most with this system Reply +2
  • Rust and Garry's Mod studio releases Vive game Chunks

  • reelbigkris 12/04/2016

    I thought it was called chunks because you're trying to get the passengers of your roller-coaster to vomit... Reply +9
  • Guitar Hero Live failed to do the business, too

  • reelbigkris 12/02/2016

    I imported the original Rock Band on PS3 and then proceeded to buy all my songs via the American PSN store. This saved me the hassle of tracks not being available in the transition to PS4, and while the game feels the same, it just does not capture the days at college and University for me.

    I bought Guitar Hero Live too, and while it was the better of the two (it was fun learning a new peripheral) it didn't capture me like previous versions.

    I think I've just grown to be an old moody git that can not be pleased...
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  • Oculus Rift costs £500

  • reelbigkris 06/01/2016

    Had a few dev teams I work with who are making some games that would really benefit from VR. However, I have been on the fence about committing because I was concerned with end user install base... I am disappointed but to be honest, considering Oculus Rift will make their money selling the tech, their best interest is not to advance new development opportunities.

    Now, if Sony sell the kit at a loss (while the tech is expensive, hoping to pick up profits from later on) and treat it as a true development investment to further enhance their catalogue and user experience, it could work as developers will be more inclined to create experiences that they know will reach an audience.

    Oculus need profits for their only product. Sony can undercut to advance other areas of their business.

    All exciting stuff, but means I'm holding fire until Sony and Vive release their RRP
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  • Rock Band 4 alert: you can now re-download previously bought Rock Band DLC

  • reelbigkris 05/10/2015

    I imported the original Rock Band from The US, So I had to keep buying DLC tracks via the US store. I am hoping that my DLC tracks from the US work on an English copy of the game, though I am not very hopeful.

    Had about 400 songs from the US store! will take ages to re download these probably!
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  • Super Mario Maker sells 1m

  • reelbigkris 30/09/2015

    Great fun, though the only criticism I have of the game is that it is very difficult for new levels to gain any popularity.

    It's a shame that the editing is not as advanced as Little Big Planet, but it just means that because it's so simple to make a level, a lot of work has to be done in maintaining quality and stopping previously successful makers becoming ever increasingly more prominent.
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  • Splatoon stock swiped in Nintendo lorry heist

  • reelbigkris 27/05/2015

    Decided to order the LTD edition elsewhere... Currently trying to see if I can convince GAME to sell me the two Amiibos at £20 - £25 instead of £30... then I'm pretty much breaking even at £60 for the three amiibos and the game

    However the alternative is to continue preordering elsewhere... Buy the two amiibos and a game for £42.99 and then sell the solus to GAME for £25 price matching at CEX... Making the two Amiibos only cost me £17.99... But unfortunately still forcing me to keep £25 at GAME!

    The whole thing is a bit of a damp Squid...

    Note: I understand it's Squib! but could not help myself!
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  • Nintendo colours outside the lines in the lovable but irksome Splatoon

  • reelbigkris 27/05/2015

    I was really looking forward to this. But the great Splatoon Heist of 2015 is causing me to reconsider and cancel my order. I got this email from GAME today
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  • It's time for your annual Shenmue 3 rumour!

  • reelbigkris 20/05/2015

    I could never get into Shenmue, I would however be up for giving a HD remaster a go because it is a piece of gaming history. It angers me when I can't enjoy something as much as everyone else and I always felt like some sort of deformed monster for not being too fussed on Shenmue. Reply +9
  • Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove rocket skates to Kickstarter

  • reelbigkris 25/02/2015

    I hope I am proven wrong as i love Toejam & Earl. But don't you think that the game focuses on so many outdated reference points that it will be very difficult to stay relevant to a new audience?

    I mean, we'd all think it lunacy if Betty Boop was brought back to television?
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  • Don't buy Darkest Dungeon from the Windows Game Store, dev warns

  • reelbigkris 23/02/2015

    @MattEvansC3 That might be useful, this has been catapulted via the darkest dungeon so I am sure this guys whole account will be locked down if the darkest dungeon coverage helps :P. The only ones this guy has been posting that I have involvement on are Euro truck Simulator 2, Enforcer Police Crime Action and Industry Empire... Reply 0
  • reelbigkris 23/02/2015

    @arcam I've let those above me know and offered support to red hook. It is baffling how easy it is to claim other peoples work! Reply +1
  • reelbigkris 23/02/2015

    That is amazing. The very same guy also has several games from my work up there too. The cheek of it! :P Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

  • reelbigkris 10/02/2015

    Hi Eurogamer, Do you have any thoughts on how this controls without a circle pad pro? Would love to give this a go but the last one was a clumsy mess with the camera

    Thanks! :)
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  • Target pulls Grand Theft Auto 5 from sale in Australia

  • reelbigkris 03/12/2014

    I love it when other people tell me I'm not allowed to buy something because of their opinion...

    As others have suggested, the game no way actively encourages you to perform these tasks. It's a simple game that allows for a reaction to an action. the moment you start removing reactions the further you are from creating a real world.

    Considering how many violent games have been sold, it always baffles me that people believe these are training exercises in violence. There are a handful who can be persuaded by this form of entertainment, but chances are they will be persuaded by film, television or books too.

    Some of the most horrible travesties occurred before video games... So if in the next couple of years there is a significant increase in Prostitute related deaths everywhere in the world but Australia see's an equal amount of prostitute deaths, then maybe we can talk about this? Let this be the benchmark I guess?
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  • Broken Age Act 2 release set for early 2015

  • reelbigkris 01/12/2014

    I backed this on Kickstarter for the physical edition at $110... In hindsight, I probably should have just waited as I really just wanted to play it all in one sitting. Quite looking forward to the documentary but in honesty, I would have saved so much money if I just bought the game and documentary blu ray when they were completed :P Ah well!

    At least my contribution allowed the game to be made, so that's a good thing to think about!
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  • Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom release date

  • reelbigkris 26/08/2014

    I would have liked this to have online multiplayer support. Me and a group of friends skipped the last one because of a lack of that feature. I still have fond memories of Goof Troop in co op at a friends house, but it's so much more difficult these days to get everyone in the same room when people move away! Reply +1
  • For the first time in ten years, Madden won't be getting a free demo

  • reelbigkris 12/08/2014

    Decided to splash out on this... Clicked the sign up for 12 months... Ended up glitching out so I clicked sign up again... I now have EA access until 2016! Make sure that if you click it once, you leave the app and return so you avoid doing what I did :( Reply 0
  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • reelbigkris 30/07/2014

    I am surprised to see Sony criticize EA harshly for this... But incredibly glad that they have

    Edit: Although, upset by a lack of choice, the pursuit of value is appreciated...
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  • Disney Infinity sequel is Marvel Super Heroes-themed

  • reelbigkris 01/05/2014

    Despite the game being a bit shallow (I'm hoping 2.0 will add a little more oomph) I still got all of the figures from 1.0, partly because I like how the figures look and it caters to my obsessive collecting... Unfortunately, they had to go and release a phineas statue with some duck thing in a fedora and now part of me is thinking "damn it, my collection is not complete any more" and the other part of me is thinking "I don't give a sh*t about phineas and the duck, I'd rather not waste £20 on them"

    quite looking forward to seeing how 2.0 shapes up, but i'll be getting the figures anyway :)
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  • Final Fantasy 14 PS4 beta test open to all

  • reelbigkris 04/04/2014

    I have been enjoying the game. I play it with my girlfriend but what happened is we formed a free company (Cheating by making two additional inactive characters and getting them to join) and then started to try and get housing... With both of us alone, we managed to get enough money to buy a house but our free company rank was not high enough :( Now we're loaded, but have nothing to spend the money on as we're only rank 3 Free company and need to get to rank 5 bvefore housing opens up... It's kind of put us off the game as it was something to work towards even if it was only cosmetic! Reply 0
  • reelbigkris 04/04/2014

    @carrotcake Really? how do you go about doing that? Reply 0
  • reelbigkris 04/04/2014

    If I have the standard PS3 version and collectors edition PC version. Do I have to buy another disc to get the PS4 version? Reply 0
  • No multiplayer in PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886

  • reelbigkris 06/02/2014

    Some respect there!... I must ask though, If this was sold at full retail price as a single player game and then there was a digital exclusive at £9.99 (for those without the full game) and £4.99 (for those with the full game) which only let you play multiplayer perhaps later on in the year, would this be a favorable model? Or would you feel that you got ripped off for investing in a full price game only to spend more money on a multiplayer component?

    Genuinely curious.
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  • The new Microsoft CEO earns how much?

  • reelbigkris 05/02/2014

    This man earns nearly 30 times more than I make in a year (not counting the ridiculous bonus)... To be completely honest, I thought it would be more. Reply +5
  • New Disney Infinity to feature Marvel, Star Wars?

  • reelbigkris 04/02/2014

    I started collecting the figurines... Actually owning all of them.... but I am not a big fan of the actual game, so the figurines are just displayed in a glass cabinet... I may have a slight problem! Reply +5
  • 2013 Steam Holiday Sale offers wicked bargains

  • reelbigkris 20/12/2013

    not sure if "Batman: Arkham Oranges" is a typo or a joke... This could be slightly relevent:

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  • Steam Machine and Controller prototypes ship on Friday

  • reelbigkris 11/12/2013

    Shame, I was hoping to actually win something for once, this was going to start a string of fortune... I'd then go on to claim other victories of fortune including and not limited to:
    A pack of starbursts without ANY oranges.
    A free ring tone with a popular drink.
    Finding a pound coin on the street.
    And Going to Thorpe park and not being embarrassed by the photo they take of you when riding the log flume.

    God damn it steam! i needed this!
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  • reelbigkris 11/12/2013

    @michellemorgan I hate your buddy's aunt! Reply +1
  • Zavvi threatens customers with legal action after accidentally sending free Vitas

  • reelbigkris 11/12/2013

    But what happens when you try and make contact and then zavvi do not pick it up or even reply back to your emails after 5 days? Do I need to keep sending them an email over and over again?

    Edit: I have emailed them again asking them to get back in touch with me and that I refuse to chase them any further to fix a mistake they have caused if they do not get back to me by the end of the week.
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  • reelbigkris 10/12/2013

    @ianhayden you're the second person to say this has happened to you... that sucks! a friend redeemed the code inside blindly, I set up a delivery date for them to pick it up yesterday but they didn't show.. I hope you get the game soon Reply +1
  • reelbigkris 10/12/2013

    Eurogamer, have you had any update from your consumer lawyer... I fear zavvi may break down the door in approximately 47 minutes as that is when the deadline will end. Reply +2
  • reelbigkris 10/12/2013

    I must get back to work, but I'm enjoying the debate here :) business, morality, it's quite the drama. I've got proof now that I tried to organize a courier pick up to collect the items giving zavvi 4 days notice, but they never came... so, I'll sit back, listen to the debate and wait for EG to get the experts on to update the post. Good times! Reply +2
  • reelbigkris 10/12/2013

    @FelixAndrews You did the same thing me and a friend did. I tried to contact them, but they are ignoring the fact we redeemed copy of tearaway... let me know if you get a response, i've emailed and tweeted them and they are not answering me even if i wanted to return it lol Reply +1
  • reelbigkris 10/12/2013

    My friend used the code blindly without even looking at the box... I tried to sort it all out and explain the situation to zavvi but they would not talk to me in person to sort this out because they don't talk on the phone, this was the twitter exchange i had with them:

    So I decided to leave it, let them call me... I got this shitty letter through the door... So I finally sent them a shitty email back calling their customer service frustrating and mechanical and obviously they do not care if we had redeemed the code, please pick it up at 3PM on Monday... Did I get a reply? no... Did they come and collect it? no... so now i have to chase them again to sort it out...

    I'm moving house this weekend a 100 miles away, i do not need to faff about with this really
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  • TV review: How Videogames Changed the World

  • reelbigkris 05/12/2013

    I struggled to enjoy it as a gamer, it did play it very safe. The problem is I do not think the programme was never really considered to be aimed at some of the more hardcore gamers, Though the Pacman AI was pretty damn interesting, I never knew they each had different AI!

    But the problem is that I think gamers are genuinely intelligent and have the resources to search for the latest news and features online. Do we need television? No, probably not, websites are doing such an amazing job at giving us all the information we need... But I do wish the TV would stop using video games as a culture piece saying "oh, look at these crazy gamers and their niche hobby"
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  • Who's in the Warcraft film?

  • reelbigkris 05/12/2013

    @lisaann GOD DAMN IT LISA ANN! I freelance too but only make $50 an hour, you crazy! Reply +3
  • Bugbear cancels failing Next Car Game Kickstarter

  • reelbigkris 25/11/2013

    I loved flatout ultimate carnage on the 360... I was really hoping this would fly past its goal. Considering they are an established developer with some tech to show, are they choosing to avoid publishers so they can retain the I.P?

    Update: They have reached $150,000 in funding via preorders over at thier website:
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  • Live: PlayStation 4 US launch event

  • reelbigkris 14/11/2013

    I love this crazy ass rainbow pong that's playing on the feed right now! game of the year! Reply 0
  • Abe's Oddysee remake looks tasty in new screenshots

  • reelbigkris 01/11/2013

    Love the look of it so far. Looking forward to becoming a heartless mudokon, feigning to free the other mudokons, but instead luring them into a meat grinder.

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  • Sonic, Ecco, Shinobi getting new 3D Classics re-makes

  • reelbigkris 30/10/2013

    @karlo87 I recently showed a friend of mine super fantasy zone and gynoug on the megadrive. Those are two of my fave side scrolling shoot em ups :) would enjoy seeing a 3d version, but would love just having them on the go! Reply +4
  • reelbigkris 30/10/2013

    I just want them to release '3D sonic 3D Blast' just for the ridiculous title. Reply +20
  • Earthworm Jim is back... sort of, maybe

  • reelbigkris 24/10/2013

    Kickstarter always feels like the first place to go to dismiss risk. The guys who work on major games already should have more to show than this... A simple concept code would be great and not much to ask for

    I'm a particularly new developer but have been wanting to use kickstarter to create a game based on blacksmithing. But until I have anything to show, it'll just be me in front of a camera begging for money!

    These pitches without much content make me feel like they do not really have much hope for their own project... Shame Earthworm jim isn't getting a new game... I hated boogerman :P
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  • Oculus Rift plus Euro Truck Simulator 2 equals the real next-gen

  • reelbigkris 23/10/2013

    @the_dudefather Of course we have :)It is called Garden Simulator! Reply +6
  • Witness the power of the PS4 with this Putty Squad remake

  • reelbigkris 18/10/2013

    Is this not possible on the current gen systems?

    Edit: Oh... it is... I wonder if they are kind of hoping to catch the early adopters with too much money who will end up buying whatever is on the digital store?
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  • Sonic Lost World review

  • reelbigkris 18/10/2013

    I got this yesterday and completed it the same day. It was just over 5 hours long to rush through the main story. There are plenty of things that are kind of irritating... Some boss battles are a bit evil, even one is glitched so you have to slow down your attacks to make it register (I lost about 4 continues on one single boss until I worked out what was happening))

    Sonic does move pretty damn slow, but the only compliment is that it always feels manageable, I think the run mechanic worked well, but perhaps the run should be his standard walk, and we should see the ability to reach higher speeds than there currently is... the spin dash never really felt like it increased your speed enough so I often rarely used it so I could have a bit more control...

    Also, the story is absolutely crap...

    Now all these being said, I did spend 6 hours straight on it and really enjoyed playing the game. I'm going to go back and collect all the secret coins/ play the extra levels that unlocked and see if I can better my time on some levels. I'd say it is definitely worth a rent to see if it is your cup of tea though, as I can clearly see areas which the game is flawed...

    Strange though, you'd think after all the positive previews it would be the second coming of christ
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