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  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • pyquila 21/02/2013

    funny game. So far i feel like buying a ps4 is like installing a cctv in my living room. Reply 0
  • Editor's Blog: In Memory of Allie Fraser

  • pyquila 07/11/2011

    =( RIP, Foo. Reply +4
  • What can topple World of Warcraft?

  • pyquila 09/12/2010

    For me personally nothing did topple WoW, it's just sorta toppled over itself.

    Imho the game has become faster and faster. The community more and more impatient. For me a MMO is also a place to hang out and relax a bit and be amazed by the world itself. For me WoW has become abit stale. Like a tv-series that has aired for (too) many seasons. Still like the game and loved every minute playing. But it's not for me anymore.

    Will try out swtor. Now it just looks like more of the same old same old. But at least the world will be new and fresh. Trying out different classes. Will be fun for some months. Doubt i will put in as many hours in as i did with EQ, Eve and WoW. I hope not anyway =)
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  • Gran Turismo Evolution

  • pyquila 30/11/2010

    For me the sad part is that after all these years we are still driving the same tracks with mostly the same cars.

    For me GT5 hasn't been the leap forward i was hoping for. Still have to compete in a Lupo cup, many modern cars are missing, online is lacking.

    Great vid tho =)
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  • Gran Turismo 5

  • pyquila 24/11/2010

    Put in about 7 hours now and still undecided.

    - Still can't find online leaderboards. Strange since GT5P had them.
    - The UI is a mess.
    - The standard cars really look ps2-like

    + driving itself is really nice (using a Fanatec wheel)
    + Some tracks are gorgeous. Lots of elevation and twisting corners.

    The online/storefront component in Forza 3 totally blew me away. Not to mention the fun trying to keep a car within a level while trying to max out the upgrades.

    As a single player car rpg it's fine. But it feels outdated in many respects imho
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  • Apple sells three million iPads

  • pyquila 22/06/2010

    In a perfect world Apple would get together with Nintendo and make an iPad DS. Some mininal buttons at the side of the screen and multitouch. And of course some great Nintendo IP. A big screen like the iPad together with multitouch (really makes a big difference compared to 'just' a touchscreen) could do great things for games.

    As is stands now people are expecting games for the iPad cost the same as for the iPhone. So hardly anyone is making use of the power of the machine. Endless towerdefense games for 0.99 euro.
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  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

  • pyquila 17/06/2010

    Looks to me a bit like burnout paradise 1.5.

    Criterion did an amazing job with Burnout Paradise. But i don't see much difference with this game. Not enough anyway to get really happy about it.
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  • Feedback loop

  • pyquila 05/06/2010

    Think most developers are using gamedata to assess their games. Criterion Games knows exactly what car i'm using and where and when i crashed. Even in single player mode.

    Ofcourse it's abit scary how much information you are giving away by just playing a game. If Freud was alive today he wouldn't be analysing dreams, he would look at your achievement/trophy collection to see how much you like your mother.
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  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in development

  • pyquila 01/06/2010

    These DRM postings are getting Old[Tm]. Yes it's true, but i doubt Activision is counting every comment on every site and will make a decision based on those negative comments if they drop the current system of drm or not.

    Just make your voice heard by not buying their products and sending them an email stating you didn't buy it because of the current drm. Imho that much more effective than posting nothing other than white noise on every news about a Ubi game.
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  • Tech Interview: Blur

  • pyquila 29/05/2010

    Got the game a few hours ago after reading this interview.

    Don't regret it. But still not sure this is the best they could have done. UI is amazing, lighting effects are gorgeous. Rest of the graphics are fine but nothing too special. Still not sure on using real life cars. Gameplay, esp multiplayer, is really fun. But somehow i get the urge to play either Gotham 4 and/or Wipeout HD.
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  • Killzone 3

  • pyquila 27/05/2010

    I hope every 3D game/tv will have a 2D option. As the proud owner of a lazy eye my real world is only 2.5 D. Trying to upgrade that to 3D with glasses or funny screens only results in major headaches. Reply +4
  • Insomniac's Ted Price

  • pyquila 26/05/2010

    What scares me abit is the fact the Hype Machine gets turned on before even the bloody name is given away.

    Back in the old days you would see a screenshot of a game and think 'I would like to play that!. I just love helicopters and blowing stuff up!' (Raid On Bungeling Bay - C64). Now i have to get all wet just because a studio is working on 'New IP'. Could be anything really.

    Another point being, new IP does mean no new SSX. I really want a SSX for this generation. Hear me EA? Plz...
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  • Red Dead Redemption launch trailer

  • pyquila 13/05/2010

    may 18 - USmay 21 - EuropeSorry =) Reply +2
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • pyquila 13/05/2010

    Just experiencing the world will be worth the purchase. If there is enough gameplay left after a few months is still undef for me. They make all the right noises about combat, but it just doesn't look all that exciting. Reply +1
  • Skate 3

  • pyquila 11/05/2010

    From what i've read most frustrations i had with the previous games being dealt with.

    Unless you want a perfect score there is no need anymore to do exactly trick . If you just do any trick at a challenge spot it will be enough to clear it (although with a less than perfect score). Also there is an easy mode. Yay!. And if you can stand the guy from My Name is Earl, he has opened a skateschool (he actually was a pro skateboarder back in the days..)

    Going to pick this up for sure. But please no skate 4, make a new SSX next time =)
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  • Blur

  • pyquila 02/03/2010

    The only bit i don't get is the licensed cars. The reason Burnout Paradise works for me is the fact they are fantasy cars in a fantasy setting. Reply +2
  • Colin McRae: DiRT 2

  • pyquila 10/09/2009

    Spend some time with the full game now. Cars aren't nearly as 'floaty' as with GRID or the previous Dirt. My biggest gripe is that the presentation is a bastard child between GRID and Burnout Paradise. All that shaking of the screen and general presentation. Still loving Burnout Paradise, so it is not that bad. Just having some deja vu moments =) Reply +1