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  • Far Cry 3 review

  • redalien 22/11/2012

    being one of five people who loved Far Cry 2 as it was - vastness of wandering in the world that doesn't give a damn about you - damn be me, suddenly have an urge of buying this one! Reply +5
  • Halo 4 review

  • redalien 06/11/2012

    First I read comments and saw a bunch of angry posts regarding the review itself.

    Then I read the article itself... - I'd call this a review for those who know what is halo and cod - as it might be a bit harder to understand for new gamers that maybe want to try Halo4 as their first fps, but otherwise - I see everything in this review that is important - a description of plot/ visuals/ multiplayer/ longevity/ control scheme/ some new elements and all written in rather nice text with a feeling and author's take on the iconic game franchise.

    Either people are getting too gimme-bare-bone-facts or I dunno. And well - this review made me wish to play this game (when it becomes a tad cheaper as I am not a HALO or console fps fan) - which I think is the best compliment a review can get.

    PS. but well - judging by the review text I would have expected 7, not 8 as a final score.
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