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  • Xbox One supports up to eight controllers at once

  • r1000009 03/09/2013

    But how many couch coop games will it have?

    Serious support of social gaming in the same room is something i'm very much in favour of, but the 2 controllers i've got are barely supported.
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  • War never changes

  • r1000009 12/06/2013

    Ok, so theres a lot of shooting, driving and sports games which aren't particularly innovative. But that's always the way with the 1st wave of big budget games for a new generation. The more interesting ones ways tend to come later and/or from smaller budget developers because that way they require fewer sales to be profitable.

    Besides take a look at the top ten movies most weeks and you'll see the same thing - block busters always seem to cater to the lowest denominator and shouldn't be used to judge a whole medium.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • r1000009 07/06/2013

    @unshapedadrian "I'm lucky enough to be able to buy the games new that I want."
    I wouldn't be so confident you won't be affected. You're still only buying a license and they can control what that license gives you. Remember those stories where people who'd bought a book on kindle had it wiped without their knowledge by apple due to a legal dispute? Suddenly a lot of things become possible that we won't like.
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  • r1000009 07/06/2013

    So the PS4:
    - is more powerful hardware
    - has more of agames focus
    - will allow you to buy games

    I know which one I'll be buying.
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  • Game Dev Tycoon forces those who pirate the game to unwittingly fail from piracy

  • r1000009 29/04/2013

    Pure genius.

    Is the game any good? If so I'll buy a copy cos these guys deserve it!
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Leave me alone

  • r1000009 20/04/2013

    There's a general intrusiveness that annoys me. I want to play my game, but I have to wait while it downloads updates and tells me about DLC. I like what PS4 is trying to do with background downloads. Reply +5
  • "Why should we ask how long a game is?"

  • r1000009 13/03/2013

    I agree with his over all point, but not how he's expressed it.

    I don't have as much time as I'd like for games these days, and 30 hours to complete a game is a massive commitment for me. I would rather play a few 5-10 perfectly made games than 1 that's been padded.

    That said many long games are also amazing and I find many designers are pretty good at sign posting core-objectives, but allowing you to go off and play for longer if you want to.

    You'll pay £10 for a new DVD film (£5+/hour) so at £35 for a game that's still great value for money even if you only get 10 hours out of it.
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  • PlayStation 4 to launch in Japan and North America this year, but not reach Europe until early 2014 - report

  • r1000009 21/02/2013

    If they make me wait until next year to get one, I will deliberately never buy a full price PS game and get them all second hand from game. Or just get an xbox if that comes out first. Reply 0
  • App of the Day: Borderlands Legends HD

  • r1000009 27/11/2012

    It's a pretty boring gameto be honest. Stand in the middle of screen, auto-targeting shoots all the enemies, that's it - you don;t really need to do anything. Reply 0
  • Hitman Absolution level changed due to negative nun trailer reaction

  • r1000009 17/08/2012

    Why do they even make filmic trailers far in advance of a game release?

    Like he says, by the time the game comes out everyone will have forgotten about it, so what's the point?

    Personally I tend to ignore them and wait for the reviews and near-previews - the only time these trailers get coverage is when there's some controversy.
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  • Lost Humanity 6: Killing Pirates

  • r1000009 02/08/2012

    But who says we need a "premium product", whatever that is? Did we even ask for that? Is that what we want from games?
    But your argument here is deeply flawed. If you don't want AAA games to start with, then why do you download them at all?

    If you want a non-premium product there are plenty of indie games out there for free or a low price.

    But the fact you are downloading AAA content is proof that you DO want AAA games - you just don't want to pay AAA pries for them.
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  • r1000009 02/08/2012

    A corporate acceptance of normal human behaviour would mean the end of these ridiculous DRM situations, where people who have legitimately paid for things get hassle they wouldn't have to deal with if they'd just taken the stuff for free.
    You are so right. Nothing makes me much more annoyed than unskippable anti-piracy messages and trailers on a dvd that I HAVE PAID FOR. Any system where by paying for it via legitimate channels gives you a deliberately inferior product is flawed.

    Another time I consider piracy to be inevitable is when a company has created demand/hype around a product but refuses to sell it to me, e.g. because the new series is only out in the US. Here the logic goes 1) do i want it? 2) can i buy it? 3) if no, can i get it another way - and it's no surprise that some people will choose to download it.
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  • Football Manager dev hopes to stick with Android despite 9:1 piracy rate

  • r1000009 24/04/2012

    £7 is high. But then £100k for a ferrari is pretty steep too and that doesn't make it acceptable to nick one.

    A publisher considering price elasticity should be faced with people deciding whether or not to buy it based on price versus percieved value (i.e. how fun it looks, whether there's an equally fun game on the market for less money, etc) without having to contend with 'I want it for free'.
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  • r1000009 24/04/2012

    Pirating games is bad enough.

    Then demanding customer service - that's just wrong.

    It crosses that crucial threshold from not directly costing the content producer anything (the loss of potential sales notwithstanding), to actively costing them money for something that has been stolen.
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  • Games of 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • r1000009 28/12/2011

    I agree with JetSetWilly. If the game lets you choose how you build your character (i.e. stealth versus tank) and then throws in a compulsory situation where one of the builds is 'wrong' (i.e. a boss fight or the helicopter scene) then the game is at fault. Done properly it should have been possible to sneak around and then stun gun the first boss, not be forced to kill him in close combat. It makes a complete mockery of the idea of choice. Reply -2
  • r1000009 28/12/2011

    I really wanted to like this game, but I couldn't. I tried stealthing it, but it just got so tedious avoiding the guards xray vision all the time. One misstep and the whole mission is blown, and often it seemed completely arbitrary that I'd been seen. The worst was when I sneaked over to the PC controlling a gun turret and the game decided that to hack it I had to stand up at full height at which point they all started shooting me. Great. Once you take out the over hyped emergent possibilities (ooh, you can sneak round the back of the club, wow) you're left with a pretty lame shooter with rubbish maps, annoying inventory management and characters I couldn't get attached to. Such a shame. Reply -1
  • Slapped Down

  • r1000009 28/03/2011

    1) this story is hard to comment on as it's not out yet and therefore can't be played. i slap my wife's bottom sometimes and trust me, it's not wife beating. i don;t know which the Duke is more closely emulating.

    2) saying Call of Duty is clearly fantasy whereas the Duke Nuken bum slapping is based in reality is a ludicrous argument.

    In CoD you go to locations such as Afganistan as an American in the contemporary miltary and shoot terrorists.
    In the last Duke Nukem I used a jet pack to fly around a stadium firing rockets a a GIANT ALIEN PIG.

    Seriously, which one of those most closely resembles the news you watched today?
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