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  • Watch us play Titanfall

  • razzafazza 17/02/2014

    never heard about this game before, looks interesting. Reply +26
  • Tech Analysis: Titanfall beta on Xbox One and PC

  • razzafazza 16/02/2014


    whats a "decent gaming rig" though ? you mean something costing upwards of 1000 pounds with SLI gpus that can play games in resolutions over Full HD ?

    in that case - yeah, you cannot make your money back unless you buy tons of games.

    my definition of a "decent gaming rig" however would be something that can be bought for as much money as an xbox one with 2 years of multiplayer access. that will run ANY game thrown at it in Full HD.
    that will make money "back" as soon as you buy just 1 game in those 2 years.


    there are still arguments pro console but money is no longer one of them. except for people who believe into marketing and fail at math. pc gaming has never been as cheap as it is nowadays and pc gaming is considerably more cost-efficient than next-gen consoles.

    as you already said there s still the whole convenience thing, then there s certain exclusives or whatever reason one wants to prefer consoles over pc gaming. but whenever somebody nowadays claims pc gaming to be more expensive than consoles ... well , he the joke s on him i guess :p
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  • razzafazza 16/02/2014

    i didnt read all of this but the consensus is pretty much that if Titanfall s gameplay is good enough to be a system-seller ...

    ... it would be one for budget PCs ?

    because you can easily build a PC with a 7850/1GB for the price of a XBOX ONE..... and even save money in the long run because glorious pc masterrace doesnt have to pay annualy for Multiplayer.
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  • First footage of next-gen RPG Lords of the Fallen

  • razzafazza 11/02/2014

    the game looks good but i really wish they (and this includes other similar games - even the fantastic dark souls) would ditch the stupid rolling around thing which becomes especially hilarious in armor as heavy as what this game shows.

    granted, games dont have to be realistic to be fun but why not simply replace rolling-around-like-a-moron with something more sensible like a quick sidestep ? - same effect but looks a lot less ridicoulus.
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  • Might & Magic 10: Legacy review

  • razzafazza 23/01/2014

    couldnt disagree more with some of the above Posters though of course to each their own. Grimrock was a real disappointment to me - dull character system, annoying "dancing"-combat (though some oldies suffered from the same crap and maybe there is an audience who actually enjoys this), repeative enemies and environments (granted thats a budget issue i guess).

    Might and Magic X - combat is a lot more fun and (as far as i can say after playing a couple of hours) the character system looks way more indepth and interesting - so does the enemy and environment variety.

    but like said to each their own - i didnt see any oldschool in grimrock or shadowrun Returns apart from the look and was hugely disappointed by both titles offering a "Retro" feel but feeling streamlined for the biggest audience in terms of gameplay. seeing that might and Magic X and Blackguards come out within two days and both games have this time around actual oldschool gameplay this couldnt be a better gaming start for 2014 for me.
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  • Hello Games debuts first-person action adventure No Man's Sky

  • razzafazza 08/12/2013

    didnt expect anything interesting out of VGX but looks like i was wrong.

    this looks just like my kind of game .... hopefully it delivers.
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  • Shadowrun Returns getting Berlin-based Dragonfall expansion

  • razzafazza 19/11/2013

    SRR was a big disappontment to me. I really digged the graphics and it was neither the save system nor the linearity of the campaign ... what i loathed was the gameplay mechanics that felt like a freaking mobile RPG. i thought being shadowrun and turnbased the game would at least somewhat be similar to the PnP ruleset but it has maybe 1/10 in common with that: dumbed down character generation, dumbed down cyberware ( seriously, wearing a friggen tourist t-shirt gives a rigger better benefits than cyberware ?! ), dumbed down combat etc. etc. etc.

    ...and none of that can be excused with low budget as there s games with 1/10 the budget of SRR that still have more indepth mechanics.

    personally i feel like they always wanted to do a simple shadowrun game for tablets/smartphones (like their previous mobile games) and then they saw how wasteland 2 got millions on kickstarter they (succesfully) tried to sell their game to the PC oldschool crowd .... without actually making a game for that audience.

    mind you, if you only care about the shadowrun "setting" its a good game. really nice artwork and i guess the story is on the same level as the usual shadowrun stories (not my cup of tea) .... just the gameplay is incredibly shallow.

    unless they do some major revamps on how character creation & progression works i ll gladly skip berlin.
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  • The PS4's launch lineup revealed

  • razzafazza 31/10/2013

    i m gonna get Angry Birds Star Wars for my PS4 and Just Dance for my XBox One. Reply -3
  • You can play all of Beyond with your iPhone

  • razzafazza 27/09/2013

    cool, wonder if crytek will implement something similar in Ryse Reply +8
  • PlayStation App allows PS4 to act as a mobile games server

  • razzafazza 19/09/2013

    i wonder if Sony will ever do a successor to the xperia play. that one didnt do too well but imho not because the idea was stupid but more because it was
    a) overpriced for its hardware and b) not properly supported with games.

    now if they would release an xperia play 2 that in addition to android also plays vita games ..... b) would already be no issue and considering its hardware they could sell it around nexus 4 range without making a loss (probably even a profit) while increasing the ammount of potential purchasers of vita games (=with which they want to make profit )

    i d consider buying one and i m sure many others too (if they price it right and support it better).
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  • Warhammer Online will shut down this December

  • razzafazza 19/09/2013

    soo much great art wasted .... i never get why developers/publishers dont "recycle" their assets more. you could do 10+ cool singleplayer RPGs with the graphics of warhammer online. instead all of these great models etc. are wasted now :( Reply 0
  • Rockstar details GTA5 multiplayer portion Grand Theft Auto Online

  • razzafazza 15/08/2013

    sounds lovely. i really hope GTA5 kicks off a new wave of open world games. i d really love someone doing a GTA/Saints/Prototype/JustCause-like game with

    a) cyberpunk (even better: shadowrun!) setting
    b) vampires (not the twiligt sort but VTMB-Bloodlines-like)
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  • XCOM: Enemy Within listings spotted on Korean ratings board

  • razzafazza 01/08/2013

    despite it lacking the depth and replayability of the original i still enyjoyed XCOM 2012. and really hope that this (hopefully!) expansion expands on XCOM like the Civilization Add-Ons did turning an otherwise good game good for 2 playthroughs (xcom 2012) into a classic you can play over and over ( original x-com). Reply +1
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 review

  • razzafazza 11/05/2013

    i switched from iphone 4 to galaxy note 2 and i absolutely love the later. HOWEVER apple did much, much better service than samsung. my note 2 fortunately doesnt cause any worries but my girlfriends samsung galaxy beam did and the service nightmare we had with samsung since is a key reason i ll think twice over buying anything else from them ever again , no matter how happy my note 2 is making me ... i ll always remember how incompetent, slow and dishonest they are when you do have issues (of their making). Reply +9
  • Techland's Hellraid looks like Dead Island meets Oblivion - here's your first (brief) look

  • razzafazza 07/05/2013

    I d absolutely love something like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic meets Diablo. Hopefully this is it. Reply +2
  • Microsoft to unveil its upcoming console on 21st May

  • razzafazza 24/04/2013


    i ll bet on at least six:

    -a third person cover shooter

    -a first person shooter

    -a sandbox shooter

    -on-rails shooter for kinect 2.0

    -a third person cover shooter with dialogue choices (mind you it ll be officially called "RPG" instead of shooter)

    -a first person shooter with monsters(mind you it ll be officially called "survival horror" instead of shooter)
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