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  • Activision adds in-game purchases called Micro Items to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • presh 12/03/2013

    This is not like EA, in that none of these purchases are required to progress the game - so actually, I think it's being well done.

    I also expect that they will get a lot of downloads of these - I'd be interested for Eurogamer to follow up in a few months, and see what the response has been.
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  • Why Xbox failed in Japan

  • presh 14/12/2012

    @Awsyme actually Apple is doing well in Japan - iPhone and iPad sales are pretty strong Reply +10
  • Sony: PS Mobile highlights our drive to keep PlayStation relevant

  • presh 05/10/2012

    If Sony really wanted this to be a success maybe they shouldn't have imposed a programming language that nobody currently develops mobile games for.... Reply -6
  • Fluid Football "is bloody brilliant" says New Star Soccer dev

  • presh 16/08/2012

    @Timotei usually you'd just say iOS if it's a universal binary - i.e runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If it's specific to devices, devs these days mention them rather than just say iOS.

    Boring but sensible answer :-)
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  • Google Nexus 7 Review

  • presh 25/07/2012

    Nice review - sure it's going to sell well, although the various reports on the web of the build quality problems needs to be sorted asap.

    One slight error in the article about marketshare tho. The Nexus is unlikely to eat into the iPad's marketshare, which continues to stay at 70-75% of the global tablet market. Instead, the Nexus will compete with the other android tablets out there like the Samsungs and the cheaper non-brand ones coming out of Asia. However, it does look as though it's going to sell well, so will be a good alternative to the iPad for lots of people.
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  • App of the Day: Ziggurat

  • presh 09/03/2012

    OK, so just purchased this on the back of this EG review, and have to say that the game is disappointing - the controls are just not intuitive enough. Bizarrely, you have to slide left and right to move the gun up and down, and it's not that responsive, so you end up dying really quickly.

    It was only 69p, so I don't really mind - but does show that too many of these app reviews are based on 'does it feel retro or cool' rather than the underlying gameplay mechanics.

    Apart from that, the sounds and graphics are pretty fun. But there are better games out there.
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  • PlayStation tablet date, price, specs

  • presh 01/09/2011

    @saintDaveUK - the article is a bit misleading - these aren't Playstaion branded at all - but they are able to connect to the online store to buy old PS1 games (same as the Xperia Play) so they are saying these devices are 'playstation certified'.

    Marketing bollox.
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  • presh 01/09/2011

    I predict this will bomb - I don't know how Sony can possibly do a better job than Motorola, HP and Samsung - none of whom have really made a dent in iPad sales. And no, being able to use it as a remote for your Sony TV won't convince me.

    First reviews out of Engadget says the build quality isn't that great either.
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  • Rovio "betting everything" on Angry Birds

  • presh 21/07/2011


    Rovio actually claim to have made $50 million from Angry Birds to date, so it makes the investment even more strange!

    It is the Crazy Frog of the iPhone era. People will realise at some point that other games exist.
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  • Creative Tension

  • presh 27/06/2011

    Any business that creates a product that costs several years and millions of pound to develop - with no guarantee of sales - will continue to be risk averse.

    Developments like XBLA and PSN are a route for devs to publish direct, but as long as costs are so high (and so is the RRP of games) then the industry and consumers will go for the safe bets.

    Which is ironic, as so often it's the games that don't make a massive splash at retail that so many gamers love - Katamari, Ico, Beyond Good and Evil, etc etc.
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  • iOS 5 brings gameplay to TVs

  • presh 08/06/2011

    For all the clever stuff wit the Wii U (stupid name!) it's still aimed at being a dedicated games/lifestyle machine - same with the new Sony handheld.

    Where Apple is different - and I think potentially going to win - is that they see that games is only part of what people want to use devices for. If I can use an iPad to watch movies, store music and photos, do my work AND play games, then it's the obvious option if I don't want the cost of buying multiple systems.

    It's the classic consumer psychology that so many companies forget - that most people will happily sacrifice quality for convenience and cost.
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  • Sony defends free PSN games offer

  • presh 17/05/2011

    Just proves that gamers love to complain. These are really choice games and I'm looking forward to them - anyone that's already got them OK, but you also get the 30 days free for PSN+. So really, there's something for everyone. Reply +10
  • PSN: The PR Disaster

  • presh 27/04/2011

    So, as a PR person myself (boo, hiss) it's been like watching a car crash all week. I can only assume that the management at Sony were betting that the outage could be fixed quickly, and this could be glossed over. It's also likely that the time it took to define the extent of the hack has really put egg on faces, as it's made the initial strategy of playing down the seriousness all the more stupid.

    What Sony should have done is to let the regional teams speak to press in the ways they felt best, with the US HQ defining the main 'facts' of the case. Rapid PR - especially in a crisis - really doesn't work when one office tells the rest of the world what it needs to do; it means the reaction time can be hours if not days, and that's when companies look like they don't care, when in fact it's usually down to the internal comms being in chaos.

    I am sure they will sort this out, but it really could have avoided 80% of the negative press that only now is starting to roll. Can't wait for the inevitable Daily Mail story tomorrow...
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  • New Resistance 3 campaign footage

  • presh 14/04/2011

    "Oh no! another one!"Sorry, voice acting and script seemed lame from that clip. Game looks better than the 2nd one, but still very brown. Loved the first R:FOM, sequel was a massive disappointment. This will need to be really good to get me back into the series. Reply 0
  • Tesco has a pop at GAME over 3DS furore

  • presh 30/03/2011

    great point there from TruthSlayer: while Tesco may be able to generate big sales through offers and discounting, it doesn't actually 'care' about games or gamers. Just check the forum for the constant problems with Tesco Online.

    The problem is, Game doesn't seem to give much of a shit either. Sadly, it's the indy retailers who give the best service and actually care who are being squeezed by this sort of behaviour.
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  • Xperia Play games priced from £1-10

  • presh 22/03/2011


    The Xperia Play will run all Android games and apps as normal; the 'exclusive' games will most likely just be bigger. The device us using a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor so under the bonnet it's no different to something like the HTC HD2 - probably has a bit of tweaking on the graphics though.


    I would agree that the Playstation Suite was a clever idea if it was something that wasn't tied to a single, less than compelling handset, and if it was part of a joined-up strategy that encompasses the BGP, PSN and mobile, but it's not. To make this strategy a success games, ports of PS1 games should be priced at £2.99 or less - but that undercuts the PSN, so they won't do that.

    The analogy with the Nokia N-Gage is a good one. It showed that nobody wanted to pay more for games that they could already get on dedicated consoles (Tomb Raider and Pandemonium were launch titles) and the only way they got developers to create these titles was to pay them.

    Just look at SonyEricsson's recent devices and decreasing market share to see that this really is unlikely to perform well - although I would like it to, as a longtime Sony fan.
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  • presh 21/03/2011

    This is going to fail. FAIL I TELL YOU.

    Why? because the handset itself isn't that nice - super chunky. Consumers used to sleek phones won't bother. It's expensive - Vodafone Spain have announced they are pricing it at €637 at launch. Insane. And £10 games won't sell, regardless of the brand or the quality, in enough volumes for anyone to develop for it, unless they are being incentivised by SonyEricsson in the first place. And really, to top it all, SonyEricsson isn't competing with the iPhone with these games - it's competing with itself in the form of the NGP, and the 3DS. Both of which will have exclusive NEW games, not ports of old ones.

    Totally stupid strategy that's 5 years too late.
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  • PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide

  • presh 14/02/2011


    Assuming you have an old 'fat' PS3, it's dead easy - check youtube for loads of 'how to' videos.

    The article links to an external drive posted on the HUKD forum - it's a 500GB Buffalo external drive. Anyone here used one of these as an upgrade HDD?
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  • Resistance 3

  • presh 10/02/2011

    Resistance 2 was really disappointing after the promise of the first game, so I really really really hope this is as promising as this first look seems. Although the plot does already sound quite rubbish - why even bother with the vague link to Hale at all? He was a pretty weak character anyway. It's all about shooting the aliens! Reply +5
  • Hare: Chaos Engine iPhone a "frontrunner"

  • presh 03/02/2011

    Anyone out there with an old Java phone got the chance to play Speedball 2 and Chaos Engine since 2005, when I worked with the Bitmap Brothers when I was at Glu mobile to port them across...

    /feels old
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  • Codies versus pre-owned game sales

  • presh 16/11/2010

    Publishers have two choices.

    1. Continue to make boxed games at a premium price, and concentrate on DRM and copy protection. Accept that you'll make a lot of money at launch, but low lifetime sales

    2. Move to a DLC-only model, and drop prices to encourage uptake. Dropping the boxed product means the second-hand market isn't an issue

    Sadly, they all seem to want to do both at the same time, which is the same mistake the music industry has made. If someone BUYS something, then they have the right to SELL it. Who can blame a retailer for getting on the bandwagon? With all the publishers complaining, have any of them tried doing their own 2nd hand service? You could easily have a service where you send a older game with proof of purchase to get a heavily discounted copy of a new release game...
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  • Report: $43m This Is Vegas canned

  • presh 25/08/2010

    Maybe after spending $43 million they found a copy of GTA Vice City down the back of the sofa and realised what fools they had been. Reply +21
  • Xbox 360 best-selling console in July

  • presh 13/08/2010

    Will Halo Reach actually sell consoles though? Same with GT5 - these games really are only meaningful if you've played the others... Halo 3 was a system seller as it was early in the cycle. These games may prompt an upgrade, but I would have thought that something new and unique is what Joe Public will buy a console for these days.

    Anyone know if MW2 created big swings in console sales?
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  • DICE defends playable Taliban in MOH

  • presh 09/08/2010

    If this isn't another deliberate publicity stunt then the developers are showing a huge amount of ignorance and naivety. It's a given that the Daily Fail, Keith Vaz and all the other 'games are evil' bandwagon-jumpers will be all over this as soon as they hear about it.

    What many posters here fail to see is that by playing as the Vietcong or Nazis in WaW or similar, there is only historical fantasy involved. The conflict in the middle east has become very different, with lots of use of online footage to 'inspire' and 'recruit' (stupid) people to jihad. I really can't see this not being a great way of derailing any sensible media coverage, and turning the issue of current affairs as games into another childish shouting match.
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  • The Ivory Tower

  • presh 20/07/2010


    Yes, I get what you are saying - that the software market is very fickle and short-term in outlook. But developers depend on a whole host of middleware and specialist companies for motion capture and the like - all that tech comes from R&D by somebody. What's happening is that publishers want to outsource the risk by using 3rd party tech. But at some point, someone has to fund the R&D at one end of this chain.

    The current system of lots of small, innovative suppliers clearly works, but it can be risky. So I think a smart, large publisher - say EA - could invest more in R&D and turn that innovation into a sale-able asset. But perhaps the games industry is so intent on competition, that will simply never happen.

    BTW, I saw an old developer contact last night, and he talked about the approaching bloodbath for a lot of small devs and suppliers. Evidently the big publishers won't even green light a project that won't hit 3 million in sales. So we could see a lot of these small R&D focused companies find it really hard to get any funding in the future - making it more important that the big guys take this more seriously.
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  • presh 20/07/2010

    The guy from Imperial is absolutely right though - in the telecoms and hardware industries, R&D is a significant business in itself, as it leads to better products, and hopefully, valuable patents which justify the investment.

    The games industry is still young, but there's no reason why publishers couldn't take a longer view and invest more in R&D. As we keep seeing in various presentiations and events, the technology and design of games can have very wide applications in 'normal' life too. That's got to be worth investing in.
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  • Head in the Cloud

  • presh 19/07/2010

    By the way, has anyone done a compare and contrast to what OnLive offers, and what the Phantom promised? Seem to remember the concept was the same... Reply 0
  • presh 19/07/2010

    What's happening here is that the games execs are looking at what has been happening to the film and music industries, and are trying to plan for the future. However, Rod's spot on that the business model just isn't attractive, and in the UK, we simply don't have the infrastructure to support it.

    If OnLive was a games version of Napster or Spotify, it would be brilliant. But paying full price for a game to start with (why? there is no reason for this at all. Why can't I rent it for the period I play it, on top of a subscription fee) is simply insane.

    I suspect that it's not just down to Onlive though - the publishers will be demanding that there is an upfront charge for the game, as otherwise they think they'll be losing revenue - ignoring any long term value they might get from subscriptions or, heaven forbid, consumer loyalty.
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  • 3DTV in every home in 3 years – Ubisoft

  • presh 09/07/2010

    absolute bollocks. It's taken 7 years to move from analogue to digital sets, and that's not a technology that gives 20% of people headaches.

    10 years, maybe. 3 years - he must be smoking something.
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  • Carpenter: "I don't buy Ebert's argument"

  • presh 07/07/2010

    shame he didn't get involved in F.E.A.R 1 and 2 and make them better from the outset (on console, at least) Reply +1
  • MW2 Resurgence Pack out now on PC

  • presh 06/07/2010

    Offer this for free as part of the new PSN Premium service, and it's a deal Reply 0
  • Alan Wake has a US sales nightmare

  • presh 06/07/2010

    SO - 3 games launch on the same day. The one that gets the best review scores, and comes from one of the few games studios that non-hardcore gamers know by name, goes on to sell the most.

    /nothing to see here...
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  • PlayStation 3 finally profitable

  • presh 29/06/2010

    Yeah, the latter. It's seen as normal in the lifecycle of a games console that the profit on software makes up the initial deficit on hardware - that's why MS goes on about how many games the average XBox gamer buys, rather than the profit on the hardware.

    IIRC PS1 and PS2 took a while to break even, then became insanely profitable in the latter years.
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  • PlayStation Plus available now

  • presh 29/06/2010

    Agree with kj66246 - for those of us who have not really bought games off PSN because they were a bit too pricey, then this looks to be a good deal. Looking at the release schedule so far there's enough in the first 3 months that I don't own but quite fancy playing that it's worth what works out to be less than £1 a week.

    It is rather different to XBL tho - probably not the best comparison.

    Still, I do agree with many forumites who already have the best of the PSN - there's not much else that's interesting on offer. Let's hope this goes well enough for Sony to think of some other interesting features down the road.
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  • More Sony HD Collections coming

  • presh 28/06/2010

    GTAIII, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas in shiny HD using the GTA4 engine please ;-) Reply +1
  • Kotick wishes COD was sub-based MMO

  • presh 22/06/2010

    Hang on -

    COD game + XBox live subscription fees = no different to COD MMO

    He's probably just sour about the fact that Activision can't charge for the multiplayer - which he's found out is the only reason all those people are playing COD:MW2, as the story in singleplayer is an utter pile of cockwank....
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  • PS3 to offer streaming Mubi films

  • presh 18/05/2010

    Brilliant - as long as the prices stay low. More than happy to watch something I wouldn't normally consider for £1 - £3. Would enjoy this a lot more than the usual rubbish that seems to fill the PSN movie store... Reply 0
  • Jobs outlines Apple's position on Flash

  • presh 30/04/2010

    seems to be a lot of this discussion is about Apple's business moel, but I'm interested in Jobs' comments about Flash not being designed for touch interfaces - any truth to this from Fash developers out there? Reply 0
  • presh 30/04/2010

    If the browsing experience on the iPhone was broken by there being no Flash, then it wouldn't be the single biggest platform when it comes to mobile internet browsing.

    If Flash really is part of the architecture of the current web experience, then Adobe could open source it, and the flaws in the code could be addressed.
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  • Three more Infinity Ward devs leave

  • presh 27/04/2010

    I like the fact that this story is based almost entirely on information grabbed from Facebook updates and LinkedIn profiles. The new face of journalism....

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  • Euro iPad launch delayed to late May

  • presh 14/04/2010

    pants. Was hoping to get one sooner than that...

    @swissorc how's it an insane amount of money? It's half the price of a sim-free iPhone 3GS, which sell for £800-odd... clearly too young to remember when even crappy laptops were more than a grand...

    /eats another werthers original
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  • Sony sorting GOW Trilogy availability

  • presh 13/04/2010

    For a minute I thought that Gear of War was coming to the PS3... this is probably better news tho! Reply +3
  • Beyond Infinity

  • presh 05/03/2010

    Clearly there's more to come in this story. Maybe IW didn't want to become just a single-franchise studio, in the style of Blizzard? Having been in the developer side of the games industry myself, publishers like studios to be in neatly defined boxes that let them plan effectively - pretty much the opposite to how lots of the best development studios like to work. Reply +2
  • James Cameron: Avatar didn't rip off Halo

  • presh 12/01/2010

    A lot of Avatar seems like an early sci-fi novel called 'Deathworld' by Harry Harrison. Colonists find that planet is 'fighting against them' - including plants and animals. However, natives are unaffected, due to them living in 'harmony' with the planet. Off-worlder sees the problem and after taking the colonists side, takes side of the natives and in the end makes everyone see the error of their ways.
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  • Capcom France: gamers have deserted Wii

  • presh 06/01/2010

    While I do see what this guy is getting at, all the games he cited as not selling as well as hoped are wii 'revisions' of existing franchises and titles. If this site is anything to go by, serious gamers will own a Wii as well as a more 'gamer' console. So it's no wonder people don't want to by slightly different versions of the same games.

    Wii titles that offer something unique and quality sell fine to serious gamers - he as much says so when he references Resi 4. Make games that are 8/10 or better for any console and we'll buy them...
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  • Melty Blood: Actress Again

  • presh 12/11/2009

    that all sounded completely baffling but exciting at the same time... Reply +4
  • MW2 "controversial for the sake of it"

  • presh 11/11/2009

    @machetazo: I totally agree with you; I wasn't trying to deny that the MW games are brave for creating some very powerful scenes. And yes, in MW1 giving the payer control of a character while he slowly dies after the blast is a pivotal moment in the game, and when I played it I was really taken in by the way it was done.

    My criticism of MW2 isn't the game or the content per se - it's the fact that this terrorism level has been very deliberately included because it would create media outrage and therefore increase sales. Without that level we all would still applaud Infinity Ward for a brilliant and realistic game. But with this level, all we'll now get is calls for games to be banned, and ignorant politicians like Keith Vaz preaching fear and ignorance. So it annoys me that while claiming to be tackling adult themes, Activision have again caused gaming to be attacked rather than celebrated in the mass media.

    I've worked in and around the games industry since 2003, and believe me, this whole outrage in the papers would have been planned for to maximise the coverage. I love the game, but sometimes I think the industry is its own worst enemy.
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  • presh 10/11/2009

    If this level was included to make gamers question the morality of decisions in the game blah blah blah - as has been said - then why didn't Activision do a massive PR push including 'leaking' video footage for similarly visceral scenes in the first Modern Warfare? That game had you being executed by firing squad, and slowly dieing from radiation in a nuclear blast - yet that was just deemed exciting gameplay.

    It's news because it's got terrorists in it. And really, Activision would have planned this media reaction for the past year, but will deny it until they are blue in the face. It's going to be worth millions in free marketing due to the airtime, articles and outraged headlines. So it was completely cynical and deliberate, end of story.
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  • Earthworm Jim now available for iPhone

  • presh 21/10/2009

    review please - maybe in the retro section? Reply +2
  • Resistance 3 announced?

  • presh 12/10/2009

    First game was great, the second was a crushing disappointment. Kill it now, please. Reply -5