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  • Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC dated, priced

  • raion 08/07/2015

    brilliant; the related videos that show up at the end have spoilers for the game.
    thanks internet.
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  • Zelda: Triforce Heroes' campaign won't support two-player mode

  • raion 20/06/2015

    "If someone drops out or quits, you'll get to a game over screen."
    considering the alarming frequency of disconnections when playing mh4u, this could be a problem. surely transition to solo play for a chance to finish is better than an outright game over.
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  • D4 coming to PC

  • raion 28/04/2015

    How could you not have written "So says Mr. Swery." in the subtitle? Reply +1
  • Monster Hunter Stories is a new RPG spin-off due in Japan next year

  • raion 13/04/2015

    @arty certainly not ingame on hardware, but I can believe it's rendered from game assets.
    dem shadows on the ground man.
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  • Dragon's Dogma Online revealed

  • raion 27/01/2015

    @spamdangled I'd rather not have a bigger world. actually if the went for a monster hunter structure (not unlike the endgame) skipping all the filler and focusing on the juicy fights, that'd be awesome. Reply -1
  • HoloLens is a surreal experience - and full of possibilities

  • raion 22/01/2015

    [del]My wireless headphones can barely get me a reliable audio signal in the far corners of the house... how many repeaters is this gonna need?[/del]
    (edited for ignorance, didn't know it's stand alone)
    I still want it. So much.
    (this and oculus; I need to start wearing contacts again)
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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the series at its approachable best

  • raion 15/01/2015

    "for another 100 hours or so"
    that's just warmup.
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  • Face-Off: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes on PC

  • raion 20/12/2014

    GTX 750ti with Intel Q6600 here;
    I can't get anything above 40fps when the camp is in full view, even when lowering the resolution and settings to distasteful (read "sub 720") levels.
    It's still remarkably playable on default setting, but don't go expecting too much from your seven years old cpu ;)
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • raion 21/03/2014

    That might very well be real time in engine footage.
    Will they be able/willing to keep that level of detail when expanding to a whole map and active gameplay? Unlikely.
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  • Toukiden: The Age of Demons is coming to Europe

  • raion 27/11/2013

    Care to throw in a quick localization for the psp version as well?
    Should be the same stuff, really.
    No? Ah, well, I tried.
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  • Capcom bounces back with stellar Monster Hunter 4 sales

  • raion 31/10/2013

    The day MH4 comes out in europe is the day I buy a 3DS and finally allow the PSP to go to a well deserved retirement. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag review

  • raion 29/10/2013

    On the one had I had enough of it by the time Revelations came out, and by AC3 I felt positively fatigued by the franchise.
    ... now, weird as it seems, it feels like some kind of tradition: by this time of the year, it's just customary to play the new chapter.

    Oh, by the way, I wish Ubisoft would get the team that animated Far Cry 3, and either have it work on their other franchises as well, or better yet, have them stop working on it, and start teaching it to others.
    FC3's acting and facial animation just ruined it in every other game for me.
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  • Is Dark Souls 2 going soft?

  • raion 15/10/2013

    No auto facing the enemy and damage calculations based on weapon placement?
    Monster Hunter prepared me for that.
    Taking away my max health points after each death?
    I want my mommy. Or possibly an Ancient Potion.
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  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Dat G-Rank

  • raion 02/05/2013

    "Anyway, you want to know what to take in that pouch. This is how the real hunters roll."

    Ahem. "real hunters" declare that "items are cheating" while embarking on naked runs. You don't want to associate yourself with them. ;P
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  • BioWare says farewell to Mass Effect 3 in new Citadel DLC trailer

  • raion 04/03/2013

    And this is why I should not have given in and played the game before all the DLCs came out.
    Because with the specter (haha) of what's to come always in the back of my mind, I will not be able to fully enjoy the moments, always thinking of how ultimately...
    And I'm not even necessarily talking about the quality of the narrative, heh.
    Kinda had the same problem with FFVII Crisis Core. But maybe that's just me.
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  • Revengeance demo due next week

  • raion 15/01/2013

    oh, god, that voice... uuuugh... Reply +4
  • Splinter Cell: Echoes comic covers the gap between Conviction and Blacklist

  • raion 11/10/2012

    @brider am I the only one that thought that in Conviction the voice didn't match? I mean, yeah, thats him allrigh, and yeah Sam's supposed to be quite old now, but really that voice seemed too old. It's like he had trouble speaking all the time because his dentures were about to fall off.

    Kind of similar to how "From Russia with love" on the ps2 made me feel. Sure, you've got the man himself to reprise the role, but he was a 70 years old man, he doesn't sound anything like his 40 years old did.

    Sometimes even the right voice can feel so wrong.

    Or am I just rationalizing?

    edit: oh, right, about the comic. Isn't it funny how after all the shitstorm regarding the torture in the game, we open out comic preview with a torture scene? Just sayin'.
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  • Breaking television borders: Microsoft's wacky idea to project scenes on living room walls

  • raion 11/09/2012

    Uhm... projectors usually require high maintenance and expensive lamps need to be changed when they burn out. That's what gaming needs: becoming even more expensive. Reply -2
  • Hacker discovers PlayStation Vita exploit, starts work on homebrew loader - report

  • raion 06/09/2012

    @DaftVice the way I understand it, once the beta period ends, devs will need to pay a license fee and apps won't be allowed to be distributed for free. Plus, the ability from Sony to veto anything they feel should not be allowed to run on the vita, for image or whatever reasons.

    So, in theory, for now, yeah, cracking security to allow for homebrew is unnecessary. But the vita is hardly ideally open to developement as it is.
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  • Big and juicy new Tomb Raider screenshots

  • raion 15/08/2012

    All the dutch angles are making me dizzy. Reply +3
  • What would happen if Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony got together to make one console?

  • raion 08/08/2012

    It would be awesome if it worked like a music cd or a movie, just put the disk in and play it on whatever you have at home.
    Here's the tricky part though, those are passive entertainment and so they have very strict and basic requirements. You can't do that on games, I wish you could, but it would kill originality.
    What if we had an unified platform that ran on all consoles, a la android?
    We would end up with a "hardware race", developers would have to put scalability into the games to make them work on lesser devices and... yeah, as many put it, we already have pcs for that.

    Actually, now that I think about it, android games pretty much seem like an indication of what a future with an unified console platform would be. filled with the brim with clones an me too games built with the minimal effort needed to make them work on all the hardware.

    Clearly the solution is to just have publishers suck it up and port all console games on pc. I can wait a year or two, if it means cleaning up the clutter under the tv.
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  • How the Mass Effect 3 Wii U GamePad controls work

  • raion 03/08/2012

    On a desk, with two monitors adjacent to each other, I can see the convenience of two screens, for multitasking or just spreading out information. For many years I actually did, and felt like I missed I limb when I went back to a single one.
    But two separate entities one on the wall over there and the other in my hands... that's just distracting. You can't keep enough focus on the other one with your peripheral vision because your eyes have to adjust substantial focus, so every time you switch, you have to spend a split second adapting and searching what you're looking for.

    And I agree with @David_W. Actually that's a criticism I've had since the first DS. Games almost never took advantage of two separate screens in any significant way. Most of them just tossed a map there or shortcuts to commands I could have done with buttons anyway. I'd rather have had the longer battery life from switching off one of the screens (and it's dedicated processor) and pressed start when in need to check out the map.

    I know it's not entirely Nintendo's resposibility; after all it's the developers that have proven they don't have any idea as to how to use a second screen. But since said devs have proven extensively that that's the case, we should just drop it. And the same goes for motion controls.

    But no, let's just stick our fingers in our ears and keep on pushing.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 footage boasts new AnvilNext engine

  • raion 02/08/2012

    I wasn't thinking of it gameplay wise actually, it just rubbed me the wrong way how the narrator praised his mad assassin skills while the scene saw him brawling.

    But, yeah, ever since the final parts of AC2 I felt like the character was becoming more of a walking armoury than an assassin, reaching ridiculous levels of gear and weapons in Brotherhood.
    As if combat wasn't easy enough in the first one, here, have a gun!
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  • raion 02/08/2012

    Since Dragon's Dogma, trees in all other games seem so... stiff.
    Also, I don't know what you call it, but a dude that runs up to a patrol of guards and engages them into an open fight is not exacly what I'd call a "master assassin". An excellen warrior, sure, a ruthless murderer, why not? Where does the "assassin" part come in, though?
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  • Grand Theft Auto 4 mod aims to recreate San Andreas

  • raion 02/08/2012

    it's not like this is going to look all that better anyway, since they straight up imported the SA assets...
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  • BioWare's CGI introduction to SWTOR companion HK-51

  • raion 17/07/2012

    @null I guess that's my point really. We're talking assassins here. How do you mass produce a whole line of assassins and keep them effective? If you're just gonna send a bunch of them armed to the theeth to take the brute force approach, then what's so special about them? They're just yet another soldier droid.

    Also, I was under the impression that Revan took a random droid model and converted him into his personal assassin, so he could have come up with the "series" name for a variety of reasons, or whatever.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: it smells like a good idea that went beyond expectations, and they had to ruin it. As usual.

    Yeah, I've been reading the wookiepedia entry. I really had no idea. Hoo, boy.
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  • raion 17/07/2012

    "most feared machines in the known galaxy."
    I dunno. Wasn't HK-47 supposed to be an incospicuous protocol droid lookalike, so he could perform covert assassinations?
    Nobody really knew what the deal with him was, and certainly nobody ever mentioned a whole line of deadly "hunter-killer" droids to be feared on sight.

    Oh. Right. Kotor2 happened.
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  • Pre-order Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for over 100 swimsuits

  • raion 16/07/2012

    ... well, that was actually a fun trailer. kinda makes you want to take part to a poolside upbeat party tournament. Reply +2
  • Disgaea 5 outed by producer

  • raion 03/07/2012

    psvita. PSVITAAAA!!
    I'd really rather have the grind on me at all times, than dedicating it the "at home entertainment" time slot.
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  • Sega sacrificing Euro/Oz operations to focus on four core IPs

  • raion 28/06/2012

    I want them to laser focus on virtua fighter for the psvita.
    what?! I've been hoping for one since the psp launch!
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  • NUads won't use data captured by Kinect for advertising purposes, Microsoft insists

  • raion 16/05/2012

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9i3U_VDrP4 Reply +1
  • Street Fighter x Tekken PlayStation Vita trailer

  • raion 10/04/2012

    So, we just now opened the door to cross platform posibilities and they already pulled off the worst that could have possibly come out of it.
    Really, geniuses at ruining everything.
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  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Review

  • raion 22/03/2012

    this is all irrelevant! whatever happened to that revolutionary "unlimited detail" technology that was supposed to end the tyrannical reign of polygons and gpu manufacturers? anyone?

    ... oh.
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  • Stream games with Gaikai on Eurogamer.net right now

  • raion 20/12/2011

    tried crysis 2, and right off the bat had to lower the graphical settings to avoid freezing and framerate issues hehe. then, there were substantial graphical glitches all over the place, like missing textures and broken 3D models.
    so, they definitely need to fix/optimize the machines.
    as for the gameplay, video quality is not that stellar, but there was very little control lag, making it quite playable... and I'm streaming from italy (dsl 20 megs).
    wanted to try witcher 2 as well, but alas, despite crysis considering my connection excellent, witcher wouldn't even let me try.
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  • Kojima explains Metal Gear Rising switch to Platinum

  • raion 12/12/2011

    "The original Rising let you slash everything, even things near and far in the background. However, this ended up destroying the game design."
    And that, sadly, was the only interesting thing about the title. The leaked trailer disappointed me to great extent, going from the original "cut at will" to "bash repeatedly with the sword until you can perform a finishing move that will cut".
    I'm not saying the game will suck as a result, Vanquish was awesome and people seem to like Bayonetta, but...
    Dammit it's Jedi Knight all over again. When will we have a satisfying sword cutting game?
    Please, Rising, please...
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  • The PlayStation Vita box, launch apps

  • raion 03/10/2011

    Soooooo. Four "social apps" and no video player?
    Yes, I know, I'm sure it's there somewhere, but still, it's the message it sends that worries me.
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  • Forza Motorsport 4 in-game trailer

  • raion 23/09/2011

    Huh, what? I was thinking of Saint's Row The Third, I missed it. Could you play that again? Reply 0
  • Sony: 3DS circle pad add-on "shocking"

  • raion 19/09/2011

    "Wasn't Monster hunter a huge success on the PSP - you know the console with only one stick. "
    It's just that you can't "claw" with the dpad and analog reversed, as they are on the 3DS. I guess you could, if anything, monster hunter proved we can adapt to impossibly unnatural things to play what we like.

    Funny bit of trivia for yall: the camera in the first MH on the PS2 was horrible even with a dual shock controller, since the right analog stick was mapped to attacks. it certainly seems weird that capcom would suddenly demand a second stick, since they didn't seem to care about proper camera controls for seven years now :P
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  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection date

  • raion 15/09/2011

    MGS3 on the Vita? I know which version I'll be getting!
    (people always complained about ps2 ports on psp, but I couln't be happier with "proper" ones on the vita. there are some excellent games that'd be fantastic to always have with me)
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  • Monster Hunter 4 concept footage

  • raion 13/09/2011

    I must say, it looks a wee bit too gimmicky to me. I like the uneven terrain and terrain changes, but is seems like it's detracting focus from what mh have always been about: you and a giant beast, locked in combat.then again it might be brilliant, and I'm just an old minded dude afraid of change.oh, speaking of change, well, you know, 3DS. yeah, good to see the franchise spread out, good for people with them, but I'd rather not be forced to get one. like I did with the wii. Reply +1
  • The Best Deus Ex Augmentations

  • raion 29/08/2011

    While I agree that there should have been options to deal with bosses in a non-violent manner, I can tell you that the boss fights in "give me deus ex" were quite exhilarating. I didn't spend any points on skin/armor augments so a couple of shots or being anywhere near an explosion pretty much had me, but I still enjoyed a game of cat and mouse, using the optical camouflage, cover and an upgraded sniper rifle as a weapon (my youth spent playing various unreal tournaments taught me that the sniper rifle can/should be used in any situation). They were fun and fairly doable even with a stealth/hack build.
    And don't worry too much about wasting points: if you do the side missions, and buy them whenever they're available, you'll have plenty to play with. I was extremely stingy with mine, always second guessing my choices before actually spending them, and I reached the end of the game with plenty unused. Sure, seeing through walls is hardly necessary, but it can be helpful, so when I finally wasted them all before the end I was all like "d'aww... look how fun all these augmentations are".

    Social augmentation, on the other hand, is pretty useless. You can tell how to lead a conversation even without it, and only once I found it useful to force someone to give me a code for a safe I didn't have a high enough level to hack.
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  • No Elder Scrolls V Skyrim demo

  • raion 14/07/2011

    No demo truly ever encapsuled the whole experience (and then you have Brutal Legend).
    But surely you could do a demo to have newcomers get the gist of the game.
    Let me take Oblivion as an example: you start the game and play tha sewer tutorial. Once you reach the exit you can stop there, and the player understood what the basic gameplay of the game will be like, with all sorto of deeper stuff teasing him.
    What's so difficult about that, I wonder?

    "But, look at Morrowind! What if Skyrim begins like that one, and you are effectively thrown into the open world right from the get go?"

    That's easy too: remember the Jedi Outcast demo? It wasn't part of the game, it was a short, unique level (adittedly copy/pasted from various bits of the final game), that gave you a short taste of what to expect. It can't be THAT hard to make a short copy/pasted dungeon, or just lift a random one from the game. Sure it won't represent the open world aspect of the game, but you don't need to. Everybody knows already it's gonna be open world.

    ... not that it needs a demo anyway. It's Elder Scrolls for pete's sake!
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  • EB Australia to recall Resident Evil 3D?

  • raion 28/06/2011

    I just though of something: I have pre-owned books. I have pre-owned electronics. I have pre-owned furniture even. And I've had pre-owned cars.
    Not in one of those industries, the original manufacturer/publisher ever tried to make me feel a thief for getting them second sale.
    The books aren't missing pages. The cars weren't limited to a top speed of 15.
    What gives, games industry? Why are you so special?
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  • New Rainbow Six adds morality - report

  • raion 24/06/2011

    We don't need obvious and spoon fed "morality", for pete's sake. When I played Vegas 2 in coop, I remember we were stacking up to a room with a hostage and terrorist talking in it. As we were discussing the most effective strategy to use, in order to minimize danger to the hostage when we took action, one of the terrorist pointed the gun to the hostage and took a shot, while I was scdreaming over the headset "HE'S GONNA SHOOT HIM! BREACH NOW! BREACH NOOOOW!" stuck in the "peek under" view. We took it too slow, and as a result the hostage died. Saving him wasn't a part of the mission objective. Yet we felt really bad. We moved on, but we agreed to avoid to make that mistake again.
    That, I feel, was an excellent moral choice, even though it wasn't obvious: if we disregarded the hostage's safety we could have saved him by just bursting in the room, but instead we cared too much, and ended up doing nothing while he died.

    The one described here isn't a choice at all really. Greater good and all that. Just shoot him.
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  • Vita hardware may not be final

  • raion 22/06/2011

    the speakers! put the speakers in the same position as the slim and subsequent models. as they are positioned now, we're going to cover them with our thumbs and muffle the audio. Reply +1
  • Spanish police arrest Anonymous hackers

  • raion 10/06/2011

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/v... you should have a look at this brief video on the whole 'anonymous' matter Reply -2
  • High-res PlayStation Vita photos

  • raion 07/06/2011

    the only thing that bugs me is how it seems like you're going to cover up the speakers while playing.
    is this foreshadowing the inevitable next revision, where it's going to be changed, a-la phat-thin?
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  • Kinect Star Wars trailer shows gameplay

  • raion 06/06/2011

    Wait... it's MUCH worse than I expected! It's a... MINIGAME COLLECTION!!
    Gaah, must... clean... self... must... play... Jedi Knight!
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  • LA Noire 2 won't take five years to make

  • raion 23/05/2011

    good to hear they're considering full body capture. as good as it looks, it's still jarring to se the different quality of animation between head and body, not to mention that they don't always seem connected with each other. female models in particular, since theywear open suits that don't hide the neck, it's painfully obvious that head and body are two different entities, animated indipendently from one another and then clipped together.
    still, it looks good and a step in the right direction. if they manage to use the same kind of technology with the whole body... it's gonna be fantastic.
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  • Uncharted NGP set before Uncharted 1

  • raion 20/05/2011


    And what's more, handhelds have this neat thing called "sleep mode" that allows one to pause and resume gameplay as he sees fit/needs to. There really is no need for games to be developed with the "bus trip" mentality, especially those that stem from a home console design.
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