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  • New real-money Xbox dash raises game prices

  • rebelradiouk 10/07/2013

    The nonsense continues, just tried to buy a game with the 7.82 credit in my account assuming it would take the remainder for the game from my Paypal account no such luck under select payment option my 7.82 credit is greyed out. Reply +7
  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • rebelradiouk 05/06/2012

    was that the bit with the black kid in a uniform, as thats what i thought too. Reply 0
  • Jet Set Radio HD music teaser trailer

  • rebelradiouk 31/05/2012

    Cold- just got wicked, please be in the game, had it on my mini disk player during my teens loved it. Reply 0
  • Shenmue 1, 2 HD to launch on PSN, XBLA - report

  • rebelradiouk 16/03/2012

    I couldnt wait any longer and bought a dreamcast on ebay paid 8 for the dreamcast and another 8 for delivery im working my way through shenmue 1 at the minute and even for its faults its still an amazing game. Reply +9
  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • rebelradiouk 06/06/2011

    pedobear attacks Reply 0
  • rebelradiouk 06/06/2011

    god im sick of seing kinnect games i guess its wise to be carefull what you wish for i wanted more games for kinnect but all of em look rubbish so far. Reply 0
  • What Makes Horror Games Scary?

  • rebelradiouk 29/10/2010

    Got to agree with the comment above also loved the little tricks like making you believe your memory card was wiped blue screen of death and to be continued in eternal darkness 2. Reply +4
  • Shawn White Skateboarding - 15 mins

  • rebelradiouk 28/10/2010

    ive just had a half hour trial play on it via onlive, and i cant say im a fan, controls were fiddly (even with a game pad) graphics were rough compared to skate and tony hawks. Also have to agree with adofessex's comment the game really should have been just about skateboarding, they also should of decided to go tony hawks way or skates way in regards to controls its kind of in the middle making it feel like swimming in treacle. Reply 0
  • BBC's The Big Questions addresses MW2

  • rebelradiouk 17/11/2009

    I actually went to see my parents on Sunday and my mom brought this up, and she agreed with a lot of views that were expressed in the show, i got pretty annoyed at her and said you bought me violent video games (resident evil 2, Thrill kill and grand theft auto 3) she had no argument to back that up but still feels modern warfare should be banned. Its really annoyed me that my own mum could be swayed so easily by a TV show. Ive watched the program now and made notes to say this is wrong, that's wrong and emailed it to her to show how biased it was. Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • rebelradiouk 30/10/2004

    im playing the game 2 player at the moment. Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2 DVD-only in the UK?

  • rebelradiouk 06/10/2004

    since you can pick up a dvd drive for a small price now any way any one who doesnt have one can easily get one Reply 0
  • Riddick PC is 'Developer's Cut'

  • rebelradiouk 29/09/2004

    remember the resident evil directors cut on playstation one it was really just there to plug the resident evil 2 demo. Only had about 3 additions to it I.E a fallen team member being pecked by crows attacks you after taking the grenade launcher. (Im going to the attic for me ps1)
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  • CS: Source beta widens, HL2 preload begins

  • rebelradiouk 19/08/2004

    Im not going to contribute my opinion im just going to play half life all the way through then watch thr half life 2 videos Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2 preload begins soon

  • rebelradiouk 12/08/2004

    dont want to sound negative but if you download the game and your pc goes up the duff and looses all your files can you download it again, or would you be able to back it up on cd? Reply 0
  • Nintendo pledges long-term Cube support

  • rebelradiouk 14/06/2004

    im sorry but in this case respect given where respect is due, nintendo was one of the big consoles when i was younger, and if things where different and nintendo didnt argue with sony in the first place the ps1 would never have happened but in this it shows nintendo are comited to there cause and if they dont back out of that ill stick by them to cause i believe they have a lot of fire in them yet Reply 0
  • Halo 2

  • rebelradiouk 11/05/2004

    "THing is games like Splinter Cell for the PS2 never would have seemed possible in the first few years of the PS2's life, now it's the xbox's turn"

    What the hell the ps2 version was terrible it didnt play as smoothly as the xbox version it was a travisty
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  • Half-Life 2

  • rebelradiouk 05/05/2004

    what the hell far cry had no hype it was talked about for 2 years in pc zone Reply 0
  • Watch out, Radioactive Man!

  • rebelradiouk 02/05/2004

    but have u heard the idea about heavy wind i read it in edge the other day where if your in the way of heavy winds its instant death so you have to put diversion poles about to obviously divert the natural disaster, i like the idea though that they got the media down to the site, i heard they made a video for e3 where they are in the fairground which was due to open 2 days after the accident Reply 0
  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • rebelradiouk 02/05/2004

    i cant believe how old this all is now i remember getting a demo disk with pc zone years ago now with a video of duke nukem and max payne i was so impressed with the look of both games max came and gone max payne 2 came and gone................then i gave up, used to check the site like once a month 2 c if anything was new then offcourse it will be done when its done, not exactly possitive but hey lets hope they can make a game which can go against hmmmmm half life 2 doom 3 chaser and aything else in the pipeline but i guess those games will be forgotten by 2025 when duke nukem forever is released Reply 0