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  • The price and state of Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crates at launch

  • polaris70 10/11/2017

    Not really no. SC was $30 when I bought it, as far as I'm aware that's it. I can get everything with in game money when it fully releases. Sure I can buy ships now if I want, but I don't have to. Bit of a cheap shot there son.
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  • polaris70 09/11/2017

    Really EA? It sounds like one of those contracts that is so confusing and leads you around in circles that you end up buying the washing machine for 20000 over 600 years. I think I'll pass, you can keep your fucking washing machine. Reply +35
  • Star Citizen shows off cities the size of planets

  • polaris70 30/10/2017

    You can hate the game, you can hate people who like the game and already have their moneys worth from it 10 times over (something not many people mention, think I've got 100+ hours in the dogfighting module). But even the biggest hater cannot watch that video and not have their mind blown, even if it is a tech demo at the moment. Reply +28
  • Star Citizen's off-shoot Squadron 42 probably won't make 2017 either

  • polaris70 16/10/2017

    Star Citizen 3.0 will be a single solar system with 4 moons/planetoids and numerous other points of interest like space stations.

    What you can do in this system is basically up to you as it's a sandbox. Run missions (some scipted and voice acted, some procedural), haul cargo etc. So think EvE Online or Elite, the difference being all the ships and space stations have an interior and can be walked around, and so can the moons.

    After 3.0 we will be getting the full solar system with planets and cities, and beyond that we'll be getting 100+ solar systems (Which might take a long time ha)
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  • DICE offers clarification on Star Wars: Battlefront 2's controversial crate system

  • polaris70 13/10/2017

    Get your loot crates out of a full priced 50 game ffs. There are other hobbies out there, lots of them. Reply +31
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks like a case of being careful what you wish for

  • polaris70 06/10/2017

    I wouldn't worry about it. This game still has a lot more in common with the 2015 reboot, than it does to Battlefield. It's still an arcade shooter with not much of a skill gap, so people who wanted that type of game it has you covered.
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  • Jelly Deals: Humble adds Bethesda's finest to its End of Summer Sale today

  • polaris70 18/09/2017

    Prey is my game of the year so far, it's awesome. Reply +5
  • Star Citizen 3.0 update "akin to Early Access" launch

  • polaris70 11/09/2017

    Oh god not this falsehood again.

    lol, Some people get more fun by jerking off to hating this game, than actually playing games. Each to their own I guess.
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  • polaris70 11/09/2017

    When was anyone forced to spend money on SC? Who judges how people should spend their money? I just don't get the hate for this game.
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  • polaris70 11/09/2017

    @jcrg99 Are you some kind of crackpot? Anyone can copy and paste bullshit from the arse of Derek Smart.

    Let's compare SC to another game. GTA5 took 6 years to make. They had the staff already in place. They had a game engine. It had a far bigger budget than SC currently has. Just do the math yourself. SC wasn't even what you would call fully staffed until the end of 2015. It's not easy to hire 400 professionals.

    I could go on and on like you, but I'll just let you crawl back up Dereks arse.
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  • A new season of Siege means that Rainbow Six is a step closer to taking down Counter-Strike

  • polaris70 06/09/2017

    There is currently 61000 players on Steam in the middle of the day. Where are you getting your figures from? And as others have mentioned, everyone I play with has the game on Uplay, not Steam.
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  • Forget VOIP, Star Citizen has FOIP that maps your face's movements onto a character in real-time

  • polaris70 26/08/2017

    Oh man, the same old whines going on. It's feature creep, they should finish the game....blah blah. You do realise that a game like Fallout 4 took six years to make with a bigger budget, but you didn't see any of the dirty bits because they announced it six months before it fucking released. You are seeing Star Citizen being made from scratch. They weren't even fully staffed up until 2015. But carry on the whine..blah..blah. Reply -5
  • Big changes coming to Rainbow Six: Siege map rotations

  • polaris70 25/08/2017

    No it's not too late. I don't think there will be a Siege 2, at least not for a few years, as this is Ubi's big game now. It just keeps on growing. Today there was 61000 consecutive players on Steam, and the Steam stats don't count the number on Uplay. There is a free weekend right now, so easy to try it yourself.
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  • polaris70 25/08/2017

    "We are quickly approaching the limit of our data sizes, and this will require a rework of how our maps are stored"
    What does that mean? The game is getting too big for your hard drive? This isn't 2005 Ubi ffs. Also, Yacht has been removed from casual from next season, not the best map but not the worst either - looking at you University
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  • HTC Vive down to 599 after big price drop

  • polaris70 21/08/2017

    Rift has hit the sweetspot for price at 399, I can justify buying one at that price, and I did. iRacing in VR is amazing. Vive is still hugely expensive even after this price drop for what is near identical performance. I highly doubt Vive is the most popular headset, especially as Rift has been sold out everywhere for about 2 months, luckily you can still get it on the Rift site but there is a backlog of orders. Reply +1
  • Rainbow Six Siege's next patch is enormous, but it makes loading matches faster

  • polaris70 08/08/2017

    Half of that download size is for the Lord's new bicep textures. Reply +1
  • Rainbow Six Siege gets 2.3m players a day, Ubisoft says

  • polaris70 07/08/2017

    46000 concurrent players on Steam is nice, but I'd wager the majority of sales are on uPlay, which aren't counted in the Steam stats. Very healthy numbers for an awesome game. Reply +1
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fixes latest update lag

  • polaris70 04/08/2017

    Can't believe how smooth the servers are running today, yesterday was unplayable. Got to hand it to those developers. Hope they are all getting a nice big fat bonus for the game's success. Reply +7
  • Rainbow Six Siege deploys update to add loot boxes

  • polaris70 12/07/2017

    There is only one problem with your loot box argument in refering to R6. You cannot buy them, you get them randomly at the end of matches.
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  • Is Anthem's E3 reveal the real deal on Xbox One X?

  • polaris70 15/06/2017

    A bit disappointed in this reveal tbh. It might be a fantastic game, but the wall running, flying, exo suits or whatever shot its bolt a few years ago. I'll wait to see more but so far it just looks like every other shooter over the past few years.

    Makes me take my hat off more to games like R6 Siege, that just do it right, no frills, no flying superhero stuff, just a solid fps that takes current technology and uses it to create genuine new gameplay.
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  • Battlefield 1 announces first female multiplayer soldier

  • polaris70 23/05/2017

    I don't understand the delay in BF games. R6 Siege has loads of female characters in it, it also has loads of females playing it (pc at least). I'm not saying one leads to the other but it can't hurt. Reply -1
  • Prey review

  • polaris70 10/05/2017

    Just the nature of the mimics alone and I would recommend getting it on PC. If you want to fight them head on then imo the mouse/keyboard is better for the combat. It might be an obvious thing to say in an fps game, but a mouse/keyboard is needed to enjoy the combat to its fullest, especially in this game.

    EG's review was critical of the combat, I suspect it wasn't reviewed on PC. Digital Foundry has impressions of the PC version already if you want to look at that. *spoilers* they loved it.
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  • polaris70 10/05/2017

    This game has made me fall in love with single player games again. Last game to do that was Half Life 2. Nuff said. Reply +1
  • Prey PC: even a budget rig can hit 1080p60

  • polaris70 09/05/2017

    Yeah, it's superb. Get Half Life vibes from it.
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  • What's behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' phenomenal success?

  • polaris70 03/05/2017

    It has become an astonishing success, and I'm still trying to figure out why.
    Because the game is fun, and not a clunky, unpolished mess? And it takes 5 seconds to get into another match? It's not rocket science. It's also not a survival game in the sense DayZ is, DayZ is a totally different style of game.
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  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 review

  • polaris70 25/04/2017

    Bought this for 22 on cdkeys. Played about 3 hours, just come off it but wanted to play a bit more. Reminds me a bit of Dying Light, in that there seems a lot of negativity from EG, and regarding this title plenty of jingoism thrown in, but actually it's a pretty decent game. The actual sniping gunplay in it is fantastic. For the price well worth it. Reply 0
  • G2A rep roasted by developers during live Q&A

  • polaris70 20/04/2017

    Didn't a load of keys from, I think it was Watch Dogs, get bought from Origin on a stolen credit card? They were then re-sold on key selling sites like G2A and others. I think it was something like 20000 keys? I must be a bit stupid, but wouldn't an individual buying 20000 copies of Watch Dogs put up a big red flag on EA/Origins site?

    G2A don't do anything other than resell keys they've bought themselves or have a marketplace for 3rd parties. Exactly what Amazon have been doing for years. When items are fraudulently put on Amazon's site, or Ebay's site it doesn't kick up the fuss this has done. Feel like G2A are just trying to make a living, but shit sticks if you throw enough of it.
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  • For Honor tournament organisers ban the game's most overpowered hero

  • polaris70 28/03/2017

    I don't know who the brains in Ubisoft was behind their weird p2p connections. Instead of having one host, they connect everyone to each other with their "mesh". What could possibly go wrong lol. Connections all around, let's have a connection party. The problem is it makes connection problems more pronounced, obviously. P2P is bad enough, but what they have is a mess. Ubi should hire some professional network engineers.

    I stopped playing weeks ago because of the networking, and it's a shame because it's a great game when it works. Only dedicated servers will possibly bring me back, and I can't believe I'm saying that about a AAA multiplayer game in 2017. They should've been there from day one.
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  • Watch: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is Steam's next big hit

  • polaris70 24/03/2017

    Played loads of battle royale games over the years, and this is hands down the best I've played. The combat and gunplay is a lot more like Battlefield than the clunky gunplay of the other games. The battle royale genre has been crying out for a polished game, this is off to a good start. Reply 0
  • Fans are modding Red Dead Redemption into GTA5

  • polaris70 21/03/2017

    Maybe it will give Rockstar a kick up the ass, like Bishop Brennan. A remastered Red Dead on PC will bring in a fortune, and set the scene nicely for RD2.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • polaris70 20/03/2017

    I don't get why the facial animations are so bad. In Dragon Age Inquistion they were fine, on the same engine. It's the biggest immersion killer for me. Looks like this game is a good 12 months away from being finished, and the suits a EA just wanted it out the door. Reply +9
  • EA details Battlefield 1's next big expansions

  • polaris70 28/02/2017

    Don't know what it is about BF1. WW2 I can relate to, my grandad was a POW (and escaped dressed as a woman), and it was a clear good v evil. WW1 just seems distant and another world. Millions of ordinary guys dying for toffs. I've gone back to BF4, and R6 that are clearly fiction. Reply -6
  • Ubisoft just made For Honor a lot less annoying

  • polaris70 28/02/2017

    The core gameplay is fine and something to build on for the rest of the year. But the P2P connections will kill the game before it gets the chance to turn into something special. Disconnection, lagging, freezing, stuttering, players warping all over the place. Not good enough Ubi, P2P connections are from the last decade and not good enough for a multiplayer focused game. Reply +5
  • Rainbow Six: Siege is free to play this weekend

  • polaris70 03/02/2017

    @Nynja You have it wrong. No paid content affects gameplay, it's all weapon skins and uniforms/head gear that you pay for, if you don't want to grind for them. Season pass holders get the new operators a week early and that's about it. Don't diss on a game when you don't even know the facts. Reply +7
  • For Honor's Season Pass is taking the Rainbow Six: Siege approach to DLC

  • polaris70 02/02/2017

    This is how you do DLC. No splitting up of the community worked great for R6. Hoping other developers take note. I bought year 2 season pass for R6 knowing that I could get everything for free, but wanted to support the game. Reply +8
  • Don't expect another big Deus Ex game anytime soon

  • polaris70 30/01/2017

    Fucking cartoons. Polluted the cinema last few years, and now this shit. Reply 0
  • Watch: How will aliens change Elite Dangerous?

  • polaris70 10/01/2017

    ED is turning into a game, it's taking a long time but it's getting there. Reply +3
  • Remember Star Control? A new one is in development

  • polaris70 19/10/2016

    Remember that other 90s sci fi game I-War or Independence War I think it was also called? I'd buy a remake of that in a shot. Reply +8
  • Lewis Hamilton is making an appearance in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • polaris70 18/10/2016

    Continuing the motorsport news, announced today iRacing has partnered with Ferrari - first car they are doing is the 488GTE
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  • Virtual reality's driving force

  • polaris70 04/10/2016

    Voice Attack or a similar voice recognition program is great regardless if you are using VR or not. I use voice attack in loads of games now, Star Citizen, The Division, Total War...just about any type of game you can imagine. It's great in The Witcher 3 if you are using a controller (I do on PC), you just say what spell you want and there you go, using the controller exclusively to change spells and the flow of combat is stopped.
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  • polaris70 04/10/2016

    A good set of pedals is just as, if not more important than a good wheel. You can't go wrong with Fanatec V3 pedals, a Thrustmaster TX base and the Ferrari alcantra add on wheel. If you really want to go full on, get a Gt Omega Pro Cockpit and an iRacing subscription. The start of an iRacing GT3 race is the most dramatic, nerve wracking experience you can have on a PC (and the most satisfying if you win the race!) Reply +1
  • Forza Horizon 3, the greatest racer in an age, studies the greats

  • polaris70 20/09/2016

    @Perjoss "you're not restricted to going round and round the same tracks over and over"

    I'll correct you there, it's driving around a track with another 30+ human beings in iRacing with 100+ registering for one race every 2 hours, 24/7 in a series like GT3. It's called racing. It's not Assetto Corsa that is just hotlapping by yourself.

    I don't know what it is about you console guys and gals the last few years. You can drive around in a open world ffs, big deal you do that in real life or in GTA if you can't. You buy a game to drive cars? You race them ffs, not pretend you're driving Miss Daisy lol. Get a grip, you'll be bored of it in 6 hours or less, trust me, or don't and waste your cash.
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  • polaris70 20/09/2016

    Yeah because like carp fishing is similar to driving a car.

    Bit of a silly post nobhead.
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  • polaris70 20/09/2016

    Why waste your time on this, when you could be racing?
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  • The dark romance of cars and nukes in Fallout 4

  • polaris70 06/09/2016

    I'd place my money on the next Fallout setting being New York. If they are not going outside the US with the franchise, which I highly doubt, New York is the closest you'll get to a cert, in horse racing terms lol. btw, I love Fallout 4, survival mode is awesome, you really need to take in the environment and what you not only see but what you hear. Survival mode reminds me a bit of DayZ, paranoia and knowing if you stumble on the wrong group of enemies and you're dead.
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  • Infinite Warfare's multiplayer beta kicks off 14th October on PS4

  • polaris70 03/09/2016

    The thing is, most AAA developers have found their mojo again with the PC, like Rockstar. A lot of them are bringing out top quality games that are enhanced on PC with a multitude of options, and obviously enhanced settings.

    I can only really think of Activision and Warner Brothers who are still taking the piss.
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  • polaris70 02/09/2016

    Call of Duty hasn't come to PC for years, second hand ports that are more of an insult than a game, especially with the billions activision make from it. The CoD ports of the last 8 years you'd expect from a second hand car salesman, not a multi billion pound company. Good riddance. Reply -1
  • Assetto Corsa console review

  • polaris70 01/09/2016

    @SavageEvil Oh and just one more thing besides eye candy. Forza and games like it build their cars by building a base physics engine, and then just changing a few numbers in the engine.

    Something like iRacing will laser scan the cars and actually build them, digitally with real CAD data and other sources usually from the factory or team (that's why it takes iRacing so long to bring content out). If a car has traction control and ABS in real life it has it in the sim, if it doesn't then it's not on the car in the sim. And the weight of the car will change its handling characteristics (That's how they work out the BOP for the GT3 series)

    Also the tracks are not just eye candy. In a sim like iRacing the rubber laid down on a track comes from the car, it's not baked in, and it changes depending on heat etc. So all the lines and marbles on a track come from the car dynamically, if the cars all start running a different line you'll get rubber build up on different parts of the track. And the track gets hotter the more cars or the longer the sun is on it, so finding cooler lines can be advantageous, especially in Nascar.

    Sorry for the long post, but it seems just saying they are all sims, shows you don't know what you are really talking about.
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  • polaris70 01/09/2016

    @SavageEvil Come on man, I don't think Verstappen was looking at the resolution of trees when he was racing Atze. I think he was thinking more along the lines of what a skillfull driver I'm up against, and how do I pass him. I think racing and driving are getting confused somewhere here. We all like eye candy, but a digitally engineered car, laser scanned tracks and things like dynamic tracks I'd take over pretty trees anyday lol. Reply -3
  • polaris70 31/08/2016

    It's about time iRacing came to consoles. Hands down the best multiplayer racer out there. Infact, even when you are practising you are doing it with other people, there is no AI at all. The license and safety rating system is second to none, so driving with a pad wouldn't be a problem as if you start getting a high iRating(matchmaker) then you are there on merit. Obviously to get the best out of the sim you'd need a wheel. Plus there is only cockpit view, no other views so everyone is on a level playing field. Here is Max Verstappen, practising his pass at Spa on iRacing before he did it in the real life race, pretty awersome if you ask me -
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