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  • Warner plans more quality DC Comics tie-ins following Batman success

  • puddleduck 09/12/2011

    Can someone make a good X Men game please? Really shouldn't be that difficult. A good film would have been nice, but I think I'd rather a good game to be honest.

    I think the only way a Superman game would work is if the entire game world is covered in Krpyonite, and part of the progress is removing it to slowly regain your form glory.
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  • Football Manager 2012 Review: PC vs. Handheld

  • puddleduck 09/12/2011

    Are people aware that CM 01/02 is available from SI's website, and that some very dedicated people update it yearly?

    I gave it a go, and 15 seasons later I still play it :)
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  • The Last Guardian executive producer quits Sony

  • puddleduck 08/12/2011


    What, tons of ripped off Shampoon ads? :p
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  • Robin Williams' latest Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer

  • puddleduck 08/12/2011

    I also hate it when people with a "celebrity status" help to lend further credence to the theory that my favourite hobby is in fact a legitimate activity that isn't just for children. Bastards :p

    Although, annoyingly, I do think he is quite irritating, fair play to him for doing this. It's not like he needs the money.
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  • Skullgirls sexism complaints are "misplaced and shallow chivalry"

  • puddleduck 08/12/2011

    Someone asked whether someone can create something that is sexist without meaning to. Well, Barthes when he wrote about the death of the author said it led to the birth of the reader. The initial intention of the author is irrelevant, because the reader will decipher their meaning (notice the use of their).

    Essentially, people will interpret how they want to. Something I think that Kanga was trying to alude to. For example, in attempting to analyse what you all see, you are in turn providing me with a way to analyse you, as I am with this post.

    Will a downloadable fighting game really change perceptions in either direction? No, of course not. Is there a place for it today? Well, the sales figures will clearly answer that question. Is it sexist? That is a question that could be debated for years, as indeed most critically analysed creative work is. Of course, it won't be, because it's hardly likely to change a national zeitgeist and etch itself into the conscienceness of a social time.

    If one of the characters was naked, would that be degrading? Or would it be a bold move to demonstrate that the character in question was a strong independent woman who is not controlled by society? Is she a "dirty hoe" or an "amazonian decendent?" Is there even a correct answer without knowing her and her reasoning?

    I suppose one of the main issues that no one has touched upon, is in a world where reality is difficult to quantify, what is the real problem with pixelated boobs? Something like the Gulf war was almost a re-imagining to people in UK. Did we see images of dead and wounded? No we saw black and white footage of "clinical strikes" that implied success and victory with none of the reality behind the slowly expanding white smoke. So, not sure where I'm going with this anymore. Something that other posters have come to realise in this argument, because essentially, interpretation is everything.

    As feminist critics continue to attempt to re-read various literature through in attempts to highlight the inhibiting male dominated patriachal societies they lived in, I think somehow that a fighting game with some boobs in it will unlikely even touch their radar. Don't let that stop the rest of you though ;)
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  • Telling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

  • puddleduck 07/12/2011

    I love how many people seem to think this article is some kind of abomination that has ruined their day. It's an opinion piece that, clearly from the comments, has people that agree and disagree. So those claiming this article is complete rubbish are funnily enough looking quite foolish.

    Personally I loved DS more than any game I've ever played, but will still be getting Skyrim after Christmas as I still do enjoy a bit more of the passive gaming experience. I do agree with a lot of the points in the article though. I haven't played Skyrim yet, the combat in things like Oblivion and Fallout is incredibly weak when compared to DS, and in a vast world, that does indeed detach me from the story of the world.

    It says everything that Oblivion and Fallout were two of my favourite gaming experiences and that I would have had Skyrim as an insta purchase. That is until my curiosity was peaked by Demon Souls by this very forum and the interesting thread with tons of people sharing stories and information. After I played it, Dark Souls become the game I could no longer wait for, and one of very few Limited Edition Pre Orders I've ever placed!
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  • Obsidian's South Park RPG detailed

  • puddleduck 06/12/2011

    I'm actually intrigued by this now. Parker and Stone aren't idiots and seem to be making sure this could be good. The Warcraft episode lets me believe they have enough gaming experience themselves to make something that is fun to play as well as amusing.

    Cartman's 5th class should hopefully be something massively overpowered like any of their attempts to role play :P
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  • Designer of first ever console: "What I created got abominated."

  • puddleduck 07/11/2011


    Fully agree. I'm not really sure what the article is trying to accomplish? It seems to make Baer contradict himself with random quotes.
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  • PETA condemns brutal Battlefield 3 rat stabbing

  • puddleduck 07/11/2011

    In other news a team of hamsters have complained that there is no footage of them devouring their young. They feel that this puts out a bad message to contemporary human society about having children and will only lead to malnutrition in adults. Further to this, an unmanageable population crisis that could lead to a shortage of nuts and congested tubes. Reply +31
  • Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin

  • puddleduck 17/10/2011

    What an excellent intro to an article :) That is all. Reply 0
  • Rugby World Cup 2011 vs. Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge

  • puddleduck 13/10/2011

    @Ashcroft -

    At least buying the licenses would be cheap :)

    Rugby World Cup deserves no more than a 5. It's a really average Rugby game, even for a Rugby game. JL is actually really good, which if people in this thread actually liked Rugby, they'd care about. Shame really, but then who'd have thought a games forum would have so many people averse to an outdoor, energetic sport that is played with respect (mostly). Three words I can only imagine are alien to some.
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  • Xbox Gamerscore record holder hits 600k

  • puddleduck 09/08/2011

    Anyone else notice the last achievement he unlocked was "homewrecker?" Made me smile. Reply 0
  • Ono on Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat

  • puddleduck 05/08/2011

    AdamAsunder, you made me laugh out loud, thank you :) Also clearly true. Reply 0
  • Sony announces Summer of Arcade rival

  • puddleduck 05/08/2011

    Yeah the name is rubbish... But isn't is supposed to be said PSN Play? Making it shorter, more succint and it almost rolls of the tongue... almost :) Reply +4
  • Skyrim Collector's Edition detailed

  • puddleduck 05/08/2011

    Wow that really is outrageous. Still great idea in the middle of the biggest economic crisis since computer games stopped using floppy disks. Staggeringly, unfathomably overpriced. Reply +9
  • Dishonored

  • puddleduck 05/08/2011

    Obviously a long way off, but this sounds highly interesting :) Nice preview as well. Reply +12
  • Bethesda lawyers threaten Notch

  • puddleduck 05/08/2011

    Hmm, any PR is good PR? On the off chance that someone who plays Minecraft hadn't heard of Skyrim, they will have now. Reply +1
  • Rage

  • puddleduck 02/08/2011

    @Tryhard "Borderlands with a hint of Fallout.How can it fail? " - An awful story riddled with gameplay bugs? I jest of course, I loved both games, and a game that genuinely combined the twos good sides would be awesome :) Reply +3
  • Andy McNab and Battlefield 3

  • puddleduck 02/08/2011

    @Lunatic4ever: Maybe it's just something about his face? Reply +1
  • Dixons selling downloadable PC games

  • puddleduck 20/05/2011

    Why does it keep failing my security check at the end? I've typed the letters in correctly so many times, even tried the audio numbers and it doesn't work. Lame.

    Edit: Even tried emailing their support desk and it doesn't work there ha. What an excellently appalling website for such a big company.
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  • Cargo! The Quest for Gravity

  • puddleduck 05/05/2011

    @Darm. So am I :) Were I being serious I would have mentioned that they pretty much won every single Space race bar the Lunar race, and mention that in reality the Lunar Race was a publicity stunt rather than actually useful. That might have been tediously dull though, so it's a good thing I didn't haha Reply +1
  • puddleduck 04/05/2011

    It's easy to see why Russia eventually lost the space race :) This does look like awesome fun though. Just another month until I can return to Pc gaming and this looks like a good little purchase. Good review too, coloured me interested.

    (I am aware that the Space Race was far more complicated than that, and technically America were only actually the first to put a man on the moon, but heh I was having FUN!)
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  • Fallout: New Vegas DLC announced

  • puddleduck 03/05/2011

    "Never played New Vegas? This is what the first 15 minutes are like" - I'm guessing shortly after that it crashed haha :p

    Edit: What's that? I have to justify my comment by explaining that I paid full price for this game and as such feel making any snide half serious comments is perfectly justified after the crashes I experienced every twenty minutes from hour 14 onwards. Meh Neg Nazis can suck on my giant bell shaped neg haha
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  • Consenting Adults Play We Dare

  • puddleduck 07/04/2011

    Haha, excellent work the three (should that be four?) of you. "Am I winning" was perfectly timed. Still, I'll be buying this to play with the family at christmas..... What? Reply 0
  • Wii Roundup

  • puddleduck 18/04/2008

    What's the problem? Guilty Gear is clearly a bit of a niche series and the review reflects that fine. If you've played them before, it's an 8, if you haven't (and probably not really familiar with it) it's a 6, and if you don't like those sorts of games it's a 4. All seemed pretty straightforward to me... but then I learnt to read quite a while ago now.

    Also for those reading this group of reviews and automatically assuming that this is 5 more crap games. I believe two of the titles, if up your street, would be re-adjusted to 7 and 8 respectively. So, essentially, even some of the round-up Wii games have actually scored quite well if you already have some kind of interest.

    Sometimes I worry about the internet. If only because some of the people who populate it could be driving a car near me, and I'm pretty sure I saw an advert on Tv that seemed to imply driving a car results in the death of almost everyone. Well, I think that's what it was implying, I didn't actually read any of the text.

    edit - I obviously didn't learn how to write whilst I was learning to read haha
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  • Wii Fit

  • puddleduck 17/04/2008

    Rodney - I can see your point regarding all the other "quick fit" products. However I'd suggest that where wii fit is different is that it is actually giving the user some form of feedback unlike the other various products. So instead of losing interest when you can't see any tangible benefits, with Wii fit there are at least various numbers to give that illusion. Reply 0
  • Harmonix's Rob Kay

  • puddleduck 10/04/2008

    I wonder if they've taken the PS3 and other overpriced products as a benchmark? Aim for the stars don't they say? Perhaps the pricing has been taken with the aim of making as many sales at this price as possible before lowering it and still picking up the sales they would have gotten anyway? That as the library grows and the price drops people's interest will grow, and as such will sell maybe more units at the price everyone expected it to be (yet still considered too much?).

    Also, I find it interesting that on the social side, this is a game that yet again attempts to take public activities and turn them into just one, or at most a few, people. Things like actually going to a bar and singing some karaoke, or seeing a live band, or learning to play an instrument and playing as a live band all forgotten as people yet again aim to emulate real life activities in a small confined and controlled space.

    I'm just speaking my brain.
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  • Creator defends Holocaust DS game

  • puddleduck 11/03/2008

    Cheers Kanga. Err, where's the bar and what time is happy hour? Reply 0
  • puddleduck 11/03/2008

    Just to add something as well. I often read things along the lines of, 'games are there to be games and nothing else.' As the technology evolves is it not highly likely that computer games will have the chance to not just be 'games'? Was there not a point where phones only rang one person at a time and nothing else? When someone first came up with the idea of a book, did they necessarily think that one day people might have pictures in them? When someone first drew a cave painting did they think that someone would come up with magic eye images in books of all things? Just pondering that's all :) Maybe the term computer games needs rethinking at some stage? Perhaps interactive computer entertainment. Anyway, haven't slept yet, so I'm babbling! Reply 0
  • puddleduck 11/03/2008

    Having used this site for ages and never felt the need to sign up, I have to say reading your posts Xiphos I felt compelled to do so. Trying to sift through the words for sense was great fun. I kind of imagine if one of the great thinkers of years past had been dropped in front of a computer on his day off, whilst very drunk and with time to kill, It might read a bit like yours. Cheers for passing some of my time :)

    In fact I'd go as far as to say, you have quite literally "spoken your brain". Oh, the game. Personally I think any thing that aims to teach has got to receive my backing for now. Obviously that's with hope that it is in the end done without a hidden agenda.
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