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  • DS Roundup

  • read_only 27/09/2007

    Good article. I much prefer to see these kind of short reviews than no review at all on EG.

    I'm tempted by Prism but I might be over-estimating my puzzle solving power.
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  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

  • read_only 17/04/2007

    Does sounds good. Anyone know how long it takes to play through? Reply 0
  • Code Lyoko

  • read_only 23/03/2007

    @Nikanoru - Couldn't agree more. Just because I want to play a game that isn't an FPS doesn't mean I want it to be cute. How about some more adventure games with a bit of weight and atmosphere? Reply 0
  • What's New? (16th March, 2007)

  • read_only 16/03/2007

    Nice. Almost as angry as Mr. Biffo.

    Looking forward to some more Phenix Wright, am just playing the final case in the last one, very addictive.

    Anyone seen reviews of Puzzle Quest on the DS?
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  • The Destiny of Zorro

  • read_only 25/02/2007

    I don't see why this isn't first person. Surely if you are going to design a sword fighting game for the Wii controller you would have to behind the character at all times for full sword wielding immersion. Reply 0
  • What's New? (9th Feb, 2007)

  • read_only 09/02/2007

    Great to see this back again, has brightened up my Friday lunch hour. Reply 0
  • Japanese Wii on December 2nd

  • read_only 14/09/2006

    Super Monkey Ball: Uki Uki Party Daishuugou

    I love the subtitle. No idea what it means but sounds fun.
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  • James Cameron to do MMO

  • read_only 06/02/2006

    Anyone think this could be the mysterious MMO that John Romero is working on? Reply 0
  • New PS3 details emerge

  • read_only 03/02/2006

    I'm sure a conributing factor in PS2 sales was that fact that it also acted as a DVD player and was released at a time DVD players were expensive and not widespread. Perhaps the aim is to do the same digital video recording. Reply 0
  • Project Zero

  • read_only 26/11/2005

    I'm in two minds. I think it is a great game - stunning atmosphere, some good puzzles and genuinely very scary. But I just find it too hard and in a very frustrating way. Ghosts jump about and seem to be hitting me before I have worked out where they went. Im on my second attempt and I really hope I get through it this time.

    Is the second one any easier?
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  • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

  • read_only 25/10/2005

    Bah, so its not out for PS2. Can't see any mention on the game site either.

    I just got really excited about the whole "I think you have to have been schooled in pretty old school adventuring to get the most out of this" comment. Now, do I get an XBox or a PC?
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  • read_only 25/10/2005

    Play have a PS2 version listed at GBP 29.99 but they are awaiting stock. Good news, I thought this was going to be XBox and PC only. Reply 0
  • Revolution controller - not remotely what we expected

  • read_only 16/09/2005

    Didn't see this linked so far, sombody discussing tech demos they tried out.

    My reaction is that it looks great for playing social games with friends (actually, looks really great) but if I were sat down on my own for a few hours gaming I may want to plug a GC controller in.
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  • It would be 'good to finish' BG&E - Michel Ancel

  • read_only 23/08/2005

    BG&E may have been hurt by the PS2 exclusive deal. If it had been released on all platforms simltaneously then it may have featured (better) in the charts and been a bit more visble. Certainly a great game that deserves a sequel.

    KK sounds interesting from the point of view of creating great atmosphere (the impression I go from EG preview).
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  • Broken Sword 4 announced

  • read_only 18/08/2005

    Great news. I thought Revolution were working on a Beneath a Steel Sky sequel first though - maybe its nearly finished.

    Would like to see this on consoles as well (or at least on the mac).
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  • GB Micro priced, dated

  • read_only 17/08/2005

    Never bought a handheld though am very tempted by the DS. I think the gameboy software (and to some extent the hardware) has always been overpriced. Games should be in the £10-20 impulse buy bracket IMO. £25 for high profile titles on release. I think 50 quid for the micro sounds more reasonale, still same powered hardware afterall.

    DS does seem good value for money in the US. I bought a couple of games for a friend for about $20 each. If the same were true of the UK a lot more people would be happy to try games that have reviewed well but are quite short - e.g Pac Pix, Another Code.
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  • Fahrenheit

  • read_only 15/08/2005

    Good stuff, was really hoping this would be good. I'm a huge fan of narrative-driven games so one where choices actually make some difference is a great step forwards.

    Good to see the two reviews, both well written.
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  • Still Life

  • read_only 02/08/2005

    Good to see a review of this on EG. The story sounds like a nice idea, definitely something I would try if I had a XBox or PC - but by the sounds of it not something that should make me rush out and buy either. Reply 0
  • Project Zero producer speaks

  • read_only 28/07/2005

    Have had a couple of attempts at the first one. Great game but I found it too hard and a bit random in places. Too many times I got charged by a ghost and felt I had done everything I could to snap it or run away.

    I hear the second one is easier so I might give that a go.
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  • Mario Party 6

  • read_only 04/07/2005

    Like the Mario and God of War images next to each other on front page. Two faces of gaming. Reply 0
  • Fahrenheit

  • read_only 21/06/2005

    decoded, keep us posted please!

    Am keen to see some reviews as I currently don't own a Windows PC or an XBox but really am really interested in playing it.
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  • read_only 20/06/2005

    Yep, sounds great. I like the look from the screenshots.

    On a similar note, has anyone played Still Life yet?
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  • Bone

  • read_only 21/06/2005

    " Isn't this "What the people behind sam n' max 2" did next? "

    I think thats right. Telltale games. I thought they had Sam 'n' Max license then lost it for some reason.

    Looks very nice.
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  • Editorial: Killing Time

  • read_only 25/05/2005

    I think episodic content is a fantastic idea for my style of gaming but I'm not convinced that it would appeal to the people trying to make money out of games. Surely if a game is sold for £40 there will be some proportion of people who will play it a bit and not like it.

    If you sold the same game in two episodes at £20 each then surely the market for the second episode is only the subset of people who bought *and* enjoyed the first episode. I think publishers would have to have very strong conviction that the lower price point of the first episode would suck more people in and then be confident enough in the product that the those people would buy more episodes.

    But, as I say, I would like to purchase and play games in episodes.
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  • Revolution on Nintendo site

  • read_only 16/05/2005

    If they are imagining people wil use it as a wireless hub then it will be on a lot of the time so quiet and low power is important. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 launch night commentary

  • read_only 13/05/2005

    /parasite comes out of head
    /has been playing RE4
    /has killed Krauser :D

    That's what I spent my evening doing. Finished game with single red blip of health, no herbs and basically no ammo. Good fun at the end.
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  • Killer 7

  • read_only 10/05/2005

    Killer 7 is arguably the most audacious piece of game design ever.

    /sees mostly guns, shooting, violence, blood, murder, silliness and the usual tedious adolescent fantasy representation of women.

    Good point Kiigan. But it does look pretty. Innovative in terms of style, presentation and control but still within the confines of "have gun, will shoot things". Not a bad thing, far better this than generic FPS.

    Good article, am looking forward to trying out.
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  • Haunting Ground

  • read_only 28/04/2005

    10-12 hours is a good game length for adventure/survival horror in my book. I am usually slower than average and don't like to be playing the same thing for months at a time (due to limited gaming time). Reply 0
  • read_only 28/04/2005

    Any idea as to length? Reply 0
  • read_only 28/04/2005

    "Fiona has all the running power of a stereotypically hapless rubber-limbed girly girl"

    Made me laugh.

    Good review. I think it sounds like my sort of thing. I quite like wandering around mansions finding/combining objects and working out what to do with them - rather than the Resi 4 hand holding approach. Not played the Clock Tower games but might give one of those a go as well.
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  • Fahrenheit

  • read_only 05/04/2005

    I read somewhere that while the left stick is used for moving your character around, the right stick moves your arm in a clever context-sensitive way. I could be wrong though. If it works it could be a really good way to get the adventure/point'n'click style to feel more immersive. Reply 0
  • Still Life

  • read_only 07/02/2005

    As an adventure fan (without a PC) this and Fahrenheit look really interesting. Any news of a PS2 release? Just says XBox and PC on the homepage. Reply 0
  • Nintendo still keen to Revolution-ise E3

  • read_only 04/02/2005

    I have also been a bit disappointed with Nintendo this gen. The most value I have had out of my Cube are the Resident Evil games and Eternal Darkness. I don't seem to be able to get excited about bright colours and cartoony characters any more. That said I have also enjoyed Super Monkey Ball and Mario Party.

    What frustrates me is that any new gaming idea gets attached to an ancient franchise. I think eye-toy and Singstar (which I haven't actually played) achieved interesting game play without being too obviously kid-friendly.
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  • SCEE plans music download service for PSP

  • read_only 29/01/2005

    There was some speculation by an industry commentator that Apple and Sony may collaborate on downloadable films. All involved Mac mini and HDTV, the head of Sony was at Job's mac world presentation. Doesn't sound likely that Apple would allow the PSP to take the place of its own hardware in the portable film download market. Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • read_only 28/11/2004

    If publishers insist on releasing all their games right before christmas you'll have to take on seasonal staff to do reviews like shops do. Reply 0
  • Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

  • read_only 28/11/2004

    Finished this (PS2) this weekend and found it enjoyable and dissapointing at the same time. Certainly a good story and couple of interesting puzzles and that wonderful broken sword "you've just discovered something" soaring soundtrack.

    A good game but it didn't (in my mermory at least) live up to the fantastically atmospheric earlier installments. Somehow the environments seem a little emptier now they are moved to 3D. It felt good to be playing a game with old style puzzles in again but the weren't quite as complex or satisfying as I remember them being. In the charmingly funny characters/grating stereotypes debate I am on the broken sword fan side.

    Definately worth picking up and playing through if you are a fan of old school adventure (IMO), especially now you can pick it up cheap. Nice change of pace but not a masterpiece.
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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

  • read_only 16/11/2004

    Sounds interesting. Anyone know how the graphics on the PS2 and Cube compare? Reply 0
  • Nintendo of America details early 2005 releases

  • read_only 12/11/2004

    Zelda is out sooner than I thought, they must have been keeping it under wraps for a loooong time. Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

  • read_only 11/10/2004

    Yes, looks rather horrible. I really don't see the need to add gore to a game whose major draw should be challenging platform puzzles. I agree with spindizzy that the lack of gore in the first game made it something different. Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia 2 reveals its true colours

  • read_only 16/09/2004

    It's a shame they've changed the voice acting. I found the quality and, well, Britishness a very pleasant surprise in Sands of Time. Reply 0
  • Fable

  • read_only 19/08/2004

    Just started reading the IGN "Greatest Preview of All Time". Starts with superlative, superlative... "I say this with confidence, having spent a couple of hours playing through Fable". I'm not suggesting that it isn't a great game but it does seem to be all about depth & involvement- I have reservations about someone going nuts about the game after a relatively short play time. Reply 0
  • read_only 11/08/2004

    The exciting part for me is that town environments sound higly interactive. A sure way to sap the atmosphere and immersiveness of a game is to arrive in a town where only two people will talk to you and you can't mess around with anything. Reply 0
  • Sony slashes PS2 price, Xbox makes pre-emptive strike

  • read_only 18/08/2004

    Cool. Second console for me soon then. I think which one I go for will be down to how good reviews of Fable are, most other XBox stuff doesn't interest me that much. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil Outbreak

  • read_only 13/08/2004

    If its difficult to make it work online why couldn't they have made it multiplayer in the traditional way? I guess four players would be a nightmare because with a quarter of the screen you would never see what was going on (difficult to start with). But a two player co-op mode could be fun. Reply 0
  • Nintendo plans to unveil new Cube peripheral at E3

  • read_only 11/08/2004

    I think I read somewhere on here that it can be used with Resi 4. Surely it must be light gun then? Apparently the game goes into first person mode when you aim, sounds like Resi: Dead Aim (which I have never played). It would kind of make sense if the bad guys have location specific damage.

    If this is right I hope its optional, might be fun but I think I would feel rather silly shooting the telly.
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  • Atlus plans surgery game for Nintendo DS

  • read_only 07/08/2004

    I agree this kind of concept is exactly why the DS is interesting. Relaively simple ideas but, well, just different. I would guess that developers relish the opportunity to be creative in a different way.

    From a cynical point of view though, you can see dev companies thinking that all they need is an intersting use of the stylus, build a bit of a game around it and it will sell. Far less cost than developing epics like Max Payne or Metroid.
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  • Pre-Christmas price cuts possible in Europe - EA

  • read_only 26/07/2004

    Good. I would really like a second console but object to paying about 150 quid for a PS2 when its the same price in dollars in the US. Reply 0
  • Retail reports point to DS pricing, date, software

  • read_only 15/07/2004

    140 is £140 in the world of Nintendo though.

    Not just Nintendo, plenty of other companies as well. Isn't a PS2 currently $149 and £149. Wonder when we're going to see that price cut.
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  • Microsoft slams 'irresponsible' Xbox 2 speculation

  • read_only 24/06/2004

    "Xbox 2 [...] pulp fiction [...] media conjecture"

    Oooh! A Pulp Fiction game - now that is an interesting rumour.
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